“Everywhere,” Grey said, pulling boba through a straw. “The time is near.” He finished his boba tea, shaking the ice in the cup like a maraca. I felt like Iron Man, lost in the darkness of space a thousand light-years from home. I knew the truth. Grey was powered by boba, and with the looming boba shortage, his prognostication powers were waning. I sat in his office, like a child watching his hero fade away.

“I thought it was going to be rainy today,” Grey said, flinging the curtains open to reveal brilliant sunshine. “I tried cocoa nibs, coconut pearls, even chickpeas. Nothing. I’m just a lothario now.” He turned, grabbed a magazine from his desk, and tossed it in front of me. Fantasy Baseballer Magazine. “Go ahead,” Grey said, “Ask my opinion on a player.” I opened it, seemingly at random, finding the Colorado Rockies.

“Tell me about Bud Black,” I asked.

Grey’s hand began shaking, the maraca-like boba tea playing in time to Gasolina. “Bud Black is rational, cool-minded, sensible.” Tears ran down from Grey’s eyes as he spoke. “Fair with playing time.”

His boba cup dropped to the ground, a cacophony of crushed ice and plastic.

I couldn’t see my boss like this. “Grey, the boba raw ingredients are stuck in ships off the coast. We can heist them. Start a new company. We’ll be RazzBoba!” I stood and approached the Fantasy Master Lothario but he waved me back.

“Everywhere,” Grey said, “I can’t dirty your hands with this. That’s my container ship to heist. If I don’t make it back, take care of my Bartolo Colon bobblehead, and feed my goldfish, Lou Bob.”

I took the Fantasy Baseballer Magazine in my hand and thwapped it on the table. “With Gyorko as my witness, we’ll make you a fantasy master again!”

News and Notes

Madison BumgarnerBadMum is back! April showers bring May powers, right? BadMum has an 18:2 K/BB ratio over his last three starts (17 IP) and a silky-smooth 2ER allowed. OH AND A NO-HITTER. His fastball is back up to its impressive stunning acceptable 91MPH, which has given a bit extra oomph to his slider as well. We gotta remember, he doesn’t even turn 32 until near the playoff run. I might be writing about BadMum in the 2032 edition of Robo-Razzball, when all our articles are just clickbait about Bad Mums. Ya know, the other kind. He’s risky but the reward is pretty high.

Andrew HeaneyWay back in the day, Bill James invented statistics because he hated baseball cards. He whipped up some acronyms on a Wang Computer and output some ratios and made some books about it that later inspired a blockbuster film, Angels in the Outfield. Then came the natural evolution of BillJames-r-metrics, BradPitt-r-metrics. In this system, fit devil-may-care players are the pinnacle of baseball desires. How can you say baseball isn’t romantic? ENYWHEY. By standard metrics that you find on the back of baseball cards, Heaney looks like trash: 1-2 record and an ERA over 5. But in the BradPitt-r-metrics, he’s got xERA/FIP in the 3.00 range and an xFIP under 3.00. That means he’s been unlucky and the Angels aren’t helping him at all. Heaney’s K/9 is at its highest rate in his career, and he’s got a luxurious 14% swinging strike rate. When he “positive regresses” — which sounds like a form of denial from a Covid conspiracy truther — he’ll be kicking all sorts of grass.

Kyle Hendricks[stares at velocity report] I mean there are position players who have thrown harder when filling in at pitcher during a blowup than Kyle Hendricks is throwing right now. His fastball is at 85/86 and there’s a lot of high school readers out there that can throw faster than Hendricks. Also, stop reading Razzball in class! What exactly do we make of a guy who was already tossing softies and is now giving up 7 runs a game without K’ing anybody? We make amends with our bad decisions and move on, that’s what we do. Hendricks is obviously a “sell” candidate, which is what the Cubs management do with all of their players even when they’re good.

Shane McClanahanNow, I’m not the kind of guy you should be trusting for your prospects advice because we’ve got like 8 other people to do that for you. But when I click on Shane McClanahan’s bio on another site, it says he’s the #117 prospect in MLB with a current 35 rating on command with a max of 40. So, ya know, people smarter than me think he’s not going to be more than an ordinary player at the major league level. Once he left A-ball, though, he’s got an 85/14 K/BB ratio. His BABIP in Double-A and MLB has been near .450. His xFIP in AA ball was 2.91, nearly 4 times lower than his ERA. The Rays have made Charlie Morton, Blake Snell, Tyler Glasnow, and Rich Hill [did I just say that?] into great pitchers, so there’s no reason not to grab McClanahan in almost any format. Yes, it’s the Rays, so he may have 20 starts and 65 IP, but, let’s just pretend we live in a beautiful world and can have nice things.

Jesus LuzardoSpeaking of not having nice things, Luzardo got a bit aggressive after playing some War Zone against Mitch Garver (official reports may say he was playing Dark Souls 3) and fractured his hand on a table. Likely out 4-6 weeks.

Matthew BoydBad knees and will miss a start or two. He actually improved his K/9 rate to [squints at newspaper boxscore] 6 per 9. Nice! He’s almost in the Tim Wakefield range now.

Hyun-Jin RyuButt hurt. For real. Hit the IL, but usually, these types of injuries mitigate well enough. I’m 0 percent worried, which is a complete lie and no I’m not in denial.

Alec BettingerImagine this: you’re drafted in round 10, probably getting a signing bonus of like $10,000 or something as a sort of stipend before you make minimum wage in the minors for the next few years. Yet, you bully batters and have your way with them. You pitch 300 innings in your minor league career, getting better at every stop to the point that you’re nearly K’ing 10 per 9 while walking only 2. In fact, your numbers look strikingly like Dylan Bundy, Hyun-Jin Ryu, and Lance Lynn. You get the phone call; you’re starting on May 2, 2021! Your cup of coffee! Call your parents, bring them to the ballpark! Wear a damn mask! Uh-oh, you’re debuting against the Dodgers! I think you know how the rest of the story goes. Just like Craig Counsell left Josh Lindblom on the mound to get torched and then sent to the Ineffective List, CC sent rookie pitcher Alex Bettinger out against the freaking Dodgers to let him get shelled for 11 runs in 4 innings. To Bettinger’s credit, he walked only 2 batters but struck out none. There’s not much of a lesson to learn here, other than that 5th starting spot on the Brewers will clearly be a place for CC to flog pitchers for not being as good as his front four.

Yusei KikuchiOther than getting blown out by Boston, he’s been pretty good this year. K rate still leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s starting to crank up towards 9 per 9. I was gonna make a 99 Red Balloons joke in German but then Grammarly got all uppity about the language change.

German MarquezEverybody in the world hates him but his advanced statistics all point to him being pretty OK. Yeah, his BB/9 is in Robbie Ray territory right now, but he’s a sub-3.00 career BB/9 guy otherwise. Especially if you’re hurting for pitching, it’s a fine idea to dart throw Marquez because he has top 30 SP upside. [waits for Grey to pop into the comments with Bud Black love]

Dylan Cease9K and 7IP against the Tigers. He hasn’t made it past 4.2 IP in any of his other starts, his walk rate is at 4.50 and his xFIP is over a point higher than his ERA. Sure, he might be roster-able in deep leagues, but don’t let the nonsense “CEASE IS CY YOUNG” internet chatter get to you. What ridiculous players do you think will be Cy Young this year? Drop their names in the comments!

Cole IrvinWell, every once in a while a guy comes out of nowhere and things are clicking and sometimes you just gotta run with it. He’s got a 25/4 K/BB ratio on the year, SIERA sitting sub-4.00, CSW% mid-20s. He’s due for some regression because he’s pitching way above his fantasy pay grade, but he’s worth a dart throw now while he’s hot. Also, the Pirates are never actually hot, it’s just like a gas station roller grill: greased and warm.

Kwang Hyun Kim: We know he’s good, he just needs to stay healthy and hold a rotation spot. 12K/0BB over his last 2 games (10IP), and he’s never going to be a strikeout master, but he’s super-useful in deep leagues as a source of innings and therefore straight up Ks. He’s struggled to stay healthy since arriving in MLB, though, so know that he comes with risk. KHK is AOK in my book.

Dustin MayMRI coming on Monday, but you should just pre-emptively grab Tony Gonsolin if he’s available. May’s likely going to be out for a while. [insert “It’s Gonna be May” meme but cross out May with “June 2022” and make Justin Trousersnake sexyback] Are you the first to hear the MRI results? Let me know the results down in the comments!

Alex CobbHe’s still performing well but he’s diving in terms of interest right now. But that’s OK because I can’t keep interested in things for more than 5 minutes anyway. Oh look! Cole Irvin! Cobb’s pitch mix changed pretty dramatically in the past few starts: upwards of 15% more fastballs and half the number of curveballs that led to his strong start. If he continues with his heavy fastball mix, fantasy managers are in for a boring Cobb salad.

FAAB God, Millionaire

These pitchers are rostered in less than 50% of NFBC leagues, which means they’re likely available in your Yahoo / ESPN / CBS / mail-in hand-calculated leagues.

Space:X Rankings

Usual boilerplate that somebody always fails to read yet nonetheless thinks they’re a genius to point out in the comments: I rank in tiers, and don’t worry too much about the location within the tiers. I added some markers to see “where” you are in the rankings to help give a bit more order to the chaos. Please don’t misconstrue these guideposts for numerical rankings, though.

  • S-Tier: Players have the qualities of pitchers most likely to finish in the Top 10.
  • A-Tier: Players have the qualities of pitchers most likely to finish SP5-40.
  • B-Tier: Players have the qualities of pitchers most likely to finish SP10-60.
  • C-Tier: Streamers and deep league pitchers
  • D-Tier: Contrarian matchup plays and injured pitchers.

Notable Movers: 

  • Trevor Rogers: S-Tier skills with ridiculously low barrel rates. And you were all drafting Sixto in round 1.
  • Eduardo RodriguezHealing and dealing.
  • Dustin MaySnap, crackle, drop (or IL)
  • Ryan WeathersAppears on the list for the first time but he’s also dealing with arm soreness and MacKenzie Goreness.

Overall, I’ve noticed few pitchers moving out of the tiers of their own accord, which helps provide a bit more evidence about the skill-based predictive prowess that makes up the majority of this system, which is close to Carlos Marcano’s speX system. What does that mean? It means that the system has provided pretty good value on identifying pitchers who are useful for fantasy. So far, Space:X has been ahead of the curve on pitchers like Brandon Woodruff, Jose Berrios, Trevor Rogers, Freddy Peralta, Huascar Ynoa, and Tyler Mahle.

If you have questions, drop them down in the comments! Keep your hate mail in your desk and have an awesome week!

1 Corbin Burnes 29.1 45.40% 1.25 38.20%
Jacob deGrom 35 44.70% 1.35 35.50%
Gerrit Cole 37.2 42.10% 1.54 34.70%
Joe Musgrove 29 32.70% 2.22 36.50%
Tyler Glasnow 37.2 31.50% 2.47 35.50%
Shane Bieber 42.1 31.40% 2.49 36.90%
Trevor Bauer 40 29.10% 2.71 32.30%
Max Scherzer 30 27.60% 3.15 30.50%
Yu Darvish 38 25.50% 3.09 33.60%
Jose Berrios 26.2 24.50% 3.1 28.90%
Brandon Woodruff 35 23.30% 3.14 30.70%
Aaron Nola 37.2 22.50% 3.3 30.50%
Lucas Giolito 25.1 21.10% 3.46 29.50%
Trevor Rogers 28 25.70% 3.04 33.30%
Eduardo Rodriguez 28 25.20% 2.95 29.80%
17 Carlos Rodon 25 28.40% 2.79 33.00%
Freddy Peralta 26 27.70% 2.92 31.40%
Huascar Ynoa 26.1 27.50% 2.76 33.80%
Lance Lynn 24.2 25.80% 3.05 27.50%
Andrew Heaney 24 25.80% 3.03 31.20%
Tyler Mahle 25.2 24.50% 3.19 32.00%
Walker Buehler 31.1 23.80% 3.22 30.60%
Clayton Kershaw 38.2 22.70% 3.21 32.80%
Julio Urias 30.2 21.30% 3.42 31.40%
Danny Duffy 30 21.20% 3.52 29.00%
Dylan Bundy 30 21.00% 3.46 33.30%
Hyun-Jin Ryu 27.2 20.70% 3.38 32.20%
Michael Pineda 27.1 19.60% 3.64 31.90%
30 Zach Eflin 32.2 19.50% 3.69 29.70%
Zac Gallen 20.2 19.10% 3.73 28.70%
Charlie Morton 33.2 19.00% 3.53 31.40%
Zack Wheeler 38.2 18.80% 3.66 26.30%
Jack Flaherty 34.1 18.70% 3.73 27.30%
Kevin Gausman 33.2 18.50% 3.75 31.10%
Sandy Alcantara 36.2 17.10% 3.81 30.00%
Zack Greinke 36.2 14.30% 4.25 27.20%
Sonny Gray 13.2 23.40% 3.34 35.30%
40 Steven Matz 27 15.90% 3.91 31.20%
Alex Wood 18 26.60% 2.56 34.50%
Jameson Taillon 22.1 25.30% 3.18 29.30%
Cristian Javier 20.2 25.30% 3.08 29.00%
Alex Cobb 16.1 22.50% 3.01 29.30%
JT Brubaker 27.1 22.10% 3.08 29.10%
Griffin Canning 18 21.50% 3.45 31.30%
Adbert Alzolay 21 21.00% 3.48 33.20%
John Means 37 20.10% 3.6 31.20%
Jakob Junis 21.1 19.80% 3.57 29.10%
Blake Snell 25.2 18.80% 3.67 30.60%
Pablo Lopez 34.2 17.50% 3.71 27.20%
Nathan Eovaldi 34.2 17.50% 3.61 29.80%
Madison Bumgarner 30.2 17.40% 3.99 29.10%
Brady Singer 23.1 17.20% 3.71 31.70%
Anthony DeSclafani 36 17.00% 3.66 26.80%
Mike Foltynewicz 27.1 16.50% 4.02 24.80%
Tyler Anderson 26.2 16.40% 3.92 29.90%
Chris Bassitt 34.1 16.10% 3.9 28.20%
Mike Minor 25.2 15.20% 4.12 27.60%
60 Michael Wacha 21.2 15.10% 4.23 27.10%
Marcus Stroman 29.1 15.00% 3.48 25.40%
Jordan Montgomery 26.2 14.70% 4.06 30.00%
Max Fried 11 14.10% 4.08 30.10%
Zach Plesac 26.1 13.80% 4 26.90%
Jose Urquidy 34 13.70% 4.59 26.10%
Aaron Civale 33.2 13.40% 4.07 24.40%
Kenta Maeda 23.1 13.40% 4.27 26.40%
Chris Flexen 27 13.20% 4.29 20.50%
Yusei Kikuchi 30.2 12.90% 4.17 30.50%
Luke Weaver 25.2 12.70% 4.41 26.50%
Matthew Boyd 35.2 12.20% 4.66 29.80%
Kyle Gibson 33.1 11.90% 4.18 28.30%
Luis Castillo 29.2 11.90% 4.06 27.70%
Jordan Lyles 28 11.70% 4.78 25.40%
David Peterson 19.1 18.80% 3.33 30.10%
Sean Manaea 28.2 17.90% 3.81 28.80%
Cole Irvin 27 17.90% 3.82 24.00%
Rich Hill 22.1 17.90% 3.75 32.00%
Ian Anderson 29 16.20% 3.7 29.90%
Lance McCullers Jr. 26.2 14.50% 4.14 31.40%
Kwang-hyun Kim 13.2 25.40% 3.01 29.10%
83 Dustin May 23 31.20% 2.28 34.00%
Ryan Weathers 10.1 13.50% 4.29 25.70%
Jorge Lopez 21.2 12.40% 4.32 28.30%
Michael Kopech 8 44.80% 1.15 34.40%
Adam Wainwright 28.2 21.50% 3.29 31.90%
Dane Dunning 22.2 19.80% 3.41 30.50%
Johnny Cueto 20 18.90% 3.7 26.80%
Shohei Ohtani 13.2 16.10% 4.52 30.00%
Frankie Montas 24.2 15.80% 4.04 26.80%
Vince Velasquez 8.1 15.80% 4.1 24.10%
Trevor Williams 24.1 15.50% 3.95 29.30%
Trevor Cahill 24.1 14.70% 3.73 28.10%
Triston McKenzie 15 14.50% 4.81 27.70%
Chris Paddack 23.1 14.40% 4 29.30%
Erick Fedde 22.1 14.40% 4.19 23.90%
Jesus Luzardo 28 14.20% 4.27 29.40%
Logan Webb 27.1 13.30% 3.88 29.60%
100 Taylor Widener 22.1 12.90% 4.52 28.00%
Ryan Yarbrough 22.2 12.60% 4.43 26.90%
Drew Smyly 19 12.60% 4.67 29.10%
Robbie Ray 22.2 12.00% 4.45 27.70%
Kyle Hendricks 22.2 12.00% 4.54 25.20%
Jake Arrieta 31.1 11.90% 4.6 27.50%
Jon Gray 34.1 11.10% 4.41 28.70%
Wade Miley 27 11.10% 4.11 24.50%
Aaron Sanchez 24.1 11.00% 4.13 26.10%
Taijuan Walker 27 10.60% 4.72 30.00%
Spencer Turnbull 16 10.40% 4.54 24.10%
Marco Gonzales 28.1 9.90% 4.81 25.10%
German Marquez 32.2 9.80% 4.54 28.10%
Matt Harvey 31 9.70% 4.64 22.70%
Merrill Kelly 27 9.30% 4.8 23.80%
Bruce Zimmermann 25.1 9.00% 4.86 26.30%
Adrian Houser 24.2 8.80% 4.2 20.40%
Casey Mize 26.2 8.70% 4.53 26.00%
Carlos Martinez 28.1 8.50% 4.79 26.40%
Nick Pivetta 25.2 7.70% 5.2 24.60%
120 Jeff Hoffman 24.1 6.90% 5.12 25.50%
Logan Allen 15.2 6.70% 4.99 24.30%
Michael Fulmer 12 6.30% 4.77 27.00%
Corey Kluber 21.2 5.90% 5.27 28.00%
Matt Shoemaker 23 5.70% 5.31 26.20%
Austin Gomber 29 5.50% 5.42 28.20%
Kohei Arihara 25 4.70% 5.45 24.50%
Patrick Corbin 23.1 3.70% 5.54 26.60%
Josh Fleming 16.1 3.10% 4.88 27.10%
Tarik Skubal 16.1 2.60% 6.41 21.70%
Brad Keller 18 2.10% 5.4 22.90%
John Gant 25 1.80% 5.73 26.00%
Dylan Cease 24.1 16.50% 4.05 26.70%
Dallas Keuchel 31 3.80% 4.8 25.90%
135 Jose De Leon 9.1 28.90% 2.81 35.90%
Tanner Houck 9.1 22.00% 3.04 30.10%
Ross Stripling 8.1 17.10% 4.01 26.50%
Domingo German 20 17.00% 3.88 29.80%
Dean Kremer 15 16.70% 3.83 28.00%
Joe Ross 21.1 12.50% 4.36 30.70%
Martin Perez 23 12.30% 4.46 28.30%
Luis Garcia 14 12.30% 4.55 29.30%
Justus Sheffield 22 11.90% 4.3 26.90%
Chase Anderson 21.2 9.20% 4.87 27.60%
Stephen Strasburg 10 8.70% 5.19 29.50%
Jose Quintana 13.1 8.50% 5.09 28.20%
Garrett Richards 23.2 8.30% 4.9 26.30%
J.A. Happ 23 6.90% 5.3 21.50%
Antonio Senzatela 29.2 6.60% 4.66 23.40%
Mitch Keller 18.2 6.50% 5.22 26.30%
Chi Chi Gonzalez 15 6.50% 5.02 24.90%
Brett Anderson 17.1 5.50% 4.55 21.60%
Matt Moore 11 5.10% 5.5 21.80%
Jose Urena 28.2 4.90% 4.74 22.70%
Justin Dunn 20.1 3.40% 5.81 24.10%
Riley Smith 10 2.40% 5.57 19.50%
Bryse Wilson 12 1.80% 5.83 30.80%
Daniel Castano 13.1 0.00% 5.96 20.50%
Zach Davies 23 -0.80% 6.14 23.80%
Chad Kuhl 15.2 -2.60% 6.67 26.50%
160 Nick Neidert 12 -5.30% 7.19 19.90%

Aye, you made it this far, didn’t ya. EverywhereBlair is, well, located at home right now. He’s a historian and lover of prog-metal. He enjoys a good sipping rum. When he’s not churning data and making fan fiction about Grey and Donkey Teeth, you can find him dreaming of shirtless pictures of Lance Lynn on Twitter @Everywhereblair.

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1 year ago

I got offered DeGrom and Max Muncy for Trout and Eovaldi….I should do that right?

1 year ago


when do you see Givens closing and taking over saves for the rockies?

1 year ago

I love seeing Burnes at the top of this list. Finally getting the respect he deserves. 49 Ks with 0 walks will wake some people up.

Forearm Tightness
Forearm Tightness
1 year ago

Git gud, Jesus Luzardo! PRAISE THE SUN!

1 year ago

Another great SP breakdown! Thanks, EWB

Would you start McClan @LAA and @OAK this week? Both teams seem to hit lefties well so far this year, so I’m thinking to sit him, but it’s obviously tempting having just acquired him.

Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

Yah, sitting him seems like the right decision, even as I am kicking myself for sitting Kikuchi @HOU last week. Gotta stick to your principles I guess and not overreact to the short-term.

A. Another start question- I’m not quite sure what to do with German tomorrow vs HOU, start or sit?

B. Garret Richards – what are your thoughts on him currently? His last two starts have been solid, and he has @BAL this week.

C. I’ve been offered J. Turner and Neris for my L. Castillo and Whitlock. I don’t feel like I want to cut bait on Luis and Turner often deals with little injuries here and there. I feel like I’d be selling low on Luis and buying high on Turner which isn’t a great strategy.

Team context:
Batters: Knizner, C. Santana, McNeil, Biggio, Gregorius, Springer, Brantley, Peralta, Hoerner, Aguilar (Kelenic on bench)
Pitchers: Bieber, Giolito, L. Castillo, Kikuchi, Brubaker, McClan, German, Pressley, Clase, Gallegos, Whitlock (Merryweather and Elieser Hernandez on the IL)

Reply to  Thundershoe
1 year ago

btw, 14-team H2H points league (Ks = -1 for batters). Thanks for any insights!

Stream Weaver
Stream Weaver
1 year ago

What are your thoughts on Johan Oviedo against the Mets tomorrow and ROS? Thanks

Stream Weaver
Stream Weaver
Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

Thanks. I’m in a 10 team NL only

Ban the Shift
Ban the Shift
1 year ago

I need to trade 2 to make room on my roster for guys coming off IL. I’m in a standard roto that uses QS.

Which side fir ROS?

T. Rogers/Gallen or Kershaw?

Ban the Shift
Ban the Shift
Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

I own Gallen and Rogers now. I was looking to trade both for Kershaw to consolidate my roster to make room for guys coming off IL.

Would you trade both for Kershaw or look for something else?

1 year ago

may I pick your brain on what you think about Sixto for this season? Worth stashing slash where would he fit in?

1 year ago

In a 12 team h2h QS and Holds category league, would you trade John Means for Luis Patino?

1 year ago

What’s up man? Please pick 3 to start this week H2H from Ohtani, Lance Lynn, Dunning, Kenta Maeda, Ynoa and Means? Thanks for your time.

1 year ago

Love the weekly rankings!

Who’s the odd man out for you on these guys: Castillo against CWS, S. Gray at CLE, or Eflin at ATL?

Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

Oops. I had that backwards. It’s Castillo at CLE and Gray against CWS. That makes it much closer in my mind. Still the same outcome for you?


1 year ago

Freddy Peralta out here busting each stadium’s hump to get into the S-Tier! Give Freddy some just desserts

Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

As long as he’s not playing with the Nethersland

1 year ago

I enjoy your pitching breakdowns thanks!

Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

Did you guys ever watch Air Wolf? Ernest Borgnine is such a badass.

Reply to  Mudde
1 year ago

I had to google a little ahead of my time I am an 85!

gary z
gary z
1 year ago

Great write up EWB, very helpful! Im in a league where I have used 31 of 100 transactions already, so I obviously need to be careful with pickups going forward. The format is an 8×8 10 team H2H league. QS, W, L, K, SV, H, ERA, WHIP … I have the following SP’s on my roster:

Freddy P
Blake Snell
Kenta Maeda
Kyle Hendricks
Kevin Gausman
Marcus Stroman
Kwang Hyun Kim
Shane McClanahan
Luis Garcia
Dustin May (IL)
Tony Gonsolin (IL)

a few questions: Do I have enough SP’s to be ok for the year? Any you think I should lose from my list?

If you think I should add, I noticed these names from your B tier:

Peterson, Irvin, R. Hill, Wacha, Tyler Anderson, Singer, Brubaker, Junis

Thanks for your help!

Gary Z
Gary Z
Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago


Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho
1 year ago

Being an owner of these 3, please explain the disparity between Montgomery and R.Ray; and how Ray and Smyly of the +8.00 ERA are rated the same. All 3 of these guys are all below Foltynewicz whose not even rostered in our 14-team league.

Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho
Reply to  everywhereblair
1 year ago

So I shouldn’t have dropped Smyly?
Is Smyly v. WAS a better risk than Fulmer v. BOS, Luis Garcia v. NYY, or Oviedo v. NYM this week?

1 year ago

Any word on whether Burnes will make a start this week?
Can Daniel Lynch be expected to pitch 5+ innings going forward?

Norman Ginsberg
Norman Ginsberg
1 year ago

Great column.
I have my doubts about ERod. Last week, he was unable to pass beyond 81MPH; and he was batting practice yestereday, I own him but anticipate only one more start.

1 year ago

Not a SP question, but a RP question: Can you please rank the following closers (5×5 league):

Dolis, Doolittle, May