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Life was grand!  There we all were, chit-chatting/arguing, about who should be drafted when, and why.  Yes, fantasy baseball was just a simpler time before the actual games had started.  It was once said that Hope Springs Eternal, and with the beginning of anything, it reminds us that anything can happen, albeit unlikely.  That phrase speaks volumes for many of us because we all know that only 1 person can win their league, yet we all “hope” we can do it.  Byron Buxton should tattoo that saying across his body because even I remain optimistic that he can give us an MVP season with a clean bill of health.  While hope still remains, you will need to stay active because as we all know, you can hope in one hand and s#it in the other and see which fills first.  

On that lovely note, here is another installment of Getting Ahead in Head to Head for Week 6!

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The new Dr. Strange movie introduces us to the idea of being able to explore other universes, or multi-verse.  I sure wish I could take that idea and incorporate it into the ever changing paradigm of baseball.  For starters, there has to be a world where the use of performance enhancing drugs are actually healthy for us to use.  Like if you could eat a can of spinach and get stronger.  That would make for a really good movie!  I don’t know, I just miss the days where you could have an exit velocity of 110 mph with a launch angle of 20 degrees and not have the ball die at the warning track.  Clearly the pitchers don’t need anything like that, since 94% of all pitchers can throw 102.  Now, give me some of that healing juice to offset the inevitable TJS that comes with such velocity.  It would also be nice to have a universe where Byron Buxton stays healthy all season!  Ok, that might fracture the fragile multi-verse!  Maybe just 140 games…Baby steps. 

Why, you may ask, would we want to change the game that we love so much?  Well, for starters, I imagine the marketing dept for MLB is a room full of old white men who want to suck the fun out of everything.  The unwritten rules and all!  I can remember the buzz around StL when McGwire and Sosa were exchanging knock out blows….but I guess we would rather see the like of Edwin Jackson, Dallas Braden, and Phil Humber collect no-hitters like Pokeman cards. 

Oh well, maybe we will just have to settle for today’s game.  If we have to settle for that, then you have to settle for this next installment of Getting Ahead in Head to Head!  

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NY City’s newest fantasy ace Tylor Megill combined with four other relievers Friday night to throw the first Mets no hitter since Johan Santana in 2012. It was also the first no-no of the season, and just the second for the Mets in ever! Chris Bassitt says Manfred’s balls are all messed up–yet, he and […]

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Fernando Tatis Jr. fractured his wrist and I want to die. Just curl into a ball and bawl. MLB lockout was the butterfly’s wings and Tatis’s wrist is the earthquake in Indonesia. Hope you’re happy Rob Manfred! Fernando Tatis Jr. likely hurt himself on his motorcycle, and it was months ago. Sure, he should’ve been checked out by a doctor for the last three months for the wrist injury, but he just dusted himself off and said, “Oopsie.” If Tatis wasn’t so damn resilient, maybe he would’ve went to the doctor. Stupid, resilient, regenerative Fun The Jewels! If it wasn’t for the lockout, the Padres would’ve insisted Tatis went to see their team doctors, and his wrist would’ve been diagnosed sooner. See, this really is Rob Manfred’s fault! *goes to the beach, digs giant hole, lies down into sand grave, slowly pulls sand down on top of head* I don’t want to go on. Please, let me be. *sobs loudly*

So, Rudy updated Fernando Tatis Jr. with a 75-game dock, and he’s now at 155 overall on his 12-team auction values. I’m down to 103 overall. From the number one spot to 103 overall; I really feel like I’m going to vomit. *drives to Ralph’s supermarket then ralphs* I like to be meta, when possible. What’s kinda funny, in a painful way that isn’t funny at all, I did my adjustments to Tatis without knowing what Rudy was doing, and I have him ranked right next to Kyle Schwarber, as Rudy does, in my top 500 for 2022 fantasy baseball. Of course, I have Schwarber and Tatis higher than Rudy, barely. Also, Rudy has Tatis at 289 ABs (58/23/56/.282/13) and I have him down for 51/17/45/.287/15 in 303 ABs, and we both did our new projections without bouncing them off each other, so we’re both pretty close, which is reassuring in a very sad way. I’m a bit worried about the wrist coming all the way back immediately, but like the idea of his upside when he returns, so I ranked him a bit higher than his stats might warrant. I updated my top 10 for 2022 fantasy baseball; my top 100 for 2022 fantasy baseball and the top 20 shortstops for 2022 fantasy baseball. This all somehow sucks and simultaneously blows. Anyway, here’s what else I saw this preseason for 2022 fantasy baseball:

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This is a very different post than I thought I’d be writing this week. I’ll refrain from going on for paragraphs about how sad, frustrated, disappointed, and angry I am regarding the current state of major league baseball, even though it’s admittedly tempting to just vent uncontrollably right now. I truly thought this post would […]

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Well hello there, Razz-folken!

Sorry, I’m working my way through Stephen King’s Dark Tower series (on Book 6 of seven — fantastic, trippy, masterful stuff), which contains some very interesting folken indeed. So that’s where that came from.

I’ve got some news for y’all. I am no longer the Injury Guru around these parts. I had my fill of ’em last year, let me tell you. Not sure my brain could handle tracking all that madness for another season (assuming we even get a full one…). Alas, the ever-so-talented-and-witty Keelin Billue will be manning the Ambulance Chasers column. Instead, I’ve become the official Bullpen Guru of Razzball! In addition to the weekly SAGNOF recaps, I’ll be in charge of our brand-spankin’ new Bullpen Chart, tracking who’s closing and who’s setting up across the MLB. Side note: I’m still waiting for the day SVHD becomes the standard category.

What I’ve got for y’all is just a good old-fashioned tiered ranking (catered toward the 12-team standard 5×5 audience). I could pretend I’m doing this for the people, but really this is as much for me as it is for you, dear reader. I’ve had my fantasy hockey helmet on, helping Viz over the on the Razzball Hockey side of things. Haven’t paid the best attention to the goings on in MLB — I could use a little brush up on how bullpens are looking.

Welp, I’ll quit dillydallying and get right to it. I’ll update these rankings eventually as things change throughout the course of the offseason. Some big names are still homeless as of now (you can find notes on them under the rankings themselves). These rankings stem from a combination of my genius brain and Rudy’s projections, which of course you can see over on the World Famous Razzball Player Rater.

I lied; I’ve got a little more dillydallying to do. I want to make it clear this is a focus solely on guys in closer situations. I’m looking at this through the lens of saves. I would personally rather own a Devin Williams type than a crappy closer like Cole Sulser in most instances, but I didn’t want to jumble up my tiers with guys who aren’t likely to get saves with any kind of regularity. Devin Williams, Craig Kimbrel, Jonathan Loaisiga, etc. do not appear in what you’ll see below. Maybe I’ll get around to some HAGNOF rankings, but you can always pop over to the Bullpen Chart and the Player Rater to find guys to help you with holds. And one last note: even though you see numbered rankings, they’re more of a formality. I treat everyone pretty much equally within their respective tiers, and it could shake out to where any one of them could out-rank the other. Is that a cop out for “hindsight is 20/20” purposes? Maybe! Oh, and the stats you see are 2021’s totals. Duh.

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Here you will find bullpen charts for each team. Bullpens are a messy business to track, but the purpose here is to highlight each team’s closer(s) and setup men. You can more or less expect the chart to read left-to-right in order of importance, but again, it can be a fluid situation day-to-day, week-to-week (looking at you, Tampa Bay Rays!). So, not only are we highlighting saves options, we’ve got you saves+holds folks covered, too! 

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Victoria sobre las Aztecas! Yup, that was 100% a Hernando reference for all my conquistador aficionados out there. It’s not so much that I like Hernan Cortes as I just really hate Aztecs, but let me tell you about a Cortes I do really like. Nestor Cortes lead the New York Yankees to their eighth straight win Friday night pitching seven strong innings, allowing just six base runners, and striking out seven for his second win in a row. He’s also struck out seven in back-to-back starts. Nasty Nestor has been somewhat of a savior for the depleted Yankees pitching rotation and in five starts since the end of July, he’s allowed just 10 runs in 28.2 IP (3.19 ERA) with a 26/5 K/BB in that stretch. Must I mention the Jankees are 19-5 since Cortes joined the rotation, and they’ve only lost one of his starts? What about his 2.56 ERA that leads all Yankees starters? That 1.07 WHIP and 60/16 K/BB aren’t too shabby either. He doesn’t have Cole’s fastball or Taillon’s repertoire, but he’s managed to find success by switching up the speeds and styles with which he throws and has kept hitters guessing with his quirky delivery. Whether it’s a rando leg kick or a toe tap, a back show or a quick pitch, no two deliveries seem exactly alike, and that has resulted in confusing the heck out of batters. Unfortunately but fortunately, the NYC City Yankees are about to get real healthy, real quick. With Gerrit Cole already back, and Jordan Montgomery and Domingo German also set to return soon it remains to be seen if the 26-year old will stick in the rotation, but there’s no doubt Cortes has been an anchor when this staff needed him most. Imagine they go with Andrew Heaney (5.51 ERA) over this kid? SMH. Let’s hope not, as Nestor’s been so solid and the Yankees haven’t stopped winning. Cortes would line up for a favorable match-up in Oakland next weekend and he’s worth a speculative add in case he sticks. And I’m not just saying that because he takes the subway home after games all while rocking that amazing Mario mustache. Nasty Nestor conquers all!

Here’s what else I saw Friday night in fantasy baseball:

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