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TeamARI ESPN2B Age26
BatsS Yahoo2B/SS/OF RCL Owned %100
$/GS (RHP)9.2 $/GS (LHP)12.4
4/8/21 - Out (Hamstring) Marte has been shifted to the 10-day injured list with a right hamstring injury, and it is projected that he will be out of the lineup until late April.
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Ketel Marte Stats

Last 7 Days133000000000.00.00.0000.0000.0000.0000.000-7.3
Last 30 Days628261252500247.114.30.4620.5000.8461.3460.50015.1
ROS Proj1295765141478019616249788.513.50.2860.3500.4610.8110.30313.6

Ketel Marte Projections | Platoon Splits (RHP vs LHP)

Ketel Marte projected to 150 Games vs RHP and LHP with 12 team mixed fantasy value. This helps identify a player's platoon value for fantasy baseball based on pitcher handedness. These projections by Steamer are a MUCH better indicator of a hitter's platoon splits than in-season stats since it involves multiple years of data and has been properly regressed to league averages. Since games are neutralized across players, values for everyday players may look smaller than for preseason/season to date/rest of season where they benefit from playing time advantages vs other players. In general, left-handed hitters have larger platoon splits.
vs. RHP65058082197280.2860.3520.4660.8180.30913.78.49.2
vs. LHP65059583227850.2950.3430.4860.8290.31113.06.312.4

Ketel Marte Projections | Hittertron (Subscribe for all MLB player projections.)

Ketel Marte daily MLB projections and fantasy value for next 7-10 days. LU=Lineup. If the lineup has been released and incorporated into the projections, it is listed as "Live". Click link in LU to see the lineup at Baseball Press or click here to see Arizona Diamondbacks lineups for the last 6 days.

Ketel Marte Projections | DFS (Subscribe for all hitter DFS MLB projections.)

Ketel Marte daily fantasy baseball projections for DFS sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel. LU=Lineup. If the lineup has been released and incorporated into the projections, it is listed as "Live". Click link in LU to see the lineup at Baseball Press as well as previous 3 days' lineups.
DFS SiteOppSPL/R%StLUProj PtsSalary$/Pt

Ketel Marte Game Log | Last 30 Days


Ketel Marte Batting Order Game Averages | Current Season

Ketel Marte current season averages per batting order spot along with 12 team mixed fantasy value ($). Only includes games started. Games started percentages for RHP vs LHP are based on last 30 days.

Ketel Marte Stats | Season

Ketel Marte stats and 5x5 fantasy value from 2010-2021.
2010 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2011 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2012 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2013 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2014 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Ketel Marte Stats | Monthly

Ketel Marte 2019 fantasy value by month for 5x5 leagues.

Ketel Marte Hitting | AVG vs BABIP

Players exceeding projected BABIP are more likely to see a regression towards Expected AVG. Vice versa.

Ketel Marte Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater

MLB 10 ESPN10.2-
MLB 10 Y!4.9-1.22.1-3.0-4.6-0.39.79137
MLB 12 ESPN13.
MLB 12 Y!10.2-0.93.1-1.2-
MLB 14 ESPN16.
MLB 14 Y!13.1-0.53.8-0.3-
MLB 15 ESPN17.
MLB 15 Y!14.4-
MLB 16 ESPN19.
MLB 16 Y!
AL 10
NL 1019.
AL 12
NL 1221.

Ketel Marte Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

5x5 (OBP) ESPN 129.8-
5x5 (OBP) Y! 126.1-1.83.1-1.1-
6x6 (OBP) ESPN 1215.
6x6 (OBP) Y! 1212.5-0.62.5-1.1-
6x6 (OPS) ESPN 1214.
6x6 (OPS) Y! 1211.8-0.92.5-1.0-

Ketel Marte Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater

Based on our adjusted Steamer projections for 5x5 leagues with 67/33 hitter/pitcher split.
MLB 10 ESPN12.810.
MLB 10 Y!11.07.7-0.74.0-1.3-
MLB 12 ESPN15.812.
MLB 12 Y!14.410.8-0.34.8-0.4-
MLB 14 ESPN18.515.
MLB 14 Y!16.913.
MLB 15 ESPN18.615.
MLB 15 Y!17.914.
MLB 16 ESPN20.416.
MLB 16 Y!
AL 10
NL 1021.514.
AL 12
NL 1223.315.

Ketel Marte Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Based on our adjusted Steamer projections with a 67/33 hitter/pitcher split.
5x5 (OBP) ESPN 1212.19.7-
6x6 (OBP) ESPN 1217.
6x6 (OPS) ESPN 1215.513.
5x5 (OBP) YAHOO 1210.06.9-1.24.3-0.7-
6x6 (OBP) YAHOO 1215.311.9-0.13.9-0.6-
6x6 (OPS) YAHOO 1213.911.1-0.53.8-0.5-

Ketel Marte Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater

Ketel Marte Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Ketel Marte 2021 Projections | Preseason

Preseason (Grey)58817794238160.30117.056
Preseason (Steamer)1466525801659121717356880.2840.3490.4580.8070.30414915.873

Ketel Marte Fantasy Outlook For 2021

Grey Albright Player Summary
Wakey wakey! It’s time to draft. This tier and the next are the two tiers you have to draft a 2nd baseman from, and don’t end a sentence with ‘from’ — dah! As for Marte, I nearly gave you a Ketel Marte sleeper, but instead here it is in its entirety: Okay, f*ck off. Stop laughing at me. I didn’t write a Pete Alonso sleeper post (yet), so my brain isn’t completely water damaged like your 1987 Topps set. I’m not daft! You’re daft! I’m a freakin’ genius even if a genius needed autocorrect to spell genius. Ketel Marte was ranked a tad too high by me last year. Dot dot dot. Or was he?! Damn, Reversal Question, just sneaking up on you like blah-lau! Okay, serious question, why is it that you’re looking at some 60-game seasons like they didn’t happen at all and other ones like that’s who a player is? Ketel Marte had a terrible month and change, was injured and that’s it for him? Are you being serious right now? So, we’re throwing out his previous 144-game season where he hit 32 homers, stole 10 bags and hit .329 for his 44-game season where he was injured and hit 2 homers, stole one bag and hit .287? How does this make any sense to anyone? Lot of questions here and I don’t have a lot of answers, because we’re talking about why you think a certain thing and I have no flippin’ idea what’s stirring up in the pot sitting on your shoulders. In 2018, Ketel Marte hit 14 homers in 153 games with a 5.8 Launch Angle and 29% fly ball rate and a 10.9 HR/FB. He wasn’t a home run hitter. That’s no deep insight. Just the facts. Then in 2019, he changed his Launch Angle to 11.6, his fly ball rate went up to 34.8% and he had a 19% HR/FB rate. In hindsight, which is me bent over peering through my butt, 19% HR/FB is high for him. Not absurd maybe, but also not going to be his norm. 34.8% FB% doesn’t seem too off, though. Then 2020 happened and he had a 3.8% HR/FB with a 32.9% FB rate and nearly same Launch Angle (10). Now discounting the 19% HR/FB as high, but Launch Angle and fly balls stayed similar, so how did he go from a 32-homer hitter to a David Eckstein? Bad luck and a wrist injury that bothered him all season. You can’t seriously think he’s a six to eight home run hitter now, can you? He’s at worst a 20-homer hitter. At best, he’s 2019’s Ketel Marte. This hasn’t even touched on his true talent. Ketel Marte is one the best average hitters in baseball. With everything going against him last year, he hit .287. In 2019, when Marte hit .329, he had a 40% Hard Hit rate, 90 MPH average exit velocity and 22.2% line drive rate. In 2020, when everything apparently went pear-shaped, he had 40.5% Hard Hit%, 89.2 MPH exit velocity and 21.1% line drive rate. I.e., he wasn’t that different. The big problem last year was the Barrel% plummeted like they judged barrels by what happens at Niagara Falls. That doesn’t compute beyond he was making bad contact and slumping. His SwStr% went down last year and his Contact% went up. Again, he’s making contact, just not the best kind of contact. This tells me that even when Ketel Marte is slumping, he’s hitting the ball hard and just not doing as much with the pitches. Also, it was freakin’ 44 games and he might’ve been playing for the whole stretch of it with an injured wrist. Also, he’s good for 7-10 steals. This worries me the most in his profile. He is not a prototypical fast runner. He does choose his spots wisely and is rarely caught, so I could see him sneaking into 7-10 steals, while also being capable of 4-6 steals and maybe 3-5 and I’m not going to list more numbers, but hope for seven steals and expect just under or over that. In conclusion, suck it, haters! Okay, fine, he’s not a top 30 overall hitter like I had him last year, but he’s now being drafted around 100th overall? What are y’all drinking? It’s something strong, but I don’t think it’s Ketel. Who loves Ketel Marte more than me? Find them for me so we can be best friends.

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