The last few weeks our hitter profiles have focused on some deep sleepers to add to your late round draft board.  This week we are going to buck that trend and take a peak at some big names that come with an even bigger price tag.  Too often factors like youth, upside, discovery bias and more come together and deceive our draft capital.  Yes, this is the article where we say Lars Nootbar is going to bust, Michael Harris II is too expensive and Bobby Witt Jr. will see the sophomore slump.  Some may say this is blasphemy, but it might just be the perspective you need. 

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Welcome back to the 2023 Dynasty Keepers. This week we will look at my Tier 5 group – players 125 to 101.

When it comes to putting together your dynasty team, you have to try to stick to your formula as much as possible. I’ve discussed my approach to how I build my dynasty teams, but here is a quick reminder:

Young over old.
Draft the hitter over the pitcher.
Draft the starting pitcher ahead of the closer
Trust your gut

Heading into a draft, figure out what your approach is going to be then stick with it as much as possible. Yes, there are times when you need to be flexible, but in the end just go with your gut instinct. You formulated a plan, so trust your plan and don’t make a panic pick because there is a run at a position,

If your plan is to build a team heavy on relatively unknown but high-ceiling players, then go for it. As the season progresses and you need to fill holes, you can always flip a young player and/or prospects (if you have a league with prospect rosters) for a key veteran.

You want to win right away? Then go heavy with proven veteran players, with the risk that many other teams are filling their rosters with younger players who can be core players for years to come. Three years from now your old players may start their decline and then you’re headed for a rebuild.

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Welcome to the Weekend, RazzFam and RazzFriends! Last week, in Razzball Ambulance Chasers: Picking Up Where We Left Off With Harper, Albies, Tatis, and Others, I reminisced about the old days of early 2022. Luis Robert’s star was bright. Bryce Harper’s arms were almost as strong as his dad’s, and the Mike Trout discussion was…well…it […]

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Last week, we spent time going over pitcher analytics and how we can use them to prepare for both drafts and in-season management.  Today, I’ll be focusing on the former, draft prep, and build on what we discussed last week.  As player projections become more widely available and drafts start kicking off in earnest, early […]

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Welcome back to our 2023 hitter profiles focusing on sleepers that might just be the late round lottery tickets you need.  This is where you find your Tayor Ward and Rowdy Tellez wannabes.  Last week (drop in here if you missed it) we focused on a number outfielders that can be found late in the draft.  This week we shift our focus to the infield to see what gems might be available.  Jump on in to our second week of hitters profiles with Sleepers 2.0 for the 2023 fantasy baseball season!

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As I was compiling the 2023 Dynasty Rankings: 150-126 this week, the song “The Final Countdown” popped into my head. Then I told myself that, thankfully, this is only third installment of the 2023 Dynasty Rankings!

This week the focus is on the Tier 6 players, a group of players that features a few more established players.

There are nine players listed between the ages of 26-29 and six who are 30 or over. While I love to hoard the younger players as much as possible, a dynasty team still needs some solid veteran players.

Pitchers and Corner Infielders

This tier is also heavy on pitchers and corner infielders. Listed are seven starting pitchers and one closer in addition to seven players who can play first or third base. When it comes to the corner infielders, it just shows how interchangeable the players are once you get past the top five at those positions.

Let’s get to the Rankings!

Enough of the small talk. It’s time to take a look at the 2023 Dynasty Rankings: 150-126.

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Ozzie Albies walks into a bar. Another guy turns to him and says “For the love of God, Ozzie. Please watch where you are going! This isn’t sustainable,” (I tried out a lot of different names in this article for this joke). Last week on the first installment of 2023 Razzball Ambulance Chasers, we revisited […]

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Last week we talked about catchers; let’s go clockwise around the diamond and move to third base. If you’ve done any drafting yet, or if you’ve just been checking in here at Razzball regularly, you already know that the position involves a comically steep cliff after the top guys are off the board. Since Grey’s […]

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In last week’s article, Top 20 Starting Pitchers: Early NFBC Drafts , I promised to provide Cliff Notes for my favorite pitcher analytics.  Well, here we are.  By compiling this, I strive to give you an appreciation for some of the data at our fingertips and make it all a little more useful for pre-season […]

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Welcome back to the first Hitter Profiles of the 2023 fantasy baseball season!  This offseason has included a lot of big contracts, changing landscapes and dreams of what next season will bring.  Here at Razzball, we have all passed our physicals thanks to a routine of finger curls and rigorous stretching.  Unfortunately, I did hear that Grey had to attend his physical a few times due to a paper cut from 2013.  With those formalities behind us, it is time to look ahead to what draft season will bring.  This week we kick off with a look at some of my favorite sleepers for the 2023 fantasy baseball season and what they could bring for pennies on the dollar at the draft table.  Welcome back folks and let us dig into the outfield class during our Sleepers 1.0.

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