Camp is in full swing, and the initial wave of Covid-19 diagnoses and Opt Outs have taken place. We are not doctors, we only play them on fantasy baseball sites. Seriously, Covid-19 throws a massive shadow and we’re all doing our best. As far as the rankings go, our fearless leader had some big news on Friday:

As you can probably guess, the fine tuning of park effects has an effect on the rankings. In particular, the AL and NL Central nightly battles look to be high scoring affairs. The other 100 pound Gorilla of news is what Mike Trout is going to decide to do. Throw in so many questions with the Yankees, and some with the White Sox, and there are a lot of changes this week. This creates small changes at the top, and many large changes as you go through the list. With all that in mind, here’s the latest rankings. You can find last week’s rankings here.

Top 100 Hitters

Rank Name Position Team Last Change
1 Christian Yelich OF MIL 3 +2
2 Ronald Acuna Jr. OF ATL 1 -1
3 Cody Bellinger 1B/OF LAD 2 -1
4 Francisco Lindor SS CLE 4 0
5 Jose Ramirez 3B CLE 9 +4
6 Trea Turner SS WSH 5 -1
7 Trevor Story SS COL 6 -1
8 Rafael Devers 3B BOS 11 +3
9 Mookie Betts OF LAD 10 +1
10 Nolan Arenado 3B COL 12 +2
11 J.D. Martinez OF BOS 8 -3
12 Juan Soto OF WSH 13 +1
13 Alex Bregman SS/3B HOU 14 +1
14 Javier Baez SS CHC 17 +3
15 Bryce Harper OF PHI 19 +4
16 Anthony Rizzo 1B CHC 23 +7
17 George Springer OF HOU 21 +4
18 Adalberto Mondesi SS KC 20 +2
19 Keston Hiura 2B MIL 27 +8
20 Ozzie Albies 2B ATL 22 +2
21 Jose Altuve 2B HOU 24 +3
22 Fernando Tatis Jr. SS SD 31 +9
23 Ketel Marte 2B/OF ARI 30 +7
24 Xander Bogaerts – With Yankee pitching taking a hit, Red Sox lower tiered batters getting a lift along with the top two. SS BOS 33 +9
25 Nelson Cruz DH MIN 26 +1
26 Austin Meadows OF TB 35 +9
27 Manny Machado SS/3B SD 32 +5
28 Nick Castellanos – A lack of Covid-19 on his team, for now, boost this formally dark horse NL MVP possibility. Coors is not the best all around park to hit in, it’s Cincinnati. He’s going to rake. OF CIN 86 +58
29 Luis Robert – Gaining more and more respect as the park effects take hold, but then his counting stats take a hit with Moncada potentially being out. OF CHW 29 0
30 Pete Alonso – The rumors of his demise were perhaps overstated in my last ranking. Park effect ding not as bad as originally thought. But still a regression candidate. 1B NYM 42 +12
31 Josh Donaldson 3B MIN 34 +3
32 J.T. Realmuto C PHI 40 +8
33 Kris Bryant 3B CHC 38 +5
34 Bo Bichette SS TOR 37 +3
35 Starling Marte – 2020 is something else. Lord is it something else. Marte wanted to retire when his wife suddenly died earlier this year. What does that mean about a silly little thing like fantasy baseball? Unkown. It hurts to type this, but unknowns are not good. OF ARI 18 -17
36 Andrew Benintendi – He’s a left handed batter, and Chapman being out for however long helps his revival. I mean, it’s really all about the hair. OF BOS 48 +12
37 Yordan Alvarez DH HOU 36 -1
38 Mike MoustakasReds batters getting some bump from park effects, those AL Central NL Central battles are looking higher scoring by the day. 2B/3B CIN 62 +24
39 Gleyber Torres – He’ll get more chances in the best spots in the batting order, but his team is crumbling around him. Aroldis Chapman has joined the Covid All Star crew. The Yankees are favorites no more. He’s much less likely to get injured like Stanton and Judge, but his counting stats are getting worse seemingly by the hour. 2B/SS NYY 28 -11
40 Freddie Freeman – His battle with Covid-19 continues be very tough. 1B ATL 15 -25
41 Marcell Ozuna OF ATL 39 -2
42 Kyle Schwarber – He may’ve been working on his defense over the years, but DH at bats and park effects, well, you’re getting it. OF CHC 54 +12
43 Lorenzo Cain – Say it with me, park effects! OF MIL 59 +16
44 Giancarlo Stanton – The lineup is crumbling around him. Aaron Judge looked healthier, but now he’s come down with a stiff neck. Maybe the Yankees crumbling into obscurity will turn him into peak Miami Stanton, but I doubt it. OF NYY 16 -28
45 Charlie Blackmon – In a similar boat to Freeman. OF COL 25 -20
46 Carlos Correa SS HOU 52 +6
47 Whit Merrifield 2B/OF MIL 47 0
48 Anthony Rendon – The Trout effect. 3B LAA 41 -7
49 Eugenio Suarez – That theme of themes, NL/AL Central high scoring theater. 3B CIN 79 +30
50 Jose Abreu – Moncada (see below) effect, but a boost because of the AL/NL Central offensive environment. That’s because Abreu will likely get more at bats out of a Moncada absence. 1B CHW 55 +5
51 Eloy Jimenez – The Moncada question hurts these White Sox bats and their potential counting stats. For Jiminez, the effect is neutral for now. OF CHW 50 -1
52 Tim Anderson – Until we see what’s up with Moncada, who was in camp before he got his rumored positive Covid test, I’m downgrading White Sox batters who’s value is wrapped up in runs. SS CHW 46 -6
53 Yuli Gurriel 1B/3B HOU 57 +4
54 Eddie Rosario OF MIN 56 +2
55 Victor Robles OF WSH 53 +2
56 Carlos Santana -What’s this? Another good AL/NL Central bat. You get the message yet? 1B CLE 75 +19
57 Rhys Hoskins – AL East park effects continue to boost him up the list. 1B PHI 71 +14
58 Ryan Braun – He’s in the NL Central/Al Central offensive vortex. His team has a lack of Covid-19 cases. He’s got the Universal DH to add to his at bats. Another sneaky NL MVP possibility if Yellich has a hickup. OF MIL 78 +20
59 Yoan Moncada – A mystery 10 day IL is better than a full on Covid diagnosis, but Covid sure seems to be the answer. More than enough to be cautious drafting him. 3B CHW 44 -15
60 Oscar Mercado – Back to where he was near the beginning of the season, thanks to a strong Cleveland lineup with a lack of Covid problems. OF CLE 77 +17
61 Andrew McCutchen – He hasn’t opted out, and domino effect of strong lineups with less Covid problems and opt outs brings him up. OF PHI 73 +12
62 Michael Brantley OF HOU 58 -3
63 Yasmani Grandal – NFBC loves him, he continues to rise, but a Moncada or more absence could push him off the list. C/1B CHW 85 +22
64 Max Kepler OF MIN 61 +3
65 Franmil Reyes OF CLE 72 +7
66 Paul Goldschmidt 1B STL 60 -6
67 Gary Sanchez – Was tempting to move him up even further prior to all the other negative things going on with the Yankees. C NYY 74 +7
68 Marcus Semien – Park effect fine tuning hurts his bat. SS OAK 49 -19
69 Jorge Polanco SS MIN 64 +5
70 Jeff McNeil 2B/3B/OF NYM 67 -3
71 Mike Trout – Trout still doesn’t know if he’s going to play. I mentioned last week that a two week IL destroys a first round pick’s impact on your team. Combine that with an unknown amount of time exists for anyone with Covid-19 and it’s a free for all. With Buster Posey opting out, joining David Price and others, it’s too risky to pick him in the first few rounds. We know for sure he’s leaving for the birth of his first child. All this moves him down my list. But not totally off, because if he does play he can win your playoffs even if he misses a significant amount of time. OF LAA 7 -64
72 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – Park effect update continues to knock the shine off. And now he’s in the deeper 1B pool, although will have 3B eligibility in many formats. 1B TOR 65 -7
73 Jonathan Villar – He may be headed back to the AL East, but his team really stinks. 2B/SS MIA 45 -28
74 David Dahl OF COL 70 -4
75 Josh Bell – Slight park effect ding, and a very weak lineup. 1B PIT 68 -7
76 Tommy Pham – Ping ponging as we continue to figure out these park effects. OF SD 43 -33
77 Justin Turner – His right handed bat does get a boost in the new format, but he’s older and lives in LA, so Covid risk. 3B LAD 69 -8
78 Michael Conforto OF NYM 83 +5
79 Byron Buxton OF MIN 81 +2
80 Matt Chapman – Oakland batters looking more and more negatively effected by park effects. 3B OAK 63 -17
81 Joey Votto – Good lineup, AL Central park effects, one last hurrah. 1B CIN 96 +15
82 Amed Rosario SS NYM 87 +5
83 Corey Seager SS LAD 88 +5
84 Jorge Soler – Weaker lineup with Salvador Perez continuing to be out with Covid. OF KC 80 -4
85 Adam Eaton OF WSH 90 +5
86 Shohei Ohtani – Another Trout cascading effect. Plus, he does bat much less than the average batter. DH LAA 51 -35
87 Matt Olson – Repeat it with me, park effect. 1B OAK 66 -21
88 Ramon Laureano OF OAK 84 -4
89 Willson Contreras C CHC 95 +6
90 Edwin Encarnacion – Deserves more respect, getting more in NFBC, actually might increase value if Moncada misses time. 1B CHW NA NA
91 Paul DeJong SS STL 92 +1
92 Eduardo Escobar 2B/3B ARI 98 +6
93 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. OF TOR 94 +1
94 David Peralta OF ARI 100 +6
95 Aaron Judge – Was showing himself to be slightly healthier with every summer camp at bat, but now he has a stiff neck. So many injuries so little time. OF NYY 82 -13
96 DJ LeMahieu – Covid-19 diagnosis hurts the “Best 2nd baseman in the AL” talk. 1B/2B/3B NYY 76 -20
97 Alex Verdugo OF BOS 99 +2
98 Mitch GarverTwins bats getting the park effect book. C MIN NA NA
99 Avisail Garcia – Sneaking onto the list, looking better and better. OF MIL NA NA
100 Max Muncy – Muncy fans, we have a sighting! 1B/2B/ 3B LAD NA NA
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2 years ago

Master Thomas!!

Awesome top 100 report!

a. Sorry for the late entry in the comments. Love this format, keep it up.

b. In the days of the corona lockdown (for us in Croatia it was like March 16 to April 30) but even beyond it’s been like my wife asking where am I going when I take the dog out for a walk and to keep my distance of 5 feet in bed which is code for you know what. Painful as shizz. The message? We must maintain our mental health in these tough times. Oh yeah that and don’t eat too much.

c. I dropped Puig (he was a free agent add in March) for Seth Lugo. Then the news on Hicks and Cmart hit so I added Helsley over Lugo. My bullpen.

N Anderson

Is Helsley a better add over Lugo?


Reply to  galica
2 years ago

What are you looking for? Saves? or a reduction of ERA & WHIP?

If you want saves, i would look at other options:

1) With Chapman being out due to Covid, Zack Britton might get a few saves early on
2) Scott Oberg doesnt have the job in CO right now, but will most likely get it and is available in a lot of leagues
3) Tony Watson can be a very cheap back end guy for saves.

If you want a reduction in ERA & WHIP:

1)Seth Lugo isnt a bad option
2) Yonny Chirinos had an incredible WHIP last year, which in my opinion is one of the better statistics to follow for pitchers.