I went out on my annual mid-season man-date with Grey this past Friday. What a day! Sandwiches at the wine shop, facial hair products at the beauty supply store, and coffee at some weird fancy hipsteresque spot. I think the guy at the coffee spot wanted to kill the two of us because we were harassing him for not having any alternative sweeteners for my diabetic arse. No matter what we said to him, he just kept responding with, we only have our raw organic fair trade artisanal sugar syrup. He was Mets-front-office annoying. You might be asking yourself why am I telling you all this. Well, at Grey’s suggestion, I have added in the DL players to gain some perspective into what they are worth compared to the healthy players for the rest of the season. Earlier in the year I left them out to get more players on the list, as I was figuring out how I wanted to take on the rankings. Like many of you know, this list got dropped on my lap right before the season started and I have been learning on the fly how to approach this. This is FOH’s list!

Note: I mentioned in the RCL Update this week that I would be out on vacation. The Big Magoo handled the Creeper of the Week, and I will be in and out of the comments today. I’ll also be getting some help from my co-workers so we don’t leave you guys… and girls hanging. VinWins! will be covering the RCL Update for me on Tuesday. Thanks guys for helping me while I’m out. *hugs screen*

The Top 100 Hitters, Week 17

Rank Player Pos Team
1 Mike Trout OF LAA
2 Paul Goldschmidt 1B AZ
3 Nolan Arenado 3B COL
4 Todd Frazier 3B CIN
5 Josh Donaldson 3B TOR
6 Anthony Rizzo 1B CHC
7 Bryce Harper OF WAS
8 Manny Machado 3B BAL
9 Jose Abreu 1B CHW
10 J.D. Martinez OF DET
11 Albert Pujols 1B LAA
12 Troy Tulowitzki SS COL
13 Andrew McCutchen OF PIT
14 Jose Bautista OF TOR
15 Charlie Blackmon OF COL
16 A.J. Pollock OF AZ
17 Prince Fielder 1B TEX
18 Ryan Braun OF MIL
19 Carlos Gomez OF MIL
20 Kris Bryant 3B CHC
21 Yoenis Cespedes OF DET
22 Brett Gardner OF NYY
23 Edwin Encarnacion 1B TOR
24 Mookie Betts OF BOS
25 Brian Dozier 2B MIN
26 Justin Upton OF SD
27 Starling Marte OF PIT
28 Jose Altuve 2B HOU
29 Chris Davis 1B BAL
30 Buster Posey C SF
31 Adrian Gonzalez 1B LAD
32 Nelson Cruz OF SEA
33 Adrian Beltre 3B TEX
34 Hanley Ramirez SS BOS
35 Mark Teixeira 1B NYY
36 Joey Votto 1B CIN
37 Adam Jones OF BAL
38 Freddie Freeman 1B ATL
39 Carlos Correa SS HOU
40 Joc Pederson OF LAD
41 Jay Bruce OF CIN
42 Yasiel Puig OF LAD
43 Michael Brantley OF CLE
44 Jacoby Ellsbury OF BOS
45 Miguel Sano 3B MIN
46 Lorenzo Cain OF KC
47 Carlos Gonzalez OF COL
48 Yasmany Tomas 3B AZ
49 Kyle Seager 3B SEA
50 Brian McCann C NYY
51 Evan Gattis C HOU
52 Russell Martin C TOR
53 Matt Kemp OF SD
54 Hunter Pence OF SF
55 Giancarlo Stanton DL OF MIA
56 Miguel Cabrera DL 1B DET
57 George Springer DL OF HOU
58 Kolten Wong 2B STL
59 Corey Dickerson OF COL
60 Kole Calhoun OF LAA
61 Jason Kipnis 2B CLE
62 David Ortiz DH BOS
63 Dee Gordon DL 2B MIA
64 Jose Reyes SS TOR
65 Maikel Franco 3B PHI
66 Cameron Maybin OF ATL
67 Evan Longoria 3B TB
68 Alex Rodriguez 3B NYY
69 Jhonny Peralta SS STL
70 Carlos Santana 3B CLE
71 Eric Hosmer 1B KC
72 Ian Kinsler 2B DET
73 Robinson Cano 2B NYY
74 Shin-Soo Choo OF TEX
75 Adam Lind 1B MIL
76 Steven Souza OF TB
77 Steven Vogt C OAK
78 Billy Hamilton OF CIN
79 Jason Heyward OF STL
80 Matt Holliday OF STL
81 Randal Grichuk OF STL
82 Jorge Soler OF CHC
83 Marlon Byrd OF CIN
84 Howie Kendrick 2B LAD
85 Victor Martinez 1B DET
86 Kendrys Morales 1B KC
87 Kyle Schwarber C CHC
88 Anthony Rendon 2B WAS
89 Delino DeShields Jr. 2B TEX
90 Brandon Crawford SS SF
91 Matt Carpenter 3B STL
92 Xander Bogaerts SS BOS
93 Rougned Odor 2B TEX
94 Jarrod Dyson OF KC
95 Billy Burns OF OAK
96 Ben Revere OF PHI
97 Matt Duffy 3B SF
98 Ian Desmond SS WAS
99 Joe Panik 2B SF
100 Lucas Duda 1B NYM
  • Last week I got some backlash about Lucas Duda and my ranking of him. It was a reasonable concern that I was hoping would turn from comments into a discussion. Unfortunately it didn’t. Oh, how they love doing a drive-by. Last year Duda hit 30 bombs and batted .253 which if it wasn’t for a bad BABIP month (.205) should of been around .270. Either way, nice numbers for anyone who got in on that add. He opened 2015 by putting up a 31/9/25/0/.298 line thru the first two months. Then on May 30th got plucked on the knee. Since then his average has dropped down to .237, has only hit 3 dongs and been a shell of the rising power hitter he was becoming. Jeez, Jack, why didn’t you bring up the knee injury before? Because, like everyone else, I wrote it off at the time because he didn’t go on the DL and only sat out a game. Then, last Sunday our friends over at ESPN posted a little note via Rotowire: Duda is just 20-for-115 in his last 30 games and has seen his average plummet from .305 on May 27 to .235 after Sunday’s game. That slump has coincided with him getting hit by a pitch on his right knee on May 30, though not much has been made of the HBP since it occurred. What I thought was just a soul sucking slump is really a guy playing through an injury. To be honest, I’m glad no one else brought up the knee. Update: He went double dong yesterday.
  • I don’t want anyone thinking I don’t like Randall Grichuk. I do like him, I liked him so much that I added him to my dynasty team early in the season. What I don’t like is a log jam and a team, the Cardinals, that has no qualms about doing platooney tunes. Because of his defense, Jason Heyward is not sitting. I think Holliday will get some breathers, which is good for Randy, but like Grey said, I think Piscotty may cut into time. I understand that Jon Jay will be the 4th outfielder upon his return, but he’s not sitting everyday either. Upside is there for all these hitters, including Piscotty, who can also play and will play first, but those days off can be a killer. For all these reasons I clustered the Cardinals outfield above (79, 80, 81). I have my concerns about Randy with his .370 BABIP and .278 batting average. He is not a speedster and if the BABIP comes back to earth that .278 player could be a sub .250 guy. If you own Randy, then enjoy the ride, just keep your expectations in check with the potential shituation in St.Louis.


  • The rookie nookie train continues with Kyle Schwarber joining the list. Look at the beautiful short swing. I love this kid. He has ridiculous upside but the problem is estimating how many games he will play. They say Montero can be out up to 6 weeks and that Schwarber is not expected to catch Lester or Arrieta. Couple that with the Ross factor and we got a potential log jam come September. Hopefully they find a way to get him reps in the outfield and all this worry is for not. Regardless of all that, I would still own him in daily leagues and would even play him in weekly leagues depending on the match-up.
  • I’ll see you all next week when I return from vacation and we get back to normal. Now I must do my celebratory karate dance as I exit the room.





  1. Steve says:

    Trade Freeman for Reyes in a points league?


    • J-FOH says:

      @Steve: depends on points but I would go freeman without knowing the values

  2. Jerry says:

    Hey, Jack Full! I need to drop one of the following : Kendrick, Rendon, Reddick and Carlos Santana. Who should go? Thanks and enjoy your vacation!

    • J-FOH says:

      @Jerry: @Jerry: appreciate! Reddick

  3. Oranje says:

    Currently I have a roster fustercluck. Luckily, Freeman and Rendon came off the DL and while it is great to have them back I have some choices now with limited roster spots. Who do I start at MI, and UTIL out of the following options: Odor, Panik, Desmond, Moustakes? Based on recent stats I am thinking Odor and Desmond. Thanks.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Oranje: odor for sure. Desmond if you need pop and bags and panic for runs.

  4. LittleJoeyCora says:

    Great stuff today J-FOH! Thanks!

    I’m somehwat comfortably in 1st right now, trying to seal the deal for a victory, looking for a trade that’ll put me over the top. Just got this offer (15 team, 5×5 BA league, keep 5)

    My Buxton, Franco and Cron
    for his
    AGon, Moustakas

    Thoughts? Right now I’m sending a Moreland/Cron 1B timeshare out there, figured an AGon upgrade would be pretty great. (might not lose too much by swapping Franco for Moist-Ass-Kiss?)

    • LittleJoeyCora says:

      @LittleJoeyCora: Could also try to counter with a Buxton/Cron for Agone, but kindof doubt he’d bite on that one

      • J-FOH says:

        @LittleJoeyCora: Franco for power and moisty for better average

        TRade seems fair.

  5. RicoSuave says:

    Great job J-FOH!

    14 team H2H points league…

    Schwarber or d’Arnaud ROS? I need to drop one ( I don’t like having a C on my bench, and no DL spot)

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • J-FOH says:

      @RicoSuave: ooh tough call. Out of curiosity who are your bottom 5 hitters?

      • RicoSuave says:

        My hitters are
        Schwarber, Pujols, Wong, Arenado, Correa, Joc Pederson, S. Marte, Grichuk, Sano and Stanton and d’Arnaud (bench, no DL spots)
        Thanks again man!

  6. Dommattingly says:

    Who do I keep ROS….Souza, Byrd, or Werth? Thanks

    • J-FOH says:

      @Dommattingly: Souza for speed and byrd for power. Werth is worthless.

  7. Dangerfield51 says:

    Yo Adrian…where are you…Beltre, 33RD ??? I have carried him all year in my H2H points league all year, using him mainly at utility if at all. Keep waiting for him to turn things around. Why all the love, he is the 33rd third baseman on the ESPN player rater.

    A-Rod 68th and Justin Turner no where to be found, please help me understand. I know this is ROS rankings but aren’t all ranking really based off past performance? I think Beltre’s rank is based on way past perfomances.

    Thanks for letting me vent, I feel better already.

    • J-FOH says:

      [email protected]Dangerfield51: sorry about turner not there. Cut and paste snafu. He would be slotted around the 70’s. A Rod is good but he is still old and the batting average can turn to hot garbage pretty fast. Beltre missed a lot of time this year so that explains the low rater. We use the past as a tool to predict future numbers and I have factored in regression. The upside is still there with him.

      • Dangerfield51 says:

        Thanks, I’ll keep holding.
        How about Will Myers??? Is it time to drop him? Sounds like he may have had a set back. We have 2 DL spot but both are occupied. Like I said 10 team H2H points keep 5 forever, we start 5 OFs. Could drop him for Tucker, Conforto, Choo, Tomas or Hicks. Jennings and Crisp also coming off DL soon. Tied for first at 11-4 after today. My current OFs are Springer DL, Bruce, Calhoun, Peralta, Belt, Melky and Eaton. No penalty for Ks.
        Time for a move or hold? Thanks again.

        • Dangerfield51 says:

          Also it is a daily lock.

        • J-FOH says:

          @Dangerfield51: dump myers. Own Choo tomas and tucker. Dump belt. Is that David peralta? If so dump.him

          • Dangerfield51 says:

            Yes, David. Wow, ok it is done. Thanks.

      • Scott says:

        @J-FOH: Thought you had something against gingers. ;)

        • J-FOH says:

          @Scott: besides an irrational fear of catching freckles from them….actually as a child I had two different red headed female neighbors and by the time I was 19 I saw them both naked…

  8. ABrad25 says:

    How do you think the Arizona outfield situation is going to pan out? Are you at all concerned about Yasmany being the odd man out?

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @ABrad25: They paid good money for him; it’s hard to think he’ll be the odd man out. It’ll most likely be Peralta unless Lamb falters and Tomas gets to move over to 3rd. All this to say, Tomas shouldn’t be concerned.

  9. Green monstah says:

    Howdy bud!
    Hope it’s been a great weekend!

    In a h2h pts league with a weekly roster lock which second baseman are you rolling with in this upcoming weeks matchup?

    My howie Kendrick, or look to add + start any of these over Kendrick;

    -Matt Duffy (2b/3b): his week’s matchup is
    Series vs Brewers in SF(Kyle Lohse, Wily Peralta, Mike Fiers)

    Next series @ Rangers(Nick Martinez, Matt Harrison, Martin Perez.)

    – Neil Walker first series @ Minnesota (Pelfrey, Ervin Santana. That was a two game series.

    2nd series @ cincy (thurs pitcher ?, then lorenzen, raisel Iglesias, mike leake.)

    – Brandon Phillips first series @ St. Louis (Lance Lynn, Jamie Garcia, lackey.)

    2nd series vs pirates (thurs pitcher?, (Burnett, Cole, Morton)

    – Roughned Odor , first series is vs Yankees (nova, tanaka, pineada, sabathia.)

    Series 2 is vs Giants (mad bumgarner, Hudson, Heston.)

    – Delino Desheilds (2b/OF), same as Odor.

    Here’s the week for my howie Kendrick:

    Kendricks first series in LA vs A’s(sonny gray, pomeranz ) 2 game series

    2nd series vs Angels (Santiago , Heaney, CJ Wilson.)

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Green monstah: That’s a lot of excellent choices. I’d go Odor.

  10. Don says:

    Do you prefer Randal Grichuk or Preston Tucker?


    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Don: Slight nod to Tucker. The K% for Grichuk is worrisome for me.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Don: tucker over grichuk for this week

  11. Macio says:

    Great article, J-FOE.
    Need to drop one out of the following – Cron, Valbuena, Tucker, Coghlan. Who goes?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Macio: I agree with sky. Coghlan has great matchups this week but then after he’s not ownable.

  12. Peter Nincompoop says:

    Enjoy your vacation J-FOH, but before you head off for your two-week hiatus in Sturgis (i.e., stereotypically assuming based upon your glorious beard), I had a couple questions for you…

    1st – Jorge Soler…sigh. I loved the dude heading into this season and I’ve been holding on, but I’m getting that feeling that I’m a year too early on him and it’s time to move on. It’s a 10-team OBP league and there’s some options out there. I could use some power, so #1 would be Preston Tucker, but there’s also the likes of Michael Conforto, Curtis Granderson, Steven Souza and Chris Coghlan. At this point, I’d rather have any of them over Soler, but hold on making a move until you give me your approval.

    2nd – Dustin Pedroia is on my DL and I need to pick up a 2B/SS. Top options are Zobrist, Iglesias, Ramirez and Schoop. If you can think of another hot schmoato that’s out there, he’s probably available, as our league is pretty shallow.

    Appreciate your help and your weekly write-up, not to mention chiming in on a lot of other posts on the site. Enjoy your vacation!

    • J-FOH says:

      @Peter Nincompoop: in a 10 team Soler is a drop. Grab tucker while hot.

      Is odor there?

      • Peter Nincompoop says:

        @J-FOH: Odor isn’t there.

        • J-FOH says:


  13. Wolfie says:

    I need 3 of and a utility guy. Who starts this week?
    Right now it looks like this…

    Gerardo parra… [email protected], 4 v. Chic
    Aj pollock…[email protected], [email protected]
    Adam eaton… [email protected], 3 v. Nyy

    Preston tucker… 3 V. Laa, 3 v. Ari

    Michael comforto… 3 v. Sd, 3 v. Was
    Randal Grichuk…4 v. Col, 3 v coin
    Anthony rendon…[email protected], [email protected]

    Also, with rendon comes no off the dl, I need to drop someone. Who goes?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Wolfie: conforto. Grichuk over Eaton

  14. Nightpandas says:

    Little late to the party but…..

    Forecast for Minnesota….


  15. Chucky says:

    Ok to drop Mookie for Maybin? The 0 fers have become predictable.

    • Chucky says:

      Sorry bout that, ok to bench Bryant for Seager. My lineup cant afford a second day in day out 0 fer?

      • J-FOH says:

        @Chucky: that’s up to you. I Know I wouldn’t drop mookie but if you hate him this much then go ahead

  16. Robert says:

    I have Dee Gordon coming off the DL. Who should I drop Duffy or Shwarber? I only have one utility spot open.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Robert: duffy

  17. Harrison Ford in Air Force One says:

    Great write-up, J-FOH…look forward to these every week.

    5×5 H2H. Need to pick 5 of these 7:

    -Melky Cabrera

    Hittertron hates Souza, is so-so on Dickerson. Is that just playing time concerns, you think?

    Meanwhile, the tron is decent on Choo and Moreland, and pretty high on Fowler, Cabrera, and Polanco, several of whom you dont have listed.


    • J-FOH says:

      @Harrison Ford in Air Force One: thanks. Glad you like it. this is not a weekly list. It’s a ROS list.

      Choo, Dickerson and Melky for sure. The rest are close and depend on matchups

      • Harrison Ford in Air Force One says:


        Ahh gotcha. Thanks for the input!!

  18. Jack says:

    Thanks for doing this every week. I like where you have most players but V Mart at 85? I was thinking at least 65 for him. Any reason why he is so low?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Jack: very little power. Upside is RBI’s and average

      • Jack says:

        @J-FOH: He’s got 4 HR’s in last 30 days (basically since his return from DL). That puts him tied for 9th on the first baseman list. Yeah, not the top of the list, but not “very little power” either. His knee is only going to get better from here.

        • J-FOH says:

          @Jack: the assumption on the knee is unpredictable. He can hit 1 HR Ros and I wouldn’t be shocked. Everyone said the same about carpenter and he fell hard. Anything north of 4 HR feels like a bonus.

  19. WhollyGuacamole says:

    2 UT spots decision for the week; Tucker, Forsythe, Avisail Garcia, Duda, Byrd??

    • J-FOH says:

      @WhollyGuacamole: tucker byrd. I would also check hitter tron.

  20. Josh says:

    Castellanos worth putting in my UTIL slot this week? He seems to be heating up and i notice he is batting 5th today. Other option is Rios. Also i like seeing Dyson up there in the top 100! He’s been at least a serviceable replacement to Alex Gordon, and i def needed the SB boost!

    • J-FOH says:

      @Josh: dyson has been better than gordon was. It’s close without knowing the matchups I couldn’t say.

  21. greg says:

    This is my lineup:
    C: Gomes
    1b: Cron
    2b: Odor
    ss: Sano
    3b: Franco
    OF: Byrd, Yellich, Betts
    UT: Desmond, Rendon
    DL: Miggy/Springer

    Thinking of grabbing one of following for runs/steals: Inciarte, Aoki, Eaton….but no idea who I’d drop…. What moves would you make if any? Yellich isn’t stealing much, can’t remember when Betts last did, Odor gets one or two here and there…used to be on top w/steals, no longer..Odor might have most trade value right now, but…damn…he’s been on fire.
    14team h2h, 5×5 yahoo


  22. Scott says:

    You know who else has good matchups this week? Dexter Fowler

  23. mike says:

    Closers are axford, Holland, and ziegler. Drop dyson to add vizcaino. Net saves/saves. Or drop dyson to add souza who is projected $30 on hittertron Friday,sat,Sunday,monday,Tuesday.

    Or wait for maybe hoover to become closer in cinncy. Only have 1 add left this week

    12 team h2h

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