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BatsR YahooOF RCL Owned %100
$/GS (RHP)18.6 $/GS (LHP)22.2
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Franmil Reyes Stats

Last 7 Days72823511600287.128.60.2170.2800.3480.6280.2356.1
Last 30 Days2811697261131600153412.929.30.2680.3660.4330.7990.3598.3
2020 Season59241211582793400246910.028.60.2750.3440.4500.7940.35510.9
2020 Proj

Franmil Reyes Projections | Rest of Season, Preseason, Next 7 Day

Rest of Season (Steamer)50214191503012330020560.2620.3330.5030.8360.30426914.8
Preseason (Grey)3369145245610.27113.0
Preseason (Steamer)52221197523114390020550.2630.3310.5220.8530.29325914.9

Franmil Reyes Projections | Platoon Splits (RHP vs LHP)

Franmil Reyes projected to 150 Games vs RHP and LHP with 12 team mixed fantasy value. This helps identify a player's platoon value for fantasy baseball based on pitcher handedness. These projections by Steamer are a MUCH better indicator of a hitter's platoon splits than in-season stats since it involves multiple years of data and has been properly regressed to league averages. Since games are neutralized across players, values for everyday players may look smaller than for preseason/season to date/rest of season where they benefit from playing time advantages vs other players. In general, left-handed hitters have larger platoon splits.
vs. RHP650583863710210.2590.3250.4950.8210.30326.88.618.6
vs. LHP650570923810510.2700.3500.5230.8730.30924.910.922.2

Franmil Reyes Projections | Hittertron (Subscribe for all MLB player projections. Free 3-day trial!!!!)

Franmil Reyes daily MLB projections and fantasy value for next 7-10 days. LU=Lineup. If the lineup has been released and incorporated into the projections, it is listed as "Live". Click link in LU to see the lineup at Baseball Press or click here to see Cleveland Indians lineups for the last 6 days.

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Franmil Reyes daily fantasy baseball projections for DFS sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel. LU=Lineup. If the lineup has been released and incorporated into the projections, it is listed as "Live". Click link in LU to see the lineup at Baseball Press as well as previous 3 days' lineups.
DFS SiteOppSPL/R%StLUProj PtsSalary$/Pt

Franmil Reyes Game Log | Last 30 Days


Franmil Reyes Batting Order Game Averages | Current Season

Franmil Reyes current season averages per batting order spot along with 12 team mixed fantasy value ($). Only includes games started. Games started percentages for RHP vs LHP are based on last 30 days.

Franmil Reyes Stats | Season

Franmil Reyes stats and 5x5 fantasy value from 2010-2019.
2010 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2011 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2012 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2013 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2014 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2015 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2016 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2017 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Franmil Reyes Stats | Monthly

Franmil Reyes 2019 fantasy value by month for 5x5 leagues.

Franmil Reyes Hitting | AVG vs BABIP

Players exceeding projected BABIP are more likely to see a regression towards Expected AVG. Vice versa.

Franmil Reyes Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater

Franmil Reyes Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Franmil Reyes Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater

Based on our adjusted Steamer projections for 5x5 leagues with 67/33 hitter/pitcher split.
MLB 10 ESPN12.110.6-
MLB 10 Y!14.212.5-
MLB 12 ESPN14.912.
MLB 12 Y!16.914.
MLB 14 ESPN16.914.
MLB 14 Y!19.617.
MLB 15 ESPN17.
MLB 15 Y!20.517.
MLB 16 ESPN18.515.
MLB 16 Y!21.718.
AL 1021.615.
NL 10
AL 1223.
NL 12

Franmil Reyes Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Based on our adjusted Steamer projections with a 67/33 hitter/pitcher split.
5x5 (OBP) ESPN 1214.
6x6 (OBP) ESPN 1213.
6x6 (OPS) ESPN 1215.513.
5x5 (OBP) YAHOO 1216.314.
6x6 (OBP) YAHOO 1215.013.2-
6x6 (OPS) YAHOO 1217.315.

Franmil Reyes Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater

Franmil Reyes Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Franmil Reyes 2020 Projections | Preseason

Preseason (Grey)3369145245610.27113.0115
Preseason (Steamer)52221197523114390020550.2630.3310.5220.8530.29325914.990

Franmil Reyes Fantasy Outlook For 2020

Grey Albright Player Summary
Full disclosure alert! I wrote a Franmil sleeper post, but ran out of time to post it, so I will now co-opt that post for your reading pleasure. Franmil Reyes hit 37 homers last year in only 494 ABs. Why is he being drafted around 120th overall? I know, I know, I KNOW! Everyone hits for power nowadays. Fair enough, but Franmil Reyes actually hits for power without a juiced ball. Have you seen this guy? He looks like the Mountain and the Hound had a third brother, the Stadium. The Stadium can fit 50,000 men on his shoulders and charge $12 for a hot dog. Franmil Reyes had the 4th highest average exit velocity [93.3 MPH]. The top five: Judge, Sano, Nelson Cruz, Franmil and Yelich. These guys are 'goodbye juiced ball'-proof as far as homers go. The bigger misconception with Franmil, and it has to be a very, very large misconception to have anything to do with size and Franmil, is he’s a strikeout machine. The Stadium is not. Reyes kinda reminds me of Nelson Cruz, in this respect. Reyes should strikeout around 25% and hit .270-.275. The one snafu is he hits a lot to center field [38.6% — 7th in the league], which means he’s going to hit a few fly ball outs to center that would be out to left field. If he pulled the ball about 3-5% more and maybe launched his angle a tad more, he’d hit 50 homers easily. That doesn’t seem like a major adjustment, but who knows. I’m not going to say he’ll do it. He can easily hit 37 homers again though, while combining that with a .275 average. At a time when there’s a lot of unknowns about the ball — to juice or not to juice — and who is really a 35+ home run hitter and who isn’t, Franmil is. No doubt. Easy power. A 40-ish homer hitter that won’t kill you in other categories. The Stadium’s got parking for plenty with his current ADP. He’s basically an insurance play. If the ball is juiced, and everyone is hitting homers, then you trade Franmil in May if you don’t need the power. If the ball comes back from Rawlings dry, juice-free, then you have a power backup plan.

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