MLBAMIDs for Active MLB Players

Below is the MLBAMIDs for all players who played in 2018 or are projected to play in 2019. Positions are based on 2019 eligibility.

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592091 A.J. Achter FA RP RP
669935 A.J. Alexy TEX SP SP
595918 A.J. Cole TOR RP RP
454560 A.J. Ellis FA C C
456167 A.J. Griffin FA SP SP
543362 A.J. Jimenez TEX C C
621487 A.J. Kennedy SD C C
607609 A.J. Ladwig DET SP SP
621345 A.J. Minter ATL RP RP
571963 A.J. Morris CIN RP RP
150229 A.J. Pierzynski FA C C
572041 A.J. Pollock LAD OF OF
643494 A.J. Puckett CHW SP SP
640462 A.J. Puk OAK SP SP
573109 A.J. Ramos FA RP RP
607223 A.J. Reed CHW 1B 1B
519263 A.J. Schugel FA RP RP
623510 A.J. Simcox DET SS SS
571437 Aaron Altherr FA OF OF
689577 Aaron Antonini STL
676681 Aaron Arruda FA 1B 1B
676879 Aaron Ashby MIL SP SP
502578 Aaron Barrett WSH RP RP
594760 Aaron Blair FA SP SP
670252 Aaron Bond SF OF OF
605156 Aaron Brooks FA SP SP
606939 Aaron Brown PHI RP RP
607481 Aaron Bummer CHW RP RP
650644 Aaron Civale CLE SP SP
663329 Aaron Cox FA RP RP
571628 Aaron Dott NYY
665707 Aaron Familia MIL 3B 3B
667465 Aaron Fletcher SEA RP RP
670579 Aaron Fossas CIN RP RP
669443 Aaron Hernandez LAA SP SP
543305 Aaron Hicks NYY OF OF
431094 Aaron Hill SF 2B 2B
592450 Aaron Judge NYY OF OF
669235 Aaron Knapp FA OF OF
594891 Aaron Kurcz OAK RP RP
669468 Aaron Leasher SD SP SP
571901 Aaron Loup TB RP RP
605400 Aaron Nola PHI SP SP
573062 Aaron Northcraft MIA RP RP
676634 Aaron Phillips SF SP SP
592717 Aaron Sanchez FA SP SP
670353 Aaron Schnurbusch FA OF OF
668845 Aaron Schunk COL 3B 3B
687823 Aaron Shackelford PIT 3B 3B
663336 Aaron Shortridge PIT SP SP
642083 Aaron Slegers TB RP RP
552676 Aaron West FA RP RP
664334 Aaron Whitefield MIN OF OF
658792 Aaron Wilkerson MIL RP RP
650605 Abdiel Saldana HOU SP SP
593582 Abel De Los Santos LAA RP RP
623214 Abiatal Avelino SF SS SS
672656 Abiezel Ramirez TB SS SS
501659 Abraham Almonte SD OF OF
674707 Abraham Lopez FA C C
666633 Abraham Rodriguez CHC OF OF
647351 Abraham Toro-Hernandez HOU 3B 3B
670868 Abrahan Gutierrez PHI C C
667692 Adalberto Carrillo WSH C C
606167 Adalberto Mejia CHW RP RP
609275 Adalberto Mondesi KC SS SS
670105 Adam Atkins MIN RP RP
665032 Adam Bray MIN SP SP
605179 Adam Choplick CHC RP RP
643256 Adam Cimber CLE RP RP
543045 Adam Conley MIA RP RP
594807 Adam Duvall ATL OF OF
594809 Adam Eaton WSH OF OF
641553 Adam Engel CHW OF OF
624428 Adam Frazier PIT 2B 2B
647228 Adam Hall BAL SS SS
656514 Adam Haseley PHI OF OF
663597 Adam Hill SEA SP SP
664102 Adam Hofacket LAA RP RP
430945 Adam Jones FA OF OF
680572 Adam Kloffenstein TOR SP SP
592473 Adam Kolarek LAD RP RP
665142 Adam Lau BOS RP RP
571893 Adam Liberatore FA RP RP
452252 Adam Lind NYY 1B 1B
429400 Adam Loewen FA RP RP
607030 Adam McCreery FA RP RP
446192 Adam Moore FA C C
605388 Adam Morgan PHI RP RP
670124 Adam Oller SF SP SP
493603 Adam Ottavino NYY RP RP
592644 Adam Plutko CLE SP SP
666081 Adam Quintana FA SP SP
605435 Adam Ravenelle DET RP RP
489267 Adam Rosales FA 2B 2B
681792 Adam Scott CLE SP SP
425794 Adam Wainwright STL SP SP
608724 Adam Walker FA OF OF
664941 Adam Walton FA SS SS
476589 Adam Warren FA RP RP
573244 Adam Wilk FA SP SP
640470 Adbert Alzolay CHC SP SP
678874 Addiel Matias WSH 3B 3B
592665 Addison Reed FA RP RP
676754 Addison Russ PHI RP RP
608365 Addison Russell FA 2B/SS 2B/SS
588751 Adeiny Hechavarria ATL 2B/SS 2B/SS/ 3B
642488 Ademar Rifaela FA OF OF
573669 Aderlin Rodriguez FA 3b 3b
682632 Adinso Reyes DET SS SS
668939 Adley Rutschman BAL C C
666969 Adolis Garcia TEX OF OF
642472 Adonis De La Cruz NYY RP RP
678732 Adonis Figuereo DET OF OF
611177 Adonis Garcia ATL OF OF
677589 Adonis Giron HOU OF OF
658431 Adonis Medina PHI SP SP
650738 Adonis Rosa NYY RP RP
642637 Adonis Uceta NYM RP RP
672869 Adrian Antunez FA OF OF
134181 Adrian Beltre FA 3B 3B
641506 Adrian De Horta LAA SP SP
678298 Adrian Del Moral ARI SP SP
408236 Adrian Gonzalez FA 1B 1B
612973 Adrian Gutierrez FA C C
605288 Adrian Houser MIL SP SP
546997 Adrian Marin FA SS SS
661309 Adrian Martinez SD RP RP
670970 Adrian Morejon SD RP RP
543589 Adrian Nieto CIN C C
681558 Adrian Ramos TOR OF OF
660632 Adrian Rondon LAA SS SS
592716 Adrian Sampson FA SP SP
506703 Adrian Sanchez WSH 2b 2b
668210 Adrian Tovalin FA 3B 3B
650832 Adrian Valerio PIT SS SS
518545 Adron Chambers PHI
672361 Agustin Ruiz SD OF OF
681942 Aiden McIntyre OAK SP SP
682864 Aiverson Rodriguez COL SS SS
664690 AJ Graffanino ATL SS SS
663529 AJ Lee HOU SS SS
592570 Akeel Morris FA RP RP
641384 Akeem Bostick STL SP SP
668731 Akil Baddoo MIN OF OF
456379 Al Alburquerque TOR RP RP
641427 Alan Busenitz FA RP RP
670409 Alan Crowley FA C C
587275 Alan Espinoza FA C C
664739 Alan Garcia FA OF OF
669909 Alan Marrero BOS C C
683013 Alan Mejia NYY OF OF
660604 Alan Rangel ATL SP SP
676701 Alan Trejo COL 2B 2B
667605 Alay Lago FA 3b 3b
676293 Albee Weiss MIN OF OF
678910 Alberis Ferrer MIL SS SS
672892 Alberoni Nunez DET OF OF
656061 Albert Abreu NYY SP SP
546991 Albert Almora Jr. CHC OF OF
678909 Albert Avila OAK OF OF
682765 Albert Feliz BOS OF OF
665911 Albert Guaimaro MIA OF OF
685718 Albert Inoa STL 2B 2B
680858 Albert Jerez PHI SS SS
405395 Albert Pujols LAA 1B 1B
544150 Albert Suarez FA RP RP
672766 Albert Suarez LAD SS SS
594021 Alberth Martinez FA OF OF
622482 Alberti Chavez CIN 2b 2b
593604 Alberto Baldonado FA RP RP
678902 Alberto Figuereo TB 2B 2B
471868 Alberto Gonzalez DET
660674 Alberto Guerrero MIA SP SP
600931 Alberto Mineo FA C C
679754 Alberto Rodriguez TOR OF OF
451705 Alberto Rosario ARI C C
610143 Alberto Tirado FA RP RP
600982 Alberto Triunfel FA SS SS
444876 Alcides Escobar FA SS SS
664757 Aldemar Burgos FA OF OF
672479 Aldenis Sanchez TB OF OF
665852 Aldo Espinoza LAD 2B 2B
670538 Aldo Ovando TOR OF OF
680048 Aldo Ramirez BOS SP SP
625506 Aldrem Corredor WSH OF OF
680884 Aldrich De Jongh LAD OF OF
594742 Alec Asher MIN RP RP
676424 Alec Bettinger MIL SP SP
664761 Alec Bohm PHI 3B 3B
641662 Alec Hansen CHW RP RP
657636 Alec Keller WSH OF OF
656608 Alec Kenilvort MIL RP RP
663988 Alec Kisena NYM SP SP
679525 Alec Marsh KC SP SP
621219 Alec Mills CHC SP SP
649557 Aledmys Diaz HOU 1B/2B 1B/2B/ SS/3B
608591 Alejandro Arteaga FA SP SP
591701 Alejandro Chacin FA RP RP
457477 Alejandro De Aza MIN OF OF
665701 Alejandro Garcia FA OF OF
657631 Alejandro Juvier FA 2b 2b
672386 Alejandro Kirk TOR C C
677930 Alejandro Marte MIL OF OF
682636 Alejandro Pie TB SS SS
650518 Alejandro Requena PHI SP SP
650362 Alejandro Salazar ATL SS SS
664670 Alejo Lopez CIN 2b 2b
677950 Alek Thomas ARI OF OF
593700 Alen Hanson SEA 2B 2B/OF
488671 Alex Avila MIN C C
643222 Alex Blackford FA SP SP
607468 Alex Blandino CIN SS SS
608324 Alex Bregman HOU SS/3B SS/3B
669743 Alex Call CLE OF OF
543008 Alex Castellanos FA
592222 Alex Claudio MIL RP RP
502171 Alex Cobb BAL SP SP
517008 Alex Colome CHW RP RP
621008 Alex De Goti HOU SS SS
682942 Alex De Jesus LAD SS SS
604596 Alex Delgado FA SP SP
656369 Alex Destino CHW OF OF
543105 Alex Dickerson SF OF OF
668671 Alex Dunlap WSH C C
676341 Alex Eubanks TEX SP SP
656412 Alex Faedo DET SP SP
676891 Alex Fagalde STL SP SP
460086 Alex Gordon KC OF OF
673064 Alex Hall MIL C C
681901 Alex Holderbach HOU C C
656577 Alex Jackson ATL OF OF
681951 Alex Junior NYY OF OF
621355 Alex Katz BAL RP RP
682207 Alex King ARI 3B 3B
666135 Alex Kirilloff MIN OF OF
657644 Alex Klonowski LAA SP SP
656631 Alex Kowalczyk TEX C C
656638 Alex Lange DET SP SP
499926 Alex Liddi FA
676662 Alex Manasa PIT SP SP
665173 Alex McKenna HOU OF OF
656725 Alex McRae CHW SP SP
622270 Alex Mejia STL SS SS
543542 Alex Meyer LAA SP SP
570479 Alex Monsalve TOR C C
643465 Alex Murphy FA C C
664894 Alex Perez FA 2b 2b
641974 Alex Phillips MIN RP RP
641988 Alex Powers CIN RP RP
502100 Alex Presley BAL OF OF
621052 Alex Reyes STL RP RP
675970 Alex Robles FA 3B 3B
121347 Alex Rodriguez FA DH DH
669085 Alex Scherff BOS SP SP
666208 Alex Speas TEX SP SP
675960 Alex Troop WSH SP SP
657077 Alex Verdugo BOS OF OF
681911 Alex Vesia MIA RP RP
649144 Alex Wells BAL SP SP
543935 Alex Wilson DET RP RP
592872 Alex Wimmers FA RP RP
664107 Alex Winkelman HOU SP SP
622072 Alex Wood LAD SP SP
608730 Alex Yarbrough MIA 2b 2b
622065 Alex Young ARI SP SP
650890 Alexander Alvarez MIL C C
672744 Alexander Canario SF OF OF
678597 Alexander Guerra CHC C C
642565 Alexander Guillen COL RP RP
672475 Alexander Hernandez ARI SS SS
683549 Alexander Mojica PIT 3B 3B
678900 Alexander Ovalles TEX OF OF
620444 Alexander Palma MIL OF OF
672807 Alexander Samuel FA OF OF
658744 Alexander Vargas CHC SP SP
683061 Alexander Vargas NYY SS SS
669805 Alexander Vizcaino NYY SP SP
506560 Alexi Amarista PHI OF OF
468396 Alexi Ogando FA RP RP
663406 Alexis Olmeda LAA C C
656822 Alexis Pantoja CLE SS SS
640485 Alexis Rivero PHI RP RP
666145 Alexis Torres BAL 2B 2B
656029 Alexis Wilson STL C C
663845 Alfonso Rivas OAK 1B 1B
621591 Alfred Gutierrez SF SP SP
666777 Alfredo Angarita FA SS SS
666810 Alfredo Balbuena TB 2B 2B
622199 Alfredo Escalera-Maldonado FA OF OF
554054 Alfredo Gonzalez CHW C C
501245 Alfredo Marte LAA OF OF
602112 Alfredo Reyes FA SS SS
670895 Alfredo Rodriguez CIN SS SS
645305 Ali Sanchez NYM C C
455378 Ali Solis CHC C C
672355 Alison Quintero SD C C
678323 Allan Cerda CIN OF OF
642707 Allen Cordoba SD
501800 Allen Craig SD 1B 1B
677061 Allen Smoot FA 1B 1B
543903 Allen Webster FA RP RP
674610 Alvaro Gonzalez FA 3B 3B
677572 Alvaro Gonzalez DET SS SS
676011 Alvaro Montero MIA 2B 2B
682581 Alvaro Rubalcaba LAA SS SS
661099 Alvaro Seijas STL RP RP
682630 Alvin Guzman ARI OF OF
658535 Amado Nunez CHW SS SS
672457 Amador Arias TB SS SS
642708 Amed Rosario NYM SS SS
683464 Amell Brazoban TOR OF OF
677576 Amin Valdez LAD 2B 2B
607237 Amir Garrett CIN RP RP
664329 Anderson Bohorquez NYM OF OF
672624 Anderson Comas CHW OF OF
659262 Anderson Espinoza SD RP RP
672833 Anderson Melendez MIL OF OF
663402 Anderson Miller KC OF OF
606198 Anderson Polanco CLE RP RP
644429 Anderson Severino NYY RP RP
660731 Anderson Tejeda TEX SS SS
676665 Andre Colon BOS SS SS
664846 Andre Davis CHW SP SP
444843 Andre Ethier LAD OF OF
656578 Andre Jackson LAD SP SP
686531 Andre Lipcius DET 2B 2B
516589 Andre Rienzo SD RP RP
668687 Andre Scrubb HOU RP RP
592743 Andrelton Simmons LAA SS SS
660437 Andres Angulo SF C C
433217 Andres Blanco MIL 2B 2B
665953 Andres Chaparro NYY 3b 3b
678873 Andres Gari BOS C C
665926 Andres Gimenez NYM SS SS
662928 Andres Guerra TOR C C
650880 Andres Luna STL OF OF
600921 Andres Machado KC RP RP
661150 Andres Martin FA OF OF
678487 Andres Melendez CLE C C
682887 Andres Monzon HOU OF OF
662253 Andres Munoz SD RP RP
666685 Andres Regnault NYM C C
519246 Andres Santiago ATL SP SP
666005 Andres Sotillet KC SP SP
622807 Andres Sotillo FA C C
641288 Andres Sthormes FA C C
400083 Andres Torres SEA
650957 Andretty Cordero TEX 3b 3b
452027 Andrew Albers FA RP RP
545331 Andrew Aplin FA OF OF
457732 Andrew Bailey FA RP RP
502373 Andrew Barbosa FA RP RP
657510 Andrew Bechtold MIN 3B 3B
643217 Andrew Benintendi BOS OF OF
669153 Andrew Brown PHI SP SP
672849 Andrew Caraballo SF 2B 2B
647188 Andrew Case TOR RP RP
488768 Andrew Cashner FA SP SP
605177 Andrew Chafin ARI RP RP
641455 Andrew Church NYM SP SP
669898 Andrew Daschbach BAL 1B 1B
643294 Andrew Edwards FA SP SP
657568 Andrew Ely FA SS SS
605226 Andrew Faulkner FA RP RP
679765 Andrew Fregia BAL SS SS
571760 Andrew Heaney LAA SP SP
595995 Andrew Istler LAD RP RP
552640 Andrew Kittredge TB RP RP
595284 Andrew Knapp PHI C C
668800 Andrew Knizner STL C C
518911 Andrew Lambo OAK OF OF
622230 Andrew Lee WSH SP SP
457705 Andrew McCutchen PHI OF OF
605374 Andrew McKirahan CIN RP RP
453192 Andrew Miller STL RP RP
621058 Andrew Moore FA SP SP
656762 Andrew Morales STL RP RP
680938 Andrew Moritz ATL OF OF
680970 Andrew Perez CHW RP RP
681555 Andrew Politi BOS RP RP
621416 Andrew Pullin PHI 2b 2b
461865 Andrew Romine CHW SS SS
665321 Andrew Schwaab NYY RP RP
621127 Andrew Sopko TOR SP SP
664057 Andrew Stevenson WSH OF OF
605498 Andrew Suarez SF SP SP
572180 Andrew Susac PIT C C
657042 Andrew Thome HOU RP RP
592806 Andrew Thurman FA SP SP
592808 Andrew Toles LAD OF OF
592811 Andrew Triggs SF SP SP
677069 Andrew Turner MIA 2B 2B
607755 Andrew Vasquez MIN RP RP
683734 Andrew Vaughn CHW 1B 1B
623205 Andrew Velazquez CLE SS SS
681806 Andrew Wantz LAA SP SP
682264 Andrew Warner STL OF OF
656345 Andro Cutura MIN SP SP
655316 Andruw Monasterio CLE SS SS
678357 Andry Arias WSH OF OF
524349 Andury Acevedo ARI RP RP
542992 Andy Burns TOR 2B 2B
665141 Andy Cox CIN RP RP
650714 Andy Diaz FA OF OF
688585 Andy Fisher CIN RP RP
628451 Andy Ibanez TEX 2b 2b
501989 Andy Oliver MIL RP RP
681624 Andy Pages LAA OF OF
656014 Andy Pineda FA OF OF
650443 Andy Sugilio CIN 3b 3b
681581 Andy Weber CHC SS SS
519421 Andy Wilkins ATL 1B 1B
647378 Andy Yerzy ARI C C
670370 Andy Young ARI 2b 2b
606477 Aneury Tavarez BOS
656008 Aneurys Zabala CIN RP RP
622365 Anfernee Benitez ARI RP RP
624505 Anfernee Grier ARI OF OF
667686 Angel Acevedo SD SP SP
622758 Angel Aguilar NYY SS SS
672749 Angel Aponte TEX OF OF
678781 Angel Basabe PIT OF OF
594092 Angel Chavarin FA C C
682881 Angel Cruz DET 2B 2B
652669 Angel Erro FA 2b 2b
683556 Angel Geraldo WSH SS SS
642549 Angel German PIT RP RP
683395 Angel Gomez BAL OF OF
672657 Angel Lopez TB 2B 2B
676698 Angel Lopez Alvarez CLE C C
660523 Angel Manzanarez NYM 2b 2b
682657 Angel Martinez CLE SS SS
665858 Angel Medina FA 3B 3B
630029 Angel Moreno STL OF OF
553970 Angel Nesbitt DET RP RP
622266 Angel Ortega MIL SS SS
660689 Angel Padron BOS RP RP
434636 Angel Pagan FA OF OF
622780 Angel Perdomo MIL RP RP
622580 Angel Reyes FA C C
678876 Angel Rojas NYY SS SS
667373 Angel Rondon STL SP SP
605795 Angel Sanchez FA RP RP
678222 Angel Solarte SD OF OF
606226 Angel Ventura MIL SP SP
613546 Angelo Castellano KC 3b 3b
683649 Angeudis Santos MIA SS SS
434671 Anibal Sanchez WSH SP SP
671242 Anibal Sierra HOU SS SS
546990 Anthony Alford TOR OF OF
607455 Anthony Banda TB RP RP
542914 Anthony Bass TOR RP RP
621532 Anthony Bemboom LAA C C
621593 Anthony Castro DET SP SP
669638 Anthony Churlin OAK OF OF
672741 Anthony Coronado CHW OF OF
543101 Anthony DeSclafani CIN SP SP
665089 Anthony Dimino FA C C
650702 Anthony Dirocie NYM OF OF
682808 Anthony Espinoza CHW 2B 2B
517529 Anthony Fernandez DET SP SP
571685 Anthony Garcia LAD OF OF
543238 Anthony Gose CLE OF OF
650854 Anthony Jimenez FA OF OF
641743 Anthony Kay TOR SP SP
661333 Anthony Marzi MIN SP SP
664999 Anthony McIver MIN RP RP
664970 Anthony Miller FA 1B 1B
664948 Anthony Misiewicz SEA SP SP
645300 Anthony Pereira FA SS SS
663703 Anthony Peroni WSH C C
521811 Anthony Phillips COL SS SS
668791 Anthony Prato MIN 2B 2B
519168 Anthony Ranaudo FA SP SP
489232 Anthony Recker ARI C C
543685 Anthony Rendon LAA 3B 3B
519203 Anthony Rizzo CHC 1B 1B
661377 Anthony Rodriguez FA 3b 3b
623993 Anthony Santander BAL OF OF
678011 Anthony Seigler NYY C C
670651 Anthony Shew STL SP SP
461872 Anthony Swarzak PHI RP RP
679515 Anthony Valenzuela NYY OF OF
457786 Anthony Vasquez ARI SP SP
670112 Anthony Villa FA 1B 1B
622415 Anthony Vizcaya MIN RP RP
663858 Antoine Duplantis NYM OF OF
677602 Antoni Flores BOS SS SS
660626 Antonio Arias NYY OF OF
455374 Antonio Bastardo FA RP RP
679737 Antonio Cabello NYY OF OF
672598 Antonio Hernandez LAD SP SP
657701 Antonio Nunez HOU SS SS
665836 Antonio Pinero MIL SS SS
663574 Antonio Santillan CIN SP SP
665733 Antonio Santos COL SP SP
622608 Antonio Senzatela COL SP SP
642667 Anyelo Gomez FA RP RP
597772 Anyelo Leclerc FA SP SP
672716 Anyesber Sivira SF SS SS
666620 Aramis Ademan CHC SS SS
605244 Aramis Garcia SF C C/1B
681832 Arbert Cipion MIL OF OF
455376 Arcenio Leon FA RP RP
605151 Archie Bradley ARI RP RP
641938 Arden Pabst PIT C C
656196 Argenis Angulo CLE RP RP
554374 Ariel Hernandez FA RP RP
642558 Ariel Jurado TEX SP SP
664641 Ariel Miranda FA SP SP
642734 Ariel Montesino ATL SS SS
628366 Ariel Sandoval FA OF OF
570489 Arismendy Alcantara LAA OF OF
606157 Aristides Aquino CIN OF OF
593755 Armando Araiza FA C C
633831 Armando Rivero ATL RP RP
669702 Armani Smith SF OF OF
657066 Armond Upshaw WSH OF OF
642511 Arnaldo Hernandez KC SP SP
527055 Arodys Vizcaino FA RP RP
547973 Aroldis Chapman NYY RP RP
542664 Aroni Nina FA RP RP
491708 Arquimedes Caminero NYM RP RP
672720 Arquimedes Cumana MIA 1B 1B
660614 Arquimedes Gamboa PHI SS SS
543021 Art Charles FA 1B 1B
605521 Art Warren SEA RP RP
592499 Artie Lewicki ARI SP SP
679552 Arturo Guerrero SEA OF OF
622692 Arturo Michelena FA 2b 2b
602136 Arturo Nieto SD C C
642007 Arturo Reyes TEX SP SP
585133 Arturo Rodriguez FA C C
621705 Arvicent Perez DET C C
661313 Asael Sanchez FA OF OF
672700 Asdrubal Alvarez NYY 2B 2B
452678 Asdrubal Cabrera WSH 2B/3B 2B/3B
592879 Asher Wojciechowski BAL SP SP
624872 Ashley Graeter FA C C
689328 Ashton Creal CIN OF OF
623485 Ashton Goudeau COL SP SP
572208 Ashur Tolliver FA RP RP
542233 Audry Perez BAL C C
667398 Austen Wade CLE OF OF
657117 Austen Williams WSH RP RP
613534 Austin Adams SEA RP RP
542866 Austin Adams MIN RP RP
664119 Austin Allen OAK C C
605131 Austin Barnes LAD C C
675648 Austin Beck OAK OF OF
676640 Austin Bernard COL C C
502212 Austin Bibens-Dirkx TEX SP SP
664866 Austin Bossart NYM C C
592169 Austin Brice BOS RP RP
656276 Austin Bush FA 1B 1B
656280 Austin Byler ARI 1B 1B
643261 Austin Coley PIT SP SP
680735 Austin Cox KC SP SP
607207 Austin Davidson WSH 3b 3b
656354 Austin Davis PHI RP RP
621573 Austin Dean STL OF 1B/OF
656362 Austin DeCarr NYY RP RP
681967 Austin Dennis HOU OF OF
682200 Austin Drury LAD RP RP
676277 Austin Filiere FA 3B 3B
669140 Austin Franklin TB SP SP
596295 Austin Gomber STL SP SP
643337 Austin Green DET C C
677366 Austin Hamilton LAD SP SP
667712 Austin Hansen HOU SP SP
669720 Austin Hays BAL OF OF
595978 Austin Hedges SD C C
572934 Austin House FA RP RP
676816 Austin Hutchison FA SP SP
457706 Austin Jackson FA OF OF
677222 Austin Krzeminski LAA RP RP
676730 Austin Listi PHI 1B 1B
545348 Austin Maddox BOS RP RP
664721 Austin Mason ARI RP RP
670041 Austin McGeorge NYM SP SP
640457 Austin Meadows TB OF OF
670442 Austin Moore COL RP RP
543592 Austin Nola SEA 1B C/1B/ 2B
670279 Austin O’Banion FA OF OF
643493 Austin Pruitt HOU RP RP
623300 Austin Rei BOS C C
663586 Austin Riley ATL OF 1B/3B/ OF
605444 Austin Robichaux FA SP SP
519222 Austin Romine DET C C
668853 Austin Shenton SEA 3B 3B
596103 Austin Slater SF OF 1B/OF
663930 Austin Smith SD RP RP
664971 Austin Sodders DET SP SP
657067 Austin Upshaw FA 1B 1B
608723 Austin Voth WSH SP SP
677369 Austin Warner STL SP SP
534909 Austin Wates MIA OF OF
642851 Austin Wynns BAL C C
621025 Avery Romero COL 2b 2b
666169 Avery Tuck DET OF OF
686830 Avery Weems CHW SP SP
541645 Avisail Garcia MIL OF OF
672533 Axel Aleixo FA OF OF
672847 Axel Andueza ARI C C
625439 B.J. Lopez MIA C C
641457 Bailey Clark CHC RP RP
663559 Bailey Falter PHI SP SP
641927 Bailey Ober MIN SP SP
592120 Barrett Astin FA RP RP
608627 Barrett Barnes FA OF OF
446264 Barry Enright ARI SP SP
112526 Bartolo Colon FA SP SP
572679 Beau Amaral FA OF OF
682092 Beau Branton SEA 2B 2B
663555 Beau Brundage TB OF OF
663366 Beau Burrows DET SP SP
685121 Beau Philip ATL SS SS
676641 Beau Sulser PIT SP SP
607333 Beau Taylor CLE C C
664583 Beder Gutierrez FA OF OF
660679 Beicker Mendoza SF OF OF
679701 Ben Aklinski PHI OF OF
676843 Ben Bengtson FA 3B 3B
641386 Ben Bowden COL RP RP
659070 Ben Bracewell OAK RP RP
664069 Ben Braymer WSH SP SP
641393 Ben Breazeale BAL C C
676962 Ben Brown PHI SP SP
641512 Ben Deluzio ARI OF OF
592325 Ben Gamel MIL OF OF
621294 Ben Heller NYY RP RP
592411 Ben Holmes LAD SP SP
594902 Ben Lively ARI RP RP
681823 Ben Madison SF RP RP
656738 Ben Meyer MIA RP RP
657433 Ben Moore FA C C
572019 Ben Paulsen MIN 1B 1B
647311 Ben Pelletier PHI OF OF
519184 Ben Revere TEX OF OF
677025 Ben Rodriguez MIN C C
666163 Ben Rortvedt MIN C C
594985 Ben Rowen ATL RP RP
670352 Ben Ruta NYY OF OF
670044 Ben Sheckler SD RP RP
664701 Ben Taylor CLE RP RP
670075 Ben Wright CHW RP RP
665072 Ben Yokley STL RP RP
450314 Ben Zobrist FA 2B 2B/OF
543232 Benji Gonzalez FA SS SS
607673 Bennett Parry FA SP SP
656986 Bennett Sousa CHW RP RP
686397 Benyamin Bailey CHW OF OF
676909 Bernabe Camargo FA SS SS
641576 Bernardo Flores CHW SP SP
623148 Bijan Rademacher FA OF OF
542993 Billy Burns NYY OF OF
456714 Billy Butler NYY DH DH
676623 Billy Cooke SEA OF OF
659003 Billy Fleming FA 2b 2b
571740 Billy Hamilton SF OF OF
676737 Billy Lescher DET RP RP
641856 Billy McKinney TOR OF 1B/OF
676833 Billy Oxford NYM RP RP
657128 Billy Wilson CLE OF OF
622196 BJ Boyd FA OF OF
678837 Bladimir Restituyo COL 2B 2B
430641 Blaine Boyer FA RP RP
688760 Blaine Crim TEX 1B 1B
543278 Blaine Hardy MIN RP RP
667421 Blaine Knight BAL SP SP
656863 Blaine Prescott FA 2b 2b
664857 Blake Allemand MIL 2b 2b
664194 Blake Bass TEX RP RP
676732 Blake Battenfield CHW SP SP
656237 Blake Bivens TB SP SP
664977 Blake Cederlind PIT RP RP
656383 Blake Drake STL OF OF
675448 Blake Hunt SD C C
503351 Blake Lalli ARI 1B 1B
453284 Blake Parker PHI RP RP
663368 Blake Perkins KC OF OF
594959 Blake Perry FA RP RP
669690 Blake Rivera SF SP SP
664101 Blake Rogers SD RP RP
666164 Blake Rutherford CHW OF OF
666165 Blake Sabol PIT OF OF
544930 Blake Smith CHW RP RP
605483 Blake Snell TB SP SP
596119 Blake Swihart TEX C C/OF
642130 Blake Taylor HOU RP RP
669723 Blake Tiberi NYM 3b 3b
664167 Blake Trahan CIN SS SS
595014 Blake Treinen LAD RP RP
676620 Blake Weiman PIT RP RP
502028 Blake Wood FA RP RP
669416 Blayne Enlow MIN SP SP
677942 Blaze Alexander ARI SS SS
676632 Bligh Madris PIT OF OF
666182 Bo Bichette TOR SS SS
666310 Bo Naylor CLE C C
544759 Bo Schultz FA RP RP
649963 Bo Takahashi ARI RP RP
657444 Bo Way LAA OF OF
656252 Bobby Bradley CLE DH 1B
666915 Bobby Dalbec BOS 3b 3b
656551 Bobby Honeyman SEA 3B 3B
489039 Bobby LaFromboise FA RP RP
458730 Bobby Parnell FA RP RP
596074 Bobby Poyner BOS RP RP
592833 Bobby Wahl MIL RP RP
665069 Bobby Wernes FA 3b 3b
435064 Bobby Wilson FA C C
677951 Bobby Witt Jr. KC SS SS
607100 Boo Vazquez FA OF OF
621471 Boog Powell CIN OF OF
457429 Boone Logan FA RP RP
670102 Bowden Francis MIL SP SP
502202 Brad Boxberger MIA RP RP
542960 Brad Brach NYM RP RP
681902 Brad Case PIT SP SP
643329 Brad Goldberg FA RP RP
543272 Brad Hand CLE RP RP
641745 Brad Keller KC SP SP
665290 Brad Kuntz MIL RP RP
623490 Brad Markey FA SP SP
543543 Brad Miller STL 3B 2B/3B/ OF
502166 Brad Mills SEA SP SP
502748 Brad Peacock HOU SP SP
623364 Brad Wieck CHC RP RP
681865 Brad Wilson TOR RP RP
446899 Brad Ziegler ARI RP RP
650531 Brad Zunica SD 1B 1B
623323 Braden Bishop SEA OF OF
668754 Braden Bristo NYY RP RP
669699 Braden Shewmake ATL SS SS
640463 Braden Shipley KC RP RP
543266 Bradin Hagens ARI RP RP
605548 Bradley Zimmer CLE OF OF
656184 Brady Aiken CLE RP RP
595873 Brady Anderson MIN SP SP
667247 Brady Conlan CHW 3b 3b
607170 Brady Dragmire FA SP SP
621399 Brady Feigl SD RP RP
656416 Brady Feigl OAK SP SP
621078 Brady Lail CHW RP RP
670149 Brady Policelli DET C C
657252 Brady Puckett MIA SP SP
572086 Brady Rodgers BAL RP RP
663903 Brady Singer KC SP SP
669180 Braeden Ogle PIT SP SP
543750 Braeden Schlehuber ATL C C
678658 Braian Fernandez WSH OF OF
678792 Brailin Pena CHC OF OF
666622 Brailyn Marquez CHC SP SP
682900 Brainer Bonaci BOS SS SS
621437 Bralin Jackson FA OF OF
642362 Brallan Perez FA 2b 2b
670444 Branden Boggetto FA 2B 2B
571858 Branden Kline BAL RP RP
572038 Branden Pinder LAA RP RP
678841 Brandol Mezquita ATL OF OF
450315 Brandon Allen CIN 1B 1B
669064 Brandon Bailey HOU SP SP
656210 Brandon Barker MIA SP SP
488681 Brandon Barnes FA OF OF
545404 Brandon Beachy FA SP SP
641351 Brandon Bednar FA 2b 2b
474832 Brandon Belt SF 1B 1B/OF
676773 Brandon Benson FA OF OF
656232 Brandon Bielak HOU SP SP
592165 Brandon Brennan SEA RP RP
641404 Brandon Brosher FA C C
543063 Brandon Crawford SF SS SS
592238 Brandon Cumpton TOR RP RP
594792 Brandon Cunniff FA RP RP
641525 Brandon Dixon DET 1B/OF 1B/OF
605213 Brandon Downes FA OF OF
592273 Brandon Drury TOR 3B/OF 1B/2B/ SS/3B/ OF
641536 Brandon Dulin CHW 1B 1B
605232 Brandon Finnegan CIN SP SP
641620 Brandon Gold COL SP SP
677826 Brandon Grudzielanek FA 3B 3B
446386 Brandon Guyer FA OF OF
680914 Brandon Howlett BOS 3B 3B
445213 Brandon Kintzler MIA RP RP
669946 Brandon Lawson TB SP SP
434181 Brandon League KC P P
605335 Brandon Leibrandt PHI SP SP
686781 Brandon Lewis LAD 3B 3B
678376 Brandon Linares TEX OF OF
663604 Brandon Lockridge NYY OF OF
620995 Brandon Lopez FA SS SS
664040 Brandon Lowe TB 2B 1B/2B/ OF
448167 Brandon Mann TEX RP RP
669016 Brandon Marsh LAA OF OF
543506 Brandon Maurer FA RP RP
435221 Brandon McCarthy FA SP SP
669732 Brandon Miller MIA SP SP
670417 Brandon Montgomery LAD 2b 2b
453344 Brandon Morrow CHC RP RP
461235 Brandon Moss OAK 1B 1B
607043 Brandon Nimmo NYM OF OF
408252 Brandon Phillips FA 2B 2B
676998 Brandon Polizzi FA OF OF
663350 Brandon Riley STL OF OF
474319 Brandon Snyder FA 1B 1B
670115 Brandon Van Horn SF SS SS
657078 Brandon Vicens CHC OF OF
661311 Brandon Villarreal FA OF OF
663399 Brandon Waddell PIT SP SP
643590 Brandon Wagner NYY 1B 1B
669155 Brandon White LAA OF OF
605540 Brandon Woodruff MIL SP SP
519443 Brandon Workman BOS RP RP
681614 Branfiel Concepcion COL OF OF
682638 Branlyn Jaraba MIL 3B 3B
656395 Brannon Easterling CHW SP SP
664009 Brantley Bell CIN 3b 3b
542316 Braulio Lara WSH RP RP
670877 Braulio Vasquez ATL 2B 2B
677952 Braxton Ashcraft PIT SP SP
656352 Braxton Davidson ATL OF OF
666129 Braxton Garrett MIA SP SP
657658 Braxton Lee NYM OF OF
664097 Braxton Martinez FA 3B 3B
678394 Brayan Bello BOS SP SP
683454 Brayan Buelvas OAK OF OF
672759 Brayan Gonzalez PHI 2B 2B
659910 Brayan Hernandez MIA OF OF
665635 Brayan Jimenez NYY 2B 2B
681628 Brayan Mancilla CHC C C
657243 Brayan Morales LAD OF OF
430910 Brayan Pena DET C C
677644 Brayan Perez SEA SP SP
677587 Brayan Rocchio CLE SS SS
670283 Brayden Bouchey TOR RP RP
664168 Breckin Williams ARI RP RP
650504 Breiling Eusebio COL SP SP
665023 Bren Spillane CIN OF OF
669724 Brenan Hanifee BAL SP SP
680977 Brendan Donovan STL 2B 2B
677553 Brendan Feldmann HOU RP RP
430593 Brendan Harris DET
657680 Brendan McCurry HOU RP RP
656713 Brendan McKay TB SP SP
656713 Brendan McKay TB 1B 1B
663898 Brendan Rodgers COL 2B 2B/SS
453895 Brendan Ryan DET SS SS
681016 Brendan Venter ATL 3B 3B
663478 Brendon Davis TEX SS SS
663893 Brendon Little CHC SP SP
664858 Brendon Sanger LAA 2b 2b
663923 Brendt Citta PIT OF OF
680695 Brennen Davis CHC OF OF
641807 Brennon Lund LAA OF OF
676919 Brent Diaz MIL C C
641703 Brent Honeywell TB SP SP
452121 Brent Lillibridge TEX
667670 Brent Rooker MIN OF OF
608718 Brent Suter MIL RP RP
686668 Brenton Doyle COL OF OF
641385 Bret Boswell COL 2B 2B
668672 Brett Adcock HOU SP SP
474463 Brett Anderson MIL SP SP
622093 Brett Ash SEA SP SP
683146 Brett Baty NYM 3B 3B
594762 Brett Bochy FA RP RP
446399 Brett Cecil STL RP RP
669345 Brett Conine HOU SP SP
656340 Brett Cumberland BAL C C
656349 Brett Daniels HOU SP SP
676969 Brett De Geus LAD RP RP
518649 Brett Eibner TEX OF OF
458731 Brett Gardner NYY OF OF
605255 Brett Graves MIA RP RP
641660 Brett Hanewich LAA RP RP
451109 Brett Hayes TEX C C
664028 Brett Kennedy SD SP SP
680575 Brett Kinneman PIT OF OF
681827 Brett Langhorne ATL 2B 2B
543434 Brett Lawrie CHW 3B 3B
543493 Brett Marshall TB P P
656685 Brett Martin TEX RP RP
643441 Brett McKinney FA RP RP
676071 Brett Netzer BOS 2B 2B
592592 Brett Nicholas COL C C
519085 Brett Oberholtzer FA RP RP
621433 Brett Phillips KC OF OF
489209 Brett Pill DET
676788 Brett Pope PIT 2B 2B
615702 Brett Siddall FA OF OF
664954 Brett Sullivan TB C C
622211 Brett Vertigan FA OF OF
477165 Brett Wallace SD 1B 1B
681155 Brett Wright TOR C C
676551 Brewer Hicklen KC OF OF
591971 Breyvic Valera TOR 2B 2B
674029 Brhet Bewley KC 2B 2B
605119 Brian Anderson MIA 3B/OF 3B/OF
460131 Brian Bogusevic BOS OF OF
656311 Brian Clark FA RP RP
572821 Brian Dozier SD 2B 2B
488846 Brian Duensing FA RP RP
623395 Brian Ellington FA RP RP
543169 Brian Flynn TEX RP RP
656473 Brian Gonzalez BAL RP RP
571718 Brian Goodwin LAA OF OF
621395 Brian Holmes FA SP SP
641709 Brian Howard OAK SP SP
598271 Brian Johnson BOS SP SP
662144 Brian Keller NYY SP SP
451085 Brian Matusz FA RP RP
435263 Brian McCann FA C C
675649 Brian Miller MIA OF OF
670765 Brian Mims PHI 2B 2B
572383 Brian Moran MIA RP RP
621521 Brian Mundell COL 1B 1B
640459 Brian Navarreto MIA C C
657434 Brian O’Grady TB OF OF
657247 Brian O’Keefe SEA C C
665027 Brian Olson FA C C
681023 Brian Rey CIN OF OF
660354 Brian Sanchez STL OF OF
656935 Brian Schales DET 2b 2b
489295 Brian Schlitter OAK RP RP
661531 Brian Serven COL C C
675922 Brian Shaffer TB RP RP
674665 Brian Sharp NYM 3B 3B
451216 Brian Wilson FA RP RP
668930 Brice Turang MIL SS SS
656536 Brigham Hill WSH SP SP
656271 Brock Burke TEX SP SP
643246 Brock Carpenter FA 3b 3b
656361 Brock Deatherage DET OF OF
621245 Brock Dykxhoorn FA SP SP
571788 Brock Holt MIL 2B 1B/2B/ SS/OF
656668 Brock Lundquist TOR OF OF
595426 Brock Stassi SF 1B 1B
592779 Brock Stewart CHC RP RP
621259 Brody Koerner NYY SP SP
276520 Bronson Arroyo FA SP SP
571736 Brooks Hall FA SP SP
621139 Brooks Kriske NYY RP RP
572044 Brooks Pounders FA RP RP
548384 Brooks Raley CIN P P
676570 Brooks Wilson ATL SP SP
621560 Bruce Caldwell FA 2b 2b
622194 Bruce Maxwell OAK C C
541652 Bruce Rondon FA RP RP
670435 Bruce Yari CIN 1B 1B
669145 Bruce Zimmermann BAL SP SP
660813 Brusdar Graterol LAD RP RP
650556 Bryan Abreu HOU RP RP
641329 Bryan Baker TOR RP RP
621088 Bryan Bonnell WSH RP RP
595893 Bryan Brickhouse KC RP RP
665706 Bryan Connell CHW OF OF
650559 Bryan De La Cruz HOU OF OF
656377 Bryan Dobzanski STL RP RP
650530 Bryan Garcia DET RP RP
682793 Bryan Gonzalez BOS OF OF
543280 Bryan Harper FA RP RP
592407 Bryan Holaday BAL C C
663542 Bryan Hudson CHC SP SP
681526 Bryan Lavastida CLE C C
667356 Bryan Mata BOS SP SP
678250 Bryan Mateo PIT OF OF
683465 Bryan Matute STL SS SS
571951 Bryan Mitchell CHW SP SP
457768 Bryan Morris FA RP RP
682963 Bryan Nino FA OF OF
458669 Bryan Price CLE P P
682868 Bryan Ramos CHW 3B 3B
668804 Bryan Reynolds PIT OF OF
594029 Bryan Rodriguez FA SP SP
676614 Bryan Sammons MIN SP SP
673169 Bryan Santos TB OF OF
543766 Bryan Shaw COL RP RP
663494 Bryan Torres SF C C
672786 Bryan Torres SD SS SS
670552 Bryan Valdez ARI SP SP
679338 Bryan Warzek LAD SP SP
660994 Bryant Aragon FA 1B 1B
622356 Bryant Flete FA SS SS
669741 Bryant Packard DET OF OF
676016 Bryant Quijada COL C C
668787 Bryce Ball ATL 1B 1B
518490 Bryce Brentz BOS OF OF
676716 Bryce Brown FA OF OF
675789 Bryce Bush CHW 3B 3B
663475 Bryce Denton STL 3b 3b
547180 Bryce Harper PHI OF OF
681991 Bryce Hensley KC RP RP
676406 Bryce Hutchinson NYM SP SP
669369 Bryce Johnson SF OF OF
669896 Brylie Ware STL 3B 3B
669060 Bryse Wilson ATL SP SP
624417 Bryson Brigman MIA SS SS
681082 Bryson Stott PHI SS SS
622246 Bubba Derby MIL SP SP
657617 Bubba Hollins MIA 3B 3B
605490 Bubba Starling KC OF OF
669352 Bubba Thompson TEX OF OF
571656 Buck Farmer DET RP RP
641728 Bud Jeter ARI RP RP
502032 Bud Norris PHI RP RP
571473 Buddy Baumann FA RP RP
641380 Buddy Borden PIT RP RP
542953 Buddy Boshers FA RP RP
234194 Buddy Carlyle NYM P P
671083 Buddy Kennedy ARI 3B 3B
642002 Buddy Reed OAK OF OF
572143 Burch Smith SF RP RP
457763 Buster Posey SF C C
621439 Byron Buxton MIN OF OF
666560 Byung Ho Park MIN 1B 1B
641453 C.J. Chatham BOS SS SS
543068 C.J. Cron DET 1B 1B
546994 C.J. Hinojosa MIL SS SS
605370 C.J. McElroy FA OF OF
592677 C.J. Riefenhauser HOU RP RP
667690 C.J. Stubbs HOU C C
450351 C.J. Wilson FA SP SP
669015 Cabera Weaver CHW OF OF
657598 Cade Gotta FA OF OF
667713 Cade Harris COL OF OF
687799 Cade Marlowe SEA OF OF
663760 Cadyn Grenier BAL SS SS
641400 Cael Brockmeyer BAL C C
668751 Cal Mitchell PIT OF OF
615698 Cal Quantrill SD SP SP
663728 Cal Raleigh SEA C C
670276 Cal Stevenson TB OF OF
668588 Caldioli Sanfler WSH OF OF
641483 Cale Coshow FA RP RP
670056 Caleb Baragar SF SP SP
676961 Caleb Boushley SD SP SP
656375 Caleb Dirks ATL RP RP
657571 Caleb Ferguson LAD RP RP
621350 Caleb Frare CHW RP RP
518725 Caleb Gindl SF
643348 Caleb Hamilton MIN 2B 2B
543376 Caleb Joseph TOR C C
676332 Caleb Knight CHC C C
680789 Caleb Sampen TB SP SP
592761 Caleb Smith MIA SP SP
573204 Caleb Thielbar MIN RP RP
636072 Calten Daal CIN SS SS
676901 Cam Balego CHC 3B 3B
592135 Cam Bedrosian LAA RP RP
689115 Cam Coursey ARI 2B 2B
687478 Cam Devanney MIL SS SS
622057 Cam Gibson DET OF OF
573013 Cam Maron MIA C C
573088 Cam Perkins LAD OF OF
664944 Cam Vieaux PIT SP SP
599697 Cam Warner FA 2B 2B
670407 Cam Williams LAA OF OF
670427 Camden Duzenack ARI 2B 2B
676633 Cameron Baranek FA OF OF
656235 Cameron Bishop BAL SP SP
669069 Cameron Cannon BOS SS SS
686490 Cameron Eden TOR OF OF
595956 Cameron Gallagher KC C C
657611 Cameron Hill CLE RP RP
656621 Cameron Knight FA C C
457727 Cameron Maybin DET OF OF
664165 Cameron Mingo CLE SP SP
670375 Cameron Roegner MIL SP SP
519237 Cameron Rupp OAK C C
663828 Cameron Simmons CHW OF OF
657091 Cameron Warren CIN 1B 1B
666808 Camilo Doval SF RP RP
678924 Camilo Quinteiro CHW 2B 2B
675986 Canaan Smith NYY OF OF
656309 Carl Chester TB OF OF
605218 Carl Edwards Jr. SEA RP RP
553973 Carlos Alvarado FA RP RP
678863 Carlos Arroyo PIT 2B 2B
641319 Carlos Asuaje SD RP RP
664331 Carlos Baez BAL SS SS
627893 Carlos Belen SD 3b 3b
622767 Carlos Belonis FA OF OF
136860 Carlos Beltran HOU OF OF
656091 Carlos Canelon HOU C C
471911 Carlos Carrasco CLE SP SP
622603 Carlos Castro ATL 1B 1B
449786 Carlos Corporan CHC C C
621043 Carlos Correa HOU SS SS
666126 Carlos Cortes NYM 2B 2B
678926 Carlos De La Cruz PHI OF OF
606234 Carlos Diaz CIN RP RP
642696 Carlos Diaz FA SS SS
683364 Carlos Dominguez NYM OF OF
608032 Carlos Estevez COL RP RP
644577 Carlos Felix LAD SP SP
457567 Carlos Fisher FA RP RP
554238 Carlos Franco FA 3b 3b
516910 Carlos Frias FA RP RP
622794 Carlos Garay FA C C
604996 Carlos Garzon FA C C
460576 Carlos Gomez FA OF OF
680622 Carlos Gomez NYY RP RP
471865 Carlos Gonzalez SEA OF OF
679755 Carlos Goris ARI OF OF
678672 Carlos Guarate SD SP SP
664346 Carlos Guzman DET SP SP
672578 Carlos Hernandez KC SP SP
650508 Carlos Herrera COL SS SS
650593 Carlos Hiraldo HOU RP RP
678611 Carlos Hurtado HOU C C
672861 Carlos Luis SD 3B 3B
650690 Carlos Luna MIL SP SP
660817 Carlos Machado HOU OF OF
642751 Carlos Martinez ATL C C
593372 Carlos Martinez STL SP SP
673240 Carlos Medrano FA C C
641104 Carlos Mendivil FA C C
685332 Carlos Mendoza DET OF OF
519037 Carlos Moncrief SF OF OF
678820 Carlos Morfa CHC OF OF
608608 Carlos Munoz FA 1B 1B
665966 Carlos Narvaez NYY C C
593163 Carlos Navas SF RP RP
672378 Carlos Pacheco CHC OF OF
678723 Carlos Paraguate ATL SS SS
544827 Carlos Paulino FA C C
600948 Carlos Penalver FA SS SS
542208 Carlos Perez OAK C C
656024 Carlos Perez CHW C C
435041 Carlos Quentin BOS OF OF
570702 Carlos Ramirez FA RP RP
665779 Carlos Rincon LAD OF OF
650438 Carlos Rivero CIN SS SS
491640 Carlos Rivero FA SS SS
607074 Carlos Rodon CHW SP SP
677578 Carlos Rodriguez MIL OF OF
434563 Carlos Ruiz SEA C C
642043 Carlos Salazar LAA RP RP
656004 Carlos Sanabria HOU RP RP
642333 Carlos Sanchez FA C C
680661 Carlos Sanchez BOS 1B 1B
680762 Carlos Sano SF RP RP
467793 Carlos Santana CLE 1B 1B
661148 Carlos Sepulveda LAD 2b 2b
667291 Carlos Sierra HOU RP RP
672751 Carlos Soler STL OF OF
666728 Carlos Soto STL C C
650744 Carlos Tatis FA 1B 1B
624636 Carlos Tocci FA OF OF
448614 Carlos Torres FA RP RP
533646 Carlos Tovar FA SS SS
665799 Carlos Vargas TB SS SS
672841 Carlos Vargas CLE SP SP
656054 Carlos Vidal FA OF OF
669623 Carmen Benedetti HOU OF OF
542942 Carson Blair FA C C
608334 Carson Fulmer CHW RP RP
608348 Carson Kelly ARI C C
670159 Carson LaRue HOU SP SP
605476 Carson Smith FA RP RP
677023 Carson Teel WSH SP SP
666177 Carter Aldrete SF 3B 3B
670190 Carter Bins SEA C C
605169 Carter Capps FA RP RP
643368 Carter Hope KC RP RP
666198 Carter Kieboom WSH SS SS
664115 Casey Bloomquist CHC SP SP
488787 Casey Coleman NYM RP RP
502272 Casey Fien FA RP RP
656459 Casey Gillaspie FA 1B 1B
668680 Casey Golden COL OF OF
656485 Casey Grayson STL 1B 1B
641713 Casey Hughston FA OF OF
543391 Casey Kelly FA SP SP
596271 Casey Lawrence MIN RP RP
431171 Casey McGehee DET 3B 3B
641861 Casey Meisner STL SP SP
663554 Casey Mize DET SP SP
594987 Casey Sadler CHC RP RP
669167 Cash Case CIN 2B 2B
682086 Cash Gladfelter FA 3B 3B
668673 Cassidy Brown FA C C
624415 Cavan Biggio TOR 2B 1B/2B/ OF
282332 CC Sabathia FA SP SP
641962 Cd Pelham CHC RP RP
678882 Ceddanne Rafaela BOS 3B 3B
501986 Cedric Hunter PHI OF OF
656775 Cedric Mullins BAL OF OF
683606 Cesar Aponte TB SS SS
682452 Cesar Berbesi NYM SS SS
686434 Cesar Calderon DET SS SS
678927 Cesar Garcia ARI 2B 2B
642464 Cesar Gonzalez FA OF OF
514917 Cesar Hernandez CLE 2B 2B
672544 Cesar Izturis Jr. SEA SS SS
527049 Cesar Puello BOS OF OF
459987 Cesar Ramos FA RP RP
663967 Cesar Salazar HOU C C
680968 Cesar Trejo SEA OF OF
491624 Cesar Valdez BAL RP RP
570714 Cesar Vargas WSH SP SP
592600 Chace Numata NYY C C
518445 Chad Bell FA RP RP
687382 Chad Bell NYY 3B 3B
518452 Chad Bettis FA SP SP
664750 Chad De La Guerra BOS 2b 2b
669942 Chad Donato HOU SP SP
643325 Chad Girodo FA RP RP
643338 Chad Green NYY RP RP
502151 Chad Huffman DET OF OF
641771 Chad Kuhl PIT SP SP
669232 Chad McClanahan MIL 1B 1B
640461 Chad Pinder OAK 2B/OF 2B/3B/ OF
430589 Chad Qualls FA RP RP
670466 Chad Sedio DET SS SS
663448 Chad Smith TEX OF OF
605477 Chad Smith MIA P P
656977 Chad Sobotka ATL RP RP
656989 Chad Spanberger MIL OF OF
595453 Chad Wallach MIA C C
644433 Chadwick Tromp SF C C
642117 Champ Stuart FA OF OF
664856 Chance Adams KC RP RP
642082 Chance Sisco BAL C C
656201 Chandler Avant NYM 2B 2B
663338 Chandler Day WSH RP RP
687470 Chandler Redmond STL 2B 2B
676882 Chandler Seagle SD C C
605469 Chandler Shepherd BAL SP SP
663973 Chandler Taylor HOU OF OF
642836 Charcer Burks CHC OF OF
641779 Charles Leblanc TEX SS SS
680698 Charles Mack MIN 3B 3B
672393 Charles Reyes ATL OF OF
656212 Charlie Barnes MIN SP SP
453568 Charlie Blackmon COL OF OF
518586 Charlie Culberson ATL OF 1B/SS/ OF
670429 Charlie Madden BOS C C
667279 Charlie McConnell SEA OF OF
450203 Charlie Morton TB SP SP
605508 Charlie Tilson PIT OF OF
593434 Charlie Valerio SD
683577 Charlis Aquino SD SS SS
676801 Chas McCormick HOU OF OF
502624 Chase Anderson TOR SP SP
682079 Chase Calabuig OAK OF OF
681907 Chase Chambers NYM 1B 1B
681484 Chase Cohen OAK SP SP
488818 Chase D’Arnaud FA SS SS
608328 Chase De Jong FA RP RP
452104 Chase Headley FA 3B 3B
592438 Chase Johnson SD SP SP
682137 Chase Lambert PIT 2B 2B
676198 Chase Pinder STL OF OF
668664 Chase Strumpf CHC 2B 2B
400284 Chase Utley LAD 2B 2B
657072 Chase Vallot KC C C
595032 Chase Whitley FA RP RP
607473 Chasen Bradford FA RP RP
592741 Chasen Shreve NYM RP RP
669945 Chavez Young TOR OF OF
475054 Chaz Roe TB RP RP
547348 Chen-Chang Lee FA RP RP
596144 Cheslor Cuthbert CHW 1B/3B 1B/3B
592346 Chi Chi Gonzalez COL SP SP
629496 Chih-Wei Hu SD RP RP
502042 Chris Archer PIT SP SP
669106 Chris Baker FA SS SS
605135 Chris Bassitt OAK SP SP
571476 Chris Beck FA RP RP
663341 Chris Betts TB C C
607471 Chris Bostick FA 2B 2B
474892 Chris Carter LAA 1B 1B
546992 Chris Chinea STL C C
670133 Chris Clare BAL SS SS
458085 Chris Coghlan TOR OF OF
499624 Chris Colabello CLE 1B 1B
676749 Chris Corbett SF C C
448801 Chris Davis BAL 1B 1B
456121 Chris Denorfia COL OF OF
606965 Chris Devenski HOU RP RP
670049 Chris DeVito FA 1B 1B
621036 Chris Diaz FA SS SS
447736 Chris Dickerson BAL
458689 Chris Dominguez WSH 3B 3B
595939 Chris Ellis STL RP RP
460269 Chris Gimenez FA C C
656467 Chris Gittens NYY 1B 1B
686887 Chris Givin SD 1B 1B
501822 Chris Hatcher FA RP RP
502317 Chris Heisey MIN OF OF
543302 Chris Herrmann TB C C
676735 Chris Hess FA 3B 3B
518790 Chris Heston FA SP SP
657619 Chris Hoo FA C C
657621 Chris Hudgins KC C C
656564 Chris Huffman SD SP SP
455104 Chris Iannetta NYY C C
605300 Chris Jensen FA SP SP
453400 Chris Johnson BAL 3B 3B
518854 Chris Jones BAL SP SP
595296 Chris Lee MIL RP RP
643423 Chris Madera FA OF OF
607632 Chris Mariscal SEA SS SS
502029 Chris Marrero SF 1B 1B
455119 Chris Martin ATL RP RP
656693 Chris Mathewson LAD SP SP
607391 Chris Mazza BOS SP SP
429780 Chris Narveson FA RP RP
455126 Chris Nelson KC
571993 Chris Nunn ATL RP RP
573069 Chris O’Dowd CHW C C
622217 Chris O’Grady FA RP RP
608360 Chris Okey CIN C C
572008 Chris Owings COL 2B 2B/SS/ 3B/OF
663978 Chris Paddack SD SP SP
476633 Chris Parmelee LAD OF OF
664853 Chris Paul FA 3b 3b
622362 Chris Pieters FA OF OF
657436 Chris Pike TB SP SP
657253 Chris Rabago COL C C
669735 Chris Rodriguez LAA SP SP
676896 Chris Roller LAD OF OF
635903 Chris Rowley MIN RP RP
543734 Chris Rusin ATL RP RP
519242 Chris Sale BOS SP SP
669451 Chris Seise TEX SS SS
676426 Chris Sharpe PIT OF OF
622046 Chris Shaw SF 1B 1B
601721 Chris Shaw FA C C
676767 Chris Singleton FA OF OF
627262 Chris Smith FA RP RP
434672 Chris Smith FA SP SP
455755 Chris Stewart FA C C
608717 Chris Stratton PIT RP RP
621035 Chris Taylor LAD 2B/SS/ OF 2B/SS/ 3B/OF
501957 Chris Tillman FA SP SP
681808 Chris Vallimont MIN SP SP
458690 Chris Volstad FA RP RP
675910 Chris Williams MIN C C
519437 Chris Withrow FA RP RP
432934 Chris Young FA RP RP
455759 Chris Young FA OF OF
680928 Christhian Espinal CHC 1B 1B
624414 Christian Arroyo CLE SS SS
548357 Christian Bergman FA SP SP
542194 Christian Bethancourt PHI C C
606935 Christian Binford FA SP SP
666040 Christian Cavaness FA OF OF
518568 Christian Colon CIN 2B 2B
681797 Christian Cosby KC RP RP
656378 Christian Donahue CHC 2B 2B
543184 Christian Friedrich SD SP SP
669259 Christian James NYM SP SP
664877 Christian Kelley PIT C C
683766 Christian Koss COL SS SS
547173 Christian Lopes MIA 2b 2b
675850 Christian Pedrol FA SP SP
671068 Christian Stolo LAD RP RP
677015 Christian Taugner MIL SP SP
670369 Christian Torres FA SP SP
672728 Christian Valerio PHI SS SS
543877 Christian Vazquez BOS C C/1B
570799 Christian Villanueva FA 3B 3B
572233 Christian Walker ARI 1B 1B
657806 Christian Williams TOR 1B 1B
592885 Christian Yelich MIL OF OF
621514 Christin Stewart DET OF OF
623167 Christoper Flexen FA SP SP
681804 Christopher Bec TOR C C
678865 Christopher De La Cruz WSH OF OF
666624 Christopher Morel CHC 3B 3B
681552 Christopher Proctor DET C C
665884 Christopher Quintin OAK SS SS
672825 Christopher Rodriguez MIA 3B 3B
660618 Christopher Torres MIA SS SS
621505 Chuck Moorman FA C C
623173 Chuck Taylor FA OF OF
642020 Chuckie Robinson HOU C C
672335 Cionel Perez HOU RP RP
664021 Ciro Norzagaray FA SS SS
592237 Cito Culver FA SS SS
682928 CJ Abrams SD SS SS
680769 CJ Alexander ATL 3B 3B
670175 Clark Beeker MIN SP SP
682149 Clark Brinkman DET OF OF
656944 Clark Scolamiero CLE OF OF
657376 Clarke Schmidt NYY SP SP
608368 Clate Schmidt FA RP RP
593468 Claudio Custodio ATL RP RP
672600 Claudio Finol CIN 1B 1B
678978 Claudio Ramirez STL OF OF
453329 Clay Buchholz FA SP SP
687867 Clay Dungan KC SS SS
656425 Clay Fisher BAL SS SS
605280 Clay Holmes PIT RP RP
677076 Clayton Andrews MIL RP RP
607185 Clayton Blackburn FA SP SP
681083 Clayton Daniel CHC SS SS
477132 Clayton Kershaw LAD SP SP
670430 Clayton Middleton TEX C C
489150 Clayton Mortensen KC RP RP
453385 Clayton Richard FA SP SP
600967 Cleuluis Rondon FA SS SS
460060 Cliff Pennington FA DH DH
621520 Clint Coulter FA C C
640449 Clint Frazier NYY OF OF
519208 Clint Robinson WSH 1B 1B
656586 Cobi Johnson TOR SP SP
664697 Cobie Vance OAK 3B 3B
663796 Coco Montes COL SS SS
676051 Codi Heuer CHW RP RP
592102 Cody Allen TEX RP RP
594736 Cody Anderson FA SP SP
605125 Cody Asche MIN 3B 3B
641350 Cody Beckman MIL RP RP
641355 Cody Bellinger LAD 1B/OF 1B/OF
688813 Cody Birdsong ATL 3B 3B
676378 Cody Bohanek NYM 2B 2B
675989 Cody Bolton PIT SP SP
606944 Cody Carroll BAL RP RP
572804 Cody Decker ARI 1B 1B
641522 Cody Dickson PIT SP SP
643297 Cody Ege FA RP RP
663821 Cody Farhat CLE OF OF
595235 Cody Hall FA RP RP
592533 Cody Martin FA RP RP
687862 Cody Milligan ATL 2B 2B
663752 Cody Morris CLE SP SP
664074 Cody Ponce PIT RP RP
547001 Cody Poteet MIA SP SP
642003 Cody Reed CIN RP RP
663944 Cody Roberts BAL C C
489292 Cody Satterwhite FA RP RP
642060 Cody Sedlock BAL SP SP
664054 Cody Stashak MIN RP RP
642137 Cody Thomas LAD OF OF
682158 Cody Tyler SD RP RP
680963 Cody Wilson WSH OF OF
641382 Colby Bortles DET 3B 3B
676085 Colby Fitch PHI C C
407890 Colby Lewis FA SP SP
656670 Colby Lusignan FA 1B 1B
458675 Colby Rasmus FA OF OF
682517 Colby Schultz KC OF OF
663835 Cole Aker STL SP SP
674685 Cole Bartlett ARI RP RP
664828 Cole Bauml FA OF OF
621462 Cole Billingsley BAL OF OF
669447 Cole Brannen BOS OF OF
663725 Cole Daily WSH 2B 2B
670033 Cole Duensing LAA SP SP
670106 Cole Freeman WSH 2B 2B
502261 Cole Gillespie FA OF OF
430935 Cole Hamels ATL SP SP
608344 Cole Irvin PHI SP SP
682226 Cole Kreuter FA 2B 2B
676695 Cole Peterson DET SS SS
666142 Cole Ragans TEX SP SP
680711 Cole Roederer CHC OF OF
663485 Cole Sands MIN SP SP
642104 Cole Stapler ARI SP SP
666167 Cole Stobbe PHI SS SS
657017 Cole Sturgeon BOS OF OF
642121 Cole Sulser BAL RP RP
657061 Cole Tucker PIT SS SS
664114 Cole Uvila TEX RP RP
668390 Cole Winn TEX SP SP
596140 Cole Wiper TEX RP RP
670059 Colin Holderman NYM SP SP
592567 Colin Moran PIT 3B 1B/2B/ 3B
621363 Colin Poche TB RP RP
607067 Colin Rea CHC SP SP
621331 Colin Rodgers KC SP SP
663464 Colin Schmid STL SP SP
685388 Colin Simpson COL OF OF
595023 Colin Walsh LAA 2B 2B
444446 Collin Balester FA RP RP
518577 Collin Cowgill WSH OF OF
543521 Collin McHugh FA RP RP
657267 Collin Theroux OAK C C
621079 Collin Wiles TEX SP SP
670365 Collin Woody FA 3B 3B
518833 Colt Hynes FA RP RP
605155 Colten Brewer BOS RP RP
679793 Colten Schmidt COL SP SP
663678 Colton Eastman PHI SP SP
656544 Colton Hock MIA RP RP
605396 Colton Murray TB RP RP
623279 Colton Plaia FA C C
656953 Colton Shaver HOU 3B 3B
621394 Colton Turner FA RP RP
666213 Colton Welker COL 3b 3b
668843 Conner Capel STL OF OF
641632 Conner Greene KC RP RP
681963 Conner Loeprich PIT RP RP
669214 Conner Menez SF SP SP
641401 Connor Brogdon PHI RP RP
670449 Connor Eller FA SP SP
670119 Connor Grey ARI SP SP
667442 Connor Hollis TB 2B 2B
676803 Connor Hoover SEA 2B 2B
656582 Connor Joe LAD 3b 3b
641733 Connor Johnstone ATL SP SP
640453 Connor Jones STL RP RP
669049 Connor Justus LAA SS SS
663731 Connor Kaiser PIT SS SS
682007 Connor Kopach SEA SS SS
621457 Connor Lien FA OF OF
664088 Connor Marabell CLE OF OF
682450 Connor McVey MIL 2B 2B
670461 Connor Myers CHC OF OF
664768 Connor Panas FA OF OF
592712 Connor Sadzeck SEA RP RP
669002 Connor Scott MIA OF OF
657756 Connor Seabold PHI SP SP
680967 Connor Smith CLE 2B 2B
671162 Connor Thomas STL SP SP
657793 Connor Walsh CHW RP RP
657136 Connor Wong LAD C C
592306 Conor Fisk TOR RP RP
543216 Conor Gillaspie SF 3B 3B
641663 Conor Harber MIL SP SP
641790 Conor Lillis-White CHC RP RP
571969 Conor Mullee CHC RP RP
592356 Conrad Gregor BOS 1B 1B
681867 Cooper Criswell LAA SP SP
643330 Cooper Goldby OAK C C
669450 Cooper Hummel MIL C C
666194 Cooper Johnson DET C C
543377 Corban Joseph PIT 2B 2B
669203 Corbin Burnes MIL SP SP
682998 Corbin Carroll ARI OF OF
641462 Corbin Clouse ATL RP RP
656686 Corbin Martin ARI SP SP
682022 Corbin Williams PHI OF OF
607452 Corey Baker FA RP RP
669626 Corey Bird MIA OF OF
621203 Corey Black CHC RP RP
665045 Corey Copping TOR RP RP
572816 Corey Dickerson MIA OF OF
687144 Corey Joyce DET 2B 2B
667452 Corey Julks HOU OF OF
446372 Corey Kluber TEX SP SP
608349 Corey Knebel MIL RP RP
592511 Corey Littrell STL RP RP
621261 Corey Oswalt NYM RP RP
641999 Corey Ray MIL OF OF
608369 Corey Seager LAD SS SS
664219 Corey Taylor NYM RP RP
657783 Corey Toups FA SS SS
657794 Corey Walter FA SP SP
663543 Corey Zangari CHW 1B 1B
663524 Cornelius Randolph PHI OF OF
623194 Correlle Prime FA 1B 1B
676265 Cory Abbott CHC SP SP
451132 Cory Burns NYM RP RP
518715 Cory Gearrin FA RP RP
458537 Cory Luebke CHW RP RP
543508 Cory Mazzoni FA RP RP
474284 Cory Rasmus TB RP RP
605486 Cory Spangenberg MIL 2B 2B/3B
669217 Cory Wood PIT 2B 2B
621445 Courtney Hawkins FA OF OF
444520 Craig Breslow FA RP RP
663319 Craig Brooks CHC RP RP
670286 Craig Dedelow CHW OF OF
502226 Craig Gentry FA OF OF
518886 Craig Kimbrel CHC RP RP
657753 Craig Schlitter COL RP RP
489334 Craig Stammen SD RP RP
542436 Cristhian Adames SF SS SS
673650 Cristhian Longa STL C C
665994 Cristhian Pedroza FA 2b 2b
682725 Cristhian Rodriguez MIA SS SS
622459 Cristian Alvarado BAL RP RP
661149 Cristian Castillo CHW SP SP
666666 Cristian Gomez LAA OF OF
682685 Cristian Gonzalez HOU SS SS
678221 Cristian Heredia SD OF OF
665850 Cristian Inoa TEX SS SS
664299 Cristian Javier HOU SP SP
665891 Cristian Olivo CIN OF OF
665506 Cristian Pache ATL OF OF
666524 Cristian Perez NYY SS SS
655996 Cristian Santana LAD SS SS
658667 Cristofer Melendez PIT RP RP
642657 Cristofer Ogando TB RP RP
683539 Cristopher Barete TB OF OF
660642 Cristopher Cespedes BAL OF OF
683531 Cristopher Cruz OAK 1B 1B
665888 Cristopher Navarro COL SS SS
667827 Cristopher Pujols NYM 3B 3B
650911 Cristopher Sanchez PHI SP SP
675925 Cullen Large TOR 2B 2B
592200 Curt Casali CIN C C
434158 Curtis Granderson FA OF OF
668954 Curtis Taylor TOR SP SP
663799 Curtis Terry TEX 1B 1B
605482 Cy Sneed HOU RP RP
684890 D.C. Arendas LAA 1B 1B
663600 D.J. Artis CHC OF OF
571474 D.J. Baxendale FA SP SP
623447 D.J. Brown CLE SP SP
656274 D.J. Burt KC 2b 2b
670034 D.J. Daniels TOR OF OF
622058 D.J. Davis FA OF OF
664106 D.J. Jenkins FA OF OF
597113 D.J. Johnson FA RP RP
592637 D.J. Peterson CHW DH DH
592769 D.J. Snelten TB RP RP
621466 D.J. Stewart BAL OF OF
677047 D.J. Stewart PHI 3B 3B
663791 D.J. Wilson CHC OF OF
669084 D.L. Hall BAL SP SP
493193 Dae-Ho Lee SEA 1B 1B
678416 Dahiandy Johnson TB OF OF
680118 Dairon Blanco KC OF OF
682749 Dairon Cuevas ARI SS SS
670897 Daison Acosta NYM SP SP
680607 Daiwer Castellanos TB OF OF
621290 Dakota Bacus WSH RP RP
663793 Dakota Chalmers MIN SP SP
641712 Dakota Hudson STL SP SP
669728 Dakota Mekkes CHC RP RP
660302 Dalbert Siri CLE RP RP
656269 Dale Burdick FA 2b 2b
592198 Dale Carey FA OF OF
648737 Dalier Hinojosa PHI RP RP
542923 Dallas Beeler CHC SP SP
676631 Dallas Carroll MIL 3B 3B
572971 Dallas Keuchel CHW SP SP
623386 Dalton Blaser FA OF OF
676996 Dalton Combs SF OF OF
656495 Dalton Guthrie PHI SS SS
682836 Dalton Hoiles BAL OF OF
665138 Dalton Kelly TB 1B 1B
641889 Dalton Moats TB SP SP
592647 Dalton Pompey FA OF OF
681989 Dalton Roach STL SP SP
662121 Dalton Sawyer OAK SP SP
672537 Dalvy Rosario MIA SS SS
595438 Damek Tomscha CHW 3b 3b
677604 Damian Mendoza TEX RP RP
571911 Damien Magnifico ARI RP RP
677316 Damon Casetta-Stubbs SEA SP SP
676103 Damon Jones PHI SP SP
656186 Dan Altavilla SEA RP RP
576788 Dan Butler FA C C
670035 Dan Dallas SD RP RP
607240 Dan Gamache FA 3B 3B
543359 Dan Jennings FA RP RP
519096 Dan Otero NYY RP RP
670150 Dan Rizzie NYM C C
674974 Dan Robinson LAD OF OF
519221 Dan Rohlfing MIN C C
502130 Dan Runzler FA RP RP
573185 Dan Straily FA SP SP
676978 Dan Swain FA OF OF
595465 Dan Winkler CHC RP RP
445968 Dana Eveland FA RP RP
641540 Dane Dunning CHW SP SP
667472 Dane Myers DET SP SP
593495 Daniel Alejandro Castro FA 2B 2B
663610 Daniel Amaral PIT OF OF
453268 Daniel Bard NYM P P
622759 Daniel Barrios FA 2b 2b
680768 Daniel Bies NYY SP SP
660684 Daniel Brito PHI 2b 2b
667681 Daniel Brown MIL RP RP
547176 Daniel Camarena FA SP SP
658135 Daniel Carbonell FA OF OF
641447 Daniel Castano MIA SP SP
678697 Daniel Castillo MIL SS SS
684543 Daniel Cope COL C C
542289 Daniel Corcino FA RP RP
674496 Daniel Cornejo FA OF OF
543056 Daniel Coulombe MIN RP RP
641507 Daniel De La Calle FA C C
518614 Daniel Descalso CHC 2B 2B
622463 Daniel Fajardo BAL C C
592336 Daniel Gibson FA RP RP
642311 Daniel Gonzalez CHW C C
642557 Daniel Gonzalez BOS SP SP
605254 Daniel Gossett OAK SP SP
543339 Daniel Hudson WSH RP RP
642484 Daniel Jimenez FA OF OF
674971 Daniel Jipping FA OF OF
669288 Daniel Johnson CLE OF OF
605343 Daniel Lockhart FA 2b 2b
663738 Daniel Lynch KC SP SP
682712 Daniel Marte WSH OF OF
600011 Daniel McGrath BOS SP SP
596043 Daniel Mengden OAK SP SP
680023 Daniel Mercado FA C C
623204 Daniel Minor FA SP SP
665914 Daniel Montano COL OF OF
594940 Daniel Muno SEA
502517 Daniel Murphy COL 1B 1B
537953 Daniel Nava PIT OF OF
596057 Daniel Norris DET SP SP
683600 Daniel Oliva TOR OF OF
672460 Daniel Ozoria MIN 2B 2B
594953 Daniel Palka CHW OF OF
673046 Daniel Paulino MIA OF OF
615697 Daniel Pinero DET SS SS
594965 Daniel Poncedeleon STL SP SP
663852 Daniel Reyes DET OF OF
678502 Daniel Rivero PIT OF OF
621002 Daniel Robertson TB 2B/3B 2B/SS/ 3B
543706 Daniel Robertson ARI OF OF
616570 Daniel Sanchez FA C C
665855 Daniel Santos SEA C C
682177 Daniel Schneemann CLE SS SS
592753 Daniel Slania FA RP RP
605487 Daniel Spingola FA OF OF
621385 Daniel Stumpf FA RP RP
664700 Daniel Tillo KC SP SP
596129 Daniel Vogelbach SEA 1B 1B
670143 Daniel Woodrow DET OF OF
642229 Daniel Wright FA RP RP
623354 Daniel Zamora NYM RP RP
660553 Danienger Perez NYY SS SS
592130 Danny Barnes FA RP RP
679751 Danny Bautista OAK OF OF
592181 Danny Burawa ATL RP RP
677596 Danny Diaz BOS 3B 3B
661832 Danny Dopico CHW RP RP
457760 Danny Dorn TOR OF OF
672746 Danny Drullard TEX OF OF
518633 Danny Duffy KC SP SP
676841 Danny Edgeworth COL 1B 1B
457787 Danny Espinosa NYM 2B 2B
543144 Danny Farquhar FA RP RP
643356 Danny Hayes CHW 1B 1B
670067 Danny Hudzina FA 3b 3b
543343 Danny Hultzen CHC RP RP
643376 Danny Jansen TOR C C
671224 Danny Lantigua CIN OF OF
670296 Danny Mayer PHI OF OF
664901 Danny Mendick CHW SS SS
543611 Danny Ortiz PHI OF OF
572066 Danny Reynolds MIL RP RP
517593 Danny Salazar FA SP SP
542454 Danny Santana TEX 1B/OF 1B/2B/ SS/3B/ OF
502143 Danny Valencia FA 3B 3B
519445 Danny Worth HOU 2B 2B
664849 Danny Young TOR RP RP
642238 Danny Zardon CHC 3B 3B
606281 Danry Vasquez FA OF OF
621020 Dansby Swanson ATL SS SS
605142 Dante Bichette FA 3b 3b
666204 Dany Jimenez SF RP RP
683389 Danyer Sanabria ARI OF OF
684525 Darel Belen BOS OF OF
669742 Darick Hall PHI 1B 1B
645848 Dariel Alvarez BAL OF OF
649810 Dariel Gomez SEA 1B 1B
518991 Darin Mastroianni TEX OF OF
573131 Darin Ruf SF 1B 1B
642607 Dario Agrazal DET RP RP
516714 Dario Alvarez FA RP RP
593580 Dario Beltre LAA RP RP
623188 Dario Pizzano FA OF OF
675628 Darius Hill CHC OF OF
680921 Darlin Guzman CIN OF OF
680642 Darlin Moquete STL OF OF
678918 Darling Florentino ATL 3B 3B
677622 Darlyn Del Villar STL SS SS
572182 Darnell Sweeney FA OF OF
571553 Darrell Ceciliani TOR OF OF
621486 Darrell Miller FA C C
670766 Darren McCaughan SEA SP SP
503285 Darren O’Day ATL RP RP
657261 Darren Seferina FA 2b 2b
683408 Darryl Collins KC OF OF
665860 Darwin Alvarado FA OF OF
680595 Darwin Baez PIT C C
446381 Darwin Barney TEX 2B 2B
650382 Darwinzon Hernandez BOS RP RP
657445 Dash Winningham FA 1B 1B
680577 DaShawn Keirsey MIN OF OF
641726 Daulton Jefferies OAK RP RP
662139 Daulton Varsho ARI C C
664294 Dauri Moreta CIN RP RP
667378 Dauris Valdez SD RP RP
675915 David Banuelos MIN C C
670280 David Bednar SD RP RP
624421 David Berg CHC RP RP
623520 David Bote CHC 2B/3B 2B/SS/ 3B
502304 David Carpenter CIN RP RP
668861 David Clawson LAA 1B 1B
621311 David Dahl COL OF OF
664058 David Fletcher LAA 2B/SS/ 3B/OF 2B/SS/ 3B/OF
501896 David Freese FA 1B 1B
571679 David Freitas MIL C C
681807 David Fry MIL C C
671272 David Garcia TEX C C
595219 David Garner FA RP RP
682244 David Garza ARI 3B 3B
592341 David Goforth FA RP RP
571735 David Hale NYY RP RP
643352 David Harris FA OF OF
682073 David Hensley HOU 3B 3B
456696 David Hernandez NYY RP RP
605276 David Hess BAL RP SP
622101 David Hill COL SP SP
680915 David Hollie KC OF OF
543328 David Holman COL SP SP
571787 David Holmberg FA RP RP
453307 David Huff ARI P P
571798 David Hurlbut FA SP SP
641780 David Ledbetter TEX SP SP
518953 David Lough DET OF OF
666791 David Lozano FA 2B 2B
676950 David Mackinnon LAA 1B 1B
607635 David Masters CHC SS SS
641853 David McKay DET RP RP
677771 David Metzgar NYY 2B 2B
681532 David Miranda FA OF OF
623519 David Olmedo-Barrera FA OF OF
120074 David Ortiz BOS DH DH
663982 David Parkinson PHI SP SP
600944 David Paulino FA RP RP
444482 David Peralta ARI OF OF
543639 David Peterson ATL RP RP
656849 David Peterson NYM SP SP
475479 David Phelps MIL RP RP
456034 David Price LAD SP SP
502085 David Robertson PHI RP RP
630034 David Rodriguez NYM C C
543716 David Rollins FA RP RP
595389 David Roseboom FA RP RP
424325 David Ross FA C C
666246 David Sanchez ARI OF OF
643534 David Sheaffer SEA C C
593427 David Sopilka FA C C
607729 David Sosebee NYY RP RP
656991 David Speer CLE RP RP
621420 David Thompson NYM 3b 3b
681584 David Villar SF 3B 3B
688009 David Vinsky STL OF OF
572241 David Washington BAL OF OF
431151 David Wright FA 3B 3B
676991 Davis Bradshaw MIA OF OF
676914 Davis Schneider TOR 2B 2B
673957 Davis Tavarez BAL OF OF
608475 Dawel Lugo DET 3B 3B
500765 Dayan Diaz FA RP RP
683459 Dayro Perez NYY SS SS
664463 Dayron Varona TB OF OF
663518 Dayton Dugas DET OF OF
663662 Daz Cameron DET OF OF
663937 Deacon Liput LAD SS SS
657691 DeAires Moses SEA OF OF
542883 Dean Anna MIN SS SS
657209 Dean Deetz HOU RP RP
518883 Dean Kiekhefer FA RP RP
665152 Dean Kremer BAL SP SP
682152 Dean Lockery PIT 2B 2B
681944 Dean Nevarez SEA C C
672437 Debby Santana CIN 3B 3B
592547 Deck McGuire LAA SP SP
642381 Dedgar Jimenez BOS SP SP
673380 Dedniel Nunez NYM SP SP
543829 Dee Gordon SEA 2B 2B
665620 Deivi Garcia NYY RP RP
620453 Deivi Grullon PHI C C
683092 Deivis Vegas ARI 1B 1B
678750 Deivy Florido SEA SP SP
592261 Delino DeShields CLE OF OF
476454 Dellin Betances NYM RP RP
666206 Delvin Perez STL SS SS
665091 Delvin Zinn CHC SS SS
663770 Demarcus Evans TEX RP RP
676443 Demetrius Sims MIA SS SS
647309 Demi Orimoloye TOR OF OF
452655 Denard Span FA OF OF
657633 Denis Karas MIA 2B 2B
666779 Dennicher Carrasco KC 1B 1B
650883 Dennis Ortega STL C C
642701 Dennis Santana LAD RP RP
676610 Denny Brady LAA SP SP
678634 Denny Daza BOS SS SS
684219 Densi Meli KC SS SS
660593 Denyi Reyes BOS SP SP
500610 Deolis Guerra MIL RP RP
669399 Deon Stafford PIT C C
605446 Dereck Rodriguez SF RP RP
678828 Dereck Salom OAK SS SS
518618 Derek Dietrich CIN 1B/2B 1B/2B/ OF
594811 Derek Eitel FA SP SP
605233 Derek Fisher TOR OF OF
656537 Derek Hill DET OF OF
502706 Derek Holland PIT SP SP
116539 Derek Jeter FA
571882 Derek Law TEX RP RP
519083 Derek Norris DET C C
605464 Derek Self WSH RP RP
672384 Derian Perez CLE OF OF
642524 Deriana Gonzalez STL RP RP
660650 Dermis Garcia NYY 3b 3b
596023 Derrick Loveless FA OF OF
457775 Desmond Jennings CIN OF OF
663664 Desmond Lindsay NYM OF OF
543329 Destin Hood TEX OF OF
445177 Deunte Heath FA RP RP
672767 Deury Carrasco HOU 2B 2B
670086 Devan Watts ATL RP RP
571918 Deven Marrero FA SS SS
681958 Devin Conn HOU RP RP
663343 Devin Davis LAA 1B 1B
670767 Devin Hairston MIL SS SS
669471 Devin Mann LAD 2B 2B
519023 Devin Mesoraco NYM C C
656970 Devin Smeltzer MIN SP SP
682967 Devin Sweet SEA SP SP
642207 Devin Williams MIL RP RP
680748 Devlin Granberg BOS OF OF
581527 Devon Travis FA 2B 2B
657521 Devyn Bolasky FA OF OF
451594 Dexter Fowler STL OF OF
656698 Dexture McCall HOU 1B 1B
673656 Deybert Lozano CIN OF OF
544369 Didi Gregorius PHI SS SS
682616 Diego Cartaya LAD C C
650895 Diego Castillo TB RP RP
660636 Diego Castillo NYY SS SS
660720 Diego Cordero STL SP SP
542357 Diego Goris FA SS SS
678746 Diego Hernandez KC OF OF
672653 Diego Infante TB OF OF
616569 Diego Madero FA SS SS
678711 Diego Maican KC OF OF
514981 Diego Moreno CLE RP RP
665651 Diego Rincones SF OF OF
608650 Dietrich Enns FA SP SP
664174 Dillon Dobson FA 3b 3b
518716 Dillon Gee FA RP RP
596027 Dillon Maples CHC RP RP
621200 Dillon McNamara SF RP RP
592614 Dillon Overton FA RP RP
663516 Dillon Paulson LAD 1B 1B
665047 Dillon Persinger CLE 2B 2B
596071 Dillon Peters LAA SP SP
622253 Dillon Tate BAL RP RP
605504 Dillon Thomas OAK OF OF
650356 Dilmer Mejia ATL SP SP
599096 Dilson Herrera BAL 2B 2B
659275 Dinelson Lamet SD SP SP
658742 Diogenes Almengo BAL RP RP
650841 Diomar Lopez CIN RP RP
670903 Diomedes Del Rio STL OF OF
425900 Dioner Navarro CLE C C
650709 Dionis Paulino FA OF OF
676175 Dionis Zamora STL SP SP
681186 Dionys Vallejo NYY SS SS
677690 Diosbel Arias TEX SS SS
678419 Diowill Burgos MIA OF OF
553988 Dixon Machado FA SS SS
687554 DJ Gladney CHW 3B 3B
518934 DJ LeMahieu NYY 1B/2B/ 3B 1B/2B/ 3B
670169 DJ Myers SF SP SP
663668 DJ Neal TOR OF OF
656847 DJ Peters LAD OF OF
624513 Dom Nunez COL C C
657779 Dom Thompson-Williams SEA OF OF
664935 Domenic Mazza FA SP SP
642758 Domingo Acevedo NYY RP RP
593334 Domingo German NYY SP SP
642736 Domingo Leyba ARI 2B 2B
660885 Domingo Martinez FA 1B 1B
660781 Domingo Robles PIT SP SP
570267 Domingo Santana CLE OF OF
593619 Domingo Tapia BOS RP RP
668474 Dominic Abbadessa TOR OF OF
686527 Dominic Canzone ARI OF OF
657558 Dominic DeMasi CLE SP SP
666150 Dominic Fletcher ARI OF OF
608678 Dominic Leone CLE RP RP
641884 Dominic Miroglio ARI C C
669421 Dominic Pipkin PHI SP SP
642086 Dominic Smith NYM 1B/OF 1B/OF
502126 Domonic Brown FA OF OF
592301 Domonic Ficociello FA 1B 1B
430603 Don Kelly MIA OF OF
676676 Donivan Williams STL 2B 2B
543698 Donn Roach FA RP RP
664159 Donnie Dewees CHC OF OF
643354 Donnie Hart OAK RP RP
622268 Donnie Walton SEA SS SS
664848 Donny Sands NYY 3b 3b
661541 Donovan Casey LAD OF OF
518764 Donovan Hand FA RP RP
456781 Donovan Solano SF 2B 2B/SS
681874 Doran Turchin BAL OF OF
609267 Dorssys Paulino FA SS SS
448674 Doug Bernier TEX SS SS
450729 Doug Fister FA SP SP
596720 Dovydas Neverauskas PIT RP RP
663417 Drake Owenby FA SP SP
681876 Drevian Williams-Nelson LAA 2B 2B
623454 Drew Anderson CHW RP RP
682183 Drew Avans LAD OF OF
460077 Drew Butera COL C C
686601 Drew Campbell ATL OF OF
656290 Drew Carlton DET RP RP
656403 Drew Ellis ARI 3B 3B
664916 Drew Ferguson HOU OF OF
663927 Drew Finley LAD RP RP
543193 Drew Gagnon FA RP RP
641666 Drew Harrington ATL SP SP
502457 Drew Hayes CIN RP RP
571800 Drew Hutchison FA SP SP
623515 Drew Jackson LAD SS SS
534809 Drew Longley DET C C
656666 Drew Lugbauer ATL C C
543482 Drew Maggi MIN SS SS
666141 Drew Mendoza WSH 1B 1B
681898 Drew Mount CIN OF OF
519141 Drew Pomeranz SD RP RP
656876 Drew Rasmussen MIL SP SP
592685 Drew Robinson SF OF OF
680723 Drew Rom BAL SP SP
607968 Drew Rucinski FA RP RP
622098 Drew Smith NYM RP RP
592767 Drew Smyly SF SP SP
607733 Drew Stankiewicz CLE SS SS
608716 Drew Steckenrider MIA RP RP
519322 Drew Storen PHI RP RP
675977 Drew Strotman TB SP SP
453211 Drew Stubbs TEX OF OF
572403 Drew VerHagen FA RP RP
608380 Drew Ward WSH 3b 3b
671221 Drew Waters ATL OF OF
607178 Drew Weeks COL OF OF
621249 Duane Underwood CHC RP RP
670061 Duncan Robinson CHC SP SP
664687 Durbin Feltman BOS RP RP
677205 Durin O’Linger FA RP RP
643400 Dusten Knight SF RP RP
554429 Dustin Ackley SEA 2B 2B
542884 Dustin Antolin CHW RP RP
657511 Dustin Beggs MIA SP SP
643279 Dustin DeMuth MIL 1B 1B
641583 Dustin Fowler OAK OF OF
572863 Dustin Garneau HOU C C
594830 Dustin Geiger FA 3b 3b
687957 Dustin Harris OAK 1B 1B
601707 Dustin Houle FA C C
664955 Dustin Hurlbutt FA SP SP
669160 Dustin May LAD SP SP
430661 Dustin McGowan TB RP RP
451783 Dustin Molleken FA RP RP
456030 Dustin Pedroia BOS 2B 2B
640460 Dustin Peterson FA 3b 3b
543038 Dusty Coleman SD SS SS
595260 Dusty Isaacs TOR RP RP
663492 Dwanya Williams-Sutton SD OF OF
596105 Dwight Smith BAL OF OF
621173 Dylan Baker FA RP RP
605164 Dylan Bundy LAA SP SP
676774 Dylan Burdeaux DET 1B 1B
656275 Dylan Busby PIT 3B 3B
666185 Dylan Carlson STL OF OF
656302 Dylan Cease CHW SP SP
669395 Dylan Coleman SD RP RP
592229 Dylan Covey TB SP SP
622226 Dylan Cozens TB
595929 Dylan Davis SF OF OF
668766 Dylan File MIL SP SP
571670 Dylan Floro LAD RP RP
681511 Dylan Hardy BOS OF OF
682613 Dylan Harris FA 2B 2B
669276 Dylan Lee MIA RP RP
664238 Dylan Moore SEA SS/OF 1B/2B/ SS/3B/ OF
676748 Dylan Rosa DET OF OF
657043 Dylan Thompson TB SP SP
596842 Dylan Unsworth FA SP SP
684495 Dyron Campos NYM OF OF
668834 Easton McGee TB SP SP
446225 Ed Easley PIT
678373 Edangel Tovar WSH OF OF
572750 Eddie Butler FA RP RP
543195 Eddie Gamboa BAL RP RP
592696 Eddie Rosario MIN OF OF
656962 Eddie Silva MIL 2B 2B
657193 Eddy Alvarez MIA SS SS
677647 Eddy Diaz COL SS SS
666558 Eddy Martinez CHC OF OF
664371 Eddy Reynoso FA C C
453256 Eddy Rodriguez MIN C C
678760 Eddys Leonard LAD SS SS
639238 Edgar Arredondo TEX SP SP
641431 Edgar Cabral PHI C C
571579 Edgar Corcino BOS 3b 3b
658305 Edgar Garcia PHI RP RP
681811 Edgar Gonzalez STL SP SP
429440 Edgar Gonzalez STL SP SP
680585 Edgar Martinez KC SS SS
605711 Edgar Munoz FA OF OF
543607 Edgar Olmos BOS RP RP
677977 Edgar Robles FA OF OF
650828 Edgar Santana PIT RP RP
660662 Edgardo Fermin NYM 2b 2b
656031 Edgardo Sandoval HOU SP SP
672585 Edickson Soto KC OF OF
675852 Edidson Rojas FA SS SS
672567 Edilberto Mendoza TEX C C
450172 Edinson Volquez TEX RP RP
606469 Edison Frias FA RP RP
650819 Edison Lantigua BAL OF OF
681812 Edison Mora SF SS SS
672548 Edisson Gonzalez TOR SP SP
669274 Edmond Americaan CHC OF OF
624641 Edmundo Sosa STL SS SS
622333 Eduar Lopez TB SP SP
660825 Eduard Bazardo BOS RP RP
599813 Eduard Pinto FA OF OF
601979 Eduardo de Oleo FA C C
629493 Eduardo Del Rosario MIN RP RP
666452 Eduardo Diaz ARI OF OF
500871 Eduardo Escobar ARI 2B/3B 2B/3B
621592 Eduardo Jimenez ARI RP RP
682637 Eduardo Lopez BOS OF OF
650729 Eduardo Navas NYY C C
456488 Eduardo Nunez NYM 2B 2B/SS/ 3B
622161 Eduardo Paredes FA RP RP
605797 Eduardo Revilla FA C C
593958 Eduardo Rodriguez BOS SP SP
500674 Eduardo Sanchez DET P P
602336 Eduardo Santos FA C C
665908 Eduardo Torrealba NYY SS SS
680664 Eduardo Valencia DET C C
682804 Eduardo Vaughan BOS OF OF
622747 Eduardo Vera PIT SP SP
682631 Eduarqui Fernandez MIL OF OF
591693 Edubray Ramos LAD RP RP
666674 Edwar Colina MIN SP SP
665795 Edward Cabrera MIA SP SP
672859 Edward Cuello LAD RP RP
465629 Edward Mujica FA RP RP
658668 Edward Olivares SD OF OF
487675 Edward Paredes FA RP RP
682756 Edward Romero ARI SS SS
621242 Edwin Diaz NYM RP RP
641521 Edwin Diaz OAK SS SS
429665 Edwin Encarnacion CHW 1B 1B
546276 Edwin Escobar FA RP RP
606340 Edwin Espinal FA 1B 1B
616623 Edwin Fierro TB RP RP
660741 Edwin Figuera STL SS SS
681653 Edwin Gil SEA 3B 3B
429719 Edwin Jackson ARI SP SP
642713 Edwin Lora FA SS SS
672858 Edwin Mateo LAD OF OF
606313 Edwin Moreno SD OF OF
679799 Edwin Peralta CHW 3B 3B
621458 Edwin Rios LAD 3b 1B/3B
650805 Edwin Rodriguez FA OF OF
670955 Edwin Uceta LAD SP SP
660595 Edwin Ventura BAL OF OF
660696 Edwin Yon LAA OF OF
667746 Edwuin Bencomo SD RP RP
678713 Efrain Contreras SD SP SP
519068 Efren Navarro FA 1B 1B
666703 Eguy Rosario SD 2b 2b
501303 Ehire Adrianza MIN 1B/SS/ 3B 1B/2B/ SS/3B/ OF
650892 Eleardo Cabrera TB OF OF
660707 Elehuris Montero STL 3b 3b
661526 Eli Lingos CLE RP RP
669212 Eli Morgan CLE SP SP
681871 Eli Villalobos MIA SP SP
642201 Eli White TEX SS SS
676008 Elian Gonzalez FA SS SS
673140 Elian Leyva ATL RP RP
677080 Elian Rodriguez HOU SP SP
553869 Elias Diaz COL C C
609274 Elier Hernandez FA OF OF
622694 Elieser Hernandez MIA SP SP
678844 Eliezel Stevens ATL 2B 2B
672613 Eliezer Alfonzo DET C C
608421 Eliezer Alvarez FA
682799 Elio Prado BAL OF OF
665939 Elio Serrano LAD SP SP
575028 Eliseo Aldazaba FA OF OF
679201 Ellian Rondon PHI SS SS
664142 Elliot Ashbeck SD RP RP
519303 Elliot Soto LAA SS SS
554239 Elmer Reyes FA SS SS
622556 Elniery Garcia FA SP SP
650391 Eloy Jimenez CHW OF OF
678871 Elvin Ozoria FA 2B 2B
660730 Elvin Rodriguez DET SP SP
462101 Elvis Andrus TEX SS SS
542587 Elvis Araujo FA RP RP
623911 Elvis Escobar FA OF OF
672773 Elvis Luciano TOR RP RP
669687 Elvis Peralta OAK SS SS
660907 Elvis Perez FA SS SS
660760 Elvis Sabala FA SS SS
650546 Elys Escobar PIT C C
622658 Emerson Jimenez TOR SS SS
627218 Emerson Martinez TEX SP SP
466988 Emilio Bonifacio WSH 2B 2B
664312 Emilio Gustave FA OF OF
679892 Emilio Marquez KC SP SP
656809 Emilio Ogando KC SP SP
641941 Emilio Pagan SD RP RP
642496 Emilio Vargas ARI SP SP
678687 Emilson Rosado PIT 3B 3B
502034 Emmanuel Burriss LAA 2B 2B
661403 Emmanuel Clase CLE RP RP
678679 Emmanuel Guerra SD 1B 1B
642629 Emmanuel Ramirez SD SP SP
656896 Emmanuel Rivera KC 3b 3b
642268 Emmanuel Tapia FA 1B 1B
634412 Emmanuel Torres FA SP SP
542255 Ender Inciarte ATL OF OF
575070 Enderson Franco SF RP RP
553968 Endrys Briceno DET RP RP
684489 Endy Estrada ARI OF OF
682848 Endy Rodriguez NYM C C
622713 Engelb Vielma FA SS SS
646241 Enmanuel De Jesus BOS SP SP
678800 Enmanuel Pire KC C C
670921 Enmanuel Solano STL SP SP
665839 Enmanuel Valdez HOU 2b 2b
544836 Enny Romero FA RP RP
660600 Enoli Paredes HOU SP SP
672723 Enrique Batista FA 2B 2B
542609 Enrique Burgos DET RP RP
571771 Enrique Hernandez LAD 2B/OF 2B/SS/ OF
678823 Enrique Valdez KC SS SS
660853 Enyel De Los Santos PHI SP SP
642681 Erasmo Pinales FA RP RP
541640 Erasmo Ramirez NYM RP RP
643192 Eric Aguilera FA 1B 1B
493472 Eric Campbell OAK OF OF
667518 Eric Carter LAD RP RP
663655 Eric Cole KC OF OF
680763 Eric De La Rosa DET OF OF
596107 Eric Filia SEA OF OF
518700 Eric Fryer PHI C C
658483 Eric Gonzalez CHC C C
606992 Eric Haase DET C C
621098 Eric Hanhold BAL RP RP
543333 Eric Hosmer SD 1B 1B
592429 Eric Jagielo FA 3B 3B
663346 Eric Jenkins TEX OF OF
518852 Eric Jokisch OAK SP SP
657229 Eric Karch FA RP RP
641778 Eric Lauer MIL SP SP
654118 Eric Meza FA 1B 1B
447714 Eric O’Flaherty FA RP RP
672078 Eric Pardinho TOR SP SP
677368 Eric Peterson LAD 3B 3B
687771 Eric Rivera TOR OF OF
681995 Eric Rodriguez CLE C C
647331 Eric Senior WSH OF OF
607215 Eric Skoglund KC SP SP
519299 Eric Sogard MIL 2B 2B/3B/ OF
608715 Eric Stamets COL SS SS
657770 Eric Stout FA RP RP
519346 Eric Thames WSH 1B 1B/OF
676572 Eric Wagaman NYY 1B 1B
607780 Eric Wood FA 3b 3b
687066 Eric Yang CIN C C
642233 Eric Yardley MIL RP RP
458913 Eric Young Jr. BAL OF OF
657272 Erich Uelmen CHC SP SP
608382 Erich Weiss FA 2b 2b
430947 Erick Aybar MIN SS SS
602080 Erick Castillo CHC C C
607200 Erick Fedde WSH SP SP
612797 Erick Leal FA SP SP
625510 Erick Mejia KC SS SS
663917 Erick Migueles FA OF OF
593137 Erick Salcedo LAA SS SS
678838 Erickvi Celedonio TOR OF OF
449170 Erik Cordier MIA RP RP
458530 Erik Davis MIL RP RP
592340 Erik Goeddel FA RP RP
570481 Erik Gonzalez PIT SS SS/3B/ OF
605304 Erik Johnson FA SP SP
456124 Erik Kratz NYY C C
675964 Erik Ostberg TB C C
657024 Erik Swanson SEA RP RP
628326 Erisbel Arruebarrena LAD SS SS
642272 Erlin Cerda FA 2b 2b
650400 Erling Moreno CHC SP SP
672729 Ernesto Adames FA OF OF
457117 Ernesto Frieri FA RP RP
667803 Ernesto Martinez MIL 1B 1B
592889 Ernesto Zaragoza FA SP SP
676391 Ernie Clement CLE 2B 2B
670797 Ernie De La Trinidad MIN OF OF
642021 Errol Robinson LAD SS SS
429722 Ervin Santana FA SP SP
674382 Ervis Marchan CHC 1B 1B
593333 Esmerling De La Rosa MIA RP RP
469134 Esmil Rogers FA RP RP
672623 Esney Chacon DET OF OF
672867 Estamy Urena FA 2B 2B
682658 Estanli Castillo TB OF OF
620145 Estarlin Arias STL RP RP
606019 Esteban Quiroz SD SS SS
665923 Esteury Ruiz SD 2b 2b
664314 Estevan Florial NYY OF OF
623362 Estevan Gonzalez FA SP SP
681915 Ethan DeCaster DET RP RP
673862 Ethan Evanko PHI RP RP
677945 Ethan Hankins CLE SP SP
676600 Ethan Lindow PHI SP SP
663871 Ethan Paul PIT SS SS
681799 Ethan Roberts CHC RP RP
663690 Ethan Skender SD 3B 3B
663629 Ethan Small MIL P P
621594 Eudis Idrogo DET SP SP
642281 Eudy Ramos FA 3b 3b
650853 Eugene Helder FA 2b 2b
553993 Eugenio Suarez CIN 3B 3B
666795 Eulises Sanchez FA OF OF
516811 Eury Perez PIT OF OF
670116 Evan Alexander NYY OF OF
657212 Evan Edwards MIA 1B 1B
594828 Evan Gattis FA DH DH
592361 Evan Grills COL SP SP
667515 Evan Guillory STL SP SP
676358 Evan Kruczynski STL SP SP
446334 Evan Longoria SF 3B 3B
664879 Evan Manarino FA SP SP
605359 Evan Marshall CHW RP RP
608685 Evan Marzilli FA OF OF
656734 Evan Mendoza STL 3B 3B
670377 Evan Miller SD RP RP
641887 Evan Mitchell FA RP RP
623465 Evan Phillips BAL RP RP
670949 Evan Piechota FA SP SP
592709 Evan Rutckyj NYY P P
519267 Evan Scribner TB RP RP
656967 Evan Skoug CHW C C
663741 Evan Steele KC SP SP
657108 Evan White SEA 1B 1B
677592 Everson Pereira NYY OF OF
465784 Everth Cabrera CHW SS SS
678659 Eynar Machin LAD 2B 2B
485567 Ezequiel Carrera LAD OF OF
677649 Ezequiel Duran NYY 2B 2B
681868 Ezequiel Pagan CHC OF OF
678662 Ezequiel Tovar COL SS SS
665821 Fabian Andrade BOS OF OF
680760 Fabian Pena SF C C
678285 Fabian Pertuz CHC SS SS
503566 Fabio Castillo FA RP RP
671246 Fabricio Macias PIT OF OF
677571 Fadriel Cruz COL 2B 2B
678350 Farlyn Manon MIL C C
666627 Faustino Carrera TB SP SP
678836 Federico Polanco NYM SS SS
462956 Felipe Paulino HOU RP RP
553878 Felipe Vazquez PIT RP RP
467094 Felix Doubront OAK SP SP
672445 Felix Familia KC C C
660524 Felix Fernandez CLE C C
433587 Felix Hernandez ATL SP SP
602928 Felix Jorge CIN SP SP
682503 Felix Minjarez SD RP RP
658671 Felix Osorio FA OF OF
656077 Felix Paulino CHW SP SP
570240 Felix Pena LAA RP RP
685474 Felix Stevens CHC OF OF
680589 Felix Valerio MIL 2B 2B
472551 Fernando Abad WSH RP RP
684233 Fernando Brazoban STL OF OF
685735 Fernando Diaz STL 1B 1B
667350 Fernando Kelli CHC OF OF
607895 Fernando Perez DET RP RP
622047 Fernando Perez FA 2b 2b
407845 Fernando Rodney FA RP RP
451775 Fernando Rodriguez FA RP RP
622864 Fernando Romero MIN RP RP
477569 Fernando Salas FA RP RP
665487 Fernando Tatis Jr. SD SS SS
679589 Fernando Villegas PIT OF OF
642271 Fernery Ozuna TEX 2b 2b
669858 Fidel Castro CIN OF OF
660547 Filyer Sanchez ATL SP SP
663587 Fitz Stadler TOR SP SP
681591 Fleury Nova PIT OF OF
665154 Ford Proctor TB SS SS
519296 Forrest Snow FA SP SP
657088 Forrest Wall TOR 2b 2b
666215 Forrest Whitley HOU SP SP
641303 Forrestt Allday FA OF OF
656492 Foster Griffin KC SP SP
669413 Frainyer Chavez TEX SS SS
664285 Framber Valdez HOU RP RP
614173 Franchy Cordero SD OF OF
672842 Francis Florentino MIL OF OF
679662 Francis Franco FA 2B 2B
642564 Francis Martes HOU RP RP
645445 Francis Martinez ARI OF OF
672696 Francisco Acuna PIT SS SS
682626 Francisco Alvarez NYM C C
516472 Francisco Arcia FA C C
465041 Francisco Cervelli MIA C C
669303 Francisco Del Valle LAA OF OF
514916 Francisco Diaz FA C C
653250 Francisco Ferreiro FA OF OF
682853 Francisco Floyd ATL SS SS
677731 Francisco Hernandez STL 3B 3B
674504 Francisco Hernandez FA OF OF
596019 Francisco Lindor CLE SS SS
434538 Francisco Liriano PHI RP RP
546366 Francisco Lugo FA OF OF
660833 Francisco Medina SF 3b 3b
642336 Francisco Mejia SD C C
672839 Francisco Morales PHI SP SP
674383 Francisco Ortiz COL C C
678686 Francisco Palma COL OF OF
506747 Francisco Pena CIN C C
642590 Francisco Rios NYM RP RP
408061 Francisco Rodriguez FA RP RP
665793 Francisco Ventura TEX C C
666015 Francisco Villegas TEX RP RP
650618 Franco Terrero KC RP RP
644413 Francys Peguero WSH SP SP
665133 Frank Crinella FA 2B 2B
641538 Frank Duncan FA SP SP
681464 Frank German NYY SP SP
606140 Frank Lopez SD RP RP
643524 Frank Schwindel DET 1B 1B
672602 Frank Veliz DET 2B 2B
663617 Frankie Bartow WSH RP RP
593423 Frankie Montas OAK SP SP
667696 Frankie Rios FA SS SS
676762 Frankie Tostado SF 1B 1B
620439 Franklin Barreto OAK 2B 2B/SS
660793 Franklin Garcia FA 2b 2b
429711 Franklin Gutierrez LAD OF OF
665780 Franklin Labour SF OF OF
685438 Franklin Linares NYM OF OF
658530 Franklin Perez DET SP SP
650971 Franklin Rollin TEX 2b 2b
672763 Franklin Soto STL SS SS
656090 Franklin Tineo FA 2b 2b
650660 Franklin Torres LAA 2b 2b
642584 Franklyn Kilome NYM RP RP
650691 Franly Mallen FA SS SS
614177 Franmil Reyes CLE OF OF
518692 Freddie Freeman ATL 1B 1B
673882 Freddvil Chevez TB 1B 1B
672420 Freddy De Jesus STL 1B 1B
666023 Freddy Fermin KC C C
520471 Freddy Galvis CIN 2B/SS 2B/SS
642547 Freddy Peralta MIL SP SP
650996 Freddy Rodriguez FA OF OF
676206 Freddy Tarnok ATL SP SP
682639 Freddy Valdez NYM OF OF
660663 Frederick Cuevas NYY OF OF
661426 Freicer Perez NYY SP SP
673945 Freuddy Batista SEA C C
671265 Freudis Nova HOU 3B 3B
602115 Gabby Guerrero FA OF OF
682077 Gabe Mosser SD SP SP
676376 Gabe Snyder MIN 1B 1B
642100 Gabe Speier KC RP RP
672356 Gabriel Arias SD 3B 3B
656072 Gabriel Bracamonte FA C C
663708 Gabriel Cancel KC 2b 2b
663696 Gabriel Garcia MIL 1B 1B
593449 Gabriel Lino FA C C
670622 Gabriel Maciel MIN OF OF
683447 Gabriel Martinez TOR OF OF
650495 Gabriel Mejia FA OF OF
672385 Gabriel Morales SD SP SP
672515 Gabriel Moreno TOR C C
622382 Gabriel Moya FA RP RP
527045 Gabriel Noriega FA SS SS
593775 Gabriel Quintana FA 3b 3b
682621 Gabriel Rodriguez CLE SS SS
650608 Gabriel Valdez HOU SP SP
593679 Gabriel Ynoa FA SP SP
663561 Gage Canning WSH OF OF
656543 Gage Hinsz PIT SP SP
658061 Galli Cribbs Jr. ARI SS SS
516664 Garabez Rosa FA SS SS
601712 Gareth Morgan LAA OF OF
594555 Garin Cecchini KC 3B 3B
664677 Garrett Benge BOS 3B 3B
607479 Garrett Brown FA OF OF
656301 Garrett Cave SF SP SP
664076 Garrett Cleavinger PHI RP RP
643265 Garrett Cooper MIA 1B/OF 1B/OF
663657 Garrett Davila KC SP SP
641658 Garrett Hampson COL 2B/OF 2B/SS/ OF
682051 Garrett Hill DET SP SP
687997 Garrett Hiott TB OF OF
665579 Garrett Hope LAD C C
613588 Garrett Kennedy FA C C
656697 Garrett McCain FA OF OF
572070 Garrett Richards SD SP SP
596117 Garrett Stubbs HOU C C/OF
663605 Garrett Whitley TB OF OF
676477 Garrett Whitlock NYY SP SP
624526 Garrett Williams LAA SP SP
670193 Garrison Bryant NYM SP SP
673859 Garrison Schwartz ATL OF OF
650667 Garvis Lara FA SS SS
596142 Gary Sanchez NYY C C
608325 Gavin Cecchini ARI SS SS
641468 Gavin Collins CLE 3b 3b
425856 Gavin Floyd TOR RP RP
663507 Gavin Garay NYM 1B 1B
689435 Gavin Jones OAK 3B 3B
656642 Gavin LaValley CIN 3b 3b
666158 Gavin Lux LAD 2B 2B
657757 Gavin Sheets CHW 1B 1B
676719 Gavin Wallace PIT SP SP
669950 Gene Cone FA OF OF
650893 Genesis Cabrera STL RP RP
650855 Geoandry Montilla FA C C
664129 Geoff Hartlieb PIT RP RP
681864 George Bell SF OF OF
669923 George Kirby SEA P P
502004 George Kontos FA RP RP
543807 George Springer HOU OF OF
671655 George Valera CLE OF OF
434567 Geovany Soto CHW C C
673145 Geraldi Diaz WSH C C
672695 Geraldo Perdomo ARI SS SS
678647 Gerard Ramos COL OF OF
672629 Gerardo Carrillo LAD SP SP
615868 Gerardo Concepcion CHC RP RP
677916 Gerardo Gutierrez FA SP SP
666671 Gerardo Nunez FA 2B 2B
467827 Gerardo Parra FA OF 1B/OF
622103 Gerardo Reyes SD RP RP
608566 German Marquez COL SP SP
657601 Gerrion Grim BAL OF OF
543037 Gerrit Cole NYY SP SP
649957 Gersel Pitre LAD C C
639373 Gerson Bautista SEA RP RP
642520 Gerson Garabito KC SP SP
683554 Gerson Molina NYM OF OF
642575 Gerson Moreno DET SP SP
519317 Giancarlo Stanton NYY OF OF
657595 Gianpaul Gonzalez CLE C C
547912 Gift Ngoepe FA SS SS
658677 Gilbert Lara WSH SS SS
665482 Gilberto Celestino MIN OF OF
594096 Gilberto Galaviz FA C C
678362 Gilberto Jimenez BOS OF OF
672953 Gilberto Vizcarra SD C C
660682 Gilmael Troya PHI RP RP
676506 Gio Arriera DET SP SP
621323 Gio Brusa SF OF OF
682122 Gio Dingcong OAK 1B 1B
461829 Gio Gonzalez CHW SP SP
570482 Gio Urshela NYY 3B 3B
682090 Gionti Turner TB 2B 2B
665930 Gioser Tejeda FA C C
593800 Gioskar Amaya FA 2b 2b
543803 Giovanni Soto FA RP RP
595871 Giovanny Alfonzo FA SS SS
606149 Giovanny Gallegos STL RP RP
681748 Giuseppe Peguero PHI OF OF
677642 Givaine Basilia OAK 2B 2B
450282 Glen Perkins MIN RP RP
657248 Glenn Otto NYY SP SP
642098 Glenn Sparkman KC SP SP
650402 Gleyber Torres NYY 2B/SS 2B/SS
660513 Gleyvin Pineda LAA SS SS
542674 Gonzalez Germen CHW RP RP
493596 Gordon Beckham SD 2B 2B/SS/ 3B
491676 Gorkys Hernandez FA OF OF
641741 Gosuke Katoh MIA 2b 2b
429713 Grady Sizemore FA OF OF
666197 Grae Kessinger HOU SS SS
605248 Granden Goetzman FA OF OF
681982 Grant Anderson TEX RP RP
664085 Grant Borne FA SP SP
594795 Grant Dayton ATL RP RP
667657 Grant Dyer PHI RP RP
682538 Grant Fennell CHC OF OF
669183 Grant Gambrell KC SP SP
667050 Grant Gavin KC RP RP
502205 Grant Green MIA 2B 2B
621463 Grant Heyman ARI OF OF
656545 Grant Hockin CLE SP SP
656550 Grant Holmes OAK RP RP
657634 Grant Kay TB 3b 3b
667428 Grant Koch PIT C C
680693 Grant Lavigne COL 1B 1B
668696 Grant Little SD OF OF
687529 Grant McCray SF OF OF
664922 Grant Watson SF SP SP
681260 Grant Williams BOS SS SS
680710 Grant Witherspoon TB OF OF
656282 Grayson Byrd CHC 1B 1B
606988 Grayson Greiner DET C C
621047 Grayson Long DET SP SP
680570 Grayson Rodriguez BAL SP SP
656185 Greg Allen CLE OF OF
595885 Greg Bird TEX 1B 1B
681888 Greg Cullen ATL 2B 2B
656364 Greg Deichmann OAK OF OF
594824 Greg Garcia SD 2B 2B/SS/ 3B
518813 Greg Holland KC RP RP
675659 Greg Jones TB SS SS
676797 Greg Lambert FA OF OF
657670 Greg Mahle LAA RP RP
663763 Greg Pickett FA OF OF
607265 Greg Ross WSH SP SP
669711 Greg Weissert NYY RP RP
453923 Gregor Blanco FA OF OF
463610 Gregorio Petit FA SS SS
665872 Gregory Guerrero NYM SS SS
500872 Gregory Infante FA RP RP
570256 Gregory Polanco PIT OF OF
666619 Gregory Santos SF SP SP
642397 Gregory Soto DET RP RP
650849 Greifer Andrade FA SS SS
640488 Grenny Cumana PHI SS SS
622370 Greyfer Eregua FA RP RP
680571 Greyson Jenista ATL OF OF
670392 Griffin Benson ATL 1B 1B
656288 Griffin Canning LAA SP SP
665052 Griffin Conine TOR OF OF
659161 Griffin Garabito FA 2b 2b
643377 Griffin Jax MIN SP SP
675965 Griffin Roberts STL SP SP
680843 Guarner Dipre PHI SS SS
605317 Guido Knudson SEA RP RP
666788 Guillermo Granadillo NYM OF OF
628338 Guillermo Heredia PIT OF OF
446861 Guillermo Moscoso FA SP SP
678733 Guillermo Quintana KC C C
425565 Guillermo Quiroz CLE C C
670871 Guillermo Zuniga LAD SP SP
656525 Gunnar Heidt FA SS SS
682102 Gunnar Schubert MIA SS SS
676149 Gunnar Troutwine CHW C C
669258 Gunner Pollman MIA C C
681402 Gus Varland OAK SP SP
677626 Gustavo A. Rodriguez STL OF OF
646717 Gustavo Armas PHI SP SP
516631 Gustavo Nunez FA SS SS
660815 Gustavo Polanco CHC C C
668470 Hagen Danner TOR C C
670162 Hagen Owenby ATL C C
606189 Hamlet Marte FA C C
474233 Hank Conger ARI C C
434670 Hanley Ramirez FA SS SS
668968 Hans Crouse TEX SP SP
542328 Hans Wilson FA C C
658738 Hansel Moreno NYM SS SS
686304 Hansel Otamendi STL OF OF
570663 Hansel Robles LAA RP RP
650142 Hansel Rodriguez SD RP RP
593643 Hanser Alberto BAL 2B/3B 2B/3B
681729 Hanser Valerio FA 3B 3B
656083 Harol Gonzalez NYM SP SP
622693 Harold Arauz STL SP SP
605612 Harold Castro DET 2B/OF 2B/3B/ OF
623912 Harold Ramirez MIA OF OF
664056 Harrison Bader STL OF OF
682085 Harrison Dinicola MIA 1B 1B
676090 Harrison Francis ARI RP RP
687466 Harrison Freed SF OF OF
643466 Harrison Musgrave COL RP RP
643599 Harrison Wenson LAA C C
665827 Harvin Mendoza CHW 1B 1B
679599 Hasuan Viera TEX OF OF
677421 Hayden Deal ATL SP SP
676981 Hayden Roberts COL RP RP
663584 Hayden Senger NYM C C
641571 Heath Fillmyer KC RP RP
592390 Heath Hembree BOS RP RP
595988 Heath Holder COL RP RP
641991 Heath Quinn SF OF OF
621091 Heath Slatton SF SP SP
660022 Hector Figueroa CLE RP RP
467143 Hector Gomez PHI SS SS
672590 Hector Guerrero FA 3B 3B
571772 Hector Hernandez SD RP RP
665018 Hector Lujan MIN RP RP
645293 Hector Martinez FA 2b 2b
658666 Hector Martinez FA OF OF
672395 Hector Martinez LAD SS SS
661268 Hector Mendoza FA RP RP
593576 Hector Neris PHI RP RP
456051 Hector Noesi PIT SP SP
660431 Hector Perez TOR SP SP
444468 Hector Rondon ARI RP RP
516949 Hector Sanchez DET C C
502327 Hector Santiago DET RP RP
600470 Hector Silvestre FA SP SP
673267 Hector Soto STL SP SP
642693 Hector Vargas FA SS SS
584171 Hector Velazquez BOS SP SP
678356 Hector Vizcaino FA SS SS
666668 Hector Yan LAA SP SP
542344 Heiker Meneses FA SS SS
677573 Heitor Tokar HOU SP SP
672487 Helcris Olivarez COL SP SP
671218 Heliot Ramos SF OF OF
599481 Helmis Rodriguez FA SP SP
506693 Henderson Alvarez WSH SP SP
660704 Henderson De Oleo CLE 3b 3b
666630 Henderson Perez CHC C C
649955 Hendrik Clementina CIN C C
669737 Henri Lartigue PHI C C
655315 Henrry Pedra FA 2b 2b
665963 Henry Henry SD RP RP
650493 Henry Martinez CLE RP RP
596064 Henry Owens FA SP SP
665921 Henry Pujols CLE 3b 3b
677668 Henry Quintero FA OF OF
592656 Henry Ramos TEX OF OF
681715 Heriberto Hernandez TEX C C
607439 Herlis Rodriguez FA OF OF
454975 Hernan Iribarren CIN 2B 2B
541650 Hernan Perez CHC 2B/SS 1B/2B/ SS/3B/ OF
650507 Hidekel Gonzalez COL C C
650387 Hildemaro Requena BOS SP SP
687882 Hill Alexander TB OF OF
572744 Hiram Burgos MIL SP SP
547874 Hisashi Iwakuma FA SP SP
622215 Hobbs Johnson MIL RP RP
571948 Hoby Milner LAA RP RP
663687 Hogan Harris OAK SP SP
456701 Homer Bailey MIN SP SP
670053 Hosea Nelson CLE OF OF
435062 Howie Kendrick WSH 1B/2B 1B/2B/ 3B
660829 Hoy Jun Park NYY SS SS
660623 Huascar Ynoa ATL RP RP
668888 Hudson Potts SD SS SS
672799 Hugo Cardona TOR SS SS
600858 Humberto Arteaga KC SS SS
528748 Humberto Castellanos HOU RP RP
599574 Humberto Castro FA 2b 2b
650668 Humberto Mejia MIA SP SP
571432 Hunter Adkins FA RP RP
666183 Hunter Bishop SF OF OF
543017 Hunter Cervenka BAL RP RP
607500 Hunter Cole TEX OF OF
641531 Hunter Dozier KC 3B/OF 1B/3B/ OF
676439 Hunter Feduccia LAD C C
668881 Hunter Greene CIN SP SP
667495 Hunter Hargrove FA 1B 1B
640451 Hunter Harvey BAL RP RP
679766 Hunter Hearn PHI OF OF
677221 Hunter Jarmon FA OF OF
594872 Hunter Jones FA OF OF
682082 Hunter Lee MIN 2B 2B
670462 Hunter Owen PIT OF OF
452254 Hunter Pence SF OF OF
592669 Hunter Renfroe TB OF OF
676607 Hunter Schryver CHW RP RP
669248 Hunter Smith BOS RP RP
680106 Hunter Steinmetz TOR OF OF
667663 Hunter Stovall PHI 2B 2B
519326 Hunter Strickland WSH RP RP
621056 Hunter Wood CLE RP RP
434718 Huston Street FA RP RP
547957 Hyun Soo Kim PHI OF OF
547943 Hyun-Jin Ryu TOR SP SP
666120 Ian Anderson ATL SP SP
624420 Ian Clarkin FA RP RP
682075 Ian Dawkins CHW OF OF
435622 Ian Desmond COL OF OF
673861 Ian Evans BAL 1B 1B
571687 Ian Gardeck OAK RP RP
664139 Ian Gibaut TEX RP RP
641656 Ian Hamilton CHW RP RP
664023 Ian Happ CHC OF 1B/2B/ 3B/OF
453178 Ian Kennedy KC RP RP
435079 Ian Kinsler SD 2B 2B
571871 Ian Krol FA RP RP
641855 Ian McKinney SEA SP SP
641878 Ian Miller MIN OF OF
663809 Ian Oxnevad STL SP SP
622210 Ian Parmley TOR OF OF
623305 Ian Rice CHC C C
664921 Ian Sagdal WSH DH DH
670433 Ian Strom FA OF OF
642462 Ibandel Isabel CIN 1B 1B
400085 Ichiro Suzuki SEA OF OF
672553 Ignacio Feliz SD SP SP
622805 Ignacio Valdez FA OF OF
477195 Ike Davis LAD 1B 1B
663683 Ike Schlabach PIT RP RP
666001 Ildemaro Escalona FA SS SS
545121 Ildemaro Vargas ARI 2B 2B/3B
677673 Imanol Vargas LAD OF OF
660838 Imeldo Diaz STL SS SS
666694 Iraj Serrano OAK OF OF
458252 Irving Falu WSH 2B 2B
676761 Irving Lopez STL 2B 2B
660561 Irving Ortega BAL SS SS
643197 Isaac Anderson LAD SP SP
686555 Isaac Collins COL 2B 2B
682722 Isaac De Leon MIA SS SS
543194 Isaac Galloway FA OF OF
676755 Isaac Mattson BAL RP RP
670623 Isaac Paredes DET SS SS
665455 Isaac Rodriguez Salazar FA SS SS
650675 Isael Soto FA OF OF
676102 Isaiah Henry KC OF OF
656824 Isaiah Pasteur NYY OF OF
657728 Isaias Quiroz TEX C C
593471 Isaias Tejeda FA C C
656371 Isan Diaz MIA 2B 2B
656462 Isiah Gilliam NYY OF OF
643396 Isiah Kiner-Falefa TEX C/3B C/3B
672808 Ismael Alcantara SF OF OF
672882 Ismael Alcantara LAD OF OF
673389 Ismael Aquino KC RP RP
570145 Ismael Guillon FA RP RP
672691 Ismael Jaime ARI OF OF
665998 Ismael Munguia SF OF OF
672832 Israel Pineda WSH C C
650544 Isrrael De La Cruz DET 2B 2B
622668 Ivan Castillo SD SS SS
474443 Ivan De Jesus BOS 2B 2B
671056 Ivan Herrera STL C C
616619 Ivan Jimenez FA SS SS
671155 Ivan Johnson CIN SS SS
467100 Ivan Nova DET SP SP
606335 Ivan Pineyro FA SP SP
657079 Ivan Vieitez FA SP SP
678808 Iverson Leonardo DET OF OF
661250 Izzy Wilson TB OF OF
457918 J.A. Happ NYY SP SP
656266 J.B. Bukauskas ARI SP SP
543776 J.B. Shuck WSH OF OF
605525 J.B. Wendelken OAK RP RP
642223 J.B. Woodman FA OF OF
666924 J.C. Cloney KC SP SP
641555 J.C. Escarra BAL 1B 1B
670965 J.C. Millan MIA 3B 3B
500724 J.C. Ramirez FA RP RP
642363 J.C. Rodriguez FA 3b 3b
669306 J.D. Busfield FA SP SP
605204 J.D. Davis NYM 3B/OF 3B/OF
670456 J.D. Hammer PHI RP RP
455605 J.D. Martin LAD SP SP
502110 J.D. Martinez BOS OF OF
680785 J.D. Orr MIA OF OF
667580 J.D. Osborne MIA C C
663599 J.D. Williams FA 2B 2B
668709 J.J. Bleday MIA OF OF
595210 J.J. Franco FA 2B 2B
429666 J.J. Hardy BAL SS SS
543331 J.J. Hoover FA RP RP
656695 J.J. Matijevic HOU 1B 1B
641487 J.P. Crawford SEA SS SS
656420 J.P. Feyereisen MIL RP RP
434442 J.P. Howell FA RP RP
656996 J.P. Sportman FA OF OF
664751 J.R. Davis FA 2b 2b
543242 J.R. Graham NYY RP RP
686793 J.T. Arruda WSH SS SS
664141 J.T. Brubaker PIT SP SP
608638 J.T. Chargois FA RP RP
592663 J.T. Realmuto PHI C C
595375 J.T. Riddle PIT OF SS/OF
518466 Jabari Blash FA OF OF
605240 Jace Fry CHW RP RP
607054 Jace Peterson MIL 2B 2B/3B/ OF
669114 Jace Vines KC SP SP
670443 Jack Anderson SEA RP RP
663660 Jack Conley PHI C C
681007 Jack Cushing OAK SP SP
686639 Jack Dunn WSH 3B 3B
656427 Jack Flaherty STL SP SP
681075 Jack Herman PIT OF OF
687958 Jack Kenley DET 2B 2B
667674 Jack Kruger LAA C C
677223 Jack Larsen SEA OF OF
605333 Jack Leathersich TEX RP RP
605346 Jack Lopez ATL SS SS
608686 Jack Mayfield HOU SS 2B/SS
669107 Jack Meggs FA OF OF
571975 Jack Murphy CLE C C
682163 Jack Patterson CHC RP RP
663472 Jack Perkins PHI SP SP
595373 Jack Reinheimer MIN
669090 Jack Stronach SD OF OF
687499 Jack Strunc MIA 2B 2B
670468 Jack Sundberg WSH OF OF
669261 Jack Suwinski SD OF OF
622063 Jack Wynkoop COL SP SP
598265 Jackie Bradley Jr. BOS OF OF
687714 Jackson Cluff WSH SS SS
680725 Jackson Goddard ARI SP SP
663804 Jackson Kowar KC SP SP
621143 Jackson McClelland TOR RP RP
623451 Jackson Stephens FA RP RP
676687 Jackson Stoeckinger WSH SP SP
676194 Jackson Tetreault WSH SP SP
519425 Jackson Williams PIT C C
676070 Jacob Amaya LAD SS SS
606930 Jacob Barnes LAA RP RP
667679 Jacob Billingsley HOU RP RP
670109 Jacob Bosiokovic STL 1B 1B
502010 Jacob Brigham DET RP RP
663394 Jacob Condra-Bogan WSH RP RP
592242 Jacob Dahlstrand FA SP SP
594798 Jacob deGrom NYM SP SP
665335 Jacob Dorris FA RP RP
664137 Jacob Evans STL RP RP
669363 Jacob Gonzalez SF 3B 3B
595238 Jacob Hannemann CHC
669436 Jacob Heatherly CIN SP SP
641689 Jacob Heyward SF OF OF
605338 Jacob Lindgren CHW RP RP
594576 Jacob May CHW
656798 Jacob Nix SD SP SP
641924 Jacob Nottingham MIL C C
670259 Jacob Olson CHC OF OF
669245 Jacob Pearson MIN OF OF
642008 Jacob Rhame NYM RP RP
681927 Jacob Rhinesmith WSH OF OF
615699 Jacob Robson DET OF OF
666331 Jacob Sanford NYY OF OF
621468 Jacob Scavuzzo FA OF OF
663792 Jacob Schlesener STL SP SP
607732 Jacob Stallings PIT C C
545363 Jacob Turner FA RP RP
621097 Jacob Waguespack TOR RP RP
657097 Jacob Webb ATL RP RP
607111 Jacob Wilson WSH 2b 2b
669113 Jacob Zanon NYM OF OF
453056 Jacoby Ellsbury FA OF OF
592444 JaCoby Jones DET OF OF
681531 Jacson McGowan TB 1B 1B
666561 Jae-Gyun Hwang SF 3B 3B
543094 Jaff Decker WSH OF OF
663375 Jagger Rusconi BOS 2B 2B
663330 Jahmai Jones LAA OF OF
642545 Jaime Barria LAA SP SP
448802 Jaime Garcia FA SP SP
622009 Jaime Lugo FA SP SP
676015 Jaime Perez LAD OF OF
621289 Jaime Schultz OAK RP RP
665856 Jair Camargo LAD C C
545064 Jairo Diaz COL RP RP
607951 Jairo Labourt FA RP RP
678403 Jairo Lopez HOU SP SP
682646 Jairo Pomares SF OF OF
672810 Jairo Solis HOU SP SP
666796 Jaison Vilera NYM SP SP
676605 Jake Adams HOU 1B 1B
666906 Jake Alu WSH 2B 2B
680971 Jake Anchia SEA C C
453562 Jake Arrieta PHI SP SP
545332 Jake Barrett FA RP RP
641343 Jake Bauers CLE 1B/OF 1B/OF
641394 Jake Brentz PIT RP RP
681822 Jake Brodt TOR 1B 1B
594772 Jake Buchanan FA RP RP
669394 Jake Burger CHW 3B 3B
595909 Jake Cave MIN OF OF
656328 Jake Cosart BOS RP RP
630105 Jake Cronenworth SD SS SS
676804 Jake Dahlberg FA SP SP
592259 Jake DePew BOS C C
518617 Jake Diekman OAK RP RP
641534 Jake Drehoff FA SP SP
572827 Jake Dunning CHW RP RP
641551 Jake Elliott CHW RP RP
518653 Jake Elmore PIT SS SS
605222 Jake Esch FA RP RP
607188 Jake Faria MIL RP RP
641584 Jake Fraley SEA OF OF
656449 Jake Gatewood MIL SS SS
572876 Jake Goebbert FA 1B 1B
684580 Jake Guenther TB 1B 1B
683065 Jake Haberer SD RP RP
606993 Jake Hager NYM SS SS
669170 Jake Holmes PHI 3B 3B
687724 Jake Holton DET 1B 1B
688437 Jake Hoover TEX SS SS
663623 Jake Irvin WSH SP SP
657228 Jake Jewell SF RP RP
572952 Jake Johansen CHW RP RP
592455 Jake Kalish KC SP SP
571875 Jake Lamb ARI 1B/3B 1B/3B
680543 Jake Lee LAA SP SP
607021 Jake Lowery FA C C
663968 Jake Mangum NYM OF OF
545350 Jake Marisnick NYM OF OF
664983 Jake McCarthy ARI OF OF
595316 Jake McCasland SF SP SP
459429 Jake McGee COL RP RP
689374 Jake Means KC 3B 3B
676694 Jake Meyers HOU OF OF
623470 Jake Newberry KC RP RP
669738 Jake Noll WSH 2b 2b
543606 Jake Odorizzi MIN SP SP
661539 Jake Palomaki TB 2B 2B
641959 Jake Paulson FA SP SP
408241 Jake Peavy FA SP SP
656846 Jake Peter LAD 2b 2b
502593 Jake Petricka TOR RP RP
686674 Jake Randa WSH OF OF
596082 Jake Reed MIN RP RP
642014 Jake Ring FA OF OF
668670 Jake Rogers DET C C
642031 Jake Romanski FA C C
676595 Jake Scheiner SEA 2B 2B
676712 Jake Scudder FA 1B 1B
670237 Jake Slaughter CHC 3B 3B
607727 Jake Smith SD RP RP
519295 Jake Smolinski FA OF OF
642109 Jake Stinnett CHC RP RP
677422 Jake Stone FA OF OF
622097 Jake Thompson LAA RP RP
673904 Jake Walsh STL SP SP
669476 Jake Walters MIA SP SP
669910 Jake Winston FA SP SP
673858 Jake Wong SF SP SP
663765 Jake Woodford STL SP SP
657284 Jake Yacinich FA SS SS
674342 Jakob Hernandez PHI RP RP
596001 Jakob Junis KC SP SP
656883 Jakson Reetz WSH C C
656222 Jalen Beeks TB RP RP
663692 Jalen Miller SF SS SS
676916 Jalen Washington SD C C
630263 James Bourque WSH RP RP
595145 James Buckelew MIA SP SP
571638 James Dykstra TOR RP RP
592295 James Farris COL RP RP
624586 James Hoyt CLE RP RP
571825 James Jones TEX OF OF
621076 James Kaprielian OAK RP RP
675916 James Karinchak CLE RP RP
425766 James Loney TEX 1B 1B
675653 James Marinan CIN SP SP
621086 James Marvel PIT SP SP
663704 James McArthur PHI SP SP
543510 James McCann CHW C C
664942 James Naile OAK SP SP
571982 James Needy MIA SP SP
663445 James Nelson MIA 3B 3B
656803 James Norwood CHC RP RP
681546 James Outman LAD OF OF
572020 James Paxton NYY SP SP
572021 James Pazos COL RP RP
607256 James Ramsey FA OF OF
656885 James Reeves NYY RP RP
460701 James Russell DET RP RP
448306 James Shields FA SP SP
667425 James Teague BAL RP RP
664876 James Terrell FA OF OF
664881 James Vasquez FA 1B 1B
622053 Jameson Fisher CHW OF OF
680683 Jameson Hannah CIN OF OF
592791 Jameson Taillon PIT SP SP
621094 Jamie Callahan FA RP RP
657739 Jamie Ritchie HOU C C
457449 Jamie Romak SD OF OF
642197 Jamie Westbrook SF 2b 2b
676849 Jamori Blash WSH 1B 1B
680927 Jan Cabrera NYM OF OF
641685 Jan Hernandez FA 3b 3b
572225 Jan Vazquez FA C C
676857 Jancarlos Cintron ARI 2B 2B
594311 Jandel Gustave SF RP RP
678890 Jandel Paulino MIA OF OF
667687 Janigson Villalobos MIN C C
665878 Janser Lara KC SP SP
670379 Jansiel Rivera SEA OF OF
642220 Jantzen Witte BOS 3b 3b
676688 Jared Akins MIN OF OF
664229 Jared Foster FA OF OF
592419 Jared Hoying LAA OF OF
453172 Jared Hughes FA RP RP
657623 Jared James FA OF OF
592481 Jared Lakind FA RP RP
656744 Jared Miller FA RP RP
502200 Jared Mitchell CIN OF OF
666931 Jared Oliva PIT OF OF
641983 Jared Poche’ FA RP RP
656904 Jared Robinson CLE RP RP
669707 Jared Triolo PIT SS SS
657086 Jared Walker LAD 3b 3b
665120 Jared Walsh LAA 1B 1B
676724 Jared Young CHC 2B 2B
606424 Jarlin Garcia SF RP RP
646140 Jaron Long FA SP SP
543054 Jarred Cosart FA SP SP
672284 Jarred Kelenic SEA OF OF
680776 Jarren Duran BOS OF OF
543496 Jarret Martin FA RP RP
459439 Jarrett Grube TOR SP SP
592620 Jarrett Parker NYM OF OF
502481 Jarrod Dyson PIT OF OF
457454 Jarrod Saltalamacchia FA C C
660801 Jasier Herrera SF SP SP
592094 Jason Adam CHC RP RP
669920 Jason Alexander LAA SP SP
676599 Jason Bahr TEX SP SP
430652 Jason Bourgeois FA OF OF
488771 Jason Castro LAA C C
605183 Jason Coats TB OF OF
595926 Jason Creasy ATL RP RP
641511 Jason Delay PIT C C
592329 Jason Garcia FA RP RP
621508 Jason Goldstein OAK C C
276351 Jason Grilli FA RP RP
666130 Jason Groome BOS SP SP
543261 Jason Gurka BAL RP RP
434628 Jason Hammel FA SP SP
518792 Jason Heyward CHC OF OF
592422 Jason Hursh FA RP RP
605302 Jason Jester SD RP RP
543401 Jason Kipnis CHC 2B 2B
607249 Jason Krizan OAK OF OF
621037 Jason Leblebijian FA 2b 2b
660686 Jason Lopez NYY C C
150302 Jason Marquis FA SP SP
641829 Jason Martin PIT OF OF
592535 Jason Martinson FA SS SS
650581 Jason Morozowski FA OF OF
435400 Jason Motte FA RP RP
676250 Jason Pineda SD 1B 1B
445095 Jason Pridie ARI OF OF
650499 Jason Rodriguez CLE C C
595386 Jason Rogers PIT 3B 3B
572168 Jason Stoffel PIT RP RP
450306 Jason Vargas FA SP SP
613564 Jason Vosler SD 3b 3b
605528 Jason Wheeler FA RP RP
665600 Jasseel De La Cruz ATL SP SP
662962 Jasson Atondo FA 2b 2b
691176 Jasson Dominguez NYY
682917 Jaswel De Los Santos KC OF OF
682860 Jauri Custodio PIT OF OF
665871 Javier Assad CHC SP SP
595879 Javier Baez CHC SS SS
621598 Javier Betancourt MIL 2b 2b
642706 Javier Godard FA 2b 2b
642770 Javier Guerra SD SS SS
660638 Javier Guevara COL C C
631225 Javier Hernandez FA C C
425657 Javier Lopez FA RP RP
677775 Javier Mireles FA 2B 2B
665745 Javier Salazar FA SS SS
676020 Javier Sanchez KC 3B 3B
642069 JaVon Shelby FA 3b 3b
457915 Javy Guerra WSH RP RP
680715 Jawuan Harris SD OF OF
680890 Jax Biggers TEX SS SS
686755 Jaxx Groshans BOS C C
542896 Jay Austin FA OF OF
457803 Jay Bruce PHI OF 1B/OF
664742 Jay Feliciano FA OF OF
664852 Jay Flaa BAL RP RP
594836 Jay Gonzalez FA OF OF
669667 Jay Jabs FA OF OF
543351 Jay Jackson FA RP RP
674033 Jay Schuyler CIN C C
581532 Jayce Boyd NYM OF OF
595144 Jaycob Brugman CHW
663482 Jaylen Ferguson BAL OF OF
681941 Jaylen Palmer NYM SS SS
664041 Jaylin Davis SF OF OF
593969 Jayson Aquino FA SP SP
670841 Jayson McKinley ARI RP RP
677315 Jayson Schroeder HOU SP SP
150029 Jayson Werth WSH OF OF
665862 Jazz Chisholm MIA SS SS
669792 JC Encarnacion BAL 3B 3B
669219 Je’Von Ward MIL OF OF
642352 Jean Angomas FA OF OF
660775 Jean Carlos Arias FA OF OF
650496 Jean Carlos Mejia CLE SP SP
650366 Jean Carrillo BAL C C
678845 Jean Carvajal KC 2B 2B
674373 Jean Eusebio PIT OF OF
466948 Jean Machi CHW RP RP
665866 Jean Montero CLE OF OF
678633 Jean Pena SF SS SS
683031 Jean Ramirez KC OF OF
516416 Jean Segura PHI SS SS
672670 Jean Selmo STL OF OF
491646 Jeanmar Gomez FA RP RP
600898 Jeckson Flores FA SS SS
676281 Jecorrah Arnold BOS SS SS
605152 Jed Bradley BAL RP RP
476704 Jed Lowrie NYM 2B 2B
576397 Jedd Gyorko MIL 3B 1B/3B
682751 Jeferson Espinal ARI OF OF
646301 Jeferson Mejia OAK RP RP
672373 Jeferson Morales MIN C C
571440 Jeff Ames FA RP RP
656206 Jeff Bain ARI SP SP
542924 Jeff Beliveau FA RP RP
656257 Jeff Brigham MIA RP RP
594815 Jeff Ferrell BAL RP RP
571693 Jeff Gelalich CHW OF OF
657225 Jeff Hendrix FA OF OF
656546 Jeff Hoffman COL SP SP
674028 Jeff Houghtby SF SS SS
623501 Jeff Kemp FA SS SS
641754 Jeff Kinley MIA RP RP
502046 Jeff Locke FA SP SP
453249 Jeff Manship FA RP RP
425772 Jeff Mathis TEX C C
643446 Jeff McNeil NYM 2B/3B/ OF 2B/3B/ OF
676887 Jeff Moberg FA 2B 2B
502188 Jeff Samardzija SF SP SP
666563 Jeff Singer PHI RP RP
642142 Jeff Thompson DET RP RP
502368 Jeff Walters FA RP RP
678893 Jefferson Encarnacion PHI OF OF
600861 Jeffrey Baez FA OF OF
676561 Jeffrey Passantino CHC RP RP
605488 Jeffrey Springs BOS RP RP
670399 Jeffry Parra SF C C
671191 Jefrey Ramos ATL OF OF
660591 Jefrey Souffront FA SS SS
527043 Jefry Marte FA 3B 3B
622446 Jefry Rodriguez CLE SP SP
678579 Jeicor Cristian FA OF OF
672788 Jeikol Contreras CLE 3B 3B
600869 Jeimer Candelario DET 1B/3B 1B/3B
672441 Jeinser Brete CHC 3B 3B
665834 Jeison Guzman KC SS SS
672527 Jeison Rijo FA 3B 3B
666794 Jeison Rodriguez FA OF OF
671271 Jeisson Rosario SD OF OF
677591 Jelfry Marte TB SS SS
672758 Jember Gutierrez TEX 3B 3B
457789 Jemile Weeks CHC 2B 2B
627500 Jen-Ho Tseng FA SP SP
516769 Jenrry Mejia FA RP RP
673946 Jepherson Garcia FA OF OF
595191 Jerad Eickhoff SD SP SP
666464 Jerar Encarnacion MIA OF OF
450308 Jered Weaver SD SP SP
663347 Jeremiah Burks DET 2B 2B
669236 Jeremiah Jackson LAA SS SS
650825 Jeremias Portorreal FA OF OF
502140 Jeremy Barfield BOS OF OF
676886 Jeremy Beasley ARI SP SP
542946 Jeremy Bleich FA RP RP
684494 Jeremy Celedonio ATL OF OF
663369 Jeremy Eierman OAK SS SS
664575 Jeremy Fernandez ATL 2b 2b
425386 Jeremy Guthrie WSH SP SP
571757 Jeremy Hazelbaker TB OF OF
476451 Jeremy Hellickson FA SP SP
502026 Jeremy Jeffress CHC RP RP
546999 Jeremy Martinez FA C C
665161 Jeremy Pena HOU SS SS
656889 Jeremy Rhoades LAA RP RP
657740 Jeremy Rivera BOS SS SS
657075 Jeremy Vasquez NYM 1B 1B
668683 Jeremy Walker ATL RP RP
669918 Jeremy Ydens WSH OF OF
656607 Jeren Kendall LAD OF OF
543079 Jermaine Curtis MIN
650339 Jermaine Palacios TB SS SS
669875 Jeronimo Castro LAD SP SP
607088 Jerrick Suiter CHC OF OF
460283 Jerry Blevins SF RP RP
664960 Jerry Downs BOS 1B 1B
664843 Jerry Keel SD SP SP
543742 Jerry Sands FA OF OF
642345 Jerry Seitz FA C C
657786 Jerry Vasto CHC RP RP
680629 Jery Hernandez SEA 2B 2B
592279 Jesen Therrien FA RP RP
621044 Jesmuel Valentin BAL
673135 Jess Williams MIL 3B 3B
656229 Jesse Berardi CLE 2B 2B
592145 Jesse Biddle CIN RP RP
445926 Jesse Chavez TEX RP RP
534910 Jesse Hahn KC SP SP
615694 Jesse Hodges FA 3b 3b
676935 Jesse Medrano PIT 2B 2B
669947 Jesse Scholtens SD SP SP
670164 Jesse Stallings CIN RP RP
608385 Jesse Winker CIN OF OF
542583 Jesus Aguilar MIA 1B 1B
650793 Jesus Alastre FA OF OF
611319 Jesus Arredondo FA 2b 2b
642296 Jesus Atencio FA C C
676866 Jesus Azuaje PHI 2B 2B
665846 Jesus Bastidas NYY SS SS
612792 Jesus Castillo MIL RP RP
678652 Jesus Chirinos MIL C C
672911 Jesus Cruz STL RP RP
652999 Jesus Fabela FA OF OF
672719 Jesus Feliz MIN SS SS
678870 Jesus Gonzalez SD SP SP
665634 Jesus Graterol FA 2b 2b
660734 Jesus Lage OAK SS SS
682681 Jesus Lara CLE 2B 2B
622338 Jesus Liranzo FA RP RP
645457 Jesus Lopez TOR SS SS
593432 Jesus Loya FA OF OF
665708 Jesus Lujano MIL OF OF
666200 Jesus Luzardo OAK SP SP
667354 Jesus Marriaga ARI OF OF
660548 Jesus Morales FA 2b 2b
660622 Jesus Navarro TOR SS SS
677624 Jesus Orecchia STL C C
675196 Jesus Ozoria SF SP SP
683451 Jesus Parra MIL 2B 2B
660875 Jesus Reyes CIN RP RP
660821 Jesus Sanchez MIA OF OF
650998 Jesus Severino FA SS SS
491696 Jesus Sucre FA C C
622786 Jesus Tinoco COL RP RP
678232 Jesus Valdez PIT SS SS
660788 Jesus Vargas LAD SP SP
669023 Jeter Downs LAD SS SS
542908 Jett Bandy BOS C C
544727 Jeurys Familia NYM RP RP
674166 Jevi Hernandez PHI OF OF
649603 Jeyner Baez MIL C C
657329 Jeyson Sanchez FA C C
665560 Jhailyn Ortiz PHI OF OF
641720 Jhalan Jackson FA OF OF
501697 Jhan Marinez BAL RP RP
605194 Jharel Cotton CHC RP RP
642380 Jhenderson Hurtado OAK SP SP
672560 Jhenrry Moreno FA OF OF
661395 Jhoan Duran MIN SP SP
642288 Jhoan Herrera FA 3b 3b
678801 Jhoan Paulino OAK SS SS
642400 Jhoan Quijada FA SP SP
642344 Jhon Nunez DET C C
664584 Jhon Romero WSH RP RP
672641 Jhon Sandoval DET OF OF
672536 Jhon Torres STL OF OF
500207 Jhonatan Solano WSH C C
646242 Jhonathan Diaz BOS SP SP
593442 Jhondaniel Medina FA RP RP
672501 Jhoneiker Betancourt CHW C C
678877 Jhonkensy Noel CLE 3B 3B
662959 Jhonleider Salinas TB RP RP
661437 Jhonny Bethencourt CHC 2b 2b
425509 Jhonny Peralta STL SS SS
640902 Jhonny Pereda CHC C C
645308 Jhonny Santos SEA OF OF
682957 Jhonnys Cabrera MIL C C
674245 Jhordany Mezquita PHI SP SP
468504 Jhoulys Chacin MIN SP SP
678225 Ji-Hwan Bae PIT SS SS
596847 Ji-Man Choi TB 1B 1B
623927 Jiandido Tromp FA OF OF
451192 Jim Adduci FA OF OF
670113 Jim Haley TB 3b 3b
449104 Jim Henderson FA RP RP
462382 Jim Johnson FA RP RP
670583 Jim McDade SD SP SP
461848 Jim Miller MIN P P
642073 Jimmie Sherfy ARI RP RP
663509 Jimmy Barnes FA OF OF
622772 Jimmy Cordero CHW RP RP
687349 Jimmy Govern KC 3B 3B
623474 Jimmy Herget TEX RP RP
676939 Jimmy Herron COL OF OF
677965 Jimmy Kerrigan MIN OF OF
669424 Jimmy Lambert CHW SP SP
672609 Jimmy Mojica DET OF OF
519076 Jimmy Nelson LAD SP SP
592670 Jimmy Reyes FA RP RP
276519 Jimmy Rollins SF SS SS
682578 Jimmy Smith FA OF OF
642231 Jimmy Yacabonis SD RP RP
618085 Jin-De Jhang FA C C
545353 Jio Mier FA SS SS
663463 Jio Orozco NYY SP SP
676827 JJ Muno CHW OF OF
656943 JJ Schwarz OAK C C
666176 Jo Adell LAA OF OF
676513 Joab Gonzalez CLE SS SS
465657 Joakim Soria OAK RP RP
672851 Joan Adon WSH SP SP
642609 Joan Baez WSH RP RP
593340 Joan Gregorio FA RP RP
667355 Joan Martinez BOS RP RP
650694 Joantgel Segovia MIL OF OF
276542 Joaquin Benoit FA RP RP
501955 Joba Chamberlain FA RP RP
592626 Joc Pederson LAD 1B/OF 1B/OF
656293 Jodd Carter CLE OF OF
688030 Joe Aeilts COL OF OF
669618 Joe Barlow TEX RP RP
607352 Joe Biagini HOU RP RP
430599 Joe Blanton FA RP RP
657530 Joe Broussard LAD RP RP
676860 Joe Cavallaro NYM SP SP
630063 Joe Cronin MIN OF OF
663761 Joe Davis BOS 1B 1B
620998 Joe DeCarlo FA 3b 3b
663745 Joe DeMers OAK SP SP
656388 Joe Dunand MIA SS SS
656450 Joe Gatto LAA RP RP
664987 Joe Genord NYM 1B 1B
656461 Joe Gillette ARI 3B 3B
641646 Joe Gunkel FA SP SP
642840 Joe Harvey COL RP RP
621529 Joe Hudson SEA C C
641729 Joe Jimenez DET RP RP
523260 Joe Kelly LAD RP RP
573009 Joe Mantiply ARI RP RP
408045 Joe Mauer FA 1B 1B
663411 Joe McCarthy SF OF OF
622109 Joe Munoz FA SS SS
605397 Joe Musgrove PIT SP SP
150274 Joe Nathan FA RP RP
667700 Joe Navilhon DET RP RP
641929 Joe Odom SEA C C
643478 Joe Palumbo TEX SP SP
605412 Joe Panik TOR 2B 2B
669309 Joe Perez HOU 3B 3B
666143 Joe Rizzo SEA 3B 3B
667510 Joe Robbins FA 3B 3B
605452 Joe Ross WSH SP SP
657746 Joe Ryan TB SP SP
608711 Joe Sever FA 3b 3b
501925 Joe Smith HOU RP RP
664689 Joel Booker CHW OF OF
503444 Joel De La Cruz FA SP SP
642315 Joel Diaz COL C C
669270 Joel Kuhnel CIN RP RP
606303 Joel Payamps ARI RP RP
607080 Joel Seddon FA RP RP
570257 Joely Rodriguez TEX RP RP
677621 Joerlin De Los Santos STL OF OF
663698 Joey Bart SF C C
542994 Joey Butler WSH OF OF
676282 Joey Cantillo SD SP SP
621575 Joey Curletta FA OF OF
657560 Joey Denato PHI RP RP
608336 Joey Gallo TEX OF OF
680702 Joey Gerber SEA RP RP
682111 Joey Gonzalez HOU RP RP
607216 Joey Krehbiel MIN RP RP
664192 Joey Lucchesi SD SP SP
608841 Joey Meneses FA OF OF
656765 Joey Morgan DET C C
680765 Joey Murray TOR SP SP
572073 Joey Rickard SF OF OF
664171 Joey Roach TB C C
669694 Joey Rose ARI 3B 3B
519345 Joey Terdoslavich PIT OF OF
458015 Joey Votto CIN 1B 1B
621563 Joey Wendle TB 2B/3B 2B/SS/ 3B
666214 Joey Wentz DET SP SP
667325 Johampher Arrendoll TB OF OF
591611 Johan Belisario MIL SP SP
622666 Johan Camargo ATL SS SS/3B/ OF
642711 Johan Cruz CHW SS SS
642699 Johan De Jesus FA SS SS
681615 Johan Liberato COL OF OF
683620 Johan Lopez TEX OF OF
672517 Johan Lopez TEX 3B 3B
644407 Johan Mieses FA OF OF
629498 Johan Quezada MIA RP RP
679032 Johan Rojas PHI OF OF
660633 Johan Sala LAA OF OF
593977 Johendi Jiminian FA SP SP
681593 Johendry Vasquez COL 3B 3B
620988 Johmbeyker Morales FA SS SS
607430 John Andreoli BOS OF OF
446099 John Axford FA RP RP
657524 John Bormann PIT C C
605154 John Brebbia STL RP RP
670424 John Brontsema FA 3b 3b
664222 John Cresto COL 3B 3B
676618 John Curtis FA SP SP
595928 John Curtiss TB RP RP
433579 John Danks FA SP SP
592296 John Fasola STL RP RP
607231 John Gant STL RP RP
656451 John Gavin SF SP SP
676741 John Ghyzel CIN RP RP
543308 John Hicks ARI C/1B C/1B
444379 John Jaso PIT DH DH
667463 John King TEX SP SP
407793 John Lackey FA SP SP
543424 John Lamb FA SP SP
458709 John Lannan WSH RP RP
607644 John Means BAL SP SP
683553 John Mejia TEX 2B 2B
622516 John Mora FA OF OF
596056 John Nogowski STL 1B 1B
607044 John Norwood FA OF OF
641949 John Parke CHW SP SP
607318 John Polonius FA SS SS
670231 John Rave KC OF OF
656892 John Richy SEA SP SP
642013 John Riley FA C C
680701 John Rooney LAD SP SP
571974 John Ryan Murphy PIT C C
623518 John Sansone FA 2b 2b
670167 John Schreiber DET RP RP
623195 John Silviano FA C C
592745 John Simms WSH SP SP
572166 John Stilson FA RP RP
676191 John Swanda LAA SP SP
681976 John Valente DET 2B 2B
679553 Johnabiell Laureano CHW OF OF
671286 Johnathan Rodriguez CLE OF OF
641561 Johneshwy Fargas NYM OF OF
650626 Johnny Adams SEA 2B 2B
663628 Johnny Aiello TOR 3B 3B
592127 Johnny Barbato FA RP RP
608630 Johnny Bladel FA OF OF
456501 Johnny Cueto SF SP SP
643275 Johnny Davis TB OF OF
608654 Johnny Field FA OF OF
543213 Johnny Giavotella MIA 2B 2B
518782 Johnny Hellweg PIT RP RP
596026 Johnny Magliozzi FA RP RP
476192 Johnny Monell NYM
667521 Johnny Rizer BAL OF OF
666672 Jojanse Torres HOU RP RP
668941 JoJo Romero PHI SP SP
655997 Jomar Reyes BAL 3b 3b
678912 Jommer Hernandez PIT C C
542932 Jon Berti MIA SS/3B/ OF SS/3B/ OF
641541 Jon Duplantier ARI RP RP
457754 Jon Edwards FA RP RP
592351 Jon Gray COL SP SP
622247 Jon Harris TOR SP SP
669169 Jon Heasley KC SP SP
445055 Jon Jay ARI OF OF
592458 Jon Keller COL RP RP
643392 Jon Kemmer FA OF OF
452657 Jon Lester CHC SP SP
657662 Jon Littell LAD OF OF
664144 Jon Olczak MIL RP RP
657714 Jon Perrin FA SP SP
674418 Jon Rosoff DET C C
572138 Jon Singleton HOU 1B 1B
643198 Jonah Arenado FA 3b 3b
681146 Jonah Bride OAK 3B 3B
663495 Jonah Davis PIT OF OF
641680 Jonah Heim OAK C C
669252 Jonah McReynolds CHW 3B 3B
676602 Jonah Todd FA OF OF
682729 Jonatan Clase SEA OF OF
671054 Jonatan Machado STL OF OF
666018 Jonathan Aranda TB 2B 2B
660620 Jonathan Arauz BOS SS SS
608167 Jonathan Aro ATL RP RP
642834 Jonathan Bermudez HOU SP SP
680742 Jonathan Bowlan KC SP SP
455009 Jonathan Broxton FA RP RP
641505 Jonathan Davis TOR OF OF
502409 Jonathan Diaz NYY SS SS
677985 Jonathan Diaz BOS C C
571639 Jonathan Dziedzic FA SP SP
686649 Jonathan Embry TB C C
663834 Jonathan Engelmann CLE OF OF
664368 Jonathan Guzman SD RP RP
666695 Jonathan Guzman PHI SS SS
670125 Jonathan Hennigan PHI RP RP
642546 Jonathan Hernandez TEX RP RP
656547 Jonathan Holder NYY RP RP
663697 Jonathan India CIN 3B 3B
676683 Jonathan Lacroix FA OF OF
670415 Jonathan Laureano CLE C C
642528 Jonathan Loaisiga NYY SP SP
671231 Jonathan Lopez CLE 3B 3B
518960 Jonathan Lucroy FA C C/1B
664966 Jonathan Morales ATL C C
621209 Jonathan Moscot CIN SP SP
680716 Jonathan Ornelas TEX SS SS
681954 Jonathan Ortega BOS SS SS
676765 Jonathan Pryor FA OF OF
678802 Jonathan Rodriguez CHC OF OF
572088 Jonathan Rodriguez FA 1B 1B
456043 Jonathan Sanchez FA SP SP
570731 Jonathan Schoop DET 2B 2B
666626 Jonathan Sierra CHC OF OF
675853 Jonathan Soto CHC C C
680692 Jonathan Stiever CHW SP SP
542340 Jonathan Villar MIA 2B/SS 2B/SS
666635 Jonathan Willems CIN 3B 3B
592232 Jonathon Crawford CIN SP SP
477003 Jonathon Niese FA SP SP
676074 Jonny Homza SD C C
458924 Jonny Venters FA RP RP
678391 Jorbit Vivas LAD 2B 2B
666364 Jordan Balazovic MIN SP SP
676751 Jordan Barrett FA SP SP
657515 Jordan Betts FA 3b 3b
643268 Jordan Cowan SEA 2b 2b
665109 Jordan Devencenzi OAK C C
672478 Jordan Diaz OAK 3B 3B
641625 Jordan Gore MIN SS SS
677954 Jordan Groshans TOR SS SS
622218 Jordan Guerrero CHW SP SP
571751 Jordan Harrison TB RP RP
663855 Jordan Hicks STL RP RP
656548 Jordan Holloway MIA RP RP
664990 Jordan Humphreys NYM SP SP
543357 Jordan Jankowski FA RP RP
607588 Jordan Johnson CIN SP SP
607601 Jordan Kipper BAL SP SP
656669 Jordan Luplow CLE OF OF
543475 Jordan Lyles TEX SP SP
641872 Jordan Milbrath FA RP RP
643458 Jordan Mills WSH RP RP
621356 Jordan Minch CHC RP RP
656756 Jordan Montgomery NYY SP SP
457574 Jordan Pacheco MIN 1B 1B
641958 Jordan Patterson TOR OF OF
676805 Jordan Pearce DET 3B 3B
607061 Jordan Pries FA SP SP
601714 Jordan Procyshen FA C C
682040 Jordan Qsar TB OF OF
676529 Jordan Rodgers ATL 2B 2B
605447 Jordan Romano TOR RP RP
457788 Jordan Schafer STL OF OF
670269 Jordan Scheftz CLE RP RP
642068 Jordan Sheffield LAD RP RP
605478 Jordan Smith CLE OF OF
596111 Jordan Stephens CLE SP SP
664897 Jordan Tarsovich OAK 2b 2b
664981 Jordan Verdon DET 1B 1B
477229 Jordan Walden FA RP RP
607179 Jordan Weems OAK RP RP
670301 Jordan Wren BOS OF OF
657141 Jordan Yamamoto MIA SP SP
669745 Jordan Zimmerman LAA 2b 2b
519455 Jordan Zimmermann DET SP SP
518170 Jordany Valdespin FA 2b 2b
672357 Jordy Barley SD SS SS
570797 Jordy Lara ATL 3b 3b
474568 Jordy Mercer DET SS 1B/2B/ SS
677941 Jordyn Adams LAA OF OF
676854 Jordyn Muffley TB C C
606190 Jorgan Cavanerio SEA SP SP
660896 Jorge Alcala MIN RP RP
595751 Jorge Alfaro MIA C C
678489 Jorge Barrosa ARI OF OF
593528 Jorge Bonifacio DET OF OF
684222 Jorge Burgos CLE OF OF
407822 Jorge De La Rosa FA RP RP
592312 Jorge Flores FA SS SS
675585 Jorge Gonzalez FA OF OF
660767 Jorge Gordon OAK C C
660422 Jorge Guzman MIA SP SP
678646 Jorge Hurtado WSH OF OF
605347 Jorge Lopez KC SP SP
666793 Jorge Martinez FA C C
622761 Jorge Mateo OAK SS SS
671250 Jorge Ona SD OF OF
606256 Jorge Ortega MIL SP SP
667367 Jorge Perez ARI OF OF
593871 Jorge Polanco MIN SS SS
504083 Jorge Rondon CHW RP RP
623278 Jorge Saez FA C C
668597 Jorge Sequera CIN 1B 1B
624585 Jorge Soler KC OF OF
664590 Jorge Tavarez LAA RP RP
660791 Jorgen Rosas FA 2b 2b
642688 Jorma Rodriguez FA SS SS
547989 Jose Abreu CHW 1B 1B
678584 Jose Acosta CIN 2B 2B
673277 Jose Alberto Rivera HOU SP SP
666016 Jose Albertos CHC RP RP
530067 Jose Alejandro Gonzalez FA OF OF
642767 Jose Almonte ARI RP RP
650954 Jose Almonte TEX OF OF
514888 Jose Altuve HOU 2B 2B
621237 Jose Alvarado TB RP RP
501625 Jose Alvarez PHI RP RP
672905 Jose Alvarez HOU C C
655672 Jose Antequera PHI SS SS
602113 Jose Augusto Figueroa FA OF OF
640492 Jose Azocar DET OF OF
430832 Jose Bautista FA OF OF
666598 Jose Bermudez ATL OF OF
621244 Jose Berrios MIN SP SP
678593 Jose Bonilla OAK OF OF
670986 Jose Bravo HOU SP SP
593993 Jose Briceno LAA C C
595895 Jose Brizuela FA 3b 3b
676130 Jose Butto NYM SP SP
676609 Jose Caballero SEA SS SS
645280 Jose Caraballo FA OF OF
606580 Jose Cardona FA OF OF
614182 Jose Carlos Urena FA OF OF
620454 Jose Castillo SD RP RP
666658 Jose Chacin LAD SP SP
542585 Jose Cisnero DET RP RP
678475 Jose Colon COL 2B 2B
682276 Jose Cordova COL C C
621016 Jose Cuas ARI 3b 3b
672627 Jose Curpa ARI 2B 2B
682627 Jose De La Cruz DET OF OF
592254 Jose De Leon CIN RP RP
666710 Jose Del Palacio FA OF OF
672701 Jose Devers MIA SS SS
682850 Jose Dilone ATL 3B 3B
640017 Jose Disla TB RP RP
523848 Jose Dominguez SF RP RP
665877 Jose Fermin CLE SS SS
622774 Jose Fernandez FA RP RP
628336 Jose Fernandez FA 1B 1B
501320 Jose Flores FA SP SP
682916 Jose Freites KC OF OF
622511 Jose Garcia FA C C
608422 Jose Godoy STL C C
650506 Jose Gomez PHI SS SS
673652 Jose Guardo TEX C C
669796 Jose Hernandez HOU RP RP
645444 Jose Herrera ARI C C
578428 Jose Iglesias BAL SS SS
676480 Jose Israel Garcia CIN SS SS
621015 Jose Jr. Vizcaino FA 3b 3b
666593 Jose King DET SS SS
671255 Jose Layer SF OF OF
600917 Jose Leclerc TEX RP RP
446653 Jose Lobaton LAD C C
656661 Jose Lopez CIN SP SP
624933 Jose Luna FA 2b 2b
600526 Jose M. Torres FA RP RP
554031 Jose Manuel Orozco FA OF OF
592530 Jose Marmolejos SEA 1B 1B
665896 Jose Marte SF SP SP
672866 Jose Martinez LAD SP SP
677661 Jose Martinez NYY 3B 3B
500874 Jose Martinez TB OF OF
650494 Jose Medina FA OF OF
670548 Jose Mena NYM C C
621089 Jose Mesa NYY SP SP
656017 Jose Miguel Medina NYM OF OF
669304 Jose Miranda MIN SS SS
620445 Jose Mujica COL SP SP
678796 Jose Mujica OAK C C
677691 Jose Olague ATL SP SP
591741 Jose Osuna PIT 1B/OF 1B/3B/ OF
673744 Jose Palma ATL OF OF
622727 Jose Paulino CHC SP SP
606299 Jose Peraza BOS 2B/SS/ OF 2B/SS/ 3B/OF
665934 Jose Pereira FA 3B 3B
672692 Jose Peroza NYM 3B 3B
517369 Jose Pirela FA SS SS
659078 Jose Polonia FA 3b 3b
620452 Jose Pujols PHI OF OF
623896 Jose Queliz FA C C
666773 Jose Quero DET 1B 1B
677127 Jose Quezada LAA OF OF
650671 Jose Quijada MIA RP RP
500779 Jose Quintana CHC SP SP
542432 Jose Ramirez FA RP RP
608070 Jose Ramirez CLE 3B 3B
682947 Jose Ramos LAD OF OF
678642 Jose Reina DET OF OF
677611 Jose Reyes LAA OF OF
669851 Jose Reyes ARI SS SS
408314 Jose Reyes FA SS SS
678798 Jose Rivas TOR 2B 2B
660818 Jose Rivas OAK C C
674391 Jose Rivera PHI 2B 2B
660755 Jose Rivero FA SS SS
642578 Jose Rodriguez LAA RP RP
678889 Jose Rodriguez DET OF OF
679563 Jose Rodriguez CHW SS SS
682635 Jose Rodriguez TEX OF OF
670351 Jose Rojas LAA 3b 3b
602922 Jose Rondon BAL SS 2B/SS/ 3B
542231 Jose Rosario CHC RP RP
614179 Jose Ruiz CHW RP RP
660596 Jose Salas FA SS SS
672566 Jose Sanchez WSH 2B 2B
665715 Jose Sibrian MIL C C
642350 Jose Siri SEA OF OF
667755 Jose Soriano LAA SP SP
660761 Jose Suarez LAA SP SP
467798 Jose Tabata TOR OF OF
650810 Jose Taveras PHI SP SP
661566 Jose Tello CIN C C
677588 Jose Tena CLE SS SS
660816 Jose Torrealba FA OF OF
624431 Jose Trevino TEX C C
570632 Jose Urena MIA SP SP
664353 Jose Urquidy HOU SP SP
606207 Jose Valdespina FA RP RP
572308 Jose Valdez FA RP RP
407842 Jose Veras CIN P P
677130 Jose Verrier LAA 2B 2B
650502 Jose Vicente CLE C C
596145 Jose Vinicio FA SS SS
677627 Jose Zapata STL C C
571572 Joseph Colon STL RP RP
641892 Joseph Monge FA OF OF
687401 Joseph Ortiz BAL SS SS
678839 Joseph Paulino CLE 3B 3B
660563 Joseph Rosa SEA SS SS
613580 Josh Allen FA 2B 2B
664938 Josh Altmann TEX 1B 1B
605137 Josh Bell PIT 1B 1B
673983 Josh Bissonette PIT 2B 2B
677007 Josh Breaux NYY C C
518567 Josh Collmenter FA RP RP
605479 Josh D. Smith CIN RP RP
665049 Josh DeGraaf TOR SP SP
518626 Josh Donaldson MIN 3B 3B
572831 Josh Edgin WSH RP RP
451661 Josh Fields FA RP RP
676596 Josh Fleming TB SP SP
658069 Josh Fuentes COL 3b 3b
621050 Josh Graham ATL RP RP
681401 Josh Green ARI SP SP
623352 Josh Hader MIL RP RP
285078 Josh Hamilton TEX OF OF
543281 Josh Harrison PHI 2B 2B
663595 Josh Hiatt TOR SP SP
657624 Josh James HOU SP SP
673962 Josh Jung TEX 3B 3B
623507 Josh Lester DET 3b 3b
458676 Josh Lindblom MIL SP SP
666139 Josh Lowe TB 3b 3b
572998 Josh Lucas FA RP RP
656671 Josh Maciejewski NYY SP SP
607294 Josh Martin FA RP RP
656717 Josh McLain LAD OF OF
656766 Josh Morgan TEX SS SS
647304 Josh Naylor SD OF OF
656807 Josh Ockimey BOS 1B 1B
592612 Josh Osich BOS RP RP
641943 Josh Palacios TOR OF OF
572033 Josh Phegley CHC C C
656864 Josh Prevost FA SP SP
572389 Josh Prince ARI
502051 Josh Ravin FA RP RP
502210 Josh Reddick HOU OF OF
675963 Josh Roberson MIA SP SP
446044 Josh Rodriguez OAK SS SS
664904 Josh Roeder MIA SP SP
642028 Josh Rogers BAL RP RP
668942 Josh Rojas ARI OF OF
664988 Josh Rolette CLE C C
592710 Josh Rutledge SF SS SS
622250 Josh Sborz LAD RP RP
680965 Josh Shaw STL 2B 2B
669701 Josh Smith NYY SS SS
595001 Josh Smith MIA SP SP
519294 Josh Smoker FA RP RP
622251 Josh Staumont KC RP RP
668706 Josh Stephen PHI OF OF
663618 Josh Stowers NYY OF OF
657031 Josh Taylor BOS RP RP
489365 Josh Thole NYY C C
596122 Josh Tobias BOS 2b 2b
458708 Josh Tomlin ATL RP RP
545362 Josh Turley DET SP SP
642159 Josh Uhen MIL RP RP
642165 Josh VanMeter CIN OF 1B/2B/ 3B/OF
663848 Josh Watson OAK OF OF
670174 Josh Winckowski TOR SP SP
680739 Josh Winder MIN SP SP
473646 Josh Zeid STL RP RP
666450 Joshua Javier TEX SP SP
624575 Joshua Torres FA RP RP
678428 Joshwan Wright OAK 3B 3B
680686 Josiah Gray LAD SP SP
500887 Josmil Pinto SF C C
682761 Josuan Hernandez FA SS SS
678875 Josue Cruz BAL OF OF
672626 Josue Guerrero CHW OF OF
645287 Josue Herrera BAL 3B 3B
676664 JP Sears NYY SP SP
672821 Juan Aparicio PHI C C
656040 Juan Barriento FA OF OF
681708 Juan Batista ARI OF OF
673883 Juan Bidau TEX SS SS
660518 Juan Camacho FA C C
669280 Juan Carlos Abreu FA OF OF
585251 Juan Carlos Gamboa FA SS SS
616618 Juan Carlos Garcia FA C C
676002 Juan Carlos Negret KC OF OF
670912 Juan Carlos Oviedo STL SP SP
667599 Juan Carlos Smith PHI OF OF
518542 Juan Centeno BOS C C
473239 Juan Ciriaco SF SS SS
679311 Juan Crisp NYY C C
672546 Juan De La Rosa BAL OF OF
660665 Juan De Leon NYY OF OF
660798 Juan De Paula TOR SP SP
667749 Juan Fernandez SD C C
464433 Juan Francisco FA
665941 Juan Garcia FA SS SS
492802 Juan Graterol MIN C C
682648 Juan Guerrero COL 3B 3B
434641 Juan Gutierrez WSH RP RP
672532 Juan Herrera PHI 3B 3B
663535 Juan Hillman CLE SP SP
683563 Juan Jerez PIT SS SS
501571 Juan Lagares SD OF OF
681735 Juan Loyo NYM C C
622576 Juan Martinez CIN RP RP
666638 Juan Martinez CIN 3B 3B
680637 Juan Mata TB OF OF
672589 Juan Mendez PHI C C
573668 Juan Minaya MIN RP RP
650375 Juan Montes BAL OF OF
680643 Juan Mora CHC 2B 2B
665882 Juan Morales ATL SS SS
504379 Juan Nicasio TEX RP RP
670940 Juan Pablo Lopez HOU SP SP
666813 Juan Pascal WSH SS SS
682096 Juan Paulino HOU C C
543633 Juan Perez DET OF OF
607372 Juan Perez FA SS SS
622809 Juan Perez STL RP RP
678607 Juan Pie PIT OF OF
658550 Juan Pineda FA SS SS
683559 Juan Pizarro TOR OF OF
677603 Juan Querecuto SEA SS SS
665865 Juan Ramirez HOU OF OF
665742 Juan Soto WSH OF OF
672730 Juan Then SEA SP SP
660842 Juan Uriarte NYM C C
660766 Juan Yepez STL 1B 1B
668558 Juan Zabala LAD C C
686659 Julian Escobedo CLE OF OF
642759 Julian Fernandez COL RP RP
670062 Julian Garcia PHI SP SP
624645 Julian Leon MIA C C
657240 Julian Merryweather TOR RP RP
676140 Julian Ornelas FA OF OF
679734 Julio Carreras COL SS SS
678764 Julio De La Cruz SEA 1B 1B
672500 Julio De La Cruz LAA 2B 2B
678294 Julio Enrique LAD OF OF
672408 Julio Francisco FA OF OF
660789 Julio Frias MIA SP SP
659079 Julio Garcia MIL SS SS
676734 Julio Gonzalez FA SS SS
677580 Julio Machado MIA 2B 2B
660699 Julio Martinez FA OF OF
674466 Julio Meza TB C C
679881 Julio Pablo Martinez TEX OF OF
604811 Julio Perez FA 1B 1B
667372 Julio Rodriguez STL C C
677594 Julio Rodriguez SEA OF OF
527054 Julio Teheran LAA SP SP
628711 Julio Urias LAD SP SP
471822 Jumbo Diaz MIA RP RP
628356 Jung Ho Kang FA 3B SS/3B
547749 Junichi Tazawa CIN RP RP
578570 Juniel Querecuto ARI SS SS
683754 Junior Calderon KC 3B 3B
658551 Junior Fernandez STL RP RP
642371 Junior Garcia ARI RP RP
680854 Junior Gonzalez SEA C C
448855 Junior Guerra ARI RP RP
680623 Junior Guerrero COL OF OF
656501 Junior Harding CIN
516809 Junior Lake SEA OF OF
673235 Junior Melo CIN C C
678265 Junior Ortega PHI OF OF
683488 Junior Paniagua TEX SS SS
678577 Junior Perez SD OF OF
606334 Junior Rincon ATL RP RP
682628 Junior Sanquintin CLE SS SS
681744 Junior Santos NYM SP SP
645310 Junior Soto NYY OF OF
642282 Juremi Profar FA 3b 3b
595777 Jurickson Profar SD 2B 2B/OF
605121 Justin Anderson LAA RP RP
641376 Justin Bohn MIA SS SS
571506 Justin Bour FA 1B 1B
676904 Justin Bridgman FA 2B 2B
676667 Justin Connell WSH OF OF
518603 Justin De Fratus FA RP RP
681909 Justin Dean ATL OF OF
623471 Justin Dillon TOR SP SP
663393 Justin Donatella ARI SP SP
643290 Justin Dunn SEA SP SP
663388 Justin Ellison FA OF OF
518748 Justin Grimm MIL RP RP
595234 Justin Haley FA RP RP
606995 Justin Hancock FA RP RP
664734 Justin Harrer PIT OF OF
682513 Justin Jones LAA SS SS
607226 Justin Kamplain NYY RP RP
670179 Justin Kelly ATL RP RP
664875 Justin Lawrence COL RP RP
657660 Justin Lewis LAD SP SP
672358 Justin Lopez SD SS SS
663359 Justin Maese TOR SP SP
476123 Justin Marks FA RP RP
679885 Justin Martinez ARI SP SP
475416 Justin Masterson FA SP SP
502522 Justin Miller TOR RP RP
408047 Justin Morneau FA 1B 1B
592593 Justin Nicolino FA SP SP
592604 Justin O’Conner CHW C C
677043 Justin Paulsen FA 1B 1B
448605 Justin Ruggiano SF OF OF
596101 Justin Shafer CIN RP RP
662013 Justin Smith FA OF OF
475253 Justin Smoak MIL 1B 1B
657006 Justin Steele CHC SP SP
682109 Justin Toerner STL OF OF
623437 Justin Topa MIL RP RP
457759 Justin Turner LAD 3B 3B
657064 Justin Twine MIA SS SS
457708 Justin Upton LAA OF OF
434378 Justin Verlander HOU SP SP
685338 Justin Vernia ARI SP SP
677022 Justin Watts TOR RP RP
642211 Justin Williams STL OF OF
458677 Justin Wilson NYM RP RP
657144 Justin Yurchak LAD 1B 1B
656954 Justus Sheffield SEA SP SP
571785 K.C. Hobson FA 1B 1B
670205 K.V. Edwards TB OF OF
664789 Ka’ai Tom CLE OF OF
641459 Kacy Clemens TOR 1B 1B
656701 Kade McClure CHW SP SP
664767 Kade Scivicque DET C C
666137 Kahlil Lee KC OF OF
678906 Kai-Wei Teng SF SP SP
592230 Kaleb Cowart FA 3B 3B
592310 Kaleb Fleck WSH RP RP
682162 Kaleo Johnson TB 3B 3B
673985 Kameron Esthay FA OF OF
670224 Kameron Misner MIA OF OF
657651 Karch Kowalczyk LAD RP RP
663380 Karsen Lindell MIL SP SP
628318 Kazuhisa Makita SD RP RP
663647 Ke’Bryan Hayes PIT 3b 3b
642221 Kean Wong SF 2b 2b
623489 Keaton Steele MIN SP SP
676775 Keaton Winn SF SP SP
669211 Keegan Akin BAL SP SP
664172 Keegan Long ARI RP RP
656708 Keegan McGovern SEA OF OF
624522 Keegan Thompson CHC SP SP
657812 Keegan Yuhl FA SP SP
660688 Keibert Ruiz LAD C C
650658 Keinner Pina LAA C C
613480 Keith Curcio BOS OF OF
594857 Keith Hessler FA RP RP
657100 Keith Weisenberg SF SP SP
679736 Keithron Moss TEX 2B 2B
663519 Kekai Rios MIL C C
605509 Kelby Tomlinson FA SS SS
687005 Kellen Strahm TEX OF OF
592256 Kellin Deglan NYY C C
571633 Kelly Dugan FA OF OF
645278 Kelvin Beltre SF 3b 3b
666654 Kelvin Gonzalez TEX RP RP
642721 Kelvin Gutierrez KC 3b 3B
516969 Kelvin Herrera CHW RP RP
681851 Kelvin Maldonado CHW SS SS
517629 Kelvin Marte FA RP RP
665913 Kelvin Melean SD SS SS
682457 Kelvin Pena ATL C C
660442 Kelvin Rodriguez ATL RP RP
680895 Kelvin Smith DET SS SS
606315 Kelvis Valerio FA SP SP
672575 Kember Nacero KC SS SS
571704 Ken Giles TOR RP RP
643259 Kendall Coleman FA OF OF
608665 Kendall Graveman SEA SP SP
669227 Kendall Simmons PHI SS SS
591973 Kender Villegas FA RP RP
572309 Kendry Flores MIA SP SP
434778 Kendrys Morales FA 1B 1B
685744 Kenedy Corona HOU OF OF
681515 Kenen Irizarry TEX 2B 2B
445276 Kenley Jansen LAD RP RP
669122 Kennard McDowell FA SS SS
672826 Kenneth Betancourt LAD 2B 2B
663772 Kennie Taylor NYM OF OF
677003 Kenny Corey FA 2B 2B
660660 Kenny Hernandez FA SS SS
670046 Kenny Rosenberg TOR SP SP
543932 Kenny Wilson FA OF OF
573627 Kennys Vargas DET DH DH
592288 Kent Emanuel HOU RP RP
628317 Kenta Maeda MIN SP SP
621572 Keon Barnum FA 1B 1B
542979 Keon Broxton MIL OF OF
605309 Keone Kela PIT RP RP
681481 Kerry Carpenter DET OF OF
665645 Kervin Castro SF SP SP
665945 Kervin Suarez BOS 2b 2b
663784 Keshawn Lynch ARI 2B 2B
669374 Keston Hiura MIL 2B 2B
606466 Ketel Marte ARI 2B/OF 2B/SS/ OF
665562 Keudy Bocio PHI 2b 2b
622492 Keury Mella ARI RP RP
607345 Kevan Smith TB C C
685694 Keven Lamas FA 3B 3B
665965 Kevin Aponte LAD OF OF
665949 Kevin Arias LAA 2B 2B
600870 Kevin Canelon FA RP RP
502087 Kevin Chapman FA RP RP
595919 Kevin Comer FA RP RP
605196 Kevin Cron ARI 1B 1B
640737 Kevin Gadea TB SP SP
592332 Kevin Gausman SF SP SP
656464 Kevin Ginkel ARI RP RP
666151 Kevin Gowdy PHI SP SP
623172 Kevin Grendell LAA RP RP
643361 Kevin Herget STL SP SP
683598 Kevin Infante BAL OF OF
448178 Kevin Jepsen FA RP RP
645291 Kevin Josephina ATL 2b 2b
664842 Kevin Kaczmarski NYM OF OF
595281 Kevin Kiermaier TB OF OF
596012 Kevin Kramer PIT 2b 2b
656632 Kevin Krause FA C C
669730 Kevin Lachance FA 2B 2B
667595 Kevin Lenik KC RP RP
670867 Kevin Maitan LAA SS SS
670220 Kevin Malisheski LAD SP SP
663403 Kevin Markham PHI OF OF
656696 Kevin McAvoy BOS SP SP
621153 Kevin McCanna ARI SP SP
641838 Kevin McCarthy KC RP RP
641850 Kevin McGowan FA RP RP
681861 Kevin Melendez TB C C
656736 Kevin Merrell KC SS SS
576409 Kevin Munson SEA RP RP
621028 Kevin Newman PIT 2B/SS 2B/SS/ 3B
678817 Kevin Nivar DET 2B 2B
656821 Kevin Padlo TB 3b 3b
607680 Kevin Pillar BOS OF OF
608700 Kevin Plawecki BOS C C
534812 Kevin Quackenbush WSH RP RP
670863 Kevin Richards OAK OF OF
667576 Kevin Santa FA SS SS
663449 Kevin Santiago TB SS SS
594992 Kevin Shackelford FA RP RP
543779 Kevin Siegrist FA RP RP
663325 Kevin Smith NYM SP SP
675656 Kevin Smith TOR SS SS
607741 Kevin Taylor FA 2b 2b
672610 Kevin Torres NYM C C
660631 Kevin Vicuna TOR SS SS
675982 Kevin Watson Jr. ARI OF OF
676692 Kevin Williams Jr. FA OF OF
665870 Kevin Zamudio FA 1B 1B
681830 Kevon Jackson KC OF OF
656748 Kevonte Mitchell CHC OF OF
677601 Keyber Rodriguez TEX SS SS
650542 Keyder Aristigueta FA 2b 2b
641871 Keynan Middleton LAA RP RP
572102 Keyvius Sampson FA RP RP
501981 Khris Davis OAK DH DH
670093 Kidany Salva MIN C C
621132 Kieran Lovegrove FA RP RP
682560 Kiki Menendez FA 1B 1B
669460 Kingston Liniak DET OF OF
592138 Kirby Bellow FA RP RP
669912 Kirby Snead TOR RP RP
489446 Kirby Yates SD RP RP
668948 Kirk McCarty CLE SP SP
543590 Kirk Nieuwenhuis SEA OF OF
672834 Kiumel Bastardo LAD OF OF
656508 KJ Harrison WSH C C
669207 Kobie Taylor FA OF OF
606983 Koda Glover WSH RP RP
656727 Kodi Medeiros CHW RP RP
676831 Kodi Whitley STL RP RP
665019 Kody Clemens DET 2B 2B
623238 Kody Eaves FA 2b 2b
681892 Kody Funderburk MIN SP SP
682210 Kody Hoese LAD 3B 3B
640464 Kohl Stewart BAL SP SP
493157 Koji Uehara FA RP RP
663465 Kolby Allard TEX SP SP
594777 Kole Calhoun ARI OF OF
663526 Kole Cottam BOS C C
670030 Kole Enright TEX 2B 2B
543939 Kolten Wong STL 2B 2B
656674 Kolton Mahoney MIA SP SP
669096 Kona Quiggle DET OF OF
592831 Konner Wade BOS SP SP
663455 Konnor Pilkington CHW SP SP
656216 Korby Batesole BOS SS SS
680690 Korey Holland CLE OF OF
686676 Korey Lee HOU C C
676759 Korry Howell MIL OF OF
667651 Kort Peterson KC OF OF
552668 Kraig Sitton FA RP RP
670298 Kramer Robertson STL SS SS
592178 Kris Bryant CHC 3B/OF 3B/OF
663460 Kris Bubic KC SP SP
450665 Kris Medlen ARI SP SP
502117 Kris Negron FA OF OF
653245 Kristian Delgado FA SS SS
677565 Kristian Robinson ARI OF OF
624736 Kristian Trompiz FA SS SS
664940 Kurt Hoekstra ATL 3B 3B
435559 Kurt Suzuki WSH C C
676710 Kutter Crawford BOS SP SP
656182 Kwan Adkins SF OF OF
547942 Kwang-Hyun Kim STL SP SP
666247 Kwang-Min Kwon FA OF OF
607457 Kyle Barraclough SD RP RP
664958 Kyle Barrett FA OF OF
613317 Kyle Bird TEX RP RP
452035 Kyle Blanks SF OF OF
680694 Kyle Bradish BAL SP SP
621129 Kyle Cody TEX SP SP
605195 Kyle Crick PIT RP RP
641490 Kyle Crockett ARI RP RP
663979 Kyle Datres COL 2B 2B
675971 Kyle Dohy PHI RP RP
664871 Kyle Dowdy CLE RP RP
475138 Kyle Drabek SF RP RP
571657 Kyle Farmer CIN 2B C/1B/ 2B/3B
640448 Kyle Finnegan WSH RP RP
607536 Kyle Freeland COL SP SP
664851 Kyle Friedrichs OAK SP SP
608335 Kyle Funkhouser DET SP SP
664247 Kyle Garlick LAD OF OF
502043 Kyle Gibson TEX SP SP
667236 Kyle Glogoski PHI SP SP
675626 Kyle Gray NYY 2B 2B
606996 Kyle Hart BOS SP SP
543294 Kyle Hendricks CHC SP SP
543309 Kyle Higashioka NYY C C
664060 Kyle Holder NYY SS SS
664728 Kyle Isbel KC OF OF
571812 Kyle Jensen SF OF OF
656594 Kyle Johnston TOR SP SP
681143 Kyle Kasser KC 2B 2B
664918 Kyle Keller LAA RP RP
452718 Kyle Kendrick FA SP SP
665417 Kyle Kubat CHW SP SP
605323 Kyle Kubitza ATL 3B 3B
681517 Kyle Leahy STL SP SP
641786 Kyle Lewis SEA OF OF
643414 Kyle Lloyd FA SP SP
543456 Kyle Lobstein LAD RP RP
346798 Kyle Lohse FA SP SP
676327 Kyle Marinconz WSH 2B 2B
657674 Kyle Martin FA 1B 1B
573016 Kyle Martin FA RP RP
668832 Kyle McCann OAK C C
641851 Kyle McGowin WSH SP SP
657681 Kyle McGrath SD RP RP
519015 Kyle McPherson TB SP SP
676819 Kyle McPherson SF 2B 2B
682569 Kyle Mottice PIT 2B 2B
666205 Kyle Muller ATL SP SP
669459 Kyle Nelson CLE RP RP
665065 Kyle Nowlin OAK OF OF
664963 Kyle Overstreet SD C C
592621 Kyle Parker CIN OF OF
594986 Kyle Ryan CHC RP RP
656941 Kyle Schwarber CHC OF OF
572122 Kyle Seager SEA 3B 3B
543788 Kyle Skipworth CIN C C
596106 Kyle Smith FA SP SP
669065 Kyle Stowers BAL OF OF
663656 Kyle Tucker HOU OF OF
621352 Kyle Twomey OAK SP SP
667725 Kyle Tyler LAA SP SP
592835 Kyle Waldrop SEA OF OF
674161 Kyle Watson FA 1B 1B
664048 Kyle Wilcox SEA RP RP
668740 Kyle Wilkie PIT C C
592881 Kyle Wren FA OF OF
657140 Kyle Wright ATL SP SP
669925 Kyle Young PHI SP SP
622092 Kyle Zimmer KC RP RP
676622 Kyle Zurak NYY RP RP
663470 Kyler Murray OAK
664038 Kyri Washington BOS OF OF
608687 L.J. Mazzilli FA 2b 2b
663932 L.T. Tolbert ARI 2B 2B
649143 Lachlan Wells MIN SP SP
669199 Lake Bachar SD SP SP
664774 LaMonte Wade MIN OF OF
641297 Lana Akau FA C C
458681 Lance Lynn TEX SP SP
621121 Lance McCullers Jr. HOU SP SP
670916 Landerson Pena WSH OF OF
656219 Landon Beck STL RP RP
572669 Lane Adams FA OF OF
682010 Lane Ramsey CHW RP RP
656877 Lane Ratliff ARI SP SP
657041 Lane Thomas STL OF OF
677598 Larry Ernesto MIL OF OF
663457 Lars Nootbaar STL OF OF
671732 Lawrence Butler OAK OF OF
643550 Layne Somsen FA RP RP
650528 Laz Rivera CHW 2B 2B
672906 Lazaro Alonso MIA 1B 1B
670860 Lazaro Armenteros OAK OF OF
682844 Lazaro Benitez DET OF OF
684708 Lazaro Leal CHW OF OF
664765 Lean Marrero FA OF OF
660681 Leandro Cedeno STL C C
678247 Leandro Emiliani WSH 1B 1B
646358 Leandro Linares CLE RP RP
683610 Leandro Pineda PHI OF OF
650441 Leandro Santana FA 3b 3b
621429 LeDarious Clark TEX OF OF
676410 Lee Solomon SD 2B 2B
682911 LeeMarcus Boyd COL SS SS
680894 Lency Delgado CHW SS SS
660583 Lenin Rodriguez BAL C C
672820 Lenyn Sosa CHW 2B 2B
660587 Leo Crawford LAD SP SP
600951 Leobaldo Pina STL SS SS
686742 Leodany Perez ARI OF OF
665750 Leody Taveras TEX OF OF
677870 Leonardo Jimenez TOR SS SS
650728 Leonardo Molina NYY OF OF
553891 Leonardo Reginatto FA SS SS
660844 Leonardo Rivas LAA SS SS
673164 Leonardo Rodriguez BAL SP SP
682504 Leonardo Seminati CIN 1B 1B
599998 Leonel Campos FA RP RP
665987 Leonel Valera LAD 2B 2B
547982 Leonys Martin FA OF OF
683774 Lester Madden OAK OF OF
677625 Leudy Pena STL OF OF
676108 Leugim Castillo MIL OF OF
672427 Leuri Mejia TEX OF OF
544725 Leury Garcia CHW OF SS/OF
682119 Levi Jordan CHC 2B 2B
669189 Levi Kelly ARI SP SP
605381 Levi Michael FA 2b 2b
650331 Lewin Diaz MIA 1B 1B
621446 Lewis Brinson MIA OF OF
626929 Lewis Thorpe MIN SP SP
644375 Li-Jen Chu CLE C C
521230 Liam Hendriks OAK RP RP
656925 Liam Sabino STL 2B 2B
669205 Lincoln Henzman CHW SP SP
606945 Lindsey Caughel FA SP SP
678894 Liover Peguero PIT SS SS
570810 Lisalverto Bonilla CLE SP SP
670869 Livan Soto LAA 2B 2B
664066 LJ Brewster MIA SP SP
677928 LJ Hatch COL 2B 2B
663544 LJ Talley TOR 2B 2B
664714 Ljay Newsome SEA SP SP
657766 Locke St John TEX RP RP
663531 Logan Allen CLE SP SP
656208 Logan Baldwin FA OF OF
594747 Logan Bawcom FA SP SP
663318 Logan Boyd BOS SP SP
682204 Logan Brown ATL C C
664910 Logan Cozart COL RP RP
592244 Logan Darnell FA SP SP
669722 Logan Davidson OAK SS SS
686482 Logan Driscoll SD C C
641567 Logan Farrar FA OF OF
523253 Logan Forsythe PHI 1B/3B 1B/2B/ SS/3B
669302 Logan Gilbert SEA SP SP
685401 Logan Gragg STL SP SP
664930 Logan Hill PIT OF OF
668681 Logan Ice CLE C C
434137 Logan Kensing FA RP RP
664860 Logan Landon LAD OF OF
682047 Logan Mattix FA OF OF
656758 Logan Moon FA OF OF
607355 Logan Moore FA C C
489149 Logan Morrison MIL OF OF
681351 Logan O’Hoppe PHI C C
446185 Logan Ondrusek FA RP RP
682515 Logan Porter KC 1B 1B
664239 Logan Ratledge FA 3b 3b
676601 Logan Salow LAD RP RP
502582 Logan Schafer BAL OF OF
624519 Logan Shore DET SP SP
656987 Logan Sowers CHW OF OF
664162 Logan Taylor FA 3b 3b
593151 Logan Taylor FA SP SP
548337 Logan Verrett FA RP RP
657089 Logan Warmoth TOR SS SS
543894 Logan Watkins FA
657277 Logan Webb SF SP SP
668824 Logan Wyatt SF 1B 1B
665975 Lolo Sánchez PIT OF OF
502082 Lonnie Chisenhall FA 3B 3B
456715 Lorenzo Cain MIL OF OF
661411 Lorenzo Cedrola CIN OF OF
679727 Lorenzo Quintana HOU C C
642152 Lou Trivino OAK RP RP
666917 Louis Boyd SEA 2B 2B
488786 Louis Coleman FA RP RP
545343 Louis Head FA RP RP
650589 Louis Silverio CHW OF OF
666971 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. TOR OF 2B/OF
678215 Luarbert Arias SD SP SP
621154 Luc Rennie NYM SP SP
446263 Lucas Duda FA 1B 1B
668674 Lucas Erceg MIL 3b 3b
608337 Lucas Giolito CHW SP SP
449173 Lucas Harrell FA RP RP
663726 Lucas Herbert ATL C C
621102 Lucas Humpal FA SP SP
657664 Lucas Long FA SP SP
476595 Lucas Luetge OAK RP RP
608371 Lucas Sims CIN RP RP
676814 Lucas Tancas PIT 1B 1B
663897 Lucas Williams PHI 3b 3b
665650 Lucius Fox TB SS SS
679587 Ludwin Jimenez STL SP SP
593444 Luigi Rodriguez FA OF OF
642772 Luis Alexander Basabe CHW OF OF
671275 Luis Almanzar SD 2B 2B
678321 Luis Andujar STL 3B 3B
642544 Luis Araujo CLE RP RP
650333 Luis Arraez MIN 2B/OF 2B/SS/ 3B/OF
650837 Luis Asuncion TEX OF OF
667327 Luis Avalo MIL C C
665705 Luis Avila MIL SS SS
501593 Luis Avilan NYY RP RP
641323 Luis Aviles Jr. FA SS SS
644365 Luis Ayala FA OF OF
678637 Luis Baez MIN OF OF
642456 Luis Barrera OAK OF OF
669134 Luis Campusano-Bracero SD C C
672584 Luis Carlos Diaz LAD OF OF
650700 Luis Carpio NYM SS SS
650797 Luis Carrasco PHI RP RP
622491 Luis Castillo CIN SP SP
683619 Luis Castillo NYM SS SS
620449 Luis Castro MIL 3b 3b
622344 Luis Cedeno PHI RP RP
570666 Luis Cessa NYY RP RP
664351 Luis Contreras MIL RP RP
666127 Luis Curbelo CHW SS SS
665782 Luis De Los Santos TOR SS SS
666621 Luis Diaz CHC 2b 2b
571074 Luis Diaz LAA SP SP
570792 Luis Domoromo FA OF OF
650798 Luis Encarnacion FA 1B 1B
650813 Luis Escobar PIT RP RP
680614 Luis Feliz TEX OF OF
666818 Luis Frias ARI SP SP
671277 Luis Garcia WSH 2B 2B
677593 Luis Garcia PHI SS SS
677651 Luis Garcia HOU SP SP
472610 Luis Garcia TEX RP RP
661563 Luis Gil NYY SP SP
670768 Luis Gonzalez CHW OF OF
642694 Luis Gonzalez FA SS SS
687463 Luis Guerrero HOU OF OF
641645 Luis Guillorme NYM SS 2B/SS/ 3B
661404 Luis Guzman FA SS SS
665988 Luis Hernandez FA 3b 3b
650390 Luis Hidalgo FA OF OF
656022 Luis Joseph FA 2b 2b
665904 Luis Laurencio DET 3b 3b
644396 Luis Ledo CHW RP RP
642451 Luis Liberato SEA OF OF
606208 Luis Lugo CHC SP SP
650347 Luis Madero SF SP SP
606336 Luis Marte FA SS SS
644403 Luis Martinez CHW RP RP
682641 Luis Matos SF OF OF
653414 Luis Medina FA SS SS
665622 Luis Medina NYY SP SP
672635 Luis Mieses CHW OF OF
678267 Luis Milla MIN OF OF
672707 Luis Montano STL OF OF
672382 Luis Moreno SF SP SP
678748 Luis Mota BOS 2B 2B
585691 Luis Niebla COL SP SP
681588 Luis Nova PIT SP SP
656814 Luis Ortiz BAL SP SP
665854 Luis Oviedo CLE SP SP
672376 Luis Pacheco PHI SP SP
678829 Luis Paez SD 2B 2B
672712 Luis Palacios MIA SP SP
672715 Luis Patino SD SP SP
674478 Luis Payan FA SP SP
624735 Luis Payano FA OF OF
650656 Luis Pena LAA RP RP
606131 Luis Perdomo SD RP RP
665762 Luis Perez TB C C
622401 Luis Pino SF SP SP
670127 Luis Pintor FA SS SS
650859 Luis Rengifo LAA 2B 2B/SS
642530 Luis Reyes WSH SP SP
665894 Luis Rijo MIN SP SP
673357 Luis Robert CHW OF OF
665960 Luis Rodriguez LAD SS SS
677628 Luis Rodriguez STL C C
672743 Luis Rojas PHI 2B 2B
676837 Luis Roman FA 3B 3B
682758 Luis Rubio ARI SS SS
670919 Luis Santana HOU 2B 2B
676021 Luis Santos NYY SS SS
608601 Luis Santos TOR RP RP
596143 Luis Sardinas FA 2B 2B
686733 Luis Sena BAL SS SS
622663 Luis Severino NYY SP SP
678715 Luis Silva MIL 3B 3B
665038 Luis Silverio ARI OF OF
683656 Luis Tejeda PIT SS SS
678681 Luis Toribio SF 3B 3B
620443 Luis Torrens SD C C
649966 Luis Urias MIL 2B/SS 2B/SS
472528 Luis Valbuena FA 3B 3B
623610 Luis Valenzuela FA SS SS
471174 Luis Vasquez LAD RP RP
676679 Luis Vazquez CHC SS SS
672563 Luis Veloz SEA OF OF
677605 Luis Verdugo CHC SS SS
593522 Luis Villegas FA C C
661277 Luis Yander La O TEX 2B 2B
672504 Luis Yanel Diaz LAD 3B 3B
644443 Luis Ysla FA SP SP
682668 Luisangel Acuna TEX SS SS
627894 Luiz Gohara LAA SP SP
621165 Lukas Schiraldi MIA RP RP
572703 Luke Bard LAA RP RP
673316 Luke Barker MIL RP RP
664080 Luke Burch FA OF OF
656392 Luke Dykstra FA 2b 2b
657213 Luke Eubank CLE RP RP
608652 Luke Farrell TEX RP RP
502381 Luke Gregerson FA RP RP
668862 Luke Heimlich FA SP SP
679691 Luke Heyer LAD 3B 3B
592426 Luke Jackson ATL RP RP
681087 Luke Jarvis FA 2B 2B
677181 Luke Lind LAA RP RP
571912 Luke Maile PIT C C
682037 Luke Mangieri PIT 1B 1B
676366 Luke Miller PHI 3B 3B
681965 Luke Morgan COL OF OF
670042 Luke Raley MIN OF OF
667664 Luke Reynolds CHC 3B 3B
676793 Luke Ringhofer BAL C C
682239 Luke Ritter NYM 2B 2B
681873 Luke Sherley DET SS SS
657035 Luke Tendler BOS OF OF
572228 Luke Voit NYY 1B 1B
596133 Luke Weaver ARI SP SP
663609 Luken Baker STL 1B 1B
666517 Luvin Valbuena ARI C C
680689 Lyon Richardson CIN SP SP
669004 M.J. Melendez KC C C
657429 Mac James TB C C
656683 Mac Marshall SF RP RP
669135 Mac Sceroler CIN SP SP
607776 Mac Williamson WSH OF OF
669022 MacKenzie Gore SD SP SP
518516 Madison Bumgarner ARI SP SP
679027 Madison Santos NYY OF OF
657010 Madison Stokes PHI 3B 3B
572283 Madison Younginer FA RP RP
642423 Magneuris Sierra MIA OF OF
521055 Maikel Cleto FA RP RP
596748 Maikel Franco KC 3B 3B
672580 Maikel Garcia KC SS SS
667369 Maikel Pineda FA 3b 3b
683500 Maikol Escotto NYY 2B 2B
672561 Makesiondon Kelkboom CLE SS SS
543074 Malcom Culver FA RP RP
682650 Malcom Nunez STL 3B 3B
641471 Malik Collymore FA 2b 2b
670419 Malique Ziegler MIN OF OF
673253 Malky Mena NYM RP RP
605480 Mallex Smith SEA OF OF
622541 Malquin Canelo BAL SS SS
664306 Malvin Matos PHI OF OF
658369 Malvin Pena WSH SP SP
669137 Mandy Alvarez NYY 3b 3b
544365 Manny Banuelos CHW SP SP
668872 Manny Jefferson FA 2b 2b
592518 Manny Machado SD SS/3B SS/3B
657705 Manny Olloque KC 3b 3b
448159 Manny Parra SF RP RP
677225 Manny Pazos SEA C C
444489 Manny Pina MIL C C
681668 Manny Rodriguez NYM SS SS
676520 Manuel Alvarez CLE RP RP
664445 Manuel Cruz FA C C
678851 Manuel Garcia ARI C C
622534 Manuel Margot TB OF OF
650513 Manuel Melendez COL OF OF
655212 Manuel Orduno FA 2B 2B
650674 Manuel Rodriguez MIA RP RP
655889 Manuel Rodriguez CHC RP RP
642396 Manuel Rondon CHC RP RP
691171 Manuel Veloz CHW RP RP
657576 Marc Flores FA 1B 1B
628715 Marc Magliaro COL RP RP
519240 Marc Rzepczynski FA RP RP
542303 Marcell Ozuna ATL OF OF
666502 Marcelo Martinez KC SP SP
617918 Marco Chicuate FA C C
462136 Marco Estrada FA SP SP
594835 Marco Gonzales SEA SP SP
622398 Marco Guzman FA 2b 2b
593523 Marco Hernandez BOS 2B 2B
668549 Marco Hernandez LAD C C
682617 Marco Luciano SF SS SS
678788 Marco Valenzuela CHC OF OF
656044 Marcos Almonte FA SS SS
670862 Marcos Brito OAK SS SS
683550 Marcos Cabrera NYY 3B 3B
650959 Marcos Diplan BAL SP SP
666611 Marcos Estevez FA OF OF
672733 Marcos Gonzalez CLE SS SS
622506 Marcos Molina FA SP SP
660569 Marcos Rivera MIA SS SS
673822 Marcos Tineo ARI SP SP
676722 Marcus Chiu LAD 2B 2B
621522 Marcus Greene Jr. FA C C
547171 Marcus Littlewood FA C C
664678 Marcus Mastrobuoni CHC C C
669129 Marcus Mooney FA SS SS
677038 Marcus Reyes TOR RP RP
543760 Marcus Semien OAK SS SS
573186 Marcus Stroman NYM SP SP
519393 Marcus Walden BOS RP RP
657129 Marcus Wilson BOS OF OF
121250 Mariano Rivera WSH P P
660647 Mariel Bautista CIN OF OF
660796 Marino Campana BOS OF OF
666128 Mario Feliciano MIL C C
571786 Mario Hollands PHI RP RP
532936 Mario Sanchez WSH SP SP
640489 Mario Sanjur LAA C C
533822 Mario Vega FA SS SS
571446 Mark Appel PHI SP SP
592147 Mark Blackmar FA SP SP
592192 Mark Canha OAK OF 1B/OF
676628 Mark Contreras MIN OF OF
641548 Mark Ecker DET RP RP
641740 Mark Karaviotis ARI SS SS
656627 Mark Kolozsvary CIN C C
656635 Mark Laird PHI OF OF
643410 Mark Leiter Jr. FA RP RP
450275 Mark Lowe FA RP RP
664029 Mark Mathias MIL 2b 2b
453343 Mark Melancon ATL RP RP
605384 Mark Montgomery FA RP RP
592622 Mark Payton CIN OF OF
607070 Mark Reyes SF SP SP
448602 Mark Reynolds FA 1B 1B
621212 Mark Sappington TB RP RP
677743 Mark Simon FA SP SP
444432 Mark Trumbo FA DH DH
668901 Mark Vientos NYM 3B 3B
657145 Mark Zagunis CHC OF OF
670366 Mark Zimmerman SD SP SP
602929 Markus Solbach LAD SP SP
677583 Marlin Made CLE OF OF
683428 Marlon Cairo LAD OF OF
667445 Marshall Kasowski LAD RP RP
642131 Marshawn Taylor FA SS SS
548431 Martin Cervenka BAL C C
676953 Martin Figueroa STL C C
455117 Martin Maldonado HOU C C
678395 Martin Olivas DET 3B 3B
527048 Martin Perez BOS SP SP
445988 Martin Prado FA 1B/3B 1B/3B
657811 Martin Young FA 2b 2b
680393 Marty Bechina OAK 3B 3B
664753 Marty Costes HOU OF OF
645917 Marty Herum FA 1B 1B
503556 Marwin Gonzalez MIN 1B/3B/ OF 1B/3B/ OF
547888 Masahiro Tanaka NYY SP SP
675918 Mason House SD OF OF
690623 Mason Mallard TB 3B 3B
676733 Mason Martin PIT 1B 1B
669200 Mason McCoy BAL SS SS
605368 Mason McCullough ARI RP RP
608691 Mason Melotakis FA RP RP
596088 Mason Robbins FA OF OF
666168 Mason Thompson SD SP SP
592863 Mason Williams BAL OF OF
502009 Mat Latos FA SP SP
680771 Mateo Gil STL SS SS
571431 Matt Adams NYM 1B 1B
458006 Matt Albers FA RP RP
542882 Matt Andriese LAA SP SP
641334 Matt Ball LAA SP SP
598264 Matt Barnes BOS RP RP
607461 Matt Beaty LAD 1B/OF 1B/3B/ OF
279571 Matt Belisle FA RP RP
657518 Matt Blackham NYM RP RP
621199 Matt Bowman CIN RP RP
670262 Matt Brooks FA OF OF
501936 Matt Buschmann TOR RP RP
456713 Matt Bush TEX RP RP
430912 Matt Cain SF SP SP
572761 Matt Carpenter STL 3B 3B
656305 Matt Chapman OAK 3B 3B
682134 Matt Cogen LAD OF OF
656323 Matt Cooper CHW SP SP
607412 Matt Crouse FA SP SP
621123 Matt Custred LAA RP RP
571602 Matt Davidson CIN 3B 3B
544925 Matt Den Dekker FA OF OF
571616 Matt Dermody FA RP RP
518625 Matt Dominguez BOS 3B 3B
656384 Matt Duce STL C C
622110 Matt Duffy TEX 3B 3B
664158 Matt Eckelman PIT RP RP
656407 Matt Esparza LAA SP SP
607343 Matt Flemer COL SP SP
641582 Matt Foster CHW RP RP
663735 Matt Frisbee SF SP SP
657424 Matt Gage SF SP SP
490063 Matt Garza FA SP SP
685301 Matt Gorski PIT OF OF
594840 Matt Grace ARI RP RP
518755 Matt Hague SEA 1B 1B
664180 Matt Hall BOS RP RP
518774 Matt Harvey FA SP SP
670413 Matt Hearn COL OF OF
407812 Matt Holliday FA OF OF
659635 Matt Jones FA C C
459964 Matt Joyce MIA OF OF
623251 Matt Juengel MIA 3b 3b
461314 Matt Kemp MIA OF OF
571863 Matt Koch FA RP RP
640454 Matt Krook TB SP SP
663714 Matt Kroon PHI 1B 1B
547181 Matt Lipka FA OF OF
651016 Matt Lloyd CIN OF OF
605350 Matt Lujan SF SP SP
543483 Matt Magill SEA RP RP
666159 Matt Manning DET SP SP
621408 Matt Marksberry ATL RP RP
473724 Matt McBride PHI OF OF
682198 Matt McGarry OAK 2B 2B
656718 Matt McLaughlin COL SS SS
641858 Matt McPhearson FA OF OF
663868 Matt Mercer ARI SP SP
670343 Matt Milburn OAK SP SP
519043 Matt Moore FA SP SP
656767 Matt Morgan FA C C
680782 Matt Morrow PIT 2B 2B
457764 Matt Nevarez PIT RP RP
643473 Matt Oberste FA 1B 1B
621566 Matt Olson OAK 1B 1B
676840 Matt Peacock ARI SP SP
656831 Matt Pearce STL SP SP
641980 Matt Pierpont FA RP RP
681862 Matt Pita NYY 2B 2B
670946 Matt Pobereyko NYM RP RP
664105 Matt Portland CHW SP SP
545357 Matt Purke FA RP RP
543677 Matt Ramsey LAA RP RP
645798 Matt Reistetter WSH C C
608703 Matt Reynolds KC SS SS
519186 Matt Reynolds FA RP RP
623457 Matt Rose FA 3b 3b
681836 Matt Sanders SEA 2B 2B
669422 Matt Sauer NYY SP SP
676910 Matt Seelinger SF RP RP
668986 Matt Shannon TOR RP RP
533167 Matt Shoemaker TOR SP SP
605474 Matt Skole CHW 1B 1B
670299 Matt Smith MIL SP SP
668605 Matt Solter FA SP SP
592781 Matt Stites FA RP RP
621381 Matt Strahm SD RP RP
664161 Matt Swarmer CHC SP SP
519333 Matt Szczur PHI OF OF
675652 Matt Tabor ARI SP SP
621343 Matt Tenuta FA RP RP
642136 Matt Thaiss LAA 3B 1B/3B
607751 Matt Tomshaw CHW SP SP
595441 Matt Tracy FA RP RP
449168 Matt Tuiasosopo ATL OF OF
663837 Matt Vierling PHI OF OF
665150 Matt Walker SEA RP RP
670242 Matt Wallner MIN OF OF
519411 Matt West DET RP RP
675662 Matt Whatley TEX C C
643605 Matt Whitehouse COL SP SP
446308 Matt Wieters STL C C
607109 Matt Williams PHI SS SS
675980 Matt Winaker NYM OF OF
665000 Matt Winn SF C C
605538 Matt Wisler MIN RP RP
621574 Matt Withrow ATL SP SP
642226 Matt Wotherspoon FA RP RP
669101 Matthew Acosta SD OF OF
682929 Matthew Allan NYM P P
676946 Matthew Batten SD 2B 2B
571510 Matthew Boyd DET SP SP
571539 Matthew Carasiti SF SP RP
608327 Matthew Crownover FA SP SP
592274 Matthew Duffy FA 3B 3B
670036 Matthew Festa SEA RP RP
670208 Matthew Fraizer PIT OF OF
669054 Matthew Gorst BOS RP RP
592362 Matthew Grimes BAL SP SP
682214 Matthew Jarecki DET OF OF
499882 Matthew Kennelly ATL C C
664236 Matthew Kent BOS SP SP
669461 Matthew Liberatore STL SP SP
672900 Matthew Mercedes FA 1B 1B
657435 Matthew Page WSH OF OF
663990 Matthias Dietz BAL SP SP
606291 Mauricio Cabrera ARI RP RP
643289 Mauricio Dubon SF 2B 2B/SS
661440 Mauricio Llovera PHI SP SP
656265 Maverik Buffo TOR SP SP
621241 Max Beatty FA SP SP
661733 Max Burt NYY SS SS
670689 Max Duval FA SP SP
608331 Max Fried ATL SP SP
657426 Max George COL SS SS
677867 Max Herrmann LAA SP SP
676955 Max Hogan FA 2B 2B
596146 Max Kepler MIN OF OF
668820 Max Kranick PIT SP SP
676661 Max Lazar MIL SP SP
664120 Max McDowell MIL C C
621559 Max Moroff NYM SS 2B/SS
571970 Max Muncy LAD 1B/2B/ 3B 1B/2B/ 3B
656782 Max Murphy ARI OF OF
596069 Max Pentecost TOR DH DH
605428 Max Povse SEA RP RP
453286 Max Scherzer WSH SP SP
621011 Max Schrock STL 2b 2b
680474 Max Schuemann OAK SS SS
686773 Max Smith MIN OF OF
545358 Max Stassi LAA C C
666721 Maximo Castillo TOR SP SP
666013 Maxwell Morales TEX C C
515052 Mayckol Guaipe FA RP RP
665775 Mc Gregory Contreras TOR OF OF
657029 McCarthy Tatum PHI 3B 3B
656746 McKenzie Mills MIA SP SP
650619 Meibrys Viloria KC C C
592692 Mel Rojas Jr. ATL DH DH
466320 Melky Cabrera FA OF OF
666673 Melvi Acosta MIN SP SP
661536 Melvin Adon SF RP RP
668546 Melvin Jimenez LAD RP RP
542235 Melvin Mercedes OAK RP RP
649700 Melvin Novoa TEX C C
425834 Melvin Upton CLE OF OF
642571 Merandy Gonzalez FA SP SP
518876 Merrill Kelly ARI SP SP
676017 Micael Ramirez CLE
677295 Micah Bello MIL OF OF
676758 Micah Brown MIA 3B 3B
608672 Micah Johnson TB 2B 2B
452249 Micah Owings SEA P P
572191 Michael A. Taylor WSH OF OF
527031 Michael Almanzar FA 3b 3b
676438 Michael Baird STL SP SP
669726 Michael Barash LAA C C
657508 Michael Baumann BAL SP SP
642461 Michael Beltre CIN OF OF
667413 Michael Bernal FA 2B 2B
518468 Michael Blazek FA RP RP
456422 Michael Bourn BAL OF OF
476601 Michael Bowden LAD SP SP
572728 Michael Brady FA RP RP
488726 Michael Brantley HOU OF OF
670712 Michael Brosseau TB 2B 2B/3B/ OF
680758 Michael Byrne CIN SP SP
656289 Michael Cantu SD C C
656308 Michael Chavis BOS 1B/2B 1B/2B/ 3B
574831 Michael Choice FA OF OF
624424 Michael Conforto NYM OF OF
676971 Michael Cooper CLE 1B 1B
543069 Michael Crouse FA OF OF
670043 Michael Cruz LAA C C
663933 Michael Curry SD OF OF
667488 Michael Davis MIN SS SS
631222 Michael De La Cruz TOR C C
642444 Michael De La Cruz FA OF OF
650958 Michael De Leon CIN SS SS
623442 Michael Dimock ARI RP RP
668851 Michael Donadio FA OF OF
681855 Michael Emodi KC C C
593140 Michael Feliz PIT RP RP
605242 Michael Fulmer DET SP SP
656455 Michael Gettys SD OF OF
660874 Michael Gibbons NYM SP SP
669377 Michael Gigliotti KC OF OF
656489 Michael Gretler PIT 3B 3B
675627 Michael Grove LAD SP SP
671739 Michael Harris ATL OF OF
680737 Michael Helman MIN 2B 2B
641684 Michael Hermosillo LAA OF OF
669905 Michael Hernandez MIA C C
663322 Michael Hickman CHW C C
682764 Michael James COL SS SS
641732 Michael Johnson LAD RP RP
592464 Michael Kickham BOS RP RP
650633 Michael King NYY RP RP
543409 Michael Kohn FA RP RP
656629 Michael Kopech CHW SP SP
668997 Michael Koval SEA RP RP
547179 Michael Lorenzen CIN RP RP
641814 Michael Mader ATL RP RP
592527 Michael Mariot SD RP RP
492841 Michael Martinez CLE 3B 3B
664055 Michael Matuella TEX RP RP
502374 Michael McKenry TB C C
675650 Michael Mercado TB SP SP
434604 Michael Morse SF OF OF
630155 Michael O’Neill FA OF OF
676943 Michael Osinski BOS 3B 3B
669686 Michael Paez NYM 2b 2b
657709 Michael Papierski HOU C C
621191 Michael Peoples FA SP SP
605421 Michael Perez TB C C
641970 Michael Perri STL SS SS
501381 Michael Pineda MIN SP SP
674681 Michael Plassmeyer TB SP SP
605439 Michael Reed FA OF OF
607706 Michael Roth FA RP RP
621074 Michael Rucker BAL RP RP
656920 Michael Russell FA SS SS
622400 Michael Santos LAA SP SP
459431 Michael Saunders COL OF OF
672279 Michael Siani CIN OF OF
664683 Michael Smith TB OF OF
683021 Michael Stefanic LAA SS SS
669400 Michael Tinsley FA OF OF
669911 Michael Toglia COL 1B 1B
543859 Michael Tonkin ARI RP RP
605518 Michael Velasquez FA SP SP
608379 Michael Wacha NYM SP SP
681933 Michael Wielansky HOU 2B 2B
670168 Michael Wilson MIL OF OF
687831 Michael Woodworth OAK 2B 2B
573589 Michael Ynoa FA RP RP
673258 Michel Baez SD RP RP
680844 Michel Gelabert ARI SP SP
650520 Micker Adolfo CHW OF OF
595263 Mickey Jannis NYM SP SP
666160 Mickey Moniak PHI OF OF
620396 Miguel Aguilar ARI RP RP
602083 Miguel Almonte FA RP RP
665804 Miguel Amaya CHC C C
609280 Miguel Andujar NYY DH DH
658531 Miguel Angel Sierra HOU SS SS
665918 Miguel Aparicio TEX OF OF
408234 Miguel Cabrera DET 1B 1B
612434 Miguel Castro BAL RP RP
600887 Miguel Del Pozo PIT RP RP
622766 Miguel Diaz SD RP RP
650140 Miguel Eladio FA SS SS
665999 Miguel Figueroa HOU RP RP
660560 Miguel Flames FA 1B 1B
622497 Miguel Gomez FA
544838 Miguel Gonzalez DET C C
456068 Miguel Gonzalez FA SP SP
634739 Miguel Guzman FA OF OF
665912 Miguel Hernandez CIN SS SS
677599 Miguel Hiraldo TOR SS SS
668568 Miguel Jerez CLE C C
669791 Miguel Jerez ATL SP SP
670547 Miguel Medrano CIN SP SP
642286 Miguel Mercedes FA 3b 3b
471083 Miguel Montero FA C C
572025 Miguel Pena FA SP SP
673036 Miguel Perez SEA OF OF
500743 Miguel Rojas MIA SS 1B/SS
673603 Miguel Romero OAK RP RP
667376 Miguel Sanchez MIL RP RP
593934 Miguel Sano MIN 3B 1B/3B
462515 Miguel Socolovich FA RP RP
678246 Miguel Vargas LAD 3B 3B
664337 Miguel Yajure NYY SP SP
641296 Mike Ahmed FA 3b 3b
449107 Mike Aviles MIA SS SS
502211 Mike Bolsinger FA SP SP
458678 Mike Broadway FA RP RP
605182 Mike Clevinger CLE SP SP
643263 Mike Connolly SF RP RP
445197 Mike Dunn FA RP RP
571666 Mike Fiers OAK SP SP
592314 Mike Foltynewicz ATL SP SP
645801 Mike Ford NYY 1B 1B
650574 Mike Franco TB RP RP
502273 Mike Freeman CLE 2B 2B/SS/ 3B/OF
595222 Mike Gerber SF OF OF
623434 Mike Hauschild FA RP RP
669130 Mike Kaelin FA RP RP
547184 Mike Kelly FA SP SP
502190 Mike Leake ARI SP SP
605357 Mike Marjama FA C C
594577 Mike Mayers LAA RP RP
623166 Mike Miller BOS 2B 2B
501985 Mike Minor TEX SP SP
543557 Mike Montgomery KC SP SP
573046 Mike Morin MIL RP RP
519058 Mike Moustakas CIN 2B/3B 2B/3B
435063 Mike Napoli CLE 1B 1B
572000 Mike Ohlman BOS C C
592609 Mike Olt BOS 3B 3B
596068 Mike Papi CLE OF OF
460059 Mike Pelfrey FA SP SP
657741 Mike Rivera CLE C C
663682 Mike Salvatore SEA SS SS
642067 Mike Shawaryn BOS RP RP
647336 Mike Soroka ATL SP SP
572175 Mike Strong MIN P P
643565 Mike Tauchman NYY OF OF
545361 Mike Trout LAA OF OF
665059 Mike Wallace PIT SP SP
605541 Mike Wright FA RP RP
573262 Mike Yastrzemski SF OF OF
489448 Mike Zagurski FA RP RP
572287 Mike Zunino TB C C
650818 Mikell Granberry FA C C
650867 Mikey Edie SF OF OF
608383 Mikey White OAK SS SS
543484 Mikie Mahtook PHI OF OF
659366 Miles Gordon CIN OF OF
670156 Miles Mastrobuoni TB 2b 2b
571945 Miles Mikolas STL SP SP
683529 Milkar Perez SEA 3B 3B
675843 Miller Chacon CHC C C
553859 Miller Diaz ARI RP RP
676949 Miller Hogan TB RP RP
656875 Milton Ramos FA SS SS
681999 Milton Smith II MIA OF OF
634496 Misael German FA OF OF
682618 Misael Urbina MIN OF OF
682878 Mishael Deson COL OF OF
668992 Missael Rivera FA SS SS
621066 Mitch Brown CLE RP RP
641598 Mitch Garver MIN C C
571745 Mitch Haniger SEA OF OF
595255 Mitch Horacek FA RP RP
656605 Mitch Keller PIT SP SP
605328 Mitch Lambson FA SP SP
669675 Mitch Longo CLE OF OF
519048 Mitch Moreland BOS 1B 1B
608356 Mitch Nay FA 3b 3b
641976 Mitch Piatnik FA OF OF
666964 Mitch Reeves CLE 1B 1B
670144 Mitch Roman CHW SS SS
682108 Mitch Spires FA 2B 2B
657001 Mitch Stallings ATL SP SP
452676 Mitch Talbot CLE SP SP
605520 Mitch Walding FA 3b 3b
664044 Mitchell Aker FA SP SP
623250 Mitchell Delfino SF 3b 3b
663961 Mitchell Hansen FA OF OF
518771 Mitchell Harris STL RP RP
670054 Mitchell Kranson FA C C
658724 Mitchell Osnowitz STL RP RP
647321 Mitchell Robinson NYY 3B 3B
664051 Mitchell Tolman PIT 2b 2b
669952 Mitchell White LAD SP SP
646718 Moises Bello FA SS SS
665940 Moises Castillo STL SS SS
667658 Moises Ceja COL RP RP
664332 Moises Gomez TB OF OF
672844 Moises Gonzalez NYM OF OF
660534 Moises Nunez FA C C
650635 Moises Perez FA SS SS
683247 Moises Ramirez BAL 3B 3B
501213 Moises Sierra WSH OF OF
657566 Montana DuRapau PIT RP RP
656509 Monte Harrison MIA OF OF
605141 Mookie Betts LAD OF OF
641797 Morgan Lofstrom CIN C C
668833 Morgan McCullough LAA 2B 2B
493128 Munenori Kawasaki CHC SS SS
573166 Murphy Smith FA RP RP
571710 Mychal Givens BAL RP RP
594867 Myles Jaye FA RP RP
519262 Myles Schroder WSH 3b 3b
664702 Myles Straw HOU SS SS/OF
664081 Mylz Jones COL OF OF
622503 Nabil Crismatt STL SP SP
643271 Narciso Crook CIN OF OF
665227 Nash Knight TOR 2b 2b
683083 Nasim Nunez MIA SS SS
685725 Natanael Santana LAA OF OF
502264 Nate Adcock BAL RP RP
670410 Nate Easley SD 2b 2b
607523 Nate Esposito KC C C
686492 Nate Fassnacht PHI SS SS
664155 Nate Griep MIL RP RP
676800 Nate Harris COL RP RP
518858 Nate Jones CIN RP RP
501992 Nate Karns FA SP SP
663993 Nate Lowe TB 1B 1B
670148 Nate Mondou OAK 2b 2b
669916 Nate Nolan CHW C C
644337 Nate Orf OAK 2b 2b
663878 Nate Pearson TOR SP SP
676715 Nate Scantlin CIN OF OF
642091 Nate Smith LAA SP SP
666928 Nathan Bannister SEA SP SP
664098 Nathan Bates LAA RP RP
681987 Nathan Eaton KC 3B 3B
543135 Nathan Eovaldi BOS SP SP
621403 Nathan Kirby MIL SP SP
664770 Nathan Lukes TB OF OF
676598 Nathan Perry HOU C C
656909 Nathan Rodriguez MIL C C
676739 Nathan Witt TB RP RP
642651 Nattino Diplan MIL RP RP
425840 Neal Cotts FA RP RP
596331 Nefi Ogando FA RP RP
491703 Neftali Feliz FA RP RP
519304 Neftali Soto WSH
519166 Neil Ramirez LAA RP RP
474599 Neil Wagner TB RP RP
435522 Neil Walker PHI 1B/3B 1B/3B
662950 Nelson B Alvarez NYY 1B 1B
443558 Nelson Cruz MIN DH DH
660617 Nelson Gomez NYY 3b 3b
516685 Nelson Gonzalez COL RP RP
663891 Nelson Maldonado CHC 1B 1B
678729 Nelson Medina NYY OF OF
641891 Nelson Molina FA 3b 3b
608364 Nelson Rodriguez FA 1B 1B
676369 Nelson Velazquez CHC OF OF
672760 Nerio Rodriguez HOU C C
641482 Nestor Cortes SEA RP RP
681629 Nestor Heredia CHC SS SS
500882 Nestor Molina STL SP SP
502213 Nevin Ashley SEA C C
678881 Neyfi Marinez KC OF OF
678689 Neyfy Castillo ARI 3B 3B
676673 Nic Motley COL C C
656841 Nic Perkins WSH C C
650693 Nic Pierre FA OF OF
687573 Nic Ready MIA 3B 3B
592206 Nicholas Castellanos CIN OF OF
663996 Nicholas Economos PIT SP SP
678021 Nicholas Northcut BOS 3B 3B
663744 Nicholas Shumpert FA SS SS
621072 Nicholas Travieso CIN SP SP
605113 Nick Ahmed ARI SS SS
669397 Nick Allen OAK SS SS
681883 Nick Ames DET 1B 1B
623433 Nick Anderson TB RP RP
595121 Nick Baker FA SP SP
641336 Nick Banks WSH OF OF
621007 Nick Basto FA 3b 3b
595897 Nick Burdi PIT RP RP
663876 Nick Bush COL SP SP
502544 Nick Buss MIN OF OF
674006 Nick Choruby FA OF OF
543023 Nick Christiani CIN P P
624419 Nick Ciuffo TEX C C
665158 Nick Conti NYM 2B 2B
663807 Nick Dalesandro ARI C C
678006 Nick Decker BOS OF OF
547170 Nick Delmonico CHW OF OF
664926 Nick Dini KC C C
680709 Nick Dunn STL 2B 2B
663975 Nick Duron BOS RP RP
675924 Nick Egnatuk MIL 2B 2B
665053 Nick Fanti PHI SP SP
670769 Nick Feight FA 1B 1B
663743 Nick Fortes MIA C C
545338 Nick Franklin FA 2B 2B
676711 Nick Gallagher CLE SP SP
643320 Nick Gardewine TEX RP RP
663486 Nick Gatewood SD 1B 1B
580792 Nick Goody TEX RP RP
624503 Nick Gordon MIN SS SS
687479 Nick Grande ARI SS SS
643340 Nick Green NYY SP SP
572889 Nick Greenwood MIN RP RP
444935 Nick Hagadone FA RP RP
668945 Nick Hartman TOR RP RP
670084 Nick Heath KC OF OF
670439 Nick Hill FA 3b 3b
681282 Nick Horvath BAL OF OF
656561 Nick Howard FA RP RP
460026 Nick Hundley FA C C
676829 Nick Hutchins KC C C
592468 Nick Kingham FA SP SP
677362 Nick Kuzia SD RP RP
595297 Nick Lee CIN SP SP
666157 Nick Lodolo CIN P P
641802 Nick Longhi BOS OF OF
623517 Nick Lovullo BOS 2b 2b
663611 Nick Madrigal CHW 2B 2B
676606 Nick Margevicius SEA SP SP
455976 Nick Markakis ATL OF OF
543488 Nick Maronde MIA RP RP
607259 Nick Martinez FA SP SP
605361 Nick Martini PHI OF OF
682185 Nick Matera PHI C C
665155 Nick Maton PHI SS SS
683232 Nick Mears PIT RP RP
680722 Nick Meyer NYM C C
663734 Nick Neidert MIA SP SP
656793 Nick Nelson NYY SP SP
519082 Nick Noonan OAK 2B 2B
683034 Nick Osborne OAK OF OF
621194 Nick Pasquale CLE RP RP
681550 Nick Patten PIT 1B 1B
601713 Nick Pivetta PHI SP SP
663911 Nick Plummer STL OF OF
674951 Nick Podkul TOR 2B 2B
668472 Nick Pratto KC 1B 1B
666161 Nick Quintana DET 3B 3B
598286 Nick Ramirez DET RP RP
675919 Nick Raquet WSH SP SP
607301 Nick Rickles FA C C
656910 Nick Rodriguez SEA 2B 2B
670465 Nick Roscetti FA 2B 2B
607075 Nick Routt FA RP RP
592705 Nick Rumbelow NYM RP RP
680704 Nick Sandlin CLE RP RP
678010 Nick Schnell TB OF OF
655719 Nick Schulz FA OF OF
650630 Nick Sciortino BOS C C
669222 Nick Senzel CIN OF OF
670387 Nick Sergakis FA 2b 2b
669256 Nick Solak TEX DH 2B/3B
430897 Nick Swisher FA OF OF
657027 Nick Tanielu HOU 2b 2b
519344 Nick Tepesch FA SP SP
667506 Nick Thurman FA C C
657051 Nick Torres FA OF OF
607374 Nick Tropeano NYY SP SP
663989 Nick Vespi BAL SP SP
543883 Nick Vincent SF RP RP
682187 Nick Ward OAK 2B 2B
657101 Nick Wells WSH SP SP
608384 Nick Williams PHI OF OF
621295 Nick Wittgren CLE RP RP
670302 Nick Yarnall FA 1B 1B
642235 Nick Zammarelli III SEA 3b 3b
670032 Nicky Lopez KC 2B/SS 2B/SS
663538 Nico Hoerner CHC SS SS
672587 Nicolas Febres KC 1B 1B
672831 Nicolas Torres PHI 2B 2B
681606 Nigel Calmes TB C C
543867 Nik Turley PIT SP SP
680719 Niko Decolati COL OF OF
592348 Niko Goodrum DET 2B/SS/ OF 1B/2B/ SS/OF
680881 Niko Hulsizer TB OF OF
670550 Nivaldo Rodriguez HOU SP SP
676084 Noah Bremer TEX SP SP
573087 Noah Perio FA 2b 2b
592789 Noah Syndergaard NYM SP SP
674310 Noah Vaughan OAK OF OF
681928 Noah Zavolas MIL SP SP
598287 Noe Ramirez LAA RP RP
672848 Noe Toribio PIT SP SP
571595 Noel Cuevas COL OF OF
682801 Noelberth Romero BOS 3B 3B
682622 Noelvi Marte SEA SS SS
571448 Nolan Arenado COL 3B 3B
670154 Nolan Blackwood DET RP RP
667397 Nolan Brown FA OF OF
545337 Nolan Fontana FA SS SS
669357 Nolan Gorman STL 3B 3B
666134 Nolan Jones CLE 3B 3B
663884 Nolan Kingham ATL SP SP
621048 Nolan Long LAD RP RP
669228 Nolan Martinez NYY SP SP
665816 Nolan Perez SEA 3B 3B
642012 Nolan Riggs SF RP RP
663649 Nolan Watson KC SP SP
608577 Nomar Mazara CHW OF OF
666170 Nonie Williams LAA SS SS
650995 Norberto Obeso TOR OF OF
650204 Norge Ruiz OAK RP RP
493114 Norichika Aoki NYM OF OF
678850 Norkis Marcos PIT SS SS
660508 Norwith Gudino SF SP SP
607297 O’Koyea Dickson WSH 1B 1B
676668 Obie Ricumstrict TEX OF OF
664573 Oddy Nunez PIT SP SP
628333 Odrisamer Despaigne FA SP SP
546318 Odubel Herrera PHI OF OF
650378 Ofelky Peralta BAL SP SP
642728 Offerman Collado FA 2b 2b
628709 Ofreidy Gomez KC SP SP
678869 Olivber Moreno KC OF OF
543118 Oliver Drake TB RP RP
686554 Oliver Dunn NYY 2B 2B
674069 Oliver Jaskie SEA SP SP
661383 Oliver Ortega LAA SP SP
644411 Oliver Ortiz FA OF OF
424144 Oliver Perez CLE RP RP
676616 Olivier Basabe SD 2B 2B
642470 Omar Carrizales FA OF OF
678316 Omar Cruz SD SP SP
684519 Omar De Los Santos NYM OF OF
682809 Omar Diaz HOU OF OF
666784 Omar Estevez LAD SS SS
682647 Omar Florentino KC SS SS
408299 Omar Infante DET 2B 2B
672863 Omar Lebron MIA 1B 1B
660530 Omar Meregildo WSH 2b 2b
668410 Omar Meza FA 2B 2B
553882 Omar Narvaez MIL C C
435560 Omar Quintanilla COL
678386 Omar Rodriguez KC C C
665833 Oneil Cruz PIT 3b 3b
680631 Oneill Manzueta TB OF OF
607162 Onelki Garcia FA RP RP
650857 Onil Pena SEA C C
681974 Onix Vega WSH C C
666462 Orian Nunez CHC 2b 2b
606294 Oriel L Caicedo FA SP SP
606115 Orlando Arcia MIL SS SS
593525 Orlando Calixte SEA SS SS
667487 Orlando Garcia FA 2B 2B
658643 Orlando Marquez FA C C
678636 Orlando Martinez LAA OF OF
669315 Orlando Pina FA C C
681642 Orlando Zapata CHC 3B 3B
665842 Orlandy Navarro LAD RP RP
658652 Oscar Campos HOU C C
642601 Oscar De La Cruz CHC RP RP
660757 Oscar Gonzalez CLE OF OF
678860 Oscar Gonzalez PHI C C
591712 Oscar Hernandez STL C C
640458 Oscar Mercado CLE OF OF
677664 Oscar Olivares BAL 3B 3B
679404 Oscar Rangel BOS C C
642848 Oscar Sanay FA 2b 2b
570151 Oscar Williams FA OF OF
679303 Osiris Castillo SEA 2B 2B
678545 Osleivis Basabe TEX SS SS
591672 Osmer Morales FA RP RP
668577 Osmy Gregorio TB SS SS
622435 Osvaldo Abreu FA SS SS
674370 Osvaldo Bido PIT SP SP
650560 Osvaldo Duarte HOU SS SS
674372 Osvaldo Hernandez SD SP SP
666761 Osvaldo Santilien FA OF OF
672724 Oswald Peraza NYY SS SS
542455 Oswaldo Arcia ARI OF OF
665828 Oswaldo Cabrera NYY SS SS
672451 Oswaldo Pina CHC SS SS
681610 Oswel Leones MIL OF OF
685738 Otoniel Vallejo OAK OF OF
672640 Otto Lopez TOR 2B 2B
680911 Owen Miller SD SS SS
615703 Owen Spiwak FA C C
645277 Ozzie Albies ATL 2B 2B
664869 P.J. Conlon FA SP SP
664731 P.J. Higgins CHC C C
680713 P.J. Hilson SF OF OF
642298 Pabel Manzanero FA C C
672764 Pablo Abreu MIL OF OF
672400 Pablo Gomez STL 2B 2B
665876 Pablo Jimenez CLE OF OF
641154 Pablo Lopez MIA SP SP
660690 Pablo Olivares NYY OF OF
622569 Pablo Reyes PIT OF 2B/OF
467055 Pablo Sandoval SF 1B/3B 1B/3B
676050 Packy Naughton CIN SP SP
572089 Paco Rodriguez FA RP RP
502179 Paolo Espino WSH RP RP
592170 Parker Bridwell MIN RP RP
643239 Parker Bugg MIA RP RP
671066 Parker Curry LAD RP RP
670161 Parker Dunshee OAK SP SP
605238 Parker French FA SP SP
663340 Parker Kelly STL SP SP
571917 Parker Markel LAA RP RP
678009 Parker Meadows DET OF OF
605390 Parker Morin KC C C
656786 Parker Mushinski HOU SP SP
687505 Parker Phillips MIN 1B 1B
534737 Pat Dean FA SP SP
670294 Pat Krall OAK RP RP
572990 Pat Light FA RP RP
677213 Pat McInerney MIL 1B 1B
450212 Pat Neshek FA RP RP
642162 Pat Valaika BAL SS 2B/SS
519381 Pat Venditte MIA RP RP
571492 Patrick Biondi NYM OF OF
607486 Patrick Cantwell TOR C C
571578 Patrick Corbin WSH SP SP
657562 Patrick Dorrian BAL 3B 3B
687518 Patrick Frick SEA SS SS
623182 Patrick Kivlehan TOR 3B 3B
596018 Patrick Leonard MIL 3B 3B
664850 Patrick Mazeika NYM C C
519003 Patrick McCoy FA RP RP
670341 Patrick McGuff CIN SP SP
641907 Patrick Murphy TOR SP SP
663776 Patrick Sandoval LAA SP SP
572119 Patrick Schuster FA RP RP
622256 Patrick Weigel ATL RP RP
621550 Patrick Wisdom SEA 3b 3b
621112 Paul Blackburn OAK RP RP
664499 Paul Brands FA C C
669294 Paul Campbell TB SP SP
518560 Paul Clemens MIN SP SP
657557 Paul DeJong STL SS SS
643316 Paul Fry BAL RP RP
502671 Paul Goldschmidt STL 1B 1B
543320 Paul Hoenecke LAD 3b 3b
457926 Paul Janish BAL SS SS
674042 Paul Richan DET SP SP
623149 Paul Sewald NYM RP RP
657081 Paul Voelker FA RP RP
449181 Paulo Orlando FA OF OF
656976 Pavin Smith ARI 1B 1B
668721 Payton Henry MIL C C
656999 Payton Squier OAK OF OF
656722 Pearson McMahan COL RP RP
670184 Pedro Alfonseca CLE OF OF
476883 Pedro Alvarez FA DH DH
606478 Pedro Araujo FA RP RP
658648 Pedro Avila SD SP SP
520980 Pedro Baez LAD RP RP
474039 Pedro Beato FA RP RP
665776 Pedro Castellanos BOS OF OF
665929 Pedro Diaz LAA OF OF
613548 Pedro Fernandez KC RP RP
465753 Pedro Florimon FA SS SS
678780 Pedro Garcia DET C C
660639 Pedro Gonzalez TEX SS SS
678425 Pedro Hurtado TOR 1B 1B
680932 Pedro Martinez CHC SS SS
681636 Pedro Martinez Jr. DET 3B 3B
682767 Pedro Mota COL SS SS
686780 Pedro Pages STL C C
622797 Pedro Payano NYM SP SP
600474 Pedro Severino BAL C C
467008 Pedro Strop CIN RP RP
664275 Pedro Vasquez PIT SP SP
682171 Penn Murfee SEA RP RP
592330 Perci Garner BAL RP RP
682081 Perry DellaValle STL SP SP
624413 Pete Alonso NYM 1B 1B
664126 Pete Fairbanks TB RP RP
518902 Pete Kozma ATL SS SS
669202 Peter Bayer OAK RP RP
488721 Peter Bourjos FA OF OF
663567 Peter Lambert COL SP SP
665285 Peter Maris SF SS SS
573041 Peter Mooney FA SS SS
493247 Peter Moylan FA RP RP
598284 Peter O’Brien ATL OF OF
656981 Peter Solomon HOU SP SP
547185 Peter Tago SEA RP RP
664873 Peter Van Gansen SD SS SS
666640 Peterson Plaz CIN OF OF
680814 Peyton Burdick MIA OF OF
663566 Peyton Culbertson MIA SP SP
641360 Phil Bickford MIL RP RP
676958 Phil Caulfield WSH 2B 2B
594838 Phil Gosselin PHI 2B SS/OF
461833 Phil Hughes FA RP RP
607309 Phil Klein FA SP SP
664208 Phil Maton CLE RP RP
671287 Philip Clarke TOR C C
547177 Philip Pfeifer ATL RP RP
670426 Phillip Diehl COL RP RP
640447 Phillip Ervin CIN OF OF
595943 Phillip Evans PIT SS SS
518418 Phillippe Aumont TOR SP SP
570488 Phillips Valdez SEA SP SP
676637 Phoenix Sanders TB RP RP
572955 Pierce Johnson SD RP RP
676678 PK Morris TOR 1B 1B
672860 Prelander Berroa SF SP SP
621324 Preston Beck FA OF OF
502011 Preston Claiborne FA RP RP
543258 Preston Guilmet FA RP RP
664182 Preston Morrison CHC RP RP
641945 Preston Palmeiro BAL 1B 1B
663847 Preston Pavlica HOU OF OF
670368 Preston Scott TEX OF OF
605512 Preston Tucker FA OF OF
425902 Prince Fielder TEX DH DH
668950 Quentin Holmes CLE OF OF
670199 Quin Cotton CIN OF OF
687331 Quincy McAfee CIN SS SS
676811 Quincy Nieporte FA 1B 1B
656260 Quinn Brodey NYM OF OF
450641 Quintin Berry NYY OF OF
665014 Quintin Torres-Costa MIL RP RP
285079 R.A. Dickey FA SP SP
573074 R.C. Orlan FA RP RP
571439 R.J. Alvarez BOS RP RP
467785 Radhames Liz FA RP RP
622441 Rafael Bautista WSH
606127 Rafael De Paula ATL RP RP
646240 Rafael Devers BOS 3B 3B
503569 Rafael Dolis TOR RP RP
679007 Rafael Franco CIN OF OF
680853 Rafael Herrera CHC OF OF
672469 Rafael Jimenez FA OF OF
670908 Rafael Kelly OAK SP SP
672463 Rafael Lantigua TOR 2B 2B
607257 Rafael Lopez FA C C
665561 Rafael Marchan PHI C C
514669 Rafael Martin WSH RP RP
660695 Rafael Mejia FA 3b 3b
606160 Rafael Montero TEX RP RP
682662 Rafael Morel CHC SS SS
660687 Rafael Narea CHC SS SS
542364 Rafael Ortega ATL OF OF
623449 Rafael Pineda SEA
666618 Rafael Rincones OAK OF OF
665985 Rafael Romero KC SS SS
501255 Rafael Ynoa COL 3B 3B
650902 Rafelin Lorenzo CHC C C
642563 Raffi Vizcaino SF RP RP
665868 Raffy Ozuna STL SS SS
665818 Raider Brito TB OF OF
677612 Raider Uceta HOU OF OF
606132 Raimel Tapia COL OF OF
678742 Rainer Nunez TOR 3B 3B
678592 Rainier Rivas HOU OF OF
629502 Rainis Silva FA C C
628452 Raisel Iglesias CIN RP RP
434658 Rajai Davis FA OF OF
621248 Ralph Garza HOU RP RP
592203 Ralston Cash FA RP RP
661410 Ramfis Berroa FA OF OF
666776 Ramiro Rodriguez HOU OF OF
650521 Ramon Beltre CHW SS SS
541608 Ramon Cabrera MIA C C
570717 Ramon Flores MIN OF OF
650346 Ramon Hernandez ARI 3b 3b
657656 Ramon Laureano OAK OF OF
650512 Ramon Marcelino COL OF OF
680636 Ramon Mendoza STL 2B 2B
670153 Ramon Osuna FA 1B 1B
673325 Ramon Perez SD SP SP
545150 Ramon R Ramirez FA OF OF
670232 Ramon Rodriguez LAD C C
665759 Ramon Rosso PHI SP SP
622353 Ramon Santos STL RP RP
593527 Ramon Torres FA 2B 2B
602104 Ramon Urias STL 2b 2b
678663 Ramses Malave ARI C C
545341 Randal Grichuk TOR OF OF
517414 Randall Delgado CHW RP RP
681758 Randi De La Cruz MIA OF OF
641599 Randolph Gassaway FA OF OF
658071 Randy Alcantara PHI RP RP
668227 Randy Arozarena TB OF OF
676115 Randy Bell SEA SP SP
622689 Randy Cesar MIN 3b 3b
329092 Randy Choate FA RP RP
677976 Randy Dobnak MIN RP RP
678594 Randy Florentino TEX C C
592492 Randy LeBlanc MIN SP SP
681934 Randy Norris SF OF OF
678499 Randy Romero PIT OF OF
600968 Randy Rosario KC RP RP
661555 Randy Ventura CIN OF OF
691094 Randy Wynne CIN SP SP
608741 Ranfi Casimiro PHI RP RP
660579 Ranfy Adon NYM OF OF
592660 Rangel Ravelo STL 1B 1B
624133 Ranger Suarez PHI RP RP
671222 Ranser Amador CIN SS SS
622197 Rashad Crawford FA OF OF
612272 Raudel Lazo FA RP RP
600466 Raudy Read WSH C C
593417 Raul Alcantara FA SP SP
668545 Raul Beracierta NYM OF OF
585132 Raul Carrillo FA SP SP
542439 Raul Fernandez FA RP RP
660556 Raul Hernandez PIT C C
661565 Raul Juarez CIN 3b 3b
661439 Raul Rivas<