It’s back-to-school week! Do we have any students out there reading this, or is it all just all people who last updated their phones when Bell Northern went AWOL? Still can’t believe the price I used to get on long distance. With each passing week, we’re watching a couple more pitchers fall to the injury, so let’s try and focus on finding some replacements for the arms that just hit the IL.

Chris Bassitt

Razzball Fantasy Football

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Starting Pitchers

Freddy PeraltaThe Milwaukee Brewers were supposed to be limiting his innings down the stretch in preparation for the playoffs. I was supposed to be pitching for the Blue Jays according to my career plans in 1987. What’s in common with each of those plans? Those plans completely collapsed. Peralta’s fastball velocity was actually increasing recently, then only 2 innings into Wednesday’s start, he departed with shoulder discomfort. There’s some disagreement about whether Peralta incurred the injury while batting (shades of Jack Flaherty). The next day, he hit the IL with shoulder inflammation, which is basically a fantasy manager’s nightmare. The Brewers have Peralta under a very friendly team contract for many more years, and they really have no incentive to rush him back when they were already trying to limit his pitch count. When Flaherty hurt himself swinging earlier this year, he missed 2 months of action. Seriously, can we make pitchers hitting an optional thing? Sure, Ohtani does well. The other pitchers? They have a 50% K rate and a collective .100 batting average. Yeesh. Hey Manfred — you want to change baseball for the better? Don’t make Freddy Peralta swing a bat. For all of us fantasy managers, the most we can do is keep fingers crossed that Peralta returns in short order.

Jake ArrietaI mean, how much drama can we have in a week? Arrieta got kicked off the Cubs and then the San Diego Padres signed him, despite his 6+ ERA and FIP, and then he got rocked for 5 ER in 3 IP in his Padres debut. Maybe the Padres just wanted fodder to play in Coors Field? In the Razzball chat, we’re mostly baffled why the Padres are doing everything possible to keep MacKenzie Gore down in AAA. It’s fair to note that Gore had blister issues this year and people are flipping out about his control issues, but we’ve seen plenty of pitchers need the MLB scene instead of the squalor of the minor leagues. See players like Zach Thompson, Trevor Rogers, Alek Manoah (who had only 30 MiLB innings to his name!). ENYWHEY. This is about Arrieta, and why you should stack against him.

Patrick SandovalHit the IL with a “lumbar spine stress reduction.” I love that band. He might miss the rest of the season. He’s OK to drop in redraft and you’ll need to find another late-season ace.

Chris BassittSuffered multiple facial fractures after a line drive hit him in the face. He also might miss the rest of the season, and the concussion could be career-affecting. Doctors report that Bassitt’s vision is unaffected by the injury, which is great, but we are far too close to the injury to say anything definitive. Robbie Ray was hit in the head by a Luke Voit liner in 2017 before finishing the year strong. However, the long-term effects of the concussion basically brought his career to the brink for 2-3 years until his 2021 reinvention. I know Robbie Ray is doing well this year, but we need to remember back to late 2020 [shudder] when the Diamondbacks basically paid the Blue Jays to take Ray off their hands; the Diamondbacks were just as awful a team last year as they are this year, too. Back to Bassitt: fingers crossed that Bassitt heals quickly and doesn’t have long-term effects from the injury. From a fantasy perspective though, you shouldn’t expect him to pitch again this year.

Huascar YnoaCame back from a broken hand for 5 IP, 4 K, 3 H, 0 ER. 13.8% swinging-strike rate in his first start back, fastball sitting about 1MPH lower than before his bench-punching incident. A healthy Ynoa in the starting rotation for the playoff-chasing Braves could be the addition your team needs for the 2021 championship. Ynoa’s swinging-strike rate bodes well for a 2021 keeper / dynasty leagues.

Chris SaleStill available in 10% of Yahoo leagues. 13K / 1BB in 10 IP so far. Y’all think he’s a reliever or something? He’ll likely be without a IP limit as the playoffs come into focus so if you’re staring at him on the waiver wire for some reason, go get him.

Trevor BauerOf course fantasy baseballers are asking if they should pick him up because fantasy baseballers are degenerates (<Grey’s mom’s words but used in my language). MLB still has months of investigations and criminal and civil cases are still open against him. He’s not touching the mound again this year and probably not for quite some time to come.

Corey KluberYankees are bringing him back from a shoulder strain that was likely caused by going the distance during his no-hitter. Kluber spent nearly 2 years on the IL and then came back adequately earlier this year before the strain that sidelined him for months. The Yankees are in the pennant race and Kluber has 3 years of Division Series and 1 year of World Series experience with a 10+ K/9 in those games to his resume, so you know for sure they want him to get some innings before October comes. Hesitant add for your teams as he finishes out his rehab and will likely be up in September.

Dylan CeaseHey, let’s play that game where I list stats from mystery players and you guess who they are:

Player GS IP K BB HR/9
Player A 11 65.1 88 20 1.79
Player B 11 60.2 81 22 1.34
Player C 11 59.1 71 18 1.82

OK, you ready? Player A = Gerrit Cole; Player B = Dylan Cease; Player C = Andrew Heaney. We cool now? If you read me in the preseason, I preached that starting pitchers really don’t matter all that much to your fantasy team (fighting words, I know). Did you draft Gerrit Cole in round 1? Yeesh. Should you have drafted Dylan Cease and Andrew Heaney in the late rounds and white knuckled? You betcha. Indeed I cherry-picked the starts somewhat — they’re an 11 game time frame but they’re not all the same time frame — but the point of the matter still stands. Dylan Cease is available in 30% of leagues still. He’s extremely volatile but he tends to go in phases of good/bad, with the current “bad” phase likely finishing up. He faces the Blue Jays next (avoid) but then gets the Cubs (START) and the Royals (START) and that’s the kind of fantasy baseball management that gets you to the playoffs.

Shohei OhtaniHere’s one for Coolwhip — I’m completely wrong on Ohtani. Let’s recap: Ohtani struggled with control a ton early in the year, and as he surpassed 100 IP, I fully expected the Angels to start shutting him down. The Angels aren’t in the playoff race, and Ohtani hadn’t really thrown in 2 years (see also: Kluber, Corey). Instead of playing it safe or smart, the Angels management went with the “MLB The Show” approach and are letting Ohtani fly to finish the season. I discuss this with Coolwhip in Razzball chat nearly every week: I’m so freaking worried that the Angels are mismanaging Ohtani’s innings and they’re going to lead him to injury. Yet, Ohtani has clearly never missed arm day at the gym, so perhaps he falls into that category of “unicorn with 4 horns” that we just don’t see every day. Maybe Ohtani got Bartolo Colon’s surgery guy who managed to milk another decade out of that broken arm. Maybe…who knows. I’m still going to be worried because I don’t want to see Ohtani go Jameson Taillon with 2 Tommy John surgeries. In the meantime, enjoy the last month of the year with Ohtani cranking at full speed.

Nestor CortesWho’s up for a Yankee pitcher with a 5.00 xFIP and seemingly planned obsolescence once the big arms come back? Cortes has great control but the 24-degree launch angle and 1.57 HR/9 over his past month screams “Stack against me!” Still, he’s K’ing 9 per 9 and not walking anybody and pitches for a team of Avengers so roll those dice to see if he’s the Ant Man to your league’s Thanos.

Tylor MegillBeen a low-key top 50 SP over the past month, and the Mets IL list continues to get their medical advice from Dr. Death. Seems like Megill might keep a spot in the rotation for now.

Carlos HernandezAvailable in more places than Verizon 5G. Low key championship strategy: stream AL Central pitchers while the division has a race to the bottom. Obviously skip the White Sox.

Space:X Rankings

Week 24 Pitcher Data.xls

NameConfidenceIPK-BB%SIERACSW%Rudy ROS
Gerrit Cole3.95158.229.20%2.832.50%38.9
Max Scherzer5.815429.80%2.832.00%27.9
Corbin Burnes5.915230.50%2.5934.10%21
Charlie Morton8.2516521.00%3.531.20%21.7
Aaron Nola9.2157.224.00%3.3230.80%21.5
Kevin Gausman9.7517022.40%3.4630.90%18
Yu Darvish11.0514623.80%3.3830.50%21.9
Robbie Ray11.45170.125.90%3.1430.00%18.3
Joe Musgrove12.3154.220.70%3.632.00%16.5
Brandon Woodruff12.4163.123.30%3.3429.80%21.5
Lucas Giolito15.9158.120.80%3.730.10%21.2
Julio Urias17163.121.60%3.5830.30%9.9
Carlos Rodon17.6124.228.50%2.8930.20%16.3
Walker Buehler18.118619.50%3.7529.30%19.2
Zack Wheeler18.75195.123.50%3.228.10%20.2
Jose Berrios19.1166.119.80%3.7129.10%17.5
Freddy Peralta20.112523.00%3.5130.70%9.7
Sean Manaea21.45156.220.90%3.6129.10%10.6
Nathan Eovaldi21.55163.220.80%3.6329.90%7
Frankie Montas21.7163.219.70%3.7529.30%11.3
Logan Webb22.55118.120.30%3.1831.50%6.2
Dylan Cease22.6151.121.20%3.6930.10%8.5
Lance McCullers Jr.22.85138.116.00%4.0531.50%16.6
Luis Garcia24.313320.30%3.7230.30%9.2
Sonny Gray25.1113.219.50%3.7230.50%10.6
Tyler Mahle25.7159.119.70%3.7829.70%7.3
Clayton Kershaw26.75106.125.60%3.0832.40%
German Marquez28.616716.10%3.9528.70%9.2
Blake Snell29.0512818.40%4.0129.30%15.9
Jacob deGrom29.29241.70%1.7435.80%-2.6
Adam Wainwright29.95184.116.30%3.9930.30%3
Shohei Ohtani30.65115.120.10%3.7128.70%9.2
Shane McClanahan31.2110.120.20%3.6331.50%
Trevor Rogers31.95118.219.40%3.8130.50%3.8
Max Fried33.15136.217.20%3.8428.10%15.8
Hyun-Jin Ryu33.8157.215.00%4.1728.50%12.8
Eduardo Rodriguez33.85136.120.50%3.6528.10%6.7
Sandy Alcantara35.15180.217.70%3.7427.80%5.7
Shane Bieber36.690.225.30%3.1833.90%-5.8
Collin McHugh36.78.235.70%2.1339.50%
Andrew Heaney36.912019.60%3.8528.30%9.1
Marcus Stroman3816315.70%3.9528.50%2
Luis Castillo38.317014.30%4.0727.40%15.1
Chris Sale38.62522.00%3.3832.10%
Framber Valdez38.611611.90%3.8128.50%9.6
Yusei Kikuchi38.714615.00%4.1729.00%5.7
Jordan Montgomery38.75138.115.70%4.1828.60%8.1
Alex Cobb39.277.217.70%3.6630.50%
Huascar Ynoa39.671.220.70%3.5731.10%-3.8
Chris Bassitt40.6515119.50%3.7728.20%
Patrick Sandoval42.4579.216.70%3.9731.00%
Alex Wood44.4125.218.00%3.7632.00%-9.2
Lance Lynn44.45135.219.70%3.825.80%18.4
JT Brubaker45.2124.116.90%4.0428.60%
Brady Singer45.4120.213.20%4.3530.40%1.5
Rich Hill45.6513614.60%4.3830.60%-1.7
Austin Gomber45.65115.114.80%4.2930.40%
Tarik Skubal46.05130.119.30%3.8427.50%2.9
Alek Manoah46.158517.10%4.0827.80%11.2
Jakob Junis46.227.120.40%3.6830.20%
Domingo German489116.60%4.1429.70%
Chris Paddack48.1106.116.30%4.1127.20%11.3
Adbert Alzolay48.1106.116.90%4.0228.70%-2.6
John Means48.25126.118.10%4.1427.50%6.2
Steven Matz48.812915.40%4.1327.80%3.7
Mike Minor48.95158.216.10%4.226.80%7.4
Jose Urquidy49.1584.216.70%4.2928.30%7.6
Corey Kluber49.46515.20%4.329.50%6.3
Zac Gallen49.79817.20%4.0527.60%6.3
Bailey Ober50.3578.219.80%3.8528.30%-0.2
Anthony DeSclafani50.414616.40%4.0927.20%2.5
Taijuan Walker50.5514014.10%4.4128.70%-0.8
Dane Dunning50.9104.113.80%4.1128.60%0
Tylor Megill51.5577.221.10%3.6327.70%-2.2
Triston McKenzie51.6599.217.40%4.1727.90%3.9
Logan Gilbert51.9595.120.80%3.7326.70%4.7
Michael Pineda52.159015.70%4.2328.70%0.2
Jon Gray52.2131.114.00%4.3128.20%1
Zack Greinke55.15159.212.10%4.5626.60%12.5
Cristian Javier55.2548.219.10%3.9927.40%6.7
James Kaprielian56.25101.215.00%4.428.70%-2.2
Danny Duffy57.456016.90%4.1828.40%
Jameson Taillon58138.216.20%4.327.10%
Joe Ross58.7510316.90%4.0530.40%-12.2
Jack Flaherty59.37618.40%3.9228.10%-4.9
Pablo Lopez60.310121.00%3.5127.70%-10.1
Carlos Carrasco61.0533.217.80%3.9325.90%14.9
Sam Long61.1522.116.80%4.1428.40%
David Price61.2541.113.40%4.2528.40%1.1
Patrick Corbin61.614810.80%4.6326.30%11
Kyle Hendricks62.2166.211.40%4.6827.30%0.4
Ian Anderson62.35109.212.90%4.3927.10%4.2
Nick Pivetta62.6513515.30%4.3326.80%-0.6
Madison Bumgarner62.75129.113.90%4.5628.00%-2.7
Zach Eflin63.9105.218.80%3.8128.30%-13.1
Kyle Gibson65.3155.210.30%4.5827.00%0.7
Michael Wacha65.5591.117.40%4.0225.80%0.8
Matthew Boyd65.678.213.10%4.5627.30%6.3
Drew Smyly65.75115.214.20%4.4127.60%-4.2
David Peterson66.366.213.90%4.2727.40%
Ryan Yarbrough66.911113.60%4.5728.20%-4.4
Tyler Anderson66.9514814.20%4.527.00%-4.2
Ross Stripling68.2586.115.80%4.3226.40%2.2
Aaron Civale69.6102.114.40%4.2825.60%3.5
Zach Plesac70.9125.111.30%4.6926.30%4
Jose Quintana71.33514.10%4.5227.10%6.6
Luke Weaver72.355114.40%4.3627.60%-3.9
Casey Mize73.05140.111.90%4.526.90%-5.8
Spencer Howard73.1531.210.90%4.8328.80%
Paolo Espino7467.115.20%4.3628.00%-7.3
Touki Toussaint74.84513.00%4.4428.50%-6.7
Bruce Zimmermann75.055411.60%4.6727.60%
Martin Perez76.7510011.70%4.6226.50%
Kyle Freeland77.4510213.30%4.4426.70%-5.5
Griffin Canning77.660.111.90%4.7226.90%1.8
Wade Miley77.9155.211.60%4.4425.40%-4.3
Merrill Kelly79.35142.114.30%4.3226.70%-13.2
Tucker Davidson79.752012.00%4.6427.40%
Kwang-hyun Kim79.7596.210.00%4.826.60%
Jorge Lopez80.15113.19.20%4.826.20%
Trevor Cahill80.2535.211.30%4.326.20%
Dallas Keuchel81.3140.15.50%4.9125.80%0.6
Cody Poteet81.3530.212.10%4.7827.30%
Anthony Kay81.6520.116.50%4.0525.00%
Trevor Williams81.7568.213.80%4.3426.60%-6.1
Marco Gonzales81.8118.111.00%4.9625.80%1
Johnny Cueto81.9112.113.80%4.4524.40%
Nestor Cortes82.0553.216.20%4.4825.60%
Jose Suarez82.755.111.70%4.5127.80%-8.4
Josiah Gray83.354411.70%4.927.70%-4.2
Eric Lauer83.484.113.60%4.4825.20%-0.7
Alec Mills83.781.212.50%4.2626.30%-8
Jake Odorizzi83.890.213.30%4.5923.60%7
Eli Morgan84.0571.215.70%4.5226.60%-6.5
Brad Keller84.05133.29.10%4.8425.40%
Cal Quantrill84.3101.212.90%4.4824.90%-2.3
Kyle Muller84.835.210.80%4.9128.50%-6.5
Chris Flexen85.3156.211.30%4.723.70%-1.1
Mike Foltynewicz86.613010.50%4.9425.10%
Kris Bubic87.178.110.00%4.8126.60%-4.1
Erick Fedde87.3511713.10%4.3724.60%-5.9
Brett Anderson88.3588.18.00%4.3524.00%
Antonio Senzatela88.413810.90%4.4224.90%-7.7
Caleb Smith88.7579.50%5.2326.90%
Chad Kuhl89.4678.00%5.127.70%-6.2
Vladimir Gutierrez89.55104.19.90%4.9126.80%-7.1
Jordan Lyles89.6142.211.40%4.825.90%-10
Kolby Allard90.1591.212.40%4.725.60%-5.6
Cole Irvin90.45158.111.10%4.8324.70%-5.9
Vince Velasquez91.9576.110.70%4.926.20%-4.5
Tony Gonsolin9235.210.10%5.0727.00%-3.9
Ranger Suarez92.237.213.00%4.224.60%-4.8
Matt Peacock93.85347.70%4.5827.20%-8.6
Mitch Keller94.38311.10%4.7424.60%-3.3
Michael King95.324.27.00%5.1827.50%-5.4
Zach Thompson96.2562.211.70%4.6826.70%-11.8
Stephen Strasburg96.3521.27.40%5.3228.70%-10.2
Chase De Jong9743.210.20%5.0625.50%
J.A. Happ97.1132.210.30%5.0122.60%-2.4
Tony Santillan97.916.212.20%4.7525.80%-5
Justin Dunn98.2550.19.20%5.1825.40%
Luis Patino98.455512.30%4.7925.50%-6
Garrett Richards98.5110.17.70%5.0324.70%-4.4
Jake Arrieta98.6594.28.80%4.9425.60%-6.8
Adrian Houser100120.16.90%4.823.30%-4.9
Zach Davies100.1141.26.20%5.3226.00%-10.5
Taylor Widener100.96111.70%4.8126.30%-11.6
Josh Fleming101.3556.17.60%4.6924.00%-3
Matt Shoemaker101.5550.25.60%5.3625.70%-1.3
Luis Gil101.951912.20%4.9627.20%-11.3
Matt Harvey102.2127.210.00%4.8524.10%-8.6
Kohl Stewart103.4512.28.60%4.824.10%
Wil Crowe103.5100.19.90%4.925.10%-9.8
Chi Chi Gonzalez104.9876.50%5.3123.50%
Daniel Lynch105.05578.50%5.0925.70%-7.8
JC Mejia105.242.16.90%5.1524.10%
Griffin Jax105.551.29.30%5.1826.90%-12.6
Ryan Weathers106.566.18.70%4.9925.40%-8.3
Deivi Garcia106.98.17.90%5.6528.10%-12.4
Keegan Akin107.4567.28.00%5.2625.90%-9.9
Aaron Sanchez108.430.19.80%4.5625.40%-11.8
Jeff Hoffman108.6454.30%5.725.60%-4.3
Hyeon-jong Yang109.15157.50%5.224.10%
Justus Sheffield110.5573.26.90%5.1625.30%-9.8
John Gant111.05823.60%5.6525.70%-9.6
Lewis Thorpe111.8514.1-3.20%6.2824.90%
Carlos Martinez112.3582.15.80%5.1825.70%-15
Jon Lester112.5119.14.50%5.4723.70%-7.9
Matt Moore113.756.16.80%5.3625.00%-7.5
Dean Kremer113.7553.29.00%5.2223.60%-5.6
Kohei Arihara114.6536.26.40%5.3525.40%-7.9
Johan Oviedo115.7557.24.40%5.4926.20%-14
Bryse Wilson117.0564.28.20%5.1824.60%-12.1
Edward Cabrera117.5512.2-3.70%6.3424.00%-1.3
Jake Woodford118.417.211.10%4.7424.20%-13.5
Chase Anderson119.236.16.00%5.4825.90%-14.7
Wily Peralta120.168.25.80%5.1124.20%-14
Carlos Hernandez120.349.17.70%5.2123.30%-8.4
Matt Manning120.7666.00%5.3424.30%-11.1
Sam Hentges121.05414.50%5.5924.90%-9.9
Logan Allen121.8540.26.70%5.2223.90%-9.8
Randy Dobnak123.134.13.30%4.8120.90%-10.6
Riley Smith123.1251.70%5.924.10%-7
Jose Urena123.15834.50%5.2323.50%-13.3
Tyler Gilbert125.2316.50%5.3723.60%-9.2
Jon Duplantier125.75135.70%5.324.40%-10.9
Thomas Eshelman12718.1-2.30%6.8725.60%-19.6
Spenser Watkins129.9467.00%5.3322.80%-15
Daniel Castano131.9517.13.80%5.6322.10%-10.2
Seth Frankoff136.5513.22.90%5.6919.80%-13.3
Joe Ryan
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11 months ago

I’m late to this post, for once LOL… AND OF ALL DAYS…

Anyway… I accept your apology.
I think Ohtani will be fine as he is still on the “6 man” rotation schedule where he only goes once a week and we saw this last start where they pulled him after 5 IP. I believe the Angels are trying to use the rest of the season to stretch out his innings max so that he’ll hopefully be good for ~170 IP next season.

The thing that makes him different than some other pitchers is he is not a max effort guy. you rarely see him come out and gun 100 in the first 3 IP. His improed location is cus he is trying to pitch vs throw now and conserve his arm for the long haul / later inning. In the 4th inning on you’ll see him get up to 97/98 to get a strike 3 to end on inning. And also, he’s not using the splitter early in game anymore, he’s been saving it more for 2 time through the order. So his entire approach has adjusted quite a bit and is focused more on longevity this year.

Reply to  Coolwhip
11 months ago

It’s too late, Ohtani’s ruined thanks to EWB, not Geoff and I

Reply to  Grey
11 months ago

HAHAHA but i will still blame you

Reply to  Coolwhip
11 months ago

It is my fault

Reply to  Coolwhip
11 months ago

Also… need second opinion, in limited moves league, who do you drop to activate Darvish – Taillon or MadBum?

Reply to  Coolwhip
11 months ago

Check out this guy stealing advice from EWB to use against him

Reply to  Grey
11 months ago

LOL what say you Grey? so i know to do the opposite

Reply to  Coolwhip
11 months ago

Haha, lose Taillon

11 months ago

Everyone is too low on Sandy Alcantara.

steve stevenson
steve stevenson
11 months ago

Good stuff, Blair. What do you think of Houck? Looks like he’ll stick in the rotation and his ROS matchups are pretty tasty. I’m thinking of bidding aggressively in my AL-only where I need W and K and am 2.5 pts out of 1st.

steve stevenson
steve stevenson
Reply to  steve stevenson
11 months ago

If he goes every 5th game (I know that’s a big if but bear with me), that’s Min, @Cle, Cle, TB, @Sea, NYM, @Bal.

11 months ago

Thoughts on Widener…two nice outings in a row….

11 months ago

Are these rankings?
How would you rank edrod, carrasco, Jordan Montgomery, Trevor Rogers, gomber and Taillon in a QS points league?

Reply to  everywhereblair
11 months ago

It does! Thanks man!

11 months ago

Thanks for the write-up. In my 12-team dynasty league I need to pick two pitchers out of the following lot to hold onto for 2022: Darvish, Bassitt, Gallen, Snell, Eovaldi, Mize, Manoah, Garcia, Patino, Ynoa, Detmers and Houck.

If I had to pick right now, it would probably be Darvish and Manoah but I do like some of the others. Are their two in there, or, should I be looking to trade?


Reply to  everywhereblair
11 months ago

Thank you…

11 months ago

Is it time to move on from L Gilbert? I asked you about a few SP in your other article you said Gomber and Civale were my best choices. Where would Means and Kikuchi rank along with Gomber and Civale? Thanks Blair!

11 months ago

Thoughts on Edward Cabrera who’s coming up to start vs. Washington on Wednesday? Looks like a ton of strikeout upside if he can keep his command under control to stay in the game for five innings. Are you grabbing him everywhere?

Reply to  lindorphins
11 months ago

Sorry, didn’t see Dude’s question on EdCab above before posting mine.

Reply to  everywhereblair
11 months ago

Haha, gotcha. Thanks!

11 months ago

What are your thoughts on Edward Cabrera coming up? Will he be fantasy relevant at all?
What are your thoughts on Carasco? He ha so my made 5 starts and the last one at the Dodgers wasn’t bad at all. He isn’t walking guys.
If you were taking a shot on one of these guys, which one?

11 months ago

ESPN expects Dinelson Lamet to be in the bullpen when he comes back. What do you think? Should I bother with him either way?

11 months ago

ESPN expects Dinelson Lamet to be in the bullpen when he comes back. What do you think? Should I bother with him either way?