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BatsR YahooOF RCL Owned %100
$/GS (RHP)18.5 $/GS (LHP)23.2
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Marcell Ozuna Stats

Last 7 Days7332613738007421.212.10.5000.6060.9231.5290.52635.9
Last 30 Days29138117432093200212915.221.00.3680.4640.6671.1300.43027.9
2020 Season602672287738185600386014.222.50.3380.4310.6361.0670.39143.7
2020 Proj

Marcell Ozuna Projections | Rest of Season, Preseason, Next 7 Day

Rest of Season (Steamer)50225199543412322123500.2720.3480.4980.8460.304221020.6
Preseason (Grey)3609952196030.27414.0
Preseason (Steamer)52224201553112382120470.2750.3420.5000.8410.30321918.0

Marcell Ozuna Projections | Platoon Splits (RHP vs LHP)

Marcell Ozuna projected to 150 Games vs RHP and LHP with 12 team mixed fantasy value. This helps identify a player's platoon value for fantasy baseball based on pitcher handedness. These projections by Steamer are a MUCH better indicator of a hitter's platoon splits than in-season stats since it involves multiple years of data and has been properly regressed to league averages. Since games are neutralized across players, values for everyday players may look smaller than for preseason/season to date/rest of season where they benefit from playing time advantages vs other players. In general, left-handed hitters have larger platoon splits.
vs. RHP65057884339860.2690.3420.4890.8320.30422.49.718.5
vs. LHP650566893610440.2810.3660.5240.8900.30720.811.823.2

Marcell Ozuna Projections | Hittertron (Subscribe for all MLB player projections. Free 3-day trial!!!!)

Marcell Ozuna daily MLB projections and fantasy value for next 7-10 days. LU=Lineup. If the lineup has been released and incorporated into the projections, it is listed as "Live". Click link in LU to see the lineup at Baseball Press or click here to see Atlanta Braves lineups for the last 6 days.

Marcell Ozuna Projections | DFS (Subscribe for all hitter DFS MLB projections. Free 3-day trial!!!!)

Marcell Ozuna daily fantasy baseball projections for DFS sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel. LU=Lineup. If the lineup has been released and incorporated into the projections, it is listed as "Live". Click link in LU to see the lineup at Baseball Press as well as previous 3 days' lineups.
DFS SiteOppSPL/R%StLUProj PtsSalary$/Pt

Marcell Ozuna Game Log | Last 30 Days


Marcell Ozuna Batting Order Game Averages | Current Season

Marcell Ozuna current season averages per batting order spot along with 12 team mixed fantasy value ($). Only includes games started. Games started percentages for RHP vs LHP are based on last 30 days.

Marcell Ozuna Stats | Season

Marcell Ozuna stats and 5x5 fantasy value from 2010-2019.
2010 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2011 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2012 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Marcell Ozuna Stats | Monthly

Marcell Ozuna 2019 fantasy value by month for 5x5 leagues.

Marcell Ozuna Hitting | AVG vs BABIP

Players exceeding projected BABIP are more likely to see a regression towards Expected AVG. Vice versa.

Marcell Ozuna Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater

Marcell Ozuna Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Marcell Ozuna Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater

Based on our adjusted Steamer projections for 5x5 leagues with 67/33 hitter/pitcher split.
MLB 10 ESPN15.314.
MLB 10 Y!16.716.
MLB 12 ESPN18.
MLB 12 Y!19.318.
MLB 14 ESPN20.
MLB 14 Y!21.820.
MLB 15 ESPN19.918.
MLB 15 Y!22.720.
MLB 16 ESPN21.519.
MLB 16 Y!23.821.
AL 10
NL 1024.818.
AL 12
NL 1225.818.

Marcell Ozuna Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Based on our adjusted Steamer projections with a 67/33 hitter/pitcher split.
5x5 (OBP) ESPN 1216.815.
6x6 (OBP) ESPN 1217.
6x6 (OPS) ESPN 1217.816.
5x5 (OBP) YAHOO 1218.
6x6 (OBP) YAHOO 1218.517.
6x6 (OPS) YAHOO 1219.

Marcell Ozuna Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater

MLB 10 ESPN-12.3-6.7-3.8-5.5-4.9-1.32.186523
MLB 10 Y!-26.0-8.9-7.6-9.7-9.1-2.92.385649
MLB 12 ESPN-7.9-7.9-2.6-4.4-3.6-0.72.587448
MLB 12 Y!-20.7-10.7-6.0-8.3-7.5-2.22.585620
MLB 14 ESPN-4.4-8.9-1.7-3.5-2.6-0.32.988413
MLB 14 Y!-14.9-12.4-4.5-6.9-6.0-1.53.086579
MLB 15 ESPN-3.3-9.4-1.4-3.3-2.3-0.22.988413
MLB 15 Y!-12.7-13.1-4.0-6.3-5.3-1.33.286551
MLB 16 ESPN-2.8-9.9-1.2-3.3-2.2-0.23.188414
MLB 16 Y!-10.8-13.8-3.4-5.9-4.9-1.03.486542
AL 10
NL 101.0-4.70.1-2.4-
AL 12
NL 124.8-4.81.1-

Marcell Ozuna Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Marcell Ozuna 2020 Projections | Preseason

Preseason (Grey)3609952196030.27414.088
Preseason (Steamer)52224201553112382120470.2750.3420.5000.8410.30321918.060

Marcell Ozuna Fantasy Outlook For 2020

Grey Albright Player Summary
ou know what’s funny that’s not entirely funny in the traditional sense? I rank 150 or so outfielders and then go back and write in my thoughts, then add in the projections. If the projections are really good then I move the players up and if they’re worse than I originally expected, I move the players down. With that in mind, I originally ranked Aristides and Rosario from the top 20 outfielders in this tier, but I couldn’t figure out why they were ranked this low. It turned out I liked them so much I started moving guys out of this tier and into a tier in top 20 outfielders. I nearly did the same with Ozuna, but didn’t because he could have some slight injury concerns, which also might explain why it took him forever to sign. I’ve been seeing Ozuna go seriously low in early drafts. Is this because of his shoulder injury? OZUNA wish for good health. OZUNA have heard time making wishes. OZUNA wishes for anything by blowing out candles but he blows out candles with fire breath. Outside of his shoulder concerns, it’s hard not to love Ozuna. I can’t even understand why others don’t like him outside of the injury concerns. Brucely, I’m kicking karate into people’s brains and just guessing that’s people’s worries for him. I don’t know, exactly. I will say if that’s the reason, then fair enough. His 2nd half [9 HRs, .219] didn’t exactly assuage any concerns, if I’m using the word assuage correctly. On the flip side, his .241 BABIP in the 2nd half and .259 overall doesn’t say injury. It says unlucky. His 48.1% Hard Contact [7th in the majors] doesn’t say injured, it says unlucky. His top 35 Barrels/PA say unlucky/ his 403 feet on average homer doesn’t say hurt/ his chase rate falling last year compared to the year before doesn’t say injured it says, say it with me now, unlucky. Now that he’s in Atlanta, I’m making little nibble sounds, indicating I think he’s tasty.

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