I know, I know. Nobody cares about your fantasy team. Except you, dear reader, actually do care about my team, right? Or, at least you care to read about Grey’s teams, and you care to read about Rudy’s teams, and you care to read about other people’s drafts like it’s some literary genre.

It’s not the next War and Peace or even the next Fourth Wing, but I think there’s stuff to be learned from draft analysis. That said, I’m going to be harsh on myself because I think there’s too many fantasy analysts that say, “I just drafted the best team in the universe, I’m making bank on this, I’m perfect.” I’m not perfect and no team is perfect. You can literally rearrange the draft order of a fantasy baseball draft something like a quintillion times. But here’s a team that I’m happy with, and put thought into, and will try to win with. If that helps you, then read on.

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As evidenced by my team’s unceremonious exit from the first round of the RazzSlam playoffs, I didn’t do a great job following baseball this year. Sure, every week I’d put out my beloved, world-famous, award-winning column, Two-Start Dive Bar, but that’s a niche area, a product of and for weekly-change roto fantasy leagues. Apparently, there […]

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B_Don is joined by fellow Razzballer Steve Paulo (@StevePaulo) and Darik Buchar (@DBuchar) from the NFC to talk about the upcoming RazzSlam contest. Steve is our resident RazzSlam writer for the season and Darik is one of our primary contacts, and the two of them are here to go over the details and our draft strategies for the RazzSlam and the Cutline contest in general. We discuss how to handle some of the transitions from roto to the Cutline points set up and how to handle steals, starters vs closers, and other tricky areas. Darik walks us through the offerings from the NFBC this year. Before I let my guests go, I ask them about some of the big free agent signings of the off-season.

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Aloha, salutations, greetings and WAAAZZZZAAAAAAA?!?!? (remember that?!) to everyone out there in fantasy baseball land! My name is Steve, and I’m taking the reins when it comes to talking about the RazzSlam at you from our esteemed editors, Blair and Donkey Teeth. Why, you might ask? Because they’ve got far more important things to do with their time. I’m like an intern. I’m like Season 2 Greg the Egg: just keeping the lattes flowing.

So why am I here, and why are you reading this? Well… I can’t really answer the second question, which might require some introspection on your part, but as to the first, I’m here to tell you all about RazzSlam 3: Deuces Wild!

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