Juan Soto & Austin Meadows: Two of the league’s highest touted minor leaguers, Juan Soto and Austin Meadows, were called up within days of each other this past week. Soto obviously was the biggest shocker as he is only 19 years old and had only played eight games in Double-A. Austin Meadows, however, was a bit more of a realistic call up as he is 23 and has been on the call-up radar for over a year now. Prospect lovers are going to freak out that I don’t have them ranked (yet!) in this column. Well the problem is they’re just a bit unknown. There are already reports that Meadows is going to go go back down as soon as Starling Marte is healthy again, despite Meadows crushing the ball in his first 29 ABs (6 runs, 13 hits, 3 HR, 2 SB, .448 AVG.) And Soto also has minor league options left on his contract so with Bryce Harper, Matt Adams and Michael Taylor still on the big league roster and Adam Eaton so slowly, but surely coming back soon — Soto might not be a Nat for long. Where would they rank if they were both given starting jobs for the rest of the season? Well despite the Soto surprise and hype — I like Meadows more. He was looking like a bat that might develop into a 20/20 hitter. His star has definitely dimmed since he was ranked as the #6 prospect before the 2017 season — but the potential is still there. Soto would only be ranked lower because of his age. It’s rare for a 19 year old with barely over 500 plate appearances to make the majors and positively contribute to their team. That’s why the minors exist in general. “Enough jibber and jabber — where Kerry, where?!” Due to their uncertainties I’d start them in the 70 to 80 range with a lot of upward mobility.


Eugenio Suarez: A wise man in the pre-season wrote that he’d rather draft Eugenio Suarez at his ADP (206) over Miguel Sano’s (100.) It was me Austin! It was me all along, Austin! Suarez right now is the 8th third basemen on the ESPN Player Rater and is actually 2nd only to Manny Machado among third basemen in RBI (40.) And that’s with 70 fewer ABs than Machado. Maybe the dizzying whispers of Nick Senzel have motivated Suarez to kick his performance into high gear.

Travis Shaw: I’ll admit I was a little skeptical of Travis Shaw going into this season. 31 HRs after only hitting 29 in the previous two seasons combined? Side eye alert! But so far Shaw is on pace with 13 HRs on the year. Shaw is actually 5th on the ESPN Player Rater among hot cornermen behind only Jose Ramirez, Machado, Nolan Arenado and Kris Bryant. He’s also 3rd in runs scored, 3rd in HRs and 4th in RBI among third basemen. I also expect as the weather warms up for the Brewers lineup to really heat up. Domingo Santana and Ryan Braun can’t stay this ice cold forever right?


Josh Donaldson: Get yourself down to Donaldson’s now! You know who’s not ranked among third basemen at any statistical category? Except in overall disappointment. Donaldson was nursing a shoulder injury during spring training and I think it’s still there. Not to mention there’s a certain minor leaguer lurking (and CRUSHING) in the minor leagues, just waiting for his turn to get the call. I’d look to trade Donaldson now to someone who still sees the name Donaldson and thinks he’s a great fantasy performer.

Anthony Rendon: Another third basemen who was has been struggling through injury. After a phenomenal 2017 people were predicting even more growth from the Nationals 28 year old star. Before Rendon went on the DL with a bruised/broken toe it looked like he was doing okay. He only had 1 HR through 14 games but was still hitting .286. Since his return he’s hit 3 more HRs, but has struggled with a .246 average. I think right now is a good time to buy low on Rendon if you can. He’s in the midst of a small, 4 game hitting streak including a three hit night on Friday.

GREEN: Rising | BLUE: New Additions | RED: Falling

Top 100 Hitters

1 Mike Trout LAA OF 1
2 Mookie Betts BOS OF 2
3 Bryce Harper WAS OF 3
4 Trea Turner WAS SS 4
5 Nolan Arenado COL 3B 5
6 Charlie Blackmon COL OF 6
7 Francisco Lindor CLE SS 7
8 Carlos Correa HOU SS 8
9 Kris Bryant CHC 3B 9
10 Manny Machado BAL 3B 10
11 Aaron Judge NYY OF 11
12 Jose Altuve HOU 2B 12
13 Giancarlo Stanton NYY OF 13
14 Jose Ramirez CLE 2B/3B 14
15 Freddie Freeman ATL 1B 15
16 Joey Votto CIN 1B 16
17 Anthony Rizzo CHC 1B 17
18 J.D. Martinez BOS OF 18
19 Ozzie Albies ATL 2B 19
20 George Springer HOU OF 20
21 Jose Abreu CHW 1B 22
22 Paul Goldschmidt ARI 1B 24
23 Gary Sanchez NYY C 25
24 Christian Yelich MIL OF 26
25 Justin Upton ARI OF 27
26 Cody Bellinger LAD 1B/OF 21
27 Alex Bregman HOU SS/3B 29
28 Andrew Benintendi BOS OF 30
29 Didi Gregorius NYY SS 35
30 Rhys Hoskins PHI 1B/OF 31
31 Eric Hosmer SD 1B 36
32 Josh Donaldson TOR 3B 28
33 Tommy Pham STL OF 39
34 Brian Dozier MIN 2B 32
35 Jean Segura SEA SS 40
36 Javier Baez CHC SS/2B 41
37 Anthony Rendon WAS 3B 33
38 Lorenzo Cain MIL OF 42
39 Xander Bogaerts BOS SS 43
40 Mike Moustakas KC 3B 44
41 Nicholas Castellanos DET 3B/OF 45
42 Mitch Haniger SEA OF 46
43 Ender Inciarte ATL OF 49
44 Buster Posey SF C/1B 37
45 Edwin Encarnacion CLE 1B 38
46 Nomar Mazara TEX OF 52
47 Whit Merrifield KC 2B 47
48 Andrew McCutchen SF OF 48
49 Travis Shaw MIL 3B 55
50 Jonathan Schoop BAL 2B 53
51 Trevor Story COL SS 54
52 Eugenio Suarez CIN 3B 63
53 Rafael Devers BOS 3B 56
54 Gregory Polanco PIT OF 57
55 Ronald Acuna ATL OF 50
56 Brandon Belt SF 1B 69
57 Joey Gallo TEX 3B/1B 58
58 Nelson Cruz SEA DH 51
59 Justin Smoak TOR 1B 60
60 Marcell Ozuna STL OF 61
61 Carlos Santana PHI 1B 62
62 Eddie Rosario MIN OF 64
63 Michael Brantley CLE OF 76
64 Brett Gardner NYY OF 66
65 Cesar Hernandez PHI 2B 75
66 Adam Jones BAL OF 67
67 Jose Martinez STL 1B 65
68 Matt Olson OAK 1B 70
69 Delino DeShields TEX OF 71
70 Chris Taylor LAD 2B/OF 72
71 Gleyber Torres NYY 2B/SS NR
72 Yoan Moncada CWS 2B NR
73 Jed Lowrie OAK 2B 73
74 JT Realmuto MIA C 74
75 Corey Dickerson PIT OF 77
76 Ryan Braun MIL OF NR
77 Kevin Pillar TOR OF 78
78 Justin Turner LAD 3B NR
79 Kyle Schwarber CHC OF 79
80 Byron Buxton MIN OF 68
81 Yangervis Solarte TOR 2B/SS/3B 80
82 Nick Markakis ATL OF 81
83 Jake Lamb ARI 3B NR
84 Miguel Sano MIN 3B NR
85 Kyle Seager SEA 3B 82
86 Odubel Herrera PHI OF 83
87 Yasiel Puig LAD OF 84
88 Salvador Perez KC C 85
89 Marcus Semien OAK SS 94
90 Andrelton Simmons LAA SS 88
91 CJ Cron TB 1B 90
92 Josh Bell PIT 1B 91
93 Matt Adams WAS 1B 95
94 Jorge Soler KC OF 96
95 Scooter Gennett CIN 2B 97
96 Matt Davidson CWS 3B 98
97 Denard Span SEA OF 99
98 Matt Chapman OAK 3B 100
99 Shin-Soo Choo TEX OF NR
100 Francisco Cervelli PIT C NR
  1. Kerry Klug

    Kerry Klug says:

    Update: Meadows is staying up even with Marte back. Playing time keeps him off this list for now, but he should move up if he secures ABs.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Kerry Klug: another update: my color coding didn’t carry over..

  2. Mike says:

    Is Hosmer that high because you think he can get double digit steals? Hasn’t really showed top 30 hitter.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Mike: I like to include a bit of history in these rankings but I definitely see your point. I might be being too generous with The Hoz.

  3. Chucky says:

    On that prior Meadows/Marte note….Polanco is a cut job? In a 12 teamer, a player must have at least one redeemable quality. Unless I’m looking for love in all the wrong places, I have a hard time finding any such qualities from Polanco. Kepler, Peralta suitable replacements?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Chucky: We all want to believe in Polanco — but he makes it so hard. (Pause.)
      I could see adding Peralta.

  4. Chris says:

    Should I accept trade of Acuna for Nelson Cruz? Do need some power. And Acuna Injured today.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Chris: If this is a redraft and you’re hurting for power sure. Hopefully your trade partner didn’t watch the injury — for baseball’s sake I hope the kid is okay.

  5. Rusty T. says:

    Lets say Eloy gets called up in a couple weeks would you rather have him or Soto ROS?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Rusty T.: If both are given equal playing time: Eloy. He was ranked as a top 10 prospect and has been crushing this year.

  6. No Khris Davis?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Keith: I take the DL guys off.

  7. Mike says:

    Im holding on to Buxton because he was my 7th round pick and Im too petty to see another team reap the benefits. Is there hope?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Mike: Too many ground balls, not enough hard contact, barely drawing any walks, striking out 30% of the time — but a low .228 BABIP (down from .339 last year.) I think he rebounds somewhat but man he needs to change his approach.

  8. Dan says:

    Im offered devers,bregman,albies for correa and stanton. Do i keep the higher ranked with correa side or bank in albies side ???

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Dan: I like the Albies side. The kid is looking all world right now. I know Devers is struggling a bit, but he’ll still get plenty of RBI opps in Boston.
      If this is keeper — definitely the three.

  9. Andrew Edenbaum says:

    Gennett #95. Do you watch any baseball ? You lost any semblance of credibility with this ranking.
    Seriously, do you not have the MLB package ? Do you know what Gennett has been doing for the entire last month ? Guess not.
    I’ll give Goldschmidt a pass, but Bellinger#26 and Hopkins #30, and Polanco #54 is more than enough evidence. Sorry dude, but truly inexcusable.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Andrew Edenbaum:
      I’ve heard of baseball.
      Gennett could go on another 22 game homerless streak and someone else will say “he doesn’t even deserve to be on this list.” These rankings take a lot of things into account: performance history, injury history, lineup around the player, lineup spot, position etc. Look at Didi — everyone was convinced he was an MVP candidate for the first month of the season? Now he can’t buy a hit. He’ll be moving down next week.
      Gennett will probably move up if it makes you feel any better.
      See you next week!

      • Andrew Edenbaum says:

        @Kerry Klug: Gennett has now done this for almost 2 years. Didi had a monster april, batting in the middle of an all start lineup. Someone else can say whatever he or she wants, but to list on may 27 Gennett as the 95th best hitter in baseball as of this date is flat out silly.
        No worries. I was able to draft him on 5 of my 7 teams.
        Thanks for the courtesy of a response, but don’t have any idea what you mean about a player’s history.
        Cargo, Pujols, Beltre, Tulo, Pedroia……the party’s over, though Albert continues to produce (with Trout and Upton hitting in front of him), but would you really rather have Pujols over Gennett today ? Or Polanco ? Or Bellinger ? For how long did Hopkins rake ? He sure sucks now, and has for the entire 2018 to date.

        • batflix says:

          @Andrew Edenbaum: I found Scooter’s Mom!
          We are all very proud of your son ma’am !

        • Kerry Klug

          Kerry Klug says:

          @Andrew Edenbaum:
          Here’s the fun things about rankings with multiple variables — they are all biased. Unless If this was a list of the Top 100 Players by 40 yard dash times — that would be unbiased because that is 1 data point we can track.
          However, when you’re dealing with 100s of different players all with complete different skill sets, data and situations it is tough to rank.
          There are too many variables to track — some I’ve listed in my first response but there are a lot more than that.
          What is more valuable? Hitter A hitting .300 with 10 HRs or Hitter B hitting .250 with 20 HRs? Well that all depends on the rest of your team composition. What if Hitter A stole 10 bases and is batting 8th on the Royals while Hitter B is hitting third for the Yankees? What if A is an outfielder and B is a second basemen? A has a history of knee injuries while B has never missed a game. A is 25 while B is 35. B is going through a messy divorce while A is happily married with 3 kids. (I actually have a friend who jokingly says he doesn’t want a player who just got married because he’s lost his “want.” He’s ridiculous.) B walks and strikeouts out a lot while A makes a lot of contact and doesn’t do either.
          I’m sorry you’re upset that I didn’t rank Scooter Gennett high enough. Don’t let it affect you so much though. I run another blog and honestly wouldnt mind having you come do your own Top 100 Hitter rankings and you can list Scooter Gennett #1 overall if you want and it won’t bother me at all.

  10. Andrew Edenbaum says:

    Yeah, add Devers at #53. Sad !

  11. Andrew Edenbaum says:

    Nats better not be sending Soto back down. I just paid $351 for him last night. I love Adams, but you want him playing the outfield ? When Eaton comes back, I see Taylor losing a.b.’s. What do I know, I just watch baseball all day, every day.

      • Andrew Edenbaum says:

        @Slappy Jack: …and you know nothing about baseball. All you have is some dumbass left wing nonsensical slur. Oh yeah, you’re Slappy.
        Perhaps you wish to submit an intelligent argument for a position other than….go home, you’re drunk.
        Insipidness has made it to sports commentary just like the rest of the I.Q. challenged internet.

        • Slappy Jack says:

          @Andrew Edenbaum: What slur? What the hell are you even going on about?
          If you don’t see how absolutely nuts you are acting, you are either trolling or a complete idiot.
          g/l w/life bud

  12. gc tacos says:

    Rank Upton, Rosario, Cain for OF


    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @gc tacos: Right now it’s looking like Cain, Upton, Rosario — remember my ranks take into account player history.

      • gc tacos says:

        @Kerry Klug: thanks, I figured that but was curious about ROS and dynasty. Eddie seems to free swinging

  13. Anodyne says:

    Is Adrian Beltre a top 100 hitter once he’s off the DL?

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Anodyne: Yes but I don’t know for how long. The .314 average is nice — but it’s clear he’s in the “breaking down” stage of his career.

  14. Andrew Edenbaum says:

    Player history ? What does that mean ? Pujols, Beltre, Tulo, Pedroia, McCutchen, Shields, Wainwright…… makes absolutely no sense when you are distributing a weekly top 100.
    Just call it your own personal top 100, based on the player’s history. It has zero value. Don’t mean to be rude, but seems like something espn or yahoo might put out.

    • Anodyne says:

      @Andrew Edenbaum: Of course you mean to be rude.

    • batflix says:

      @Andrew Edenbaum: are you off your meds ?? chill out bro

  15. Martin D Ellinger says:

    This last month is really making me question the Hoskins rank. What am I missing? He looks awwwwwwful.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Martin D Ellinger: Yea….that’s me holding on to something that isn’t there. He’ll unfortunately fall next week — only to go on a 10 HR a week streak for the rest of the season! ……..

      That’s me speaking it into existence…

  16. Martin says:

    What’s the smallest league size Domingo is still ownable in? I’m holding in a 16 team league and I’m not sure why.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Martin: I’d still hang on to him.
      From the start of season until April 23rd he was hitting only .219 with a .546 OPS.
      From Apr 24 until now: .293 AVG with an .824 OPS.

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