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Got another bullpen report for you nerds. Wasn’t the most exciting week but we maybe have a new closer for the Red Sox, Mariners, and the Marlins, while the Braves torrid run has done very nice things for Kenley Jansen owners.

Don’t forget, the Razzball Bullpen Chart is manned by yours truly and updated like every single second (not really, but I stay on top of thangs for the most part). And directly below are your Top 10 most valuable RP over the last week, courtesy of our super cool and filterable Last 7 Days pitching stats page you should be using all the time, as well as a current look at the Top 15 RP via our Player Rater.

Here’s what stood out to me this week (note: Monday’s games do not factor in, and note #2: you might see a discrepancy in total stats since I calculate days differently than our site does):

Player Rater Top 15

# Name Team Pos $ $/G PS PA/IP $R $HR $RBI $SB $AVG $W $SV $ERA $WHIP $K R%
1 Clay Holmes NYY RP 22.8 6.8 7.3 29 6 6 5.3 4.7 -0.2 100
2 Kenley Jansen ATL RP 21.6 6.1 6.9 28 3.1 15.6 -1.5 1.5 1.8 100
3 Josh Hader MIL RP 19.1 10.4 6.1 20 -5.3 16.7 2.5 3.6 0.7 100
4 Daniel Bard COL RP 17.3 5.2 5.5 25 3.1 10.3 0.9 1.3 0.7 100
5 David Bednar PIT RP 16.7 6.6 5.4 28 0.3 7.1 3 3.5 1.8 100
6 Edwin Diaz NYM RP 15 3 4.8 25 0.3 9.2 0.9 -0.5 4.1 100
7 J.P. Feyereisen TB RP 14.2 5.8 4.6 24 6 -2.5 5 5.8 -1.1 18
8 Jorge Lopez BAL RP 13.6 3 4.4 29 3.1 4.9 3.9 1.3 -0.7 100
9 Taylor Rogers SD RP 12.5 1.5 4 25 -5.3 15.6 -0.7 2.5 -0.7 100
10 Liam Hendriks CHW RP 11.9 1.8 3.8 26 -2.5 13.5 -0.5 -1.2 1.6 100
11 Ryan Helsley STL RP 11.9 7.2 3.8 23 0.3 0.7 4.1 5.3 0.5 100
12 Adam Cimber TOR RP 10.5 -0.3 3.4 25 11.6 -0.4 0 1 -2.7 25
13 Emmanuel Clase CLE RP 9.5 -0.2 3.1 24 -2.5 8.1 1.4 1.7 -0.2 100
14 Jordan Romano TOR RP 8.9 0.7 2.9 22 -2.5 13.5 -0.6 -1.5 -0.9 100
15 Gregory Soto DET RP 8 0.8 2.6 22 0.3 10.3 0.8 -2.2 -2.3 100


Top 10 Last 7 Days

1 Kenley Jansen ATL RP RP 24.1 5 5 0 0 0 0 5 0 5 3 1 6 0 1.8 3.23 0.6 0.182 100
2 Diego Castillo SEA RP RP 22.9 8.1 4 0 0 1 0 2 0 4 1 0 7 1 0 0.28 0.5 0.167 77
3 Tanner Scott MIA RP RP 20 12 3 0 0 1 0 2 0 3 1 0 5 0 0 -0.3 0.33 0.167 93
4 Tanner Houck BOS RP RP 19.6 11.6 3 0 0 1 0 2 0 4 2 0 6 1 0 1.53 0.75 0.25 98
5 Camilo Doval SF RP RP 19.1 6 4 0 0 2 0 0 1 3.7 1 0 4 1 0 1.67 0.54 0.111 100
6 Emmanuel Clase CLE RP RP 17.7 5.3 4 0 0 0 0 3 0 4 2 0 6 0 0 0.03 0.5 0.25 100
7 Matt Moore TEX RP RP 15.7 8.9 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 1 0 7 0 0 -0.47 0.25 0.167 0
8 Daniel Bard COL RP RP 15.3 4 4 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 0 0 6 1 0 0.78 0.25 0 100
9 Steven Wilson SD RP RP 14.5 8.1 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 5 1 0 3 0 0 1.83 0.2 0.077 0
10 Edwin Diaz NYM RP RP 12.7 6.8 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.7 0 0 8 1 0 -0.51 0.27 0 100



AL West

I don’t know if I’m ready to outright claim he’s the closer, but maybeeee Diego Castillo has skyrocketed to the top of the Seattle pen for now. Lest we forget, he was terrible for a while and I even said he was a straight drop, but of course, I’ve gotta eat crow and sing his praises instead. This past week, Castillo allowed just one baserunner in 3 IP and struck out four. He collected 2 SV. Paul Sewald looked like the guy before this week, so who knows, but Castillo is all of a sudden rosterable again with eight straight scoreless outings (and a delicious 15:1 K:BB in 9 IP).

Speaking of Paul Sewald, he had 1 W and 1 HD this week. Had 4 K but also allowed 3 ER (2 HR). But, no walks and and 18.5 SwStr% looks pretty good to me. Definitely still rosterable in all formats, though if Castillo continues to pwn fools and Ken Giles gets on track, who knows what could happen to Sewald’s SV-only stock.

Joe Barlow has gone downhill kinda fast (5.37 SIERA and a putrid 10.6 K% over the last month), though the fantasy results remain: 1 W and 1 SV this week (and 1 BS). He allowed 5 R and 3 ER with just 1 K in 3 IP. Would consider him a pretty safe hold…for now. Dennis Santana and Brock Burke are names to watch. Ugh, of course, I call him a fantasy badass and things start to go south. We’ll see if he can right the ship.

A.J. Puk picked up a pair of holds, and with the way Dany Jimenez has been struggling, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see some save chances come his way.

Ryan Pressly picked up 1 SV and 2 K in two perfect innings. He’s kind of the most boring elite fantasy RP you can own. Hella good team, and while he may not be upper-echelon quality, his job security makes him an easy RP1. I drafted a lot of Pressly this year and even paid a 4th rounder in one league and ain’t even a little sad about it.

Oh snap, remember Raisel Iglesias? Haven’t thought about that dude in a while cuz the Angels went Upside Down Braves on us. Man finally got himself another save and also got you 4 K this week.

Gotta give Penn Murfee some love again this week: 1 HD and 5 K in 4 IP. Do the M’s even need Giles at this point? Castillo/Sewald/Murfee are killin it.

You see Matt Moore in the table above buuuuut ignore him. Unicorn week.


AL Central

Gregory Soto had 3 SV and 4 K in three outings. Said so last week, but I wish I’d believed more in him on draft day. Have no shares and he’s turned into a major bargain.

More dominance from Emmanuel Clase: 2 SV, 0.00 ERA, -0.86 FIP, and 5 K in 3 IP. He’s up to 29 K to just 4 BB across 24.1 IP. Didn’t like his draft day price but it’s looking you just mighta got your money’s worth.

Eli Morgan had 1 W and 1 HD. Also had 4 K and allowed no earned runs…but did allow three unearned runs. Great whiff rate and no walks, though! Should for sure be rostering this guy for holds right now (5 HD in the last two weeks).

Michael Fulmer pitched two perfect innings and had 4 K, earning 2 HD. Solid SVHD guy and would def be my guy to snag if anything were ever to happen to Soto.

Emilio Pagan went ham: 1 SV and 5 K in three perfect IP. Feel like this means the next outing will be a cluster, but for now, he’s annoyingly good enough to keep Jhoan Duran out of #1 closing duties.

Scott Barlow got a save! Yay! Also gave up 5 H and 1 BB in just 2.1 IP. Not yay!

Josh Staumont was better: 1 HD and 3 K in two perfect. Might see the next chance go to him.


AL East

Tanner Houck is not just a SVHD guy anymore. Gotta add him in all formats: 1 W and 2 SV this week, with 6 K in 4 IP. You might see 1 BB next to his name, but I’m super smart and I track intentional walks, and this was one of those. Dude had a 20 SwStr% and 37.5 K% with basically no free passes. Daddy likey. The last two Red Sox saves have gone to him…

Earlier in the week I was preparing myself to pump some Matt Strahm tires, as he collected 2 SV before the Houck show started. He’s had a hold as well since then, so that’s still 3 SVHD this week while also striking out four. I’ll pump those tires, but they’re only SVHD tires now. Could be that Houck gets careful treatment doesn’t get every single save chance, and could just be that Strahm is the guy when that’s the case.

Jason Adam had 1 SV and 1 HD. I’d say he’s the “safest” Rays reliever to own right now for SVHD, but there’s still zero telling on a nightly basis who’s in the 9th.

John Schreiber had a couple holds and K’d three in three. Mightttt get the odd save here or there, but he’s just a holds guy at this point methinks.

Clay Holmes didn’t get a ton of action but still picked up another save and didn’t allow a run. Just 1 K is kinda lame, but he also didn’t walk anyone and allowed just one hit. Will be very interesting to see what becomes of him and Aroldis Chapman in the near future. Why fix what ain’t broke? I’d be a very concerned Chapman owner if I’d bothered to draft him.

A few Orioles guys did some thangs. Jorge Lopez had 1 SV and 2 K; Felix Bautista had 2 HD; Cionel Perez had 1 SV and 1 HD. Lopez should still be everyone’s favorite back there for fantasy purposes, but the other two ain’t useless in deeper formats.


NL West

Well, well, well, Daniel Bard got back on track with a big week: 2 SV, 0 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, and 6 K. That’s more the like the Bard we’ve seen most of the season. Likely gonna implode now and then as a Rockies reliever, but the overall fantasy value here for what you paid (if he was even drafted in your league) is league-winner type shit. Peep that #4 RP ranking in that there table at the top…

I wouldn’t roster Alex Colome in any format outside of NL-only SVHD, but I’ll shout out his 1 SV and 1 HD with 3 K across five scoreless. That’s all, though. Don’t add this guy if you can help it.

Camilo Doval got you 0 SV but got you 2 W. Bummer for you if your league doesn’t count those! But those 4 K in just 2.2 IP with a 19.5 SwStr% for sure ain’t no bummer.

Jake McGee had 1 SV but only cuz Doval was taxed. Nothing to write home about. And Dominic Leone had holds on back-to-back days and looks like the next-best RP to own in the pen after Doval in SVHD formats.

Ian Kennedy snagged a save since Mark Melancon came in the 8th (and picked up the W in that game). Interesting…maybe Melancon’s actual crappiness has caught the attention of the coaches. Monitor very closely.

Daniel Hudson scored a save and did a fine job while Craig Kimbrel has been on the bereavement list. He’s back though, so Hudson is back to being a holds-only dude.

Didn’t get much use out of your Padres relievers unless you’ve been a Steven Wilson truther and held on to him this long (you really shouldn’t have, but if you did, you got 1 W and weekly Top 10 performance $-wise!).


NL Central

Alexis Diaz had 3 SVHD this week, the most of any NL Central RP. Good news is he allowed just one hit; bad news is it was a dinger. And he also walked three. Did generate some good whiffs but also showed that control is still very much an issue (only 24.6 CSW%).

Josh Hader finally allowed a run. Two of em, in fact, and both were solo shots. Other than that he was his same old kickass self: 1 SV, 5 K (62.5 K%), 0 BB, 19.4 SwStr%, and 47.2 CSW%. Disgusting stuff, folks.

Devin Williams bagged a couple holds in three scoreless. These two back-to-back are just…I don’t even know. Real, real good. Brad Boxberger also picked up 2 HD while adding 3 K. He’s nowhere near the caliber of Hader/Airbender, but he does provide a solid supply of holds if you’re in the market.

Ryan Helsley and Giovanny Gallegos each picked up a SVHD. This time it was Helsley scoring the save and Gallegos with the hold. Helsley’s 21.7 SwStr% was tops among the best of anyone this past week, and his only blemish was a walk. Gio walked three but allowed no hits.

Well, would ya look at that: Chris Stratton follows a dominant week with a got-dominated one: 1.2 IP, 5 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 1 HR, 1 BB (IBB), 1 K. Woof. David Bednar got just 1 IP but was perfect with one strikeout.

No one on the Cubs worth mentioning picked up a decision, but David Robertson at least got his owners 2 K and didn’t allow a run.


NL East

Kenley Jansen has been as good as the Braves have been of late. Mans snagged 4 SV this week and has the most of anyone (10) over the last month of action. This week, Jansen allowed just one hit in those four scoreless outings and struck out five. He’s #2 on the top chart and #1 on the other one. Purty good!

Tanner Scott has re-emerged as the likeliest guy to get you saves for the Marlins. No telling how long it’ll last, but for now I think you gotta go snatch him up if he’s out there and you’re hurting for saves. He got 1 W and 2 SV this week, with 5 K and 0 ER. Also had a nastyyyy 22.2 SwStr% and 50 (!!!) CSW%.

A.J. Minter continues to be a holds machine, picking up three more and collecting a pair of Ks.

Nice week from Connor Brogdon (1 W, 2 HD) but how rosterable is this guy? Niche leagues only.

Corey Knebel had 2 SV but allowed four baserunners (1 H, 3 BB) in 2 IP. He’s also not 100% healthy, so keep a very close eye on Seranthony Dominguez (1 W, 1 HD, 3 K in 1.2 perfect IP this week) and Brad Hand (1 HD but finally had himself a turd of a week after dominating all season). We all know Knebel’s injury history is far less than ideal.

Anthony Bass had 2 HD and didn’t allow a run. Still having a very strong year overall and is the #2 guy in that pen right now. What a world we live in.

Edwin Diaz just can’t stop won’t stop. Look at this line: 2.2 IP, 1 SV, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 7 K. That’s a 77.8 K%, and over a quarter of the time anyone swung (26.3%) they caught air.

Tanner Rainey sucked: 1.1 IP, 1 L, 1 BS, 3 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 2 BB, and 2 K. Oh well, bound to happen. Hope you didn’t panic drop.

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