Donkey Teeth and B_Don are joined by a perennial podcast guest favorite, Tim McLeod of Prospect 365. Every pre-season Tim is kind enough to jump on the podcast to discuss the newest crop of Japanese and Korean league signings across the majors. We ask him to give us the down low on Ha-Seong Kim, Kohei Arihara, Chris Flexen, and Matt Moore. We also ask Tim what he expects from some of the other Asian league signings from recent years like Yusei Kikuchi and Yoshi Tsutsugo.

We then turn our attention to a couple of Tim’s leagues as he recently drafted in the mixed LABR league with our own Rudy Gamble. Plus, Tim has agreed to join the RazzSlam for the first time this season. We start by asking him what he thinks of the RazzSlam and give him the 4-1-1 on the league setup before asking him what his strategy might be. Finally, we wrap up with Tim’s LABR team from his first 4 picks to some of the prospect picks we’ve come to expect from the great Tim McLeod.

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back after an extended break and we’re ready to talk about some baseball. The biggest Razzball event of the year, the RazzSlam is just around the corner and we’ve brought in Darik Buchar, special guest from Sports Hub Technologies (parent company of the NFBC). We start by asking Darik to give us the rundown on the NFBC offerings for this season, and there’s a game for every price point and game style. We wrap up our NFBC discussion by asking Darik about some of his strategies for the cutline format and the RazzSlam specifically.

After we look at the RazzSlam, we move on to some of the MLB offseason moves. We recap and cover the fantasy impact of the Andrew Benintendi, Franchy Cordero, and Khalil Lee trade. We also discuss a couple of studs moving in Francisco Lindor and Nolan Arenado. Trevor Bauer finally decided on a team and it was the Dodgers. Darik discusses his feelings toward Eddie Rosario and he’s happy to see him moving on from his Twins. The Yankees are loading up on high risk arms with Jameson Taillon and Corey Kluber as the guys discuss which one they prefer to draft. We cover a few more of the lesser moves of the offseason before we let Darik go.

If you haven’t signed up for the RazzSlam yet, it’s not too late, sign up here. Don’t forget, if you subscribe to one of the premium subscriptions here at Razzball, you not only get Rudy’s projections and the draft war room, but you also get a much better shot at winning a spot in the RazzSlam.


Whether you are a seasoned NFBC veteran or looking to try it for the first time, Darik and the folks at the NFBC were kind enough to give us a couple of codes for our podcast listeners.

You can get $5 off the NFBC 50 contest using promo code: RAZZFIVE.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also get $15 off any of these events: Main Event, Draft Champions, Cutline, RotoWire OC, Online Auction Championship; using promo code: RAZZPOD15

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Razzball Patreon members receive our weekly podcast where Grey cackles about the funniest news stories we’ve found over the past week, plus you get that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting your favorite fantasy sports site in all the land.


Grey Albright and Billy Hurley are back for another episode of the Patreon podcast. Whether you are signed up for Patreon for the podcast or the rankings, come listen in as guest host B_Don walks the guys through some of the best, “Not, Not News” out there. Starting with a story about an Oklahoma law maker that is trying to answer an important question, when is Bigfoot hunting season?

With all of his many ideas, we’re all surprised Grey wasn’t the person who invented airbag jeans. Continuing with original ideas, Panera has found the answer for all the winter iced coffee drinkers, bread bowl hand warmers! Why didn’t we think of that? The next story, we all agree was not a good idea as a man has turned himself into a black alien through a series of physical modifications.

We could only look at the photo of that guy so long, so, we wrap up the podcast on a lighter note as Kraft as announced that they are making a special pink, candy flavored mac and cheese for Valentine’s day. I’m sure your sweety wouldn’t throw you out of the house for making pink Kraft mac and cheese (don’t do it, it’s a trap).

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Razzball Patreon members receive our weekly podcast where Grey cackles about the funniest news stories we’ve found over the past week, plus you get that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting your favorite fantasy sports site in all the land.


Grey Albright and Billy Hurley are back for another podcast episode! B_Don is still filling in for Donkey Teeth as the guys go through the best of the not, not news. The trio could have spent the whole hour on the first story about a dinosaur’s butthole that was found and opens up new insights into dinosaur anatomy. Next up, a British couple recently had one of Gweneth Paltrow’s vagina candles erupt in their house. On to the next story, a British man was found 100 miles from his home while violating COVID quarantine rules and his excuse was that he was trying to get to a McDonald’s, but there was no McDonald’s in that town. While that story was about violating COVID, Tom Cruise has paid for 2 COVID patrolling robots to monitor the social distancing and mask wearing on set of the 69th Mission Impossible movie. Robot voice Grey and Billy do not disappoint. I wonder if Tom Cruise is a smooshy face cat? His lack of range would make sense given the next story about how these ‘smooshy’ faced cats are having trouble showing their emotions. We wrap up with a story about Ben & Jerry’s branching off to make ice cream treats for the doggos out there.

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Razzball Patreon members receive our weekly podcast where Grey cackles about the funniest news stories we’ve found over the past week, plus you get that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting your favorite fantasy sports site in all the land.


While Donkey Teeth is away at his retreat, B_Don fills in as the podcast host for another hour of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Not News with Billy Hurley and Grey Albright. We start with a conversation about just what exactly DT is doing while he’s away and how flexible he may be when he returns. Then, the guys move on to the story that DT teased before he left where a man has been charged with operating an international table tennis crime syndicate. While fixing ping pong matches is pretty ballsy, it’s got nothing on our next story about John Dillermand who is the lead character in a children’s show from Denmark where a man uses his penis to perform all sorts of tasks. Next up, James Blunt gets scurvy? No, that can’t be right, did he right a song about being curvy? No, James Blunt did get scurvy. The last story comes from Australia where a naked fugitive was found by 2 fisherman


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Scott White, Sr. Writer for CBS Sports, talks with B_Don and Donkey Teeth about the shortened 2020 season. The guys ask Scott about his expectations for his Braves for both hitting and pitching. We ask Scott about his thoughts on Mike Trout as he comes in at 5 among his rankings.

The guys then move on to discuss the recent CBS roto auction. Scott criticizes DT and B_Don’s approach in the auction grabbing 3 top hitters in Ronald Acuña Jr. ($49), Cody Bellinger ($44), and Chrsitian Yelich ($56). The podcast hosts then explain their thinking toward the full stars and scrubs approach.

We move on to Scott’s team and how he planned his team prior to the auction. We get his take on Francisco Lindor and his possibilities of being traded, and his expectations for Mike Soroka.

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back to talk some college prospects leading up to the MLB Draft with 2 resident Razzball prospectors, Hobbs and The Itch. We start by discussing the newest proposal from the MLBPA and how a shortened season might affect our willingness to play in high stakes leagues.

Then, we move on to discuss Hobbs’s top 10 college prospects. We start with at the top with Spencer Torkelson, the projected #1 pick. Hobbs and The Itch talk us through what kind of profile we can expect from Torkelson and whether they’d have a comparable asset from last year’s draft, Andrew Vaughn. We then ask our prospect gurus to give us some information on the top college pitchers including: Reid Detmers, Emerson Hancock, Max Meyer, and Asa Lacy.

Our analysts then move on to discuss how this different season could affect this, and future, drafts along with how a minor league system may look down the line. Finally, we wrap up with some Jasson Dominguez talk to find out if he’s worth all of the hype.

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Rudy didn’t like Rounders and he finally watched it the week we are having Scott Pianowski on the podcast…. After the initial shock of Rudy’s poor movie tastes, Donkey Teeth and B_Don ask Scott how he’s handling the quarantine and what a potential baseball season may look like. We get his thoughts on how he would adjust his draft philosophy for anyone drafting during the quarantine.

We move on to a couple of Scott’s teams as we look at the rosters he assembled in the RazzSlam and the Yahoo Friends and Family league with Grey, DT, and many other experts (basically the unofficial major of the fantasy baseball world). We look at how Scott put together pitching staffs in each draft and how position depth and flexibility affect his draft strategy.

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Grey comes on the podcast to blame B_Don for everything coronavirus related. Grey and Donkey Teeth are going a little stir crazy while B_Don was partying in Vegas. I think Grey was just jealous.

The trio then move on to how they are adjusting for ongoing and future drafts during this unknown period.  Grey discusses how he’s adjusted his projections initially and the randomness that may ensue in a shortened season. We each offer up our thoughts on how a shortened season may adjust our approach at pitching.

We finally get to discuss Grey’s Tout Wars NL auction and Grey auction value shames us poor amateurs. We discuss Grey’s big purchases of Bellinger and Soto, and how that affected his auction strategy. Grey identified the types of players he needed, and we ask him about some of his buys.

Before everyone retreats to their quarantined sections of Razzball HQ (aka Grey’s basement), we discuss Grey’s pitching and how he thinks he can make his value staff work. Rather than watching The Office for the 53rd time under quarantine, you might as well listen to a little baseball talk. It’s not like I watched a 2+ minute marble race yesterday or anything.


You can check out all of the auction results here. If you’d rather read Grey’s article about his NL Tout team, you can read his article here.

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are joined by Alex Fast (@AlexFast8) of Pitcher List. We ask Alex about his pitching strategy and how it changes in his various industry leagues.

The guys talk about the different strategies being utilized for the RazzSlam, as Alex fits closer to the Donkey Teeth/Grey build than what B_Don tried. Later on, we discuss how the approach in the 15 team snake darft TGFBI and the 15 team LABR mixed auction before breaking down his teams. DT connects with Alex over their shared belief that a Gallo/Gary Sanchez build won’t tank their batting average.

We ask Alex specifically about some of his pitchers and what we can expect from guys like: David Price, Zack Wheeler, Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove, and more.

B_Don and DT ask Alex about his Jameson Taillon interview from how he was able to reach out to some of the more interesting points from the interview. Cannot say it enough, if you enjoy pitching discussions, it’s a must listen.

As Taillon works his way back, we talk about which spring training stats might matter. While you’re stuck at home avoiding coronavirus, you might as well listen to some baseball talk.

Side note: Here’s the chart I discuss during the podcast for 2019 spring training velocity increases.

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