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Please clap for Busch’s slash line of .323/.431/.618 with 27 home runs across 98 Triple-A games in 2023. Now that he’s out of Los Angeles and being all but handed the first base gig in Chicago, he can finally stop faking second base and fully flower as a hitter. Or so goes the thinking that led the Cubs to acquire him, anyway. 

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Welcome back another installment of the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty rankings. This week we feature the players ranked 100-76 on our way to the top-ranked group.

Here is a look at the breakdown of this week’s grouping:

5 players between the ages of 30-34
14 players between the ages of 25-29
6 players between the ages of 20-24
9 infielders
7 starting pitchers
7 outfielders
2 catchers

If you are surprised by the number of players who are 29 or younger – a whopping 20 of the 25 players ranked in this group – you shouldn’t be. It stands to reason that the best way to build or maintain a winning dynasty team is do that is with the best young players in the game. The older players are great to fill a hole, but not build around.

More and more of the top hitters are starting to get ranked as well as I skew my rankings in favor of the young hitters, though I don’t ignore starting pitchers as much as I used to. But if picking between a pitcher and a hitter who are close in the rankings, I will go with the hitter this point.

Now on to the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings: 100-76…

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Took part in my first 2024 fantasy baseball draft, and, if this is any indication, pitchers are getting drafted like geese in Duck, Duck, Goose if that were played on the course of a marathon. Ducks are hitters; pitchers are geese. It’s like this: Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, GOOSE! Then a run that is marathon-length where pitchers go one after another forever, then, finally, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, GOOSE! And another run of pitchers that gooses on forever. Eventually, it calms in the 100’s when all pitchers are picked so dry you’re left thinking, “Yu Darvish has one bad elbow, but his non-throwing arm seems fine.” Okay, for those of you who don’t know, this is a two-catcher, 15-team league that is draft and hold — there are no waivers. Bunch of Razzballers got together and took part in the 50-round slow draft. Hopefully we get another going soon. Stay tuned. Anyway, here’s my Draft Champions draft recap:

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This is it – the final installment of the Top 2024 Keepers. We started with relief pitchers back in the beginning of October and today we wrap things up with the right fielders.

If you have missed an article or want to refresh yourself on the previous rankings, you can click on the links below:

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The top players in this position group are some of the top players in all of baseball. I would be more than happy to build my team around the players I ranked in Tier 1. And the depth of this position is pretty strong. I have no qualms having any of the players in Tiers 2 and 3 on my team while players in the lower tiers still can offer value to a fantasy team.

So let’s get to the rankings.

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1. SS Jackson Holliday | 20 | AAA | 2024

While building out this list, I found myself wondering if Baltimore’s tanktastic strategy would work these days. The draft lottery changes the math a lot. If you take Adley Rutschman and Jackson Holiday away from the Orioles, not to mention some of the high-upside, overslot chances they took with their draft budget surplus over the years, they’re probably nowhere close to the ALDS, where their season ended in 2023. Yay for the draft lottery, is what I realized. I already felt that way, of course, and the Orioles would still be on the uptick with this front office even with a penny pinching nepo baby in the ownership suite, but it’s nice to think the wins-are-bad loophole that helped build the Astros, Cubs and Orioles title contenders has been closed even a little bit. Baltimore’s final big prize for super-quitting, Holliday traversed four levels in 2023, climbing all the way to Triple-A for a few weeks and posting a 109 wRC+ there with 16 walks and 17 strikeouts in 18 games. He’ll begin 2024 with a chance to claim the opening day shortstop job.

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“All Waiver Claims Are Mines,” the newly minted state motto of Ohio. Previously, the state motto was “Put Slop On My Pasketti.” So, I’ll be honest, I kinda like the new waiver wire claim madness. Or WWCM as it’s known colloquially. The WWCM gives us one more shot in the arm of excitement as fans, and it allows teams who got ungatz at the deadline to make one final push, like the Guards did by grabbing Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Matt Moore. It’s a move, in retrospect, that makes so much sense yet I never thought the Guards had it in them. Kinda thought if you poked the Guards with a stick, they’d remain motionless. Giolito is the only one that has any fantasy value in all leagues — the other guys might have value in Holds leagues, but that’s about it. Giolito goes to a better park — Flo from Progressive Field is dead-last for offense. That is slightly misleading because if you have good pitching, you’re going to suppress offense — dur. Still it’s up there with the best pitchers’ parks. I’d put it in the top five for best pitchers’ parks. Giolito’s biggest issue is allowing homers and walks. Walks won’t change in his new park, but the homers should. He’s likely still a 3.75 to 4.10 ERA pitcher, but that’s better than he’s been, especially if it’s on the low side of that projection. Change your license plate frame, it’s not just a slop on pasketti state anymore! Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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Good ‘morrow all! Welcome to Razzball Ambulance Chasers, your fantasy baseball injury analysis. Also, welcome to the second half of the 2023 MLB season and those pesky dog days of summer…or as I call it “Curtains Time”!  All of the incoming 60-day IL entries move into the “See ya next year!” territory.   Josh Donaldson […]

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Players are going to start being traded like hot potatoes. Hot potato gratins. Sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this on an empty stomach. And when those players are traded, you know what this means? All new answers for the Immaculate Grid! Oh, and opportunities for younger players. One team that would never want to admit to being a seller. One team that is way too proud to be like, “We messed this up almost as bad as the Mets.” Their crosstown rivals, the Yankees. Don’t want to blow too many peoples’ minds here, but they were sellers last year too. The JoMo/Bader trade was not to make them better. With the Yankees turning the page, Oswald Peraza should get a “rest of the season” looksie. (We will put aside the fact that he should’ve been playing from March until now with Josh Donaldson told by Jimmy to go down that alley in Goodfellas to look at some new furs.) In the minors, Oswald Peraza went 12/11/.261 with great contact, and has been hitting leadoff for the Yanks, which he should. He’s their best leadoff hitter in some time with his speed and ability to take a walk. Also, one has to imagine that he knows what this opportunity means, and he’s going to want to show the Yanks he should be in their future plans. That means steals. As a team, the Yankees are on the cusp of doing a seance and having a medium channel George Steinbrenner, so Ghost Steinbrenner can fire the entire team, but, until then, Oswald Peraza will be in a great situation for fantasy. At worst, O-Pera beats out the Guardians’ Arias. Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

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