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This is the top 100 starters for 2022 fantasy baseball? This is the top 100 starters for 2022 fantasy baseball! Which means. Dot dot dot. This is the end of the 2022 fantasy baseball rankings. I can reclaim my fingers! Wait, I still have to do the top 100 overall and top 500 overall. Hmm, that was short-lived. Subscriptions are up and running, and they come with our Fantasy Baseball Draft War Room, now for auction leagues, snake leagues, Best Ball leagues and AL-Only and NL-Only leagues. Here’s Steamer’s 2022 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Hitters and 2022 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Pitchers. As always, my projections are included, and where I see tiers starting and stopping. If you want an explanation of tiers, go back to the top 10 for 2021 fantasy baseball and start this shizz all over again. Anyway, here’s the top 100 starters for 2022 fantasy baseball:

NOTE: All 2022 fantasy baseball projections are based on a 162-game season, and will be until we hear definitively there will be less games, due to the CBA. Also, I’m going on the assumption the NL is getting the DH.

NOTE II: All my rankings are currently available on Patreon for the price of a Starbucks coffee, if you get one of those extra grande frappuccino jobbers. Don’t wait for the rankings to come out over the next month, and get them all now.

NOTE III: Free agents are listed as just that and not yet projected. Once a guy signs, I will write out their blurb and add in projections, or remove them, if they sign in an unfavorable place. They are ranked currently where I think they might be if they sign on for a full-time job.

81. Tony Gonsolin – This tier started in the top 80 starters for 2022 fantasy baseball. This tier ends at Greene. I called this tier, “I’m using the milkrowave.” As for Gonsolin, pretty tricky guy to rank, if I’m being honest, and for once I am. Well, also when I call myself handsome. Gonsolin’s tricky because in shallower leagues, this flyer means nothing. If he sucks or is bumped from the rotation again, you drop him. Or hold him for middle relief innings. No harm, no foul this late in, say, a 10 or 12-team league. In a 15-team or deeper league, this could be a costly flyer. Again, this is why I say Fantasy Pros rankings of, uh, rankings are so wildly dumb. Rankings are totally fluid depending on your team and the league. If you have four upside flyers on your staff in a 15-team league, then you absolutely should be drafting someone like Marco Gonzales over Gonsolin, and I haven’t ranked Marco yet. Where is Marco? Polo! Show yourself, Marco! He’s much further along in the rankings, because this is first and foremost a 12-team and shallower ranking. You can use what I say for each player and their projections for any league, and if a guy is in a favoriable tier vs. not favorable tells you whether I’d draft them in deeper leagues, but Gonsolin or, say, Greinke in a 20-team league? Well, do you have risky starters on your team already? Do you need a safer, older starter? Do you need upside?

Pretty confused why there’s no shine on Tony Gonsolin early on in drafts from what I’ve seen. He was around a top 60 starter last year for people even though he wasn’t in the rotation. Now, he’s way off radars, while being penned (penciled?) into the rotation finally? Was last year a disappointment? You tell me: He had a 3.23 ERA and 10.5 K/9 in 55 2/3 IP. Oh, and he also started 13 games vs. appearing in only two as a reliever, so the Dodgers are viewing him as a starter. Could he get bumped from the rotation again? Sure, but if I were the Dodgers, I’d first bump Price or Heaney, and fist bump Gonsolin. UPDATE: Dodgers traded for a few 5th starters, so I’ve lowered Gonsolin. UPDATE II: Dave Roberts made the right call and is keeping Gonsolin in the rotation, so he was moved back up. 2022 Projections: 9-6/3.76/1.28/143 in 131 IP

82. Elieser Hernandez – Full disclosure alert! Had Elieser in multiple places in these rankings. At one point, he was down about another 20 spots, and at one point in the top 80 starters. Marlins starters got me feeling drunk. See, I’m Hooch’d as they keep Turner’ing into great starters. There’s nothing in Elieser’s perfs (the kids call them that) that I don’t want on my team, but then you see his velocity and ‘stuff’ and you’re like Jesse from Breaking Bad screaming, “He can’t keep getting away with it!” 2022 Projections: 8-9/4.04/1.22/144 in 139 IP

83. Reynaldo Lopez – Absolutely might be in middle relief for part of the year, or the whole year. Hard to say right now, but whether he’s relieving or starting, his fantasy value won’t be below this ranking, if he comes anywhere close to repeating last year’s 2 BB/9 and 8.6 K/9. From the outside looking in, it seems like Reynaldo finally found the correct pitch mix to unleash the mounds. The only issue is the mounds were unleashed when he decided to scrap all but two pitches. Not terrible, but an old school manager like Lol Russa might see that as a long reliever vs. starter. 2022 Projections: 7-3/3.39/1.11/109 in 117 IP

84. Zach Plesac – “What’s up cats and dogs? Your boy Zach is super bummed to report last year sucked. A short night usually means time to catch up with some of the crew, grab some pineapple pizza and hit the hotel jacooz, but last year was a little too much R & R even for your boy. Welp! Keep flippin the bird at the haters. Plesac out.” That’s Plesac recounting his previous season. Lots of insights to gleam.

My fear with Plesac is he really is much more a 6 K/9 guy, and I have no idea how he was a 9+ K/9 guy in 2020. It really might’ve been a sample size shituation, but for this price, I’m fine with the flyer to see if he can regain some magic. More betting on the Cleveland Pitcher Factory than anything. 2022 Projections: 11-8/4.12/1.15/122 in 154 IP

85. Hunter Greene – Already gave you my Hunter Greene fantasy. It was a bad mother-yo, you better watch yo’ mouth! UPDATE: Moved up when Gray was traded. 2022 Projections: 6-7/4.34/1.39/132 in 118 IP

86. German Marquez – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Gibson. I call this tier, “Six-sevenths of almost interesting.” You see 8.3 K/9, and you’re like, “Ya know what, that’s almost interesting!” Then you see a guy’s K-BB% and you’re like, “That’s gonna lose about 1/7th of an almost interesting.” That’s this tier, six-sevenths of an almost interesting starter. In deep (NL-Only or AL-Only, for unstints) leagues, this tier is a strong option because in those leagues waivers are scant/skank, and you need IP. If I do my top 500 correctly, this tier and every starter after won’t appear draftable for 12-team leagues or shallower. One last thing about tiers that I’ve prolly said a dozen times before (can you tell I’m delirious by the time I get this deep into writing the rankings?), guys at the beginning of the tier were likely tried for the last tier, but ended up with a hung jury or guilty of not being good enough. So, Nuremberg chucked the Nazi in Exile down to this tier.

German Marquez can chuck 170+ innings pretty easily, and maybe you can stream him when he’s…*looks at his splits*…is it me or did all Rockies pitchers last year pitch better at home? How many humidors did they have? Did they have a tiny humidor inside a larger humidor? Well, if you can figure out when to stream Marquez, then go for it, but in deeper leagues, he’s prolly fine to just roll out there for the 180-ish Ks and maybe luck into him figuring out his road problems. 2022 Projections: 11-10/4.11/1.28/185 in 183 IP

87. Eric Lauer – He was a 4.50 ERA pitcher, then last year he managed a 3.19 ERA season in 118 2/3 IP, and, well, I don’t know. Lauer might be usable as a deep-league starter with no upside. Or last year might’ve been one of those smoke and mirrors, “David Blaine your magic is real, and I believe in you”-type ruses. A 9 K/9, and low 3 BB/9 with a tick up on his fastball, and it’s hard to dislike any Brewers starter. 2022 Projections: 10-9/3.97/1.30/142 in 146 IP

88. Corey Kluber – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Rays for $8 million. Knowing the Rays, they’ll prolly ask Wander Franco to pay Kluber. Kluber still has the ability to be good — last year: 9.2 K/9, 3.7 BB/9, 3.83 ERA in 80 IP — and I think his draft price has finally reached such a floor that he’s become interesting again. It only took Klubot short circuiting for a few years like Johnny 5. Stamina to throw 120+ IP will definitely play a role in his value, unless someone signs him up for a weekend retreat in the Adam Wainwright Health and Wellness Spa.” And that’s me quoting me! 2022 Projections: 7-7/3.91/1.31/108 in 104 IP

89. Marco Gonzales – Nearly ranked Marco up in the top 80 starters. Up where for Marco? Polo! Then, like a cheater at Marco Polo, who is using a three-foot straw to breath under water, he went way down. Just couldn’t convince myself why I would want a 6-7 K/9 guy any higher. I get the ratio help argument, but with the fading walk rate, there just wasn’t enough here. 2022 Projections: 11-8/4.08/1.15/133 in 168 IP

90. Yusei Kikuchi – Signed with the Jays. Bummer for the teams where I took a flyer hoping he’d end up in Metco. This is a nice move for real baseball. The Jays are Smart dot org.  For fantasy, Kikuchi’s become a 9+ K/9 guy with middling command. His homers per nine were also off the charts last year, and that was in Safeco. In Rogers Centre, he could be The Tragedy of Macdeath-by-homers. Don’t have him in 12-team drafting territory, and this doesn’t change that. Yusei does remain Lisa Loeb’s favorite player name. 2022 Projections: 9-9/4.09/1.30/149 in 145 IP

91. Adrian Houser – Try to guess what his ERA was last year. To make it easier, here’s three options: A) 3.22 B) 3.94 C) 4.43. He had a 6.6 K/9, 4.1 BB/9 and a 4.33 FIP. Any guesses? No, it’s A. Close though. You were only two letters off. He had the 2nd best ground ball rate in the majors, 60.9% vs. 59%, between 1st place and Logan Webb and him. It’s very hard to be useless as a 60% GB guy, but competing against that is how it’s very difficult to be great with a 6.6 K/9 and 4.1 BB/9. 2022 Projections: 9-9/3.79/1.30/118 in 157 IP

92. Wade Miley – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Claimed off waivers by the Cubs. What a jizzoke. Not that I love Miley, but he was a solid real world starter. The Reds are tanking the 2022 season in November of the previous year, and they so desperately need to make changes to the CBA it’s not even funny. Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, screaming at all tanking teams, “They can’t keep getting away with this!” It’s not like getting rid of Miley bumps up Hunter Greene’s promotion date either. I don’t what needs to happen, but you can’t have teams not trying to win. The major leagues have become a real-life Major League movie.” And that’s me yadda’ing up the yadda!  UPDATE: Elbow inflammation. Oh, just that nugget. 2022 Projections: 11-11/4.13/1.36/138 in 171 IP

93. Kyle Hendricks – You know what’s funny that’s not funny at all but more interesting? Since there’s a lockout and no actual baseball news while I write up these rankings, I’ve been spending way too much time looking at Hall of Fame voting. So, that led me down a rabbit hole that would’ve enchanted Lewis Carroll, and I started looking at K/9 for old timey pitchers. New Hall of Famer, Jim Kaat, specifically, had a 4.9 K/9 in 4530 1/3 IP. Kyle Hendricks was born in the wrong era. His 7.5+ K/9 would’ve had him as a first balloter. 2022 Projections: 8-12/4.13/1.25/143 in 186 IP

94. Taijuan Walker – Almost exactly 6/7ths of an interesting. Could be the most almost interesting almost interesting guy.  2022 Projections: 9-11/4.08/1.17/142 in 155 IP

95. Jameson Taillon – The latest news on his ankle injury says, “Yankees are hoping he’s back sometime in April.” “Back sometime in April” has only led to a player returning in April once, can you name him? No, definitely wasn’t James Paxton. 2022 Projections: 9-6/4.19/1.19/132 in 137 IP

96. Zack Greinke – Signed with the Royals. “Zack is back” is a headline on The Kansas City Star and would also be the longest sentence Greinke has ever said besides, “Chipotle’s guac is too expensive.” 2022 Projections: 11-10/4.33/1.19/121 in 158 IP

97. Carlos Carrasco – It’s weird to say this about a player, because this is supposed to be about what a guy can do for my fantasy team, but, when I see Carrasco, all I can think is, “Even though he can’t help my fantasy team, I’m glad he made it back from leukemia.” What is this I’m feeling, empathy for another human? 2022 Projections: 7-9/4.23/1.33/123 in 128 IP

98. Alex Cobb – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Giants. Squeeze a lime on Alex and he becomes Thai Cobb. Take it, Highlights! It’s yours! This is a solid move for Cobb, but let’s put down the truth before wrapping ourselves in dreams. He just turned 34 and hasn’t had a season of 100 IP or more since he was 30. I’d take the random solid 100 IP in deep leagues, but wouldn’t expect more.” And that’s me quoting me!  2022 Projections:  9-6/3.61/1.24/106 in 102 IP

99. Andrew Heaney – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Dodgers. It’s funny to me the people twisting themselves into a pretzel trying to figure out how great Heaney is gonna be, due to his peripherals. You know the thing about Heaney’s peripherals? Not yet you do, but I will tell you. The thing is, Heaney’s had great peripherals for the last four years! Ya know what’s not so great? His career 4.72 ERA. As I said in my rankings last year when I told you not to draft him, “Just dismissing him feels shortsighted, but think about how well we all would’ve done the last seven years of his career if we just dismissed him.” And that’s me quoting me alluding again to his career 4.72 ERA! He’s not good; I’m sorry.” And that’s me copying and pasting me! 2022 Projections: 8-9/4.36/1.28/145 in 132 IP

100. Chris Flexen – He threw 179 2/3 IP last year and had a 3.61 ERA with a 6.2 K/9 and 2 BB/9. Ya know what the Mariners did? They did what the Twins have been wanting to do but better. Just cheap, garbage starters to fill-out the staff that overperform on ERA and are janky as all-get-out. Weird Flexen, but okay. 2022 Projections: 10-9/3.91/1.23/119 in 178 IP

101. Kyle Gibson – He’s like a cheap, less interesting Nick Pivetta. Call him “The Knick on Showtime is a show I’ve never seen but it looks almost interesting.” 2022 Projections: 10-8/3.97/1.26/148 in 179 IP

102. Nestor Cortes – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Grayson. I call this tier, “Saying romance into a glass bottle, then tossing it into the sea.” Putting a message in a bottle is rarely answered, it’s even more rare when someone just speaks words into a bottle and casts it off into the ocean. That’s this tier. The very rare chance for success. As for Nestor, could see moving him up to the top 80 starters if we get to the final week of the season and the Yankees have actually committed to Nestor being in the rotation. The problem is the Yankees have fallen into this team philosophy of going out and getting guys like Kluber rather than giving prospects a chance. Not just a pitching problem, either. For further discussion on this, look at Clint Frazier’s career vs. Brett Gardner’s playing time. It’s almost like the Yanks forgot what made them such a force in the 90s and early 2000s. Farm talent mixed with free agents.

Nestor Cortes put up 10 K/9, 2.4 BB/9 and a 20.9 K-BB% with a 2.90 ERA in 93 MLB IP last year. Kinda reminds me of Elieser Hernandez because the stuff isn’t overpowering (90 MPH FB), but lots of pitches to choose from, which makes his fastball overperform — .189 xBA. For more on him, check out Coolwhip’s Nestor Cortes fantasy. 2022 Projections: 7-6/4.09/1.14/144 in 131 IP

103. James Kaprielian – This offseason the A’s remade their team, doing their best to change their culture; club wasn’t working around players like Canha and Kaprelian but those windows of opportunity come and go. They come and go. Boy, Jorge Soler would fit nicely there. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, Kaprielian. *sneers are shot my way* Me, “Do you really want to hurt me?” Kaprielian seems very likely to get starts this year, but could bounce between the rotation and the pen. He’s a four-pitch guy with a weaksauce fastball. His breaking and offspeed stuff could make him a number three starter, or a very strong long man. 2022 Projections: 7-6/4.17/1.26/139 in 136 IP

104. Tylor Megill – Ya know what Tylor Megill feels like? Okay, besides a real-live human. A guy who gets love as a sneaky sleeper pick, and within reason, it’s not crazy, but then we get closer to the season and we realize he’s no longer even in the rotation, then he bounces between the rotation, bullpen and minors. Could be wrong here, because there is something tantalizing about his 10 K/9, 2.7 BB/9 and absurd 1.9 HR/FB with a 42.4% GB rate. UPDATE: Like someone stuck in an elevator with Droopy Dog, Megill got had by a Bassitt. 2022 Projections: 7-6/3.91/1.24/106 in 94 IP

104. Brady SingerHere’s a story of a lovely fella who has two pitches…Sorry, I was picturing a guy introducing himself as a Brady Singer. Sinker and slider guy, who was unlucky last year, which points out a drawback to a two-pitch pitcher. If one pitch gets hit, like his sinker had a .325 BAA, then he’s got nothing else to fall back on, even if the xBA was .268. The .268 xBA tells us the other problem, even if he’s neutrally lucky, he’s still kinda bleh. So, where’s the romance adrift in the sea? He’s dabbled with a change, and if he can harness it, he could become a better pitcher. 2022 Projections: 7-11/4.24/1.37/153 in 151 IP

105. Michael Pineda – Signed with the Tigers. He looks like he’s eaten a tiger. Have you seen this guy lately? He showed up in shape. The shape of a circle. Beginning to think he’s really taken the piñata nickname to heart and he’s filled himself with candy. 2022 Projections: 8-8/4.38/1.25/112 in 131 IP

105. Domingo German – Guten tag, Sonntag, das Volkswagen go hoppe, hoppe, reiter. I vas just writing das Nick at Nite TV channel protesting their airing of das Hogan’s Heroes. I vill stop to glockenspiel the Yankees’ Sonntag. Looks under das boot of the Mercedes vroom vroom and I vill say hallo to a heat miser who looks like Nestor Cortes but vith more fastball giddy up. Three pitches and solid command and things could be wurst. UPDATE: Sore shoulder and out for months. 2022 Projections: 8-8/4.05/1.16/133 in 134 IP

106. Casey Mize – Trying to get over my initial thoughts on Mize, which are “Boy, this guy sucks.” That doesn’t even make any sense, because he just threw 150 1/3 IP and had a 3.71 ERA. His peripherals are so grody though. Yet, his pedigree is so good. His strikeouts bleh. His strikeouts-supposed ceiling? Great! Ground balls down, check! Way too many home runs still? Yup! At some point, he is going to click, and I will need to put respect on his name from what I can *pinkie to mouth* Sir Mize.  2022 Projections: 10-9/4.19/1.17/141 in 176 IP

107. Ryan Yarbrough – What’s he, 18 months from being coveted as a fantasy baseball sleeper? So, that sounds like nothing, but at one point fairly recently there was some promise. Hopefully, the weight of losing Brosseau won’t be too much for him. Ya know, with the Rays’ loss of Brosseau, Ryan’s gotta pick up the ‘bro’ slack. 2022 Projections: 10-10/4.34/1.21/126 in 163 IP

108. Luke Weaver – Some guys I look at and I imagine a difference of maybe 0.50 ERA between my projections and what they could end up doing. Other guys like Weaver, I think could have anywhere from a 2.90 ERA to a 6.50 ERA, and he’s done just that in two of the past three years. I have him in a favorable tier while not being draftable in a 12-team of shallower leagues, because I think his peripherals (9-ish K/9, 2.7-ish BB/9) are enticing, but it’s not shocking he has a career 4.64 ERA in 415 IP. He’s a two-pitch pitcher and neither pitch is revelatory like a dream, Weaver. 2022 Projections: 7-9/4.32/1.17/141 in 144 IP

109. Dane Dunning – This tier has a lot of “these guys had the smell of breaking out before last year, and now have lost some shine” vibes. Also, their upside, at least how it’s now perceived, is around 8+ K/9, 4.00-ish ERA. I did kinda say last preseason that I liked Dunning, but he’s gonna struggle to throw a lot of innings. And that’s me vaguely paraphrasing me! Ended up with a 1st/2nd half split of 4.12/5.12 ERA, which might be explained by just being taxed more than Wesley Snipes. 2022 Projections: 8-9/4.23/1.31/136 in 132 IP

110. Carlos Hernandez – After throwing 85 2/3 IP last year, it might not matter how optimistic I am on him. Hard slider, decent curve and a 98 MPH heater that he runs up to 101, and I’m not talking the California freeway. Not putting on my black belt to join the Chuck chorus in a full-throated manner, but I bet there’s gonna be weeks, maybe months, where he’s a solid streamer. 2022 Projections: 8-7/4.11/1.33/129 in 133 IP

111. Luis Gil – Here’s what Prospect Itch said about Luis Gil, “I thought the 6’2” 185 lb fireballer might look like a fish out of water when Gil got plucked from AAA with a 4.81 ERA, but he threw six shutout innings in his debut against Baltimore, allowing one walk, then five shutout innings against Seattle, allowing two walks, then 4.2 shutout innings against Boston, allowing four walks. Got kind of ugly after that. Seven walks against Toronto, allowing one hit but three runs. Maybe I should have laid this out differently, but at some point that’s just a game log, and I’m trying to point out the trend of diminishing control, which lines up with his entire baseball life to this point. He has always walked about 15 percent of opposing hitters. That dog won’t hunt for a starting pitcher in the AL Beast. If he can find a way to spot his pitches, his fastball jumps barrels atop the zone, and his slider is an easy plus pitch, maybe double-plus, but he doesn’t trust his changeup, and he probably shouldn’t. All in all, he looks like a solid but volatile starter with considerable but distant upside or a dominant reliever as soon as yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, I spent the whole day thinking of ways to beat up Grey.” Okay, not cool. On a side note, I’d put the over/under for Gil saves at three and not zero, if you follow. 2022 Projections: 5-2/3.61/1.36/87 in 72 IP

112. Jose Suarez – Angels’ rotation has two hitters in it and one guy named Sandoval, who sadly isn’t Pablo, because if Pablo Sandoval was in a rotation, I’d declare the 2022 Angels my favorite team ever. Mention this because I like Suarez, but don’t trust him to stay in the rotation. But, Part II: These But’s Stink, if Suarez is pushed out of the rotation, it’s by someone who’s not there yet. The Angels always have big “sign over-the-hill starter like Pineda” energy.  2022 Projections: 7-5/4.27/1.31/107 in 121 IP

113. Nate Pearson – Imagine this entire tier was under a manhole in NYC. The smoke coming out of that manhole would spell, “Did everyone forget these guys were highly sought after last year and are still very young?” And that smoke would smell like hot pretzels, because of course.

As for Pearson, is Stripling still in the rotation? Are all the Jays’ starters healthy? Pearson should be the first guy up and, even though he doesn’t have a spot in the rotation right now, that could change with a snap of the fingers, especially if Stripling’s the one snapping his fingers and he has a blister. Don’t Caviezel Nate low, he’s a Pearson of interest. *door gets knocked off hinges* You’re being arrested for a terrible pun! Come with us! “NOOOO!!! I’m sorry!!! Please!” Rethinking, “Wish you were here earlier,” off looks, “Because I had a fly and you’re a Swat team.” *Dragged out of house screaming* UPDATE: Removed from my pitchers pairings tool. He is no longer a Pearson of interest. 2022 Projections: 6-4/3.77/1.36/119 in 98 IP

116. Sixto Sanchez – Total and unequivocal flyer. From what I’ve heard and can infer, he might be good for only 75+IP. There’s been a lot of question marks about him outside of his shoulder surgery. His dedication level has been getting questioned. Not great for a guy who needs to get his arm strength back. UPDATE: Setbackk and it’s unrealistic to think you should draft him in the top 500. 2022 Projections: 3-3/3.59/1.10/72 in 84 IP

114. Dakota Hudson – Confession that proves I’m an idiot alert! Saw Hudson had a 1.04 BB/9 last year, and moved him up 50 starters, then saw it was only in 8 2/3 IP, and punched myself in the face and moved him back down (after I recovered from a surprisingly strong right hook). He’s got a 3.14 career ERA in 249 2/3 IP with literally no Ks and quite possibly the best ground ball rate I’ve ever seen. 2022 Projections: 7-4/3.43/1.12/79 in 103 IP

115. Reid Detmers – Already gave you my Reid Detmers fantasy. It was written while exploring Antarctica.  2022 Projections: 6-8/3.93/1.24/151 in 128 IP

116. Edward Cabrera – Already gave you my Edward Cabrera fantasy. It was tantalizing in its simplicity. 2022 Projections: 6-8/4.21/1.36/123 in 114 IP

117. Roansy Contreras – Already gave you my Roansy Contreras fantasy. It argued with its fiancée the whole time. 2022 Projections: 7-12/3.83/1.29/131 in 117 IP

118. Grayson Rodriguez – Already gave you my Grayson Rodriguez fantasy. It had a lot in common with Common, the rapper. 2022 Projections: 3-3/3.87/1.24/78 in 61 IP

119. Zach Eflin – This is a new tier. This tier goes until Mikolas. I call this tier, “Janky McJanky Jankerstein.” These guys are not safe, a bunch are injured; they’re not 6/7ths of almost interesting, and, finally, they’re not worth the flyer. They’re just a bunch of Janky McJanky Jankersteins. As for Eflin, had knee surgery in September, and that was going to knock him out for 6-to-8 months. That timetable puts him ready for Opening Day or around the All-Star Break, which might be the same depending on the lockout. I kid. I hope. April or July is the difference between having a girl to go to the prom with or having to hire someone to play the “girl from another town that you’ve been dating for three years that you just might not have met yet.” So, is Eflin gonna be effin’ on prom night or on LinkedIn hiring a prom date? 2022 Projections: 5-7/4.05/1.28/104 in 98 IP

120. Stephen Strasburg – Next two guys are a small sub-tier of guys who I’d like to blast into orbit. Can’t NFBC and Blue Origin do some kind of sponsorship deal? As for Strasburg, he had TOS, and that’s not when you injure your elbow by scrolling to the bottom of Apple’s Terms of Service, but it may as well be. 2022 Projections: 6-4/4.24/1.34/106 in 101 IP

121. Chris Paddack – Really wanted to believe in this guy last year and that ended up about as bad as it could’ve. He did more damage to my team than if I had handed my draft over to my mom and told her to draft whomever and she only drafted guys because they sounded like “nice Italian boys.” A team filled with a bunch of Antonio Senzatela’s and Steve Lombardozzi Jr.’s would’ve been better! 2022 Projections: 7-5/4.31/1.29/95 in 93 IP

122. Merrill Kelly – Drafted Kelly in one league already this year around 420th overall, and I was happy to get Kelly. So, clearly you have to make draft pick 420 while high, but the thing about this tier and any of the schmohawks after the top 80 starters overall is “if the league is deep enough, all of these guys become appealing if you need IP or UPside.” 2022 Projections: 7-11/4.21/1.25/148 in 166 IP

123. Patrick Corbin – Has truly some of the most incredible peripherals. Corbin managed a 30.9% fly ball rate and came within one home run allowed of leading the league with 37. I didn’t feel like doing the research, but 37 home runs allowed with as low as a 30.9% fly ball rate has to be near the top HRs allowed in the last 20 years. Find out for me who gave up the most home runs in one season with a 31% fly ball rate or under. So more than 37 homers allowed and a 31% FB rate and under. The first person to get me the correct answer in the comments and I will send you a Razzball t-shirt. Use your right email address in the comment so I can contact you. 2022 Projections: 8-10/4.36/1.39/154 in 182 IP

124. Rich Hill – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Red Sox. The Red Sox were like, “Hey, we surprised people with Nick Pivetta as our ace, let’s see if we can really, really surprise people!” I’ve mentioned this before, but it always blows my mind that Rich Hill’s been in the league since 2005, and only has 1134 2/3 career IP. Nolan Ryan prolly got that in three consecutive seasons. That is insanely hard to pull off. You have to be good enough to stay in the league, but not good enough to ever pitch a full season. He’s averaging 70 IP per season and he has zero career saves! That’s bonkers.” And that’s me–well, you know. 2022 Projections: 6-5/3.71/1.20/127 in 136 IP

125. Kris Bubic – If the Royals’ farm system married the Marlins’ farm system, what a fine-looking few (years they’d have in front of them). Meaning: Royals’ young bats are interesting, but their arms are hot garbage left out on the surface of the sun, and kinda vice versa for the Marlins. Any hoo! Bubic sounds like what you get when you ask for pepper at a strip club — a grinder that stinks. 2022 Projections: 7-10/4.40/1.39/144 in 153 IP

126. Madison Bumgarner – Will he return to Mad-Bum or continue the new tradition of us being Mad-at-Bum? Find out next on, “Starters Don’t Reverse Terrible Declines in Velocity.” Geez, the title of that show kinda gives away some important spoilers. 2022 Projections: 9-11/4.35/1.21/129 in 151 IP

127. Dylan Bundy – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Twins. Just realized something. The Twins run their team like their fantasy managers. Buxton? Burn us again, baby! Pineda? Make it hurt, lover! Bundy? The upside is incredible! Yeah, better the Twins than me.” And that’s me copying and pasting me! 2022 Projections: 6-8/4.51/1.33/136 in 134 IP

128. Miles Mikolas – The guys in this tier suck so bad. These guys are like the pitcher equivalent of the word ‘moist.’ By the way, I get some people have a problem with the word “moist,” but the mothereffin’ word “pus” is so much worse. It’s not even close. 2022 Projections: 7-10/4.47/1.20/119 in 163 IP

129. Max Meyer – This is a new tier. This is also the last tier of the 2022 fantasy baseball rankings, so here’s hoping the blood eventually comes back to my arthritic fingers. I call this tier, “Using my nose to type, because my fingers are so sore from writing all the tankings. Damn, stupid nose!” As for Meyer, didn’t write up a Meyer rookie post, because I’m not sure he’s going to be up this year to make a difference, but I promise you if he’s randomly called up, I’m going to knock over grandmas trying to get to my waiver wire to grab him. I love current Marlins’ starters as you know, and Meyer might end up the best one. 2022 Projections: 1-1/2.78/1.04/34 in 26 IP

130. Daniel Lynch – On his jersey back, he should have them write “Da. Lynch,” and have his Royals’ jersey in blue velvet, and walk to the mound with an oxygen mask on. That would be amazing. 2022 Projections: 4-6/4.55/1.36/87 in 96 IP

131. JT Brubaker – This guy is super close to becoming a number two to three starter. All he needs is a trade to another team. 2022 Projections: 6-10/4.39/1.31/146 in 142 IP

132. Drew Smyly – Signed with the Cubs. The North Side of Chicago hasn’t seen a Smyly so wide since Sammy Sosa. Is that something? How about this, Smyly is not how fans are during Drew’s starts? Harsh, but more accurate? Yeah. 2022 Projections: 7-9/4.41/1.33/117 in 120 IP

133. Tyler Anderson – Signed with the Dodgers. Between Anderson, Danny Duffy, Tony Gonsolin, Clayton Kershaw, David Price and Andrew Heaney, the Dodgers have 64% of a 5th starter. UPDATE: Will be a piggyback option, so removed. 2022 Projections: 8-5/4.32/1.24/118 in 142 IP

134. Mike Minor – Uh, I just looked at Mike Minor’s year-over-year stats and he’s had a 1.24 WHIP three years in a row. That entitles him to sleep with Khris Davis’s wife. Time to pay the piper! UPDATE: Traded to the Reds. Yo, I don’t know who Minor screwed over in a past life, but going to the Reds? My man needs to fix his chakras! At least guys traded to the A’s will be going to a good park. Going to Cincy? For a team not competing? Seriously, go see a karma healer. 2022 Projections: 6-17/4.40/1.24/149 in 144 IP

135. Zach Thompson – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Traded to the Pirates. Seeing now what the Pirates see in Zach Thompson; he won’t be a free agent until 2028, when he’s 35 years old. Pirates’ mascot should be a treasure chest with legs that is filled with booty. Not treasure, but actual asses.” And that’s me quoting me! 2022 Projections: 6-10/4.47/1.35/124 in 146 IP

136. Austin Gomber – A weird sensation came over me recently, I actually wanted to draft a Rockies starter. Neil Diamond would sing, “Love on the Rox, it’s a surprise. Just pour me a drink, they can’t be much worse than Casey Mize.” Gomber had a 2.09 ERA at home last year, and a road ERA that was *covers mouth with hand so you can’t hear me* Now back to the top 10 for 2022 fantasy baseball to start reading again! 2022 Projections: 7-12/4.34/1.34/139 in 147 IP

137. Nick Martinez – Signed with the Padres. Looks like a gentile Josh Lindblom. Call him Nick Retail. Interested in seeing how the projections look, but my take is he’s kinda meh. Good for roughly 130 IP, and first one out of the rotation to become a long-man in the pen. What’s kinda funny in an unfunny way, I ranked him around 520 overall, then looked up his ADP and it’s 511, so general enthusiasm is about same. 2022 Projections: 6-7/4.36/1.32/119 in 134 IP

Jake Odorizzi, Danny Duffy, Cole Irvin, Michael Wacha, Matt Manning, Ross Stripling, Vladimir Gutierrez, Dallas Keuchel, Kyle Freeland, David Peterson, Dustin May, Brad Keller, Michael Lorenzen, Erick Fedde, Taylor Hearn, Johnny Cueto, Mike Soroka, Justin Dunn, Tucker Davidson, Sammy Long, Caleb Smith, Tyler Gilbert, Kyle Wright, Touki Toussaint, Alec Mills, Reiver Sanmartin, Antonio Senzatela, David Price, Hans Crouse, Tyler Beede, Josh Rogers, Paolo Espino, Keegan Akin, Jordan Lyles, Eli Morgan, Tyler Alexander, Brandon Bielak, Jaime Barria, Lewis Thorpe, Randy Dobnak, Spencer Howard, A.J. Alexy Trebek