I remember this time when I wanted to take a break away from my job as a fantasy analyst and travel the world.  I had decided to take a trip with my friend to Jamaica.  As you can imagine, I had totally lost myself in the vacation and no longer had those feelings of remorse for recommending Tyler O’Neill, Javy Baez, and Joey Votto.  It was a clean slate as I had gone a good 6 weeks without even a late night text to any of my old “crushes”.  As I returned to the States, I got back into my old habits of chasing last weeks’ hero or the new rookie call-up.  

It was this behavior that caused me to slip into bad habits and questioning everything that I thought I had learned alongside my Razzball breatherin (and sisterin).  Then, just like that, there was a collective “snap” and I remembered that I have this handy article every week to keep me in check and keep me prepared.  It was like I ” got my groove back”!  Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever been to Jamaica, and I am pretty sure that Whoopi Goldberg isn’t a friend of mine? 

Oh well, so this was all a terrible dream, and an even worse story!  Luckily for you, this weeks’ edition of Getting Ahead in Head to Head will help you get your groove back!

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Life was grand!  There we all were, chit-chatting/arguing, about who should be drafted when, and why.  Yes, fantasy baseball was just a simpler time before the actual games had started.  It was once said that Hope Springs Eternal, and with the beginning of anything, it reminds us that anything can happen, albeit unlikely.  That phrase speaks volumes for many of us because we all know that only 1 person can win their league, yet we all “hope” we can do it.  Byron Buxton should tattoo that saying across his body because even I remain optimistic that he can give us an MVP season with a clean bill of health.  While hope still remains, you will need to stay active because as we all know, you can hope in one hand and s#it in the other and see which fills first.  

On that lovely note, here is another installment of Getting Ahead in Head to Head for Week 6!

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The new Dr. Strange movie introduces us to the idea of being able to explore other universes, or multi-verse.  I sure wish I could take that idea and incorporate it into the ever changing paradigm of baseball.  For starters, there has to be a world where the use of performance enhancing drugs are actually healthy for us to use.  Like if you could eat a can of spinach and get stronger.  That would make for a really good movie!  I don’t know, I just miss the days where you could have an exit velocity of 110 mph with a launch angle of 20 degrees and not have the ball die at the warning track.  Clearly the pitchers don’t need anything like that, since 94% of all pitchers can throw 102.  Now, give me some of that healing juice to offset the inevitable TJS that comes with such velocity.  It would also be nice to have a universe where Byron Buxton stays healthy all season!  Ok, that might fracture the fragile multi-verse!  Maybe just 140 games…Baby steps. 

Why, you may ask, would we want to change the game that we love so much?  Well, for starters, I imagine the marketing dept for MLB is a room full of old white men who want to suck the fun out of everything.  The unwritten rules and all!  I can remember the buzz around StL when McGwire and Sosa were exchanging knock out blows….but I guess we would rather see the like of Edwin Jackson, Dallas Braden, and Phil Humber collect no-hitters like Pokeman cards. 

Oh well, maybe we will just have to settle for today’s game.  If we have to settle for that, then you have to settle for this next installment of Getting Ahead in Head to Head!  

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While it’s nice to get off to a good start with the matchups to exploit and some early SAGNOF, there is no reason to get a big head about things.  For every Jurickson Profar, there is a David Peralta waiting in the shadows to kick you in the nuts during your victory lap.  The lesson to be learned in stay humble and stay the course.  With this weeks’ assortment of delicious treats, we will follow the same method of taking all 200+ games and condensing the “need to know” items into one tangible morsel.  So grab a Beer, and lets Gio with Week 3!

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It is week 2 in your Head to Head battles and hopefully, last weeks’ nuggets were taken with a little bit of BBQ sauce, because they were bland.   I won’t claim to be clairvoyant, but with effort will come results!  Let’s keep with the program and grind away.  As with most H2H leagues, you could easily see that 9-1 win in Week 1 manifests into a 1-9 Week 2.  The key to coming out ahead are the small details.  Hopefully we look into the crystal ball and give each of you that edge that we all need.  I have found that in any game, there are certain “codes” to obtaining desired results.  When growing up, and even into “adulthood”, I have used 007-373-5963 as my code to success.  If you have any clue to the code, please give me a shout in the comments or @natemarcum.  Let’s get into “Getting Ahead in Head to Head”

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Welcome back my faithful reader(s) to another amazing season of Head to Head Fantasy Baseball talk!  It has been a grueling offseason full of CBA disputes, huge contracts, and in some cases (looking at you Conforto), no contracts.  Well, we wait no longer!  Opening Day has arrived and it is time to look ahead to the 1st full week of H2H baseball.  Last year, we walked, hand in hand, for 25+ weeks worth of players to target who may help you in each of the H2H categories.  Well this year is going to be a little different.  Yes, I still plan on giving out nuggets of H2H goodness as if I was a lifesize PEZ dispenser, but as the old adage goes, “Give a man a fishing pole and he will just get bored and end up at Chili’s”…or something like that.  

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The Fantasy Baseball Head to Head season is coming to an end.  We can all hope that it goes the way of some other amazing finishes, like MASH, Breaking Bad, and Parks and Rec.  I feel it is my sole responsibility to deliver the goods this week so that your Head to Head finish isn’t reminiscent of the final episode of Game of Thrones or Quantum Leap.  So Sam Beckett could have always lept back home, and he ultimately never did?  Huh?  That is the equivalent of Vlad Jr being forced to jump into the body of Matt Carpenter to get his batting average over the Mendoza mark, and never choose to return to his glorious MVP self.  Oh well.  

Contrary to other weeks, depending on your league format and assuming it isn’t a keeper-based league, you can now just drop any player that can’t help you, or won’t hurt you by your opponent adding them.  If you have a starter pitching on Wednesday or later, you can drop him after their start and move on to the next guy.  This weeks’ schedule is filled with tricks and treats that should help you gain an edge over your competitor if you can strike while the iron is hot.  And I am not using that reference as an homage to that garbage fest of a finale in Game of Thrones.  Don’t get me wrong, the show had to end, but it was as if the MLB condensed the entire playoffs into a game of Strat-O-Matic.  

So what can we look for in this final week?

9-Game Week: Cleveland (2-Double Headers)

8-Game Week: St. Louis & Chicago White Sox

5-Game Week: New York Mets & Boston 

Interleague Matchups

MIA @ TB. (MIA gains DH) 

BAL @ PHI  (BAL loses DH) – Monitor Anthony Santander

NYM @ BOS (NYM gains DH)

MINN @ CHC (MINN loses DH) – Monitor Josh Donaldson

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I can only assume that congratulations are in order if you are reading this.  The journey that we have been on this season has been a blast, and I am very fortunate to have you riding shotgun!  The road ahead is definitely not for the faint of heart, but the finish line is within sight!  

I once had been out with some friends and taking in some liquid courage, when a friend challenged me to a race.  Now, I have never been the fastest guy on Earth (I had the Molina-Esque speed), but had been exercising and felt a little spry…or it was the buckets of Captain Morgan that we had consumed.  Either way, I was feeling a little cocky and thought “what the hell”.  

Fast forward about two seconds and I am lying face-down on the concrete with instant regret and unknown knee pain.  No, the need didn’t buckle under my tremendous speed, it was the after-effect of tripping over the speed bump directly in front of me.  Yes, loyal readers, the speed bump is a metaphor for preparation.  Don’t just start sprinting into this weeks’ matchup!  Look around, or below you, and determine the best route or angle to victory.  

So without further ado, here are the tools needed to avoid those pesky speed bumps preventing victory!

Interleague Matchups:

Hou v Ari-Arizona will gain the DH 

Det v Mil-Mil will gain the DH

7-game weeks: Minn (Double-header), NYY, TB, HOU, TEX, SD, SF

5-game week: Mil

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The Playoffs have arrived, and if you are like me, the anxiety of making the wrong move is paralytic.  With that knowledge, trust in the fact that I have only steered you wrong on occasion.  Taking that a step further, at least I took us in a different direction that led to a fun destination.  This destination is the land of; Drop your bums and take advantage of the matchups. 

Yes, the idea of playing matchups has been my season-long approach, but it has even more impact during these do-or-die scenarios.  When it comes to Week 1 of the playoffs, there are a couple of interesting scenarios to focus on.

8-Game Schedule: Baltimore & Toronto play a doubleheader on Saturday.
5-Game Schedule: Arizona & San Diego-Fringe players can be eliminated from these two team
Interleague DH gains-Milwaukee & Arizona
Interleague DH losers-New York Yankees, Texas, Detroit, and Los Angeles Angels

So who are we adding for Week 1 of the Playoffs?

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It’s the final countdown!

Razzball friends and family, we are in the final week of most H2H leagues.  What a long strange trip it’s been?  Nate? What’s up with all the music references?  Some would say it’s because some are hearing the fat lady singing, but not us!  Not you!  If you have been following all year, we have had some really nice wins on the season.  Cedric Mullins, Robbie Grossman, Raimel Tapia, Robbie Ray, and countless others.  I am not trying to pat myself on the back, but it’s nice to have some W’s to go along with the L’s.

Are you fighting for that final playoff spot? Have you already punched your ticket into the playoffs?  Regardless, now is the time to fine-tune that fantasy team.  Take a look at your upcoming schedule and see if your opponent has been wiping the floor with offense or with pitching, and align your team to match their strengths or weaknesses.  If you happen to have a bye, look ahead two weeks and try to see which pitchers may have 2-starts, or if there are any matchups at Coors, etc.  

While it’s nice to look ahead, let’s not get carried away!  Here are the key players who will help you get ahead in H2H for Week 21!   

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Call it a Ponzi scheme, getting flimflammed, or good ole bamboozled.  All are terms that describe getting taken advantage of.  I can tell you for one, that there is no “guarantee” to prevent this from happening to you, but there are precautions that you can take to greatly reduce the chances.  Yes, it is pretty obvious that you shouldn’t send money to a Nigerian prince, or fall prey to the oddly thick-accented “IRS” agent willing to help you out of your upcoming lawsuit by sending him $200 in Chuck-E-Cheese giftcards.  People are looking to get ahead every day, and it is no different to fantasy baseballers (<–Grey's mom's term).  I am here to remind you, albeit 19 weeks too late, that signing up for Razzball's endless list of fantasy tools is the surefire way to avoid getting hoodwinked.  Don't get me wrong, you can get your resources from anywhere you want, and if you like finishing 3rd or worse, keep doing just that.  Simply click this link, and finish the season strong!

So without further ado, here is Week 20's Head to Head heroes with no chicanery!

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