I spent Friday afternoon calling TD Ameritrade to see if Grey had traded me to ESPN for the return of Manny Ramirez to MLB. After seeing reports on Twitter from Jeff Passan that Grey was actually at Boba Hut — the Star Wars-themed boba joint — instead of The Great Fantasy Industry Meetup, I started to relax. My eyes shut, the words Fidelio shooting through my head. Yes, I was loyal to Razzball. Grey was loyal to me. I could sleep, not worried about being traded…And then the e-mail from Boba Hut came. Its contents stated: “1 – Mandalorian Suit, Size XL. 1 – Boba Hut Face Mask (extra ventilated). 1 – Boba Hut Platinum Membership Card. Start date: August 1, 2021.” He sold me for a boba! Grey, I hope you enjoy that umami texture. As for me, I’ll be on the 4AM – 10PM shift at the Boba Hut in Pasadena, so come see me if you have a moment.

Top 100 Starting Pitchers Header

Jameson Taillon

  • James Stallion, what a stud! Do you have your social media channels ready to mute the JT talk come the 2022 offseason? On the one side, there’ll be the horde of fantasy gamblers saying, “Stallion had TWO Tommy Johns…wait, JT had 2 TJs? That’s causation! 1.16 ERA through July in the middle of the stick crackdown, top of the 30-day player rater! Imagine what he’ll do in his second year of health! +EV, +EV! Pass the colloidal silver!” Then there’ll be the corner of SABRmetric folx wearing their Battlestar Galactica shirts, munching on vegan peanut butter, saying, “Yeah but he had a 4.87 SIERA and 5.15 xFIP through that period. His ground ball rate was 30% [dramatic pause to look at etherium holdings] And his swinging strike rate was under 10% [music from Animal Collective starts playing].” Where will I be on this one? Guess which camp. Stallion is benefitting from a surprisingly helpful Yankees defense, but pitching against the likes of BOS and TOR and even BAL, Taillon can’t survive on a sub-8.00 K/9 and sub-10% swinging-strike rate. By allowing 70% of balls to be lifted or driven in a line (that’s the SABRmetric word for “line drive”), Taillon’s looking at some harsh regression coming soon. Regression tends to come quickly for pitchers (i.e. the 0.2 IP, 8ER kind), so you might want to calm your Stallion before he gets taken to pasture.

Frankie Montas

  • FrankenMonster is still available in some leagues and has an 11+ K/9 to a 2.6 BB/9 rate over the last month with a 2.30 ERA and FIP/xFIP around 3.00. I get a lot of questions about Montas every week — should I start him, add him, wine and dine him — and the answer is that you should do at least two of those three. I’ll let you decide which ones. With the trajectory of his performances since June, he might even be in the keeper conversation. Maybe you should wine and dine him before you call him a keeper, though.

Logan Gilbert

  • LoGi! Let’s give this guy his own Disney+ show. Logi: The Logic Magician. Or maybe, LoGI: The Low Gravity GI. Or just somebody buy me Disney+ so I can watch Loki and know what everybody’s talking about. But this LoGi, he’s available in 30% of leagues still and has an 11.6 K/9 to 2 BB/9 with a 3.76 ERA to 2.59 FIP, indicating the best is yet to come! [cue Dionne Warwick on Spotify]

Julio Urias

  • Here you are Mr. Cat in the Hat: Julias is doing just dang fantastic, and I put him below a bunch of pitchers you wouldn’t roster.

Kenta Maeda

  • Next week, Kenta Maeda will be 33 years, 3 months, and 30 days old. If that isn’t the perfect time for a no-hitter, I don’t know what is. Can you imagine that the next no-hitter — which will break the all-time record for MLB no-hitters in a season — could belong to a guy that’s celebrating his numerological zenith? Can I get somebody to check which house Mercury is in right now? But the way the no-hitters went for the pitchers earlier this year — Corey Kluber, Spencer Turnbull, Christian Yelich (wait, he’s just not hitting…) — maybe we don’t want Maeda to throw a no-no. ENYWHEY. Maeda’s back. I can’t believe some of you gave up on him. I told you he hated cold weather, and I told you he had some oblique issues. And now he’s throwing 11+ K/9, 1.84 BB/9, and a 2.15 ERA to a 2.30 FIP over the past month. Never mind that three of those starts came against the Tigers and one against the Royals…because Maeda will be pitching against the basically abandoned AL Central for the rest of the year. I’m not a truther of strength of schedule determinism, but if you could choose one pitcher to finish the year on your team, would you take Jameson Taillon against the AL East, or Kenta Maeda against whatever AAA-league the AL Central calls itself? That’s what I thought.

Austin Gomber

  • Even the boss man Grey was be-Gombing that he started the Pyle Driver against the Dads. Honestly, it was a good process decision. Gomber’s got a 2.18 ERA and acceptable FIP over his past 6 starts, but the 7 K/9 and sub-1.0 BB/9 make him look a lot like old-school Mike Leake. Y’all remember that dude? No? Then how about Jon Gray? Gomber looked like Gray. Can’t believe the Rockies are planning a rebuild around Jon Gray. But Gomber? OK, he got Pyle Driven, but stats say that he should be fine to recover going forward.

Erick Fedde

  • In my Sunday DFS article, I asked people to stack against Fedde. But secretly, as I was examining Fedde’s previous game, I was a bit intrigued. That 95+ MPH sinker! Who boy! So I made a DFS lineup with Fedde, and was rewarded with an 8K/1BB performance over 6 IP. His swinging-strike rate doesn’t look stellar, or usable, or even acceptable. But, there are some nice signals of usability underneath his noise of a tough July, so I’ll be keeping my eye on him to see if he heats up down the stretch of the MLB season.

Reid Detmers

  • MLB debut! And 6 runs in 4 innings. Our resident Angels expert, the esteemed Anthony Coolwhip Jr., was cheering Detmer’s gorgeous curveball in the Razzball chat, followed quickly by shouts of “NO NOT LIKE THAT.” Detmers destroyed AA and AAA this year, with K/9s over 13.5 at each stop. Data says he’ll be fine, and after the rough start, he’ll likely be more available than expected. Must add for dynasty managers, and he’ll likely be a good pitcher the rest of the way. If you’re looking for upside — and if you’re not doing that then I assume you’re here for my upcoming space opera narrative — then Detmers is one of your top targets.

Tyler Glasnow

  • Good night, sweet prince. He’s off to see Dr. Freeze for an 18-month vacation. You’ll see him again in the 2023 pre-season rankings.

Space:X Rankings

Well, we’re into clear “IP cap” territory. I’m going to add a factor that considers how much of a pitcher’s innings are coming from recent performances to give us an idea of whether we can be confident in a pitcher’s ability to rack up IP. As a reminder, IP are actually a major factor (in most fantasy formats) for the certainty of projections. A pitcher who goes 4-5 IP per start is much more volatile than a pitcher who is allowed to work 6-7 IP. Why? That third time through the order. Those strikeouts. Those extra IP to reduce run volatility. We may not get a clear answer on some pitchers, but we will get more confident about top pitchers, which will help us choose our targets going into the final weeks. I didn’t change my algorithm because forwards IP projections are projected in Rudy’s ROS values and I found it redundant to re-weight it. I did, however, include it for your visual inspection in case you want to decide how much leverage to give certain pitchers. The recency figure incorporates IP as an SP from July 1 to July 31.

As always, I give a confidence score for pitchers based on if they pitch. Do I know when deGrom or Bieber or Kershaw are coming back? Nope. But I would sure as Shane start Bieber over Alex Cobb.

With that, we’ve got a couple of new guys on the board this week: Nestor Cortes, Jake Woodford, Daniel Lynch, Griffin Jax, Jose Suarez, and Spenser Watkins.

Have an awesome week, and I’ll see you down in the comments!

Week 24 Pitcher Data.xls

NameConfidenceIPK-BB%SIERACSW%Rudy ROS
Gerrit Cole3.95158.229.20%2.832.50%38.9
Max Scherzer5.815429.80%2.832.00%27.9
Corbin Burnes5.915230.50%2.5934.10%21
Charlie Morton8.2516521.00%3.531.20%21.7
Aaron Nola9.2157.224.00%3.3230.80%21.5
Kevin Gausman9.7517022.40%3.4630.90%18
Yu Darvish11.0514623.80%3.3830.50%21.9
Robbie Ray11.45170.125.90%3.1430.00%18.3
Joe Musgrove12.3154.220.70%3.632.00%16.5
Brandon Woodruff12.4163.123.30%3.3429.80%21.5
Lucas Giolito15.9158.120.80%3.730.10%21.2
Julio Urias17163.121.60%3.5830.30%9.9
Carlos Rodon17.6124.228.50%2.8930.20%16.3
Walker Buehler18.118619.50%3.7529.30%19.2
Zack Wheeler18.75195.123.50%3.228.10%20.2
Jose Berrios19.1166.119.80%3.7129.10%17.5
Freddy Peralta20.112523.00%3.5130.70%9.7
Sean Manaea21.45156.220.90%3.6129.10%10.6
Nathan Eovaldi21.55163.220.80%3.6329.90%7
Frankie Montas21.7163.219.70%3.7529.30%11.3
Logan Webb22.55118.120.30%3.1831.50%6.2
Dylan Cease22.6151.121.20%3.6930.10%8.5
Lance McCullers Jr.22.85138.116.00%4.0531.50%16.6
Luis Garcia24.313320.30%3.7230.30%9.2
Sonny Gray25.1113.219.50%3.7230.50%10.6
Tyler Mahle25.7159.119.70%3.7829.70%7.3
Clayton Kershaw26.75106.125.60%3.0832.40%
German Marquez28.616716.10%3.9528.70%9.2
Blake Snell29.0512818.40%4.0129.30%15.9
Jacob deGrom29.29241.70%1.7435.80%-2.6
Adam Wainwright29.95184.116.30%3.9930.30%3
Shohei Ohtani30.65115.120.10%3.7128.70%9.2
Shane McClanahan31.2110.120.20%3.6331.50%
Trevor Rogers31.95118.219.40%3.8130.50%3.8
Max Fried33.15136.217.20%3.8428.10%15.8
Hyun-Jin Ryu33.8157.215.00%4.1728.50%12.8
Eduardo Rodriguez33.85136.120.50%3.6528.10%6.7
Sandy Alcantara35.15180.217.70%3.7427.80%5.7
Shane Bieber36.690.225.30%3.1833.90%-5.8
Collin McHugh36.78.235.70%2.1339.50%
Andrew Heaney36.912019.60%3.8528.30%9.1
Marcus Stroman3816315.70%3.9528.50%2
Luis Castillo38.317014.30%4.0727.40%15.1
Chris Sale38.62522.00%3.3832.10%
Framber Valdez38.611611.90%3.8128.50%9.6
Yusei Kikuchi38.714615.00%4.1729.00%5.7
Jordan Montgomery38.75138.115.70%4.1828.60%8.1
Alex Cobb39.277.217.70%3.6630.50%
Huascar Ynoa39.671.220.70%3.5731.10%-3.8
Chris Bassitt40.6515119.50%3.7728.20%
Patrick Sandoval42.4579.216.70%3.9731.00%
Alex Wood44.4125.218.00%3.7632.00%-9.2
Lance Lynn44.45135.219.70%3.825.80%18.4
JT Brubaker45.2124.116.90%4.0428.60%
Brady Singer45.4120.213.20%4.3530.40%1.5
Rich Hill45.6513614.60%4.3830.60%-1.7
Austin Gomber45.65115.114.80%4.2930.40%
Tarik Skubal46.05130.119.30%3.8427.50%2.9
Alek Manoah46.158517.10%4.0827.80%11.2
Jakob Junis46.227.120.40%3.6830.20%
Domingo German489116.60%4.1429.70%
Chris Paddack48.1106.116.30%4.1127.20%11.3
Adbert Alzolay48.1106.116.90%4.0228.70%-2.6
John Means48.25126.118.10%4.1427.50%6.2
Steven Matz48.812915.40%4.1327.80%3.7
Mike Minor48.95158.216.10%4.226.80%7.4
Jose Urquidy49.1584.216.70%4.2928.30%7.6
Corey Kluber49.46515.20%4.329.50%6.3
Zac Gallen49.79817.20%4.0527.60%6.3
Bailey Ober50.3578.219.80%3.8528.30%-0.2
Anthony DeSclafani50.414616.40%4.0927.20%2.5
Taijuan Walker50.5514014.10%4.4128.70%-0.8
Dane Dunning50.9104.113.80%4.1128.60%0
Tylor Megill51.5577.221.10%3.6327.70%-2.2
Triston McKenzie51.6599.217.40%4.1727.90%3.9
Logan Gilbert51.9595.120.80%3.7326.70%4.7
Michael Pineda52.159015.70%4.2328.70%0.2
Jon Gray52.2131.114.00%4.3128.20%1
Zack Greinke55.15159.212.10%4.5626.60%12.5
Cristian Javier55.2548.219.10%3.9927.40%6.7
James Kaprielian56.25101.215.00%4.428.70%-2.2
Danny Duffy57.456016.90%4.1828.40%
Jameson Taillon58138.216.20%4.327.10%
Joe Ross58.7510316.90%4.0530.40%-12.2
Jack Flaherty59.37618.40%3.9228.10%-4.9
Pablo Lopez60.310121.00%3.5127.70%-10.1
Carlos Carrasco61.0533.217.80%3.9325.90%14.9
Sam Long61.1522.116.80%4.1428.40%
David Price61.2541.113.40%4.2528.40%1.1
Patrick Corbin61.614810.80%4.6326.30%11
Kyle Hendricks62.2166.211.40%4.6827.30%0.4
Ian Anderson62.35109.212.90%4.3927.10%4.2
Nick Pivetta62.6513515.30%4.3326.80%-0.6
Madison Bumgarner62.75129.113.90%4.5628.00%-2.7
Zach Eflin63.9105.218.80%3.8128.30%-13.1
Kyle Gibson65.3155.210.30%4.5827.00%0.7
Michael Wacha65.5591.117.40%4.0225.80%0.8
Matthew Boyd65.678.213.10%4.5627.30%6.3
Drew Smyly65.75115.214.20%4.4127.60%-4.2
David Peterson66.366.213.90%4.2727.40%
Ryan Yarbrough66.911113.60%4.5728.20%-4.4
Tyler Anderson66.9514814.20%4.527.00%-4.2
Ross Stripling68.2586.115.80%4.3226.40%2.2
Aaron Civale69.6102.114.40%4.2825.60%3.5
Zach Plesac70.9125.111.30%4.6926.30%4
Jose Quintana71.33514.10%4.5227.10%6.6
Luke Weaver72.355114.40%4.3627.60%-3.9
Casey Mize73.05140.111.90%4.526.90%-5.8
Spencer Howard73.1531.210.90%4.8328.80%
Paolo Espino7467.115.20%4.3628.00%-7.3
Touki Toussaint74.84513.00%4.4428.50%-6.7
Bruce Zimmermann75.055411.60%4.6727.60%
Martin Perez76.7510011.70%4.6226.50%
Kyle Freeland77.4510213.30%4.4426.70%-5.5
Griffin Canning77.660.111.90%4.7226.90%1.8
Wade Miley77.9155.211.60%4.4425.40%-4.3
Merrill Kelly79.35142.114.30%4.3226.70%-13.2
Tucker Davidson79.752012.00%4.6427.40%
Kwang-hyun Kim79.7596.210.00%4.826.60%
Jorge Lopez80.15113.19.20%4.826.20%
Trevor Cahill80.2535.211.30%4.326.20%
Dallas Keuchel81.3140.15.50%4.9125.80%0.6
Cody Poteet81.3530.212.10%4.7827.30%
Anthony Kay81.6520.116.50%4.0525.00%
Trevor Williams81.7568.213.80%4.3426.60%-6.1
Marco Gonzales81.8118.111.00%4.9625.80%1
Johnny Cueto81.9112.113.80%4.4524.40%
Nestor Cortes82.0553.216.20%4.4825.60%
Jose Suarez82.755.111.70%4.5127.80%-8.4
Josiah Gray83.354411.70%4.927.70%-4.2
Eric Lauer83.484.113.60%4.4825.20%-0.7
Alec Mills83.781.212.50%4.2626.30%-8
Jake Odorizzi83.890.213.30%4.5923.60%7
Eli Morgan84.0571.215.70%4.5226.60%-6.5
Brad Keller84.05133.29.10%4.8425.40%
Cal Quantrill84.3101.212.90%4.4824.90%-2.3
Kyle Muller84.835.210.80%4.9128.50%-6.5
Chris Flexen85.3156.211.30%4.723.70%-1.1
Mike Foltynewicz86.613010.50%4.9425.10%
Kris Bubic87.178.110.00%4.8126.60%-4.1
Erick Fedde87.3511713.10%4.3724.60%-5.9
Brett Anderson88.3588.18.00%4.3524.00%
Antonio Senzatela88.413810.90%4.4224.90%-7.7
Caleb Smith88.7579.50%5.2326.90%
Chad Kuhl89.4678.00%5.127.70%-6.2
Vladimir Gutierrez89.55104.19.90%4.9126.80%-7.1
Jordan Lyles89.6142.211.40%4.825.90%-10
Kolby Allard90.1591.212.40%4.725.60%-5.6
Cole Irvin90.45158.111.10%4.8324.70%-5.9
Vince Velasquez91.9576.110.70%4.926.20%-4.5
Tony Gonsolin9235.210.10%5.0727.00%-3.9
Ranger Suarez92.237.213.00%4.224.60%-4.8
Matt Peacock93.85347.70%4.5827.20%-8.6
Mitch Keller94.38311.10%4.7424.60%-3.3
Michael King95.324.27.00%5.1827.50%-5.4
Zach Thompson96.2562.211.70%4.6826.70%-11.8
Stephen Strasburg96.3521.27.40%5.3228.70%-10.2
Chase De Jong9743.210.20%5.0625.50%
J.A. Happ97.1132.210.30%5.0122.60%-2.4
Tony Santillan97.916.212.20%4.7525.80%-5
Justin Dunn98.2550.19.20%5.1825.40%
Luis Patino98.455512.30%4.7925.50%-6
Garrett Richards98.5110.17.70%5.0324.70%-4.4
Jake Arrieta98.6594.28.80%4.9425.60%-6.8
Adrian Houser100120.16.90%4.823.30%-4.9
Zach Davies100.1141.26.20%5.3226.00%-10.5
Taylor Widener100.96111.70%4.8126.30%-11.6
Josh Fleming101.3556.17.60%4.6924.00%-3
Matt Shoemaker101.5550.25.60%5.3625.70%-1.3
Luis Gil101.951912.20%4.9627.20%-11.3
Matt Harvey102.2127.210.00%4.8524.10%-8.6
Kohl Stewart103.4512.28.60%4.824.10%
Wil Crowe103.5100.19.90%4.925.10%-9.8
Chi Chi Gonzalez104.9876.50%5.3123.50%
Daniel Lynch105.05578.50%5.0925.70%-7.8
JC Mejia105.242.16.90%5.1524.10%
Griffin Jax105.551.29.30%5.1826.90%-12.6
Ryan Weathers106.566.18.70%4.9925.40%-8.3
Deivi Garcia106.98.17.90%5.6528.10%-12.4
Keegan Akin107.4567.28.00%5.2625.90%-9.9
Aaron Sanchez108.430.19.80%4.5625.40%-11.8
Jeff Hoffman108.6454.30%5.725.60%-4.3
Hyeon-jong Yang109.15157.50%5.224.10%
Justus Sheffield110.5573.26.90%5.1625.30%-9.8
John Gant111.05823.60%5.6525.70%-9.6
Lewis Thorpe111.8514.1-3.20%6.2824.90%
Carlos Martinez112.3582.15.80%5.1825.70%-15
Jon Lester112.5119.14.50%5.4723.70%-7.9
Matt Moore113.756.16.80%5.3625.00%-7.5
Dean Kremer113.7553.29.00%5.2223.60%-5.6
Kohei Arihara114.6536.26.40%5.3525.40%-7.9
Johan Oviedo115.7557.24.40%5.4926.20%-14
Bryse Wilson117.0564.28.20%5.1824.60%-12.1
Edward Cabrera117.5512.2-3.70%6.3424.00%-1.3
Jake Woodford118.417.211.10%4.7424.20%-13.5
Chase Anderson119.236.16.00%5.4825.90%-14.7
Wily Peralta120.168.25.80%5.1124.20%-14
Carlos Hernandez120.349.17.70%5.2123.30%-8.4
Matt Manning120.7666.00%5.3424.30%-11.1
Sam Hentges121.05414.50%5.5924.90%-9.9
Logan Allen121.8540.26.70%5.2223.90%-9.8
Randy Dobnak123.134.13.30%4.8120.90%-10.6
Riley Smith123.1251.70%5.924.10%-7
Jose Urena123.15834.50%5.2323.50%-13.3
Tyler Gilbert125.2316.50%5.3723.60%-9.2
Jon Duplantier125.75135.70%5.324.40%-10.9
Thomas Eshelman12718.1-2.30%6.8725.60%-19.6
Spenser Watkins129.9467.00%5.3322.80%-15
Daniel Castano131.9517.13.80%5.6322.10%-10.2
Seth Frankoff136.5513.22.90%5.6919.80%-13.3
Joe Ryan
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1 year ago

Hi Blair,

A few pitching questions for Thursday:

1 I have Patrick Sandoval at The Dodgers. Although his dollar value is 0, I was going to start him. Do you agree?

2. I also have SF’s Logan Webb at Milwaukee. I was going to start him. His dollar value minus 4. Do you agree?

3. I also have the Cub’s Hendricks pitching at home against the CWS. I was going to start Hendricks. His dollar value was -17. Thoughts?



Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

Thanks Blair for all the specificity!!!!


Martin Rostoker
Martin Rostoker
1 year ago

Hi Blair,

A follow up question. I have both Kyle Hendricks and Adbert Alzolay of the Cubs on my team.

Both are scheduled to pitch at home against CWS. Hendricks is a minus 17$. Alzolay is – 6$. What are your suggestions about whether to start or sit?



Martin Rostoker
Martin Rostoker
Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

Thank you!

1 year ago

Good stuff……. Kaprielian or Muller ROS? Thanks

1 year ago

Hello, I’ve got a couple questions.

What do you do with someone like Alzolay who has some good numbers and pitched well earlier in the year, but has been absolutely abysmal as of late? He fell off the wagon completely from the start he made with the blister then on. He looked so promising before that.

Also, where would you guess Carrasco ends up RoS? t25? the IL?

Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

I was wondering it was fatigue for Alzolay myself. Figure an innings limit is approaching at some point either way.

Yep, def helps, thanks a lot.

1 year ago

Hi Blair,

I saw your reason and will keep Austin Gomber. Thanks!!!

Would you waive Merrill Kelly and pick up Cal Quantrill? If you did, would you start him against Detroit and Oakland/ His dollar values are negative against both particularly against Oakland (-16). You have a great gift for putting these dollar values in context.

Thanks!!! Your insight is always appreciated!!!


Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

Thank you Blair!!

Joe Beisbol
Joe Beisbol
1 year ago

Why so relatively down on Megill? His peripherals suggest some regression, but his K/BB rate is solid and he’s so far mostly keeping the ball in the yard. Just curious.

1 year ago

Mets are giving Megill a chance to overcome his rough start.

Harley Earl
Harley Earl
1 year ago

Hey Blair,

Something else to note: You’ll be ranking Luis Patino much higher up your list soon! Did you see that gem he tossed against the Yankees last week? There’s plenty of that to come over the next two months!

Harley Earl
Harley Earl
Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

Well Ole Patino disappointed me yesterday. Maybe he’s not quite ready to make that big step forward. Young pitchers will drive you nuts if you let them with their roller coaster ways!

1 year ago

What’s going on Blair, curious what your thoughts are on Luis Garcia. Grey mentioned it’s almost time to move on from him on his latest article. Recently dropped Alzolay and Eduardo Rodriguez because they been struggling. I have 2 months to try to get a collective era of 3.93 and whip of 1.25 down to 3.60ish and 1.18ish. Uphill battle with these blowups lol what are your thoughts on Patiño? Thanks appreciate the weekly responses!

Harley Earl
Harley Earl
1 year ago

You’re breaking my heart. And Julio will never autograph a ball for you now.

Harley Earl
Harley Earl
Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

Jack will be back very soon! He’s pitched twice in Memphis over the last week. I had to work both times and missed him. :o(

Now the Redbirds are on the road, so I guess he went over to Springfield to pitch or maybe he’s with them on the road. Anyhoo, Your hopes and dreams will be realized very soon!

Fortunately, I have him on my dynasty team, too!

Harley Earl
Harley Earl
Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

With the new extra innings rules causing games to end typically in 1 or 2 innings, I just don’t see Jack making that 150 IP mark. Still a good pick. He was headed right there, led the MLB in wins, before that stupid injury. Why the hell he was swinging a bat like he was Mickey Mantle will always baffle me. Just dumb.

steve stevenson
steve stevenson
1 year ago

Minor, Quantrill or Jefferies ROS? Stat priorities are W, K, WHIP in that order. Chart says Minor but heart and head say NOT MINOR!

Norman Ginsberg
Norman Ginsberg
1 year ago

Yes it does – Thanks for the detailed response.

The only other column I need help in is “Rudy’s ROS”. Is this addressing performance, work load, or something else? And in which of Rudy’s tools is this info provided?

Norman Ginsberg
Norman Ginsberg
1 year ago

I’m unable to fully appreciate some of the columns. Please help me in the following.

1. Confidence. Obviously lowest is best; but is there more? e.g., is it also an indication of how much of his ROS performance can be deduced from his YTD? Or how accurate you think you’ve rated him?

2. IP. I was hoping the table would provide insight into how many more innings might be expected. So nothing in this table would distinguish the future load for someone very liited like Trevor Rogers (110) from someone un-constrained like Lance Lynn (108), correct?

3. IP Recent. Is this column providing insight into how long he typically goes?


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As a david lynch fan, i enjoyed the reference in the intro.

I find it interesting my twitter post this morning was centered around misplaced loyalty haha

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No, ill fix that in a minute