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Welcome back to the second installment of the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty rankings. This week we cover players ranked 200-176.

A quick overview of the group produces these stats:

6 players are 30- or 31-years-old, but no one is older than 31
3 players are 24 or younger
3 players are infielders
10 players are outfielders
12 players are pitchers – five starters and seven relievers

The number of pitchers should not be surprising. I don’t have any relievers ranked in any future groupings because I can get closers and setup men pretty easily throughout the season. As for the starting pitchers, there is always the need for depth to cover for injuries or ineffective starts throughout the week.

And a reminder – if a top prospect hasn’t reached the majors yet, they won’t be in these rankings. Itch has been running down the top prospects per team and will continue his great work. No need for me to repeat what he says.

Now on to the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings: 200-176…

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This is it – the final installment of the Top 2024 Keepers. We started with relief pitchers back in the beginning of October and today we wrap things up with the right fielders.

If you have missed an article or want to refresh yourself on the previous rankings, you can click on the links below:

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Keeper Left Fielders
Keeper Center Fielders

The top players in this position group are some of the top players in all of baseball. I would be more than happy to build my team around the players I ranked in Tier 1. And the depth of this position is pretty strong. I have no qualms having any of the players in Tiers 2 and 3 on my team while players in the lower tiers still can offer value to a fantasy team.

So let’s get to the rankings.

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Welcome back to another week of the 2024 Top Keepers series. We’ve completed our journey around the infield, so now we head to the outfield.

This week the spotlight is on left fielders. It would be simpler to just rank all the outfielders in one big group. However, I am not a fan of leagues that just start outfielders. While there is not a big difference between left field and right field, there is a difference. And playing center field is a very different skillset compared to the corner outfield spots.

With that in mind and knowing there are plenty of leagues that start a left fielder, center fielder and right fielder, I have broken up the positions into three different rankings. But before we get to the top left field keepers, below are the positions that have been discussed previously:

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The Tigers’ lineup reminds me of a streaming show that’s supposed to be better, and you see flashes of why it’s supposed to be better. “Idris Elba is so good in The Wire, he’s gotta be better than this show on the airplane. Hijack? More like Goodbye, Jack. Then again, Idris Elba hasn’t been good since The Wire. Maybe it was The Wire that made him good, and Stringer Bell was such an iconic charac–Hold up, this airplane show is good when it’s not on the airplane.” That’s the Tigers’ lineup. Akil Baddoo? I was told he’s good. Spencer Torkelson? I was told he’s a big-time prospect. Riley Greene? Well, I’m still waiting to see his Stringer Bell role. Matt Vierling? He’s a 4th outfielder hitting third? Zack Short? Well, I was never told he was good. Hijack is better than saying “Hi, Zack” for your fantasy team. Javier Baez? Well, Zack Short at least has going for him that he’s named after the position. Javier Baez should be named Javier Swinging-At-A-Slider-In-The-Dirt. Wait, there’s that one part that is very interesting — Kerry Carpenter! He looks good, and not “Tigers good.” His strikeout rate and BABIP reenforce his batting average, which is solid. His power? Absolutely real. He had 22 HRs in 63 games in Double-A, eight homers in 35 games in Triple-A. That’s real power. When he hits the ball, it’s going for a homer, and the announcer can say, “Hi, jack.” (Was that whole thing just for that ending? Who’s to say?) Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

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Rubbing balloons on my head to get a lot of static on them, then sticking them to my ceiling. Hiring a deejay to play Shakira songs and getting cupcakes prepared, because…? You know why! It’s time for a Star Mitzvah! Zack Gelof went 4-for-5 with two homers (7, 8). That’s in only 25 games! Could Zack Gelof be having his Star Mitzvah? He is Jewish, so there’s a case to made that he’s already had his chair lifted above his uncle’s head, while said uncle was wheezing and out of breath. *looking at Zack Gelof’s stats before writing out the check for $18 for his Star Mitzvah* Oh, hold up. Wow, his numbers are awful. Is that Z-Contact% the worst in the majors if he qualified? A 65% contact rate?! Wait, why is anyone throwing him strikes? Because they don’t know to not throw him strikes, is my guess. Plus, they’re pitching around Gelof for what reason? It’s the A’s. So, Zack Gelof looks like he has good speed and power, but he might struggle to hit .200 once things normalize. Oh, crap, and I already sent invites for Gelof’s star mitzvah. Awkward! Anyway, here’s what else I saw this weekend in fantasy baseball:

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The legend continues…Reds infielder slash phenom slash messiah Elly De La Cruz lifted the Cincinnati Reds onto his back Friday night doing it all quite literally by hitting for the cycle to upset the consensus best team in baseball, the Atlanta Braves, Friday night in an absolutely wild slugfest that extended the Reds win streak […]

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Summer is quickly approaching, and the weather is starting to warm up…well, almost everywhere.  Do you know what else is warming up?  You guessed it, the MLB trade markets.  Believe it or not folks, the All-Star Game is right around the corner.  The break may give most players a much-needed breather.  For baseball’s GMs though, […]

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