Welcome, prematurely balding men and five women who are married to prematurely balding men and decided if you can’t beat them, join them!  Make yourself comfortable, this is gonna be a long post.  Here make yourself some java.  Okay, you just poured rat poison into your coffee.  Don’t worry, it can’t be worse than owning Pablo Sandoval in the 1st half.  Oh, you owned him and that’s why you poured it into coffee!  Now, I’m following!   Hey, who’s leading here?  Well, whoever it is their taillight is out and I’m gonna have to make a citizen’s arrest.  Before we get into the top 100 for the 2nd half of 2015 fantasy baseball, let’s just be glad our 18-year-old selves can’t see us now, we’d get beat up!  But our twelve-year-old selves would think we’re the coolest!  So, as with all of the other 2015 fantasy baseball rankings, take this list with a grain of salt.  If you need a 2nd baseman, but an outfielder is above him that doesn’t mean you can’t trade the outfielder for the 2nd baseman.  Also, things change in fantasy baseball.  Daily.  I could put Au Shizz number two on the top 100 list for the second half of 2015 and he could pull a–Well, we won’t even mention an injury with Goldy.  Why soil a good thing, ya know?  This list is a road map for where I think guys are valued.  It’s not the Holy Grail in the Church of Grey, that would be my mustache.  This list is NOT (caps for emphasis, not aesthetics) where I see guys ending up if you were to take their first half and combine it with the 2nd half of their season. This is simply a list of the top hundred fantasy baseball players if you were to pick them up today.  So while Carlos Santana did not have the greatest first half, he will appear on this list because I still believe.  The projections are not their combined 1st half and 2nd half numbers; these are their projections for the 2nd half of 2015.  I also liberally used our rest of the season Fantasy Baseball Player Rater.  That’s right, we have a Player Rater that tells you what guys will do.  It’s like that camera from The Twilight Zone.  Welcome to the future!  Anyway, here’s the top 100 for fantasy baseball for the 2nd half of 2015:

1. Mike Trout – For some reason, I’m picturing you and me acting out a stage play of a scene from the movie, Celtic Pride, and we’ve kidnapped Trout so our opponents can’t win our fantasy league and you’re Dan Aykroyd.  Well, you don’t expect me to be Dan Aykroyd, do you?  Projections: 52/16/42/.292/10

2. Paul Goldschmidt – Brucely, Au Shizz and my love of Goooooooooold should be number one, but I’m going safe and saying Trout.  If you were to flip-flop them, I wouldn’t hate, I’d procreate another city/state.  I’m a poet and aware of it.  Projections:  49/15/54/.312/8

3. Clayton Kershaw – I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating.  I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating.  Wait, not that part.  I rank pitchers higher in the midseason because you know by this point which pitchers are healthy and putting together terrific seasons.  In March, it’s much more of a crapshoot, which also happens to be Clayton’s gambling brother.  Crapshoot Kershaw has a real problem, and he’s colorblind, so how’s he ever going to win money betting on blue?  Projections: 9-2/2.20/0.93/115

4. Max Scherzer – You could take Kershaw, Sale, Scherzer and Kluber, put them in a hat and place them in any order.  Yes, you need a very big hat.  No, I don’t know where to find that big of a hat.  Stop with the semantics!  Projections: 9-3/2.49/1.01/122

5. Anthony Rizzo – 2nd half rankings need to balance what’s happened and what could happen in the 2nd half.  Rizzo (and all Cubs) will benefit from the nasty humidity in Chicago in July and August when balls fly out of the park.  Out of the top ten, Rizzo’s likely the one with the most upside.  Projections: 45/17/47/.289/6

6. Josh Donaldson – I wrote Donaldson and Arenado’s names on my wall and let my unicorn stab its horn into the 3rd baseman that would be ranked 6th.  You don’t like it?  You argue with a pissed-off unicorn.  Projections: 54/15/48/.284/4

7. Nolan Arenado – You know why you love me and my love for The Torenado this preseason, because in hindsight it looks so obvious, but no one else was saying it.  The ability to see the obvious through all the chatter is what really separates me from other ‘perts.  That and good hygiene.  Projections:  46/15/51/.301/1

8. Kris Bryant – Yeah, this could be around where he is ranked next year.  Deal with it!  Or deal for him.  Projections:  48/15/51/.260/5

9. Corey Kluber – Same as Scherzer.  Actually, nearly identical in all his peripherals to Scherzer, except Kluber’s been a tad unlucky.  Call him, Shizzlucker.  Projections:  8-3/2.61/1.05/124

10. Bryce Harper – Not sure how many home runs he has left in his bat.  Or is that how many “in the Harper?”  *reluctantly high-fives self*  Projections:  50/14/53/.309/4

11. Albert Pujols – In the preseason of 2014, I loved Pujols still and others had moved on.  Then I followed suit and left him this preseason, but I obviously got out of the Pujols too soon, which sounds like a problem I’d like to have.  Projections:  42/14/48/.267/2

12. Jose Bautista – The shoulder still worries me, but it hasn’t seemed to slow him down, which is just frickin’ awesome since I traded him for Stressbird two months ago.  Projections:  44/16/50/.251/3

13. Edwin Encarnacion – Another Blue Jay, another wonky shoulder, another cortisone shot, another home run hit.  This was “not a haiku” from my book, Not Haikus For Youse.  Projections:  41/15/47/.248/2

14. Chris Sale – As I said in Scherzer’s blurb (at least I think it was Scherzer’s blurb, my eyes don’t move up; I have a strange condition like Pete Yorn), Sale could be ranked up there, but I have slightly less faith in Sale’s ability to stay healthy.  Projections:  6-2/2.66/0.98/117

15. Andrew McCutchen – This is more of a “I can’t quit you” ranking.  Only it’s a little east of where we usually camp and we’re at Brokeknee Mountain.  Projections:  45/12/48/.306/7

16. Todd Frazier – Due to a clerical error by my receptionist (which is actually me on the phone pretending to not be me), he was accidentally omitted.  More like omitodd, amiright?!  Projections:  41/12/44/.281/8

17. Troy Tulowitzki – As I’m more likely to rank pitchers higher in the 2nd half, I feel the same about extremely injury-prone guys like Tulo.  I figure at this point, it’s worth the gamble more so than in March.  There is the other side of this coin that says, “He was healthy in the 1st half so his chances of getting injured go up in the 2nd half,” but how are you fitting that on a coin?  Projections:  45/13/44/.310/1

18. Carlos Gomez – Likely incorrectly, I’m ranking Gomez higher than he should be based on his 1st half, thinking he has more left in him than most hitters.  That’s perhaps the worst conclusion I can make and here I am making it!  Projections:  39/9/30/.277/14

19. Joey Votto – Between you and me, because there’s no way Rudy reads this whole post (or any of it, though there is a chance he does a “Find” on his name, in which case, “Hey, Rudy!”), I’ve had to hear at least once a week how he was going to draft Votto in the 2nd round of Tout Wars if Votto would’ve fell one more spot.  Projections:  37/12/40/.297/3

20. Manny Machado – Not a whole of the rankings here will match next year’s preseason rankings, but I could see this one holding up.  For some reason, I could see every other site saying something like, “Machado enjoyed a breakout 2015 season,” and then ranking him in the 50s.  Machado won’t be lower than 20th overall for me next year.  Projections:  48/12/39/.282/8

21. Hanley Ramirez – The Rest of the Season Player Rater hates Hanley like you hate pants without an elastic waistband.  Honestly, I have no idea why such hate.  I mean, he hasn’t been terrific, wonderful, adjective, but he hasn’t been as bad as the ROS rater is saying either.  Projections:  43/12/48/.285/4

22. Mookie Betts – Like how Hanley’s ranking went against the ROS Rater, Betts is actually due to it.  The ROS Rater just licked its fingertips and smoothed down its eyebrows.  Projections:  45/8/31/.279/13

23. Starling Marte –  I could be deluding myself, but I think he’ll be fine after the All-Star Game.  Please let that be true.  Projections:  38/9/39/.277/13

24. Yoenis Cespedes – He felt to me like a poor man’s Adam Jones but now feels like a rich man’s Adam Jones.  Call him Yoenis Jefferson!  Projections:  44/12/38/.282/4

25. Charlie Blackmon – In a roundup last week I said something like how I love Rockies hitters in Coors in their prime.  And that’s me paraphrasing me!  I.e., you can’t keep a good Blackmon down.  Yes, I should’ve realized this in the preseason and had Blackmon ranked higher, but I’m making reparations, now give him forty acres and a mule.  Projections:  42/9/30/.282/12

26. Madison Bumgarner – Can we count down the time until Bum becomes Lincecum?  345 more innings?  Over/under?  Keep in mind, before Lincecum became present-day Lincecum, no one foresaw it either.  Projections:  8-2/2.91/1.07/101

27. Johnny Cueto – I just gave you a Johnny Cueto fantasy.  It was written in sparkley dust.  Projections:  6-5/2.78/0.98/95

28. J.D. Martinez – One thing I don’t like in his peripherals is his HR/FB% is a bit high.  Yes, I had to work really hard to find something negative on him.  Projections:  37/12/43/.279/2

29. Brett Gardner – I love, love, lurve Gardner, but even I have to admit this ranking is a little bizzonkers.  Screw it, let’s live Rodney Dangerfield!  I joined Alcoholics Anonymous the other day, I still drink but now I use a different name.  *pulls collar*  Projections: 45/8/29/.279/12

30. Ryan Braun – Whoa, Bozo Bozostein, Gardner over Braun?  You’ve sat on your head and thought out your ass!  Yeah, yeah, I know.  We have Braun apologists out there, but just last week this handsome guy by the name of Grey Albright, Fantasy Master Lothario, said to sell Braun, and I believe him.  Projections:  35/10/39/.275/8

31. A.J. Pollock – *shrugs* I really have no idea where to rank him.  He could be anywhere from a top 10 guy to a top 200 guy.  I think he’ll be closer to the top than 200, but there’s some risk here.  If nothing else, you could get him together with 1,000 other Pollocks and screw in light bulbs by turning the house.  Projections:  45/7/29/.287/12

32. David Price – I can see the end for Price and it looks like Sabathia, but don’t think we’re there yet.  Projections: 7-3/2.91/1.09/97

33. Adam Jones – If Yoenis is now a rich man’s Adam Jones, that makes Adam Jones a poor man’s Yoenis.  Call him Po’enis.  Projections: 38/11/39/.281/3

34. Prince Fielder – This is likely a best case scenario ranking.  I could see him easily being about as valuable as Moreland while Prince just took up more land.  Projections:  36/12/40/.290

35. Adrian Beltre – Hmm, this is like a tier of players that could be as valuable as a top ten guy or random schmotato off waivers.  Projections:  35/11/38/.295/1

36. Nelson Cruz – Yup, still this wonky tier, except unlike Beltre, Cruz’s better days are behind him.  Projections: 36/11/38/.261/3

37. Chris Davis – One of the few players that could hit 20 homers in the 2nd half or 10 homers and a .115 average.  Projections: 33/16/40/.235/1

38. Buster Posey – I don’t feel like cleaning my internet history to search for this, but there’s been a porn actor who’s used a slight variation on Buster’s name, right?  Projections:  35/9/37/.309

39. Jose Abreu – When I look at how high I ranked Abreu in the preseason, I also hear in my head Dark Helmet saying, “You fell for the oldest trick in the book, mon!”  In fairness (to someone, maybe me), Steamer’s rest of the season projections would still have him near the top ten.  Projections:  36/10/39/.297

40. Jose Fernandez – This is a wing and a prayer ranking, because I have no idea how many innings J-Fer will pitch this year.  Wing and a Prayer is also my favorite place to stop in Mississippi for fried chicken and to get right with Jesus.  Projections:  5-4/2.76/0.98/90

41. Adrian Gonzalez – Here’s what I said the other day, “He had eight homers in April and hit .383.  Guess who told you to sell him?  (Hint: It was me.)  In May, two homers, hit .274.  In June, 3 homers and hit .248.”  And that’s me quoting me!  Projections:  39/10/41/.274

42. Jake Arrieta – Lester and Arrieta are like the white boy pitching version of Denard and Revere.  If you can tell them apart, more power to you.  Projections: 6-3/2.91/1.08/92

43. Jon Lester – See what I said 1/8th of an inch above.  Projections:  7-3/2.98/1.12/95

44. Joc Pederson – This guy has me perplexed (Pedplexed?  That sounds like it’s bordering on being raided by the FBI.).  I’m perplexed because he has 20 homers in the 1st half and 30-steal speed in the minors and he’s 23 years old, yet I don’t get the sense people are as crazy about him as they should be.  Pederson could be a top five guy for all of fantasy next year.  All he needs to do is get his average up.  Projections:  42/10/30/.241/9

45. Felix Hernandez – I don’t want to scream fire in the theater of Razzball, but F-Her’s peripherals look terrible and if he doesn’t turn things around in the 2nd half, he could be a guy to avoid next year.  *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, kazoo*  That’s your cue, Felix owners in keeper leagues.  Projections: 7-4/3.09/1.08/97

46. Justin Upton – Should be ranked up there with Marte, but Ups has been slumping and has an oblique issue.  That actually isn’t that oblique at all.  Pretty exact, in fact.  Projections:  35/12/38/.263/4

47. Brian Dozier – Man, the 2nd base position is a mess.  With that said (hold on, Grey’s turning this thing around!), Dozier has been solid.  Projections:  40/8/29/.245/7

48. Billy Hamilton – I look at SAGNOF at the midseason point similar to starters.  You know who’s getting saves or steals, and if you need those things, you should pay for them.  Would I have done a preseason trade of, say, Upton for Hamilton or Kimbrel or Aroldis?  Oh, heck to the fire to the no.  At the midpoint of the season, if you need saves or steals, you do what needs to be done for your needs…needs…needs…needs…Stupid broken record!  Projections:  31/3/22/.245/31

49. Dee Gordon – Same bailiwick as Hamilton which means they both have speed to burn, which might be a pun on bailiwick.  Pun kinda noted!  For full disclosure purposes — or porpoises if dolphins have taken over the world by the time you read this — I had Gordon above Hamilton prior to the thumb injury.  Projections:  34/0/17/.272/32

50. Aroldis Chapman – Same, same, same with Billy Hamilton.  I will also say this, Aroldis or Hamilton or Gordon or any SAGNOF guy could be ranked here or out of the top 100.  They are completely needs based like cartilage.  Wait, that’s knees based.  Projections: 2-1/1.95/0.99/51, 17 saves

51. Andrew Miller – Hey, if you don’t need saves, don’t pay attention to this ranking.  How’s dem apples?  Delicious!  Projections: 1-1/2.12/0.89/42, 17 saves

52. Kenley Jansen – Just another SAGNOF in the wall.  Hey, Maddon, leave those closers alone!  Hey, Mattingly, leave common sense alone!  Hey, Lloyd Christmas McClendon, leave Carson Smith alone!  Projections: 2-2/2.04/0.88/40, 16 saves

53. Jose Altuve – Altuve’s a weird one.  No, not because he’s four-eleven.  The Player Raters always love Altuve more than I do, so I went to see where he was ranked for the rest of the season, and it was lower than I had him, so I had to reevaluate everything I know in my life.  Hmm, maybe The Beatles aren’t corny to listen to.  Nah, that can’t be.  Projections:  34/3/28/.300/17

54. Chris Archer – This guy and Gerrit are on the precipice of being in the top five to ten SP conversation for next year if I’m using the word “precipice” correctly and using the word “correctly” correctly.   Projections:  5-4/3.03/1.12/93

55. Gerrit Cole – See what I said 1/8th of an inch above, or seven inches above if you’re trying to impress a girl.  Projections:  6-3/3.07/1.15/88

56. David Robertson – Do you ever have dreams where Wu Tang are singing about SAGNOF?  Hmm, maybe it’s just me.  Projections: 2-0/2.44/1.03/40, 16 saves

57. Mark Teixeira – See what I said about Lind in about 12,000 words.  It’ll all make sense.  Projections: 32/12/45/.247/1

58. Carlos Correa – Fly, icarlos, fly!  Projections:  29/8/31/.269/8

59. Zack Greinke – You know what you’re getting from Greinke, so let me take this time to say you should try to find and watch the Danish show, Borgen.  No, it’s not about pastries, those are danishes.  Projections:  8-2/2.87/1.10/83

60. Matt Harvey – I’m listening to Rakim rhyme about Juice (Know the Ledge) and that’s how I feel about Harvey.  As Harvey gets to September, his innings will start to get high and we’ll see if the Mets let him stand too close to the edge, let’s see if they know the ledge.  Projections:  6-2/3.18/1.09/79

61. Michael Pineda – Imagine peripherals are delicious candies, and Pineda’s filled with them.  Projections:  6-3/3.07/1.15/87

62. Jose Reyes – Some of the guys from this top 100 will bomb or get injured and produce no stats in the 2nd half.  My gut says one of those guys will be Reyes, but I just ate Mexican, so it’s hard to trust my gut.  Projections:  34/5/25/.282/10

63. Jacoby Ellsbury – Feels like this is a mini tier of Reyes and Ellsbury of guys that could give you about a week’s worth of stats.  Projections:  34/5/32/.279/15

64. Craig Kimbrel – See no SAGNOF, hear no SAGNOF, trade for no SAGNOF, unless you need SAGNOF!  Projections:  1-1/2.88/1.03/46, 15 saves

65. Jason Kipnis – I debated for two hours whether to rank Kipnis or Cano first, then took a nap, had a snack, totally forgot what I was doing and ranked them in this order without a second thought.  Projections:  42/5/29/.267/10

66. Robinson Cano – Some of the rankings here reflect what we’re likely to see next preseason, and five over-the-internet dollars says this about where Cano will land in ADP in 2016.  If not here, that means he has as horrendous of a 2nd half as he had in the 1st half and he falls even further, but I think we see a slight bounce back from him.  Still not a good year, just a better 2nd half.  Projections:  35/9/38/.278/3

67. David Ortiz – I feel like Big Poopie could retire for three years, come back to play and still do exactly the same thing he’s doing now and get ranked around here.  Projections:  32/13/38/.255

68. Michael Brantley – I haven’t mentioned this yet this year, and I figured what better place than to bury it among 45,000 other words, but I regret not labeling Brantley a schmohawk in the preseason and telling people to avoid him.  I knew I wasn’t drafting him and that he wouldn’t repeat his breakout from 2014, but I wasn’t as explicit about it as I should’ve been.  Regrets, indeed.  My thesaurus says I’m Rue McClanahan.  Projections:  32/7/37/.291/7

69. Carlos Gonzalez – If a guy can hit 9 homers in a month with five steals, he could be a top 20 hitter in the 2nd half.  If CarGo does that, I’ll eat my hat.  My giant hat with the top four pitchers in it.  Callback!  Projections:  33/12/34/.272/4

70. Carlos Carrasco – This will be the 2nd Dan Aykroyd mention (it’s a revival!), but Salazar and Carrasco remind me of The Festrunk Brothers.  Projections:  6-4/3.39/1.14/96

71. Danny Salazar – I figured I’d keep the two ulcers together.  Projections:  6-5/3.46/1.16/95

72. Freddie Freeman – I’ll admit that if he would’ve stayed healthy, he would’ve beat my preseason projections, but, here’s the thing, he didn’t.  Mess with the unicorn, you get the horn.  Projections:  28/8/34/.282/1

73. Cole Hamels – The teams he’s willing to get traded to include San Diego, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles because he doesn’t care about winning as much as he cares about a nice suntan.  Projections:  5-4/3.32/1.19/87

74. James Shields – There seem to be this little mini tiers forming all over this post.  Lester/Arrieta, Gerrit/Archer, Carrasco/Salazar and now Hamels/Shields.  Interesting (to me).  Projections:  6-2/3.45/1.21/92

75. Yasiel Puig – He had four homers and one steal in the 1st half, so instead of saying “When pigs fly” for the unlikely, we should say “When Puig shows fantasy value.”  Projections:  31/8/33/.292/6

76. Matt Kemp – I call this section of our program, “I Bet If You Owned These Guys In The 1st Half, You Would Prefer They Were Ranked Out Of The 100.”  We are happy to announce we recently won a technical Emmy for longest program title.  Projections:  35/8/31/.255/6

77. Evan Longoria – I’m gonna try to enjoy my midsummer break, so moving on!  Projections:  32/10/35/.269/2

78. Victor Martinez – You have to admit I once again nailed the guys you should avoid this year.  C’mon, give me my props, Black Moon!  Projections:  31/8/35/.282/1

79. Carlos Santana – I just gave you my Carlos Santana fantasy.  I wrote it with my toes.  Projections:  33/11/36/.239/2

80. Jacob deGrom – The Rest of the Season Player Rater hates deGrom, so even though I’ve been accused of being down on deGrom in the non-sexual way, I’m actually being generous with this ranking.  Projections:  6-4/3.27/1.10/77

81. Jordan Zimmermann – And the ROS Player Rater hates Zimmermann even more than deGrom.  I wonder if it’s confusing it with Ryan Z.  Projections:  7-2/3.29/1.18/76

82. Alex Rodriguez – You just can’t keep A-Rod down.  Only his super buff, manly girlfriends can do that.  Projections:  31/10/34/.259/2

83. Xander Bogaerts – Basically, I’m going to like Bogaerts until he breaks out.  It’s coming one of these years.  Projections:  34/6/33/.291/4

84. Dallas Keuchel – Still don’t buy his 1st half.  What can I say, I’m hard-headed like your coconut bank from Hawaii.  Projections:  5-4/3.33/1.18/74

85. Sonny Gray – Hey, it’s my boy!  Hey, boy!  Say hello to your mother for me!  Projections:  5-5/3.41/1.19/81

86. Lorenzo Cain – This might come off as daffy, but Cain could be a top 20 overall fantasy player in the 2nd half.  Really any player that can hit ten homers and steal 15 bases in a half could.  Projections:  35/6/33/.278/12

87. Matt Holliday – Another guy I said to avoid in the preseason.  I’m something like 30 for 31 in preseason schmohawk overrated posts in my career (and that’s my career as a jackass).  I think the only one I missed on was Cliff Lee the year he followed his breakout season with another great year.  Projections:  30/8/31/.272/2

88. Adam Lind – I’m pretty much walking away with my RCL with J-FoH flailing as Rudy starts to creep up.  I mention that now because I’ve dropped Teixeira and Lind in that league and still have a 12 in runs and RBIs, so your takeaway is…?  Fish and chips?  Are you British?  No, your takeaway is that you can make mistakes and still win your league.  Projections:  30/8/32/.273

89. Kolten Wong – When he gets married, does the official ask if the bride takes this Wong?  I’m trying to picture this.  Projections:  34/6/23/.261/7

90. Giancarlo Stanton – I still wear my Giancarlo tramp stamp with great honor.  Projections:  18/9/22/.255/2

91. George Springer – I call this portion of our program, “Hey, My DL’d Player Is Better Than Your DL’d Player.”  At a certain point, it pays to gamble on a DL’d player, but it doesn’t pay much since if they don’t come back until mid-August you’re not getting anything from them that’s any better than, say, a hot schmotato.  Projections:  16/7/12/.250/5

92. Miguel Cabrera – I can picture some people reading through these injured superstars and silently weeping.  Thanks for keeping it silent, no one wants to hear you moping!  Projections:  12/7/17/.325

93. Anthony Rendon – Could be the first injured guy to return, but I’m not convinced he’s much more than Yunel Escobar for this year.  That is the ultimate diss.  Projections:  21/2/19/.285/3

94. Corey Dickerson – I said back in April/May (Apmay?) that the Rockies won’t likely announce this until August/September (Augember?), but Dickerson will be shut down for the year.  So, you can gamble on him, but you might get stats comparable to Nadir Bupkis.  Projections:  16/5/14/.289/2

95. Ian Kinsler – Yeah, I have no idea how he got ranked here other than he was so bad in the 1st half, he’s gotta be better, doesn’t he?  Terrible logic points!  Projections:  38/4/28/.262/6

96. Eric Hosmer – I really wanted to squeeze Moistasskiss into the top 100 too, but I had to settle on one agita-inducer.  Projections:  35/7/34/.282/2

97. Jay Bruce – Okay, so I did manage to find another agita-inducer.  By the by, don’t, don’t, don’t say something like, “Grey, you are handsome, and I enjoy your mustache enormously, but Bruce’s projections look better than Springer if you count runs and RBIs, so why are they ranked like this?”  There’s more than stats involved in rankings.  Of course, you don’t want Springer in your active lineup, but if you can stash him and he comes back early, then he’s huge value compared to Bruce.  A lot more risk too.  Projections:  30/11/33/.237/3

98. Lance Lynn – You know how people say borrrrrrring with extra R’s?  Why don’t we do that with other words.  I’m starting that.  Lynn is so underrrrrrrrrrrrated!  Projections:  6-3/3.29/1.24/82

99. Kole Calhoun – Do you think he has a dog named Calhound?  Projections:  34/8/32/.260/2

100. Cameron Maybin – Because he’s healthy and I’m giving out some just deserts like I’m on Cupcake Wars.  Projections:  36/5/20/.271/10

101. Miguel Sano – Fo’serious, I could’ve ranked Ken Giles here due to Papelbon getting traded and it could work out that way in the 2nd half.  In the 2nd half, lots of things could happen.  I just put Sano here because who doesn’t like upside?  You don’t?  Wow, who are you?  Projections:  29/9/32/.245/2

102. Whoever Helps You Win – Don’t get tied to projections and rankings and “I drafted this guy in the 4th round this year.”  Yeah, we all hate Longoria, not just you.  The worst thing you can do at this stage is hold onto players just because of what they could do vs. what they are doing.  What they are doing is what wins championships and that’s what excites the ladies in your daydreams and your daydreams are real to you.

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      @Ben: No doubt that people are sick of hearing about Frazier since last night.

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      @Ben: Just to add to this, Frazier HAD to be an oversight, right??? Making me nervous that there’s something I don’t know about his future.

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      Grey says:


  3. Wilson says:

    Thank to your great work! Grey
    by the way, no Hunter Pence?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      No problem

  4. PancakeMaker says:

    Has anyone else mentioned the absence of Todd Frazier?

    *looks up*

    Oh good.

  5. Eric says:

    Worried about innings counts for Syndergaard and McCullers? Even in non-keeper, I can’t imagine preferring some of the guys you ranked in the lower top-100 over Synd and McCullers with their sick Ks and sick peripherals. I was expecting to see them make an appearance right after deGrom, or thereabouts.

    Related: I assume you don’t trust Tanaka to stay upright?

    Love your stuff. Thanks as always.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      No I don’t trust Tanaka, thanks!

  6. Kevin says:

    Better watch yourself I heard the Toddfather is looking for you

  7. seph meier says:

    The angry 3b unicorn killed Todd Frazier

  8. Crapshoot Kershaw says:

    not exactly sure, but i think this exact post was when i was created last year.

  9. Brett says:

    Down goes Frazier!

  10. greg says:

    Surprised that you, of all people, didn’t have Maikel Franco there….you really then Longo outperforms him ROS?

    And really, you forgot Frazier? DOWN GOES FRAZIER! KO’d BY GREY HIMSELF!

    Damn….just realized someone posted that as I was typing…but not in ALL CAPS!


    • Winthrop says:

      @greg: On all the podcasts Grey has been saying how much he likes Maikel but that he doesn’t expect him to keep it up and that all rookies have bad months. I’m assuming he’s still following that logic here.

      • Scott says:

        @Winthrop: To be fair, #100 could be “any late season call-up with upside”

    • Grey

      Grey says:


  11. jakeTPE says:

    Nod, nod, nod….. That’s seven nods in the top 33. Add Frazier and it’s potentially *8* nods!!!

    People around me think I’m bopping to music in my head! No! They’re Grey’s 2nd half ranks. Music to my ears!

    • Grey

      Grey says:


  12. Fastpitch says:

    NL only. Nola over W. Smith? We start 10 pitchers and I have 3 other closers plus Giles. My SP are hurting after Coles, JZim,A. Wood, basically all streamers. I need to lower my ERA, and in a 3 team fight for saves and K’s.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Different things, I’d go with Nola

  13. Bread N Mustard says:

    If Todd Frazier gets hurt in the first week of the second half it will be a confirmation that Grey is a prophet.

    • Scott says:

      @Bread N Mustard: It’s the curse of the Home Run Derby.

    • Grey

      Grey says:


  14. Benny says:

    In a dynasty league where you can keep players forever, would you trade Joey Gallo for Polloack, Blackmon, or neither?

    • Hawk says:


      Pollock, yes. Blackmon, no.

      There’s a lot of swing and miss in Gallo’s bat. A lot a lot. Alot of power too but a lot of swing and miss.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Sure, either, Blackmon first

  15. dave reinart says:

    Loved the Carrasco/Salazar ulcer line. damn funny. I think i’m either going to drop them both, or start them both every start and never look at their results, except maybe once per month. Your mention of Wrigley humidity inspired me to grab Soler again, and made me fear all the Cubs pitchers I own. SP’s, not RP’s. I’m rondone with their pen for the year.