Redraft leagues are the standard of the fantasy sports industry. Each year you get a fresh start at remembering you shouldn’t draft A.J. Pollock. Ever. You can draft whoever you want at your draft position or spend as much as your budget on whoever you want. But for me there is nothing more fun than a good long-term keeper league. Smart owners get to flex on their leaguemates by keeping players they selected deep in their drafts or picked up on a hunch. Keeper leagues are a great intermediate option between full-on redraft leagues and the craziness of a dynasty league. 

Below you’ll find my keeper rankings for 2019. I’ve included each player’s age, position eligibility for the start of the 2019 season and any concerns I have about each player. Here’s what you’ll also see: I’m not high on starting pitchers. Too likely to suffer an injury and miss a large chunk of time. I’m not high on guys with less than two seasons of experience. I’ve seen sophomore slumps and prospect busts far too often. There are exceptions like Ronald Acuna who seem like a sure thing — but when it comes to Vlad Guerrero Jr. I prefer the wait and see approach. Plus, we really don’t know when he’ll even debut. Players over the age of 31 worry me — especially players whose value is speed dependent. I don’t want to keep a player whose decline is starting to begin. Injury prone players: duh. I’m not going to keep someone who can’t take the field.

Keepers by position:

Catcher: 2, First Base: 8, Second Base: 9, Shortstop: 14, Third Base: 13, Outfield: 31, SP: 26, RP: 3.

Keepers by age:

20: 3, 21: 2, 22: 4, 23: 7, 24: 13, 25: 7, 26: 13, 27: 10, 28: 10, 29: 7, 30: 6, 31: 8, 32: 4, 33: 1, 34: 1, 35: 2, 36: 1


2019 Fantasy Baseball Keeper Rankings

# Name Age POS Team Concerns
1 Mike Trout 27 OF LAA Too good
2 Mookie Betts 26 OF BOS Bowling arm injury
3 Ronald Acuna 21 OF ATL Experience
4 Trea Turner 25 SS WAS Power ceiling?
5 Francisco Lindor 25 SS CLE Spring calf injury
6 Jose Ramirez 26 3B CLE ‘18 2nd half
7 Manny Machado 26 SS/3B SD New stadium/team
8 Alex Bregman 24 SS/3B HOU Spring training injury
9 Nolan Arenado 27 3B COL No speed
10 Bryce Harper 26 OF PHI Injury; ’16 & ’18 AVG

The more categories you contribute to the higher you’ll rank — it’s that simple. There are concerns regarding everyone after Mookie Betts, but that’s part of the risk you’ll take. If Turner goes 15/60 he could possibly surpass Betts due to the speed scarcity. If Lindor’s calf is fine in 2019 he could surpass Betts based on his position. If Bryce is motivated and hits .280 he could be in the top-5 hitting in the best lineup in baseball. Maybe I’m being a little hard on Arenado because he doesn’t steal bases — but his consistent production in Colorado are just phenomenal.


# Name Age POS Team Concerns
11 Christian Yelich 27 OF MIL GB%, ’18 career year
12 Andrew Benintendi 24 OF BOS Power/Speed ceiling?
13 Aaron Judge 26 OF NYY Big boi injuries
14 Juan Soto 20 OF WAS Sophomore slump?
15 Trevor Story 26 SS COL 2017 K/rate & AVG
16 Cody Bellinger 23 1B/OF LAD 2018 power dip
17 J.D. Martinez 31 OF BOS Age & Injury history
18 Jose Altuve 28 2B HOU 2018 power/speed dip
19 Javier Baez 26 2B/SS CHC BB/K rate & Contact%
20 Freddie Freeman 29 1B ATL Power ceiling

Of this second batch of keepers I’d be keeping an eye on Andrew Benintendi, Cody Bellinger and Javier Baez to potentially join the top 10.  If Benintendi caps out at a 20/20 threat then he stays in Christian Yelich territory. If Bellinger can return to 30+ HR power (which I think he can and will) while maintaining double-digit speed and improving on his .263 career average — we’re talking about the #1 first basemen for the future. And Javier Baez won’t change — he’ll still be fun, but frustrating to watch at times. However, if he decides to work on his approach at the plate he could launch himself into elite territory.


# Name Age POS Team Concerns
21 Giancarlo Stanton 29 OF/DH NYY 18 power dip
22 Chris Sale 29 SP BOS Late 18 injury, ’12-’18 IP
23 Kris Bryant 27 3B/OF CHC 2018 injury
24 Blake Snell 26 SP TBR 2nd lowest ’18 BABIP
25 Aaron Nola 25 SP PHI 5th lowest ’18 BABIP
26 Max Scherzer 34 SP WAS Age; 2,000+ IP ’09-’18
27 Paul Goldschmidt 31 1B StL New team; May 2018 AVG
28 Jacob deGrom 30 SP NYM Regression from career year
29 Walker Buehler 24 SP LAD Experience, Dodgers
30 Trevor Bauer 28 SP CLE Late ’18 Injury

Pitcher time! I’m not expecting a huge drop in Snell and Nola, but a slight regression is coming. Both should still compete for the Cy Young’s in their respective division. People will be mad about Scherzer’s ranking, but he’s got a lot of mileage on that shoulder. I’m high on Buehler — I think he’s a Cy Young candidate as soon as this year. Even while on the Dodgers. In the AL let me cast my ballot for Bauer for the Cy Young.

Kris Bryant is due for a huge bounceback in 2019 — believe that!


# Name Age POS Team Concerns
31 Gerrit Cole 28 SP HOU Maintaining ’18
32 Noah Syndergaard 26 SP NYM Injury risk
33 Ozzie Albies 22 2B ATL vs RH; Aug & Sept ’18
34 Carlos Correa 24 SS HOU Injuries; Speed
35 Rhys Hoskins 26 OF PHI AVG
36 Vlad Guerrero Jr. 20 3B TOR 0 MLB XP; Debut date?
37 Gleyber Torres 22 2B/SS NYY Soph slump? Peak power?
38 Xander Bogaerts 26 SS BOS SPD downside?
39 Corey Kluber 32 SP CLE FB Velocity
40 Shohei Ohtani 24 SP/DH LAA Major Injury

This is Correa’s last stand. He either lives up to his potential in 2019 or his value is kaput.

I loved Albies when he hit 9 HRs in the first 27 games of 2018, but the .226 he hit in the second-half and the .231 against righties last year have me a bit worried. He is only 22 though and could find himself near the top of a phenomenal Braves lineup.

Torres was a top-10 prospect two years in a row, but what is his height? 25 HRs? 30 HRs? He had a pair of 20 stolen base seasons in the minors, but only stole 6 bases in 2018. If he can reach 30 HRs and touch 15 SBs then he’ll move up to the top-15.


# Name Age POS Team Concerns
41 Anthony Rendon 28 3B WAS Bumps & Bruises
42 Eloy Jimenez 22 OF CHW 0 MLB XP; Debut date?
43 Luis Severino 25 SP NYY 2nd-Half ’18; Injury
44 Justin Verlander 36 SP NYY Age; 2,747 IP ’06 – ’18
45 Anthony Rizzo 29 1B CHC 18 vs LHP; ’18 start
46 Starling Marte 30 OF PIT Age 30 = SPD drop?
47 George Springer 29 OF HOU Inconsistent PWR & SPD
48 Victor Robles 21 OF WAS 83 MLB ABs; PWR ceiling?
49 Corey Seager 24 SS LAD Major injury, PWR ceiling?
50 J.T. Realmuto 27 C PHI Positional injury concerns

Rendon is one of the few players that I couldn’t really find too many concerns about. That is a major reason why he’s getting some NL MVP buzz this spring training.

Severino’s second-half, urgency to sign a long term contract extension this off-season and the fact that he might not pitch until May has him dropping in my rankings. He still has youth and a team with solid win potential on his side.

I’ll be watching Robles closely this season. He only has one minor league season of double-digit HRs (10) but stole 20 bases every season he’s played in. One concern for 2019 is his lineup slot. Roster Resource has him penciled in to the 9-spot right now.


# Name Age POS Team Concerns
51 Gary Sanchez 26 C NYY WTF 2018; Injuries
52 Eugenio Suarez 27 3B CIN Sept/Oct ’18 dip
53 Charlie Blackmon 32 OF COL Age; 4 years of SB decline
54 Adalberto Mondesi 23 2B/SS KCR Plate discipline; Team stats
55 Jose Berrios 24 SP MIN Away splits, End of ’18
56 Jack Flaherty 23 SP StL BB%; 33 career starts
57 Khris Davis 31 DH OAK Position; Spring training injury
58 Stephen Strasburg 30 SP WAS Injury prone
59 Jean Segura 29 SS PHI Declining SB total
60 Eddie Rosario 27 OF MIN BB%, Speed ceiling

There’s a lot to like about Berrios and Flaherty, but their youth and above issues are suppressing their value a little bit. With a few adjustments this season they could bump up 20 or so spots next year.

I’ve already said my peace on Adalberto Mondesi. Yes, I still drafted him in The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational. I needed some speed — so sue me.

If Rendon doesn’t win MVP — I might throw my vote towards Eugenio Suarez. He took a huge power step forward in 2018 and the Reds lineup got a lot better this off-season. The Reds have a realistic chance to win the NL Central which would only help Suarez’s case.


# Name Age POS Team Concerns
61 Mitch Haniger 28 OF SEA Health; Speed ceiling
62 Marcell Ozuna 28 OF StL 18 Mar-May; 13-16 AVG
63 Rafael Devers 22 3B BOS Sophomore slump
64 Carlos Carrasco 31 SP CLE Injury concerns
65 Miguel Andujar 24 3B NYY Sophomore slump? Trade?
66 Matt Olson 24 1B OAK Beating sophomore slump
67 Fernando Tatis Jr. 20 SS SD 0 MLB XP; Debut date?
68 Jameson Taillon 27 SP PIT Maintaining ’18; W total
69 Clayton Kershaw 30 SP LAD Injury; ’08-’18: 2000+ IP
70 Wil Myers 28 3B/OF SD Injury concerns return

Devers was a dumpster fire in 2018, but is still crazy young. He was a former top-20 prospect and if he puts it together this season, God help the pitcher that has to face ANOTHER Red Sox slugger.

Tatis could be one of the biggest risers on this list. Vlad Guerrero could hit 30 HRs with an elite average — but Tatis has a realistic shot at 30/30 if he reaches his full potential.

Kershaw is going the way of Felix Hernandez. Too many IPs at a young age and he’s now a shell of his former self. Keep at your own risk.


# Name Age POS Team Concerns
71 Michael Conforto 26 OF NYM Health, AVG
72 Nomar Mazara 23 OF TEX Injuries; Next step – when?
73 Joey Votto 35 1B CIN Age; 2018 big decline
74 Whit Merrifield 30 2B KCR Age + SPD = ?; PWR #s?
75 Justin Upton 31 OF LAA Injuries; SB drop continues?
76 Lorenzo Cain 32 OF MIL Age; RBI
77 Mike Clevinger 28 SP CLE Next step or status quo?
78 James Paxton 30 SP NYY Injuries; Bad stadium
79 Joey Gallo 25 1B/OF TEX AVG duh.
80 Nicholas Castellanos 27 OF DET Team stats; Trade?

I get the feeling if we ever see a full season of Conforto we’re talking about a 35+ HR season. Maybe 2019?

When Mazara made his debut as a 21 year old in 2016 and hit 20 HRs we were all salivating at his potential for growth. However, all he’s shown in the two seasons since is shown Khris Davis like consistency with his power numbers — three straight seasons of 20 HRs. Maybe he can touch 30 HRs? Probably not though.

Clevinger is another guy who I couldn’t find a lot of issues with. He’s now had back-to-back consistent positive productive seasons. He’s not an elite option, but you can’t knock his consistency.


# Name Age POS Team Concerns
81 Jose Abreu 32 1B CHW 2018 injury & dip
82 Matt Chapman 25 3B OAK Slight injury concerns; Minors #s
83 Patrick Corbin 29 SP WAS New team; Slider injury risk
84 Tommy Pham 31 OF TBR Injuries
85 Kyle Tucker 22 OF HOU 64 MLB ABs; Playing time
86 Nick Senzel 23 3B CIN 0 MLB XP
87 Rougned Odor 25 2B TEX Plate discipline, 2018 injury
88 Yoan Moncada 23 2B CHW Plate discipline
89 Zack Wheeler 28 SP NYM 2017
90 David Dahl 24 OF COL Injuries

Tucker and Senzel could rocket up this list, but all that’s holding them back is their lack of major league experience.

Odor and Moncada are in the same boat — it seems like Odor is actually working on his issues though. For the third year in a row he’s upped his BB% to 8% last year — really not that bad by Odor standards.

It’s easy to forget after missing 2015 and 2016 and his 5.21 ERA in 2017 that of all the current and former elite Mets starting pitchers, Wheeler was the highest ranked in the minors. He really refound his stuff in 2018 with a 3.31 ERA in 29 starts.


# Name Age POS Team Concerns
91 Mike Foltynewicz 27 SP ATL Spring Training Injury
92 Zack Greinke 35 SP ARI Age = eventual decline? Velocity
93 Josh Hader 24 RP MIL Role
94 Amed Rosario 23 SS NYM Plate discipline; AVG
95 Yasiel Puig 28 OF CIN Injury risk
96 A.J. Pollock 31 OF LAD Oh god, injury risk!
97 Edwin Diaz 24 RP NYM Less save opportunities
98 Blake Treinen 31 RP OAK Under 1.00 ERA isn’t easy
99 Daniel Murphy 33 2B COL Age; Bumps and bruises
100 German Marquez 24 SP COL Home stadium; ’18 1st half

Hader might not be the closer, but who cares when he has close to a 16 K/9 in 81+ IP. Those numbers with even 10-15 saves sound good to me.

I might be higher on Rosario than others, but he’s having a spicy spring so far. 7 runs, 2 HRs, 6 RBI, 3 SB and a .400 AVG in 25 ABs. If he can go 15/20 while improving his .255 career average — you’ve got a keeper stud on your hands.

Despite being 33, Murphy’s move to Colorado really helps boost his draft stock. Another 25 HR season with 100+ RBI and a .320 AVG is coming in 2019.  



Alright — what are your keeper questions/comments? Sound off in the comments below!

  1. HarryMay says:

    Good stuff, Kerry. I’m in a bit of a rebuilding year in my keeper (keep 5, OPS, SV+HLDS, NSB) league, but had our draft yesterday and here’s what I wound up with:

    (keepers indicated with a *):

    C – Posey 1B – Rhys 2b – Altuve* SS – Mondesi* 3B – Andujar OF – Benintendi* , Dahl, Rosario, Cutch Util – Piscotty, Schoop Bench – Laureano, Bader, P. Alonso, Hiura

    SP – Beuhler* , Marquez* , Taillon, Ray, Darvish, Maeda, McHugh RP – Miller, Hicks, Seranthony, Minter

    Would love to hear thoughts from you or anyone else.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @HarryMay This is a solid balanced team. I think Hicks, Seranthony and Minter end the season as closers. McCutchen is someone who is going to have a surprise huge year if he plays the whole season. I’d be looking out for one more solid SP — you could trade from your Piscotty/Laureano/Bader OF depth if a major OF goes down on someone else’s team.

  2. Chris says:

    I really coulda used this for yesterdays draft. My one regret was drafting Pollock instead of Rosario.

    6×6 OPS, HLDS, H2H Keep Forever

    Realmuto, Goldy, Gleyber, Bregman, Moustakas, Gallo, Pollock, Braun, Buxton. Try to trade Moose and Pollock for a better 3b/OF? Or upgrade pitching?

    Corbin, Wheeler, Morton, Woodruff, Andrew Miller, Cody Allen, Julio Urias, Corbin Burnes, German.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      Yea — I’d definitely take a look at who is hurting at 3rd and make an offer for a solid OF.

  3. Baller McCheese says:

    Curious as what your peak-Eloy comp. is?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      Alright — don’t kill me anyone. But if the hit tool is as good as it seems and the power potential stays what it is — think Juan Gonzalez. Maybe not 45+ HR power — but 35-40 power with a great average above .290. No speed really.

    • Cabby says:

      Nice write-up! I have been waiting for this article.

      I made a pretty big overhaul to my keeper team this past season.

      I made it to the finals last year but injuries and poor performance caused me to finish second. I traded off some jice pieces to make a push(Robles and Jimenez) but unfortunately it didnt pay off.

      I traded away Votto, Altuve, Abreu and Kluber this offseason in different trades and got Trea Turner, Ozzie Albies, Royce Lewis and draft picks for the main draft in return

      12 team keeper league. Keep 10MLB players, 7 minors

      Obp, r, RBI, sb, total bases
      Era, whip, k, quality starts plus wins, holds plus saves.
      My team

      2b- Ozzie Albies
      Ss- Trea Turner
      3B- Arenado
      OF- Acuna, Harper, Marte, Mazaro, Of
      Sp- Snell, Beuhler, Corbin, sp,sp,sp
      3 rp-

      Minors- Royce Lewis, Trammel, Bohm, Khalil lee, E. Florial, Keller, Graterol

      Thoughts on my team? I’ll likely target a 1B with my first pick.


      • Kerry Klug

        Kerry says:

        I know all about injuries — I had Sale, Bauer, Doolittle and Morrow heading into the playoffs……………………That is a solid mix of speed and power on offense.
        Going 1B is a good bet considering the shallowness of the position and the top guys are probably being kept — If there is a top flight SP available I’d also consider going that route.

  4. Harley Earl says:

    Daniel Murphy is 33, but in two weeks he’ll be 34.

    At some point, I’m not sure he’s a .320 hitter even in Coors. Father Time has a way of doing such things to guys. Just wanted readers to be aware of his age for the upcoming season.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      Definitely true. Time makes fools of us all. But he’s a .326 hitter over the last three years an his BABIP dropped about .035 points from 2016/2017 — if that BABIP goes up I still give him two more years of production

      • Harley Earl says:

        Yeah, I think he’ll still hit this year. I’m not sure if he’ll hit next year really. Age 35 next year, bad knee and all, I could see some regression.

        Hey, I got a question since this is a Keeper piece. Why no love for Shane Bieber. In Keeper leagues, I would think he might be someone to grab now before the train gets going … because it’s going to get going this season. Everyone, including Grey, seem to love the Biebs!!!

        • Kerry Klug

          Kerry says:

          I’ve got Bieber fever too, but he only has 114 major league innings. He’s right outside the top 100.

  5. RoarOf84 says:

    What are your thoughts on this team that I drafted the other night? Any holes or areas to improve? Will take advice from anyone here.

    For context, it’s a 10-team, h2h categories league (OPS and holds as the 6th categories). Each team is able to keep up to 6 players without any restrictions. We are upping that number to 8 for next year and I think I have more than enough options to consider.

    As for the draft itself, I had a lot of early round draft picks that I acquired by selling off excess keeper options.

    C – Willson Contreras
    1b – Jose Abreu
    2b – Travis Shaw
    3b – Alex Bregman (K)
    SS – Adalberto Mondesi
    MI – Manny Machado (K)
    CI – Kris Bryant (K)
    OF – Ronald Acuna (K)
    OF – David Dahl
    OF – Domingo Santana
    OF – Harrison Bader
    U – Carlos Correa (K)
    Bench Bats – Eloy Jimenez, Shohei Ohtani, Marwin Gonzalez

    The exact arrangement of my batters is going to be in flux until Machado gains 3b eligibility, Eloy gets called up, and Ohtani becomes the regular DH. Once all that happens, my ideal roll out will have Correa replacing Machado at MI, Machado going to CI, Bryant going to the OF, Eloy being my 4th OFer, and Ohtani being my regular U bat.

    P – Chris Sale (K)
    P – Jack Flaherty
    P – Blake Treinen
    P – Zack Wheeler
    P – Yu Darvish
    P – Jose Leclerc
    P – Masahiro Tanaka
    P – Zack Britton
    Bench Arms – Joey Lucchesi, Matt Barnes, Nick Pivetta, AJ Minter, Dylan Bundy

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Ronald says:


    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      Love this team. OF has a little bit of risk Dahl (injury,) Domingo (2018,) Bader (platoon vRH?,) Eloy (when?)
      I’m not loving Darvish/Tanaka — but Sale, Flaherty, Wheeler, Lucchesi, Pivetta is really nice.

  6. AYL says:

    12 team 5×5 H2H redraft. Got the following proposal:

    I trade Wheeler and Bellinger and get back Guerro and Pivetta.

    Who wins?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      Ohhh that’s a tough one…Guerrero and Pivetta are great if you’re looking for a longer term build. However, if you’re trying to compete more for this year I’d go with Wheeler and Bellinger.
      My obvious concern with Vlad is the Blue Jays front office — how long will they hold him down?

  7. PZ says:

    I’ve got an embarrassment of riches in an NL-only roto league. I can only keep five: Acuna, Baez, Goldschmidt, Soto, Bryant, deGrom. It’s keep forever, so I’m looking long-term as well as this year.

    Who do I let go? Who can I afford to trade without it biting me in the butt?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      Here’s the thing about me and keeper leagues. I’ve been in a league since 2003 that became a keeper league in 2007. That year I kept Jeremy Bonderman. I haven’t kept a pitcher since.
      I realize that makes me the crazy one however. Out of those 6 I’d say I’d throw back Goldy. Acuna and Soto are locks based on age and production. I think Bryant bounces back big this year (and the future) plus he’s still only 27. Baez has his risks but went 30/20 last year and is also still young at 26. Keeping a pitcher is a good idea if you have 4 offensive studs.

  8. bigbear says:

    Nice! Love the Kyle Tucker commentary. Hoping he gets some ABs this year and takes over.

    Why so low on Dahl? That park. That lineup. Those prospects. A team that spends money. Solid avg and power upside. Some injury risk, but that could be a blanket statement for many players. I think he’s a few tiers too low here.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      2015: Spleen, knee
      2017: Ribs, back
      2018: Foot

      The injuries are just stacking up with this guy unfortunately. He’s like Eugene from Hey Arnold!
      Even if he is claiming he’s 100% I worry about any adjustments/over-compensations he might do to avoid getting hurt again. Some players are just injury-prone unfortunately regardless of how skilled they are. Eric Chavez always comes to mind for me…he had a few good years in the early 2000s, but then couldn’t get/stay healthy and all the injuries just stacked up.

  9. Willie Fistergash says:

    Howdy! Long time lurker, first post…

    12 Team H2H 6×6 ESPN

    Won it all last year, after an extensive rebuild (finally)!

    Everybody keeps 8, no round implications

    Was planning on keeping: Machado, Acuna, Judge, Benintendi, Mondesi, Springer, Severino, and Berrios

    Other possibilities: Travis Shaw, Villar, Amed Rosario, David Dahl, Robbie Ray, Moustakis

    Do I have the right 8, or would u swap one of the others in?


    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      Wow — you have the right 8. Severino is my only concern — but he did make some throws recently which is a good sign for a baseball pitcher.

  10. Berke says:

    In a 9 team keeper league, im definitely in a rebuild year after a last place finish, 6×6 ops and qs league. curious on your thoughts on my building blocks, not expecting huge things this year but think i have some pieces

    bench-tyler white

    sp-e rod
    bench stripling

    Eloy takes over for andrus once he gets the call and white is insurance in case alonso starts the year in the minors

    • Berke says:

      12 team, 9 keeper*

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      My biggest concern is your starting pitching — Strasburg, Darvish and E-Rod have a lot of injury concerns for me. Stripling only concerns me from an IP perspective. The Dodgers have 7 viable starting pitchers and Stripling did well in the pen last year so it might be an easy transition to just stick him there once Kershaw returns.

  11. James says:

    Stuck with sevy because I traded for him so I have to keep him. Should I still keep him in the 28th round? I could probably trade him for Gleyber, taillon, Brantley, Merrifield in late good rounds or Stanton maybe 3rd round.

    Already have 28th round Bauer and 12th round Nola to go along with trout rendon and judge for the rest of my keepers. Should I feel good about hanging onto sevy with the keepers I have or roll the dice on one of these trades to play it more safe?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      28th round isn’t really terrible from a risk perspective. But you seem okay to me with Bauer and Nola. If you could get Gleyber or Taillon for him I’d look into that. Taillon could be just as good as Sevy.

  12. Sean Geer says:

    So I have quite the dilemma…I get 3 keepers, but we lose the round 2 spots ahead of where they were picked in and it continues that way yearly…..I’m keeping Harper and Yelich and using up my 1st and 2nd round picks. My dilemma is this. Do I keep Correa in the 14th round (would move to round 12 next year), or do I keep Soto in the 21st? It would seem a no brainer to go for Soto right now, but I already am keeping 2 outfielders…I’m so torn. Elite SS’s are hard to come by. Advice please?!

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      For me its Soto at his age/round. As a Correa owner in a keeper league I’m optimistic about him, but there’s some risk there. Also the lack of stolen bases takes him out of the elite tier for me unless he can unload 35+ HRs.

      • Sean Geer says:

        Thanks for the reply. I was leaning that way too…you think Soto gets me some extra bags this year maybe as a bonus?

  13. Andrew Ritter says:


    Keeper Question:

    This player will be kept for 2019 only. I will lose the draft pick this year from the same round the player was drafted in last year. I get 5 keepers and have 4 picked out already (Baez, Snell, Buehler, Suarez) … but having trouble deciding my 5th:

    Albies (Round 9)
    Villar (Round 20)
    Leclerc (Undrafted)

    I can make a good case for any of them… currently leaning Leclerc due to him being undrafted last year… but, ya know, #somuchcloserturnover… Thanks so much in advance for any advice!!!

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      I wrote this whole long thing about why it SHOULDN’T be LeClerc….but at that value you’re fine to keep him.
      Here’s what I wrote before I changed my mind:

      I get the Leclerc love based on his skill set…but here are the projected win totals for the Rangers:

      Bleacher Report: 64
      Fangraphs: 67
      Rotochamp: 70
      BetOnline: 70.5
      Sporting News: 70.5
      USA Today: 70
      Sports Gambling Podcast: 71

      In a 67 win season last year they had the third-fewest save opportunities with 56. They converted 75% of those opportunities, however, their starting rotation this year is looking like:
      Mike Minor
      Lance Lynn
      Shelby Miller
      Drew Smyly
      Edinson Volquez

      How many leads do you really think the Rangers bullpen are going to be handed?
      I’d prefer Villar.

  14. Hello Rockview says:

    I’m in a pick 10 or 12 keeper league (you get comp picks for the 11th and 12th if you only keep 10) – Head to Head league

    Thoughts on my keepers? I am debating the last positions.
    C – Realmuto
    1b –
    2b –
    3b – rendon
    ss – bregman
    of – JD
    of – soto
    0f –
    util – bogaerts
    util –
    sp – sale, nola, bauer, flaherty

    other options available to keep – Cain, Encarcion, Pham, Votto, Clevinger


    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      I love what you have — dang. Clevinger would be next up – but you’ve got a beastly core there. You’re going to have to be on the hunt for speed though.

  15. srpst23 says:

    How does everyone factor age into their dynasty rankings? I have a snake draft for a 1st year dynasty league coming up and am having trouble figuring out how to factor age into the rankings. I’m trying to determine if a % adjustment to their one year value would work somehow. (i.e. a 21 year old player would get an x% bump in their valuation, vs a 24 year old player that would get a x% decrease in their valuation). Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      Calculating a percentage is difficult because every player’s skills age differently. Some players bodies are older based on injuries.
      I did include the keeper by age sort of for this reason — to show you the bell curve of where you should be taking your keepers.
      20: 3,
      21: 2,
      22: 4,
      23: 7,
      24: 13,
      25: 7,
      26: 13,
      27: 10,
      28: 10,
      29: 7,
      30: 6,
      31: 8,
      32: 4,
      33: 1,
      34: 1,
      35: 2,
      36: 1

      After age 28/29 I’m starting to fade my keepers.

  16. Justin Gallant says:

    amed rosario or tim ainderson in a dyntasy

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry says:

      Amed Rosario for me.

  17. slimbo says:

    what kind of return can i get for the busted up kershaw in a dynasty?

    are tatis jr, mondesi, robles and flaherty good targets


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