RazzSlam Rules


The RazzSlam will consist of around 20 leagues, each composed of 12 teams/managers. (Here is the RazzSlam signup.)

The RazzSlam is a points-based, best ball league designed to approximate the relative contribution value of batter and pitcher outcomes in standard NFBC rotisserie leagues.

A starting lineup will consist of 14 hitters and 9 pitchers, with the same positions and position eligibility of standard NFBC leagues. Scoring is automatic, with each team’s highest-scoring lineup of 2 catchers, 1 first baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 third baseman, 1 shortstop, 1 middle infielder (2B or SS), 1 corner infielder (1B or 3B), 5 Outfielders, 1 Utility Hitter and 9 pitchers counting toward that teams points.

Every team’s optimal scoring lineup will be automatically scored each week (Monday through Sunday) from the entire 42-man roster. Managers will never have to choose who to start or bench on their rosters.


42 round slow drafts will begin on Monday, March 4 at 12:00 PM (noon) ET. Managers will have 4 hours to make each pick and clocks will freeze from 2 AM – 8 AM ET (picks can still be made while the clock is frozen). Please make your best effort to pick in a timely manner and utilize the queue/auto-draft functions if you’re unavailable. The RazzSlam committee reserves the right to replace deadbeat drafters at their own discretion.


Position Count
Catcher 2
First Baseman 1
Second Baseman 1
Third Baseman 1
Short Stop 1
Corner Infielder (1B, 3B) 1
Middle Infielder (2B, SS) 1
Outfielder 5
Utility Player (DH, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF) 1
Pitcher (SP, RP) 9
Bench 19



Statistic Point Value
At Bat -1
Hit 4
Run 2
Home Run 6
Run Batted In 2
Stolen Base 5


Statistic Point Value
Inning Pitched 3
Hit Allowed -1
Earned Run -2
Walk Issued -1
Strike Out 1
Win 6
Save 8

Free Agency

The free agent system will be a blind bidding process for each individual league. Each team will start with a FAAB wallet of $1000 for the season, but there will be only two free agent periods during the regular season and none during the championship playoff. Free agency will run on the following nights:

FAAB 1: Tuesday, April 9th (10:00 PM ET bid deadline)
FAAB 2: Tuesday, June 4th (10:00 PM ET bid deadline)

The first free agent period will be during the first two weeks of play, followed by the last and only other FAAB period on Tuesday June 4th. The Cutline FAAB deadline is on Tuesdays and those players acquired in FAAB still have their stats from Monday and Tuesday calculated into their new teams’ stats for that week. Players will be allowed to pick up as many free agents each time as they’d like. At no time can any team have more than the required number of 42 players allowed on its roster.

Free agent pickups during the season will include players who are on major-league rosters at the time or players who were selected on Draft Day and later dropped. If the players were good enough to be selected on Draft Day, then they are good enough to remain in that league’s free agent pool.

Even players on the MLB disabled list are eligible to be picked up during the FAAB bidding process. The player pool is deemed closed of new free agents each Sunday at 7 AM ET before the FAAB bidding deadline and a player must have played at least 1 MLB game to be added to the pool at that time. Once a minor-leaguer plays his first game in the majors, he remains in every NFBC FAAB pool whether he returns to the minors or not. Once in the majors, he remains in all FAAB pools. Participants should also note that MLB unsigned veteran free agents at the time of Draft Day are eligible to be drafted in all NFBC leagues. However, after Draft Day they can only be added via free agency once they are added to an MLB 25-man roster.

Free Agent Bidding Process: Each team will start with $1000 free agent (dollars) for the season, and will be permitted to bid for free agents two times per year with a minimum bid of $1 per player. Teams will not be able to see other teams’ free agent bids. The team with the highest bid on any given player will be awarded that player. The amount of the winning bid will be deducted from the winning team’s free agent dollars. For each winning bid, the winning team must drop a player to make roster room for the free agent acquisition. If a team’s free agent dollars go to zero, that team will no longer be allowed to bid for the rest of the season. No bid will be accepted that is larger than a team’s available free agent dollars. All bids must be in increments of dollars (no cents). Only winning bids and the runner-up bids on each player will be shown for each NFBC league after the FAAB bidding period concludes.

Bidding Time Frame: The NFBC bidding process starts the week before Opening Day and runs for the first time on Tuesday, April 9. FAAB will run a second (and final) time on Tuesday, June 4. There are no additional FAAB pickups in the playoffs. Bids will be accepted on the league website from Tuesday at 3 PM ET until the day of the deadline at 10 PM ET in each of those weeks. Rosters will be updated shortly after 10 PM ET on Tuesday with the results of all successful bids. 

Conditional Bids: Conditional bids can also be offered. In the event you may lose out on a player, you can place conditional bid(s) for other players during the bidding time frame. Subsequent conditional bids will become relevant only if the previous conditional bid fails. Bids do not require conditional bids. Bids may have several sequential conditional bids. Participants should note that the computer takes the HIGHEST BIDS and processes each bid in that order if you have multiple FAAB acquisition bids. ALL BIDS WILL BE PROCESSED IN THE ORDER OF DOLLAR VALUE ASSIGNED TO THOSE FREE AGENTS, highest to lowest.


Acquire Jo Adell, $19, cut Jorge Soler
Acquire Luis Rengifo, $16, cut Jorge Soler
Acquire Ben Joyce, $2, cut Jorge Soler

Number of Bids Limit: There is no limit to the number of bids that may be submitted each week in which bids are permitted.

Tied Bids: If there is a tie bid during the season, the team that receives the player will be determined in order by…

  1. Worst league standing at the time FAAB was run (Tuesday night using Monday’s standings).
  2. Lowest standing the previous week.
  3. Lowest draft position from Draft Day.

Commissioner Review of Player Drops: All player drops for free agents are subject to review by the NFBC commissioner and can be revoked if the dropped player is deemed too valuable to be offered to that league’s free agent pool, thus damaging the credibility of the overall contest. In the case of a star player being dropped in a league for a valid reason, the NFBC commissioner reserves the right to allow the cut but keep the player out of that league’s free agent pool for any length of time, possibly the entire season. All decisions by the NFBC commissioner will be final.



The RazzSlam playoffs will mirror the NFBC’s Cutline Championship format with slight tweaks for our league and contest size . . .

The top three teams in each league will advance to the RazzSlam Championship Tier, while the fourth-place, fifth place and sixth place teams in each league go into the RazzSlam Wild Card Tier. All teams tied for sixth place in their respective leagues will advance to the RazzSlam Wild Card Tier.

We also have a RazzSlam Consolation Round tier for those teams who finished 7th through 12th in their league. These teams will still have an outside chance at the overall championship. Rather than eliminate all of those teams at the All-Star break like past years, those teams will compete in one cutline period with ONLY 2 TEAMS advancing to the RazzSlam Wild Card Tier. The rest of those teams will be eliminated after that cutline period, but those two teams will advance to the Wild Card Tier and would still be eligible to advance one more time into the RazzSlam Championship Round and compete for the overall championship. This gives everyone hope to win past the All-Star break.

Round 1: (July 18 through Aug. 4) Each advancing team from the regular season will have their Round 1 total calculated by adding their weekly average point total from the season to their team totals from July 18 to Aug. 4. The shortened Thursday-Sunday July 18-21 schedule is considered a separate week of scoring for Round 1, followed by three full weeks. The Top 30 teams in the Championship Tier will advance to Round 2 in the Championship Tier. All other teams move into the Wild Card Tier. The top 3 teams from the Wild Card Tier move into the Championship Tier for Round 2, while the next 30 Wild Card teams also advance to Round 2 in the Wild Card Tier. All other teams in the Wild Card Tier are eliminated from the contest.

Round 2: (Aug. 5 through Aug. 25) The Top 30 teams from Round 1 of the Championship Tier plus the top 3 Wild Card teams will advance to Round 2 in the Championship Tier, while the remaining teams from the Round 1 Championship Tier and the remaining Top 30 Wild Card teams will compete in Round 2 in the Wild Card Tier. Each team’s Round 2 total is calculated by adding 25% of their Round 1 Total Score, to their team totals from Aug. 5 to Aug. 25. The Top 9 teams in the Championship Tier will advance to Round 3 in the Championship Tier, while all other teams in the Championship Tier will move into the Wild Card Tier. One (1)Wild Card team will move up to the Championship Tier for the next round, putting 10 teams in the Championship Tier for Round 3. The Top 20 teams after removing the Top 2 teams in the Wild Card Tier move on to Round 3 in the Wild Card Tier. All other Wild Card teams are eliminated.

Round 3: (Aug. 26 through Sept. 15) The 10 teams left in the Championship Tier will compete for the title of 2024 RazzSlam Champion. Each team’s Round 3 total is calculated by adding 25% of their Round 2 Total Score to their team totals from Aug. 26 to Sept. 15. The team with the most points in the Championship Tier is the RazzSlam Champion. The same scoring formula is used for the Wild Card Tier, which has the consolation prize of a Razzball RotoWear shirt.


Best Ball RazzSlam Championship scoring for the regular season of this contest is final as of Thursday, July 17th at 9 am ET. In the event that Elias or Major League Baseball make scoring changes after that of games played before the All-Star break, those changes won’t be made in the Best Ball Cutline Championship. All scores for the regular season are final as of Thursday, July 17th at 9 am ET. Championship Round and Wild Card Tier scores are also final as of Monday, Sept. 16th at 6 pm ET.



1st Place – Engraved Trophy (priceless), Razzball MLB DFS Premium Subscription ($149.98 value), Full line of shirts from the Razzball Rotowear Collection ($121 value)

Runner Up – Razzball MLB Roto Deluxe Subscription ($34.98 value), Choice of one shirt from the Razzball Rotowear Collection ($24 value)

Consolation Winner – Choice of one shirt from the Razzball Rotowear Collection ($24 value)