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After blowing a save Monday night, Hunter Strickland broke his hand, punching a door.  Apparently, he doesn’t know how to close a door either.  He also doesn’t know what punch outs are.  He can’t figure out pitching from punching.  He confused saves with staves.  I can go on.  He puts the loser in closer.  A fit for all rages.  Okay, you get it.  He’s going to miss 6-8 weeks, needing surgery on his hand.  What kind of idiot punches a door with their pitching hand?!  This was his season to finally prove he could close in the majors, and he threw that away.  He’ll likely get replaced by Sam Dyson (who got the 2/3 IP, 0 ER save last night) or Tony Watson, and Dyson, Watson or Mark Melancon will take the job, run with it, and Strickland’s literally ruined his career.  “To be continued” for Strickland should always read, Moron.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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SAGNOF – Saves Ain’t Got NO Face. We all know the mantra. For those of you new to Razzball, the pursuit of saves is a fickle battle. There’s more turnover than at IHOP on free pancake day. Pitchers get hot, then not. Some need a break, while others just break. Many just plain suck. And then we have managers like The Sciosciapath. No further explanation needed. Although, even if I tried, I probably wouldn’t be able to explain his madness anyways. Whatever the case may be, saves appear out of thin air every season. Did you know that Phil Maton got a save last season? Exactly. In fact, a total of 162 pitchers got at least one save last year. Why am I driveling about saves? Because I want to write about Wade Davis today. I usually don’t write about closers because Smokey takes care of that, but I just got that itch after perusing Fangraphs. Yes, some scroll through Pornhub and Redtube. Pssst….I still do sometimes as well….But most of the time it’s scrolling and clicking on the various tabs on player pages at Fangraphs. SAGNOF. Son Ain’t Give NO F***s. So, what stood out about Wade Davis?

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This week’s show opens up with the realization that both Grey and I are old. We do old guy stuff, we go to movies with zero idea what they’re about. There in lies the first 15 minutes of the podcast, as Grey talks up his weekend date with Cougs at the movies, before we jump into a little fantasy baseball. This week we didn’t have the catastrophic injuries of last week, but there was plenty to discuss. We open up by touching on Clint Frazier’s callup, Evan Gattis, Trevor Story, and David Peralta’s big first halves, before getting into a bunch of Buys/Sells from the fingertips of Grey Albright. Finally, please make sure to support our sponsor by heading over to and entering promo code “SAGNOF” for 20% off the highest quality t-shirts in the fantasy sports game. It’s the latest edition of the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast:

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Last year in the Razzball Commenter Leagues, ERAs were up across the board.  A 3.50 may have led your league. I’m not sure if the change in format has had an effect on the way managers are attacking their pitching or if this is a baseball result, but the ERAs seem better this season.  Last year we had the juiced balls, maybe this year they toned it down a bit, who knows, but let’s compare the past few seasons of RCLs with this year. Last year the average ERA for the RCLs was 3.87. The year before that the average ERA was 3.71.  That’s a pretty significant bump. This year, we’re heading in the other direction with a 3.60 average ERA thus far. Now, we still have the hot, humid summer months left to go, but early trends show a decrease in offense. It tickles me a little that everyone is hot and heavy for launch angle and exit velocity only to see offense decrease.  I’ll be curious to see if this trend continues and if it leads to hitters returning to the old notion of hitting line drives and manufacturing runs. Maybe this is just pitchers combatting launch angle with elevated fastballs and other strategies. It’s interesting nonetheless, and facts you should know for RCL success. Let’s check out more RCL facts from the week that was, week 11:

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Much like both of his nickname-sakes, Juan Soto has quickly become the talk of the town. The Childish Bambino is aptly named for his youth and baseball slugging potential. If you can nab him on tonight, it should make your lineup. Let’s dive in and figure out who else to use to to fill out that lineup.

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Kelvin Herrera was traded to the Nationals, and immediately lost his fantasy value — from a total geek to totally chic back to Game of Thrones’ Reek.  From a SAGNOF hero to a SAGNOF zero.  Please, blog, may I have some more?

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Taking a week off from Razzball feels kind of like not eating. It’s an essential part of your life, it’s enjoyable, and it’s something you can’t live without. Bucking my usual Monday column last week, however, came with good reason. I was traveling around the midwest, watching numerous minor league baseball games in the process. If you like the sound of my voice and want to hear about these travels and the prospects I saw (Hunter Greene, Nick Senzel, Blake Rutherford, Seuly Matias, Nick Pratto, and more) then listen to Ralph and I talk about my travels for one whole hour on our latest Razzball Prospect Podcast (we’ll be on Spotify soon!). If you’re not sure if you like the sound of my voice, set your expectations relatively low and prepare to be blown away.

The consequence of taking some time off is the catch-up that needs to be done in order to restore an up-to-date understanding of present-day baseball. That’s harder than you think. I’ve been following some players closely that I have to now backtrack to update my understanding of their trend line (first-world problems, I know). Time is unfortunately something we cannot buy more of.

Trevor Story has run into this issue as well. He can’t buy the time of analysts to give him the breakdown and endorsement he is deserving of. Sitting 34th overall rest of season on our Player Rater, a question I would’ve laughed at preseason – Story or Blackmon – is now answered with the name “Charlie Blackmon” in a questioning tone as opposed to blurting it out in dismissal of the questioner’s wits.

Story’s fix stems from a very simple change in theory, but one that’s hard to apply in practice.

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It’s a song as old as time…  When a team is just not good, see what the younger players have to offer.  The Royals are no different in this approach right now as they sit on a whole 22 wins and a crisp 23 games behind the division leading Astros.  They are going to be making a slew of changes, and that has already started with the promotion of Aldaberto Mondesi and Rosell Herrera.  Small intricate parts, but that is what SAGNOF is capitalizing on opportunities for at-bats.  With the injury to Jorge Soler, the trade of John Jay and the maybe a few days off for Whit Merrifield, the one-to-two day commitment for guys that will get semi-regular at bats like Mondesi, who had 10 steals in the minors or Herrera who has had three 20 plus stolen base seasons in the minors. The Royals are just the first team to be looking toward the future, as they should be.  Because this season looks like a wash for real baseball, but for fake baseball there will still be pickings to choose from, especially from the SAGNOF perspective.  In the upcoming weeks, we will know who is a pretender and more teams will follow suit, (cough, cough ORIOLES).  But until then, look for guys replacing players on rebuilds, or even youngsters that are up to make a name for themselves in the stead of an injured player.  More SAGNOF goodies to follow my friends, stick around.  Cheers!

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On April 25, 2018, the uber-phenom Ronald Acuna got his call up to the big leagues. That historic day, we found ourselves wondering how great it must’ve felt to be Ronald Acuna. Receiving recognition for all his hard work, finally being rewarded with an opportunity on the largest stage, having all the ladies and strange men living in their mom’s basement fawning over him; what a rush he must have experienced that fateful day!

Fast forward six weeks later; B_Don and myself now know exactly what it’s like to be Ronald Acuna! Our podcast, Ditka, Sausage, & Fantasy Sports, has been called up to the Razzball big leagues.

We’re excited to bring you weekly fantasy baseball shows profiling a few players in depth and relating our film analysis back to their immediate fantasy value, as well as their expected future fantasy value. We’ll also feature a pick ups segment and mix in other relevant topics.

It’s our pleasure to present to you our premiere episode at the glamorous Razzball offices where we discuss Carlos Rodon, Mike Clevinger, Max Muncy and our dreams of landing a Jose Canseco guest appearance on the show. Any comments or feedback is more than welcome. Enjoy!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day, but now it’s time to get back to the grind. And what better way is there to start the week than by dominating DFS on I know I can’t think of one. So much about baseball is unpredictable, which makes it important to lock up pitching early in daily games. Be sure to take note of the first two pitchers below: Trevor Bauer and Gerrit Cole. You can find position players later. Streamonator loves both these guys and you should, too. For the record, I love them too, but I imagine you trust Streamonator more than you trust me.

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