Hello there, RazzSlammers! The season has begun to progress in earnest, and it’s time we all take stock of our teams and what help we might need. To the rescue: the Waiver Wire!

Unlike “standard” NFBC leagues, we don’t have weekly FAAB runs in the RazzSlam… after all, you drafted 42 players! But, unlike most best ball competitions, the RazzSlam (like its brother, the NFBC Cutline) does offer two opportunities to add players to your squad. The first of these is tomorrow, April 19 at 10pm Eastern! So, how does FAAB work?

How does it work?

The long and the short of it is, you have a $1000 budget for the season (there is a second FAAB run on June 6th), and you and all your leaguemates are bidding on the same available Free Agents. You have to place a blind bid, guessing at how much you’ll need to spend to be the top bidder on a player. If you bid $100, and someone else bids $101, they get the player, you keep your $100, but no player. Similarly, if you bid $100 and no one else bids on that player, congrats! You added them to your roster… and wasted $99 since a $1 bid would have sufficed.

But how exactly does FAAB bidding work on NFBC? Luckily, they’ve provided a video to walk you through the process.

So who should I buy?

That’s a personal question.

No, seriously. You need to take a look at your roster, its early holes/weaknesses, and who’s available in your Free Agent pool. A few leagues will have a Steven Kwan, Josh Lowe, C.J. Abrams, or Nick Senzel available to pick up. And hey, if those guys are available, they’re probably better than some of your late-round picks.

But who on your team is injured? What categories are you finding yourself in an early hole in? You need to try to make your team as competitive as it can be, and in this first FAAB run, it’s as much about helping out your roster as it is about who’s out there.

And don’t forget, some fast starts just didn’t pan out. I’m old enough to remember Chris Shelton hitting 10 HR in his first 100 PA back in 2006… and then disappearing for the rest of the year (or, actually, the rest of his career).

In particular, looking at players available in most RazzSlam leagues, there’s a lot of RP help. So if you’re hoping to get more points out of pitching, or you drafted some speculative potential-closers who aren’t panning out, you might want to throw a few bucks at Jonathan Loaisiga, Diego Castillo, Rowan Wick, Anthony Bender, or Tanner Rainey (basing this on the Player Rater‘s rest-of-season values).

Whatever you do, leave some cash in reserve for the June FAAB run. You’ll have an even better idea where your team stands then; some people are about to drop some really good players; you’ll be prepping for the first Cutline.

Good luck with your bids!

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mr. papagiorgio
mr. papagiorgio
3 months ago

Thanks for the reminder!