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For this week’s rendition of hitter profiles, we are going wide rather than our usual deep.  There is plenty happening across the landscape of our fantasy baseball game that needs to be dissected.  Do you know who is quick like a rapid-fire article…Tommy Pham.  Well, he is not actually a blazing runner but good instincts and a green light is all that is needed to be a meaningful contributor in the 5×5 speed game.  It is also quite helpful that good ole Tommy is walking at a clip of 17% which is by far a career-best.  As we dive into the rapid-fire, take a few minutes to think about who you see moving the needle and leave a comment below!

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Bobby bombs! Cleveland first baseman Bobby Bradley has been hotter than a Tiktok thirst trap since he was called up last weekend and continued that trend Friday night as he went 2-for-3 with his second home run, three runs batted in, and two walks. He’s 6-for-13 to start his major league career with five runs scored and six RBI! And not to knock the Jake Bauers but the Injians have managed to score 32 runs in just four games with Bradley in the lineup. Uhh, spit-take!? Yup. The 25-year old has all-or-nothing power for days, as evidenced by his nine homers in just 26 games at AAA. He also slashed .303/.314/.636 with two home runs and 11 RBIs in 13 spring training games, so this is not entirely out of left field. ACKCHUALLY he plays first base. And although we’re likely to see just as many strikeouts from Bradley as long balls I likes what I sees so fars! Speaking of Bobbys that strikeout and homer, I’ve got another one for you! That’s right, a bonus Bobby, aka Bobby Dalbec aka Bobby D., aka every pink hat’s future heartthrob by the end of October. He’s got dark flowing locks and power to spare. He hit a monster 440-footer Friday night and the balls were flying off his bat. I’ve mentioned Dalbec before because of his raw power and affinity for striking out (2 Ks Friday night). That 36.8 K% (67 strikeouts in 170 ABs) is real, but according to Manager Alex Cora, Bobby’s been working on a leg kick that’s improving his timing. It’s yet to be seen if this will have a positive effect but he’s 3-for-8 with a homer and double since the changes only struck out twice Friday night, so baby steps? Hank Hill would tell you these boys ain’t right, but I think both Bobbys are worth a look for those in deeper leagues who are powerless and in need of some pop, especially if they continue to hit as they have been the past couple of days. It’s the Bobby Bombs Buy Bonanza!

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy baseball Friday night:

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We’ve got ourselves a massive slate for a Saturday.  We typically have some early games and a handful of late games, but today we’ve got all but two teams playing from 4 o’clock on making for a 15 game main slate.  I love these massive slates, more options give us more opportunity to create an edge.  We’re going to create that edge today by kicking things off with Joe Musgrove ($8,300).  Musgrove saves us a ton of money over the top options today, allowing us to load up on all the bats.  Musgrove has a couple knocks going against him, but that’s baked into the cheap price.  Musgrove is on the road and facing a Mets team that doesn’t strike out a ton.  However, Musgrove has the ability to overcome these bumps.  The 2.94 FIP and 12.2 K/9 are well worth the $8,300.  We just have to hope Tingler doesn’t pull him in the fourth.

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Howdy, Razzfolks!

Thanks for stopping in for another update on all those dadblasted injuries going around. There’s some good news in the works for several players, but of course, we’ve had some Irritating List additions (can’t believe it’s taken me til mid-June to come up with that one) as well.

Trying a slightly tweaked format this week just to streamline the reading process a little. Organized by generic infielders/outfielders/starters/relievers subheadings and then alphabetized by first name.

And if you’re curious, it’s Four Roses neat bourbon tonight as I touch this up. First time having it, and I approve!

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Everyone’s always claiming world famous fried chicken, or world famous chili or world famous BBQ. If I had a restaurant, I’d do something that no one else is claiming… “Come on down for our world famous cauliflower — you like cauliflower sometimes? Well, you’re gonna love these florets!” Can I make extraordinarily tasty cauliflower? No, not at all! But it’s all about expectations. That’s Jonathan India:  World famous cauliflower, because it’s about expectations. By the way, Jarred Kelenic was trying to make world famous pizza, what a dope! Jonathan India went very late in deep league drafts, then he sorta was….Well, he just was, and no one cared. In April, India hit one homer and .239. In May, he once again existed: 2 HRs, .220. In June, India got hot. *long elaborate Bollywood dance* With time to make adjustments and less pressure than, say, maybe a Jarred Kelenic, India began to hit everything in the zone, and hard. He’s on everything with O- and Z-Swing% falling in line and Barrel% going way up. India also has a solid Sprint Speed, so he could get into some steals. Look at us, India and I just exceeding very low expectations! Now, I just need a name for my cauliflower restaurant. The Floret Florist? The Merchant of Florets? You Cauliflower, I Called It Delicious? Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

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The season is rolling along and the men are starting to separate themselves from the boys. Jessie Winker added 32 points this week bringing his season total to a cool 200. That’s good for top 5 among hitters. He’s really been a revelation this season and is showing no signs of slowing down. The power has been everything you could want and even better he’s hitting for a high average as well. That’s a fantasy star right there. Pretty dang good for a guy who was likely taken late in drafts. He has to be the fantasy MVP thus far and could end up being a league winner. Now on to some other hitters who are riding a good 7 day stretch.

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No clever pun, no dumb reference, simply put, I’m laying down the hard cold truth. Tyler O’Neill is a potential superstar. While this statement is becoming less and less controversial as the hours and homeruns stack up, I would note that while the window to be part of the O’Neill party is closing fast and makes it sound like you’re going to have dinner with him and his family at a fancy restaurant, there are still some red flags to take note of. But I thought he was a potential superstar? That’s right me, I am confirming to myself that I did say that and of course I believe it, but it would be folly just to expect the same results as the season progresses. Or is it? Asking all the right questions… uh, also me. And while I’m here talking to myself, why is the truth cold? A word can’t feel maaaan.

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Blue Jays leadoff man Marcus Semien ($3,100) can do some damage in an extreme hitter’s park in Boston. Semien already has 13 homers and eight steals on the season. He’s got a high floor batting .289 atop the lineup, making him a strong cash game play or a key piece of a Toronto stack. Opposing starter Garrett Richards has a 6.38 ERA in Fenway Park this year, so consider other high upside bats in Vladimir Guerrero Jr ($4,300), Bo Bichette ($3,500), and Teoscar Hernandez ($2,800) to go with him.

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This is an excerpt of a phone call Razzball intercepted during Thursday’s afternoon games. Since both states involved are two-party consent, we cannot reveal who recorded the call, but it rhymes with Fray Mallbright. Here, let’s listen in:

“Hello, this is the CEO of Spider Tack, the world’s stickiest, gummiest, craziest, shouldn’t-be-used-on-a-baseballiest stuff. Who’s calling?”
Our Commissioner Rob Manfred disguised his voice so he sounded raspy, and said, “I’m Kathleen Turner. I was wondering if you would sell me 7,000 cases of your Spider Tack, and send them individually to pitchers’ homes?”
“Body Heat’s Kathleen Turner? Romancing the Stone’s Kathleen Turner? Not to get all James Lipton, but I am a huge fan of your–”
“Okay, fanboy, if I get you 7,000 addresses, will you send the Spider Tack?”
“Can I ask why you want the Spider Tack sent to pitcher’s homes?”
Rob dropped the Kathleen Turner rasp and said, “So, we can bust them and they’ll all lose their arbitration cases!” Then cackled evilly for five minutes, finally adding, “Deal?”

Have you heard this latest? Pete Alonso has accused Rob Manfred of manipulating the ball, depending on the free agent class. He said it’s a fact. I’m 100% here for conspiracy lunacy. Rob Manfred, evil genius or dumbf*ck? So hard to say! Yesterday, Zack Wheeler (8 IP, 0 ER, 4 hits, zero walks, 12 Ks, ERA at 2.29) continued his fantastic season, and it appears he has no additional spin on his 4-seamer. His expected ERA is 2.55, and xBA is .202. Also, his velocity is up on his fastball (97+ MPH) and his 81 MPH curve has a .119 xBA, which is hilarious. Lots still can happen, but Wheeler looks like a Cy Young candidate, and top five starter in baseball, assuming he doesn’t get a mysterious package from Kathleen Turner. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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I was clicking buttons on YouTube last night when I came across Freerunning. Man, those videos are so mesmerizing, especially with the music and slow-motion graphics. After the third video, I considered myself a Freerunning expert. I knew how to run. I knew how to jump. I understood that E=mc2. I was good at math so I could calculate the proper angles and such. After tying my shoes, I kicked open the screen door and jumped on top of the porch fence to vault myself onto the sidewalk. Beep….Boop……Bop……”911, what’s your emergency?” I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. The amazing things we see being done on tv are the result of years of practice and honing a craft. What makes them more fantastic is the effortless nature with which they are done. To the point that you and I often think that we could pull off the same feats. For most things in life, though, patience and persistence are good guides. You want to practice and/or perform due diligence before committing to anything. Fantasy baseball is no different. Patrick Wisdom of the Chicago Cubs has taken the league by storm recently. He’s hit seven home runs in 40 plate appearances and has been added in 44.3% of ESPN leagues. Refrain and show some Wisdom or is the Wisdom in riding the horse until it rides no more?

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