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Intro Happy Opening Day to everyone except Ippei! This is my favorite time of the year. Spring is sprung, everyone is huffing hopium (EWB’s word), and we all get to talk about the excitement of baseball. It’s a magical time. And this, my final draft of each season with my fellow writers/analysts here at Razzball, […]

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Psst! This post is gonna list 2nd basemen that you should target in your 2024 fantasy baseball drafts. I’m whispering because you don’t want everyone to see this post. No, I can’t whisper louder, then it WOULDN’T BE WHISPERING! Okay, gig’s up (or maybe that’s jig’s up), the love I’m about to reiterately (Made Up Word of the Day!) confirm is on these guys I love later in drafts.

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People ask me: EWB, what’s the best thing I can do to level up my fantasy skills? Right now, I’d say “Get off of Twitter, I don’t know WTF those guys are fighting about, but it’s dumb.” But you’re probably on to 20chan or something else deplorable already, so you’ve seen worse than grown men fighting over imaginary sports management.

There’s no single path that will bring you fantasy glory. I mean, other than starting up a league by yourself and inviting nobody else. You’re gonna be so embarrassed when you come in second place behind a team that didn’t even draft!

There’s no single thing that will make you the best fantasy lothario on the planet because you can’t control everything. And when you realize how little control you have, that’s when you level up your fantasy game and become a better player.

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Howdy folks. I have emerged from my Balatro-fueled psychosis to provide a list of 25 dudes who happen to play second base. My ranking process is organized around how much I expect them to produce over a full, healthy season, which is admittedly a fool’s errand. Like I’ve always done my private rankings, I wrote […]

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Week after week I have important decisions to make: Should I eat this entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies? Should I call my mom? Should I make my dogs pay rent? This week the decision around what I would title this week’s edition of “Ambulance Chasers” weighed heavily on me. The choice was to make […]

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Welcome back to the third installment of the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty rankings. As we count down toward the top group, this week we cover players ranked 200-176.

Whether you are building your dynasty team from scratch this year or you are in year 10 with a team, there is always going to be a mix of young and old players. The players in this grouping are more on the older side and the catcher position is starting to come into play. Here is the breakdown of this week’s group:

1 player over 35 years old
9 players between the ages of 30-34
13 players between the ages of 25-29
2 players between the ages of 20-24
9 infielders
7 starting pitchers
5 outfielders
4 catchers

The older players in this group should be able to produce solid numbers for at least another three years, that is why I have them ranked this high. And the reason for the 10 players in their 30s makes sense to me since the deeper we go into the rankings, the more the dominant the young players are going to be.

And now my weekly reminder: if a top prospect hasn’t reached the majors yet, they won’t be in these rankings. Itch has been running down the top prospects per team and will continue his great work. No need for me to repeat what he says.

Now on to the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings: 175-151…

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