Before we jump right into this draft recap, let’s go over a little bit of background about the league and its details. This isn’t like the typical RCL 5×5 rotisserie league we often talk about in this space. LOEG is a 10×10 head-to-head keeper league, with 10 teams and four keepers per team from year to year. The league has been around for something like ten years and has been graced by the presence of yours truly for the past five.

Since the categories, scoring, and rules are a little different in this league I’ll break down all the details below. I think it’s important to break this down a bit first because not only do I want to bore you to death, but I want you to have all the information while you are going over the results and making fun of my team in the comments section. Anyway, here we go:

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  • Batting: BA, BB, H, HR, KO, OPS, R, RBI, SB, XBH
  • Pitching: BAA, BBI, ERA, HD, K, L, QS, S, W, WHIP


  • 26-man rosters, with 18 active players, 7 reserves, and 1 minor league spot
  • Active lineups, adjusted daily: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF (3), Util, SP (5), RP (4).
  • 5 Disabled List spots

Additional Details

  • Maximum of 13 starting pitcher starts per week per team
  • Minimum of 30 innings pitched per week per team
  • Head-to-Head weeks start on Mondays and end on Sundays
  • $200 league entry fee, $1 per free agent signing (injury replacements are free), $5 per-player for all trades.

That last detail is probably one of the bigger ones, as streaming in a money league can get expensive pretty fast. And that doesn’t even include the $400+ tab we ran up at Donovan’s Pub in Manchester, NJ during the draft or the money I spent to fly up to NJ from Fort Lauderdale. As you can see, the rosters and scoring settings are a bit different from RCL roto leagues. Anyway, let’s get to the results. But first, here are the keepers:

And now let’s get to the results…

Player Pos Team Pick
Abreu, Jose 1B CWS KP
Cano, Robinson 2B SEA KP
Arenado, Nolan 3B COL KP
Syndergaard, Noah SP NYM KP
Villar, Jonathan 2B,3B,SS MIL 5.01
Marte, Starling OF PIT 6.10
Jones, Adam OF BAL 7.01
Carrasco, Carlos SP CLE 8.10
Swanson, Dansby SS ATL 9.01
Hernandez, Felix SP SEA 10.10
Moore, Matt SP SF 11.01
Keuchel, Dallas SP HOU 12.10
Gray, Jon SP COL 13.01
Matz, Steven SP NYM 14.10
Broxton, Keon OF MIL 15.01
Wieters, Matt C WAS 16.10
Gurriel, Yulieski 3B HOU 17.01
Buxton, Byron OF MIN 18.10
Walker, Taijuan SP ARI 19.01
Ozuna, Marcell OF MIA 20.10
Wheeler, Zack SP NYM 21.01
Ellsbury, Jacoby OF NYY 22.10
Cecil, Brett RP STL 23.01
Siegrist, Kevin RP STL 24.10
Rosenthal, Trevor RP STL 25.01
Kelly, Joe RP BOS 26.10

Das Boot Recap: Das Boot picked first because, you know, they finished in last place in 2016. The early rumors had Charlie Blackmon going first overall, but the fake Ken PosenPaul account on Twitter broke the news early on Saturday morning that Blackmon was out (black men were very much still in for Das Boot, just Blackmon was out) and Jonathan Villar was in. My super projections currently have the Boot finishing 9th out of 10 teams (Sorry, Jay!). Perhaps it is because his four relievers are currently made up of three current St. Louis relievers and one former St. Louis starter, or maybe it is because his unofficial Guinness and Jack Daniels shooter count on Saturday was something like one per round. Either way, I have him finishing in the bottom third of the league in saves, WHIP, and ERA on the pitching side and BB, Runs, and OPS on the offensive side. I hope Das Boot was made for walking because they have some work to do.


Player Pos Team Pick
Goldschmidt, Paul 1B ARI KP
Gordon, Dee 2B MIA KP
Machado, Manny 3B,SS BAL KP
Kershaw, Clayton SP LAD KP
Sanchez, Gary C,DH NYY 5.02
Benintendi, Andrew OF BOS 6.09
Gonzalez, Carlos OF COL 7.02
Cole, Gerrit SP PIT 8.09
Upton, Justin OF DET 9.02
Russell, Addison SS CHC 10.09
Rendon, Anthony 3B WAS 11.02
Greinke, Zack SP ARI 12.09
Harvey, Matt SP NYM 13.02
Salazar, Danny SP CLE 14.09
Betances, Dellin RP NYY 15.02
Melancon, Mark RP SF 16.09
Cain, Lorenzo OF KC 17.02
Rodon, Carlos SP CWS 18.09
Gonzalez, Adrian 1B LAD 19.02
Tulowitzki, Troy SS TOR 20.09
Dyson, Sam RP TEX 21.02
Bundy, Dylan SP BAL 22.09
Bedrosian, Cam RP LAA 23.02
Brantley, Michael OF CLE 24.09
Glasnow, Tyler SP PIT 25.02
Bauer, Trevor SP CLE 26.09

Slime Recap: It is difficult to truly evaluate slime. It is, by definition, slippery, repulsive, and often difficult to define, at least on a case-by-case basis. This slime is no different. The Razzball community will no doubt dislike Slime taking a catcher so early, though Gary Sanchez might turn out to not be just any catcher. Even so, as the resident Frankencatcher Reporter, I must turn my nose up at such a pick. That being said, my lab mice came back with their projections and predicted Slime to finish 4th. They are impressively average or better in 19 of the 20 categories right now, with only K (batters) as an outlier (projected to finish dead last). If they can meet or surpass those projections, we are looking at a playoff team. Slime does, however, have some very risky starting pitching.


Player Pos Team Pick
Lucroy, Jonathan C TEX KP
Correa, Carlos SS HOU KP
Arrieta, Jake SP CHC KP
Scherzer, Max SP WAS KP
Blackmon, Charlie OF COL 5.03
Odor, Rougned 2B TEX 6.08
Darvish, Yu SP TEX 7.03
Archer, Chris SP TB 8.08
Chapman, Aroldis RP NYY 9.03
Frazier, Todd 3B CWS 10.08
Britton, Zach RP BAL 11.03
Ramirez, Jose 3B,OF CLE 12.08
Quintana, Jose SP CWS 13.03
Baez, Javier 2B,3B,SS CHC 14.08
Davis, Chris 1B BAL 15.03
Roark, Tanner SP WAS 16.08
Eaton, Adam OF WAS 17.03
Familia, Jeurys RP NYM 18.08
McCann, Brian C,DH HOU 19.03
Odorizzi, Jake SP TB 20.08
Bruce, Jay OF NYM 21.03
Reyes, Jose 3B,SS NYM 22.08
Bellinger, Cody 1B* LAD 23.03
Bush, Matt RP TEX 24.08
Brach, Brad RP BAL 25.03
Kepler, Max OF MIN 26.08

Big Tyne: The only surprising thing about Big Tyne’s draft was that they waited until the 9th round to take his first reliever. They were no doubt happy to be able to grab Charlie Blackmon at 5.03 after his brief draft day fall. Big Tyne also boasts my favorite minor league pick for 2017 in Cody Bellinger, who might provide some valuable power at what is a weak first base position. I hesitated on pulling the trigger on Bellinger for about four rounds before watching Big Tyne swoop in and capitalize on my hesitation. My secret algorithms have Big Tyne pegged for 5th place right now.


Player Pos Team Pick
Myers, Wil 1B,OF SD KP
Dozier, Brian 2B MIN KP
Sale, Chris SP BOS KP
Strasburg, Stephen SP WAS KP
Votto, Joey 1B CIN 5.04
Segura, Jean 2B,SS SEA 6.07
Beltre, Adrian 3B,DH TEX 7.04
Desmond, Ian OF COL 8.07
Trumbo, Mark OF,DH BAL 9.04
Kinsler, Ian 2B DET 10.07
Hamilton, Billy OF CIN 11.04
Maeda, Kenta SP LAD 12.07
Diaz, Aledmys SS STL 13.04
Ramirez, Hanley 1B,DH BOS 14.07
Perez, Salvador C KC 15.04
Osuna, Roberto RP TOR 16.07
Ray, Robbie SP ARI 17.04
Giles, Ken RP HOU 18.07
Franco, Maikel 3B PHI 19.04
Davis, Khris OF,DH OAK 20.07
Pineda, Michael SP NYY 21.04
Barraclough, Kyle RP MIA 22.07
Jones, Nate RP CWS 23.04
Estrada, Marco SP TOR 24.07
Iwakuma, Hisashi SP SEA 25.04
Giolito, Lucas SP CWS 26.07

Mermen Recap: The Mermen took Joey Votto with their first pick of the day, after yours truly kept Daniel Murphy over him :::ducks from the crowd throwing rotten vegetables:::. I love Votto, but he burned me the last two years in April and May, to the point where I almost had to drop him. You can weather extreme slumps in roto leagues, but they can be devastating in H2H leagues, where points matter every week. For the Mermen’s sake, I hope Votto actually gets out of the gate this season. The Mermen took a gamble by grabbing Ian Desmond at 8.07, as they are no doubt hoping for him to return sooner rather than later and produce like he did last season. I like this team overall, except for the backend of the rotation, but the super computer currently has this team projected to finish 8th.


Player Pos Team Pick
Rizzo, Anthony 1B CHC KP
Betts, Mookie OF BOS KP
Martinez, J.D. OF DET KP
Polanco, Gregory OF PIT KP
Story, Trevor SS COL 5.05
Bregman, Alex 3B HOU 6.06
Tanaka, Masahiro SP NYY 7.05
Bautista, Jose OF,DH TOR 8.06
Zobrist, Ben 2B,OF CHC 9.05
Porcello, Rick SP BOS 10.06
Duffy, Danny SP KC 11.05
Grandal, Yasmani C LAD 12.06
Diaz, Edwin RP SEA 13.05
Ross, Joe SP WAS 14.06
Smyly, Drew SP SEA 15.05
Reed, Addison RP NYM 16.06
Pederson, Joc OF LAD 17.05
Cotton, Jharel SP OAK 18.06
Belt, Brandon 1B SF 19.05
Schoop, Jonathan 2B BAL 20.06
Frazier, Clint OF* NYY 21.05
Kelley, Shawn RP WAS 22.06
Neris, Hector RP PHI 23.05
Cabrera, Melky OF CWS 24.06
Renfroe, Hunter OF* SD 25.05
Bell, Josh 1B,OF PIT 26.06

Motor City Mashers Recap: When I look at this roster with my heart, I like it, but I don’t love it. The powers that be (creating my projections), however, have the Mashers winning the whole dang thing. They obviously started with a stacked outfield of keepers and one of the best first baseman in the game, and they added to that infield with Trevor Story and Alex Bregman in the first two rounds. I don’t love taking Tanaka and his brittle UCL that early, but I get it. I’m just not into taking a starting pitcher with such an injury risk as my first arm. And I think they grabbed Ben Zobrist wayyyyyyy too early. And Jharel Cotton is too early for my liking, as well. They will also have to add another starter, at least, to be able to compete with the numbers of some other teams when they go head-to-head, otherwise, the raw numbers will catch up to them. When I look at the numbers of my projections, there is little room for error for the Mashers, as they are just percentage points above some other teams in many categories, and those categories are likely to be compromised when they are forced to make what look to be some necessary roster moves (they have seven pure outfielders right now) early in the season. But, at least for now, the Mashers are your preseason paper champs.


Player Pos Team Pick
Posey, Buster C,1B SF KP
Freeman, Freddie 1B ATL KP
Altuve, Jose 2B,DH HOU KP
Lindor, Francisco SS CLE KP
Pollock, A.J. OF ARI 5.06
Carpenter, Matt 1B,2B,3B STL 6.05
Hamels, Cole SP TEX 7.06
Price, David SP BOS 8.05
Longoria, Evan 3B TB 9.06
Piscotty, Stephen OF STL 10.05
Fulmer, Michael SP DET 11.06
Sanchez, Aaron SP TOR 12.05
Hill, Rich SP LAD 13.06
Stroman, Marcus SP TOR 14.05
Puig, Yasiel OF LAD 15.06
Pence, Hunter OF SF 16.05
Ramos, A.J. RP MIA 17.06
Rodriguez, Francisco RP DET 18.05
Johnson, Jim RP ATL 19.06
Profar, Jurickson 1B,2B,3B,SS,OF TEX 20.05
Foltynewicz, Mike SP ATL 21.06
Gyorko, Jedd 1B,2B,3B,SS STL 22.05
Kennedy, Ian SP KC 23.06
Wilson, Alex RP DET 24.05
Torres, Gleyber SS* NYY 25.06
Gregorius, Didi SS NYY 26.05

You’re F**king Out Recap: In an unofficial preseason poll, the ownership team for YFO was voted the most hated in the LOEG. The somewhat-trained chimpanzees creating the preseason projections may have taken that into account when predicting them to finish 6th. Or maybe they just took taking Yasiel Puig five rounds above his ADP into account. Or maybe the thought of David Price losing range of motion in his throwing arm just made them want to fling excrement at this squad. I don’t know for sure; they haven’t mastered the art of communication. They’re just here for the projections. The A.J. Pollock pick makes me nervous, and I didn’t even have Pollock on my big board heading into the draft because I knew someone would take him before I did. There is just too much to hate: injuries, the fact that he has only ever had one good season and never displayed much power before his breakout (career high in HR was 8 before 2015, including the minors), the fact that I have to look up how to spell Pollock every time I write it. Pollack. Pollok. Polack. Blegh, gross. Anyway, I get it, if he returns to 2015 form and stays healthy, then getting him in the fifth round is a steal. I just don’t see it.


Player Pos Team Picks
Encarnacion, Edwin 1B,DH CLE KP
Braun, Ryan OF MIL KP
Kluber, Corey SP CLE KP
deGrom, Jacob SP NYM KP
McCutchen, Andrew OF PIT 5.07
Yelich, Christian OF MIA 6.04
Verlander, Justin SP DET 7.07
Pedroia, Dustin 2B BOS 8.04
Oh, Seung Hwan RP STL 9.07
Realmuto, J.T. C MIA 10.04
LeMahieu, DJ 2B COL 11.07
Davis, Wade RP CHC 12.04
Nunez, Eduardo 3B,SS SF 13.07
Anderson, Tim SS CWS 14.04
Colome, Alex RP TB 15.07
Urias, Julio SP LAD 16.04
Manaea, Sean SP OAK 17.07
Happ, J.A. SP TOR 18.04
Wainwright, Adam SP STL 19.07
Granderson, Curtis OF NYM 20.04
Bird, Greg 1B* NYY 21.07
Gonzalez, Gio SP WAS 22.04
Zimmermann, Jordan SP DET 23.07
O’Day, Darren RP BAL 24.04
Moustakas, Mike 3B KC 25.07
Gomez, Carlos OF TEX 26.04

Oklahoma City Trumpnecks Recap: Behold, the Trumpnecks. No offense, Trumpy, but this is my least favorite team. My interns punched your team into their TI-84s and projected the Trumpnecks to finish 7th, but they are only interns and I’m not sure why they needed graphing calculators. OKCT were lucky to get Christian Yelich in the 6th after passing him over for McCutchen in the 5th, so that helps things a little. But then they followed that up with Dustin Pedroia in the 8th, J.T. Realmuto (not that I don’t love me some Jacob Tyler Realmuto, as you all know) in the 10th, and DJ LeMahieu in the 11th. All reaches in my books. And I don’t hate any of those players, it’s just that none of them have a high enough ceiling to justify taking them that high. They were also the first team of the day to use their minors pick, grabbing Julio Urias in the 16th round. Who knows, maybe Greg Bird will hit 80 home runs in Yankee Stadium and save them, but I see dark times ahead for Trumpneck Nation.


Player Pos Team Pick
Cabrera, Miguel 1B DET KP
Springer, George OF,DH HOU KP
Stanton, Giancarlo OF MIA KP
Bryant, Kris 3B,OF CHC KP
Schwarber, Kyle OF* CHC 5.08
Cueto, Johnny SP SF 6.03
Contreras, Willson C,OF CHC 7.08
Turner, Justin 3B LAD 8.03
Peraza, Jose 2B,SS,OF CIN 9.08
Gausman, Kevin SP BAL 10.03
McCullers, Lance SP HOU 11.08
Hosmer, Eric 1B KC 12.03
Taillon, Jameson SP PIT 13.08
Kipnis, Jason 2B CLE 14.03
Richards, Garrett SP LAA 15.08
Lynn, Lance SP STL 16.03
Moncada, Yoan 2B* CWS 17.08
Perez, Hernan 2B,3B,OF MIL 18.03
Snell, Blake SP TB 19.08
Iglesias, Raisel RP CIN 20.03
Ottavino, Adam RP COL 21.08
Vizcaino, Arodys RP ATL 22.03
Edwards Jr., Carl RP CHC 23.08
Judge, Aaron OF NYY 24.03
Gsellman, Robert SP NYM 25.08
Wacha, Michael SP STL 26.03

Evil Empire Recap: The Evil Empire were at a disadvantage heading into this draft, as they had dealt their 2nd and 4th round picks at last season’s trading deadline to try and make a playoff run. They compensated for that by trading out of the first round and acquiring a couple picks. So, just know that the numbers listed above for two of their first for picks are slightly off by about half a round or so. The Empire wanted Gary Sanchez with their first pick of the night but traded out of the round in disgust after watching Sanchez go second overall to Slime, of all teams. They did pick up two potential catchers with their first three picks, though, as they grabbed Kyle Schwarber and Willson Contreras early. One might question the strategy behind taking two catchers that early, but one is expected to be mostly an outfielder and the other at least has OF eligibility. The latter, though, was taken three rounds above his ADP. The preseason projections, unfortunately, have the Empire finishing, gulp, dead last. They have the Empire ranking last in XBH, H, R, RBI, and HLD, and second-to-last in SB, QS, WHIP, SO, W, and SV.


Player Pos Team Pick
Trout, Mike OF,DH LAA KP
Harper, Bryce OF WAS KP
Seager, Corey SS LAD KP
Murphy, Daniel 1B,2B WAS KP
Cruz, Nelson OF,DH SEA 5.09
Seager, Kyle 3B SEA 6.02
Martinez, Carlos SP STL 7.09
Hendricks, Kyle SP CHC 8.02
Santana, Carlos 1B,DH CLE 9.09
Kimbrel, Craig RP BOS 10.02
Lackey, John SP CHC 11.09
Sano, Miguel 3B,OF,DH MIN 12.02
Robertson, David RP CWS 13.09
Bradley, Jackie OF BOS 14.02
Paxton, James SP SEA 15.09
Watson, Tony RP PIT 16.02
Velasquez, Vince SP PHI 17.09
Shoemaker, Matt SP LAA 18.02
Miller, Brad 1B,SS TB 19.09
Harris, Will RP HOU 20.02
Eickhoff, Jerad SP PHI 21.09
Drury, Brandon 2B,3B,OF ARI 22.02
McHugh, Collin SP HOU 23.09
Maurer, Brandon RP SD 24.02
Castillo, Welington C BAL 25.09
Meadows, Austin OF* PIT 26.02

Royals with Cheese Recap: Ladies, Gentlemen, and in-betweeners, your mighty Royals. Number one in your hearts and number two in your league standings the last two seasons :::cut to commercial so I can get in a quick cry and pull myself together:::. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how things fell for me. I was able to keep the Seager brothers together for the third time this draft season, and a happy home is a healthy home. My projections have me finishing in third place, which is bull because they are my projections and I should just always adjust them until they have me winning it all or, at the very least, finishing in second place for the third straight year. My team can absolutely mash the baseball, and I am projected to finish first in HR, RBI, BB, and OPS. What I do not have is any kind of speed whatsoever, as I ended up just punting steals. My lineup depth is great, but I could use one or two SP upgrades. If I can tweak that just a little, I really like my chances this season.


Player Pos Team Pick
Turner, Trea 2B,OF WAS KP
Donaldson, Josh 3B,DH TOR KP
Bogaerts, Xander SS BOS KP
Bumgarner, Madison SP SF KP
Cespedes, Yoenis OF NYM 5.10
Lester, Jon SP CHC 6.01
Gattis, Evan C,DH HOU 7.10
Jansen, Kenley RP LAD 8.01
Dahl, David OF COL 9.10
Kemp, Matt OF ATL 10.01
Herrera, Odubel OF PHI 11.10
Teheran, Julio SP ATL 12.01
Pujols, Albert 1B,DH LAA 13.10
Miller, Andrew RP CLE 14.01
Allen, Cody RP CLE 15.10
Nola, Aaron SP PHI 16.01
Herrera, Kelvin RP KC 17.10
Fowler, Dexter OF STL 18.01
Samardzija, Jeff SP SF 19.10
Forsythe, Logan 2B LAD 20.01
Pomeranz, Drew SP BOS 21.10
Morales, Kendrys DH TOR 22.01
Skaggs, Tyler SP LAA 23.10
Plouffe, Trevor 1B,3B OAK 24.01
Ramos, Wilson C TB 25.10
Rosario, Amed SS* NYM 26.01

Downtown Academy Recap: Downtown Academy had nothing to prove after winning the league last season, but they showed up to the draft anyway. I have some major questions about this squad, but when I plugged all of these teams into MLB 2015 The Show and simulated an entire season, they projected DA to finish second. The David Dahl injury makes me worry about that pick, and 7.10 is way too early for Evan Gattis for me, especially since we are talking about roughly 400 at-bats in a H2H league. The rest of the squad, though, is solid and very balanced. I only have them in the bottom third for BB (offense).


So, there you have it. The secret sauce (or maybe I was just secretly sauced when creating them?) projection module have the Motor City Mashers topping Downtown Academy in the championship. Will that really happen? Of course! These are projections! Projections are always right, just like polls run by CNN!

More importantly, but do you guys think? Who has the best and worst team? What are the best and worst picks? Many of the members of this league read this posts, so feel free to let them have it.



If you want to talk fantasy baseball or football or have players you want Mike to feature, hit him up on Twitter at @mikeMaher or post a comment below!

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Ken Posenpaul
Ken Posenpaul
5 years ago

Really loving the Slimes pick of Brantley late. Glasnow starting w big club, and Harvey pick looking good right now. Looks like team to beat! This guy is pushing all the right buttons early on.