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Intro Greetings Razzers, it’s another hot season here at Razzball, and have I got a treat for you. This year’s preseason edition of outfield rankings done by yours truly will now feature outfield TIERS. Everybody loves tiers. However, these aren’t just your everyday run-of-the-mill tiers, No sir (/ma’am). These are Coolwhip’s latest labor of love […]

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The second half of the season is upon us boys and girls. And since the second half of baseball is basically a new season I spent the All-Star Break rebuilding my methodology for these ranks. I kept the core data but decided to change how I look at it a bit now that we have had nearly three and a half months of 2021 baseball data to draw from, which is now MORE than all of the 2020 season and its tomfoolery. So we turn a page and begin anew.

Unfortunately, we will be beginning anew without Ronald Acuna Jr., RIP. It will be interesting on draft day next season as for 2 seasons back-to-back now, Mr. 1.01 has dealt with an injury missing a good chunk of time. I think I still see him as the big Mac Tildaddy, but there’s some blemish on his armor now that wasn’t there before. Hopefully, this is just a blip on the radar. As the sun sets on one of our heroes, it rises for another. Who could that be? None other than…

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So with the month of June in the rearview mirror, balls were once sticky but now clean and clear. Summer brings warmer weather and balls are beginning to leave the yard more. In the month of May, there were 936 home runs hit in MLB. And now, 1019 in June with 336 coming since June 21st, the start of the Sticky Inquisition. That’s an increase of roughly 66 per month. Does the drop in spin rates or rising temps matter more?

Who knows, but July should be the first full month in the heat of summer… so buckle up. This is the Outfield channel and figured, why not express my adulation for the month of Schwarbulation (in the 7th year of our Schwarb) through the art of song. In fact, a totally original song I just wrote for this very occasion:

Kyle’s on a roadtrip far away
Come around and let’s watch together
So many things I want to say
You know, I wish the month was a little bit longer
I just want you to hit a dong tonight
I don’t want to lose my roto points tonight

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Ah, the sweet sounds of summer. Managers chirping. The pop of the bats as they wake from their early spring hibernation. Hitters all going down with soft tissue injuries. Pitchers breaking down with overuse injuries. And of course, Rob Manfred trying to fix something nobody wanted fixed while ignoring the plight of minor leaguers sleeping in their Geo Metros.

Everything just as I remember it from 2019.

As we approach the summer months we’ll undoubtedly start to see some players break out of their early-season funk. Players finding their rhythm, returning from injury, and hitting flyballs into the hot summer air. We will also begin to see who is for real and who is pretending. To start off our hot bat summer, here are a few names that I have noticed around the league.

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We are 2 months into the season now (when the 2020 season ended, crazy huh?). Is it bad that the majority of success right now can be weighed by how many of your guys are on the IL? Oof. The other working title was “Doom Over My Hammy Edition” but that was just ridiculous. This week’s episode has become basically a spin-off of JKJ’s weekly bit, Ambulance Chasers. whew. That’s not so much an ambulance whew whew, as it is a sarcastic celebratory whew. Although… why not both? So as I said, we’re 2 months into this season now which puts us at roughly the 1/3 mark. Therefore, I have now made some adjustments to projected values reflecting this very truth. And that’s right, you guessed it. Adolis Garcia is rocketing up the charts like his batted balls to the heavens. I don’t have him in enough places and that makes me sad. Oof. Oh, and spoiler alert, Mike Trout is injured now… giant OOF. So many Oofs and so little time. But first, a word on the god-man Shohei Ohtani…

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Here we are again fam. Last time I gave you an update we shuffled the board quite a bit to give due recognition to guys who were showing up and shaming the ones who aren’t. For instance, Adolis Garcia is still raking. That man has got power for days, he might break the top 40 next time we meet. Baddoo has continued to trend down with his average dropping below .200 for a bit, though he’s had a few signs of life over the past few days. He probably needs some time at AAA to continue his development as he fell a lot harder than I would have guessed. But it’s still early and he’s likely to be very hot/cold.

This week, I want to focus on a few more guys making a name for themselves in the “outfield”. And especially highlight one named Jared Walsh. As an Angels fan I have a lot of say on this, Pujols had to go. I knew it, you knew it, we all knew it. We all would have complained for the rest of the season that the Angels weren’t playing the young talent just like we do daily with the Rockies while Pujols struggled to hit over .230 (Jared is currently over .300). Jared is not a RF, he belongs at 1B where he’s a plus glove. Ohtani needs all the ABs at DH he can possibly get (speaking of him, is he going to get RF eligibility too? hahaha. He’s already subbed out there twice). These guys are the team’s future and they need to be on the field… Pujols was taking ABs away from their development and the time was now to let them fly. Anyway… let’s hit that run down:

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