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J.D. Martinez was first to the Just Dong nickname, even though recently Jeff Bezos tried to co-op it himself:

Well, put aside your Dongs, Just and Jeff! There’s a new Just Dong in the picture. It’s J.D. Davis aka Jonathan Davis Davis aka Jefferson Davis Davis aka Just Dong Davis. Was surprised to see him only rostered in 35% of ESPN leagues, so ding-ding Just Dong, you’re eligible for the Buy column! Back in 2019, Jonathan Davis Davis had his star mitzvah, which had us all scratching our heads, “Did the Astros really lose a trade to the…Mets?” Appizzarently, they did. The only thing stopping J.D. Davis from taking that next step was. Dot dot dot. His health. But he’s good now, and he has himself a rocket ship to the rotating planet of Third Outfielder With Rising Fantasy Value. It’s an outlying planet, but it’s worth making space on your team. Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

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Mirroring some of the players I’ve recently put the spotlight on, because I’m a spotlighter, whatever that means, Eugenio Suarez continues to fit the criteria of being an amazing hitter in the pre-Covid era, but then the pandemic comes around and no one can hit the ball anymore. And with Delta ranging, we might soon be on a first name basis with the Mendoza line. (Does he have a first name?) (And is the line even a man?) And Suarez has become the latest example in WTFmate?, even moreso without the caveats of last year still present where during the Covid-shortened season he hit a measly .202, but still managed 15 homeruns in just 57 games. But with just 18 in 92 games thus far, is there a resurgence instore for this current .172 hitter? Let’s find out!

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We’ve looked at rankings the past couple weeks so now it’s time to see who took advantage of the break and is ready to come out strong. Now is the time to take an honest look at your team and figure out what you need to climb to the top of the mountain. One of the best things you can do this time of year is be honest about who has been helping and who has been hurting your team. I get it, you overvalue the guys that you drafted because they are your guys. I get it, I’ve done it too, everyone tends to value the guys on their roster higher than guys that aren’t. This is one of the reasons trades can be difficult to pull off. However, taking a rational look at your roster can help show you what moves you need to make. You want to keep working the wire, looking for that next piece. Now obviously that doesn’t mean drop a stud just because he hasn’t quite lived up to expectations but you can add the next hot schmotato for the guy at the end of your bench. So without further ado, lets check out the noteworthy performances.


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Outfielder Austin Meadows ($3,400) and the Rays take on Zach Plesac and the newly named Cleveland Guardians in what should be a smash spot for Tampa. Plesac has a 4.78 FIP and is not missing many bats with a 16.4% K-rate, while Meadows has a .900 OPS against right-handed pitching. Nelson Cruz ($3,700) will also be debuting for the Rays tonight, offering a strong stack opportunity along with Brandon Lowe ($3,500).

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At 41 years of age, thus begins Nelson Cruz‘s 2nd act where he becomes a lights-out reliever. You might be thinking, why would the Rays trade for Nelson Cruz? Well, MLB announced a Silver Fox Program where they will give money to seniors who need caretakers, so the Rays can get a $250/week stipend. “Eat your stewed carrots, Nelson.” “Not now, Brett Phillips! I’m up at-bat!” Wait until Nelson Cruz gets a load of Yandy Diaz’s 34-inch pythons and -4 Launch Angle. He’s gonna be like, “Yo, Yandy, have you considered upper cutting a tad?” Nelson Cruz about to make himself and Yandy better. So, Nelson Cruz was traded to the Rays for Joe Ryan and Drew Strotman. I’ll leave those to Prospect Itch to go over. Though, the Rays do seem to just wave their hand and say, “You will give us what we want,” like they’re Obi Wan. As for Cruz’s new fantasy value? C’mon. He’s 41, and can hit it out of Yellowstone. No new value. Cruz hasn’t had something new since he got an earring in 1987 when he was running with the Brat Pack. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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I went glamping last week with a few families from my son’s school. Yes, your Son is the son of a Son and has a son himself. We decided to split up meal duty so my wife decided to make a shrimp boil. Whatever the opposite of Top Chef is, that is me so bear with my forthcoming description. Boil water. Sprinkle in the seasoning with some leaves of some kind. Insert corn, potatoes, lemon, and sausages. Let it marinate and percolate then toss in the shrimp at the end. Open the lid, free the steam, then chow down. Mmm, mmm, mmmm. Delicioso. Luis Urias is a “shrimp” at 5′ 9″ and 186 pounds but he’s been all meat, potatoes, corn, lemon, and whatever else you want to throw in this season. In 346 plate appearances, he has 13 home runs, 47 runs, 45 RBI, and five stolen bases. He’s been added in 13.8% of ESPN leagues. Will the pot continue to produce a heavenly mixture or will there just be shrimp left?

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The All-Star break seems to have helped some folks but wasn’t enough of a break for others. Let’s see who’s working to earn your trust back.

  • The Edwin Diaz implosion continues. He’s blown two saves this week while Trevor May has picked up two saves.
  • The break did Aroldis Chapman some good. His velocity was better and he got the save Tuesday despite giving up a solo homer. Keep your finger on the eject button if he wears out again soon.
  • Heath Hembree seems like the only righty the Reds can trust at the moment. He’s likely to earn the bigger share of the saves until the Cincy bullpen upheaval.
  • Tyler Wells has worked his way into the mix for the ninth in Baltimore. The mountain of a man brings big K numbers but is also volatile.
  • The Pirates DFA’d Kyle Crick after some blowups. That makes David  Bednar the top option if Richard Rodriguez gets traded.
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Week 16 is here and upon us, and it is stacked with some intriguing inter-league play, as well as  a couple teams fitting 8 games into 7 days. With Inter-League, if you happen to have Giancarlo Stanton, Nelson Cruz, or Yordan Alvarez, pay attention to their lineups.  While I plan on laying out a couple special players this week to give you that competitive edge, there are also a few players returning the IL that could pay dividends down the stretch.  Most likely he has been stashed on IL, but Chris Sale is inching closer to returning, and looking good!  The White Sox are about to be whole again as both Luis Robert and Eloy are playing in rehab games.  Cookie Carrasco is eyeing a return this upcoming week, as is Aaron Sanchez if you can need to stash some arms.  If you have hung around this long, it’s a labor of love…We have made it 16 weeks, and if your league is the traditional 24 weeks….2 months left.  Let’s go!!

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If you’re really looking to save some cash on the mound, direct your attention to Chris Flexen, SP: $7,700. He’ll be looking to flex all over an Athletics team that finds itself in the bottom third of the league in batting average. They do like to hit dingers but are also striking out at a high clip which should help out even though Flexen isn’t a high K per nine guy. What he does do is limit the damage and not give out free passes. That’s a recipe for success.

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