Not a lot of us saw this major league breakout coming from Jesus Aguilar. We were all expecting an awkward OF & 1B battle in Milwaukee between Eric Thames and Ryan Braun. Then here comes Jesus walking on the waters of Lake Michigan from Cleveland to Milwaukee to become an All-Star with the Brew Crew (he should be — stay tuned.) Maybe we all should’ve seen this coming — in 655 minor league at-bats in 2016 Aguilar hit 40 HR and 114 RBI. The average was only .261, but in the Indians minor league system he has some high average seasons (2011: .288; 2013: .291; 2014: .304.) Aguilar has already dropped his strikeout rate from 30% to 24.6% and if that number continues to go down while his contact rate continues to climb — Jesus’s ascension could continue.


  • Eugenio Suarez, 3B, CIN: Guess who is second in RBI in all of baseball? Good guess, considering this is Eugenio Suarez’s paragraph. If Suarez was playing for a team with a .500 record he’d be an NL MVP candidate. Suarez has upped his hard hit percentage from 33.8% last year to 48.6% this year. He’s also upped his fly ball percentage from 37.1% last year to 40% this year. Add those last two sentences together and you get a believable growth in HR/FB of 22.9%. He’s also striking out about 5% less from last year. Pair all this was a BABIP of .314 (which is almost identical to his career .315) and you’ve got a believable NL MVP candidate on your hands.
  • Eduardo Escobar, 3B/SS, MIN: Escobar is the only hitter in the top-10 in slugging percentage with less than 15 HRs. His high slugging percentage is due to his league-leading 32 doubles so far on the season. Here’s the fun thing about that number — the Twins have only played 73 games on the season. The record for most doubles in a single season was 67 way back in 1931 by Earl Webb. Right now, Escobar is on pace for 71. Obviously a lot can happen between now and the end of the season, but how cool would it be to see Escobar break this 87 year old record? And just as a predictor — Jose Ramirez hit 56 doubles last season and look where he’s at now.



  • Dee Gordon, 2B/OF, SEA: Who is Dee Gordon if he isn’t stealing bases? Well in the past 17 games he has 0 SBs and only 8 runs. The .290 average is fine — but without the power or speed, he’s essentially Melky Cabrera. I wonder if the broken toe injury that he returned from at the end of May is still affecting him. The 19 steals he has collected keeps him in the top-5 in that category, but if he doesn’t start swiping some bags again you basically have Melky Cabrera at second base — and nobody wants that.
  • Gary Sanchez, C, NYY:

Oh, he has the second worst BABIP (.197) to only what’s left of Dexter Fowler. Gary is still hitting the ball with authority as evidenced by his 36.7% hard hit rate, but he’s only hitting line drives at a 14.5% clip and is hitting 40% of his balls into the ground. Hit it as hard as you want, but if you’re hitting a lot of ground balls and have almost a 50% pull rate and you’re a slow catcher — defenses are going to shift and easily throw you out at first.


Top 100 Hitters

GREEN: Rising | BLUE: New Additions RED: Falling

1 Mike Trout LAA OF 1
2 Mookie Betts BOS OF 2
3 Jose Ramirez CLE 2B/3B 3
4 Nolan Arenado COL 3B 5
5 Francisco Lindor CLE SS 6
6 Jose Altuve HOU 2B 7
7 Manny Machado BAL 3B 8
8 J.D. Martinez BOS OF 9
9 Charlie Blackmon COL OF 10
10 Aaron Judge NYY OF 11
11 Freddie Freeman ATL 1B 12
12 Paul Goldschmidt ARI 1B 18
13 Bryce Harper WAS OF 4
14 Trea Turner WAS SS 14
15 George Springer HOU OF 15
16 Andrew Benintendi BOS OF 16
17 Jean Segura SEA SS 17
18 Giancarlo Stanton NYY OF 19
19 Christian Yelich MIL OF 20
20 Anthony Rizzo CHC 1B 13
21 Kris Bryant CHC 3B 21
22 Joey Votto CIN 1B 22
23 Carlos Correa HOU SS 23
24 Lorenzo Cain MIL OF 24
25 Alex Bregman HOU SS/3B 26
26 Eddie Rosario MIN OF 32
27 Javier Baez CHC SS/2B 30
28 Mitch Haniger SEA OF 35
29 Ozzie Albies ATL 2B 28
30 Cody Bellinger LAD 1B/OF 29
31 Khris Davis OAK OF 31
32 Starling Marte PIT OF 33
33 Justin Upton ARI OF 34
34 Eugenio Suarez CIN 3B 47
35 Trevor Story COL SS 40
36 Nelson Cruz SEA DH 55
37 Jose Abreu CHW 1B 25
38 Daniel Murphy WAS 2B 36
39 Xander Bogaerts BOS SS 37
40 Tommy Pham STL OF 38
41 Adam Eaton WAS OF 39
42 Brandon Belt SF OF 41
43 Nomar Mazara TEX OF 43
44 Edwin Encarnacion CLE 1B 42
45 Scooter Gennett CIN 2B 45
46 Didi Gregorius NYY SS 48
47 Whit Merrifield KC 2B 49
48 Dee Gordon SEA 2B/OF 27
49 Ender Inciarte ATL OF 51
50 Travis Shaw MIL 3B 52
51 Mike Moustakas KC 3B 53
52 Brian Dozier MIN 2B 46
53 Michael Brantley CLE OF 54
54 Anthony Rendon WAS 3B 56
55 Cesar Hernandez PHI 2B 57
56 Shin-Soo Choo TEX OF 71
57 Rhys Hoskins PHI 1B/OF 58
58 Jose Martinez STL 1B 65
59 Matt Kemp LAD OF 79
60 Eric Hosmer SD 1B 44
61 Nicholas Castellanos DET 3B/OF 61
62 Joey Gallo TEX 3B/1B 62
63 Josh Donaldson TOR 3B 63
64 D.J. LeMahieu COL 2B 64
65 Yoenis Cespedes NYM OF 59
66 Chris Taylor LAD 2B/OF/SS 66
67 Gleyber Torres NYY 2B/SS 67
68 Wil Myers SD 1B/OF 68
69 Jesus Aguilar MIL 1B 90
70 JT Realmuto MIA C 70
71 Matt Olson OAK 1B 72
72 Carlos Santana PHI 1B 73
73 Max Muncy LAD 1B/3B 74
74 Adrian Beltre TEX 3B 76
75 Nick Markakis ATL OF 77
76 Ian Desmond COL 1B/OF 95
77 Eduardo Escobar MIN 3B/SS 109
78 Gary Sanchez NYY C 50
79 Andrew McCutchen SF OF 60
80 Marcell Ozuna STL OF 78
81 Michael Taylor WAS OF NR
82 Juan Soto WAS OF 80
83 Ronald Acuna ATL OF 82
84 Buster Posey SF C/1B 69
85 Yoan Moncada CWS 2B 83
86 Odubel Herrera PHI OF 93
87 Brandon Nimmo NYM OF 107
88 Kyle Schwarber CHC OF 84
89 David Peralta ARI OF 100
90 Justin Smoak TOR 1B 75
91 Tim Anderson CWS SS NR
92 Yangervis Solarte TOR 2B/SS/3B 85
93 Andrelton Simmons LAA SS 87
94 Brett Gardner NYY OF 81
95 AJ Pollock ARI OF 88
96 Jed Lowrie OAK 2B 91
97 Yasiel Puig LAD OF 96
98 Evan Gattis HOU C 97
99 Brandon Crawford SF SS 98
100 Austin Meadows PIT OF 101


Looking In:

CJ Cron TB 1B 86
Leonys Martin DET OF 102
Adam Jones BAL OF 103
Asdrubal Cabrera NYM 2B/SS/3B 105
Ryan Braun MIL OF 89
Marcus Semien OAK SS 106
Brian Anderson MIA 3B/OF 108
Jeimer Candelario DET 3B 110
Rafael Devers BOS 3B NR
Delino DeShields TEX OF NR
Aaron Hicks NYY OF NR
Ryon Healy 1B/3B SEA NR
Yadier Molina C STL NR



If you’ve got any questions, complaints or arguments about my rankings — please leave them below!

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4 years ago

Why so high on Eaton? Very little power and SB potential. Also hasn’t been starting much with Soto and Taylor emerging.

4 years ago

You’re sleeping on Mitch Moreland BIG TIME. He’s mashing the ball (48% hard hit rate, .625 xSLG, .421xWOBA) and hits in the middle of one of the best lineups in baseball. Top 50 hitter ROS i’d wager.

4 years ago

I think Rendon will be moving up at least 30 spots in the next month. I would also have Soto quite a bit higher. Even major regression for Soto and he would still be excellent. Very good list though-thanks for the rankings.

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  JPR
4 years ago

@JPR: I agree with you 100% on Rendon. His last two weeks have been fyyyyreeeee.
Soto is really doing a lot more than I expected as a teenager getting this level of a promotion. I think he’ll have some ups and downs as good pitchers/teams figure him out, but is looking like a keeper/dynasty darling.

Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson
4 years ago

Joey Gallo continues to be the most overrated piece of garbage by every pundit. What is the infatuation with this joker? So he hits one ball far every 2 weeks and K’s 3 times a game. He’s an absolute cancer to his team. He is now sitting vs lefties. He hits 6/7 on a terrible team. The guy has a freaking negative WAR for Christ sake. He’s going to be a Quad A player the rest of career, while he teases the Sportscenter masses with the rare Statcast moon shot. The fact he cannot even get a base hit against the beer league softball shifts being deployed against him says all you need to know. You have him ranked 62! He’s should be in the minor leagues learning to hit the broad side of a barn! Get him off this list already. No one hitting 192 in the 6 hole is the 62 best at anything!

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Turd Ferguson
4 years ago

@Turd Ferguson: You might be on to something. I’m digging the long ball way too much.
He bunted once against the shift — I wish he would do that every time. Easy singles.

Skinny Mike
Skinny Mike
4 years ago

I’m a bit Surprised that you don’t have Teoscar Hernandez in the top 100 or even in the “Looking In” section. Where does he fall in your opinion?

I currently have 3 spots in my starting lineup for the following 6 players on my roster. Which 3 guys do you like the most for this week, and which 3 guys do you like the most for the rest of the season?

Max Muncy
Manuel Margot
Brett Gardner
Miguel Andujar
Teoscar Hernandez
Jonathan Schoop


Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Skinny Mike
4 years ago

@Skinny Mike:
Week; Muncy, Margot, Teoscar
ROS: Margot, Schoop, Gardy

4 years ago

Have Nimmo as my 3rd OF in. H2H 6×6 OBP League. The pinky is concerning. Would you start Winkler and the Reds 6 starts v RHP or take a shot with a half healthy Nimmo?

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Chucky
4 years ago

@Chucky: As much as I hate to say it I think you should go with Winkler. Nimmo might miss a game or two and the Mets have an off day this week while the Reds don’t.

4 years ago

Rough week for my team this week. Thankfully, I’ll still be In first place. However, I’m trying to plug any holes before the deadline. I’m trying to target a closer and an impact bat, like judge, Stanton or manny.

Below is my roster. Given what I have, I think trying to buy low on Stanton before he goes on a tear.

Bats: Wilson Contreras, Hosmer, alibes, seugra, Eduardo Escobar, gleyber Torres, muncy, dee Gordon, aguilar, trout, Harper, Springer, McCutchen and Soto

Pitching: Paxton, nola, pivetta, chacin, Stratton, Kershaw, Verlander, bumgarner, thor, soraka, hader, Giles, vizcaino, Blake parker


Reply to  Mike
4 years ago

Of course target Stanton, but the tear has already begun so good luck with buying low

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Mike
4 years ago

@Mike: You have to take a look at what your trade partner is lacking and offer that. Honestly I don’t know that OF is your issue at all. Really all you need is 1 ace closer and your team should win your league.
How many teams is this league? I think you can not change your roster for the rest of season and still win.

Iifish Horton Heat
Iifish Horton Heat
4 years ago

Are Manny Margot, Profar, or Alen Hanson getting close to the radar?

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Iifish Horton Heat
4 years ago

@Iifish Horton Heat:
Hanson: No. Before his injury he was getting there, but he hasn’t done much since his return.
Profar: Maybe. He’s only hitting .233 in June.
Margot: Yea he’s getting there. Since his averaged dropped below .200 on May 21st he’s hitting .345/.427/.524. He’s only got 1 HR and 1 SB in those 27 games — but you have to believe those will come around.

4 years ago

As a Gary Sanchez owner, are you trying to give me a hint to pick up Dexter Fowler too? I don’t think I could handle all the positive regression!

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Simsbad
4 years ago

@Simsbad: I’m not so sure about Fowler…I don’t know what his deal is.