If I was ever looking to control a key demographic of our articles, I believe the headline just reeled in all 16 of you!  For those of you that don’t have a clue what Saved By the Bell was a teen sitcom based around a group of high school friends.  These friends shared countless stories of heartbreak and humor and ultimately led to some amazing careers post recording.  The teen heart throb, Zach, has gone on to star in countless hits like Dead Man on Campus and Saved By the Bell: Hawaiian Style.  His love interest, Kelly Kapowski, was the first crush that many of us 40 year olds had growing up!  Vying for the love of Kelly opposite Zach was A.C. Slater.  A.C. was always cool, had some sick dance moves, and has led off for the Giants in his last 3 appearances vs LHP.  Oh wait, divergent stories!

That only leaves the most storied of career arcs stemming from this mega-hit of the 90’s.  First, there was Dustin Diamond, AKA Screech.  He was the annoying and nerdy best friend that was always willing to help out his best buddy Zach.  Despite all of Zach’s advice, Dustin Diamond decided to go from being in the middle of the Zach, Slater, and Kelly love triangle and enter his own love triangle, by appearing in a handful of pornos.  Speaking of near porno levels, we have the girlfriend that Slater would occasionally dump to chase Kelly, Jessie Spano. Jessie was the smartest girl in school and managed to land a gig dancing as a “Showgirl”, most likely paying for her tuition for Harvard Law.

So in a roundabout way, this riveting lesson on Saved Bell by the Bell should help you Get Ahead in Head In Week 14!

Keep in mind that this week is a combination of this weekend and next week’s games on most platforms.  If you happen to play in a league that counts each week separately, look for a different format.  I kid, I kid.  But seriously, with the All-Star Break behind us, and teams doing their best to set rotations and finesse the trade market, this next week is a pretty decent crap shoot!


What to look for!

  • Favorable Team Matchups
  • SPARP(S) Of The Week
  • R/L Matchups To Exploit

Favorable Team Matchups!

12 Games

DET (@OAK-double header/vMIN/vSD/@TOR)
HOU (vNYY-double header/@SEA/@OAK/vSEA)

11 Games

CLE (@CWS-double header/@BOS/@TB)
NYY (@HOU-double header/@BAL/@NYM/vKC)

8 Games

MIN (@DET-double header/@MIL/@SD)



Drew Rasmussen-SP/RP-TB (@KC/@BAL) (54% rostered in Yahoo)- Just a smidge over the 50% threshold, but if you are one of the lucky ones to have his available, run to the waivers.  Not only does Rasmussen get a solid two-start week, he appears to be totally past the hamstring injury.  For the month of July, he is carrying a solid 2.45 ERA, but it’s the 13.7% swinging strike rate that has me excited.  Yes, the Orioles have been hot, winning 8 of their last 10, but I expect Rasmussen to keep the solid innings churning like applesauce.

Mitch White-SP/RP-LAD (vSF/vWSH) (7% rostered in Yahoo)- This is totally dependent upon the Dodgers not making a trade to bolster their rotation.  If White gets the opportunity to start both of these games, I really like his chances for at least one win if not two.  Despite his most recent start against the Cardinals, White has been fairly solid since 6/1.  Add in the fact that both the Giants and the Nats have been bad on the road facing RHP and you have a recipe for success.  While both have been bad, they have been bad for different reasons.  The Giants, for starters, are 18th in runs scored vs RHP on the road since 6/1.  Add in the fact that during that span, they are striking out at a 27% clip and you have a solid start.  Pivot to the Nationals who have scored a measly 40 runs since 6/1 vs RHP away from Washington and it’s looking even juicier!


Josh Naylor, 1B/OF, CLE (38% rostered in Yahoo)- It feels odd to say this, but the Guardians are scheduled to play 11 games this period, with 10 of those scheduled to be against RHP.  Naylor has been pretty solid since the calendar flipped to July 6/4/6/.324.   Despite having just a couple of tough matchups vs Cease and Shane Mac, the rest of the week(s) are smooth sailing.  Just take a look at Naylor’s season on the road vs RHP and you see all the signs pointing towards a huge week (6/6/20/.333 in 83 PA vs RHP on the road)

Austin Slater, OF, SFG (7% rostered in Yahoo)- As I eluded to in the intro, Slater is just lined up for a solid couple of series over the next 11 days.  If we just look at his body of work over the past 14 days, we see a line of 10/0/5/.485. No, I don’t believe the .485 is sustainable.  Yes, I do believe that the fact that Slater has led off against LHP in each of the last three games is significant.  Give Austin a couple of appealing matchups against the D’Backs and the Cubs and I am very intrigued.

Josh Lowe, OF, TBR (7% rostered in Yahoo)- It’s about time for us to see the Josh Lowe that we were all expecting a couple of months ago.  The stars seem to be aligning this week as the Rays get a solid set of matchups against plenty of RHP.  Lowe, despite the rough start, has seen improvements in July.  He has cut his K% nearly in half, but is still seeking the power that we all covet.  Both the Royals and Orioles have seen starting pitchers a little more susceptible to the long ball since 6/1.  (Bal-1.0 HR/9.) (KC 1.5 HR/9)


Leody Taveras, OF, TEX (53% rostered in Yahoo)-  With the pace that Leodys is on, he should be rostered in closer to 70% or so.  This may be your last chance to acquire him, or it could be the clock striking midnight and him returning to the pumpkin that he has been in the past.  I, for one, have been one of the biggest fans of Taveras in the pre-season, and am thrilled that I finally am getting the production that he demonstrated in the winter league, and I hope you can enjoy it as well.  The Rangers are scheduled to face the Mariners and the Angels as part of their 11 game week, and the stolen bases have been generous against those two teams.  The Mariners have allowed the 8th most SB, and the Angels have allowed the most.  Let’s go!

Luis Rengifo, 2B/3B/SS/OF, LAA (3% rostered in Yaho0)- Rengifo is a sneaky little play this week.  The Angels have been the most generous to opposing base thieves, but the Rangers, who the Angels face four times, have allowed the 2nd most.  Rengifo is a pretty decent option not just for the SAGNOF this week, but also because he has played 26 straight and even hit as high as leadoff with Villar moving down the lineup.



Alexis Diaz, RP, CIN (14% rostered in Yahoo)- Pure speculation play or just a stash.  If the Reds deal Strickland, it sure could be in the works to see Edwin’s little brother get some work.  He has been magnificent.  Too bad the Reds haven’t been.

Kyle Finnegan, RP, WSH (16% rostered in Yahoo)-  With Rainey out, the next man up would be Finnegan. At this stage of the season, if you can lock up the closer on a team, you have to take advantage…regardless of how bad the team is.

Brett Martin, RP, TEX (39% rostered in Yahoo)-  Joe Barlow is on the IL and Martin has been the “safest” option in the 9th.  Let’s be honest, the Rangers bullpen is a mess, but for the time being, Martin appears to have the 9th.