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TeamLAA PosSP Age24
ThrowsR $/Game6.9 RCL Owned %70
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Griffin Canning Stats

Last 7 Days11010005.0610271.801.431.600.42910.812.63.60.0-1.0
Last 30 Days551100027.3271238263.953.431.280.3208.
2020 Season10102130050.35224818464.294.571.390.3109.
2020 Proj11110007.3741374.453.891.320.2908.

Griffin Canning Projections | Rest of Season, Preseason, Next 7 Day

Next 7 Days (Stream-o-Nator)
Next Calendar Week1105.00053524.481.359.
Rest of Season (Steamer)1117.3100074734.453.891.328.
Preseason (Grey)50.030584.021.2510.4-5.0
Preseason (Steamer)1010449.94300472451174.263.731.

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Griffin Canning daily MLB projections and fantasy value for probable starts in next 7-10 days. LU=Lineup. If the lineup has been released and incorporated into the projections, it is listed as "Live". Click link in LU to see the lineup at Baseball Press as well as previous 3 days' lineups.
Sep 22@SDLst60.390.

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Griffin Canning daily fantasy baseball projections for DFS sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel. LU=Lineup. If the lineup has been released and incorporated into the projections, it is listed as "Live". Click link in LU to see the lineup at Baseball Press as well as previous 3 days' lineups.
DFS SiteOppLUProj PtsSalary$/pt

Griffin Canning Game Log | Games Started

Sep 17ARIW5.023621271.801.591.600.42907.148.1
Sep 11@COLND5.724733154.761.951.410.3890-21.1-16.6
Sep 5HOUND4.018444249.005.901.500.27310.2-36.1
Aug 30SEAND8.026411171.133.380.630.176115.944.9
Aug 22@OAKND4.721633235.785.961.710.3331-9.2-34.3
Aug 17SFND4.721633025.785.711.290.29418.8-26.1
Aug 12OAKL4.018644029.0011.811.500.23134.9-43.0
Aug 7@TEXL3.719341642.455.722.450.33306.7-29.7
Aug 1HOUND6.025611251.502.411.330.3330-6.63.8
Jul 27@OAKL4.720433275.784.061.290.3001-12.8-8.8

Griffin Canning Game Log | Last 30 Day Relief Appearances


Griffin Canning News | Los Angeles Angels

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Griffin Canning Stats | Season

Griffin Canning stats and 5x5 fantasy value from 2010-2019.

Griffin Canning Stats | Monthly

Griffin Canning 2019 fantasy value by month for 5x5 leagues.

Griffin Canning Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater

MLB 10 ESPN2.2-1.60.7-
MLB 10 Y!-0.6-1.73.1-0.1-1.3-1.1-2.267216
MLB 12 ESPN3.8-1.61.1-
MLB 12 Y!1.2-1.73.9-0.1-1.2-0.8-1.767226
MLB 14 ESPN5.0-1.51.4-
MLB 14 Y!3.3-1.64.3-0.1-0.7-0.1-1.267217
MLB 15 ESPN5.7-1.41.6-
MLB 15 Y!4.4-1.05.1-0.1-0.60.0-1.167216
MLB 16 ESPN6.3-1.31.7-
MLB 16 Y!5.7-0.85.0-0.1-0.10.4-0.567215
AL 108.8-
NL 10
AL 1210.6-
NL 12

Griffin Canning Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

6x6 (QS) ESPN 121.7-2.71.0-
6x6 (QS) Y! 121.2-1.43.7-0.1-1.7-1.0-
6x6 (Holds) ESPN 124.0-1.61.2-
6x6 (Holds) Y! 121.2-1.74.1-0.1-1.2-0.8-
7x7 ESPN 121.6-2.71.0-
7x7 Y! 121.1-1.43.7-0.1-1.6-1.0-

Griffin Canning Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater

MLB 10 ESPN2.8-2.3-
MLB 10 Y!2.6-1.6-
MLB 12 ESPN4.9-
MLB 12 Y!4.9-
MLB 14 ESPN6.1-
MLB 14 Y!6.0-
MLB 15 ESPN7.7-
MLB 15 Y!6.7-
MLB 16 ESPN7.9-
MLB 16 Y!7.5-
AL 108.6-
NL 10
AL 1210.
NL 12

Griffin Canning Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

6x6 (QS) ESPN 123.5-
6x6 (Holds) ESPN 123.5-
7x7 ESPN 123.5-

Griffin Canning Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater

Griffin Canning Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Griffin Canning 2019 Projections | Preseason

Preseason (Grey)50.030584.021.2510.4-5.0412
Preseason (Steamer)1010449.94300472451174.263.731.

Griffin Canning Fantasy Outlook For 2020

Grey Albright Player Summary
Wrote a sleeper post for Canning, but, due to a lack of time, I wasn't able to post it. I think I started rankings a week earlier this year -- interesting, huh? Any hoo! Now, without further ado, after this further ado, I present you my Griffin Canning sleeper: Can I be honest with you? Don’t answer that/ let’s both live and breathe our lies. But, if you wanted that cold, moment-before-you-die truth, I did not want to write a Griffin Canning sleeper. Didn’t have any real reason why. My biggest reason was I didn’t want to write a sleeper post for two Angels pitchers. Again, not really because of anything specifically. Just felt that if I were drafting all my sleepers, and, in a perfect world, I would be, I wasn’t drafting two Angels starters. Also, I felt that if I was going to be right about one Angels starter — say, my Andrew Heaney sleeper — then what’s the chances I’d be right about two? Seemed unlikely at best. Then, I thought about it, and these are not rational reasons to not write a Griffin Canning sleeper or to draft two Angels starters or consider two sleepers. This is anecdotal nonsense. It’s akin to not drafting two players in the same lineup if the team isn’t good. You don’t know which teams are ‘good.’ You only think so, and two players can be good on the same team. In fact — and this is gonna really blow your mind — three, four or five players can be good on the same team, even if that team isn’t good. You could've won a league last year owning, say, Lucas Giolito, Alex Colome, Jose Abreu, Tim Anderson and Daniel Palka. Sure, you would’ve dropped Palka after you realized I was an absolute idiot for saying to draft him, but you still could've done fine. Anyway, what can we expect from Griffin Canning for 2020 fantasy baseball and what makes him a sleeper? I got so lost in the weeds on Griffin Canning and legit reasons to like and dislike him I watched all 14 home runs he allowed last year. Eight were on his four-seamer. In 90 1/3 IP, that’s a decent number of homers allowed. He throws an 89 MPH slider 29% of the time, and, boys and five girls, that’s a lot. To compare him unfairly to Clayton Kershaw’s slider, Canning gets 29.6% strikeout rate and Kershaw gets 32.4%. Batting average against for Kershaw was .217, and Canning’s was .236. Kershaw’s OBP was .259 and Canning’s was .312. So, that's good, but has some ways to go before it’s Kershaw’s slider. Not to mention, this is Kershaw’s slider at 31 years of age/ his slider at 23 years old was, brucely, insane. And, because I started down this path for no apparent reason, Kershaw’s whiff rate on fastballs was 14% and Canning’s was 23% [he throws it roughly 94 MPH]. So, nice slider, but Canning’s, uh, coming with more than one pitch. Canning’s actually got four pitches, and last year his Uncle Charlie was his 2nd best pitch. His curve was thrown 16% of the time, and produced a 29.4% strikeout rate, and only a 2% walk rate with an expected batting average of .175. Finally, for the coup de Mark Grace, hitters only made contact with Griffin Canning’s pitches 69.5% of the time. That’s actually how I ended up even writing this post [then not publishing it] and why I’m drafting him in all leagues with as late as he’s going. 69.5% contact rate is the 7th best in the majors. Would it surprise you to know the top six are basically the best six pitchers in the majors? If so, then you’re surprised easily. The top seven [in order]:  Snell, Castillo, Cole, Clevinger, Scherzer, Verlander and Griffin Canning. Hello, beautiful, may I interest you in joining my fantasy team? It’s pretty much common sense, but I will spell it out to you anyway. If a pitcher is throwing pitches that the hitter can’t make contact with, then the pitcher will be successful. The guys on the list directly after Canning are equally dazzling. You have your Corbins, your deGroms, your Biebers, etc. The only reason why Canning had a 4.37 FIP last year and not, say, a mid-3 was because he wasn’t in the zone enough. That I think can come with age. Which brings me to my final point. Canning might be two years away. He only has 90 major league innings at 23 years of age. It wouldn’t 100% shock me [otherwise known as the Shock%] to see Canning have an up and down year with an eye on 2021 for his breakout. Though, at his price, I’m still happily taking the flyer everywhere, even if I already own teammate, Heaney.

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