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TeamARI PosSP Age24
ThrowsR $/Game3.8 RCL Owned %100
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Zac Gallen Stats

Last 7 Days11110006.05002100.000.701.170.4177.515.
Last 30 Days664320036.02913413403.253.421.170.2787.310.
2020 Season12129320072.05522925822.753.661.110.2696.910.
2020 Proj11101007.7741384.153.561.290.2928.

Zac Gallen Projections | Rest of Season, Preseason, Next 7 Day

Next 7 Days (Stream-o-Nator)
Next Calendar Week1116.01053723.731.1510.
Rest of Season (Steamer)1111559.43400542764234.153.561.
Preseason (Grey)105.6801223.421.1710.413.0
Preseason (Steamer)1111557.23400532759224.293.621.319.

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DFS SiteOppLUProj PtsSalary$/pt

Zac Gallen Game Log | Games Started

Sep 25COLW6.0245002100.000.851.170.455032.782.8
Sep 18@HOUW6.026631161.503.861.170.2781-12.460.3
Sep 12SEAL5.0267775612.608.992.400.385215.8-79.5
Sep 7@SFL5.021544267.201.951.400.38509.3-23.8
Sep 2@LADND7.024100270.002.000.430.06705.255.8
Aug 28SFW7.027511151.294.440.860.211111.871.5
Aug 22@SFND6.024311461.503.171.170.214011.612.9
Aug 17OAKND7.025311181.293.130.570.13315.945.4
Aug 11@COLND7.027722072.572.881.000.3161-24.117.2
Aug 6HOUND6.023622163.003.691.170.3331-13.44.2
Jul 31LADND6.025522193.
Jul 26@SDND4.019211562.256.991.750.1431-7.3-7.4

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Zac Gallen Stats | Season

Zac Gallen stats and 5x5 fantasy value from 2010-2019.

Zac Gallen Stats | Monthly

Zac Gallen 2019 fantasy value by month for 5x5 leagues.

Zac Gallen Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater

MLB 10 ESPN0.0-1.11143
MLB 10 Y!0.0-4.61143
MLB 12 ESPN0.0-1.01143
MLB 12 Y!0.0-5.41143
MLB 14 ESPN0.0-0.81143
MLB 14 Y!0.0-6.21143
MLB 15 ESPN0.0-0.61143
MLB 15 Y!0.0-6.41352
MLB 16 ESPN0.0-0.51143
MLB 16 Y!0.0-6.81143
AL 10
NL 100.51168
AL 12
NL 12

Zac Gallen Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

6x6 (QS) ESPN 12-1.20.01143
6x6 (QS) Y! 12-5.20.01147
6x6 (Holds) ESPN 12-1.00.01143
6x6 (Holds) Y! 12-5.40.01143
7x7 ESPN 12-1.21143
7x7 Y! 12-5.21143

Zac Gallen Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater

MLB 10 ESPN2.6-2.4-
MLB 10 Y!2.6-1.6-
MLB 12 ESPN5.1-
MLB 12 Y!5.0-1.6-
MLB 14 ESPN6.6-
MLB 14 Y!6.2-
MLB 15 ESPN8.4-
MLB 15 Y!6.9-
MLB 16 ESPN8.6-
MLB 16 Y!7.8-
AL 10
NL 1010.
AL 12
NL 1212.

Zac Gallen Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

6x6 (QS) ESPN 125.1-
6x6 (Holds) ESPN 125.1-
7x7 ESPN 125.1-

Zac Gallen Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater

Zac Gallen Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Zac Gallen 2019 Projections | Preseason

Preseason (Grey)105.6801223.421.1710.413.0107
Preseason (Steamer)1111557.23400532759224.293.621.319.

Zac Gallen Fantasy Outlook For 2020

Grey Albright Player Summary
Super conflicted on where to rank Gallen, because I’m worried about his innings, and if he’ll get enough of them. I actually wrote a Zac Gallen sleeper that I didn’t publish, because I was worried he might get bumped for Merrill Kelly, but I’m going to assume the D-Bags do the right thing, so I now present to you my Zac Gallen sleeper in all its glory: Prior to the trading deadline of nineteen after twenty, the Miami Marlins of Florida traded Zac Gallen to the Diamondbacks of Arizona for Chazz Jazzum and history was in motion. Never before in the history of major league baseball trades had the Diamondbacks or the Marlins been on the good side of a trade, so that was about to change for the better for one team. Once the dust had settled, and Torey 'From MTV’s Challenge' Lovullo had swept up the victorious dead snake skin, the Diamondbacks emerged to a place they had never been before, trading for a great pitcher vs. trading one away. I will stop talking about the Diamondbacks making a smart pitching move for once before I jinx them into signing Ray Searage to manage their staff. [Then they signed Mike Leake, which is almost as bad as Searage]. Last year, Zac Gallen put up the line 3-6/2.81/1.23/96 Ks in only 80 IP. Now if you’re attuned to 'Da Smarts' like yours truly, you might be thinking, 'Looks good, but with so few innings thrown there’s no way he throws many eye-pees in 2020.' I hear that, but he also threw 91 1/3 IP in Triple-A, putting up 9-1/1.77/0.71/112. Yes, that’s a gorge line. Even better, with ~170 IP thrown between two levels, he could throw ~200 IP this year without pushing too hard. I’m about to faint with a handkerchief to my forehead he is so beautiful, please let’s move on. In the majors, Zac Gallen had a 10.8 K/9, which is purdy, but his 4.1 BB/9 is a warning sign. Oh no, already negativity! Damn, we were loving on him. Wait, there’s good news to follow after…this…period. In the 91 1/3 IP in Triple-A, his BB/9 was 1.7. Ha, are you serious right now? Fine, Triple-A isn’t the majors, but his command all during his minor league career was solid bordering on elite. There’s no way he’s actually a 4.1 BB/9 guy. His devastating four-seamer, smoke show had a 30% strikeout rate, which is elite. How’sever, his four-seamer was producing a 20% walk rate in June and July, i.e., he wasn’t locating it. Then, in August and September, that walk rate fell to around 13%. Still not ideal, but he had a 2.51 ERA in the 2nd half in 68 innings. Gallen gets that four-seamer working and he’s gonna be hard to beat since it’s not even his best pitch. Hello, changeup. His change in September produced a 45% strikeout rate, a 40% whiff and 27.8% of time he used it as his put-away pitch. Small sample, sure, but this is who he is. He has four pitches, but as the fastball and change go, so goes Gallen. Then, stepping back to the bigger picture, he elicited a ton of weak contact. In 659 fastballs thrown, he only gave up three homers and five doubles, across four months, even though his fastball is fly ball heavy. 22.1 % of pitches seen are swung at. That would be the 6th best rate in the majors, right in front of Giolito and deGrom. 71.7% of pitches that are strikes are swung at, that would be bottom ten [or top ten, depending on your POV], similar to Greinke. In other words, his pitches are not recognized. Also, his pitches generate a ton of foul balls [28.6%]. More weak contact and not recognizing. Speaking of not recognizing something, quick rant. Baseball statistics can be confusing to the uninitiated, but what really makes shizz totally bizzonkers is how every baseball stats site uses their own terminology and stats. Half of them don’t even call certain pitches the same thing. For unstints, Statcast and Fangraphs say Gallen has a cutter and Baseball Prospectus and PitchF/X say it’s a slider. Then you have some sites removing gravity from pitch movement and others keeping gravity. I wonder if gravity will affect my head when I blow my top. Is this some kind of nerd pissing contest? Just get on the same page! Any hoo! I’ve given you enough to chew on with Gallen and why he should be drafted in every league.

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