Is it just me or is half the league on the DL right now?  Everyone seems like they have a strained this or a sore that.  Can the Razzball Commenter Leagues go to five DL spots next year?  I never thought I’d miss Rougned Odor so much. Ozzie Albies is helping to ease the pain though, thanks Ozzie.  Now, if Ronnie Baseball could go ahead and join Ozzie with the big club, that’d be swell. I know I’m not the only one itching to see Ronald Acuna called up ASAP.  His ADP was 79.58 and that was with early drafts having him go off the board around pick 100. The closer we got to Opening Day, the higher he was drafted, spiking at pick 47.  Team cdwiz26 was the big winner, able to nab Acuna at pick 117. Is it too soon to worry if you’re falling behind in stolen bases or some other category? Probably not yet, especially if you have a guy like Acuna waiting to make an impact.

It’s the silly season for our leagues at this point, where we can have huge swings in the standings based on 2-3 good days of stats.  Thanks to Rudy and the Robots (also the name of my Depeche Mode cover band) we have a starting point for the Master Standings. Big thanks to Rudy for working with FanTrax to get this rolling even earlier than we did last year with ESPN.  Who’s the number one team after the first couple weeks of the season? You’ll have to click below to see that. Let’s take a look at the standings as well as some trades in the week that was, week two in the RCLs:

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Technically the first “week” of the Razzball Commenter Leagues was from Opening Day, March 29th to Sunday, April 1st, but that was just too short, with too few games and just didn’t feel right.  Instead, I’m going to combine that short week, with this week to form week 1.5. How has the first week plus gone for you? Are you an Ohtani owner jumping for joy and retweeting every Ohtani GIF, stat and record broken so far?  Or maybe you are a Joey Votto owner, quietly crying and gently rocking in the corner. Either way, you can all use the same mantra, “It’s still early”. Everyone wants to start the first week leading their league, but only one team can.  I always dream of going wire to wire, but it’s a long season, plenty of time to win these things. Jose Ramirez won’t hit .061 all season. Just in case, let’s form a prayer decagon, shall we?

Already the RCL battle has been waged on the waiver wire as the race to grab that sweet SAGNOF started early.  Mark Melancon made a surprise DL appearance and Hunter Strickland was the first add of the year for those seeking cheap saves.  Corey Knebel collapsed in a heap and the race was on for the next Brewer fireman. This, of course was followed by the great “Jacob Barnes lockout” of 2018.  More on that below, but maybe FanTrax was trying to tell us something. Let’s take a look at that as well as which RCL teams are getting an early jump on their league standings:

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This Razzball Commenter League update will be a little different than most.  Throughout the year I’ll be bringing you stats, trades, weekly leaders and overall standings.  With only four days worth of data (and most of them half days at that) it’s really not worth diving into.  Our RCL bots are not up and running yet either, so there’s not much to look at just yet. I have noticed a lot of RCL talk in the comments and on the message boards of my many, many, many RCLs so I thought this would be a great place to do some crowdsourcing, do a venting and maybe make the RCL experience better for everyone.  The move to FanTrax has had a few bumps, but overall I think it’s gone well. If we can provide everyone with some answers and maybe chase down FanTrax with a couple gripes, I think everyone will benefit. I’ve got a list of complaints I’ve seen as well as some answers, feel free to add your complaints and frustrations to the comments and we’ll work through them together.  Grab your complaining shoes and let’s go for a stroll.

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The other day I was joined by the best and the brightest Razzball has to offer and Tehol for our annual RCL draft (12 team, mixed league, yadda blabbity bloo).  Our fantasy hockey writer, Viz, who is a professional poker player (hope it’s okay to say that.  If not — oops!), went high/low split (totally talking out of my ass right now) and doubled down on the river, cleaning my chute of a full house of sexy picks.  He has Cody Bellinger, Trevor Story, Ronald Acuna, Bryce Harper, Trey Mancini, Eddie Rosario and Michael Wacha!  That is totally G-rated!  And the G there is for Grey.  On the other hand, I drafted a team that feels like it’s straight out of central casting.  Only problem is the role which is being cast is for a “bounce back candidate who can hit for power and steal a few bases, must also be proficient in Mandarin.”  Orange you glad I didn’t say navel!  What?  Okay, the season’s almost here and I’m straight batty with myself.  Can Ohtani slug better than Alcides and pitch better than Miles Mikolas?  I gotz to know!  (My guess is no and no.  Spring training panic!)  Anyway, here’s my RCL draft:

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We’re really winding down on draft season now, with official games starting on Thursday.  This is the last Tuesday without baseball for some time and I’m giddy about it. We’re sitting at 61 Razzball Commenter Leagues right now and 59 of those have drafted.  Only two of our legacy leagues remain undrafted with Cougs R Us drafting late last night and ECFBL drafting this evening. We’re down a little bit from the past few seasons, but with a major change in the mix I’d say it’s not too shabby.  A lot of people were likely nervous of making a switch and adding yet another fantasy site to the daily check-in routine. I get it, I was that way with the four letter website before I took the plunge. Hopefully, the move to FanTrax won’t keep people away for long, especially when they see how much fun we’re all having!  Speaking of fun, I had fun going over the new and improved ADP data by taking a look at the ADPs of all Grey’s Sleepers. Even though the ADP Sheet is Razzball-centric it can still give you some interesting tidbits of information.  So, let’s do some last minute cramming for those final drafts and see what we can see.

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This draft is a crock pot vs. a microwave.  A love sesh vs. a ‘hold the moan.’  A nature hike vs. “I’m gonna sit in the car as we drive past some mountains.”  Guys and five girl readers, it’s a slow draft.  This slow draft took about fifteen days, 18 hours, four minutes and–okay, only a lunatic counts seconds.  Not almost 15 days of straight drafting, mind you.  I don’t need to ice my clicky finger.  It’s five minutes of drafting, twelve hours of waiting.  It does allow you to second-guess your picks.  Actually, more like triple-guess.  (Who are we kidding, you quadruple-guess, fiveruple-guess, sextruple-guess, ochocinco-guess your picks.) For those not in the know, it’s a weekly, 15-team, two-catcher league that lasts for 50 rounds and there’s no waivers.  Anyway, here’s my NFBC draft recap:

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Twelve fantasy writers in one league and you thought we weren’t going to take this opportunity to hear ourselves talk (type)?  Well, then you thought wrong! We’re all loaded with hot fiyah taeks! This isn’t the ‘Perts League that Grey hosts, this is just anyone that writes for Razzball and wanted to join an RCL.  Way back on Saturday, March 3rd at 9:30pm EST, we all (well, most) settled in for an early season draft. You can check out all the draft results HERE to follow along.  This season’s participants in RCL draft order are:

Dokken – Writer of Team Previews and FanTrax Tips

Jimothy – Writing all about the sleepers you need to know

Yost – The H2H guru

Kerry Klug – The local ambulance chaser

MattTruss – DFS and RCLs are my game

Victoria B – DFS Writer/Editor extraordinaire

MB – Two sport star covering NFL and MLB like a boss

Viz Our resident Hockey enthusiast

SON – Another two sport star, running the basketball side of Razzball and writing Team Previews for MLB

Laura Holt – Deep and Only leagues are her jam

SmokeyOur soccer wizard and baseball SAGNOF expert

Phil B. – OPS is his bag

Now you know who is in the league, next we’ll hear what they had to say about it.  I interviewed each writer with some questions; some personal and some generic and here’s what they had to say:

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We have another week’s worth of draft data to work with and only one week left of the Razzball Commenter Leagues draft season.  All public drafts wrap up on Sunday, March 25th, so if you’ve been waiting to join a league, wait no more! We learned a valuable lesson this past weekend, Razzballers start their St. Paddy’s day binging pretty early!  All but one of the early St. Patrick’s day drafts were mostly empty. Noted for next year. Also, if you were in one of the buy-in leagues that didn’t fill, everyone has been refunded to your FanTrax account. You can join another league or you can simply withdraw the funds.  We’d, of course, prefer you join another league. For all the votes these money leagues got, they aren’t filling up very fast. There’s a $20 league drafting tonight that only needs three more managers. Go get that money! The sign-up sheet is linked at the end of this article, but first, let’s dive into our RCL ADP and see what Razzball Commenters are drafting so far.

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Last year, I won Tout Wars in a wire-to-wire cakewalk.  So, before the Tout Wars draft this Saturday, I prepared like any great champ would.  I took a page from Rocky Balboa and ran up a flight of stairs, hands raised in exultation.  I took a page from Ultimate Warrior and ordered a group of preteen girls to tighten the slack on a jump rope and shook it furiously.  Finally, I took a page from E.T. and draped myself in a blanket, squatted in a bicycle basket and had Rudy pedal me around our hotel room floor.  Did E.T. have anything to do with being a champion?  Not especially, but I was feeling nostalgic for some faux sentimentality and Ready Player One isn’t out yet.  In my mind, I was standing, arms raised, with a lone spotlight shining on me as Lin-Manuel Miranda sang how I was not going to throw away my shot at a repeat.  Only it wasn’t in my mind.  In our hotel room, Rudy shined an iPhone flashlight on me as we played a rather tinny version of Hamilton off YouTube.  I’m past patiently waitin’ I’m passionately mashin’ every expectation!  And I’m not throwing away my shot!  *clears throat*  “Um, Rudy, could you help me down from this Marriott end table?  I’m getting vertigo.”  Anyway, here’s my Tout Wars, NL-Only recap:

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On March 6th, I took part in the Tout Wars Mixed Draft – a 15-team snake draft that is unique amongst expert leagues in that it is a 5×5 OBP league. Otherwise, pretty standard. Weekly transactions. 2 catchers. $1000 FAAB. This is the 5th year for the mixed draft (the AL/NL-only ones have been around longer) and my 4th year participating in it.

Last Year Recap (here was my post-draft recap and final standings)
FINALLY. After two straight close 2nd place finishes to Adam Ronis, I won this league (Even better, it was a Razzball Tout sweep as Grey won Tout Wars NL).

As the standings below suggest, I had a charmed season. Everything broke right for me. I think I drafted/managed a little bit better than the previous 2 years but no doubt I was probably the luckiest team in the league as well. Shout out to pal Scott White from (1st year in league) and the always tough Ray Murphy of BaseballHQ who did great jobs but, unlike me, did not sell their soul to the fantasy gods.

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