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This table is updated on Friday-Monday mornings to reflect the upcoming Monday-Sunday baseball week. Only includes players on active 25-man roster (not on DL or minors) as of the day that it is updated. (So if a guy is due off DL mid-week, he will not in here). Click to sort and text boxes to…

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Our Roto Deluxe and DFS Premium plans are designed for the MLB season-long and DFS junkies respectively. All of our projections leverage Steamer Projections as their base to ensure the highest data quality level and we leverage data feeds and scraping tools to make sure we have the latest lineup updates and player news. Our tools include:

The Lineup Optimizer includes projections for FanDuel, DraftKings, and Yahoo. It has the standard features you expect from your standard MLB Lineup Optimizer (lineup confirmation, weather, lock in or exclude a player, etc.) as well as many advanced features such as:

  • Easier Comparisons of Lineups Using Different Settings – The tabbed interface allow you to toggle between multiple 100 lineup runs based on different settings (e.g., different stacks, locked players, etc.)
  • Team Stacks – Like a certain team(s) for tonight’s games? Create multiple lineups around any team or let the Optimizer select the most optimal stack for you.
  • Player Stacks – Like a certain player(s)? Create lineups around 1 or more players. Optimizer will select the optimal combinations according to your settings.
  • Adjust Player Exposure – Want to see a player in 50% of your lineups. Just set player exposure at 50%. Or you can set an exposure ceiling for a player if you like.
  • Save Setting Profiles – Avoid having to make the same setting changes each time. Just save your settings.
  • Save Lineups – Do you like to research early in the day and then revisit later in the day? You can save unlimited lineups.
  • Download CSV – Download one or all your lineups for easy uploading to DraftKings & FanDuel.
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  • Projected DFS points for hitters and pitchers, $/point calculations, and Upside $/point calculations (for GPPs) for DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and FantasyDraft. Updated throughout today to reflect posted lineups.
  • See more information in our detailed DFSBot FAQ document.


  • Projected DFS points for top DraftKings and FanDuel stacking options. Includes 2/3/4/5/4×2/4×3 stack options for DraftKings, 2/3/4/4×2/4×3 stack options for FanDuel, 2/3/4/5/6/4×2/4×3 stack options for Yahoo & FantasyDraft.


  • Projected runs per team per game for the next 7-10 days, per game. Projected Home/Road ‘Money lines’. $/pt per team on DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo.

In addition, you have access to all our season-long tools which include all the various stat projections that go into the DFS projections. These tools are:


  • The ultimate streaming pitcher tool. Daily projections for the 7-10 days’ worth of starts with projections and dollar values as well as ‘Next Calendar Week’ projections available starting on Fridays.
  • See more information on this tool in our detailed Streamonator FAQ document.
  • Streamonatorpreview


  • Choosing fantasy baseball hitters has never been easier. Daily projections for the 7-10 days’ worth of starts with projections and dollar values as well as ‘Next Calendar Week’ projections available starting on Fridays. Daily projections and dollar values.
  • See more information on this tool in our detailed Hittertron FAQ document.
  • Hittertronpreview

Weekly Hitter Planner

  • A Hitter Planner grid that sorts the 30 teams based on the attractiveness of their next week’s games (available Friday-Monday) and a rolling next 7 days’ worth of games.  There are counts by team for how many Home/Away and LHP/RHP games.  But the most helpful part of the grid is the value assigned to each MLB team’s offense based on three variables:  # of Games, Park Factor (index of runs scored in park by an average offense) and Pitcher Factor (index of opposing starting pitchers’ average WHIP neutralized by the pitcher’s home park).  These factors are combined to create a single index for each team.  So for the week of September 1st, the Padres and Rangers are the top offenses at a 120 index (20% better than the average offense) thanks to weak opposing pitchers (107 index), favorable parks (Padres have a 104 index – aided by 3 days in Colorado), and 7 games for the week.  Colorado is at a 112 despite 6 home games as their combined Park and Pitcher Factor of 121 is adjusted down to 112 because they play 1 less game than most teams.
  • A Top 20 Streaming Hitters for Next Week table that shows the top 20 projected hitters who are owned in less than 80% of Razzball Commenter Leagues.
  • A Top 20 Streaming Hitter Games In Next 3 Days table that calls out the 20 most attractive hitter days over the next 3 days for hitters owned in less than 80% of Razzball Commenter Leagues.

Weekly Pitcher Planner

  • A rolling 10 day MLB Schedule + Probable Pitcher grid broken out by team.  The Streamonator $ value of each start is listed near the pitcher as well as their Razzball Commenter League % ownership to help identify free agents in your league.  To make it even easier to identify streams, there is a *STREAM* added next to every start that is valued at $4+ and the pitcher is owned in less than 80% of RCL leagues.  You can type ‘stream’ for any of the 10 days and the grid will filter to only the streaming candidates.
  • ScreenHunter_115 Mar. 28 13.51
  • A Two start pitcher table – updated Friday-Monday – showing the projected 2 start pitchers for the upcoming Monday-Sunday, their two opponents, and the combined $ value of their two starts.
  • A table with the Top 10 Streaming Pitcher Candidates In Next 3 Days (defined as less than 80% owned).

Prospectonator (New for 2017!)

  • Projections and $ values for the top 1000 minor league hitters and pitchers based on their projected value if they were to start playing in MLB today.

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