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Curious events in Cincinnati lead the way this week, as it probably hasn’t since Jerry Springer was running that town. Director of Pitching Initiatives / Pitching Coordinator Kyle Boddy has stepped away from the club this week, citing creative differences with the front office while heaping praise on major league pitching coach Derek Johnson. 

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The timing is odd, given the Reds success on the farm this season and proximity to a post-season on the big league side, but I suppose there’s never an ideal time for a break-up. Cut to early-20’s me navigating the transition from summer love to school-year fade to long-term relationship fizzle to finding some fickle reason to finally call it quits. I used to really hate endings. Now I’m old as hell and appreciate any kind of pause in the monotony.

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What makes fantasy baseball so interesting is that there are several ways to win your league.  Whether you are a superb drafter or waiver wire warrior, there is one concept that is critical to success in this game.  Surplus!  What is this concept you ask?  Surplus is the value returned by a player beyond their acquisition cost.  The more you can squeeze out of an individual spot in the lineup the more likely you are to accumulate those precious statistics that you desire.  In today’s hitter profile, we will look at a breakout player doing plenty to out earn his investment price.  To make it fun, we will also predict the future and see who we should be looking to invest in for 2022 to duplicate the blueprint.

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If you thought 00’s references were going out of style, you were probably right. So it makes sense that this period was my peak a burgeoning adult and I’ve never looked back nor matured since. And while the last thing we need a reminder of is one of Adam Sandler’s dumpster fires, this charming parlance through time has at least acted as a vehicle to talk about one Nicky Lopez, a middle infielder that is not only producing now, but is slowly building himself up to be an underrated target this upcoming preseason.

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San Francisco Giants closer Jake McGee was placed on the 10-day injured list Friday afternoon with an oblique strain. Big Jake has racked up 31 saves this year, and paired with some stellar ratios (2.72, 0.91 WHIP) has been a big part of how solid this bullpen has been all season long. Welp, that’s over now but the Giants’ season certainly isn’t and for a first place team fighting to avoid the Wild Card play in there are saves to be had in this bullpen–the question is who? Tyler Rogers (2.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 45/9 K/BB, 12 saves, 27 holds) is the obvious first choice but in his first chance to shoot his shot Friday night he looked real shaky allowing 3 hits and 3 ER in his inning pitched. He gave up back to back singles before allowing a go-ahead home run to Travis d’Arnaud. Welp. Next up could be Dominic Leone, who owns 14 holds on the year and an impressive 1.76 ERA, and 1.04 WHIP. He had a rough outing last Wednesday but overall has been reliable with a sub-2 ERA over the past month. Finally, Tony Watson (4.13 ERA, 1.05 WHIP) could see chances in this pen. He’s been prone to blow ups but he’s got that ever elusive closer experience that managers seem to gush over. So yeah, the only thing clear about this bullpen shituation is that we all hope Jake McGee returns soon. Manager Gabe Kapler seems optimistic about a return before the playoffs, but oblique injuries always seem more oblique to me. As I mentioned, there should be save opportunities for the “best team in baseball” over the next couple weeks and if I needed a closer I’d grab Rogers, Leone or Watson in that order. More likely than not they all get their chances as SF revs up for the postseason–but Kapler seems like the loyal type, so methinks Tyler Rogers gets the another shot fill the Jake McGee void next time out. That’s a roger, Rogers!

Here’s what else I saw Friday night in fantasy baseball:

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Really not much on the injury front these days. The vast majority of fantasy baseballers don’t care cuz their seasons are over anyway. Those of you who remain, however, I’m here for you one more time. This will be the final installment of Ambulance Chasers for the 2021 season.

And, if you just happen to be into fantasy hockey, then you’ll be elated to hear I’m taking my talents over there as well! Viz has already started on hockey content, and I plan to jump in soon, so be on the lookout. Hell, if you just love me that much but don’t know jack shizz about hockey, stop on by anyway! Hockey is the best!

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Accidentally claimed Jose Siri in one league by holding down my iPhone home button, but, as I always say, it’s better to be lucky than good. Which is why I never learned how to drive, I simply rub a rabbit’s foot and go vroom vroom. If you Anglo’d up Jose Siri into Joe Siri, it almost sounds like you’re saying a Yo Mama joke to Siri, and if you’re saying a Yo Mama joke to Siri, you got some free time on your hands, huh? Clear schedule, you got. Here’s what Prospect Itch said of Jose Siri recently, “Siri seems unlikely to hit any better (than Myles Straw), but he has elite athleticism and good bat speed. Sounds a little like Adolis Garcia and any number of other forgotten nowhere men to pop from the upper minors and into our fantasy hearts. I’ve always liked Siri, and hate Grey.” Geez, man, c’mon. In Triple-A, Jose Siri went 16/24/.318. Yeah, I was surprised at how good he was there too. “Siri, please call Triple-A and tell them I have a flat tire.” That’s me after someone steps on the back of my shoe. For now, Siri is a fill-in for injured Astros’ outfielders (mostly Brantley), but they’re headed to the playoffs, so they might rest their guys a lot, which means playing time for Siri. If you need a guy who can fill all five categories, you should press your iPhone home button too. Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

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We’re really coming down to the wire now with less than two weeks left in the season so it’s time to pull out all the stops and just go for it. Even though the season is winding down, there are still lots of available hitters who are heating up. Don’t let football distract you from the championship you’ve been chasing all season. You need to make your moves now and the guys below can help carry you there. Now go win that trophy.

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Cleveland’s Franmil Reyes ($3,400) has been crushing the ball over the last month, batting .275 with nine home runs. Could you imagine what his power numbers would look like in a park like Yankee Stadium? Well, you don’t have to wonder much longer, as he’s there tonight! Reyes will face Corey Kluber, who has been awful since returning from the injured list, posting an 8.49 ERA and allowing a home run in all three starts. Using Reyes will also provide you with leverage over anybody using Kluber as their pitcher in larger field tournaments, particularly if paired with Jose Ramirez ($4,000). Either way – as a standalone or a stack, Franmil smash.

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“Mr. Roboto,” is Rudy singing to his computer screen about his robots. I say, “Rudy, what is your favorite robot?” Rudy says, “Well, I have the Pigskinonator for fantasy football, the Streamonator for streaming pitchers, the Stocktononator for fantasy basketball and the Friendonator to find a replacement for you. I guess the Friendonator would have to be my favorite.” That’s pretty cool, Rudy, thanks. So, my favorite robot of his, since I don’t follow any of those other sports is, the Streamonator. Something about a sad, lonely robot sitting at a roadside diner unable to eat peach pie because it will rust itself. Its only solace is picking the best starters of the day over the din of Roy Orbison. Sad and metallic, “Pretty woman, working down the street.” Plus, the Streamonator had me loving Jordan Montgomery (5 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 12 Ks, ERA at 3.63) yesterday, and loves, loves, lurves his next one vs. the Rangers. Of course, I love Jordan outside of matchups — no JoMo! What’s odd (to me, at least); Jordan Montgomery’s peripherals — 9.3 K/9, 2.9 BB/9, 3.56 FIP, 1.25 WHIP — and his team should have everyone thinking of Jordan Montgomery for 2022 fantasy in a better light than he deserves, but I get the sense people think less of him. No idea why that is, maybe it’s his stuff — 92.5 MPH fastball, reliant on curve and change — maybe it’s something else. Perhaps Rudy has a robot to tell us why people think how they do, like a Brainonator. “Yes, but it doesn’t work on you.” That hurts, Rudy. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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