Since the dawn of time, fantasy baseball writers have used puns to title their blog posts. This is a tradition carried over from the olden thymes, eons ago when man pulped trees to create very delicate flat wisps, upon which etchings and scrawlings of every day activities where thenceforth transcribed. Even the title phrase of Bible is a pun. Jesus Christ would shorten the term “imbibe” to “bibe,” when he was discussing his need to attend an early afternoon Pizza Hut buffet. “Judas,” he would say to his BFF, “Let us stalk two-footedly to The Hut, we must bibe the garlic bread before the Romans go on lunch break.” If the so-called great book revels in the puns, then let us not believe ourselves to be above the practice.

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Baby we are back, and if we’re not better than ever, we are every bit back as we better be! While our sentences remain gnarled and cumbersome, the mission also remains: Make my editor squint really hard to make sure I meant to make a grammar error, and more importantly: Find the fantasy baseball blurbs that provide the greatest of chuckles, so that you too may share in the wealth of this silliest of obsessions. Mostly we’re here to gingerly place two colons in one sentence to test whether this crime of punctuation will result in my body crushed under a tall bookshelf of moldy old grammar textbooks.

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In our sixteenth episode, Mike Couillard and Jeremy Brewer open by discussing the culmination of the championship series, making our Tacofractor picks, and diving into the new Topps Costco packs. Then we overview the release of 2023 Topps Tier One (34:53). Finally, we discuss our “Picks to Click” for the World Series and preview players […]

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In our fifteenth episode, we open by discussing the ALCS and NLCS, our love for Evan Carter, and the discovery of a triple superfractor from 2023 Bowman Chrome. Then we discuss the release of 2023 Topps Pro Debut and 2023 Topps Finest Flashbacks (28:40). Finally, we review some top performers from the Arizona Fall League […]

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Mike Couillard and Jeremy Brewer have launched a pod, Cards & Categories, to discuss baseball from card collecting and fantasy angles! In our thirteenth episode, we open by picking our MLB playoff brackets while discussing two recent card fiascos – duplicate Bowman Chrome Superfractors and Jackson Merrill’s trashed Panini Immaculate cards. Then we discuss players we anticipate having hot playoff […]

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Start the drum roll!  Twenty-six weeks down and now we have 26 more until the start of next year’s fantasy baseball season.  It’s perfect symmetry because fantasy baseball is the perfect fantasy sport.  But, before we turn our eyes to next season we first have to recap this past season, and with that, our overall […]

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Let’s get it out of the way right now, the Top 100 Hitters for 2024 being released on the final day of regular season will be wrong.  Did you expect it to be 100% right?  Players will surge in the playoffs; home ballparks will change with the trade or free agency landscape and deeper analysis will shed light on potential hidden gems.  Frankly, your 2023 final standing may not even be settled.  However, there is no point in waiting for our first draft of 2024 rankings as the successful fantasy owner never rests!  So, for my last post of the 2023 fantasy baseball season, it is time to predict the future and dig into the Top 100 Hitters for the 2024 fantasy baseball season.

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Welcome to the last weekend of regular season baseball.

Many fantasy leagues have already ended their seasons, and if you won a title, congratulations! Some leagues are still going, so if you are playing in the title game, good luck.

Because a lot of leagues have closed up shop for the season, adding players off the waiver wire may not be possible. But since you are in a dynasty league, trades are always ready to be made. Thus, I have selected two targets that I think would be good players to try to add to your roster.

The first is Jordan Westburg of Baltimore. A reader asked me what I thought about him last week, so I figured I would go more in depth about the Orioles’ rookie this week. The other player is Elehuris Montero of Colorado.

A Little Background

Westburg was a star infielder at Mississippi State, helping the squad make the College World Series in both 2018 and 2019. Baltimore loved his combination of power and speed and selected him with the 30th overall pick in 2020. Westburg’s compact swing and bat speed produces power from gap to gap, a nice feature considering the deep left field of Camden Yards.

Meanwhile, Montero was signed out of the Dominican Republic by the Cardinals in 2014 and spent two years in the Dominican Summer League before coming to the States in 2017. He then established himself as a top prospect after a fantastic 2018 season before eventually being traded to the Rockies ahead of the 2021 season as part of the Nolen Arenado trade.

Both players are now trying to establish themselves as major leaguers, but I believe both should be on your radar as players to target.

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What is up party people? With the regular season now in the final week it seems like an appropriate time to take a look back and see where that can help us next year. There will be much more to unpack once the season ends but for now here are some quick hitters about some of the top players this season.

Shohei Ohtani – You had to know I was going to start here. Despite missing the month of September he will likely finish as the number 1 player this season. It feels like we’re used to it at this point but honestly that’s wildly impressive. He possesses a ceiling that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Unfortunately, that ceiling will not be there next season after undergoing a not quite Tommy John surgery. Reportedly, the procedure went well and he is expected to be ready to rock by the time next season rolls around… purely as a hitter. There’s also the matter of his impending free agency. I really don’t know where to rank him for next season and it will definitely be influenced by his chosen team. No matter where he ends up, he should be an elite hitter, but without pitching he’s not the slam dunk we’re used to.

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