I will be honest with you, I’m still not sure how to approach this season strategy-wise.  I was pretty certain we were heading to no baseball, then Manfred dropped 60 games on us and even said we were never going to play more than that anyway.  What exactly was the point of dragging your league through the mud for two months of negotiations then?  This makes no sense to me.  Couldn’t we have just announced a 60 game season back in April?  Oh baseball, why are you so screwy?  Now I’m scrambling trying to figure out how to approach this season all while keeping tabs on who has tested positive, who is asymptomatic and who isn’t and also who has opted out and if I’ve already drafted them.  This is bonkers with a side of crazy.  I do have some thoughts on how I’ll be approaching this crazy Razzball Commenter League season though, so let’s dive in.

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We finally have a start date for the MLB and that means we also have a start date for our Razzball Commenter Leagues.  FINALLY!  MLB sure doesn’t do anything fast.  I’m starting my mini-season RCL prep with cautious optimism.  I really don’t know how this is going to work if players start dropping out with positive tests.  The way things are going in Florida right now, will baseball even be in an option in three weeks?  In a nine week season, does a DL stint just make a player droppable?  Rosterbation will be at an all time high, that is for sure.  So many questions, so few answers, but we’re along for the ride.  We’ll play this thing out one way or another and have fun trying to make sense of it all.  To say this season will be a strange one is an understatement.  We’ve got 60 games to take home RCL glory and that also comes with a couple of rule changes.  We’ll be pro-rating the MIN/MAX on IP to 370 and 525 and we’ll also be adjusting the maximum add/drops to 185.  Even with increased rosterbation, that should be plenty for everyone…he says before half his team is quarantined and the Marlins have called the season quits in week five.  On a brighter note, we’ve also opened up some leagues drafting in July, so you can draft knowing more about the season than anyone who has drafted thus far!  Click below for the info on those leagues as well as some early season trades that have gone down so far (almost entirely in one league).

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Another Razzball Commenter League Update with still no Opening Day in sight.  MLB is killing me, smalls. Is there any doubt that the owners and the MLBPA will drag this out until the last possible minute?  It’s like when we have a government shutdown looming and miraculously at midnight they come to an agreement.  With the lack of news and the lack of knowing it’s still hard to do a whole lot.  I imagine our legacy leagues will all look to get drafted up in June, but until an announcement on Opening Day is made, who knows.  If you’re really itching for a league, we still have one more RCL that I’ve been pushing the draft date back and back on.  The current draft date is Thursday, June 11th at 9 PM ET.  I figured that would be close-ish to whatever is going on with the season.  If you’d like to join and draft one more team, you can click HERE and you’ll be in!  It’s that easy.  While there, you can draft all of Grey’s Dart Throws and have the all dart throw team.  I figured we could take at the RCL ADPs of all those dart throws just to see where they land, if they aren’t just 100% free for the taking.

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Happy Star Wars day one and all!  We officially have two Razzball Commenter Leagues remaining, one of which is drafting tonight!  Click HERE and you are in!  Check the spreadsheet below for the last remaining RCL draft on Thursday night.  Who doesn’t need a little draft therapy these days?  You can snag up all of Grey’s dart throws and be ready to rumble once the season rolls.  Way back on Tuesday, March 3rd at 9:00pm EST, a gaggle of Razzball Writers (well, most) settled in for an early season draft.  Twelve fantasy writers in one league and you thought we weren’t going to take this opportunity to hear ourselves talk (type)?  Well, then you thought wrong!  We’re all loaded with hot fiyah taeks!  This isn’t the ‘Perts League that Grey hosts, this is just anyone that writes for Razzball and who wanted to join an RCL.   You can check out all the draft results HERE to follow along.  This season’s participants in RCL draft order are:

B_Don – Podcasts & Chill

Thomas Howland – Spring Training Position Battles, DFS & Weekly 100

Will Scharnagl – Small Sample, Big Outlook

Coolwhip – Deep Thoughts

Butters – DFS Content

Hammer – The local ambulance chaser

SON – A two sport star, running the basketball side of Razzball and writing Bear/Bull for MLB

MattTruss – DFS and RCLs are my game

Richardo – Former DFS Guru turned H2H All-Star

Kerry Klug – Team Previews & Sleepers

Pat – Pitcher Profiles

McafeeeeeOPS is his bag

Now you know who is in the league, next we’ll hear what they had to say about it.  I interviewed each writer with some questions; some personal and some generic and here’s what they had to say:

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With not a whole lot going on in the baseball universe and only so much Razzball Commenter League ADP talk to get us through, this will be the last RCL Update post for a bit until we have an announced Opening Day and some excitement.  In the meantime, we have seven more drafts you can join from tomorrow night at 9 PM ET (Click here to JOIN – We need TWO more) all the way until Star Wars Day on May the 4th.  So, snag a league and do a little drafting to get you through until we have baseball again.  Today, in our final ADP preview, we’ll take a look at all of Grey’s darlings and his schmohawks from the preseason.  This way, when you’re drafting in the coming weeks you’ll know exactly where to pounce on Miguel Sano and Dinelson Lamet.

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We’ve now passed what would have been Opening Day, a somber event here at Razzball Commenter League HQ.  On what would have been Opening Day Grimey decided we should draft, so we started our 76th league and got it filled for a late night draft.  We’ve moved several unfilled RCLs out into April, so check out the sheet below and find a date that works with your new quarantine schedule. After April, we can start another league or two during the month of May if it comes to that.  That decision will be based on demand. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage all these teams once the season starts, but it’s all I can do right now is draft away. In the meantime, we have plenty of RCL ADP data to dig through. Today I thought it would be fun to look at some of the biggest differences in high/low overall pick numbers.  We’ll be able to see some of the more outrageous picks and maybe some outrageous deals people got. Let’s dive in!

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So, usually I have an idea if a team is good, and, if I don’t know that, I have some idea when the season will begin, but welcome to the year 2020 when all is unknown. I’m currently typing this with my hands tied behind my back so I don’t accidentally touch my facet–Face! Damn it, this typing with my nose is more difficult than I thought it would beet–Damn! This is giving ‘hunt and peck’ typing a new definition. More like ‘hen and peck’ amiright? Don’t answer me because you might accidentally transmit saliva into the air. Thanks, and remember, SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!, which is what I scream at Cougs every time she comes within six feet of me. Makes for interesting sleeping as our bed is about six feet in width. So, the RazzSlam is a Best Ball tourney with Points scoring. Everyone likely knows what a Best Ball league is, but, if you don’t, it’s when you draft a team and the computer manages it for you by choosing who are the best players, and you get those stats. It’s basically one fantasy league removed from the robots taking over and killing us all. Well, the last laugh is on you robots, there’s a virus beating you to the punch! Anyway, here’s my RazzSlam, 12 team draft recap:

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You ever draft, like, twelve teams and have eleven teams that are all very similar and one team that is nothing like the other teams? This, here, is that other team. In theory, this team could be my one good team and the other eleven could be garbage, but I sure hope that’s not the case. I started this draft like every other league this offseason — by taking Pete Alonso in the 2nd round. At that point, this team veered into a different direction to never return. For those not in the know, it’s a weekly, 15-team, 5×5, two-catcher league that lasts for 50 rounds and there’s no waivers. NFBC has decided to cut off new slow draft leagues like this one, so I don’t think we’re doing another one this year. Sorry, I wanted to do one more league too. I will now put on The Knack and change the words in my head to My Corona. Anyway, here’s my NFBC draft recap:

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How is everyone hanging in there?  Hopefully you are doing well, maintaining proper social distancing, washing well and catching up on all those shows you’ve been meaning to binge.  I’ll admit, I’m at a bit of a loss without baseball on the horizon, but what else is a fantasy baseballer to do but draft? You know, we prepare for weeks leading up to draft day and I’ve found drafting to be a bit therapeutic in this time of turmoil.  Many of my bigger money leagues have moved their drafts to a later date to be determined, but I’ve been enjoying drafting RCLs aplenty. We went ahead and moved a couple handfuls of RCLs all through the month of April. Now, you all will be able to draft to your heart’s content while under quarantine.  Go ahead and pop down below and take a gander at the spreadsheet to pick a league to join. We’ll also be looking at how this delay in the start of the season has affected some player’s ADPs.

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Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. It’s the age, I’m told. Then, with only the faintest of amber glowing from behind my Squidward Tentacles nightlight, I catch a glimpse of myself. It’s the middle of the night, yet my hair is still perfectly coiffed; my mustache tenderly manicured; my eyes a dazzling shade of hazel, and I can’t help but be taken aback by my handsomeness. Well, instead of myself greeting myself every night from now on, I’ve printed out my Tout Wars team and hung it from the mirror, because it is sexier than even I could ever hope to be. Frankly, I’m worried that I might be in my office when nature calls for a twinkle, and head into the other room to find my much older wife making out with my printed-out team. “Get off the printed name of Juan Soto, Cougs! That’s my fantasy team you’re dry humping!” For those unaware, it’s 5×5, with OBP instead of AVG, two-catcher, 12-team NL-Only league, so don’t ask me how much Mike Trout went for. Anyway, here’s my Tout Wars draft recap:

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