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Last week, we added Tommy Pham and his pal (unconfirmed) Marwin Gonzalez to the realm of the 100. This week, we’re feeling so good that we’re moving them on up the rankings. Pham has the second best PR15 (ESPN leagues) right now (13.01), behind only the respected Coors Field masher Nolan Arenado. Marwin, while he has a respectable 5.26 PR15 that is good for 34th overall, is moving up because he suddenly has an inside track to playing time.

Someone ask Grey if I get any bonus points for running it back on players in back-to-back weeks AND rolling with a double player reference headline. I was going to go with a Gregory Polanco reference but decided Matt Adams was both more ridiculous and had the added bonus of allowing me to use former teammates (kind of). More bonus points? Let me know what Grey says.

As for Carlos Correa, well, you guys know already, right? I’m dropping him from the Top 100 because he is going to miss most of the rest of the season. He could potentially return and help you for fantasy playoffs or the last couple weeks, but we won’t know for sure for a few more weeks. This IS good news for Marwin Gonzalez, who I focused on last week, as there is suddenly another opening in the lineup for him. Obviously, hold Correa for now, but I’m dropping him from the ranks of the beloved and pouring out some Coors Light for him.

I never thought there would be a week where I would be adding Matt Adams and removing Carlos Correa. 2017 is bumming me out, but I promise to make it one full article without mentioning Super Balls (this doesn’t count!). Screw it, let’s add Steven Souza, too. He’s got 20 home runs to go with a .272 average, .239 ISO, an increased Hard%, and what looks to be an increased approach at the plate. He has been on the fringe, but I managed to make room for him this week. I give up, 2017. You hear me? I give up! You win!

Anyway, here are some other notes on the additions and subtractions for this week…

  • Keon Broxton – Broxton was demoted to Triple-A by the Brewers last week after starting the second half by hitting absolutely nothing. And by nothing I mean he hit like .067 for all of July. I talked briefly about how much of an enigma Broxton is on the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast last week and how frustrating he is. When he is hot, he can be an elite fantasy contributor who mashes and steals bases. But when he goes cold, he goes COLD. I had already dropped him in one league and dropped him in the other once the demotion came. I just can’t quit you, Broxton! Thankfully, the Brewers helped me out.
  • Cameron Maybin – Maybin hit the disabled list with an MCL sprain and will miss two-to-four weeks. It’s a shame that this dude just cannot stay healthy because he was playing pretty well this season. He had already stolen 25 bases and would have probably seen a small uptick in value with Trout returning. Maybin is getting dropped for now.
  • Michael Conforto – Just when we were souring on Conforto and dropping him in the ranks, he goes and has a week like this. I happened to be going up against Conforto in my H2H league, so I had a front row seat to his power hot streak.
  • Yoan Moncada – Adding Moncada based on appeal alone. He could be a Villar or a Broxton in the second half. I mean that in both good and bad ways. He could fall flat on his face while he strikes out too often, but he could also hit 10 dingers and swipe 15 (or more?) bags. That’s top prospect upside you just can’t ignore. Up next, Rafael Devers? We shall see…
  • Starlin Castro  – Back on the disabled list with a hamstring strain and estimated to be out until August 1. Not surprising because I watched the entire Red SoxYankees series and he looked like he was playing on one leg the entire time. I like Castro this season, but I don’t have time for guys with hamstring injuries in August. As we are already seeing since he is headed back to the DL, that is the kind of injury that lingers and can mess you up for a long time. Dropping him for now.
  • Matt Adams – I have been hesitant to add Adams to the list until now. But just like with Smoak, Alonso, Logan Morrison, and many others this year, I am throwing out everything I know in my heart to be true and adding him. In case you have missed the Adams resurgence in Atlanta, this sums it up pretty well:

Note: These rankings are considered ROS Trade Value

Mike Maher’s Top 100 Hitters

(Rankings based on 12-team Roto. GREEN = player rising. RED = player dropping. BLUE = new to the 100.)

Rank Name Team Pos
1 Mike Trout LAA OF
2 Paul Goldschmidt ARI 1B
3 Bryce Harper WSH OF
4 Nolan Arenado COL 3B
5 Daniel Murphy WSH 1B/2B
6 Jose Altuve HOU 2B
7 Aaron Judge NYY OF
8 Kris Bryant CHC 3B/OF
9 Mookie Betts BOS OF
10 Anthony Rizzo CHC 1B
11 Joey Votto CIN 1B
12 Charlie Blackmon COL OF
13 George Springer HOU OF
14 Giancarlo Stanton MIA OF
15 Freddie Freeman ATL 1B
16 Corey Seager LAD SS
17 Nelson Cruz SEA OF
18 Jose Ramirez CLE 3B/OF
19 Francisco Lindor CLE SS
20 J.D. Martinez ARI OF
21 Robinson Cano SEA 2B
22 Marcell Ozuna MIA OF
23 Cody Bellinger LAD 1B
24 Jean Segura SEA 2B/SS
25 Manny Machado BAL 3B/SS
26 Miguel Sano MIN 3B/OF
27 Dee Gordon MIA 2B
28 Anthony Rendon WSH 3B
29 Jake Lamb ARI 3B
30 Edwin Encarnacion CLE 1B
31 Josh Donaldson TOR 3B
32 Justin Turner LAD 3B
33 Ryan Braun MIL OF
34 Wil Myers SD 1B/OF
35 Yoenis Cespedes NYM OF
36 Khris Davis OAK OF
37 Brian Dozier MIN 2B
38 Jose Abreu CWS 1B
39 Billy Hamilton CIN OF
40 Adam Duvall CIN OF
41 Ryan Zimmerman WAS 1B
42 Eric Thames MIL 1B/OF
43 Justin Upton DET OF
44 Andrew Benintendi BOS OF
45 Kyle Seager SEA 3B
46 Xander Bogaerts BOS SS
47 Matt Kemp ATL OF
48 Miguel Cabrera DET 1B
49 Matt Carpenter STL 1B/2B/3B
50 Rougned Odor TEX 2B
51 Gary Sanchez NYY C
52 Chris Owings ARI 2B/SS
53 A.J. Pollock ARI OF
54 Ian Desmond COL OF
55 Lorenzo Cain KC OF
56 Christian Yelich MIA OF
57 Jedd Gyorko STL 2B/3B/SS
58 Starling Marte PIT OF
59 Elvis Andrus TEX SS
60 Buster Posey SF C/1B
61 Corey Dickerson TB OF
62 Andrew McCutchen PIT OF
63 Michael Conforto NYM OF
64 Jay Bruce NYM OF
65 Eric Hosmer KC 1B
66 Ian Kinsler DET 2B
67 Salvador Perez KC C
68 Jonathan Schoop BAL 2B
69 Travis Shaw MIL 1B/3B
70 Adrian Beltre TEX 3B
71 Avisail Garcia CHW OF
72 Mike Moustakas KC 3B
73 Justin Smoak TOR 1B
74 Domingo Santana MIL OF
75 Carlos Gomez TEX OF
76 Mark Trumbo BAL OF
77 Ian Happ CHC 2B/OF
78 Evan Longoria TB 3B
79 Adam Jones BAL OF
80 Michael Brantley CLE OF
81 Mark Reynolds COL 1B
82 Yonder Alonso OAK 1B
83 Tommy Pham STL OF
84 Brett Gardner NYY OF
85 Scott Schebler CIN OF
86 Eugenio Suarez CIN 3B
87 Logan Morrison TB 1B
88 Justin Bour MIA 1B
89 Marwin Gonzalez HOU 1B/3B/OF
90 Mitch Haniger SEA OF
91 Eduardo Nunez SF 3B/SS/OF
92 Hanley Ramirez BOS 1B
93 Yoan Moncada CHW 3B
94 Matt Adams ATL 1B
95 Trevor Story COL SS
96 Carlos Santana CLE 1B
97 Jose Bautista TOR OF
98 Ender Inciarte ATL OF
99 Ryon Healy OAK 1B/3B
100 Jonathan Villar MIL 2B/3B/SS

The Honorable Mentions (Next Five In…)

Rank Name Team Pos
101 Gregory Polanco PIT OF
102 David Peralta ARI OF
103 Chris Taylor LAD 3B/2B/OF
104 Steven Souza Jr. TB OF
105 Josh Harrison PIT 2B/3B

Dropped from the rankings: Carlos Correa, Cameron Maybin, Starlin Castro, Keon Broxton

As always, disagree with anything here? Have any questions or comments? Want to tell Mike how great he is or how much you agree with him? Want relationship or investment advice?



If you want to talk fantasy baseball or football or have players you want Mike to feature, hit him up on Twitter at @mikeMaher or post a comment below!


  1. Wacha Wacha says:

    Who do you like best ros in a h2h league with OBP instead of average? C Davis, M Adams, Schebler


  2. Greg says:

    Think Harrison is too low based on power/sb combo of 15/15 borderline 20/20 over full season. Just sayin.

    Owings gone cold, getting a lot of rest days, but you still as high? He hasn’t dropped. Seriously considering dropping for Semien. Talk me out of it. … ;)

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      Haha. Harrison has always been a little streaky. He is 30 and has never hit 20 HR or stolen 20 bases in his career. I’m holding on Owings for now, especially with their lineup potentially improving.

  3. Ryan Wheeler says:

    Kinsler at 66 and M. Gonzalez at 89? Are you high? Those guys should be switched around…

    And what is your obsession with M. Hanigar?

    • Cram It says:

      @Ryan Wheeler: Haniger is my obsession.

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:

      @Ryan Wheeler:

      I think Kinsler has been banged up and unlucky (.260 BABIP), and I like him to bounce back in the second half. Gonzalez I like but I don’t think he continues to hit at this pace for the rest of the season. And if he can stay healthy I think Haniger can be a Top 75 hitter ROS.

  4. Frank Rizzo says:

    If the Ian kinsler owner wanted to swap me straight up for my Jonathan Schoop, I would publicly mock him. There are few 2b’s I’d rather have than Schoop.

    • Milarky says:

      @Frank Rizzo: Yeah, I’m a Schoop owner too and he has been a god send. Not sure if this is an assumption that he crashes back to earth…

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:

      @Frank Rizzo:

      Schoop has been great but I like Kinsler’s cross-category potential ROS. I think he was banged up and unlucky in the first half and should have a much better second half.

  5. Steve says:

    What do you think of Whit Merrifield?

    • Zeus says:

      @Steve: He’s useful and has one of the whitest names ever

      • Ryan Wheeler says:

        @Zeus: Dansby Swanson is the whitest name ever.

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      What Zeus said.

      I like him and actually considered adding him this week since he is hot and has added some pop. Giving it another week to see if he keeps it up. I just picked him up in two leagues.

  6. Zeus says:

    Tommy Pham is like Euron Greyjoy. A boss.

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      Who does that make Theon Greyjoy? Keon Broxton?

      • McSkooshin says:


        I think Reek is the appropriate name for them this week

        • mikeMaher

          mikeMaher says:


          True. I was trying to go with a rhyme. Theon Broxton. Rickie Reeks?

  7. Milarky says:

    Hey Mike,

    I realize this isn’t a science, but curious as to how you evaluate different skill sets to come up with your rankings. For example, I see that Dee Gordon is way up at 27 (and similarly Hamilton at 39) on this list even though he’s primarily an burner (though he provides good average and runs too). I’m evaluating a lot of big trade ideas leading up to our deadline, and I’m weak at both 2B as well as in SBs and Runs. Both of these guys are being offered, but I always worry about their drain on HR//RBI/SLG%.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

    • Cram It says:

      @Milarky: Can’t comment on the ranking process. But to the latter. At this point in the season, you should know what categories you can make up ground in, which you do. It doesn’t matter where those burners are ranked on a list. You need to figure out if the gain in the categories you need makes up for the possible categories you’ll lag in.

      • Milarky says:

        @Cram It: Understood. Just curious to know if he’s also thinking there is more upside in some of the other categories from these guys factored into his rankings for rest of season. I’m thinking likely not with these two.

        • mikeMaher

          mikeMaher says:


          I try to rank them based on overall value. Dee Gordon offers no power or RBI but offers elite steals and runs and above-average batting average. Just having Gordon on your team this season means you are probably top 3 or so in your league in steals, so that is huge value. Same for Hamilton but without the average.

          Players who offer 5-category production are obviously ideal, but sometimes you have to accept that a player might not contibute in a couple categories if he is giving you elite production elsewhere. I’m not banking on any power or RBI from those two, but if you need steals or runs then you can’t do much better than them.

          It ultimately comes down to what you need on your team ROS, but if your team is balanced enough then a player like Dee Gordon will be incredibly valuable.

  8. TTRA1N says:

    Ive been a huge fan of Chris Owings most of the year but since they traded for JD he has been hitting low in the order and hasnt done much for aawhile. Tempted to move on.

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      I’m giving it some more time.

  9. Skillz says:

    Nice work, as always! You have Kemp higher than guys on my team like Miggy, Odor, Desmond, and Hosmer. A couple Qs.
    1. I’m thinking of dropping Kemp the most out of that lot, due to team, pedigree, and circumstance down the stretch. Would you agree?
    2. Would you drop Kemp for Devers who I have in my NA slot, in knowing this is a keeper league where Devers will be a 20th round draft pick next year?

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      I’m holding out hope for Kemp after a big year last year and looking so good for most of the first half. He did slow down in June/July in the first half but is hitting .308 so far in the second half. Whether or not you drop him over the others probably depends on your team and needs, but you could make the case for any of them. Miggy should bounce back, and I like Desmond a lot but am a little concerned about his health.

      Re: 2. Yeah, I think that is definitely worth a gamble in a keeper league.

      • Skillz says:

        @mikeMaher: Thanks Ralph! You guys are amazing! Appreciate the advice.

        • Skillz says:

          @Skillz: I mean, Thanks Mike! hahaha

          • mikeMaher

            mikeMaher says:


            Calling me Ralph is the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me

  10. Andy says:

    ros rank

    Holding first w good offense
    This is bench bat , so probably favor upside

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      Depends on your team needs I guess but:

      Moncada, Devers, Bregman, Grichuk

      Moncada for speed, obviously, but he needs to prove he can hit at this level. Devers might hit the most of that bunch but have to see how he looks at the MLB level and if he is going to play against lefties.

  11. prog nation says:

    Still no love for Yuli?

    Needing AVG, OBP and SLG

    Matt Adams
    Ryon Healy


    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:

      @prog nation:

      Haha, I got some love for him but held out adding him for another week. Right now, I would rank those guys Adams, Healy, Yuli.

      I’m a big fan of Healy but he has gone ice cold and is trending down, while Yuli is rising.

  12. Luvdarooks says:

    NL only. VERY DEEP because after 23 starters we have 15 reserves. 11 teams & 10 KEEPERs/year.( $260). SO OBVIOUS HIGH INFLATION. ( Kershaw was highest 44 in’17)

    Minor players stay the salary till activated while all others get a $5 yearly raise until the owner feels they are no longer worth keeping.
    I am in 3rd 10 back and have an outside chance but hate to mortgage future …should I and go for it?
    I get:
    Scherzer, Desmond, Meyers (SD) and Keon BROXTON ( can he return strong??)
    I can add an extra hitter and P in September to active roster
    Below are ’18 salaries that I give up:
    Goldschmidt 25
    A.Reyes. 2
    D.Dahl. 12
    R.Hoskins. 10
    Go for it or hold?

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      I hate to give up Goldy in a keeper league but those players would definitely help. I think I would need more than Broxton, though. No guarantee he even comes back up this season. And I think Goldy is > Desmond and Myers, so I think I would need more.

  13. Spencer Siegrist says:

    Hey Mike,

    Great write up as usual!

    I’m kind of at a loss for what to do with Yoenis Cespedes.. he hasn’t been able to really hold onto any consistency this whole season and has honestly been a huge drag on my roto stats.. I conveniently have conforto on my team as well though.. but I think it may be time to give up on Yoenis.. unless you think he’s worth holding onto longer? thoughts?

    Thanks dude!

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:

      @Spencer Siegrist:

      Thanks! Really appreciate that.

      I still hold on Yoenis but I feel you. He just can’t stay healthy or produce with any consistency. Would def try to sell before dropping bc you know he’ll get picked right up.

  14. Jordan Wolfhope says:

    Villar, story, happ or jedd gryko?….which 2 do you like tos

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:

      @Jordan Wolfhope:

      Reverse order that you just put them in.

  15. Johnny says:

    Eric Thames and ZImmerman have been entirely useless/below average hitters for months.

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      Moreso Thames than Zimmerman. Both starting to drop.

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