Huascar Ynoa fractured his hand and he will be out for a couple of months. He hurt himself when he punched a bench. I wonder if he exclaimed, “Sonavabench!” How now Kevin Brown. Blergh, I’m a big dummy, my name is Huascar Ynoa. By the way, the title refers to Madagascar, the island nation that accounts for 80% of the world’s natural vanilla. The other 20% is Larry Bird, Tom Arnold and Tim Allen. Ynoa’s tanked so fast after my Friday Sell, that I didn’t even get a chance to bust out my pronunciation of Ynoa so it rhymes with quinoa. Bye-bye, Yeewah, was nice Ynoa’ing ya. Starting tomorrow in Ynoa’s stead will be Tucker Davidson, who sounds like a game show host. Tucker, show them what they won…A mid-90s MPH fastball that he throws 75% of the time? That can’t be right. Looks like he’s got a wipeout curve, and is seen as a middle reliever long term, but for now he’s a streamer, though Ynoa anyone can surprise. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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I’ve been working on my new script, which is largely a ripoff of Lars and the Real Girl, except put into context for the Covid era. Can I try out the plot on y’all? It’s about a middle-aged man — let’s call him, say, Greyson Albertson, — who has his cardboard cutout returned to him after fans return to the parks. Except, he didn’t receive his own cutout, but the cutout of a staggeringly handsome Gritty, the mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers. At first, Greyson puts Gritty at the kitchen table as a joke, saying, “Avocado toast again, Gritty? No wonder you’re homeless!” Over time, Greyson learns to trust Gritty, but a harrowing encounter with Donkey Teeth’s Kerryon Johnson Fathead changes everything. How’s that sound? Let me know in the comments if I should keep writing it. Or, if I should just stick with pitchers. To the Greinke graphic! 

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There was a time in the mid-2000’s where only some of my friends had found daily box score websites. This was when ESPN and Yahoo were the only fantasy platforms that I knew of that weren’t some dude’s excel spreadsheet. Yahoo had their own player updates that were separate from Rotoworld, and I think ESPN had their own blurb system? Rotoworld existed, but you had to look for it. I’m sure there were others (Rotowire, etc) but they existed [Vincent Price voice] BEHIND THE PAYWALL. As a younger person, I had more important things to spend my money on. Like ramen. Or a dozen eggs, most of which I over-fried and over-salted. Let me tell you, I smelled great those days. 

To be clear, I don’t want to go back to those halcyon days, and not only because of the funky scents. For every site, even the dying phoenix of Yahoo that seems like it’s on it’s last rebirth cycle, there are blurbs, and Research Assistants, and Match Up Ratings, and now there are Prop Bets too. It behooves you to figure out which update site serves you best, but it also serves you to figure out what tools your league mates are using. Do they use whatever blurb system defaulted to the league site? Do they read multiple sites? How do they have time to do that? Are they one of those tab hoarders that lifehack sites write about, and then they feel personally attacked, so they open ten more tabs out of spite?

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Last week I gave you my top 99 hitters for points leagues. This week I will shift to pitchers. After all, pitchers are generally the bread winners in points leagues as scoring systems tend to be skewed towards starting pitchers. Like my rankings for hitters, this list is based on a formula that combines year-to-date performance with preseason expectations. The primary metric I am using is points per start as I feel like that is the best stat to use to evaluate a how a pitcher is doing in points leagues.

Here are my top 99 pitchers in points leagues:

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Come one come all to your favorite stop on the road to potentially hitting that jackpot we all yearn for. Some simple clicks of some names and good fortune await, right? Well, I wish it was that easy but as we all know by now it is certainly not that right. I hope you had a productive week and had some fun along the way. I had a pretty good week and even got a ticket to a FanDuel tournament and did pretty well so I’m still playing on that so I’m feeling pretty snazzy. We have a pretty light slate today as Mondays and Thursdays are travel days for a lot of teams going forward so we will have to make sure we are choosing wisely. I will keep a close eye on road teams traveling on Sundays after their game and playing on Monday as well as pitchers pitching on Monday who get a full night’s rest in their own bed. I mean how nice is it to sleep in your own bed right. We have a top echelon of starters today ( Cole, Darvish, Buehler and even Kikuchi will get lots of ownership against the Tigers today).

I’m targeting Mr. Yu Darvish here who brings quite an extensive toolbox to today’s matchup. Yu has a 6 pitch arsenal in which he fires away at will and commands all six pitches well. His slider to right-handed hitters is downright nasty and is his best pitch. He is throwing his cutter less which is a good thing and throws a rising 95 mph fastball mixing in a curveball as well. Hitters are constantly having to guess which pitch is coming and often are wrong. Darvish goes deep into games and seems to have found a comfy home in San Diego after a disappointing stay in Chicago after he had some injury woes during his time there and was ineffective at times. The mood in San Diego is an upbeat one even with the loss of some key players due to COVID concerns but hopefully for them, it will pass and they will get back on track. I think Darvish will go deep into this game against the Rockies going at least 7+ innings with 8 k’s and 1 ER.

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First off, it was against the Tigers. Let’s be clear here — hey, I’m a poet and aware of it! — the Tigers are laughably bad. Yet, again with some stank, YET! Kyle Hendricks (8 IP, 1 ER, 8 hits, zero walks, 8 Ks, ERA at 5.27) looked fix. Hendfixed? Hmm, will work on that. Kyle Whenfixed? Okay, they’re getting worse. He(ndricks) had a season-high 30 called strikes and the most called strikeouts (7) by a pitcher in the majors this year. He looked exactly like what we expect from him, just hitting the same outside corner, over and over and, well, you know. Call him Dutchboy because he was just painting! Also, the good news gets gooder (better?) the digger you deep–Uh oh, GreyBot3000 is breaking down, must recharge…*fills mouth with boba*…Let’s go! Hendricks’s ‘luck’ should continue to get better too. Terrible BABIP of .338, when his career high is .296, which was way back in 2015. His home runs are also out of control for his career, and, brucely, for the entire league. There’s no way he’s dealing with a deadened ball and giving up his worst number home runs, unless his command is bad, and it was. Until yesterday. It looks like the Hendfixed might be in. By the way, saw Ryan Hendrix pitch yesterday, and how many goddamn ways are they going to spell that last name? Hendrickx is next. Only requirement is you have to pitch and have an Irishy first name (Kyle, Ryan, Liam). Anyway, here’s what else I saw this weekend in fantasy baseball:

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Injuries are the story of last week. Two of the best pitchers in the game have gone down. Jacob deGrom is still not throwing due to an inflamed lat muscle, but he’s said to be progressing. It remains to be seen when he’ll start throwing again. What is more concerning is the injury to Zac Gallen. Gallen suffered what they are calling a “minor sprain” to his Ulnar Collateral Ligament. Let us pray he does not need Tommy John. Gallen has said he doesn’t think he’ll need Tommy John surgery, regardless he is shut down from throwing for two weeks and will be re-evaluated after the two weeks. Jose Urquidy also left his start with shoulder inflammation, he is shut down from throwing for now as well.

Returns to the hill are the story of this week. Stephen Strasburg is set to make a rehab start this week. David Price has already thrown a batting practice session and is set to return from the IL at some point this week. Both Astros pitchers Jake Odorizzi and Framber Valdez are set to start their rehab assignments this upcoming week as well. Valdez particularly is of note, he is a really good pitcher and if you have an open IL spot you should roster him immediately. Also of note, Shohei Ohtani was scheduled for a two start week but his first start this week has been pushed back due to general fatigue. Joe Maddon has said this is just precautionary, so there is nothing to worry about there.

At the time of the writing of this, Shane Bieber did not throw a No-Hitter in his first start but he still has a start against Seattle. My weekly No-No pick of the week is…Yu Darvish!!! He’s been so good this year and has juicy matchups, we’ll be talking about him soon. With that said…Let’s go talk about him!!

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With April in the rear view mirror and June fast approaching, we are starting to see a lot less wild movement in the Top 25 Fantasy Shortstop rankings.

Two weeks ago, five new players entered the rankings – Alex Bregman, Brandon Crawford, Paul DeJong, Freddy Galvis and Kike Hernandez. While all five players produced well to move into the rankings, they were help by the continued freefall of Francisco Lindor and the cold bats of Eugenio Suarez and Donovan Solano and injuries to Jean Segura and Ketel Marte.

Now in Week 7, the top shortstops have, for the most part, moved to the top of the rankings while the middle tier players are settling into their spot in the rankings. Of course, not all the stars are performing as expected and players you probably thought were never going to valuable in fantasy baseball are doing their best to get off the free agent wire.

If you are wondering about Lindor and where he is ranked, don’t waste your time. He is still missing in action this season, hitting .195 with two home runs and seven RBI. I guess if there is a bright spot, both of his home runs and five of his seven RBI have come over the last two weeks. If you can buy low on him, you might as well do it because he has to turn it around at some point, right?

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I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t nervous about last week’s streamers when I wrote that article. Luckily, it ended up being a terrific week for us, with all of our recommendations pitching well. JT Brubaker, Luis Garcia, Yusei Kikuchi, Taijuan Walker, and Adbert Alzolay led the way, making it one of my best pieces of the year! That has us riding the wave at a rapid speed, having just one poor week through the first six weeks of the season. There’s a lot I like this week, too, so let’s go ahead and get into it!

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