Well, I did it. I removed Jose Ramirez from my top 100 hitters rankings. He played another 5 games and only managed 2 hits. 2 runs? Sure. 4 RBI? Sure. 1 SB? Sure. But when he is hurting you this bad he is permanently in the limbo that is ranking #101. I am fully prepared to rocket him up the rankings if he turns it around — but right now? He is the wonderful 101.


Rank Name Position Team Last Change
1 Christian Yelich OF MIL 2 1
2 Cody Bellinger 1B/OF LAD 1 -1
3 Trevor Story SS COL 3 0
4 Nolan Arenado 3B COL 4 0
5 Mike Trout OF LAA 5 0
6 Adalberto Mondesi SS KC 6 0
7 Josh Bell 1B PIT 7 0
8 Javier Baez 2B/SS/3B CHC 8 0
9 Freddie Freeman 1B ATL 12 3
10 Alex Bregman 3B/SS HOU 13 3

Yelich has retaken the #1 spot from Bellinger after another spectacular week: 10 hits, 3 runs, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 2 SB. His total line for the year is a good season for some players: 49/23/52/14/.337. There’s nothing else to say. (Update: he hit another HR already on Sunday.)

Freddie Freeman joins the top 10 despite being the most unappreciated offensive stud in the league. He’s just so consistent that we forget how good he is until November. This week he crushed another 3 HRs and is halfway towards his career high 34 already.

Bregman joins the top 10 as well as he’s heating up with the weather. Hopefully he can pick up a few more SBs (3) but if he keeps up this June performance (32 AB, 11 hits, 6 runs, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 1 SB) you really can’t complain.


Rank Name Position Team Last Change
11 Mookie Betts OF BOS 9 -2
12 Ronald Acuna Jr. OF ATL 10 -2
13 Anthony Rendon 3B WAS 11 -2
14 Joey Gallo 1B/OF TEX 14 0
15 J.D. Martinez OF BOS 15 0
16 George Springer OF HOU 16 0
17 Eddie Rosario OF MIN 17 0
18 Tim Anderson SS CHW 18 0
19 Anthony Rizzo 1B CHC 20 1
20 Marcell Ozuna OF StL 21 1

Betts is still putting up a great run total as the Red Sox leadoff hitter (50) but all of his other numbers are disappointing from last year. The .268 average is eerily close to the .264 he put up in 2017 so maybe this is one of his two realities: The .346 MVP candidate — or the .265 All-Star. Still not bad — yet not elite.


Rank Name Position Team Last Change
21 Whit Merrifield 2B KC 19 -2
22 Charlie Blackmon OF COL 24 2
23 Pete Alonso 1B NYM 25 2
24 Xander Bogaerts SS BOS 31 7
25 Rafael Devers 3B BOS 26 1
26 Kris Bryant 3B/OF CHC 27 1
27 Rhys Hoskins OF PHI 22 -5
28 Michael Brantley OF HOU 23 -5
29 Eugenio Suarez 3B CIN 29 0
30 Bryce Harper OF PHI 30 0

Bogaerts’s leap here wasn’t because of his last week, but was more based on the fact that I’ve been sleeping on his May. From May 2nd to June 7th Bogaerts had 32 runs, 8 HRs, 25 RBI, and 2 SBs. I don’t own Bogaerts anywhere so I guess I’ve just been sleeping on him.

Hoskins could only muster 3 hits in his last week which brought me to give closer attention to his season line: 34/13/42/1/.263. That’s fine — just not top 25. Now, if you’re playing in OBP leagues Hoskins’s NL leading 44 walks make it a whole different story.


Rank Name Position Team Last Change
31 Francisco Lindor SS CLE 35 4
32 Yoan Moncada 2B CHW 32 0
33 Elvis Andrus SS TEX 33 0
34 Austin Meadows OF TBR 34 0
35 Mike Moustakas 3B MIL 42 7
36 Trea Turner SS WAS 36 0
37 Jose Abreu 1B CHW 38 1
38 Eduardo Escobar SS/3B ARI 43 5
39 Juan Soto OF WAS 37 -2
40 Gleyber Torres 2B NYY 39 -1

Here’s the deal with Lindor — at the end of 2018 he was a top-5 fantasy player. Unfortunately, due to injuries, his value has taken a hit so far this year. However, for 2019
it ain’t about how fast he gets there. Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.

Moustakas’s back-to-back-to-back multi-hit games to end last week has me moving him up a bit. Also, so far in June he already has 4 HRs. There are plenty of RBI opportunities for Moustakas hitting behind Lorenzo Cain, Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun, but he needs to improve on that .236 batting average with runners in scoring position to take advantage of it. He is hitting .292 with men on base though.

Rank Name Position Team Last Change
41 Ketel Marte 2B/SS/OF ARI 41 0
42 Max Muncy 1B/3B LAD 44 2
43 Matt Chapman 3B OAK 48 5
44 Joc Pederson OF LAD 55 11
45 Jorge Polanco SS MIN 59 14
46 Paul Goldschmidt 1B StL 40 -6
47 Domingo Santana OF SEA 45 -2
48 Andrew Benintendi OF BOS 46 -2
49 Edwin Encarnacion 1B SEA 66 17
50 Lorenzo Cain OF MIL 47 -3

Polanco deserves this bump. He’s top 10 among SS in runs, HRs, RBI and is actually 1st in batting average at the position. He’s a major reason the Twins are 9.5 games above the second-place Indians in the AL Central.

After only hitting 1 HR in the final 19 games of June E5 has woken up in June. In 8 June games he now has 8 runs, 5 HRs and 9 RBI to launch himself into the top 10 in HRs with 18.


Rank Name Position Team Last Change
51 David Peralta OF ARI 50 -1
52 Carlos Correa SS HOU 52 0
53 Jose Altuve 2B HOU 53 0
54 Ozzie Albies 2B ATL 54 0
55 Willson Contreras C CHC 56 1
56 Paul DeJong SS STL 57 1
57 Aaron Judge OF NYY 58 1
58 Manny Machado SS SD 49 -9
59 Luke Voit 1B NYY 60 1
60 Mitch Haniger OF SEA 28 -32

I was tempted to drop Haniger completely off this list because there’s no telling what that type of injury will do to a player’s self-esteem going forward. Every conversation for the rest of the season his teammates will be cringing as they talk to him “Heeeeyyyyy buddy….you doing alright?” Two to three weeks? I’d need two to three decades to recover.

Machado is falling just like Jose Ramirez, but he’s maintaining some of his value at least with decent run and RBI totals and an okay HR total. However, any semblance of a running threat is gone from his game and the .242 average is the lowest of his career. Is his season over? No, obviously ya big dummy, but he is one of the more disappointing first rounders this year.


Rank Name Position Team Last Change
61 Starling Marte OF PIT 61 0
62 Michael Conforto OF NYM 65 3
63 Giancarlo Stanton OF NYY 62 -1
64 J.T. Realmuto C PHI 63 -1
65 Hunter Dozier 1B/3B KC 64 -1
66 Tommy Pham OF TBR 51 -15
67 Jonathan Villar 2B BAL 67 0
68 Jean Segura SS PHI 68 0
69 Yasmani Grandal C MIL 69 0
70 Fernando Tatis Jr. SS SD 70 0

The big faller here is obviously Tommy Pham. He hasn’t stolen a base since April 18th and only has 3 HRs in his last 23 games. For a guy hitting 2nd for the Rays he also has a disappointing 26 runs scored.


Rank Name Position Team Last Change
71 Vlad Guerrero Jr. 3B TOR 71 0
72 Max Kepler OF MIN 79 7
73 Trey Mancini OF/1B BAL 80 7
74 Victor Robles OF WAS 72 -2
75 Hunter Pence OF TEX 74 -1
76 Shin-Soo Choo OF OAK 75 -1
77 Alex Gordon OF KC 76 -1
78 Brandon Lowe 2B TBR 77 -1
79 Ryan Braun OF MIL 78 -1
80 Khris Davis DH OAK 73 -7

I keep wanting to doubt Mancini, but he just keeps hitting. Over his last 15 games/59 ABs he has 12 runs, 18 hits, 3 HRs and 8 RBI. You obviously wish he played on a team with more major leaguers, but 44 runs and 31 RBI is really not that bad all things considered.

Khris is hitting more like Chris. Only 2 HRs in his last 34 games and a .221 average to boot. I can see a huge second-half on top for Davis though.


Rank Name Position Team Last Change
81 Justin Turner 3B LAD 81 0
82 Dansby Swanson SS ATL 92 10
83 Byron Buxton OF MIN 84 1
84 Eric Hosmer 1B SD 85 1
85 Avisail Garcia OF TBR 86 1
86 Nick Castellanos OF DET 82 -4
87 Yasiel Puig OF CIN 87 0
88 David Dahl OF COL 94 6
89 Gary Sanchez C NYY 88 -1
90 CJ Cron 1B MIN 89 -1

Dansby has been the mansby over his last 16 games. In 71 ABs he has 22 hits, 15 runs, 6 HRs, 14 RBI and 2 SB. He’s hitting out of the two-hole like we all wanted Ozzie Albies to. Of those 16 games, 9 of them were multi-hit games. Not too shabsby. I hate myself.


Rank Name Position Team Last Change
91 Tommy La Stella 2B/3B LAA NA
92 Dan Vogelbach 1B SEA 90 -2
93 Michael Chavis 2B/3B BOS 93 0
94 Wil Myers 3B/OF SD 95 1
95 Nelson Cruz DH MIN 97 2
96 Austin Riley 3B/OF ATL 99 NA
97 Franmil Reyes NA NA
98 Derek Dietrich 1B/2B/OF CIN NA NA
99 Hunter Renfroe OF SD NA NA
100 Jay Bruce 1B/OF PHI NA NA

Whole bunch of new faces this week. Here’s a little something, something about each of them:

Tommy La Stella: I have a VERY strict policy about having a limit to how many grown men with little boys names I allow on my top 100 list. Luckily Scooter Gennett has been injured so now Pham and La Stella are the only two allowed. I call Charlie Blackmon Charles so he’s just barely cutting it. Tommy Boy is enjoying a nice little breakout season setting career highs in every single professional baseball stat that exists so far. Do I totally believe it? No — I can get a good look at a solid baseball player by sticking my head up his ass, but I’d rather take that player’s stats for it. It’s a stretch — I know.

Franmil Reyes: Another guy I’ve inconveniently left off my rankings Franmil has every right to feel disrespected. The 19 HRs are good for 4th in all of baseball, but the 29 runs and 32 RBI are a little disappointing. I’m also worried that the 27.4% k/rate will continue to climb.

Derek Dietrich: Is it weird I have no problem with Yasiel Puig admiring and over-selling a HR, but not Dietrich? Dietrich’s previous career high in HR was 16, he’s never been on a team with over a .500 record and have you seen his doofy face? You have to EARN the right to pimp a HR. He’s got a similar problem to Reyes: the 17 HRs are nice — but only 25 runs due to his team. The .248 average also isn’t great.

Hunter Renfroe: We knew the guy had power. He hit 26 HRs in his last two seasons and even hit 30 in 133 AAA games in 2016. However, it’s everything else that doesn’t look great. 26 runs, 35 RBI, .249 AVG, 27.1% K/rate. 35-40 HRs are attainable — but what about the stats around them?

Jay Bruce: Bruce must love Philadelphia. Since the trade he’s hit 4 HRs and knocked in 11 RBI. He’s hitting 6th behind 5 Phillies with OBPs over .330 so he should continue to put up a high RBI total with Andrew McCutchen done for the year.



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3 years ago

Thanks for the lists each week. They are extrememly helpful! Trade question.. 14 team points dynasty league. I am in better shape with pitching than hitting (dietrich is my 2b and la stella is my 3b). I got offered Moustakas for Canning and Toussaint. Which side do you like here?


3 years ago

I’m sorry dude… but Gary Sanchez at 89th? Come on. He has a career 162-game pace .254, 47 HR, 116 RBI, 100 R. He has 20 homers in 47 games this year and it’s simply time to move on from his 2018 season. I get that Catchers are riskier than other positions when it comes to health, but at the same time most of the Catchers that people are using in fantasy REALLY, REALLY SUCK. Maybe if you’re playing in 20+ team leagues this point doesn’t apply as much, but in 12 or 16 team mixed leagues (like most people actually play in) it’s SO much easier to find solid replacements at positions other than Catcher.

3 years ago

Why no love for Jorge Soler? 32R, 17HR, 44 RBI,,,okay 0 SB – strike 1, .241 AVG – meh, ut not make the list at all????

3 years ago

Some of these rankings can not be your rest of the way rankings. You put way too much on current performance.
For instance, in a redraft you would take Brantley before Lindor or Trea Turner? I really struggle with what you are ranking here. Rest of the way or not?

3 years ago

Imagine taking Michael Chavis over Nelson Cruz ROS……………………..lol

3 years ago

Yo….where stud call up Yordan Alvarez….does he need to smash 4 hrs this week to prove u he is top 100 worthy…..if so….u better have him next week..lol

3 years ago

Where is Mazara here? He has been hitting very well and deserves a top 100 spot. How far down is Donaldson? Is he a waste this year?

3 years ago

I struggle with these rankings every week and feel compelled to comment for the first time on Razzball. I think most sites are too slow to update in season rankings based on current performance so on one hand it’s refreshing to see that taken into account here. On the other slightly larger hand these rankings seem to reflect YTD performance with little regard for track record. It’s great to see Bell highly ranked and the underlying numbers back it up, but I can’t see putting him ahead of Freeman and Rizzo. My other thought is that the rankings seem too reactionary to recent performance over the last week or two. You acknowledge this in regards to Khris Davis at 80, but I’m not sure we can punish him over such a small sample. I think rankings should not be so reactive to the natural ebbs and flows of the season. I appreciate the weekly article because it gets me to think and check my assumptions but unlike the other content on this sure I don’t use it to inform fantasy decisions. Thanks for your work.

3 years ago

Look me in the eye and tell me you’d trade me Nelson Cruz if I offered Domingo Santana in return.

Look at me!

Reply to  Pousse-Pousse
3 years ago

Don’t blink either, amiright?

Reply to  Grey
3 years ago

Look at your father, boy!

Look upon your father with pride!

Reply to  Pousse-Pousse
3 years ago

You want me to take out the garbage or do you want me to look at you?

3 years ago

Bunch of hitters outside your top 100:

Odor, Goodrum, Wendle, Rodgers, McMahon, Schwarber. Currently rocking Odor and Goodrum, but interested on your takes on the rest. I have playing time concerns for Rodgers and McMahon and Wendell still isnt back from the wrist, and Schwarber, is, well, Schwarber. So lay it on me.

3 years ago

Week 11 options: Chapman v 3RHP/2LHP and 1? or Moran v 7 RHP. All Moran’s games are on the road where his OPS splits are H/R 932/685, but his strong side platoon of 835 v RHP. Chapman his a big H/R split as well 1060/693 but only 3 H games, 3 R.

3 years ago

Week 11 options: Chapman v 3RHP/2LHP and 1? or Moran v 7 RHP. All Moran’s games are on the road where his OPS splits are H/R 932/685, but his strong side platoon of 835 v RHP. Chapman his a big H/R split as well 1060/693 but only 3 H games, 3 R.

3 years ago

Francisco Liriano?