2019 Fantasy Baseball Rankings


If you’re looking for the 2019 fantasy baseball rankings and MLB projections, you have landed on the right page! All available for the price of $0!!!!

We publish player rankings by position throughout January – with projections and thoughts next to each player. By early February, our top 500 rankings for 5×5 mixed leagues will be available. We update our top 500 rankings constantly throughout the preseason.

We also team with Steamer to produce projections for every hitter and pitcher with a foreseeable chance at playing in 2019. Our head stat guy (Rudy) makes numerous adjustments to the Steamer data including playing time adjustments, projected RHP/LHP PAs for hitters, saves/holds projections, and Run/RBI projections. These projections are then run through our Player Rater to create auction values/rankings for various league (MLB, AL-only, NL-only), team (e.g., 10, 12, 15), roster format (e.g., ESPN, Yahoo) and stat (e.g., 5×5, 6×6 OBP) settings. As with my rankings, these are updated constantly.

The preseason is just the tip of the iceberg for us. We have daily in-season coverage for both season-long and DFS, season to date and rest of season player raters, and daily and weekly MLB projections/tools (available at an extremely reasonable subscription). We also have a really active community here (as you’ll see by the comments on every post).

Good luck in 2019!  Finally, if you want to compete against about a thousand other people for prizes, it’s free to sign up: RAZZBALL LEAGUE SIGNUPS

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