Happy All Star Break my fellow RCLers.  The Razzball Commenter Leagues can take a toll on your time, you social life and your personal hygiene.  I hope you’re using the break to take a shower, get out of your sweat pants and get reacquainted with your roommates, also known as, your family.  They’ve missed you. Spend a moment and remind them that you are in fact, alive and well. Show those that love you that you haven’t been lost in the wilderness for the past 14 weeks, being cared for by a pack of wolves.  In fact, you’ve just been winning fantasy baseball leagues. You know, just like your idol, Grey Albright, current ‘Perts League leader. Or, perhaps your idol might be the UpNorth, current Master Standings leader. Maybe you’re partial to your RCL Update host, currently in second place in the Master Standings with another team in eighth.  Or maybe you look up to Backdoor Splitters who just had one heck of a week to take the lead in ECFBL and charge to fifth in the Master Standings. Whomever it may be, hopefully you’re kicking butt just like them and getting ready to keep it up in the second half. Check out the current Master Standings and the rest of the All Star Break stats in the week that was, week 14:

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Happy 4th of July week Razzball Commenter Leaguers!  This week not only marks the birthday of our fine U.S. of A., but more importantly, marks the halfway point of the fantasy baseball season!  We just finished ~13 weeks and there are ~13 weeks remaining. While we typically use the All Star Break to mark the halfway point, this week is the real deal.  If you were exactly on pace with your innings pitched, you would have 700 on the button. You can use that as a nice gauge to see if you need to be streaming your buns off the next 13 weeks or if you can chill out a bit and wait for the choice match-ups.  This week, in addition to the weekly leaders we will take a look at our halfway point leaders. It will be a quick shoutout to those teams that have started hot in each of the roto categories. Obviously, our team of the halfway point is the leader of our Master Standings.  Who might that be you ask? It might not be who you think. Let’s take a look at that and the rest of the week that was week 13 in the Razzball Commenter Leagues:

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