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What is up party people? We are back in the thick of spring training and draft season. That means rankings are the talk of the town and I am here to guide you. ADP is a guide but it’s also a trap, go get your guy. Fantasy is always way more fun when you have the players that you like to watch. So let’s have some fun and win some leagues.


1)  Ronald Acuna Jr – I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a moment of panic when I heard the news he was going in for some tests on his knee, but thankfully it’s just mild irritation. He’s the best player on the board and, frankly, it’s not even close. I’m taking him first overall 11 outta 10 times.

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In our 35th episode, Mike Couillard and Jeremy Brewer open with discussion of the latest moves and news including Dylan Cease being traded to the Dads and Gerrit Cole’s ailing elbow. For the main course, we analyze Jeremy’s Top 40 Hitters so far by discussing methodology and reviewing the largest variances with current draft data. You can […]

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As the 2024 fantasy baseball pre-season gains momentum, the excitement is tangible. Last week, we unveiled the top 20 hitters, with Ronald Acuna’s brilliance shining through despite brief injury concerns. Spring training has been nothing short of tantalizing, introducing us to emerging talents such as Wyatt Langford, Spencer Jones, Colton Cowser, and Henry Davis. With drafts commencing, it’s time to shift our focus to the next echelon of hitters, spanning spots 20 to 40. This bracket welcomes a group of burgeoning youth and old veterans, presenting a blend of potential and seasoned reliability. Without further ado, let’s dive in to the next edition of unveiling the Top 100 hitters for the 2024 fantasy baseball season.

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Spring training is in full gear and fantasy drafts are rolling out. So that means it is time for the final installment of the 2024 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings. This week we feature the top 25 players.

Here is a look at the breakdown of this week’s grouping:

6 players between the ages of 30-34
14 players between the ages of 25-29
5 players between the ages of 20-24
12 infielders
10 outfielders
1 starting pitchers
1 starting pitcher/designated hitter
1 infielder/outfielder

There are, once again, 25 players who I broke down into my three age categories. Leading the way by a large margin is the group of players between the ages of 25 and 29. These are the players you expect to build your team around. There are still some great players who are in their 30’s, but do you want a player with maybe a three-year window of excellence or a player who a seven-year window, or greater? I don’t. I want the player who is approaching or at the start of their prime years to maximize their production I expect from them.

And as you will see, there is a reason why so many people consider the Atlanta Braves to be a dominant team for years to come. Of the 25 players listed in this group, six play for the Braves. The next closest team is the Dodgers with three players, with the Astros, Blue Jays, Phillies and Yankees coming in with two players apiece.

Anyway, for the final time this year, let’s get to the 2024 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings: Players 25-1…

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Howdy, Injury Enthusiasts! This week on Razzball Ambulance Chasers preseason coverage, my special guest Jordan White dropped by to discuss the trials and tribulations of injured players in the AL West. You may have seen Jordan around the baseball community. Maybe you have even played in some fantasy leagues with him. If you haven’t, you […]

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