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She bingo’d on my bango until I chucked my Woolery–Oh hey! Sorry, didn’t hear you come in! I was talking to myself in the mirror. I do that when there’s no baseball games. That, and rank players! So, let’s get some exposition out of the way up front before we drop the top 100 for 2nd half of 2023 fantasy baseball. Not too much exposition because this is going to be a long post as it is–I’m making it longer, aren’t I? Ugh, my bad! Before we get into the top 100 for the 2nd half of 2023 fantasy baseball, let’s just be glad our 18-year-old selves can’t see us now, we’d get beat up! But our twelve-year-old selves would think we’re the coolest! So, as with all of the other 2023 fantasy baseball rankings, slop this up with a grain of salt. If you need a 2nd baseman, but an outfielder is above him that doesn’t mean you can’t trade that outfielder for that 2nd baseman. Also, things change in fantasy baseball. Daily. I could put Ronald Acuña Jr. number one, and he could pull a–Well, we won’t even mention an injury with the top players after we lost Oneil Cruz. As I say about the Giancarlo underwear I bought off eBay, why soil a good thing? This list is a road map for where I think guys are valued. It’s not the Holy Grail in the Church of Grey, that would be my mustache. This list is NOT (caps for emphasis, not aesthetics) where I see guys ending up if you were to take their first half and combine it with the 2nd half. This is simply a list of the top hundred fantasy baseball players if you were to pick them up today. So while Dansby Swanson did not have the greatest first half, he will appear on this list because, well, we have to believe in miracles — my 12-year-old self would want that, and to sleep with Cher. 12-year-old Grey loved Cher. The projections are not their combined 1st half and 2nd half numbers; these are their projections for the 2nd half of 2023. I also liberally used our rest of the season Fantasy Baseball Player Rater. That’s right, we have a Player Rater that tells you what players will do. It’s like that camera from The Twilight Zone. Welcome to the future! Anyway, here’s the top 100 for fantasy baseball for the 2nd half of 2023:

1. Ronald Acuña Jr. – Tildaddy tells you to start the top 100 for the 2nd half! He’s currently on pace for a 40/80 season. I will now cackle until they drag me away in a straitjacket. He’s also on pace to have the best season ever on the Historical Player Rater, after Judge did that last year. Also, the headline after this blurb made me laugh very loud, so I will share with you. You’re welcome. Projections: 58/20/41/.304/31 in 279 ABs

2. Shohei Ohtani – About Tildaddy being the top guy ever on the Historical Player Rater? Ohtani would easily beat him if you combined his hitting and pitching. Ohtani is the GGOATOAT and it’s not close. He’s a top 10 pitcher and a top two hitter. Welcome to reality where this shizz hasn’t happened ever. We have become dulled by superlatives, but he is The Superlative. I’m the biggest Ohstani. Projections: 49/26/61/.283/10 in 251 ABs; 7-2/2.91/1.02/107 in 84 IP

3. Fernando Tatis Jr. – There’s everyone else. Let’s get that out of the way right now. I love, love, lurve Fun The Jewels, but there’s Tildaddy, Ohtani and everyone else. You can’t expect anyone to compete with them. Also, it’s fair to wonder, is this how next year’s ranks will look? No, not exactly, but it’s a wink, nod, nudge, kazoo to the future. What’s so Fun about The Jewels? If he didn’t miss the first three weeks of the season, this ranking wouldn’t even make you blink. You’d be blinkless. Projections: 51/19/39/.277/18 in 273 ABs

4. Mookie Betts – It feels like Mookie Best has become underrated. He’s on pace for 40/15. Um, kinda good!  Projections: 53/17/45/.273/8 in 263 ABs

5. Adolis Garcia – When I look at other sites and they still have Adolis as a 30-grade hit tool guy and a 40-grade prospect, well…Take that shizz down! You’re embarrassing yo’self! Or just forget every game Adolis hits in and point out how he went 0-for-4 that one time. Projections: 53/19/56/.257/12 in 277 ABs

6. Luis Robert Jr. – *taking the L off the front of Luis and putting it on my forehead* Are you happy? He wasn’t overrated in the preseason! Fine I take the L! OuBob got me good. Why I oughta (do better)! Projections: 51/17/44/.278/10 in 259 ABs

7. Randy Arozarena – “Pretty wild how Kevin Cash is Mr. Manager with all the smarty-pants ideas about how to win, yet he continues to let The Rice Bowl run into outs on the basepaths. Good for his fantasy value with steals, but he’s a terrible baserunner.” That’s what I said last year. This year I’m saying, “Wow, this guy gets caught a lot.” Why I caughta (Randy stealing)! Projections: 44/15/51/.268/11 in 251 ABs

8. Jose Ramirez – JoJoRam hasn’t been as good this year as previous years–Which is what they want you to believe! This guy is crazy consistent. He’s around top 20 overall on the Player Rater, and hasn’t had one insane hot streak. Projections: 45/15/50/.283/12 in 264 ABs

9. Freddie Freeman – He is also Team Consistent and, by himself on, Team Teeth. Projections: 47/14/54/.294/10 in 271 ABs

10. Bo Bichette – Put Boba in the same mindset as The Rice Bowl to run all the time, and hungry for steals like this sentence is making me hungry, and Boba could have 30 steals (and 40 caught stealings). Projections: 49/15/51/.309/5 in 291 ABs

11. Wander Franco – Sadly, I don’t have Wander in any leagues this year, after having him last year. As a well-studied Saberhagenmetrician, it feels like I’m vibing one year off on a bunch of guys. Need a Saberhagenmetric reset this offseason. Projections: 44/13/41/.291/14 in 266 ABs

12. Julio Rodriguez – Thought he was doing worse, but he’s been decent enough. “Decent enough?! Decent enough?! Decent enough?!” That’s someone who drafted JRod instead of Acuña. Projections: 47/16/45/.262/15 in 270 ABs

13. Matt Olson – Headed for a 115/45/115/.250 season, i.e., the year you want from all corner infidels who don’t give any speed. All praise to Allahson. You’re Mecca’ing me happy. Projections: 42/20/58/.241/1 in 257 ABs

14. Pete Alonso – See what I said for Olson and add in an Albombso! Projections: 41/20/51/.247/1 in 259 ABs

15. Kyle Tucker – Mr. H2H is the best player, who will feel like he’s not worth as much as he is. If he lost .008 of a home run and steal per week, he’s Mr. Yawnstipating. Projections: 47/14/49/.284/14 in 265 ABs

16. Spencer Strider – In past years I said some form of, “My 2nd half rankings depart from my 1st half rankings in one major way, I give more credence to top pitchers. A few reasons A) Pitchers get hurt and are risky, but, at this point in the season, we know which pitchers are healthy and pitching well. B) A top pitcher can make a huge difference still, whereas an upside flyer on a pitcher isn’t as valuable. I.e., if your ratios need help, a flyer on someone like Grayson Rodriguez is only going to get you so far, whereas Strider can make a difference in the final months. C) There’s no C.” As long as Strider stays healthy, and betting on a pitcher to stay healthy is like betting on public perception recognizing Phil Collins as the greatest singer/songwriter of all-time, but here we are.” And that’s me quoting me! More in next blurb. Projections: 6-2/3.04/1.09/109 in 71 IP

17. Shane McClanahan – This year my 2nd half rankings change it up a little because I didn’t move up starters this year, because it feels like there are no safe starters. Shane is safe? Sure, he’s currently on the IL! Strider’s safe? Sure, he’s one start away from a 4.00 ERA, and I’m not sure how many IP he’s going to throw. Continued in next blurb. Projections: 7-2/3.12/1.12/87 in 82 IP

18. Gerrit Cole – This guy’s safe? Cole has a K/9 that’s two Ks per nine less this year! A walk rate that is up and a WHIP that is terrible for him! Like, not good, bro and five sisters. Projections: 6-3/3.30/1.11/96 in 88 IP

19. Ozzie Albies – I made a joke the other day saying, “Waiting for the Immaculate Grid where one column is 5′ 3” and the other column is 40 homers, and gonna put Ozzie Albies in there after this year!” and someone replied, “Waiting for the grid when one column is 40 homers and the other column is paid $5 million and it’s Albies or guys from 20 years ago.” Ouch, but so true. Poor Albies. Literally, compared to other players. Projections: 41/16/47/.268/5 in 258 ABs

20. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – This next little sub-section is players who could be top three overall players in the 2nd half, or just have some great name value. Do you have a “Name Value” category in your leagues? Cake Batter to Sexy Dr. Pepper to Austin Riley, who is so good but also so boring he has no nickname. Projections: 41/15/49/.293/4 in 261 ABs

21. Juan Soto – Will say this a few times in this post, but you see these rankings? Nothing to do with next year’s rankings, but also: They might hint at next year’s rankings, and I think it does in this case. Sexy Dr. Pepper might be a great real-life player, but if I wanted real-life players, I’d draft Pete Davidson. Projections: 41/14/45/.282/4 in 247 ABs

22. Austin Riley – There’s a few guys capable of 20 homers in the 2nd half. Riley is one. He also might need to come close for this ranking since he supplies zero steals. Projections: 44/16/45/.274 in 257 ABs

23. Yordan Alvarez – In my mind, here’s what I do when ranking, “Would I trade Riley for Captain Woo Cubano? Hmm, it sounds fair.” As long as Woo is due back right after the break, I’m happy with this ranking. Projections: 36/14/37/.302 in 205 ABs

24. Bobby Witt Jr. – This is where he should’ve been ranked him in the preseason, and he still might be a bit overrated. I love power/speed as much as the next person, but BWJ is not JRod or Acuña. He’s more Mullins. Call him Mo’llins. Projections: 34/11/39/.251/17 in 264 ABs

25. Trea Turner – It hurts me as much as it hurts you to see Treat Urner down here. Speed guys have a fall off like the yodeler on The Price is Right. He’s still got a great caught stealing rate, but it’s almost like no one told him about the rules changes. Run, Urner! I want my Treats! Projections: 51/8/27/.277/17 in 281 ABs

26. Corey Seager – Hadn’t realized how good he was doing in almost 150 less at-bats than Trea. Seager’s making a strong case for the one errant 1st place vote in an otherwise landslide Ohtani AL MVP. Projections: 42/13/46/.297/1 in 231 ABs

27. Corbin Carroll – He was ranked third overall in front of Tatis before Thursday night’s swing and miss. I hear people say, “What if Corbin Carroll is healthy? Would you rather him or Tatis?” Question for you: What if my mom was available, would you be my daddy? I mean, what are you talking about? What if he’s healthy? He’s not. I’m sorry. I don’t wanna feel this way, and if you want to risk it for the biscuit, consider Corbin is healthy and ranked third overall. But in this world, where his shoulder is not right, he’s ranked here. Projections: 31/7/30/.264/15 in 201 ABs

28. Paul Goldschmidt – It feels like Au Shizz just waits for me to mark him as “Cooked” and he steps it up and becomes an MVP candidate.  Projections: 46/14/42/.281/5 in 269 ABs

29. Rafael Devers – On one hand, Devers seems ranked low. On another hand that is actually the Hamburger Helper hand, the top 50-ish is stacked. I wouldn’t kick any of these guys off my team. Projections:  44/16/53/.262/2 in 271 ABs

30. Cedric Mullins – Had a meh 1st half, but there was an injury and have speed and power will travel (up rankings). Projections: 36/11/33/.254/17 in 254 ABs

31. Marcus Semien – I’ll admit to juggling Semien (euphemism) around to different spots in the rankings. His 1st half was not great for speed and power, his two (spank) bankable skills. Projections: 55/14/42/.266/10 in 276 ABs

32. Nathan Eovaldi – Every year it feels like there’s one pitcher with an 8-ish K/9, great command and they have one of these dream seasons. Eovaldi this year; Sandy last year; Dean Kremer next year. Projections: 8-2/2.89/1.02/75 in 81 IP

33. Kevin Gausman – Recently gave you my Kevin Gausman fantasy. It was written while winning a SpongeBob at a carnival. Projections: 7-3/2.79/1.08/96 in 81 IP

34. Felix Bautista – See no SAGNOF, hear no SAGNOF, trade for no SAGNOF, unless you need SAGNOF! Projections: 2-1/2.09/0.93/56, 18 saves in 31 IP

35. Josh Hader – We got rando closer number two…going once…going twice…Uh, are you gonna bid? You were bidding telepathically? What’s wrong with you? Are you answering telepathically too? Okay, one thing on the closers, they are forever changing, and if you need a closer, Bautista or any of these top closers, are worth the same as an ace. And, if you don’t need a closer, they’re worth nothing. For unstints, if you’re up by 25 saves in your league, trade these schmohawks away. Continued in next blurb. Projections: 1-2/2.14/0.93/49, 17 saves in 28 IP

36. Devin Williams – To give you an idea how fickle closers are, Hader was dogshizz last 2nd half and Clase was the number one closer, and he’s not even in the top 100 now. Projections: 3-2/2.21/1.02/42, 15 saves in 30 IP

37. Luis Castillo – Going through starters for this post and it’s hard for me not to see, “This guy could be a 4.00+ ERA for the next two months,” for so many of these guys. I’m mentioning this for Castillo, but it’s no less true for every starter in this post. League-wide BABIP is up from .290 to .298 year over year, and average is up .243 to .252, so maybe that’s why, but I don’t think we’re gonna have a full picture until this offseason. Projections: 6-4/3.27/1.05/87 in 79 IP

38. Zac Gallen – Starting a dress company that sells burlap sacks and calling it Sack Gal-In. Right now, we’re pre-revenue, but looking for investments. Projections: 6-2/3.31/1.05/79 in 74 IP

39. Nolan Arenado – Usually when he hits a home run I do this Torenado schtick, but, in the rankings, I’ve jotted down some notes. They’re over here by this open window–NOOOOO!!! Torenado! Projections:  37/15/42/.271/2 in 258 ABs

40. Framber Valdez – One thing I worry about with a guy like Framber, and maybe Eovaldi and anyone else on a contender, is they could get shut down in the latter half of September for rest on the lead-up to the playoffs. Projections: 7-3/2.77/1.03/84 in 82 IP

41. Blake Snell – Go over him in the video at the top of the page. He goes from “being unable to get out of the 5th” to a top five starter in a snap. The good thing is he doesn’t seem to go back and forth between the two like some other flaky starters.  Projections: 6-4/3.27/1.20/96 in 73 IP

42. Josh Jung – He looks like a bit of an unproven Riley. Call him Jung Man Hasn’t-Walked-A-Riley-In-His-Shoes. Projections: 39/14/40/.261/1 in 254 ABs

43. Zack Wheeler – Been getting so many orders for my Sack Gal-In’s that I’ve started manufacturing a dolly for the orders. You got that right! It’s a Sack Wheeler! Projections: 5-3/3.54/1.13/86 in 78 IP

44. Manny Machado – So many fun, young, exciting names in this top 50 of 100, and Machado is not that. Tatis is even more impressive when you consider everything the Padres touch reduces their Cronenworth. Projections: 38/15/41/.277/3 in 247 ABs

45. Elly De La Cruz – Swishing around in my mouth E! like the Kardashian channel, as the nickname for Cruz. No one gets a one letter nickname, but Cruz feels like he can hold up to the pressure. His speed won’t slump, so, even with a 30%-ish strikeout rate, he can maintain a .260+ average and the power is insane. He’s basically a healthy-as-of-now Oneil Cruz. I am wild on E! Projections: 34/11/37/.268/15 in 266 ABs

46. Michael Harris II – Just gave you a Michael Harris II fantasy. It was written while saying vroom vroom. Projections: 29/9/33/.277/12 in 254 ABs

47. Jazz Chisholm Jr. – I’m ranking  him here assuming he’ll be fine soon after the break. I also bought this bridge in Kansas, but I don’t live nearby. Can someone check on it for me? Projections: 26/10/31/.252/11 in 193 ABs

48. Aaron Judge – Putting a couple extra prayer emojis into my tithing plate for the people who drafted Judge ahead of Acuña. Hey, it’s just bad luck, Judge looked to be headed to another monster year. When’s he due back? I haven’t a clue. My guess is early August, but that could change. Projections: 30/14/33/.284/4 in 157 ABs

49. Jordan Romano – Something that I am willing to acknowledge this year is closers feel safer than starters. It still doesn’t mean closers suddenly help in five categories like great starters or hitters. Projections: 2-1/2.63/1.09/39, 15 saves in 32 IP

50. Christian Yelich – No one can take a dub on Yelich bouncing back. I’m sorry, if you never stopped believing in Yelich, then you took L’s the last three years, so that’s no win, and if you randomly thought Yelich would bounce back this year, there’s no actual reason, so that’s an unearned win. Yelich aka No Dubs! Projections: 46/8/30/.268/11 in 231 ABs

51. Aaron Nola – You are going to get a 100 IP of Cy Young Nola in the 2nd half or a 4.50 ERA of “I think I wanna drop him for a streamer.” No in-between. Projections: 6-4/3.77/1.15/91 in 88 IP

52. Logan Gilbert – LoGi is a magical season away from being Eovaldi or Sandy last year. Let him be magical for a 2nd half. Let the LoMaGic shine. Projections: 6-3/3.71/1.16/81 in 83 IP

53. Max Scherzer – Similar situation to Framber. Oh, not the Mets are contending. I’m talking about when Scherzer is traded back to the Diamondbacks so he can end his career where it all began. I’m kidding. Sorta. Projections: 6-5/3.12/1.07/83 in 77 IP

54. Nico Hoerner – This felt a little high, but the ROS Player Rater backs it up. Plus, any guy who is on pace for a 10/40/.280 season has to be in the top 100. Sorry, ain’t my rules (they are my rules.) Projections: 43/5/37/.284/18 in 266 ABs

55. Nick Castellanos – The Greek God of Hard Contact rose like the Greek God of Rising, Phoenix, and fixed whatever it was that was bothering him last year. Kinda think he might’ve been injured last year, because his hard contact just disappeared, which was weird. It would be like his mother’s disco fries just disappearing off the menu at her diner. “Someone took-a my beautiful boy’s hard contact and my Gloria Gaynor potatoes!” Projections: 35/12/39/.282/4 in 254 ABs

56. George Springer – I’m reminded of the Naive Slightly Younger Grey who tried to predict Springer to stop doing Springer things — Sthingers. My man will never stop doing Sthingers. Projections: 40/13/36/.261/11 in 259 ABs

57. Logan Webb – Last of the Red Hot Safe #2’s, starring Logan Webb and Sally Kellerman.  Projections: 6-2/3.21/1.11/83 in 85 IP

58. Mitch Keller – From Kellerman to Keller, man. So, took a second of getting verklempt when I saw I ranked Keller above Burnes, but, when I came down from that Cloud of Despair, their stats say it’s how it should be. *makes sign of cross* Please forgive me. Projections: 4-4/3.46/1.10/87 in 79 IP

59. Christian Walker – How has he not been nicknamed The Shepherd? Is it too obvious? Once again I am saying if you have a guy like Christian Walker marked down as a 35-grade prospect, save yourself the embarrassment and just remove it from his player page. Also, and I know I’m the wrong messenger for this because we have some much shizz on our pages (unless you buy ad-free — it’s a year membership and cheaper than any other site in the metaverse for ad-free), but why does FanGraphs have videos on their pages like Trevor Story on the Rockies or Sean Manaea on the A’s? Projections: 34/15/41/.256/2 in 261 ABs

60. Francisco Lindor – He’s going to be an interesting guy to look at next year, because his swing seems to have changed dramatically this year. Like he’s trying to hit homers, and it’s sorta worked, but it’s also caused him to hit a shizzton of weak-sis fly balls. Projections: 37/15/42/.219/9 in 271 ABs

61. Alex Bregman – He brew up the same stats every year. So no mah nish ta nah this year different than others. He’s a 24/3/.250 hitter with great counting stats. Projections: 44/12/46/.252/2 in 255 ABs

62. Josh Naylor – I look at his stats — 20-ish homer power, good average and great counting stats with little speed — and I think a rich man’s Ty France. Call him Josh Monaco. Projections: 33/11/49/.291/4 in 241 ABs

63. George Kirby – There’s no way to keep track of every single storyline in the baseball season. With that said, Kirby has how many walks?! He’s on pace for 200 IP and 19 walks? Wow, what, wow, what, wow, what. Projections: 6-2/2.94/0.99/68 in 77 IP

64. Pablo Lopez – Just gave you my Pablo Lopez fantasy. It was written while saying “Cousin” while watching The Bear. Projections: 6-2/3.64/1.11/87 in 79 IP

65. Clayton Kershaw – Feels like the best chance out of every starter ranked to have less than 70 IP, while still being worthwhile to rank here. Projections: 5-1/2.36/1.01/71 in 64 IP

66. Corbin Burnes – Gonna say something about Verlander in about 40 blurbs or 3500 words and it goes like this, “Not good, but track record.” That’s Burnes too, but minus 10 years of track record and getting older. Projections: 5-3/3.72/1.09/79 in 83 IP

67. Bryce Harper – On Friday, I will release a Buy/Sell with guys who are rostered in more than 50% for trades, and I think you can guess where I am on Bryce. I’ll see ya in 2024. Projections: 41/10/31/.272/5 in 224 ABs

68. Jonathan India – Like a 15th century explorer trying to get themselves some good spices, I should’ve went back in on India. Now, I’m eating some boring-ass paella with Queen Isabella. More like Queen Isapaella, amiright? *getting dragged to a torture device in the 15th century* Projections: 53/9/39/.251/9 in 259 ABs

69. Yandy Diaz – Yandy? I barely know he! Hmm, sounded better in my head. If someone could get Yandy to use a 12+ Launch Angle, he’d hit 40+ homers. Rays should hire a rib poker. Every time Yandy swings, just poke him in the ribs so he elevates. Projections: 47/9/36/.298/1 in 251 ABs

70. Jorge Soler – A trap in the floor opens every time I think, “Well, this player is a top 100 guy, and, if that player is a top 100 player, then this other player must also be a top 100 player,” and that’s how I fall down the trap and end up wanting to rank 200 guys in the top 100. Guess what I’m saying is Soler is a top 100 player, or he’s barely a top 200 player, but the same with so many guys. If Soler slumps for one month, he’s not in the top 200, but if he gets hot, he’s a top 50 player. It’s the nature of ranking with only 70-ish games left. You think India, Yandy, Arraez are that different than Thairo, Cron, Edman or a bunch of guys who are not in the top 100? They’re not. Projections: 36/16/41/.235/1 in 241 ABs

71. Luis Arraez – Ted Williams’s Frozen Head takes a long pull of a cigarette and thoughtfully says, “I hope Luis Arraez gets to .400 so you stop defrosting me every time someone makes a run at .400.” Projections: 38/3/35/.366/3 in 264 ABs

72. Camilo Doval – Someone needs to get 50 saves (no, this is not true, no one needs to get to 50 saves, but sometimes it’s easier to let Grey say stuff). Why can’t it be Doval who gets to 50 saves? (Again, just nod, it’s easier.) Projections: 2-3/2.81/1.10/40, 16 saves in 31 IP

73. Matt McLain – There’s been some great waiver wire pickups, but McLain is in the conversation for best FAAB graab of the year. Will be interesting to see if he wins the end-of-the-year, very real Razzballie award. Projections: 38/8/31/.283/10 in 237 ABs

74. Jose Altuve –  If you saw Altuve enter a restaurant, would you, A) Offer him a high chair. B) Ask him if his parents will be joining him. C) There’s no C. A small side note about my slander on his height, it’s much funnier if you think about how I am only a third of an inch taller than him. With that body shaming out of the way, I’m worried this is a lost year for Altuve, but he could accumulate in two months stats as good as anyone. Projections: 33/12/31/.277/7 in 203 ABs

75. Spencer Steer – “Don’t jump!” That’s a fireman screaming up to Christian Encarnacion-Strand after he saw Steer ranked in my top 100 of the 2nd half. Cincy is a great park, and Steer is on pace for 27 homers and is hitting .280 with neutral luck. Oh, and on pace for 17 steals. Ya know, what you were hoping to get from Goldschmidt.  Projections: 35/12/39/.271/7 in 233 ABs

76. Alexis Diaz – You can’t go wrong with any Reds, except for their starters. Projections: 2-2/2.47/1.04/44, 15 saves in 32 IP

77. Josh Lowe – This is all “What have you done for me” and not “What you will do for me,” if you’re to believe the rest of the season Player Rater, which hates J. Lowe more than Affleck in roughly 18 months. I did a find for the word “Lowe” on the ROS Player Rater, and went through two before reaching Josh. Projections: 32/10/38/.272/12 in 217 ABs

78. Ketel Marte – Little sub-tier of MIs that I didn’t believe in, and still don’t completely. Raising my glass of Ketel and toasting to cynicism. Projections: 44/12/31/.271/6 in 251 ABs

79. Justin Steele – Another guy I wrote a preseason sleeper post for, and he’s made my dreams come true. If only he could’ve kept Oneil Cruz and Jazz healthy. Justin Steele: Great pitcher, terrible nurse. Projections: 4-3/3.24/1.05/74 in 77 IP

80. J.D. Martinez – Walking into Dodger Stadium, “Just Dong here! Just Dong! Just Dong here! Just Dong!” That’s J.D. Martinez. Projections: 32/16/42/.245 in 236 ABs

81. Jake Fraley – I’m The Jerk and all I need is this chair, and this Reds player and this Rangers player and this Reds player and this Rangers player…Projections: 32/10/40/.272/12 in 211 ABs

82. Teoscar Hernandez – And the Teoscar for “Most Unrealistic Expectations for No Reason” goes to…Projections: 38/15/48/.259/6 in 261 ABs

83. J.T. Realmuto – We got a…*balloons fall from ceiling, streamers shoot out*…catcher! You thought catchers were useless in the 1st half, they’re far more useless in the 2nd. They’re uselessier. Projections: 34/10/30/.256/10 in 233 ABs

84. Daulton Varsho – We got a…*balloons fall from ceiling, streamers shoot out*…another catcher! Projections: 35/11/37/.238/12 in 254 ABs

85. Bailey Ober – Another great preseason sleeper of mine. Only that sleeper was from last year. Not fantasy related, but the Twins have a nice playoff rotation. Projections: 4-4/3.21/1.02/61 in 65 IP

86. Kyle Schwarber – “It’s June 47th.” That’s me trying to hypnotize Schwarber. Projections: 47/20/44/.204/1 in 244 ABs

87. Jordan Walker – Everyone knows I love Jordan Walker like he’s my daddy, and I’ve pasted his face onto family pictures of me and him at Disney. All I’m saying is a guy who is built like a mountain with 45-homer power, who is only striking out 21% of the time in his rookie year, is special. Maybe it’s not this year, but he will become a star one year. Projections: 29/12/37/.272/4 in 233 ABs

88. Nathaniel Lowe – I badly wanted to remove Nathaniel Lowe from the top 100 for the 2nd half, but I had already written Nathaniel, and that’s so long and clunky to erase it feels like a waste of time. Plus, anyone in the Rangers’ lineup is solid. Projections: 41/10/46/.272/1 in 256 ABs

89. Joe Ryan – Fun disclosure alert! I had him ranked about forty spots higher before his start on Sunday. Wonder if he’s going through a dead arm period. That worked for Bernie, Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman, but doesn’t work for starters. Projections: 5-3/3.38/1.01/86 in 79 IP

90. Justin Verlander – His stats look awful. So, why put him in my top 100? He has roughly 18 years of being great, so maybe he can get back there and beat back the Mets’ curse of ruining everything like Pauly D beats back the beat. Projections: 5-4/3.77/1.17/74 in 83 IP

91. Gunnar Henderson – Ranking a top 100 and only a top 100 is impossible. In the preseason, I rank 550 players, so there’s no, “Where is Nolan Gorman?” Or whoever. Everyone is accounted for. With only a top 100, I just have to leave out a lot of guys, but Gunnar vs. a guy who might not even be ranked is a fantasy team needs thing. Just because, say, Amed Rosario, Eddie Rosario or non-Rosarios are not ranked, it doesn’t mean they might not be better than Gunnar in some circumstances. Or better than other guys ranked here. Projections: 36/12/33/.259/6 in 243 ABs

92. Oneil Cruz – I’m dreaming with this ranking. Dreaming! He’s going to come back earlier than we expect, hit the ground running, and remind everyone that he was Elly De la Cruz before Elly De La Cruz. Projections: 23/8/27/.253/6 in 164 ABs

93. Sonny Gray – Similar to what I said with Gunnar, for starters alone, I had, like, four other Grays that I wanted to rank, but only had room for Sonny. “Only Had Room For Sonny” was my least favorite Cher song, by the way. Projections: 5-4/3.55/1.19/82 in 79 IP

94. Max Muncy – *placing newborn in a basket and pushing the basket out into the Tigris* That’s what I’m hoping from Muncy in the 2nd half. If he cares about my fantasy team. Projections: 36/16/42/.202/1 in 208 ABs

95. Xander Bogaerts – Giving him one more half to prove he’s not one of the most overrated players a’la Correa. You’re on notice, Bogaerts! Projections: 39/10/31/.277/8 in 251 ABs

96. Christopher Morel – I keep repeating this, but I’m hoping it gets through to people. In 162 games, he has 31 homers and 11 steals. You would’ve taken that from any top 20 overall player and been fine with it. It’s easily a top 50 overall player. Projections: 31/13/36/.238/5 in 202 ABs

97. Andres Gimenez – This is the Buy Low section of the 2nd half top 100. Make yourself comfortable. Figure of speech! Get your feet off my 1976 Sports Illustrated with Reggie on the Orioles! That’s priceless, you animal! Projections: 41/10/32/.286/12 in 262 ABs

98. Gleyber Torres – Do I give anyone as much of a pass as Gleyber each year? Yes, but we won’t talk about Adalberto Mondesi right now. Projections: 39/13/32/.259/7 in 244 ABs

99. Ezequiel Duran – A lot of this has nothing to do with what preseason rankings will look like next year, but this might be an indication if Duran keeps it up in the 2nd half, like I think he can. Projections: 32/10/31/.272/6 in 221 ABs

100. Colton Cowser – Already gave you my Colton Cowser fantasy, but this isn’t about Cowser, this is about how someone who might get called up in the 2nd half could become a top 100 player. Projections: 30/12/33/.241/5 in 212 ABs

101. Whoever Helps You Win – Don’t get tied to projections and rankings and “I drafted this guy in the 4th round this year.” Yeah, we all hate Lance Lynn, not just you. The worst thing you can do at this stage is hold onto players just because of what they could do vs. what they are doing. What they are doing is what wins championships and that’s what excites the ladies in your daydreams and your daydreams are real to you.