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Pos Act and the ones in parentheses are the actual position. Pos Fant is based on fantasy eligibility. More valuable batting orders (1st-6th) in blue while less valuable batting orders (7th-9th) in red. Roto values ($ and $ per game) are based on 12 team 5×5. You can link to other Player IDs (MLBAMID, FanGraphs ID, NFBC ID) with this Player ID map.

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# Team LU GT Name B Bat Ord Pos Act Pos Fant Opp Opp SP Avg Ord Thu 4/18 Wed 4/17 Tue 4/16 Mon 4/15 Sun 4/14 Sat 4/13 Fri 4/12 Thu 4/11 Wed 4/10 Tue 4/9 ROS $ ROS $/G In LU RazzID
BOS N 1 Jarren Duran L LF OF CLE CCarrasco(R) 1.0 N R1 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (LF) L1 (LF) R1 (LF) L1 (LF) R1 (CF) L1 (CF) R1 (LF) 15.2 17.6 680776
BOS N 1 Rafael Devers L 3B 3B CLE CCarrasco(R) 2.2 N R2 (DH) R2 (3B) R2 (3B) L3 (3B) R2 (3B) 26.8 23.5 646240
BOS N 1 Tyler O’Neill R RF OF CLE CCarrasco(R) 2.7 N R3 (LF) L3 (RF) L3 (RF) R2 (RF) L2 (LF) R3 (RF) 8.9 17.1 641933
BOS N 1 Triston Casas L 1B 1B CLE CCarrasco(R) 3.9 N R3 (1B) R4 (1B) R4 (1B) L4 (1B) R4 (1B) L4 (1B) R4 (1B) L4 (1B) R4 (1B) 14.5 14.5 671213
BOS N 1 Wilyer Abreu L RF OF CLE CCarrasco(R) 4.4 N R4 (RF) R5 (RF) R6 (RF) R2 (RF) R5 (RF) -5.6 5.1 677800
BOS N 1 Masataka Yoshida L DH OF CLE CCarrasco(R) 4.8 N R3 (DH) R5 (DH) L6 (DH) R3 (DH) L6 (DH) R3 (LF) L7 (DH) R5 (DH) 9.9 10.9 807799
BOS N 1 Romy Gonzalez R 2B 2B CLE CCarrasco(R) 5.0 N L5 (SS) -26.9 2.6 663853
BOS N 1 Bobby Dalbec R 1B 1B CLE CCarrasco(R) 5.0 N L5 (3B) R5 (3B) L5 (3B) -25.1 1.9 666915
BOS N 1 Pablo Reyes R SS 2B/SS CLE CCarrasco(R) 5.4 N R8 (2B) L2 (2B) L2 (2B) R9 (3B) L6 (2B) -18.6 2.1 622569
BOS N 1 Enmanuel Valdez L 2B 2B CLE CCarrasco(R) 6.2 N R5 (2B) R6 (2B) R7 (2B) R6 (2B) R6 (2B) R7 (2B) -13.2 1.8 665839
BOS N 1 Connor Wong R C C CLE CCarrasco(R) 7.0 N R6 (C) R7 (C) L7 (C) L7 (C) L8 (C) -6.4 -0.9 657136
BOS N 1 Reese McGuire L C C CLE CCarrasco(R) 7.8 N R8 (C) R8 (C) R7 (C) R8 (C) -15.6 -8.4 15674
BOS N 1 Ceddanne Rafaela R CF OF CLE CCarrasco(R) 8.1 N R9 (CF) R9 (CF) R9 (CF) L8 (CF) R7 (CF) L8 (CF) L9 (2B) R6 (CF) 0.0 5.9 678882
BOS N 1 David Hamilton L SS SS CLE CCarrasco(R) 8.4 N R7 (SS) R8 (SS) L9 (SS) R9 (SS) L9 (SS) R8 (SS) R9 (SS) -12.3 3.4 666152
CLE N 1 Steven Kwan L LF OF BOS BBernardino(L) 1.0 N R1 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (LF) L1 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (LF) 12.0 10.0 680757
CLE N 1 Andres Gimenez L 2B 2B BOS BBernardino(L) 2.6 N R2 (2B) R2 (2B) R2 (2B) L7 (2B) R2 (2B) R2 (2B) R2 (2B) 18.0 14.9 665926
CLE N 1 Jose Ramirez S 3B 3B BOS BBernardino(L) 3.0 N R3 (3B) R3 (3B) R3 (DH) L3 (3B) R3 (3B) R3 (3B) R3 (3B) 27.1 24.3 13510
CLE N 1 Josh Naylor L 1B 1B BOS BBernardino(L) 4.0 N R4 (1B) R4 (1B) R4 (1B) L4 (DH) R4 (1B) R4 (1B) R4 (1B) 17.6 19.5 647304
CLE N 1 Tyler Freeman R CF 3B/OF BOS BBernardino(L) 5.4 N R9 (CF) R6 (CF) L2 (CF) R5 (CF) R5 (SS) -5.1 7.7 671289
CLE N 1 Will Brennan L DH OF BOS BBernardino(L) 5.8 N R5 (DH) R7 (DH) R6 (RF) R5 (RF) R6 (DH) -11.8 4.1 686823
CLE N 1 Ramon Laureano R RF OF BOS BBernardino(L) 6.0 N R6 (RF) L6 (RF) R5 (CF) R6 (CF) R7 (CF) -2.9 2.5 657656
CLE N 1 David Fry R DH C BOS BBernardino(L) 6.0 N L5 (1B) R7 (C) -18.0 -0.4 681807
CLE N 1 Bo Naylor L C C BOS BBernardino(L) 6.4 N R5 (C) R5 (C) R7 (C) R7 (C) R8 (C) 0.1 4.0 666310
CLE N 1 Estevan Florial L DH OF BOS BBernardino(L) 7.0 N R6 (RF) R7 (RF) R8 (DH) R8 (DH) -12.8 3.1 664314
CLE N 1 Austin Hedges R C C BOS BBernardino(L) 8.0 N R8 (C) L8 (C) -20.3 -14.5 12976
CLE N 1 Gabriel Arias R SS 1B/SS BOS BBernardino(L) 8.2 N R7 (CF) R8 (1B) R8 (3B) L9 (RF) R8 (3B) R9 (SS) -12.6 0.1 672356
CLE N 1 Brayan Rocchio S SS SS BOS BBernardino(L) 9.0 N R9 (SS) R9 (SS) R9 (SS) R9 (SS) -8.1 -2.2 677587
DET N 1 Riley Greene L LF OF TEX JLeiter(R) 1.3 N R1 (DH) R1 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (CF) R1 (LF) L3 (LF) 6.9 8.3 682985
DET N 1 Mark Canha R RF OF TEX JLeiter(R) 2.0 N R2 (LF) R2 (1B) R2 (RF) R2 (LF) R2 (RF) L2 (1B) -4.1 4.4 11445
DET N 1 Spencer Torkelson R 1B 1B TEX JLeiter(R) 3.0 N R3 (1B) R2 (1B) R3 (1B) R3 (1B) R3 (1B) R3 (1B) L4 (1B) 8.9 5.9 679529
DET N 1 Matt Vierling R RF 3B/OF TEX JLeiter(R) 4.0 N R5 (CF) R6 (3B) L1 (RF) -12.4 2.9 663837
DET N 1 Kerry Carpenter L DH OF TEX JLeiter(R) 4.0 N R4 (RF) R4 (DH) R4 (DH) R4 (DH) R4 (RF) R4 (DH) 5.5 9.2 681481
DET N 1 Zach McKinstry L RF 2B/SS/ 3B/OF TEX JLeiter(R) 4.3 N R5 (3B) R3 (2B) -15.2 -1.5 656716
DET N 1 Colt Keith L 2B 2B/3B TEX JLeiter(R) 5.5 N R6 (2B) R6 (2B) R5 (2B) R5 (2B) R5 (2B) L6 (2B) -6.2 -1.2 690993
DET N 1 Gio Urshela R 3B 1B/3B TEX JLeiter(R) 5.8 N R5 (3B) R7 (3B) R6 (3B) R6 (3B) R6 (3B) L5 (3B) -13.0 -1.9 10681
DET N 1 Wenceel Perez S 2B SS TEX JLeiter(R) 6.5 N R6 (RF) R7 (RF) -27.6 -4.7 672761
DET N 1 Javier Baez R SS SS TEX JLeiter(R) 7.6 N R7 (SS) R7 (SS) R8 (SS) R8 (SS) R8 (SS) R8 (SS) L8 (SS) -6.9 -1.2 12979
DET N 1 Parker Meadows L CF OF TEX JLeiter(R) 7.8 N R8 (CF) R8 (CF) R7 (CF) R9 (CF) R7 (CF) -7.7 -4.4 678009
DET N 1 Carson Kelly R C C TEX JLeiter(R) 8.3 N R9 (C) R9 (C) R8 (C) L7 (C) -15.2 -6.8 13620
DET N 1 Jake Rogers R C C TEX JLeiter(R) 9.0 N R9 (C) R9 (C) R9 (C) R9 (C) L9 (C) -11.6 -5.5 668670
LAA N 1 Anthony Rendon R 3B 3B TB RPepiot(R) 1.0 N R1 (3B) R1 (3B) R1 (DH) R1 (3B) R1 (3B) R1 (3B) R1 (3B) 2.4 9.8 12861
LAA N 1 Mike Trout R CF OF TB RPepiot(R) 2.6 N R2 (CF) R2 (DH) R2 (CF) R3 (CF) R3 (CF) R3 (CF) R3 (DH) R3 (CF) 22.1 24.2 10155
LAA N 1 Taylor Ward R LF OF TB RPepiot(R) 3.6 N R3 (DH) R3 (LF) R3 (LF) R4 (LF) R4 (LF) R4 (LF) R4 (LF) R4 (LF) 11.7 17.1 621493
LAA N 1 Miguel Sano R DH 1B TB RPepiot(R) 4.3 N R4 (1B) R4 (3B) R5 (3B) -18.3 9.2 12164
LAA N 1 Mickey Moniak L RF OF TB RPepiot(R) 4.4 N R6 (RF) R5 (CF) R7 (DH) R2 (RF) R2 (RF) -7.1 0.9 666160
LAA N 1 Nolan Schanuel L 1B 1B TB RPepiot(R) 4.8 N R8 (1B) R5 (1B) R2 (1B) R2 (1B) R7 (1B) -2.5 3.2 694384
LAA N 1 Aaron Hicks S DH OF TB RPepiot(R) 5.2 N R5 (LF) R5 (DH) R5 (RF) R5 (RF) R6 (DH) -13.6 -3.5 5297
LAA N 1 Luis Rengifo S 2B 2B/SS/ 3B/OF TB RPepiot(R) 5.5 N R7 (2B) R7 (2B) R2 (2B) R7 (2B) R1 (2B) R9 (SS) -0.8 7.5 650859
LAA N 1 Brandon Drury R 2B 1B/2B TB RPepiot(R) 5.8 N R6 (2B) R6 (1B) R6 (2B) R6 (DH) R6 (1B) R5 (2B) 3.3 5.0 11615
LAA N 1 Logan O’Hoppe R C C TB RPepiot(R) 6.8 N R4 (C) R6 (C) R7 (C) R8 (C) R8 (C) R8 (C) 5.2 11.3 681351
LAA N 1 Matt Thaiss L C C TB RPepiot(R) 7.5 N R7 (C) R8 (C) -19.8 -5.6 642136
LAA N 1 Jo Adell R RF OF TB RPepiot(R) 7.8 N R8 (RF) R8 (RF) R8 (RF) R7 (CF) -8.3 5.2 666176
LAA N 1 Zach Neto R SS SS TB RPepiot(R) 9.0 N R9 (SS) R9 (SS) R9 (SS) R9 (SS) R9 (SS) R9 (SS) R9 (SS) -1.6 1.2 687263
TB N 1 Yandy Diaz R 1B 1B LAA GCanning(R) 1.0 N L1 (1B) R1 (1B) L1 (1B) L1 (1B) R1 (1B) R1 (1B) R1 (1B) L1 (1B) 11.7 14.3 650490
TB N 1 Randy Arozarena R LF OF LAA GCanning(R) 2.5 N L3 (LF) R2 (LF) L3 (LF) L3 (LF) R2 (LF) R2 (LF) R2 (LF) L3 (LF) 20.1 17.0 668227
TB N 1 Richie Palacios L RF OF LAA GCanning(R) 3.0 N R3 (RF) R3 (RF) R3 (RF) R3 (RF) -18.7 0.0 680700
TB N 1 Harold Ramirez R DH DH LAA GCanning(R) 3.3 N L2 (DH) R5 (DH) L2 (DH) L2 (DH) R5 (DH) R5 (DH) L2 (DH) -13.6 3.9 14387
TB N 1 Isaac Paredes R 3B 1B/3B LAA GCanning(R) 4.0 N L4 (3B) R4 (3B) L4 (3B) L4 (3B) R4 (3B) R4 (3B) R4 (3B) L4 (3B) 8.4 11.0 670623
TB N 1 Amed Rosario R RF 2B/SS LAA GCanning(R) 5.3 N L5 (RF) R6 (2B) L5 (RF) L5 (RF) R6 (2B) L5 (RF) -9.9 4.3 642708
TB N 1 Austin Shenton L 1B DH LAA GCanning(R) 6.0 N R6 (DH) -30.3 -9.1 668853
TB N 1 Curtis Mead R 2B 2B/3B LAA GCanning(R) 6.3 N L8 (2B) L7 (2B) L6 (2B) R6 (2B) R5 (2B) L6 (2B) -21.7 -3.1 678554
TB N 1 Jose Caballero R SS 2B/SS LAA GCanning(R) 6.9 N L6 (SS) R7 (SS) L6 (SS) R7 (SS) R7 (SS) R7 (SS) L8 (SS) -12.5 3.7 676609
TB N 1 Niko Goodrum S 3B SS LAA GCanning(R) 7.0 N L7 (SS) -27.9 -8.1 592348
TB N 1 Jose Siri R CF OF LAA GCanning(R) 7.8 N L7 (CF) R8 (CF) L8 (CF) L8 (CF) R8 (CF) R8 (CF) R8 (CF) L7 (CF) -1.6 3.9 642350
TB N 1 Rene Pinto R C C LAA GCanning(R) 9.0 N L9 (C) L9 (C) L9 (C) L9 (C) -9.2 -4.3 650907
TB N 1 Ben Rortvedt L C C LAA GCanning(R) 9.0 N R9 (C) R9 (C) R9 (C) -19.6 -8.6 666163
TEX N 1 Marcus Semien R 2B 2B DET KMaeda(R) 1.0 N L1 (2B) R1 (2B) R1 (2B) R1 (2B) R1 (2B) R1 (2B) L1 (2B) R1 (2B) L1 (2B) 22.5 19.2 12533
TEX N 1 Corey Seager L SS SS DET KMaeda(R) 2.0 N L2 (SS) R2 (SS) R2 (SS) R2 (SS) R2 (SS) L2 (SS) R2 (SS) 26.1 24.4 13624
TEX N 1 Adolis Garcia R RF OF DET KMaeda(R) 4.0 N L4 (RF) R4 (RF) R4 (RF) R4 (RF) R4 (RF) L4 (RF) R4 (RF) L4 (DH) 19.6 16.8 666969
TEX N 1 Wyatt Langford R DH OF DET KMaeda(R) 4.2 N L3 (DH) R4 (LF) R6 (DH) R6 (DH) R6 (DH) L3 (LF) L3 (LF) 11.1 13.1 694671
TEX N 1 Evan Carter L LF OF DET KMaeda(R) 4.4 N L7 (LF) R3 (RF) R3 (LF) R3 (LF) R3 (LF) R3 (LF) R3 (LF) L8 (RF) 9.1 8.4 694497
TEX N 1 Josh H. Smith L 3B SS/3B/ OF DET KMaeda(R) 4.6 N R5 (3B) R5 (SS) R5 (3B) R5 (3B) R5 (3B) R5 (3B) L2 (SS) -10.7 0.0 669701
TEX N 1 Travis Jankowski L LF OF DET KMaeda(R) 5.0 N R2 (DH) R8 (DH) -23.6 -0.2 13768
TEX N 1 Jonah Heim S C C DET KMaeda(R) 6.0 N L5 (C) R7 (C) R7 (C) R7 (C) R7 (C) L5 (C) R6 (C) L5 (C) 1.0 2.4 16930
TEX N 1 Ezequiel Duran R 3B SS/3B/ OF DET KMaeda(R) 6.3 N L6 (1B) R6 (DH) R6 (3B) R8 (1B) L6 (1B) L6 (1B) -6.5 5.5 677649
TEX N 1 Davis Wendzel R 3B SS DET KMaeda(R) 7.5 N L8 (3B) L7 (3B) L7 (3B) -28.2 -7.8 673995
TEX N 1 Jared Walsh L 1B 1B DET KMaeda(R) 7.6 N R7 (1B) R8 (1B) R8 (1B) R8 (1B) R7 (1B) -17.2 -3.8 665120
TEX N 1 Andrew Knizner R C C DET KMaeda(R) 8.0 N R8 (C) L8 (C) -21.1 -5.3 668800
TEX N 1 Leody Taveras S CF OF DET KMaeda(R) 9.0 N L9 (CF) R9 (CF) R9 (CF) R9 (CF) R9 (CF) R9 (CF) L9 (CF) R9 (CF) L9 (CF) -0.7 5.6 665750
CHC N 7 Ian Happ S LF OF MIA APuk(L) 1.8 N R1 (DH) L7 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (LF) R1 (DH) R1 (LF) 10.8 8.6 664023
CHC N 7 Seiya Suzuki R RF OF MIA APuk(L) 2.0 N R2 (DH) R2 (RF) R2 (RF) R2 (RF) R2 (RF) 6.5 17.3 673548
CHC N 7 Cody Bellinger L CF 1B/OF MIA APuk(L) 3.0 N R3 (CF) L3 (CF) R3 (CF) R3 (CF) R3 (CF) R3 (CF) R3 (CF) R3 (CF) 18.7 17.5 15998
CHC N 7 Dansby Swanson R SS SS MIA APuk(L) 4.0 N R2 (SS) L2 (SS) R2 (SS) R5 (SS) R5 (SS) R5 (SS) R6 (SS) R5 (SS) 10.9 8.5 18314
CHC N 7 Christopher Morel R 3B 3B/OF MIA APuk(L) 4.0 N R4 (3B) L4 (3B) R4 (3B) R4 (3B) R4 (3B) R4 (3B) R4 (3B) R4 (3B) 15.1 17.1 666624
CHC N 7 Michael Busch L 1B 1B/3B MIA APuk(L) 5.6 N R5 (1B) L6 (1B) R5 (1B) R6 (1B) R6 (1B) R6 (1B) R5 (1B) R6 (1B) -8.6 2.8 683737
CHC N 7 Nico Hoerner R 2B 2B/SS MIA APuk(L) 6.0 N R6 (2B) L1 (2B) R7 (2B) R7 (2B) R7 (2B) R7 (2B) R7 (2B) 12.6 9.8 663538
CHC N 7 Garrett Cooper R DH 1B MIA APuk(L) 6.3 N L5 (DH) R6 (DH) R8 (DH) -19.5 1.1 643265
CHC N 7 Mike Tauchman L RF OF MIA APuk(L) 7.7 N R7 (RF) R8 (RF) R8 (RF) R8 (DH) R8 (DH) R7 (LF) -20.7 -6.2 15274
CHC N 7 Miguel Amaya R C C MIA APuk(L) 8.5 N L8 (C) R9 (C) R9 (C) R8 (C) -13.4 -3.1 665804
CHC N 7 Yan Gomes R C C MIA APuk(L) 8.8 N R8 (C) R9 (C) R9 (C) R9 (C) -8.0 -2.6 9627
CHC N 7 Miles Mastrobuoni L 3B 3B MIA APuk(L) 9.0 N R9 (LF) R9 (2B) -27.0 -2.3 670156
CHC N 7 Alexander Canario R RF OF MIA APuk(L) 9.0 N L9 (RF) -26.4 0.7 672744
MIA N 7 Luis Arraez L 2B 2B CHC JTaillon(R) 1.0 N R1 (2B) R1 (1B) L1 (1B) R1 (2B) L1 (2B) L1 (2B) R1 (2B) L1 (2B) 11.5 9.2 650333
MIA N 7 Josh Bell S 1B 1B CHC JTaillon(R) 3.0 N R4 (1B) R4 (1B) L3 (DH) R2 (1B) L2 (DH) L2 (DH) R2 (1B) L4 (1B) 5.4 6.1 13145
MIA N 7 Jake Burger R 1B 3B CHC JTaillon(R) 3.0 N R3 (3B) L3 (1B) L3 (1B) R3 (3B) L3 (DH) 4.8 10.1 669394
MIA N 7 Bryan De La Cruz R DH OF CHC JTaillon(R) 3.4 N R2 (DH) R3 (DH) L2 (LF) R5 (DH) L4 (LF) L4 (LF) R7 (DH) L2 (LF) 5.9 6.1 650559
MIA N 7 Jazz Chisholm Jr. L CF OF CHC JTaillon(R) 4.0 N R3 (CF) R2 (CF) L5 (CF) R4 (CF) L5 (CF) L5 (CF) R4 (CF) L5 (CF) 14.6 16.1 665862
MIA N 7 Jesus Sanchez L RF OF CHC JTaillon(R) 5.2 N R5 (RF) R5 (RF) R6 (RF) R5 (RF) -5.0 4.8 660821
MIA N 7 Tim Anderson R SS SS CHC JTaillon(R) 5.7 N R6 (SS) R6 (SS) L4 (SS) R6 (SS) L6 (SS) -0.4 1.6 15172
MIA N 7 Avisail Garcia R RF OF CHC JTaillon(R) 6.3 N L6 (RF) L6 (RF) L6 (RF) L7 (RF) -11.6 -2.0 5760
MIA N 7 Nick Gordon L LF OF CHC JTaillon(R) 7.2 N R7 (LF) R7 (LF) R7 (LF) R8 (LF) -18.9 -2.8 624503
MIA N 7 Emmanuel Rivera R 3B 3B CHC JTaillon(R) 7.4 N R8 (3B) L7 (1B) L7 (3B) L7 (3B) L8 (3B) -22.3 -2.2 656896
MIA N 7 Otto Lopez R SS SS CHC JTaillon(R) 8.3 N R8 (3B) L9 (3B) -26.0 -4.0 672640
MIA N 7 Christian Bethancourt R C C CHC JTaillon(R) 8.5 N L8 (C) L9 (C) -13.6 -3.6 10028
MIA N 7 Nick Fortes R C C CHC JTaillon(R) 8.6 N R9 (C) L8 (C) R9 (C) L8 (C) R9 (C) -10.1 -3.1 663743
MIA N 7 Vidal Brujan S 3B 2B CHC JTaillon(R) 8.7 N R8 (SS) L9 (SS) L9 (SS) -19.2 0.1 660644
MIA N 7 Jhonny Pereda R C C CHC JTaillon(R) 9.0 N R9 (C) -23.9 -11.5 640902
ARI N 9 Ketel Marte S 2B 2B SF LWebb(R) 1.0 N L1 (2B) R1 (2B) R1 (2B) R1 (2B) R1 (2B) L1 (2B) L1 (2B) 18.5 15.9 13613
ARI N 9 Corbin Carroll L CF OF SF LWebb(R) 1.9 N L2 (CF) R2 (CF) R2 (CF) R2 (CF) R2 (CF) L2 (CF) L2 (CF) R1 (CF) 33.7 30.8 682998
ARI N 9 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. R LF OF SF LWebb(R) 3.0 N L3 (LF) R3 (LF) R3 (LF) R3 (LF) R3 (LF) L3 (LF) L3 (LF) 12.4 15.0 666971
ARI N 9 Christian Walker R 1B 1B SF LWebb(R) 4.0 N L4 (1B) R4 (1B) R4 (1B) R4 (1B) R4 (1B) L4 (1B) L4 (1B) R4 (1B) 15.7 12.5 13419
ARI N 9 Joc Pederson L DH OF SF LWebb(R) 4.6 N R5 (DH) R5 (DH) R5 (DH) R5 (DH) R3 (DH) -3.4 6.2 11899
ARI N 9 Eugenio Suarez R 3B 3B SF LWebb(R) 5.4 N L5 (3B) R6 (3B) R6 (3B) R6 (3B) L5 (3B) L5 (3B) R5 (3B) -0.8 -0.7 12552
ARI N 9 Gabriel Moreno R C C SF LWebb(R) 5.5 N R7 (C) R7 (C) L6 (C) R2 (C) 2.9 4.5 672515
ARI N 9 Randal Grichuk R DH OF SF LWebb(R) 6.5 N L6 (RF) L7 (RF) L6 (RF) R7 (RF) -21.6 0.3 10243
ARI N 9 Jace Peterson L SS 2B/3B SF LWebb(R) 6.7 N R6 (3B) R8 (SS) R6 (2B) -24.9 -5.0 12325
ARI N 9 Blaze Alexander R SS SS SF LWebb(R) 7.7 N L7 (DH) R7 (SS) R8 (SS) L8 (DH) L7 (SS) R9 (SS) -18.2 -6.9 677942
ARI N 9 Jake McCarthy L RF OF SF LWebb(R) 8.0 N R8 (RF) R8 (RF) R7 (RF) R9 (RF) R8 (LF) -18.0 8.6 664983
ARI N 9 Tucker Barnhart L C C SF LWebb(R) 8.5 N L8 (C) R9 (C) R9 (C) L8 (C) -22.6 -15.8 10200
ARI N 9 Kevin Newman R SS 3B SF LWebb(R) 9.0 N L9 (SS) R9 (SS) L9 (SS) L9 (2B) -22.4 -3.8 621028
SF N 9 Austin Slater R RF OF ARI RNelson(R) 1.0 N L1 (RF) L1 (RF) L1 (RF) -19.3 1.2 596103
SF N 9 Jung Hoo Lee L CF OF ARI RNelson(R) 1.8 N L3 (CF) L3 (CF) R1 (CF) R1 (CF) R1 (CF) R1 (CF) R1 (CF) 9.8 11.3 808982
SF N 9 Wilmer Flores R 1B 1B/3B ARI RNelson(R) 2.0 N L2 (1B) L2 (1B) R2 (1B) L2 (1B) -11.6 5.6 5827
SF N 9 LaMonte Wade Jr. L 1B 1B/OF ARI RNelson(R) 2.2 N R2 (1B) R3 (RF) R2 (1B) R2 (1B) R2 (1B) -5.4 3.9 664774
SF N 9 Jorge Soler R DH OF ARI RNelson(R) 3.6 N L4 (DH) L4 (DH) R3 (DH) R4 (DH) R3 (DH) R3 (DH) L4 (DH) R3 (DH) 9.3 10.8 14221
SF N 9 Michael Conforto L LF OF ARI RNelson(R) 4.6 N L7 (LF) R4 (LF) R6 (LF) R4 (LF) R4 (LF) L3 (LF) R4 (LF) -3.4 3.5 16376
SF N 9 Matt Chapman R 3B 3B ARI RNelson(R) 5.1 N L5 (3B) L6 (3B) R5 (3B) R5 (3B) R5 (3B) R5 (3B) L5 (3B) R5 (3B) 0.5 0.8 16505
SF N 9 Tom Murphy R C C ARI RNelson(R) 6.3 N L5 (C) R8 (C) L6 (C) -17.2 -2.6 13499
SF N 9 Thairo Estrada R 2B 2B/SS ARI RNelson(R) 6.3 N L6 (2B) R6 (2B) R7 (2B) R6 (2B) R6 (2B) L7 (2B) R6 (2B) 5.5 5.9 642731
SF N 9 Mike Yastrzemski L RF OF ARI RNelson(R) 7.0 N R7 (RF) R7 (RF) R7 (RF) R7 (RF) -11.4 -3.2 573262
SF N 9 Patrick Bailey S C C ARI RNelson(R) 7.7 N L7 (C) R8 (C) R8 (C) R8 (C) R8 (C) -10.6 -8.0 672275
SF N 9 Nick Ahmed R SS SS ARI RNelson(R) 8.5 N L8 (SS) L8 (SS) R9 (SS) R9 (SS) R9 (SS) L8 (SS) R9 (SS) -19.9 -9.0 12147
SF N 9 Tyler Fitzgerald R SS OF ARI RNelson(R) 9.0 N L9 (LF) L9 (2B) R9 (SS) L9 (CF) -26.9 -4.1 666149

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