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We’ve done it! We’ve reached the end of the fantasy baseball hitter rankings for 2022 fantasy baseball rankings. Give yourself a big round of applause. I’d clap for you, but I have carpal tunnel from actually ranking all the hitters and writing all their blurbs and calculating all of their projections and– What exactly did you do? Oh, yeah, you read them. No wonder why your hands can still clap. Here’s Steamer’s 2022 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Hitters and 2022 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Pitchers. Subscriptions are up and running, and you can already get Rudy’s Draft War Room. Anyway, here’s the top 100 outfielders for 2022 fantasy baseball:

NOTE: All 2022 fantasy baseball projections are based on a 162-game season, and will be until we hear definitively there will be less games, due to the CBA. Also, I’m going on the assumption the NL is getting the DH.

NOTE II: All my rankings are currently available on Patreon for the price of a Starbucks coffee, if you get one of those extra grande frappuccino jobbers. Don’t wait for the rankings to come out over the next month, and get them all now.

NOTE III: Free agents are listed as just that and not yet projected. Once a guy signs, I will write out their blurb and add in projections, or remove them, if they sign in an unfavorable place. They are ranked currently where I think they might be if they sign on for a full-time job.

81. Randal Grichuk – This tier started in the top 80 outfielders for 2022 fantasy baseball, and goes until De La Cruz. I called this tier, “Honey Bunches of P-oats-Its.” As for Grichuk, UPDATE: Traded to the Rockies. I know Grichuk is morally opposed to bat flips, but he might want to bat flip this trade. He’s suddenly in position to have a career year, and play everyday DH. Grichuk is exactly the type of player Bud Black will give 600 ABs to if he can. Old and boring. The ultimate Prospblockie. 2022 Projections: 71/27/85/.249/1 in 523 ABs

82. Mike Yastrzemski – Last year, Carl’s Jr. Jr.’s average fell from around a .245 neutral to .224, so my job is to explain to you why it can bounce back. *cracks knuckles, does jumping jacks, pulls a side muscle, goes to the doctor, finds out it’s my oblique, doctor says it could be anywhere from ten to hundred days, miraculously I’m able to type again in only seven days* I am a modern miracle of medicine! Carl’s Jr. Jr. strikeout rate sits at 24.6% for two years in a row. 24.6% shouldn’t produce a .224 as it did last year, unless the player is hitting extremely weak dinkers. Well, he did last year. His Chase Rate went way up, and since his Ks didn’t, you can surmise what it did to his contact. It tells me he was making too much contact with pitchers’ pitches. Pitchers’ pitches are the worst kind of pitches, but also the only kind of pitches are pitchers’ pitches. Hmm… Any hoo! If I were super confident Carl’s Jr. Jr. could bounce way back, I would’ve ranked him higher. He needs to wait for his pitch, and he can become a .260 hitter again. If not, he’s hitting .225 again with his uze 25 homers. 2022 Projections: 76/26/81/.231/3 in 494 ABs

83. Cavan Biggio – Already went over him in the top 20 3rd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

84. Gavin Lux – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

85. Josh Lowe – Here’s what Prospect Itch said, “I haven’t been high on Lowe, and someday I’ll learn to stop making that pun. You let one pun in the window and low and behold they’ll take over the apartment. Josh Lowe reached the summit this season, playing in two big league games, drawing a walk and smacking a single without making an out. He’s perfect. Could consider going out on top like George Costanza leaving a meeting. I still think the Rays would like to trade CF Kevin Kiermaier. His contract stipulates he be compensated at something like a fair market rate, meaning he’s expendable. In 111 games at AAA last year, Lowe managed a 13%/26.2% BB/K rate and a .291/.381/.535 slash line with 22 HR and 26 SB. The main reason I’ve been comparatively less enthusiastic about him was time and a grooved swing. Time meaning people pushing Lowe up lists since 2019, and here we sit on the verge of 2022 uncertain whether or not he’ll play, meaning now is probably the time to buy. He has nothing left to prove in the minors, and Grey proves every day he’s a dullard.” Okay, not cool. UPDATE: Will start the year with the Rays, but likely platoon. 2022 Projections: 57/15/54/.231/15 in 403 ABs

86. Hunter Dozier – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

87. Gavin Sheets – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

88. Eric Haase – Already went over him in the top 20 catchers for 2022 fantasy baseball.

89. Jorge Mateo – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

90. Joc Pederson – Signed with the Giants. That team loves themselves some platoon players, especially aging ones. You either die a hero or live long enough to become a platoon player in San Fran. Giants are so crazy about platooning watch them platoon Joc with Carl’s Jr. Jr., who is also a lefty. More than likely, Joc will platoon with the dogpound, Ruf. 2022 Projections: 59/21/64/.235/3 in 409 ABs

91. Bryan De La Cruz – I’m way too jazzed about the Marlins, and/or Jazz’d. So Jazz’d, I’m about to Chisholm up in here! *door is busted off its hinges* The Cancel Police?! What did I do, I said ‘Chisholm!’ Please, leave me and my family alone! Any hoo! De La Cruz is originally from the Astros, and he’s in that team’s mold of hit tool first, and figure out the rest of the shizz later. Meaning: Think some version of Michael Brantley. Call him Brantley De La Cruz. Last year, between Triple-A and the majors, Brantley De La Cruz went 17/3/.315-ish. Maybe, he’s figured his shizz out already; he’s only 25. Think I maybe shoulda woulda wrote-a Brantley De La Cruz sleeper. One word of warning on my projections for Brantley De La Cruz, they’re contigent on Mattingly figuring out De La Cruz should be the leadoff or number two hitter in the landmark case of sooner vs. later. 2022 Projections: 78/18/51/.289/7 in 481 ABs

92. Max Kepler – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Michael Brantley. I call this tier, “The Wise Tootsie Pop Owl.” That owl’s talent for counting licks was wasted on lollies. I’d ask that owl how many licks at the plate any of the guys in this tier are going to take this year. The questions following around all the guys in this tier go like this:  Does this guy have a full-time job? Do I want this guy to have a full-time job? One other quick note, you’re in the deeper-than-12-team league area now. Some (most) of these guys will be rostered in 12-team leagues at some point this year and maybe a few will be drafted (and dropped), but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these guys are available immediately following your 12-team league draft.

So, here’s what I’d like to see happen to Max Kepler’s playing time: Miranda is the DH or 3B, Donaldson is the DH or 3B, Kkiirriillooff is the right fielder and Kepler is sent to a farm in upstate Germany. What’s the opposite of guten tag? Goodbye tag? That to the Max. Will that happen? Well, Kepler has seen 400+ at-bats and has sucked three of the past four years. Someone check Rocco Baldelli for those glasses with the wide-open eyes that are worn while someone sleeps. 2022 Projections: 61/21/70/.221/9 in 434 ABs

93. Dominic Smith – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

94. Kyle Isbel – He had a 16/24 season between Triple-A and the majors in only 133 games. Tack on another month, and he would’ve went 19/29. Though, in the majors, he played one month and went 1/2, which across six months of a season would’ve been 6/12. Prorating giveth, prorating taketh away. 2022 Projections: 48/12/53/.251/15 in 404 ABs

95. Chas McCormick – In deeper leagues, I’ve warmed to the Astros-type player: The 15/.280 hitter with limited upside and downside. There was a moment when some thought McCormick had power upside. Also, he hit .257 last year with a 32.5% strikeout rate, while never having anything remotely that bad as far as Ks in the minors. Guess what I’m saying is I don’t have to brainwash myself too Manchurian-ish to see upside in McCormick. Chas’ing the over on all his numbers. For what it’s Cronenworth, from preliminary ADP that I’ve seen, I’m higher on Isbel and McCormick by a lot. Still not shallow league draft picks, but, well, yeah. 2022 Projections: 51/15/59/.271/5 in 377 ABs

96. Andrew McCutchen – Signed with the Brewers. Now I might get fewer comments like, “Yo, Grey, handsome face, but I can’t believe you haven’t ranked Tyrone Taylor! He’s only been in the minors for 12 years, and he’s about to break out.” McCutchen is the trademark aging player who becomes a DH. Too bad for the Brewers they have, like, five of them. 2022 Projections: 64/20/71/.234/5 in 408 ABs

97. Seth Brown – Imagine how hard it is for Billy Beane to not play someone who is under team control and can hit 35+ homers. Better expressed:  How now no Brown wow? Since there’s no wow Brown now how, there’s gotta be a reason, right? Yeah, he could hit .180. 2022 Projections: 51/25/56/.207/3 in 366 ABs

98. Brandon Nimmo – Some guys are just “liked” by the projections more than me, and most of them are inconceivable. Maybe it’s because the projections don’t have feelings and can’t factor in “Mets’ing.” I saw Nimmo down for the projections of 16/9/.259 in 130 games, and I thought about how much would Nimmo pay a genie to give him such great stats. Are genies for sale?! Sorry for yelling, but I’m on the phone with a vendor in Marrakesh to find out genie rates and the reception is bad. Genies! Not greenies! 2022 Projections: 71/10/46/.276/5 in 403 ABs

98. LaMonte Wade Jr. – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball. UPDATE: Injured, will start year on the IL.

99. Garrett Hampson – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

100. Tony Kemp – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

101. Adam Frazier – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

102. Sam Hilliard – I call this mini-tier, “Bud Black sucks, but the Rockies’ farm system hasn’t exactly fed Bud guys like Tatis and Acuña.” And that was me actually defending Bud Black! 2022 Projections: 54/19/63/.211/6 in 308 ABs

103. Michael Brantley – He hit eight homers last year with one steal in guess how many games. C’mon! Where’s your sense of adventure? Guess! Bzzt! Wrongo! It was in 121 games. That’s gonna be a woof from me, dawg. 2022 Projections: 62/8/41/.296/1 in 421 ABs

104. Tyler Naquin – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Joe. I call this tier, “Player A.” I’m as guilty of this as anyone, but there is something to:  Player A does nothing well for, like, his whole career, then Player A does well finally the previous year, so the projections assume he will do well again. No one can ever just come out of nowhere, have a solid season, and disappear again. This top 100 outfielders and past years’ top 100 outfielders are riddled with Player A’s. Last year was especially atrocious, but listen to some Player A’s from previous years that just as quickly disappeared: Mike Tauchman, Oscar Mercado, Jose Marmolejos, Shogo Akiyama, Alex Dickerson, Stephen Piscotty and Roman Quinn, to just randomly grab some names from pre-2021. To be in this Player A tier, it doesn’t mean they had to have a good previous year, just that they’ve had one decent run of games in their career. As for Naquin, there’s a chance Tyler Naquin follows up last year with another solid season, but it’s just as likely, if not more so, that someone else on the Reds will come out of nowhere and be productive. The Reds are the best at finding Player A’s. Previous Reds A-ward winners include Aristides Aquino, Scooter Gennett, Derek Dietrich and Scott Schebler. 2022 Projections: 44/17/54/.264/4 in 371 ABs

110. Yadiel Hernandez – Yadiel looks like a chip right off the Yuli block. That means Yadiel is on the Yuli blockchain, and Yadiel is an NFT, and I just sold my house to purchase it. In six months, I’m gonna flip that NFT for a bigger house or two Marie Callender’s chicken pot pies. We shall see! UPDATE: Nelson Cruz blocks Yadiel’s ABs. 2022 Projections: 48/14/51/.279/4 in 346 ABs

105. Manuel Margot – About to start calling this guy Manuel Marg O. Henry, because he finally found a full-time job at the same time that he lost his difference-making speed. 2022 Projections: 52/11/56/.261/14 in 404 ABs

106. Kole Calhoun – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the the Rangers. “So, I gotta share an outfield spot and a jersey?” That’s Willie Calhoun, and he’s half right. Willie, you might get to keep your jersey. Kole Calhoun is the Ron Weasley of 20/5/.230 outfielders.” And that’s me quoting me!  2022 Projections: 52/21/59/.231/3 in 421 ABs

107. Willie Calhoun – We’re gonna find out if the Rangers have room for more than one Calhoun. Hopefully they leave two tickets for the Calhouns at Will/Kole. High five me! Right now! No? Okay. 2022 Projections: 57/18/47/.271 in 404 ABs

108. Michael A. Taylor – More like Michael Player A. Taylor. 2022 Projections: 49/9/56/.237/15 in 447 ABs

109. Victor Robles – Helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon and oganesson are noble gasses. Robles gasses are generated by his swings and misses. 2022 Projections: 47/8/41/.231/16 in 402 ABs

110. Kyle Lewis – In roughly 82 games in his career across two seasons, he has a line of 16/7/.258, so across a full 162-game season, he’s going to go 32/14/.260. Don’t read into that. Take it and run with it! What’s that, he only went 5/2/.246 last year with a 30% strikeout rate and might platoon? Haha, whatever, bro! He’s a 32/14/.260 hitter, deal with it! Okay, so he lowered his Ks last year, hit the ball hard, but obviously has a knee injury just about every fifteen games, so it’s hard to trust. Don’t mind the flyer, because I think the upside is still there, but there’s more buts here than a centipede. A centipede has a butt for every two legs, right? I should be on Jeopardy! I’m so smart. UPDATE: Jul-Rod making the team squeezes Lewis’s playing time. 2022 Projections: 41/17/47/.233/4 in 311 ABs

111. Chad Pinder – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

112. Dylan Moore – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

113. Jeff McNeil – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

114. Leury Garcia – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

115. Luis Arraez – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

116. Connor Joe – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

117. Riley Greene – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Meyers. I call this tier, “Put your fingers to your mouth like Keyzer Söze and instead of saying ‘poof’ say ‘Upside.'” This tier is some amorphous concept of upside. Do these guys actually have upside? I suppose, but we’re also around pick 400 overall so don’t expect much. As for Greene, already gave you my Riley Greene fantasy. It was written without the help of “what’s that book called that’s filled with synonyms?” UPDATE: Fractured foot, so, sadly, removed. 2022 Projections: 41/15/47/.247/7 in 306 ABs

118. Jarren Duran – Didn’t write a rookie post for ol’ Jarren Duran, because I’m not sure Duran *coughs* Duran is hungry like a wolf. That’s my number one criteria. That and a guy who can hit .200 or better. For a flyer? Sure, why not, I guess, hey, go for it, but I’m pretty lukewarm on Duran until I see something else. My guess is people are going to be crazy about him in Spring Training, then he’s gonna hit .175 and be sent to Triple-A and everyone’s going to drop him. 2022 Projections: 34/8/42/.223/14 in 301 ABs

119. Rafael Ortega – Mentioned this in Wisdom’s blurb back in the top 20 1st basemen, but I can’t wait until Kevin Costner is playing a guy named Rafael Ortega. That’s gonna be very awesome. 2022 Projections: 56/15/37/.243/13 in 401 ABs

120. Clint Frazier – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Cubs. You know your sportsball league has issues when an iconic Chicago team is claiming to be a small market team. You really know you have issues when you’re paying your players less than the cost of their game-worn jerseys. “Hey, Clint, if you want to subsidize your salary, you can spraypaint your number on your back and sell your jersey.” So, I’m still one of the last believers in Clint Frazier, but he’s not being drafted until pick 500th overall, and that makes sense. He has some serious goodwill to earn.” And that’s me quoting me! 2022 Projections: 28/9/32/.261/4 in 278 ABs

121. Bradley Zimmer – When someone asks me if I can do them a favor, I open up fantasy baseball waivers and point at Zimmer and say, “Look-a Bra-Zi!” 2022 Projections: 46/10/41/.202/16 in 314 ABs

122. Trevor Larnach – Doesn’t feel that long ago I was excited about Larnach. Then he hit .176 in Triple-A and the Twins were like, “Let’s give this guy a go in the majors!” Okay, not exactly. He hit .176 for the year in Triple-A, but before his call-up he only had eight strikeouts in 13 at-bats in Triple-A, then was promoted. That’s only a 400-strikeouts-in-a-season pace! Such a mess I’m not even sure if I remember what I liked about him. Think it was power. 2022 Projections: 39/12/47/.211/1 in 345 ABs

126. Jake Fraley – Draft Jake? F. Raley? Sure, around pick 540 overall, after you’ve taken your 7th Brewers reliever. UPDATE: Fraley traded to the Reds, which is a much better park, and more of a chance he stays a starter. F. Raley? Yeah, F. Raley! UPDATE II: Tommy Pham squashed Fraley’s chances. F Raley? Yeah, F’Raley. 2022 Projections: 57/16/56/.214/15 in 405 ABs

123. Oscar Mercado – He has some speed, so when I saw his .253 average, I made a face, like I was a curious cat, and I started licking my hand, then I saw his HardContact% and I made a face like I just smelt the poop I kept too long in my litter box. 2022 Projections: 34/10/37/.233/12 in 277 ABs

124. Jose Siri – Anyone who saw Siri in the postseason knows he’s electric. Well, he is when he’s charging, but then he’s fully battery-run. Would love to see the robot umps in the majors, just to see if Siri suddenly becomes a 20% walk rate guy. “Wow, that looked right down the middle, but the robot ump called it a ball to put Siri on. He now has a .600 OBP. Wow, now it appears that a robot ump is asking Siri out to dinner.” Any hoo! Siri is SAGNOF with some pop. He could steal 30 bags if he gets 500 at-bats, but he might also hit .190. 2022 Projections: 32/6/30/.229/12 in 278 ABs

125. Jake Meyers – Know how the Giants can touch any 34-year-old and make them good? The Astros are like that but with 25-year-olds. It’s a much better quality to have, if I’m being honest. In Triple-A last year, Meyers went 16/10/.343, and combine that with the majors and he went 22/13/.280-ish, but in the majors the K% went over 30, and I’m more Team Chas McCormick for the Astros’ center field job. Plus, Meyers is recovering from shoulder surgery. Could see us getting to the end of March and switching Meyers with McCormick in the rankings, if Meyers’ timetable speeds up from his torn labrum surgery. 2022 Projections: 39/9/45/.221/8 in 329 ABs

126. Yoshi Tsutsugo – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Profar. I call this tier, “Already went over him in…” This tier will reveal its meaning shortly. As for Yoshi, already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

127. Pavin Smith – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

128. Garrett Cooper – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

129. Nick Senzel – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

130. Cole Tucker – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

131. Raimel Tapia – He’s a 5/20/.280 hitter with one of the worst profiles I’ve ever seen. He had a 67.4% ground ball rate. I will now cackle for 25 minutes. From 2000 thru 2021, Raimel has the highest ground ball rate. Hey, Derek Jeter is littered all over the top 20 for ground ball rates, so, keep your head down and hustle and Tapia will be a Hall of Famer in 25 years. If things don’t work out that well, Tapia can rent his services out to landscapers to kill weeds. UPDATE: Traded to the Jays. Yay! Tapia gets out from under Bud Black! Lowercase yay! He’s now buried in a stacked lineup and might platoon from the nine hole. 2022 Projections: 41/5/38/.271/15 in 354 ABs

132. Nick Gordon – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

133. Jace Peterson – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

134. Darin Ruf – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

135. Tyler Wade – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

136. Jurickson Profar – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

137. Aaron Hicks – This is a new tier. This tier goes to the end of the list. I call this tier, “Burnt ends.” They always sound delightful! Burnt ends! Yum! But they’re really just the scraps they were going to throw away. That’s this tier. As for Hicks, there’s something broken when projections give guys like Hicks 19/5/.233, even though he hasn’t come close to that in years. Sure, he could potentially have one last Zombino, but way more likely is: 2022 Projections: 43/10/49/.224/3 in 309 ABs

138. Lorenzo Cain – Hey, I don’t care if players get paid. Good on Lorenzo Cain for taking those cheeseheads up in Milwaukee for all their cheddar, but it does suck from a fan’s perspective when players who should’ve retired three years ago are still trotted out there because the team has so much money invested in them. Cain…Sugar! is now going on his 2nd year as a pseduo-starter when he should’ve been fully retired.  2022 Projections: 46/12/51/.253/12 in 318 ABs

139. Odubel Herrera – Re-signed with Phils. Actually, in this case, it might be: Resigned, the Phils brought Herrera back. The Dirty ODB brings his special brand of being terrible on and off the field, and it’s hard to turn that down.  UPDATE: Strained oblique.  2022 Projections: 40/10/37/.263/4 in 303 ABs

141. Justin Upton – This tier so far could’ve also been called, “Bad contracts that the team refuses to swallow, so they keep spitting them up on the field,” which sounds like a better analogy for Upton’s brother, B.J. UPDATE: DFA’d by the Angels2022 Projections: 41/15/48/.202/3 in 331 ABs

140. David Peralta – I always use the Joey Wendle example when I talk about teams manipulating service time, and why the lockout needed to happen. I could also use Peralta. He’s turning 35 in August; he’s never been a free agent! Unlike Wendle, Peralta at least was tendered a contract, made $22 million and is set for life. Wendle’s gonna become a free agent in time to move to Asia to join Adam Jones. As for Peralta, he’s a throwback to my 2015 Juan Lagares tier in the top 20 2nd basemen. Last year, he went 8/2/.259 in guess how many games. It rhymes with one-hundred and shifty! 2022 Projections: 48/10/53/.247/2 in 404 ABs

141. Jackie Bradley Jr. – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Went the over way in the Renfroe trade. It does feel a bit like the Red Sox try to be worse every offseason, get surprisingly better, then repeat cycle. It’s not like they don’t know what they’re getting with Jackie Bradley Jr. Did they look at Hunter Renfroe, who was solid for them last year, and think, “This is too easy. Let’s make it harder on ourselves?” Last year, Jackie Bradley Jr. went 6/7/.163. Dot dot dot. In 428 plate appearances! I get the defense is solid, but he shouldn’t be a starter for any team, let alone one sent for Hunter Renfroe.” And that’s me copying and pasting me! 2022 Projections: 34/14/43/.217/5 in 337 ABs

142. Adam Engel – What’s our vector, Victor? What’s your angle, Engel? 2022 Projections: 36/7/44/.241/8 in 305 ABs

143. Victor Reyes – Speaking of vector Victors, will Reyes lead you to a fantasy baseball victory? Short answer: No. Long answer: Nooooooooooo. 2022 Projections: 43/8/39/.271/7 in 297 ABs

144. Stephen Piscotty – Who does Laureano replace when he returns, Luis Barrera, Piscotty, Pinder or some unknown? Piscotty doesn’t know! Piscotty doesn’t know! But I bet I do. 2022 Projections: 48/15/54/.217/3 in 402 ABs

145. Cristian Pache – P to the erhaps, it finally clicks for P to the ache, but as a guy who rostered him last year, Pache was nearly impossible to start, even in an NL-Only league. UPDATE: Should move into an everyday centerfield job in Oakland. Good news, bad news. Good news is you got an everyday centerfield job, Pache. Bad news is it’s the 4.5 square miles of foul territory in Oakland that is gonna wreck havoc on his already bad batting average. The BABIP in Oakland + Pache’s AVG = WOOF. He might hit .170 in 600 ABs. 2022 Projections: 48/14/59/.181/12 in 521 ABs

146. TJ Friedl – Could Friedl become the next in the long line of out-of-nowhere Reds’ outfielders to make a “one season and one season only” fantasy impact? Well, it’s either him or Trey Hamburgery. (I’m not even sure if I made up this name.) 2022 Projections: 33/8/37/.271/5 in 282 ABs

147. Brennan Davis – Wrote a rookie write-up for Davis that I didn’t post because I’m not convinced he’s going to be up early enough to make a difference this year. Maybe I’ll post the Davis write-up in July when he’s called up, or maybe I’ll give it away on the Patreon. One actual word of advice after 17,000 words of nonsense, the deeper the league, the more you need at-bats, in general. The shallower the league, the more you need upside, in general. All teams and leagues are a specific set of circumstances. I’ve said numerous times before that the rankings are a jumping off point, and everyone in a tier is the same diff, but sometimes that goes across tiers. Take Brennan Davis, for unstints. Him or, say, Max Kepler? Well, do you need upside or at-bats? Can you afford to sit on Davis? Does his lap seem comfortable? 2022 Projections: 22/7/19/.231/5 in 173 ABs

148. Ryan Vilade – Has 15/25/.300 potential for the Rockies, i.e., looks like a solid guy for Bud Black to play sporadically over the course of the next five years. 2022 Projections: 26/6/29/.272/7 in 197 ABs

149. Anthony Alford – Drafted Alford in one league last year and I’m still going to a shrink to talk about it. 2022 Projections: 41/15/48/.206/15 in 415 ABs

150. Steven Duggar – Will Gene, the Giants’ genie, wave his wand above Duggar’s head and say the magic words, “Abracadabra, you are no longer Abradacrappy?” 2022 Projections: 49/8/39/.246/6 in 341 ABs

151. Kevin Kiermaier – He’s a nine-year vet. He has 75 career homers, while hitting .249, in 2847 at-bats. Barry Bonds did better in one season. 2022 Projections: 47/6/42/.230/10 in 326 ABs

152. Adam Haseley – This is a little sub-tier of guys who will give you lousy homers, and kinda gross steals. I call them, the Okay, BO’ers. They stink, hence BO, and they should be playing in the KBO. UPDATE: Traded to the White Sox to backup all the outfielders and make coffee. And he’s all out of filters! 2022 Projections: 41/7/44/.228/9 in 387 ABs

153. Ben Gamel – Okay, BO’er, which is different than “Okay, Boer,” which sounds like how a war in South Africa started.  2022 Projections: 54/7/50/.238/5 in 391 ABs

154. Jason Heyward – From Okay, Bo’er to Okay, Boomer, a story of Jason Heyward’s downward trajectory to nothingness. 2022 Projections: 41/8/43/.223/5 in 351 ABs

155. Lars Nootbaar – This guy is such a snack! Nootbaar has already proven to people that life on Mars is possible. Not the planet, but the candy factory. We could see a big lineup shake-up in St. Louis with a DH — DeJong moved into the lineup and Lars Nootbaar moved to aisle seven by the Teddy Grahams. 2022 Projections: 36/10/44/.253/1 in 298 ABs

Considered but omitted: Tyrone Taylor, Jorge Alfaro, Leody Taveras, Austin Slater, Brad Miller, Harold Ramirez, Corey Dickerson, Alex Dickerson, Edward Olivares, Kevin Pillar, Lewis Brinson, Greg Allen, Miguel Andujar, Austin Martin, Taylor Trammell, Brent Rooker, Yonathan Daza, Aristides Aquino, Drew Waters, Pedro Leon, Taylor Ward, Max Schrock, Billy McKinney, David Dahl HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Scott Kingery HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Franchy Cordero *Insert Simpsons GIF “Stop! Stop! He’s already dead”*, Luis Barrera, Cooper Hummel, Mickey Moniak, Joey Schmohawk