Grey and B_Don continue the rankings previews with starting pitcher part 1 this week on the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast. Come listen as I question the #1 ranker of 2023. We start the show with some draft philosophy talk on pitchers and how Grey looked at his rankings differently this year than previous years with the rule changes put in place by MLB. 

Right out of the gate, the guys have their own questions about even the first tier of SPs for 2024. We keep running down the list until we finally get to the area that Grey might actually shop for his SP1, and who he likes to fill his roster as SPs for the rest of the roster. We discuss some of the high helium players and whether we think they’re worth the current draft price. I’m a little disappointed in our move to pitching because I can no longer comp players to Bo Bichette and Ketel Marte.