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A lot of the MLB trade deadline coverage I’ve seen has been comprehensive, or given the old college try at such, but I will do neither. 

Instead, I will zero in on the things I’ve taken away for fantasy function. Even so, I will miss things and obscure the reality of a player’s potential at times for the sake of finishing a sentence. Baseball is so limitless it’s really all we prospect few ever really do: obscure reality’s unknowable potential so we can take our snapshots and hit our deadlines. In accepting and embracing this chaos, I hope to stay a step ahead of the competition, and I hope you’ll join me like two wild runners in Pamplona gambling with their blood. 

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The top 100 hitters for the rest of the fantasy baseball season returns this week as the baseball world enjoyed a spirited trade deadline.  Seriously, I can not remember a more entertaining few hours as big names in the majors and minors were flying off the board.  This will take some time to digest, but that was potentially a historic 48 hours.  As well, it is an exciting time in our fantasy game as values quickly change and fantasy writers like me tell our editors that being wrong this time really is not our fault!  I simply guarantee these rankings for the next 17 minutes!  Time to break down the big moves from Anthony Rizzo to Joey Gallo to Starling Marte to Kris Bryant to Trea Turner and so much more!  Check your tray tables and buckle up for another rousing rendition of the top 100 hitters for the rest of the 2021 fantasy baseball season.

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Deadline day is upon us and the baseball world could look very different this time tomorrow. However, that hasn’t stopped the games from being played. Joey Votto (60) is on some kind of tear right now. He’s here to chew bubble gum and hit dingers and apparently he’s all out of bubble gum. That’s a bomb in six straight games and thanks to a couple of multi homer efforts he has 8 over that span. Votto has long been the type of guy who gets a boost to his value in points leagues. It’s likely that he’s already on a roster in your league, but he’s not universally rostered so I would take a peek at the wire.


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Welcome, welcome! Are you all as terribly confused about who plays for whom in MLB today? As a member of the Twins fandom (and I can’t say I carry that card with me…even in the house when nothing else is on TV) I saw our team act like a mattress fundraiser over this past week. The Twins jettisoned most everything (and by everything I mean “the franchise” Jose Berrios) and got some prospects in return, but if you know me, I want my players at the table and my dice loaded instead of sleeping in hotel lobbies on foldout chairs. ENYWHEY! Rosters are a freaking mess at the time of writing, and your due diligence should be to check, check, check who is playing today. That’s three checks. You know what makes this job *super* easy? Rudy’s DFSBot. I know, you might be looking at the price of the DFSBot and saying, “it’s so late in the season, I’ll wait.” But wait! Grab yourself a Roto Deluxe subscription for $26 (that’s like $2/week ROS) or $35 to turn off the ads (trust me, it’s great when they’re off). You don’t get the optimizer, but you do get automatically updated lineups and some of the best projections out there, and you can home brew your own Google Sheets dashboard as a lineup optimizer. Plus, it keeps the pantry full of Pop Tarts for all of us. OK, done with the sales pitch (and I really, truly use Rudy’s stuff every day).

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The Trade Deadline Spectacular! Lot’s to unpack here, where do I begin? First, the Chicago Cubs continued to clean house Friday night sending their remaining superstars to opposite coasts. Kris Bryant is headed to San Francisco in exchange for Alexander Canario and Caleb Killian, and Javier Baez was sent to Queens to play shortstop for the Mets. The Mets will send outfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong back to Chicago. Look, I’m not going to pretend to know who any of these prospects are, I will leave it to The Itch’s Top 100 Prospects for 2021 Fantasy Baseball to tell you which of these kids are worthy of your 2021 consideration, but I will confirm that Pete Crow-Armstrong is an awesome name, so he must be very good. Anyway, Bryant should gel nicely with this Giants team and they get a “true star” to keep up with the big boys in the NL West. Javier Baez will keep doing the Javier Baez thing he does, now in NYC City, and it should be fun to watch a Javy/Lindo infield combo when Lindor returns in a few weeks. Meanwhile down South, the Braves were so distraught about Acuña (same, Braves, same), they traded for an entirely new outfield. Retail therapy! I get it! Altana acquired Eddie Rosario, Jorge Soler and Adam Duvall all from different teams, all within about an hour of each other, and all of whom are basically the same player. But for real though, how insane was this deadline? Quality and quantity. Twitter Friday afternoon was probably more exciting than most of the MLB games I’ve watched this season. Blockbuster deals! Twists and turns! 10 all-stars traded! Headlines that would make Suni Lee say, “oh, wow that’s a pretty intriguing story.” And she’s not even talking about Trevor Story! For me, it was an exciting, drama-filled 48 hours in sports and I’d love to go on about how fun it is to watch athletes displaced from their homes but there is too much to cover today so will get right to it.

Here’s what else happened in fantasy baseball Friday night:

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The Giants are Mr. Magoo of the MLB. They’re unknowingly walking up a scaffolding and everyone watching on is expecting them to fall, grimacing at starting Wilmer Flores, screaming, “Be careful if you’re going to start Alex Dickerson.” Mr. Magoo’s Giants can’t keep balancing on the precipice without falling, can they? Yet, the Mr. Magoo Giants just keep winning. At top of their improbable lineup sits, LaMonte Wade Jr. aka LMW aka Lavarian Motor Works. LaMonte Wade Jr. sounds like Sanford & Son’s, uh, son, and, like everyone else on the Giants team, he’s Mr. Magoo’ing his way to incredible value. Lavarian Motor Works has been one of the hottest hitters in the last week on the 7-Day Player Rater. How improbable has it been? LaMonte has more homers this year in the majors than he had in any combined year in the minors, and he’s been in the minors since 2015! Yeah, this is pretty improbable, and he has some serious splits where he sits, but that’s no reason not to grab him. Vroom vroom, it’s time to roll out the latest Lavarian Motor Works on your teams. Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

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There’s fallout in the air! One look left, you have the huge Joey Gallo trade to the Yankees, a look to the right and you see Joey Votto’s resurgence in any and all baseball activities… and these are just two (or dos, as our Spanish friends call it) of the many happenings in the MLB during a week of frantic deadline trading, some interesting names coming off the IR (and going on), and everything in-between, so you’d be forgiving for letting one Houck-man go unnoticed. Houck man or monster? Houck monster? Man, makes me miss the days of punning the Smoak monster back when Lost was part of the zeitgeist. And while we (I) pontificate on how Evangeline Lilly actually made it out of season finale to later land into the Marvel Universe, we should probably be talking about Tanner Houck

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The trade deadline hot stove is on fire right now, with lots of deals leading to huge fantasy implications. Quick thinking DFS players can use this information to their advantage by identifying players moving to favorable situations. One under-the-radar play is 3B/2B Eduardo Escobar ($3,000), who has joined the hot-hitting Brewers lineup. The Brewers are a high upside stack option against Touki Toussaint, as they will be low-rostered based on Toussaint’s recent success. However, Toussaint has a career 5.38 ERA and just had a 4.32 ERA in triple-A; he’s a young starter prone to blowups. Willy Adames ($2,800) and Rowdy Tellez ($2,300) are among the cheap Brewers bats who can pay off along with Escobar.

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Dodgers, Yankees and Padres should just divvy up the entire league and paper, rock, scissors the World Series.

“Paper beats rock.”
“Damn…Oh, man, did you have to bat flip your hand to rub it in? Don’t you know the unwritten rules of paper, rock, scissors?”

No matter how good the Yankees and Padres are, the Dodgers are Standard Oil. So, the full package for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner is:  Keibert Ruiz, RHPs Josiah Gray, Gerardo Carrillo; a bagel Larry King once took a bite of and put aside; fan meet ‘n greet with Rob Lowe, Hollywood Walk of Fame star of Mr. Ed; a good parking spot at Trader Joe’s, which seems impossible but whatever; a call from Tom Arnold about this “thing” and someone to intercept the call and jot down notes, and OF Donovan Casey. Let’s look at the Dodgers’ lineup once everyone is healthy:

Betts RF
T Turner 2B
Muncy 1B
J Turner 3B
Seager SS
Smith C
Bellinger CF
Pollock LF
Bench Barnes C, Pujols 1B, Taylor INF/OF, McKinstry INF/OF, McKinney OF/1B
Staff: Scherzer, Buehler, Kershaw, Urias, Price and Danny Duffy. Oh, eff off.

There’s a lot here, so let’s get on the other side of the anyway to break it down. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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