Howdy, Razzball faithful! We’ve finally made it to the finish line! Here’s hoping that you’re still in the running for that league crown, or at least haven’t fallen victim to that dreaded cold spell in those Head-to-Head playoffs. If you’re out of the running in fantasy baseball, hopefully, you’re still excited for the real playoff […]

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Happy Wednesday, Razzball faithful! Welcome back for another Wednesday special with some MarmosDad SAGNOF. We’re officially 20 days out from the last day of the season, so to say it’s crunch time is probably an understatement. For those of you (and me!) who are still in the thick of a race, congratulations on the effort […]

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Howdy, Razzball enthusiasts! Welcome back for another quick hit from the office of MarmosDad. For this week’s SAGNOF profile, I figured it would be prudent to include a bit of reference for you younger Razzballers that are puzzled by the title here… Now putting all candy and Tootsie pop references aside, one thing is for […]

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Hey Razzball friends! A happy All-Star break to you and yours!  I figured the break was a perfect chance to do a mid-season check-in on some of the players we looked at in those pre-season/early-season profiles. Today, we’ll head back to recap those preseason profiles with steals stats and information, along with Grey’s Top 100 […]

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