Happy 4th of July to Everyone!  It is the nation’s Independence Day, but more importantly, it is the day I risk my digits for 500 grams of gundpowder magic!  Each year myself and a host of others gather at my house and compete in the neighborhood firework contest (there is no actual contest, just a local bragging rights of sort).  I guess the actual prize is that of no injury!  If you are keeping score, I do have whistlin’ bungholes, spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don’ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, and one single whistlin’ kitty chaser!  For all the “your pet hates them and subsequently hates you”, I am aware.  My precious Zoey is kept safe and happy away from all the chaos.

With the holiday upon us, there is always the chance that your leaguemates will get lost in libations and/or just forget that there are some quality plays this week that will Get You Ahead In Head To Head.  Here they are!


What to look for!

  • Favorable Team Matchups
  • SPARP(S) Of The Week
  • R/L Matchups To Exploit


Favorable Team Matchups

8 Games


6 Games


SPARP(S) Of The Week!


Ranger Suarez-SP/RP-PHI (vWSH/@STL) (50% rostered in Yahoo)- The good ole Double Dip!  Suarez is coming off of the best month of his 2022 season.  For the first time, he finished with a monthly ERA below 4.00, and limited opponents to a .248 average.  His matchups this week, the Nationals and the Cardinals aren’t the “looks good on paper” contests, but there’s reason for hope.  For starters, the Nationals have been atrocious vs LHP on the road for the past month.  Their .214 average ranks 27th in MLB, while their 11 total runs scored is 24th.  The Cardinals pose a different threat tho.  If you are able to sit him against StL, I might recommend that.  But, there could be a silver lining to the incredible numbers the Cardinals have put up over the past month v LHP.  The .457 average is very imposing, but it is inflated by a .519 BABIP.


Cal Quantrill-SP/RP-CLE (@DET/@KC) (49% rostered in Yahoo)-  Cal will pitch so nice, you should start him twice.  Especially when those two matchups are the Tigers and the Royals.  Quantrill’s biggest bug-a-boo has been his walks and HR’s, but luckily for him, he has two matchups that haven’t been worrisome in regards to the BB and HR as of late.  KC and DET both have sub 10% BB% on the season, but it’s the HR’s that I really want to elaborate upon.  In the month of June, the Tigers hit a total of only 4 HR vs RHP at home.  The Royals only hit 7 in the same scenario.  Those two teams ranked 26th and 28th respectively in the MLB.  I feel good that with some run support, Quantrill will be in line for 2 winnable matchups!


R/L Matchups to Exploit

Darick Hall, UT, PHI (1% rostered in Yahoo)-  Talk about starting your career off right!  Hall collected 2 HR as his 1st two hits of the season.  Hall has immediately been thrust into the cleanup role for the Phils and is in line for a potentially profitable week.  The Phillies will look to face all RHP this upcoming week, a tasty treat for a young lefty like Hall.  While it is pretty much assured that the K’s will present themselves, the power is legit.  I wish he had more than UT elig, but as Grey put it, he is the actual DH on a team full of “should-be” DH’s.


Tyler Naquin, OF, CIN (8% rostered in Yahoo)-  Naquin was sent for a rehab assignment on 6/30 and should be ready to rejoin the team in a perfect series of events!  For starters, he returns just in time for the valued 8-game week.  In addition to the 8 games, he gets the luxury of facing 7 RHP.  The icing on the cake is that all 8 games are to be played at GABP.  Yes, I am aware that he missed the entire month of June with a quad injury.  *I hope that the Reds know that “quad” injury is a body part, and not the number of weeks to miss?*. Regardless, Naquin has hit extremely well in limited time this season against RHP and could even give us some much-needed slam n legs.


Christian Walker, 1B, ARI (49% rostered in Yahoo)- I don’t exactly know how a player with 19 HR before the All-Star Break is under 50% rostered, but that just means you may have a chance to go grab him. Well, I probably do know the reason, and that is the .200 AVE.  Ok, so I get it, but hear me out. Walker and the D’Backs will play 7 games this week, with 4 of them coming against LHP.  Walker has hit 15 of his 19 against RHP (much larger sample), but has actually hit .281 vs LHP.  This is the week that I can see 2-3 HR with a .250 ave.



Jorge Mateo, OF, BAL (25% rostered in Yahoo)-  If there was ever a week that I would bet the house on a SB, it would be on Jorge Mateo.  Yes, I know you can’t steal 2nd or 3rd from the bench, but against the Rangers and the Angels, you may be able to.  Texas and LAA are 1st and 2nd in the MLB in SB’s allowed.  Both have allowed 57 on the season, and Mateo already has 19, despite a .247 OBP.  If you are reading this because you are in a points league H2H, you already know you can ignore the SBs, but categorically speaking, trust me!


Jarren Duran, OF, BOS (30% rostered in Yahoo)-  It doesn’t look like Duran is going to have to worry about missing any more games due to his vaccination status.  This week, the Sox will travel to Tampa and NY for 7 games.  Duran returned to his leadoff role in his 1st game back from the restricted list and looks like he will stay there for the immediate future.  The Rays have been more generous to thieves than Home Depot, and Duran will look to continue his recent trend of thefts (4 in 10 games in June).


SAGNOF (Part Deux)

Here are a few names that should be rostered, but more importantly, pay attention as the trade deadline is coming soon.  As teams like the A’s, Cubs, D’Backs, etc look to move their bullpen, target the next player up.  Our friend JKJ has great closer information, so pay attention to his charts and updates.  It’s much easier to grab a player before they take over the role.  Be proactive!


Seranthony Dominguez, RP, PHI (48% rostered in Yahoo)-  Has shown no signs of letting go of the 9th, despite him not being the “closer”. Hand hasn’t done much to loosen Seranthony’s grip either.

Tanner Scott, RP, MIA (43% rostered in Yahoo)-  Has been impressive as of late.  Recorded the W and 2-SV over the past 2 weeks.  Could be one of the players moved, pay attention.

Yerry de Los Santos, RP, PIT (1% rostered in Yahoo)-  Bednar complained a little about the back and recently took the BS, despite some fielding gaffes behind him.  If he does miss some time, I might look Yerrs’s direction.  I haven’t been impressed with Stratton as of late.

Hunter Strickland, RP, CIN (8% rostered in Yahoo)-  It’s the Reds.  Don’t trust anyone.  That being said, the Reds have shown a month-to-month closer trend.  Maybe June and July will be Hunters?


That wraps up Week 12.  Have a safe and fun 4th!  As always, hit me up @natemarcum with any questions!



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