Only 15 games into the 2015 season, I asked myself: “Is it too early to compile positional rankings?” Considering most readers love rankings, the answer was a resounding “NO”. However, what was more troubling was the fact that I consistently find myself talking to myself. Allow myself to introduce myself. That was awkward. You should only hear half the sh*t that goes on inside my head, but we’ll leave that exploration into my thoughts for another time…

While they are nothing more than simple lists, everyone loves rankings. It’s a fact. But are these current rankings? Rest of season rankings? And what are these “thankings” and “spankings” you speak of? I’ve got questions people. Well, be it as it may, I also have answers.

Think about it in Pineapple Express terms. If my preseason rankings met my rest of season rankings – and they had a baby. And then, meanwhile, my current rankings and my computerized rankings met and had a baby. And by some miracle, those two babies met and got together, these rankings would be the rankings that they birthed. Thank you James Franco for enabling such an illuminating explanation.

As for the “thankings”, that’s where I get to highlight players whom (is it supposed to be who) have made pleasant, and unexpected, jumps up in the rankings since the preseason. “Spankings” represents the exact opposite and is my opportunity to crap on a player for showing up much lower in the rankings than everyone expected and his draft position mandated. Ha ha, I said “man date”. Will there be any “wankings”? What you do on your own time is none of my business and I’d appreciate it if it remained that way, but I assume there will be if we are talking about man dates.

While we’re on the topic of man dates, we might as well start with catchers. It should come as no surprise to find Buster Posey as my top catcher. His batting average is a bit down at .250, but he’s only 56 at bats deep. The surprise, and our first “thanking” goes to Stephen Vogt. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that with an average draft position of 242 Vogt was drafted in about 1% of points leagues and 100% of those leagues were two-catcher leagues. He currently leads all catchers with 56 points, 4 home runs and 14 RBIs. Hey, wasn’t it supposed to be Evan Gattis that led catchers in homers and runs batted in? You know what he does lead catchers in? Sucking! And strikeouts. With 21 strikeouts and -3 points Gattis is an embarrassment to fantasy baseball and the recipient of my first ever spanking award. On the flip side, with only one homer, he’s probably good for another 20.



When Jerry Seinfeld asked who the top first baseman was, Kenny Bania replied “That’s Goldschmidt, Jerry. Goldschmidt!” Off to perhaps his best start, Paul Goldschmidt has 5 home runs, 16 RBIs, 2 stolen bases and 60 fantasy points. In the words of our fearless mustached leader, “Au Shizz!”. I had a tough time deciding whether the first base “thanking” should go to Adrian Gonzalez or Joey Votto. Even though I was almost swayed by the fact that AGone just hit his sixth home run, I am calling it a tie. And since this is my post, I can do that. So consider it done. Shame on you Albert Pujols and your .196 average and 33 points. You’re better than that. Aren’t you? Are you actually reading this Albert?


First Base


Like I said in last week’s post, I’m sticking with Robinson Cano as my top second baseman. He’s just too good. Is it possible for him to be dethroned by someone like Dee Gordon or Dustin Pedroia? Maybe. The guy I actually liked a lot preseason and even more now is Howie Kendrick. I loved his ADP and took full advantage of it, drafting him in most of my leagues. But the “thankings” has to go to Devon Travis. He leads all second basemen with 57 points and has almost come out of nowhere. I think he’ll slow down a bit, but so far I love what I’ve seen.


Second Base


And coming in at number one at the hot corner is Josh Donaldson. I was tempted to go with Nolan Arenado, but instead I went with my Mr. Myagi-like instincts and chose Donaldson. Nolan does have the Denver thing working in his favor, but I think in the end Donaldson will out-slug and outpoint him. Big Ups to both Alex Rodriguez and Mike Moustakas for their performances so far, but I’ve got to give the honors to AROD. And the spanking goes to… Adrian Beltre. Expected to be near the top, he falls to number 8.


Third Base


If Tulo had a daughter and he named her Helen, would she be Helen of Troy Tulowitzki? Or am I just imagining an potential candidate for Wheel of Fortune’s “Before and After” category? Either way, I’ve got Tulo barely edging out Hanley Ramirez putting the “top” in shortstop. The big riser here is Xander Bogaerts, but I’d also like to give a shout out to Zach Cozart. Both with the potential to finish in the top ten.




Now it’s time to shift to the outfield. Honestly after the first 10 or 20, ranking outfielders can really be done by pulling names out of a hat. There isn’t a rankings known to man that doesn’t have Mike Trout at number one. My rankings are no different. Adam Jones is giving him a good run for his money, but I’m not ready to unseat Trout quite yet. Matt Kemp and Nelson Cruz are two players I didn’t expect to see in the top ten. Look at Steven Souza creeping into the top 20! The biggest drop is probably Ryan Braun. Fooled me again Ryan. Hebrew Hammer? More like the Heblew Hammer.



Mike Trout
Adam Jones
Andrew McCutchen
Nelson Cruz
Bryce Harper
Matt Kemp
Carlos Gomez
Jose Bautista
Yoenis Cespedes
Justin Upton
Yasiel Puig
Corey Dickerson
Giancarlo Stanton
Mookie Betts
A.J. Pollock
Kole Cahoun
Ben Zobrist
Steven Souza
Starling Marte
Lorenzo Cain
Michael Brantley
Wil Myers
J.D. Martinez
Matt Holliday
Jason Heyward
Carlos Gonzalez
Angel Pagan
Jacoby Ellsbury
Hunter Pence
Ryan Braun
Nori Aoki
Billy Hamilton
Joc Pederson
Nick Markakis
Brett Gardner
Charlie Blackmon
Ryan Zimmerman
Dalton Pompey
Alex Rios
Dexter Fowler
Avisail Garcia
Melky Cabrera
Jayson Werth
Stephen Vogt
Alex Guerrero
Kevin Kiermaier
Jake Marisnick
Anthony Gose
Mark Canha
Michael Cuddyer
Travis Snider
Jay Bruce
Leonys Martin
Christian Yelich
Gregory Polanco
Josh Harrison
Ben Revere
Denard Span
Alex Gordon
Ender Inciarte
Chris Young
George Springer
Jorge Soler
Rusney Castillo
Adam Eaton
Torii Hunter
Coco Crisp
Sam Fuld
Andre Ethier
Desmond Jennings
Curtis Granderson
Alejandro De Aza
Steve Pearce
Kevin Pillar
Rajai Davis


And last, since I refuse to rank relievers, we have starting pitchers. Clayton Kershaw remains my top pitcher. The next four really could be in any order. Between Felix Hernandez, Max Scherzer, Chris Sale and David Price it’s almost impossible to rank them. And any one of them could easily finish the season in the number one spot ahead of Kershaw. Matt Harvey is showing that he really is a top ten pitcher, and if Chris Archer continues to pitch the way he has, he will find himself even higher on this list the next time. I just wasn’t sure what to do with Bartolo Colon. Can he keep this up? It certainly would be great to see. Colon aside, the biggest surprises I think are Shane Greene and Trevor Bauer. And since it’s always great to end on a low note, let’s all raise our beers to Jon Lester.


Starting Pitchers

Clayton Kershaw
Felix Hernandez
Max Scherzer
Chris Sale
David Price
James Shields
Zach Greinke
Matt Harvey
Corey Kluber
Johnny Cueto
Madison Bumgarner
Stephen Strasburg
Sonny Gray
Jacob deGrom
Adam Wainwright
Jeff Samardzija
Julio Teheran
Chris Archer
Michael Wacha
Gerrit Cole
Jake Arrieta
Cole Hamels
Jake Odorizzi
Masahiro Tanaka
Scott Kazmir
Collin McHugh
Yordano Ventura
Michael Pineda
Dallas Keuchel
Jon Lester
Shane Greene
Trevor Bauer
Gio Gonzalez
Carlos Martinez
Lance Lynn
Andrew Cashner
Alex Wood
Francisco Liriano
R.A. Dickey
Tyson Ross
Bartolo Colon
Shelby Miller
Archie Bradley
Hisashi Iwakuma
Jimmy Nelson
Brandon McCarthy
Nick Martinez
Jesse Hahn
Edinson Volquez
Matt Shoemaker
Hector Santiago
Tommy Milone
Miguel Gonzalez
Anibal Sanchez
Alex Cobb
Doug Fister
Phil Hughes
Drew Pomeranz
Anthony DeSclafani
Tim Lincecum
Jeff Locke
Joe Kelly
Dan Haren
Jose Quintana
Aaron Harang
Colby Lewis
Danny Duffy
Ubaldo Jimenez


I’m sure I probably left a player or two out, and for that, I apologize. Not really, but it sounded nice to say. I’d like to leave you with this thought. I really hope that when Alex Guerrero smacks another pinch hit home run that he enacts Kenny Powers’ air jerk and throw in Don Mattingly’s direction as he trots towards first base. What’s it going to take to get this kid some regular playing time? In 19 at bats he now has 4 home runs, 12 RBIs and 39 fantasy points (2.05 PPPA). With one third the number of at bats, that’s still better than every other Dodger hitter not named Adrian Gonzalez or Howie Kendrick. Rank that Donnie Baseball. Free Alex Guerrero!!!

  1. Thatguy says:

    Think you forgot about Jordan Zimmerman…. Good stuff as always!

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Thatguy: I did indeed. I’d slot him somewhere between Lester and Iwakuma…

      • Thatguy says:

        @malamoney: that seems extremely low. What are your thoughts on him rest of year?

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Thatguy: I’m not that high on him. He will have some good outings for sure. My rankings include rest of season.

  2. ray says:

    In A 12 Team h2h Al NL Weekly Points League Would You drop Yelich for kole calhoun? Yelich crept into the top 30 OF last year? Thank you for your thoughts. Oh 1 more question would you trade gio Gonzales for y ventura ?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @ray: I prefer Calhoun over Yelich, but it’s close. It’s close because Yelich has the ability to be a top-20. Is it a keeper league?

      Based on what I’ve seen so far this season, I like Ventura over Gio. Ventura needs to temper his attitude though and focus on pitching. Once again, it’s close.

      • ray says:

        @malamoney: thanks for the quick response. It’s not a keeper league btw. I would have to include Kenley jansen with gio but I have g holland, Familia an ottavino so I don’t know what to do with these closers other than include them in trades cuz if I drop any of the 4 I don’t see why they wouldn’t be picked up asap. .

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @ray: So it’s Gio and Kenley for Yordano?

  3. Jay says:

    Where’s Carrasco? Thought he’s be up there. Thougt arrieta would be higher too.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Jay: Fark. He got missed because he’s on my RP list. I’d put him between Harvey and Strasburg. Probably right after Harvey.

      • Funketown says:

        @malamoney: i guess that’s the pineapple express part

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Funketown: Ha!

  4. You also left out Kipnis, where do you fit him in your 2b ranks?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @HeadsUpRoto: Between Dozier and Semien…

  5. holamola says:

    Desmond is not in your top 10 SS?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @holamola: He should be in the 10 spot behind Simmons…

  6. Don says:

    I have offers out for my Ozuna (who I didn’t see in your list) and Carlos Martinez for his Alex Wood or Garrett Richards. Am I giving up too much? You’re pretty high on Martinez, it seems. I don’t like the potential innings limit.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Don: Flip a coin man. I’m leaning (barely) to the Woods/Richards side. Mostly because I don’t care about Ozuna and Martinez will likely have an innings limit this year…

  7. al says:

    Thanks to your excel spreadsheet and Grey’s advice I’ve started out 2-0 and working on going 3-0 this week!

    Trade question for you since I have trouble evaluating player value in trades…

    ESPN 10 Team H2H Points – Who should I try packaging up in a 2 for 1 trade and who should I target? I want to clear some space for another streamer and hopefully Rendon will be back soon anyway!

    Hitter Scoring: HIT (+1), RUN (+1), RBI (+1), 1B (+1), 2B (+1), 3B (+2), HR (+3), BB (+1) SB (+1)
    Pitcher Scoring: WIN (+3), LOSS (-3), IP (+3), K (+1), BB (-1), SAVE (+3), ER (-2), HIT (-1), NH (+10) PF (+15)

    (1) C: R. Martin
    (1) 1B: Freeman
    (1) 2B: Kinsler
    (1) SS: Andrus
    (1) 3B: Donaldson
    (3) OF: Brantley, Heyward, JD Martinez
    (1) UT: Souza
    Bench: (Lucroy [DL])

    DL (1): A. Rendon

    (4) SP: Scherzer, L. Lynn, P. Hughes, C. McHugh
    (3) RP: Chapman, Kimbrel, Grilli
    Bench: ( C. Martinez [SP/RP], Bauer, Greene, McCarthy)
    Bench Total: (5)

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @al: That’s an extremely tough question to answer. You are weak at shortstop. I don’t like Andrus. When Kinsler gets hot, maybe package him and and Andrus for a top shortstop? Is there a player you are were hoping to target?

      • al says:

        @malamoney: Actually I already dropped Andrus for Segura earlier today… I want to just free up another Pitching spot so I can pickup another streamer so maybe another top SP ? It sucks having to waste a bench spot on a catcher while I can’t DL Lucroy til Rendon comes back…

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @al: That does suck…

  8. Jeffrey Samson says:

    Guys who got left off the list today, DUDA, DUDA!

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Jeffrey Samson: The Duda is there with 1B right after Billy “up your” Butler…

  9. Andre says:

    Got an offer on the table. CarGo (Colorado) and T.Bauer for Michael Brantley and a 4th round pick. I get the Brantley side. Sound like a good deal? I’m in a long term keeper league….H,Runs,HR,RBI,Steals,Walks,and Average. Is there any real concern over his back injury

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Andre: I’d kinda need to know the caliber of player available in the 4th round. Bauer looks like he is becoming the pitcher many of us thought he could be a year ago. And that’s a good pitcher. I’d take Brantley over Cargo, but Cargo ain’t so bad and isn’t far behind Brantley. This comes down to Bauer vs a 4th round pick.

  10. Scott says:

    Kiermeier, Marisnick, and Gose are pretty interchangeable, aren’t they?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Scott: Yes

  11. Scott says:

    Not an Eovaldi fan, I take it.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Scott: I guess he got left off. I’d stick him around DeSclafani…

  12. Ron says:

    Scoring Format:
    RUN (+1), RBI (+1), 1B (+1.25), 2B (+2.5), 3B (+3.75), HR (+5), BB (+1), SO (-1), SB (+1), CS (-0.5)

    C – Norris
    CI – Donaldson, Carpenter
    MI – Kinsler, Reyes
    OF – Trout, Brantley, Holliday
    Util – R. Zimmerman, Hosmer
    BN – D. Travis, Segura
    DL – Lucroy

    SP – Arrieta, Gray, Kennedy, McHugh, Keuchel, Pineda, Greene
    RP – Carrasco, Rodon
    DL – Kennedy

    Waiver Wire: Souza, Markakis, Span, Prado, Aoki and Revere.

    I don’t have any open bench spots so I would need to drop in order to pickup. Looking at my team and the waiver wire would you make any changes to pickup or drop guys to improve my lineup?


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Ron: I’d probably drop Segura to grab Souza, but that’s me. Segura is 4th on your team behind Kinsler, Reyes and Travis.

  13. Sange76 says:

    12 team h2h points keeper league

    C plawecki (darnaud on DL)
    1b pujols
    2b Walker
    3b c. Santana
    Ss Hanley
    Of Brantley
    Of marte
    Of Souza
    Utility Ryan zimmermann
    Utility Blackmon
    Bench texeira
    Bench buxton
    Sp scherzer
    Sp Richards
    Sp Arrieta
    Sp mchugh
    Sp Greene
    Sp Carlos Martinez
    RP Rondon
    RP c. Allen
    RP McGee DL

    My Greene and teixeira for Seager and Shelby miller. Can even add McGee maybe to sweeten it up.

    Thanks. Love the Friday points posts!

    • Sange76 says:


      Other team countered with Shane Greene , Ryan Zimmerman and McGee for Seager and Matt Latos….

      • malamoney

        malamoney says:

        @Sange76: I’d want the Greene, Zimmerman and McGee side…

  14. Zoot says:

    Excellent stuff as usual! Keep em comin!

    Would you trade Salazar for Quintana and alcides Escobar?

    Here’s my team
    14 Team, H2H Points League, CBS 
    C – Derek Norris
    1B – Freddy Freeman
    2B – Ian Kinsler
    SS – Danny Santana
    3B – Matt Carpenter
    OF – Andrew McCutchen, Nelson Cruz, Odubel Herrera
    U – Steve Pearce 
    SP(7) – Corey Kluber, Johnny Cueto, Scott Kazmir, Jered Weaver, Mike Fiers, Danny Salazar, Anthony DeSclafani
    RP(2) – Drew Storen, Brad Boxberger Bench Bats (4) – , Asdrubal Cabrera, Jake Lamb, Adeiny Hechavarria, 
    DL(3) – Hunter Pence, Kenley Jansen, Hyun-Jin Ryu
    Minors (2) -Hector Olivera, Miguel Sano

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Zoot: Thanks Zoot! I would not make that trade. Salazar’s potential upside is worth more to me than Quintana and Escobar…

  15. Brian Oates says:

    You must really hate Kipnis? I know he’s dropped off a bit, but GEEZZZZZ

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Brian Oates: Another commenter mentioned I forgot him above. He belongs between Dozier and Semien. And you’re right, I don’t like him.

  16. FilthyRIch says:

    10-team mixed H2H pts league. Trying to add a C to replace LuCroy, but I don’t know who to drop. My roster is below. I do have an extra OF with Brantley and Braun off to slow starts or nursing injury I could cut one. Blackmon had a good week at home, but he goes on the road next week so I could lose him too. And I have extra SPs, but I kind of want the 2-starts from Hammel and Jiminez next week, but don’t really want to cut any of the SPs on my bench either. What would you suggest?
    C – LuCroy
    1B – M Cabrera
    2B – Kipnis
    SS – Castro
    3B – Seager
    OF – Blackmon, Braun, Holliday
    DH – Ortiz
    BN – Brantley

    SP – Archer, Cole, Hammel, Jimenez, Odorizzi
    RP – Melancon, Rondon
    BN – Lester, Zimmermann, Liriano, Richards

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @FilthyRIch: You cannot outright cut Braun, Brantley or Blackmon. I’d probably cut Ubaldo despite how he’s been pitching. He’s got one start against Samardzija and the other against your man Odorizzi.

      But here’s my rule of thumb on dropping a two-start pitcher. Wait until the last minute so he is on waivers and your opponent cannot pick him up and use him against you.

      Perhaps consider making a trade packaging Braun or Blackmon and a pitcher for a better OF or SP…

    • Chris says:

      @FilthyRIch: Brantley is a 3.0 ppg player right now if SO are -1 in your league through 10 games. He’s put his back injury behind him and is a must start.

  17. Josh says:

    Hey man who do you like ROS?

    Jimmy Rollins or Jean segura ?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Josh: Despite what the rankings say above I am actually going to go with Segura…

  18. chucky says:

    Would you use your #1 WW to add Clippard at the expense of Giles, Romo or Gregerson? Have Holland on DL. Saves and Holds are separate categories in a H2H.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @chucky: Probably not…

  19. Steven says:

    Have rendon and weiters coming off the dl and currently have Vogt and Travis doing more than filling oh so going to run into a jam shortly.
    Ten team points league
    Single 1
    Double 2
    Triple 3
    Walks 1
    Stolen bases 2
    Runs 1
    RBI 1
    HR 5
    HBP 1
    Grand slam 8
    Cycle 10
    Caught stealing -1
    Strikeout -1

    Alexei Ramirez,lowrie
    Bautista, heyward, melky, A.Garcia, Calhoun
    Dl-weiters, rendon
    Shields, hamels, lackey,kennedy,paxton, Quintana, Hughes, Morrow
    Chapman, Robertson

    Players on free agency are as follows
    Tillman,fiers,Hutchinson, smyly, Nelson, masterson, shoemaker, dickey, collmenter,

    • Steven says:

      Would you get rid of any players for any of the free agents? What type of ss should I target in a trade for vogt or Travis? So far only have been offered segura for vogt.

      • malamoney

        malamoney says:

        @Steven: I think you’ve got to keep both Vogt and Travis. I’d laugh at the Segura offer. Is it a keeper league? If not, I’d consider trading Rendon for a top shortstop. He’s got much more trade value than both Vogt and Travis combined, but he is not actually more valuable than them combined. If it is a keeper league then you might want to keep Rendon as he is a long term keeper. But for just this year, I wouldn’t have a problem moving him for the right return. And luckily for you, you struck gold with Vogt and Travis. I’d even trade Weiters, although I’m not sure you’ll have many (or any) takers…

        • Steven says:

          @malamoney: thank you for the quick response. it is a keeper but rules are you can only keep the same keeper for one year then must keep another. Mine was Goldy so yes next Year I can keep rendon if I choose. So still in a lil jam having both Travis and rendon. Are you saying you are liking Vogt to start over weiters? Any thoughts on the pitcher situation?

          • malamoney

            malamoney says:

            @Steven: Yes Vogt over Weiters.

            I’d keep an eye on Smyly, Hutchinson and Nelson. I like those guys. On the flip side, I’d be monitoring Quintana, Morrow, Kennedy and Paxton. Morrow is bound to get hurt and Kennedy is already hurt…

            • Steven says:

              Would you try and package weiters and Travis for any of these pitchers? Volquez arrieta Salazar cashner wacha or greinke? He’s shown the most interest in Travis. He also has xander at ss Posey Betts and Dickerson

              • Steven says:

                My bottom end pitchers are really worrying Me especially after Kennedy last night ugh

                • Steven says:

                  Also if I can’t find a taker for weiters would you blame me for picking up rusney Castillo since weiters is holding a Roster spot on dl anyways?

                  • malamoney

                    malamoney says:

                    @Steven: Not at all…

                • malamoney

                  malamoney says:

                  @Steven: Understood

              • malamoney

                malamoney says:

                @Steven: Greinke, Arrieta and Wacha for sure. Salazar and Cashner are maybe, but probably. If you can work Bogaerts into the mix somehow, even better. I like all the players he has to offer…

  20. Allan says:

    Hey malamoney should I be concerned about wood’s 1 k over his last 2 starts? Bradley and Nelson are available. Also Morrow is relief pitcher eligible and right now I’ve got Grilli and Britton as my relievers. Wins and saves are both 5 points with 5 points for a quality start and two points for k’s, losses and blown saves both negative 3. Would Morrow be better than one of them?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Allan: Nah. I’d expect the strikeouts to come.

      I always prefer the closer over the starter in the RP spot unless the starter has two starts. The reason is a closer will likely get more chances for saves and points. And if a save is equal to a win, then I will take those odds…

  21. Chris says:

    Hey ‘money, I’m gonna need an explanation on Heyward. I drafted this guy reasonably early because of his move to St Louis, but he’s absolute sh*t. 14:2 SO:BB with a .214 avg and 1 SB. The last couple of days have seen him push his numbers up but he’s gone from a turd to a polished turd. His one decent season was 2012 (27 HR 21 SB 152 SO 58 BB) but every other season has been (pretty much) rubbish. Why does this guy get such good rankings when he’s done nothing? Is it because he’s young and we want him to succeed, or somehow see potential in him? I dropped him for Snider but picked him up again because I’m brain damaged.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Chris: After only 15 games I debated doing rankings because that really is a relatively small sample size. Plus it’s the beginning of the season. With that said, it’s only been 15 games and I need to see Heyward continue to shit the bed for a longer period of time before I banish him. I love your use of turd to polished turd.

      My preseason rankings had Heyward as the 11th outfielder. You can see he has already slipped to number 25. When I revisit these rankings in about 3 weeks, if he has not shown me any reason to maintain his ranking, he will fall even lower and we on his way to “steaming pile of shit”. But for now, he’s where he is in my mind, but if I had up/down red/green arrows next to some of these players, he’d have a red down arrow next to his name…

      • Chris says:

        @malamoney: Good stuff. Thanks.

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Chris: Any thyme!!!

  22. alex seber says:

    I’m in a 10 team, H2H, Dynasty, Points league. Pretty standard categories. I feel like my team is good enough to make playoffs but definitely 2-3 teams better than me. I got offered HIS Samardzja for MY A. Bradley and Bundy.

    My SPs are:

    Ian Kennedy
    Annibal Garcia
    H Alvarez
    J Hahn

    Is this move giving up too much future to win right now?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @alex seber: In a dynasty league I’d hold. Bradley is going to be a star and I’ve been a Bundy fan for some time…

  23. Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

    took over an espn pts league where K’s hurt. holds are worth 5. 16 team h2h 1 win pts league. 10 adds per week, but that’s deceptive since there’s only 140 for whole season (so really 6 per week). these settings
    singles =1 (each extra base worth 1 more with homers being 4)
    RBI and runs = 1
    BB = 1
    K = -1
    sacrifices = 1
    steals = 2
    XBH = 1
    saves/wins/holds = 5
    innings pitched = 1
    K’s = 1
    QS = 1 (damn silly QS worth 1/5th of a win)
    complete games = 3
    perfect games = 50 (pretty redic right here)
    no hitters = 10

    i’ve got this roster
    posey (dropped montero already)
    1B c.davis (k’s hurt, so yuck)
    2B valbuena (BB’s help)
    3B none right now (c.davis played here before i dropped montero for posey is catcher)
    SS desmond
    LF crawford
    CF a-jax
    RF -calhoun
    Util ortiz
    BN a.guerrero (in case he gets job)
    pitcher slots go 3 SP/2 RP. i dropped some crap and added osuna since he’ll get holds from SP slot
    SP carrasco/cashner/paxton/latos/bailey/chavez (i just added)
    RP melancon/betances/perkins

    1. i’m guessing bailey/latos are drops, but for which two of these: quintana/norris/phelps
    2. best off to deal with my 3B thing:
    add one of plawecki/loney/freese. i’ve heard loney does well in pts leagues.
    3. add any of these over my a-jax/crawford at LF/CF?
    LF : coghlan/de aza/revere
    CF: kiermaier/legares/revere/ozuna

    4. got room for 1 more player too. best add: those hitters/pitchers mentioned above if they weren’t an add over somebody, along with w.flores/maxwell
    5. if i can’t add ottavino (dropped recently) by waivers, drop melancon for which of gregerson/k-rod/clippard

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Montezuma’s Revenge… right now: In points leagues I am probably going Revere and Kiermaier over Austin Jackson.

      Maybe I’d drop Bailey for Quintana, but it’s not a sure fire move.

      Those options for 3B are shitty. Is Loney even eligible at 3B?

      I like both Maxwell and Flores.

      Do not drop Melancon. And yes, add Ottavino.

      • Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

        @malamoney: ok, so keep latos over d.norris (TOR) and phelps. loney i would put at 1B, keep posey at C, and move c.davis to 3B. if plawecki i would move posey to 1B, if freese i would put freese at 3B, leave other 2 where they are.

        6. so, pick 1 out of flores/loney (that one will start when guerrero doesn’t). flores can backup desmond also. loney to c.davis.

        • Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

          @Montezuma’s Revenge… right now: 6. nevermind about flores, he only qualifies at SS in espn. I’ll stick with loney, until a better 1B/3B/C type comes around. also i have lucroy, so when he’s back this goes back to posey at 1B, c.davis at 3B anyway.

  24. I don't want to brag, but i have irritable bowel syndrome says:

    schoop probably shouldn’t be ranked anymore, certainly not that highly, he’s likely out a long time.

  25. Ron says:

    Scoring Format:
    RUN (+1), RBI (+1), 1B (+1.25), 2B (+2.5), 3B (+3.75), HR (+5), BB (+1), SO (-1), SB (+1), CS (-0.5)

    Side A: Baustista, Souza
    Side B: R. Zimmerman, Holliday, Segura

    Which side wins?

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