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Washington Nationals fifth starter slash long reliever slash wait, really, that guy?–Erick Fedde was awesome Friday night as he limited the New York Mets to just two hits (seven base runners) in seven innings pitched. He struck out seven and had 31 called strikes plus whiffs, which baseball nerds tell me is pretty good. I’m Fedde up with these crazy pitching lines, ya’ll! I thought the bans were supposed to solve this, and I don’t know what to make of this guy. Erick hasn’t given up a run since a start at home versus the Phillies May 11. Since then, he’s pitched 20 scoreless innings with 17/6 K/BB. The start was Fedde’s third QS of the year and he’s lowered his ERA to a respectable 3.33 during the scoreless stretch! Also, I need a hip hop historian to tell me if I used “Wap” right here. Fetty Wap is a rapper and that’s different than Cardi B’s WAP, right? Back to Erick! More impressive than Fedde’s streak, Washington has allowed just seven runs in the past eight games, and need I remind you Max and Stras are hurt? Pretty neat until you notice that they allowed 42 runs in the eight games before that. Regardless! Someone needs to check these baseballs for spider tack! Da sticky stuff. For real though, it was admittedly a slowish fantasy day, and I didn’t want to write about Adam Duvall again, so Fedde gets the lede! His first in ever! Enjoy it, Erick, because this is likely to be a one time deal. As the aforementioned Max and Stras are out, Erick has gotten an extended look in the rotation and so far so good. He’s had some favorable matchups this month so I wouldn’t rush out to grab him, but he could be a worthwhile streamer in the right matchups. However, and I’m being 100% candid here and this could be the ethanol talking, he could pitch another 20 scoreless innings and Fedde would still scare the heck out of me. It’s got to be the baseballs, right!?

Here’s what else I saw Friday night in fantasy baseball:

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Welcome, duelers! [Slaps in you in the face with a glove]. First, I wanted to share with you a major discovery. If you’re a DFSer or a degenerate in general — me, I’m just a loveable panda — you probably know who Jonathan Bales is. If you don’t know, well, he’s a good gambler and DFS player. ENYWHEY. If you’re the kind of person who sold your soul to Amazon and have a Prime account, you can get Bales’ 2015 book on fantasy baseball DFS for free on Kindle. I’ll point out that Rudy’s DFS Bot automates a fair amount of what Bales asks players to do. However, I noticed a really under-utilized section of the Teamonator that not only gives you the Vegas Lines but the Razzball lines, and compiles which teams are cheapest on the slate and therefore the biggest value. I mean, super-slick and easy way to get your DFS picks ready. Best of all? You know what teams were in the top 10 selections yesterday? Cleveland and Pittsburgh. They scored like 21 runs combined yesterday. I mean, it’s nuts. Rudy’s so good at this stuff. So, let’s get some lineups made and see if we can’t get some money in your pocket.

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What are the Angels doing? “Every time David Bell does something stupid, he smacks his head twice, and hears a ringing in his ears, then an Angel gets his wings.” That’s terrific, Clarence, but you’re a bit of a noodge. Imagine having an angel following you around all day, telling you what could be if you lived your life differently? What a nightmare! Constantly whispering in your ear, “If you throw that plastic straw into the ocean, a dolphin will get it stuck in his blow hole, and won’t be able to squeak at a young boy in Indonesia on a wooden raft and, without that distraction, the boy will drift into the middle of an ocean liner’s path and–” Shut up, Clarence! You’re annoying me! That would be my It’s A Wonderful Life, just screaming shut up. Any hoo! What are the Angels doing in regards to Juan Lagares and Taylor Ward starting in their outfield? Let’s put aside Taylor Ward, because he’s young and maybe he can do something. Let’s instead focus on Juan Lagares. He’s 32 years old, and his top year in the majors was 47/6/41/.259/7, when he was 26 years old. That was in 143 games! Try to wrap your noodle around Juan Lagares getting 143 games and those stats. It’s pretty difficult to do, and that was six years ago! Lagares is in the majors because he is perceived as a defensive specialist. On its face, a 32-year-old centerfielder is lunacy. Ya think he might’ve lost a step somewhere along the way? Ya think?! With some more stank: YA THINK?! Using defense metrics, Byron Buxton has 25.8 UZR/150 games. You don’t need to know what UZR is other than it’s a fielding metric and Buxton is great. Lagares is ranked 79th for fielding centerfielders and has -11.3 UZR/150 games. There’s only 30 teams and Lagares is 79th for centerfield defense! Okay, enough bagging on Lagares, enter: Jo Adell. Even if he fields with his glove on the wrong hand, he can’t be that much worse. Or move Taylor Ward to center and call up Adell! It defies logic why Adell isn’t up already, and it’s because of his bat why we’re here: He’s on pace for 40+ homers in Triple-A. He’s still struggling with strikeouts, and might not hit above .220, but, again, I’m asking: What are the Angels doing? It’s time to call-up Adell and play him. Irregardless? Yes, I’m ill re: Lagares and their other options. Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

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So generally I try to write content about players who are actually, you know, actively playing. And while that shouldn’t rule out any fluff pieces involving Bruce Chen, I think Spencer Turnbull could have something to offer once his rehab assignment is complete. And while it’s just been about 10 days of this writing since he went on the 10-day injured list for a right forearm strain to already preparing to throw the ball, his return to the Majors could be a slower one. But the 2.88 ERA and 44 strikeouts with just 12 walks in the 50 innings he had pitched (including a no-hitter against the Mariners) and the allure for more is why my focus is on those tables and why they be turnin. Into a ball. At a ball? It’s not really clear. Turnball. Maybe turning into a way while turning towards another ball? That’s totally it.

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Now that we’re midway into June we’re really starting to see who the studs and duds are. Now that guys have established themselves and we have a large enough sample size to identify consistent fantasy contributes. So with that in mind now seems like a good time to check in on my preseason rankings. Prior to the season I went over the unique challenges that points leagues pose to fantasy players. Hey, I’m the points guy so you’re darn tootin that I’m gonna make it sound like points leagues are the most difficult format and you would be lost without me to guide you. So let’s check in on the top points scorers are and see who is outperforming their ranking and who is making you want to give up fantasy baseball forever. As I sat down to write this and started looking at who’s on top I realized I made an error in my initial rankings. Yes, I made a mistake, not often, but it happens. When I crunched the numbers based on projections I neglected to combine Shohei Ohtani into one player and instead had him listed as two separate players. I know there are formats where he is separated, but he really should be one player who is eligible at both pitcher and DH. If he picks up OF eligibility it will be icing on the cake. Anyhoo, he’s the top fantasy points scorer this season, and it’s not like he’s barely ahead. There isn’t much I can say about him that hasn’t already been said, he’s simply been incredible this season and he should be the number one overall pick next season if can keep rolling. He would have checked in at number 10 in my preseason ranks had I added up his pitching and hitting numbers. That’s still an incredibly valuable player, just not far and away the best.


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You say that you’re trying to find an affordable high upside starting pitcher on Friday’s slate? Yusei Kikuchi ($9,200) is the guy you are looking for as he takes on Tampa Bay. The Rays strike out 28.7% of the time against left-handed pitching with a poor .292 wOBA. Kikuchi, who has a 2.28 ERA in the last month, is a pivot off of the expensive high-end starters on the slate. This provides an opportunity to have a lower rostered player without sacrificing the potential of landing the highest scoring starter on the slate, which is the ideal target for GPP tournaments.

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“Okay, guys, to start the song we’re going to count out to four, but we’re going to count 1, 2…Then go back to the beginning and finish with 1, 2, 3, 4…Questions?”
“Hey, Bruce Springsteen, uh, yeah, big fan, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to show you I belong as a background vocalist in the E Street Band — ESB? Do people use that? Anyhoo…Have you considered hiring someone else to count, because ‘1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4’ isn’t how people count?”
“Who are you?”
“I saw a flyer at The Stone Pony for an opening in your band.”
“That flyer was supposed to be taken down 48 years ago. Get out of here.”

And that’s how we got the title for this post: Al, Tu, Al, Tu, Ve, Four. It’s also how many homers Jose Altuve (2-for-3, 2 runs, 2 RBIs, 16th homer, hitting .298) has in the last three games. He has eight homers in the last 10 games, but Bruce Springsteen never counted to eight. As another singer, Lady Sovereign, would sing, “Altuve is the biggest midget in the game!” That Lady Sovereign song is 15 years old, and now I feel 100 years old. Jose Altuve also has 16 homers in 57 games; his career high is 31. Maybe this time he can steal an MVP award from someone his own size (if he’s standing on top of a car, and you include the car’s weight). Imagine being Aaron Judge and saying Altuve stole an MVP from you. Bro, you stole the sun from anyone within 10 feet of you. It’s a form of cheating by just being big. At least that’s what I tell anyone who challenges me to any sporting event. So, drilling down on Altuve’s peripherals, he’s pulling everything, and his Launch Angle is a little goofy early on (as in high), which could lead to a lot of fly balls, and lower average, or more homers, if he’s connecting, as he has been. Now, if pitchers pound away, he might be in trouble. There’s a possibility here for him to come back to earth (small fall), but anyone would come back to earth after an eight-homer, ten-game stretch, but, in general, he seems back. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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Ah, the sweet sounds of summer. Managers chirping. The pop of the bats as they wake from their early spring hibernation. Hitters all going down with soft tissue injuries. Pitchers breaking down with overuse injuries. And of course, Rob Manfred trying to fix something nobody wanted fixed while ignoring the plight of minor leaguers sleeping in their Geo Metros.

Everything just as I remember it from 2019.

As we approach the summer months we’ll undoubtedly start to see some players break out of their early-season funk. Players finding their rhythm, returning from injury, and hitting flyballs into the hot summer air. We will also begin to see who is for real and who is pretending. To start off our hot bat summer, here are a few names that I have noticed around the league.

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“I *am*…in a world….of shit”

These were the famous words uttered by Austin Gomber when he was given the news about the trade to the Colorado Rockies. Then the words were uttered again when he set foot in Coors Field. He had spent his entire professional career in the friendly confines of Busch Stadium with an organization that valued pitching. Now he was being sent to the Siberia of MLB, a place where, in the infamous words of Drago, “If he dies, he dies.” Gomber is coming off a gem in Colorado and has been added in 19.8% of ESPN leagues. Is this Gomber a Pyle or should we promote him with distinction?

Gomber is 27 years old, 6′ 5″, 220 pounds, and throws from the left side. The Cardinals selected him in the fourth round of the 2014 MLB Draft.

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