Welcome back to the Mets’ Future Stars Game! Arriving any moment will be Brett Baty, Mark Vientos and Ronny Mauricio. There’s nothing that could go wrong–What’s that? Hmm, this is still a breaking story, but we’re hearing the actor who played the pilot in Lost and the actor who played the pilot in Yellowjackets were flying the young stars to this game. This is a developing story. We can return to discussing the Mets’ offseason trade of Pete Alonso for Jarred Kelenic…” So, Ronny Mauricio seems as surefire as surefire comes. There doesn’t seem a miss in this bat. Been a bit surprised that it seems like the majority of people are interested in Jasson Dominguez and not as much in Ronny Mauricio. I get it; the first at-bat homer helps Jasson’s appeal for right now. I agree, but Ronny Mauricio has better eligibility and, for just this year, he could easily be better. Will he? I’m not a part of the Psychic Friends Network. He could be though, as soon as we locate that plane! Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

PSYCHE! Before we get into the post, just wanted to mention that our fantasy football tools are up and running. I know some of y’all play football, even if I don’t. It’s the Streamonator but with pigskin. It’s the Pigskinonator! Anyway II, the Buy/Sell:

Mitch Garver – Gonna start calling him The Small Sample Size King, which is also what they started calling me in 8th grade gym class. That was the last time I used the locker room showers! Mitch Garver is so great in small samples. Not sure if he’ll ever put it together over a full year, but that doesn’t matter for this year.

Gabriel Moreno – If you click a player’s name, you quickly see their last 30 days, and–Yo Gabby Gabby Moreno! He’s been hot. Also, Rene Pinto is hitting well, and he doesn’t get his own blurb, because I don’t believe anyone is actually picking him up.

Mark Canha – Emerging from a dark, gray cloud that has the Mets logo on it, Canha takes a deep breath. “I suddenly remember how to hit.”

Gabriel Arias – Has been hot so ignore everything after this: This guy has been very disappointing thus far in his career. In the minors, he looked like he could’ve been a 20/12 guy, but it shows you how important it is for a player, who doesn’t have huge power or speed, to be able to hit .260 or better.

Ryan Noda – “Whassa madder you?” That’s a famous quote from my Italian grandmother, who we affectionately called Noda.

Donovan Solano – His name translates literally to “The sea-sun of the witch.” Kinda wild, huh? By the way, these guys are all hot, it’s how they ended up in this post. Please, tomato, ketchup.

Hunter Goodman – Already gave you my Hunter Goodman fantasy. It was written while careening down a mountain like Harry Crumb.

Davis Schneider – It’s easy to think he’s just a hot schmotato — and he is, which is why he’s here — but I’m kinda intrigued to see what the Jays plan to do with him next year. He was 21/9 in Triple-A this year in 87 games, and he’s only 24.

Jordan Lawlar – Just gave you my Jordan Lawlar fantasy. It made a lot of interesting points.

Maikel Garcia – Frequent commenter, Bbhhi, asked the other day my thoughts on Maikel, so I’m familiar with how hot he’s been, and his numbers. He could use a bit more elevation on his swing to get into some real power, and changing a swing is more difficult than it sounds, but Maikel’s other numbers do look solid.

Nick Loftin – The other day I said, “Loftin looks like he was made in the Whit Merrifield mold. Call him Moldyfield. Don’t see a direct path to at-bats for him, but can monocle in AL-Only.” And that’s me quoting me!

Royce Lewis – This is one of those ESPN’s “Pick him up” guys even though he’s been picked up two weeks ago in 98% of leagues.

J.P. Crawford – Anyone in the top 100 on the 30-day Player Rater should likely be rostered. Gotta make tough choices now, and that means moving on from some other guys, which I will get to in the Sells.

Edmundo Sosa – The race to 10 homers between Edmundo Sosa and Marco McGwire has been so riveting!

Ernie Clement – With Boba, Matt Chapman, and Danny Jansen all banged up, the Jays are giving three randos at-bats, and those at-bats are working for the two guys mentioned in this post. Ernie has crazy speed, and might hit for a little power. The third rando, by the way, is Alejandro Kirk. He’s German for “How could a 24-year-old do literally nothing all year in the majors with a solid walk and strikeout rate?”

Jordan Diaz – It’s hard to get excited about the A’s, which sounds like a woke Sir Mix-A-Lot. With that said, Diaz has big power and could hit .290.

Brandon Drury – “Say the alphabet backwards?” The cop waits as it’s recited correctly. Then they say, “Okay, say Drury.” After they hear it repeated back, “Okay, you’re coming downtown.”

DJ Stewart – Ya know what this post is, right? It’s this every week too, but more so in the final month. It’s “Who cares whether this guy is actually good, he’s hot, grab him!” Keep an eye on Stewart’s lower back issues, though.

Evan Carter – Just gave you my Evan Carter fantasy this morning. It reminded people of a Gabor sister.

Jesus Sanchez – “I walk on water, but I ain’t no–Psyche!” That’s Jesus Sanchez singing Eminem’s Walk on Water.

Nelson Velazquez – He’s gotten so hot, I’m actually intrigued for next year, even though getting excited about a Royals’ outfielder is a good way to lose your league. In non-related news, Edward Olivares is hot too.

Jason Heyward – When Jasson Dominguez hit the first pitch he saw for a home run, I immediately thought, “Wow, that had the ease of Jason Heyward when he homered in his first at-bat,” then I thought, “Oh, crap.”

Jasson Dominguez – Hopefully Jason to Jasson is the difference of about six to seven prime years where Dominguez continues to hit for power.

Randal GrichukAngels and the A’s have some hot bats, which is also the answer for why people are holding guys like Christopher Morel, hoping they come out of their funk.

Lawrence Butler – Just think, if you grab Butler, Jordan Diaz and Noda, and win your H2H league, you can really razz your opponent about beating them with that crapfecta.

Ryan McKenna – Just saw him high up on the 7-day Player Rater, and wrote him in here, but I did momentarily pause and consider, “Who on earth is picking up McKenna?”

Nolan Jones – Guy who I’m excited about next year already? That’s a NoJo.

Reid Detmers – This is a Streamonator call like the call it makes to a local bar.

Andrew Heaney – This is also a Streamonator call. “Do you know if your cash register and jukebox are still dating?”

Alex Lange – If you are scrambling for SAGNOF — SCRAMNOF — then all guys are worth grabbing right now — Lange, Foley, Tanner Scott, Santos, Trevor May–Oh, Trevor May has been great!

Tyler KinleyDaniel Bard was the Rockies’ closer last year, and was solid. Then, he returned this year, was good for months, and never given the job. Then, Tyler Kinley with his career 4.50+ ERA in almost 200 IP, and no closer experience, was thrown right into the job. Bud Black is playing 4D chess with the little pewter Scotty dog from Monopoly.

Ryan Helsley – Could also be Gallegos, but it’s not JoJo. No, no. Get back (to an earlier inning if you return from the IL), Jo! Those are the original Get Back lyrics, as revealed on the Get Back documentary.

Aroldis Chapman – Not sure what happened to this guy but he seems way more comfortable in the 8th inning. More like Aholdis! Damn, got him! Not coming back from that! That is a slap to his dignity! Speaking of which, Will Smith might get saves too.


Eugenio Suarez – Was having a great 2nd half but, as soon as the M’s got hot about two weeks ago, he cooled off. Eugenio Suarez: The Biggest Ticker Tease.

Thairo Estrada – Wonder if he ever got healthy. It doesn’t seem like it. Or his timing is messed up. Like walking into a talent agent’s office and saying, “I have this act, it’s called The Aristocrats, wanna hear about it?” Just terrible timing. If this were a dynasty league, I still like Thairo, and wouldn’t trade him for another Ghost Pepper-flavored anything. Are you people mad with the Ghost Pepper?! I would go to our Fantasy Baseball Trade Analyzer and explore options.