Jose Ramirez fouled a ball off his knee and was carted off the field.  *long, painful swallow*  Say what now?  Thankfully, it turned out Jose Ramirez simply has a knee contusion and was carted off the field because he had reached his steps for the day.  *claps hands*  “Okay, guys, call me a cab, my FitBit says I’m done-zo.”  That’s Jose Ramirez once he reaches 10,000 steps.  I hear ya, Jo-Ram!  I once sat down on an escalator because I had reached my “floors” for the day.  I’m not over-exercising and dying young.  Nuh-uh!  You don’t mess with age expectancy.  I’m already down on Ramirez in a non-sexual way, so this doesn’t change my stance on him, and, if you like him, it doesn’t sound like it should change your feelings either, since he appears healthy.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw in spring training for fantasy baseball:

Matt Olson – Suffered a hamate bone injury in Japan and had it removed, forcing him out for at least six weeks.  Hopefully, the bone was removed and used in a Hamatsu ramen to savor the bone before saying goodbye.  “So much pain, but so much umami!”  I’ve moved Olson down in my top 500 and top 20 1st basemen.  This is awful news for him, since hamate bone surgery usually zaps a player’s power.

Jesus Luzardo – Shut down for six weeks with a muscle strain in his shoulder.  No, not the Luzardo King.  Can’t the A’s have anything nice…*sees wall poster of Gene Tenace jumping on Vida Blue*…in the last 40 years?  I had Luzardo buried in my top 100 starters because I was never drafting him, and this obviously doesn’t change that.

Corey Knebel – Has a UCL issue.  He’s headed for a second opinion.  He’s done.  Sorry, Knebel, no one believes this stunting.  I’ve removed him from my rankings.

Chase Anderson – Was moved to the bullpen.  He was removed from the rotation and my rankings.  I apologize; I was too high on him and he might’ve cost some of you a draft pick.  I will now flagellate my back with a tree branch like a Dan Brown character.

Corbin Burnes – Added to the Brewers’ rotation and added to my top 100 starters.  His numbers don’t jump off the page at me, which is good since I’m not sure I can take that kind of fright.  I love me some Woodruff; I’d try that Freddy Peralta shizz.  Burnes?  All right, I guess so.  Notice the varying levels of enthusiasm?  Good, that was the goal.

Jimmy Nelson – Soreness in his elbow.  Sometimes the allure of filling the Tommy John surgery stamp card is just too great.

Alex Reyes – Will open the season in the bullpen.  It’s a long season and I bet we see some starts from him, but I wouldn’t bet too much because it also wouldn’t shock me if he recorded more saves than starts.

Dakota Hudson – Will be the 5th starter for the Cardinals. I can’t believe the Cardinals accepted a bribe from Goldie Hawn to have her youngest daughter get the 5th rotation spot.  Hudson’s profile (6 K/9, 3.5 BB/9) suggests he’d be better in the minors, and I wouldn’t grab him outside of very deep leagues.

Rich Hill – Hurt his knee and MRI showed a Grade 1 strain of his MCL.  Only surprised he doesn’t have a blister on his knee.  The medical term for Hill’s knee ailment is a kneecompoop.  I didn’t adjust his rankings; I never imagined he’d throw a full season.  No one should’ve imagined that. Injuries are baked into Rich Hill’s value like pot is baked into brownies.  Julio Urias will start the year in the rotation, but he can’t throw more than 100 IP this year, so his value doesn’t change dramatically either.

Alex Cobb – Dealing with groin soreness.  Cobb is such a knob.

Chance Sisco – Sent to Triple-A, because the O’s have Jesus Sucre and Pedro Severino, i.e., the blahtoon of “Sweet Jesus, they suck.”

Ronald Acuña Jr.Braves announced Tildaddy will hit cleanup.  One of the best 1, 2 or 3 hitters will hit 4th, as Snitker really satisfies curiosity.  I updated my top 10 and top 100 for his new projections, but I’m not entirely convinced he won’t be hitting leadoff, 2nd or, you guessed it, 3rd as early as May 1st.

Bryse Wilson – With Gausman and Faultyelbowitz headed to the IL (which is short for ill), Wilson, Kyle Wright and sometimes Max Fried will be in the Braves’ rotation. This is going to come as a surprise for people but I prefer Bryse Wilson to Wright (or Fried).  At only 21 years of age, Bryce has so major poyse.  In Triple-A, he had 11.5 K/9 and 1.2 BB/9 in only 22 IP, and not much worse in a larger sample size in Double-A (10.4 K/9, 3 BB/9).  He throws 95 MPH and has an above-average slider, and change.  I’d never choose a rookie pitcher for Rookie of the Year-type accolades, but, if I were, Bryse is the type of guy I’d look at.  Now wouldn’t that be Bryse for Wilson.  He was added into the top 80 starters.  As for Wright, he was added into the top 100 starters.  The good news for Wright is he could throw 150+ IP.  The bad news, he looks like a 4.25 ERA pitcher.  Forbade news, don’t draft any Rockies starters besides Marquez.  Wright’s numbers just scream 7.5 K/9, 3.7 BB/9 and 4.40 xFIP, which is so super bleh.  For an upside gamble, I guess you could do worse.  By the by, Bryse Wilson’s name looks swastiky on his player page:

Greg Holland – Named the Diamondbacks’ closer.  How do you Dutch over your best reliever?  This is how.  My top 500 was updated with Bradley and Holland being fixed.  If only Holland was fixed by taking balls away from him.  I keed, of course, because I bought him for free at Tout Wars.  In an NL-Only league.  Dot dot dot.  Hahahahahaha.  I mean, seriously, ha.

Ian Happ – Sent to Triple-A to start year.  Maddon finally had the last straw with Happ, and not like Maddon’s some eco-nerd that won’t use a plastic straw, though that might be true too, but he’s just done with Happ.  How the once-mighty-who-were-never-mighty-who-were-only-mighty-due-to-our-perceptions have fallen.  I changed his ranking in my top 20 3rd basemen.

Nick Senzel – Sent down to the minors.  I kept his 384 ABs projection in my top 20 3rd basemen the same.  I never expected him to break camp with the club; I do expect him to break bread with Scott Schebler some time in May.

Scooter Gennett – Went down in a heap and had to be carried off the field with a groin injury.  To add insult to injury, they carried him off on a cart as he screamed, “I want my Scooter!”  What an ugly scene it was.  I’m going to pat my brow and sigh thinking about it.  *holds finger to ear bud*  “What’s this?  Senzel has shown incredibly maturity in the 47 minutes he’s been in the minors and is being recalled to play 2nd base?  That’s fantastic!”  Yeah, seems unlikely, but one can dream.  So, Scooter’s out for the next 8-12 weeks.   Hello, new Reds’ 2nd baseman, Derek Dietrich! Until Nick Senzel is quote-unquote ready (in a few weeks).  Scooter was updated in the top 20 2nd basemen.

Willie Calhoun – Was sent down to the minors because the Rangers have Forsythe and no foresight.  Calhoun will be back at some point.  Likely for another team.  Or maybe after he plays overseas for a few years.  “They don’t care about BABIP here, they’re only interested in bibimbap.”  That’s Willie after a few years in Korea.

  1. Someone pissed in my alphabet soup says:

    ops league

    Give Arenado, Conforto

    get Turner, Rendon

    • The Great Knoche says:

      I’m gonna be in the minority here because i really believe Conforto is about to go nuts, but I’d want Arenado side

      • Nightmare! says:

        Greylord!!!!!! Hello and thanks for having me for another installment of Grey’s rules. I’ve missed you.

        My team:

        Realmuto, Rizzo, Albies, DeJong, Chapman, trout, Eaton, Robles, Christin Stewart…….Domingo on the bench

        Nola, Mikolas, Price, archer, arrieta, Gonzales, keuchel, Stroman, Pineda, Ohtani

        RP’s Hand and Robertson

        1) how’d i do? It’s a 12 team points league
        2) what’s with this Christin Stewart? Start him or drop him or Domingo for someone like Smoak, Bell, Winker that’s on the wire.

    • Malicious Phenoms says:

      Turner and Tendon for me.

    • peacecoast says:

      assuming Treat?

      too close to call

    • Bill Lumbergh says:

      Arenado side

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Pretty close, I’d lean Arenado in OPS, but Trea everywhere else

  2. TarmanGotHim says:

    Hey Grey!!

    So I had my first of 2 drafts last night. This is a third year league but non keeper, my draft Wednesday is a third year keeper so I’ll be lgettibg to you after my draft.

    Anyhow, here it goes. Tell me what you think and what’s i could improve upon via wire or trade (I won this league last year and drafted fifth this year).

    Standard 12 Team H2H 5X5 but instead of AVG it’s OBP


    C – Ramos
    1B – Bellinger
    2B – Baez
    3B – Andujar
    SS – Mondesei
    OF – Acuña Jr.
    OF – Benintendi
    OF – Robles
    UTIL – Ames Rosario
    UTIL – Domingo Santana
    B – Adames

    SP – Clevinger
    SP – Wheeler
    SP – Bieber
    SP – Kikuchi
    SP – Lucchesi
    SP – E. Rodriguez
    SP – Strahm
    SP – Musgrove
    SP – Woodruff
    RP – LeClerc
    RP – Will Smith
    RP – Holland

    I’m digging my team.

    OBP could be better and same with WHIP, it I can wire.

    Thanks Grey!!!!

    • packers2018 says:

      Looks low on power, high on SB’s. Pitching is super good.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Pitching does look good as packers said, and agree with packers on hitting too

      • TarmanGotHim says:

        Thanks packers and Grey!!

        So you really think my team looks low on power? I was thinking I’m pretty high on power no? I feel like I have all 20-30 homer guys minus a few like Rosario.

        Either way that’s what the wire is for undoubtedly.

        One last q. I’ll have an NA spot and both Alonso and Tatis Jr. weren’t taken. Would you roster either, and if so, I’d assume Alonso since Tatis won’t be called up right away.

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          Yup, Alonso

  3. RJ Neu says:

    Good read once again Grey, I hope we know more about this McMahon/Hampson position battle as well! Just drafted my 12-team 6×6 (OPS & QS are the extra categories and we use SV+HD) mixed roto keeper league last night. How’d I do?

    C. Willians Astudillo
    1B. Rhys Hoskins
    2B. Travis Shaw
    3B. Max Muncy
    SS. Adalberto Mondesi
    1B/3B. Ryan McMahon
    2B/SS. Jonathan Schoop
    OF. Mike Trout
    OF. Ronald Acuna Jr.
    OF. Juan Soto
    OF. David Dahl
    OF. Ramon Laureano
    UTIL. Luke Voit

    P. Walker Buehler
    P. German Marquez
    P. Eduardo Rodriguez
    P. Tyler Glasnow
    P. Joe Musgrove
    P. Matt Strahm
    P. Kyle Wright
    P. Wade Davis
    P. Jordan Hicks
    BN. Shohei Ohtani
    BN. Kyle Tucker
    BN. Franmil Reyes

    Thanks for all the help!

    • Malicious Phenoms says:

      Bats are awesome, pitching is a little to upsidey, with no real ace to anchor your staff.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Thanks! Your pitching looks fine, you could have two aces and plenty of SPs — bats are solid, don’t love McMahon, but that’s one small thing

  4. Marti says:

    Grey I had my 10 team N/L only auction league draft yesterday. Its a keeper league and we announced keepers on Friday and I was shocked at some of the garbage that was kept. Anyway here’s my team. Its a 5 by 5 roto standard categories

    C Cervelli 1
    Goldy 39
    Shaw 20
    J Turner 21 K
    Story 30K
    Wong 1
    Carpenter 18 K
    Yelich 33 K
    Puig 27K
    Acuna 11 K
    Joc Pedersen 11
    Adam Jones 2
    Wilmer Flores 1
    Brandon Crawford 2

    Nola 21 K
    Will Smith 8 K
    L Castillo 11
    Paddack 9
    Maeda 1
    J Gray 2
    Steve Matz 1
    Woodruff 1
    Andrew Miller 1

    Bench Trevor Richards, Roark, Granderson, Quinn, P Lopez, C Pache, A Conley, D Strailey, C Walker, Desalco

    Thoughts on team as a whole. People really over spent leaving a lot of value at pitcher at end of draft. Always appreciate your opinion

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      I like the team! Solid pitching and hitting looks same, bit iffy towards end with Jones and Wong, but not bad at all, those are minors things… if anything you’re low on speed, but barely if at all

      • Marti Harris says:

        Yeah I figured it’s easier to trade for Speed then it is for power. I was hoping to land another closer but I didn’t have the funds left

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          Makes sense

  5. True and Correct says:

    12 team NFBC Roto. 4th pick.
    Considering Yelich and either Goldschmidt, Baez, Machado, if any or more are available at 21. Thinking I like all 3.
    What say you.

    • packers2018 says:

      With the 4th pick don’t be afraid of reaching for Turner, Arenado, JDM, if you like those players more than Yelich. The top 12 ADP guys at the end of the year will look completely different than it does now.
      Benitendi will be available with your 2nd or 3rd pick and he’ll come close to Yelich stats.
      That’s why I say you can get one of the guys I mentioned and kind of get Yelich too.
      You should be able to get Goldy, Freeman, Rizzo or Hoskins as well, if you want a 1BM

      • True and Correct says:

        Not afraid of reaching. Yelich is 27 yrs. old. Awesome floor for 5 cats. Not Betts or Trout, but he’s as safe a 1st rounder as there is.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      I like Baez or Machado w/ Yelich

      • True and Correct says:

        Thanks Grey !

  6. Bob says:

    Alex Reyes in the bullpen.. do you think he will be used in higher leverage situations where he can be a decent source of holds and k? There is value in that in my league (s+h) since he qualifies as a starting pitcher and i can use him in a sp spot while owning 3 other relievers in my rp and p spots.

    • MC Thunderpoo says:

      Yes. Act quick.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Agree with Thunderpoo

  7. Scott says:

    Holland’s velocity is down 3 ticks and his spring era is over 12. How the F did he win the job? Arbitration cost for Bradley is messed up if he is their best reliever and being asked to get the toughest outs in most critical situations. His arbitration cost should be a lot higher. I wouldn’t go dropping Bradley just yet. Dbacks last year blew a ton of games late because of meltdowns in the 9th and it cost them a wild card spot. I am shocked that touvello is opening up that door again.

    • OldMilwaukeePounders says:

      I don’t get it either! I’m speculating that Hirano ends up with the job!

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Yeah, of course, they always do stuff like this — Bradley’s been best reliever there for years

  8. Mike says:

    Spent my saturday night listening to your top 100 SP podcast and it was being helpful. As a result, I drafted the below team. I think my picking could use some tinkering. How’d I do:

    2nd: Ozzie
    3rd: Suarez
    SS: Segura
    2nd/SS: semien
    1st/3rd: hosmer
    OFs: trout, Harper, Soto, malex Smith, Corey Dickerson
    UTL: gurriel
    Bench: grichuck

    SPs: Nola, darvish, tallion, berrios, Lester, Happ, Ryu
    RPs: Doolittle, Matt Barnes, iglesias, Chad greene

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      I like the pitching minus the Cubs, but that’s minor… Your hitting looks low on AVG, but not bad, solid team

  9. Ante Galic says:


    Fantastic write-up. Enjoyed!

    a. Some catastrophic injuries right before the start of the season. Sorry to all owners.

    b. My bullpen I drafted

    Raisel Iglesias (128)
    Jordan Hicks (176)
    Betances (185)
    Green (200)
    Ottavino (233)
    Conley (272)

    My current bullpen

    Not perfect but better than day 0 especially with the news on Hicks perhaps being the closer and Knebel’s unfortunate injury report. Minter should also be back soon at least for Ks and WHIP, right?

    c. Abbott and Costello quote of the day for March 25

    [From Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein]

    Bud Abbott : It’s only a dummy
    Lou Costello : Dummy nothin’. It was smart enough to scare me.


    • Grey

      Grey says:

      B. Minter’s prolly droppable at some point soon, but can hold him for now if you have room C. Haha

      • Ante Galic says:


        Thanks, man. Added Choi dropping Minter for the stupid hole in the schedule this Friday.

        Yep, Abbott was the brains of the operation.


        • Grey

          Grey says:

          Makes sense

  10. Jeffrey Gilden says:

    Hey Grey –

    Got a trade offer. I’d send Jurickson Profar for Robbie Ray and Tyler White. I really like Profar this year, and Ray, aside from the Ks, scares me, and I don’t know what White’s playing time would be. For context, we play R,RBI, HR, OBP, SLG, and SB / IP, K per 9, SV+HL, QS, WHIP, ERA.

    My MIs are Shaw, Profar, Dozier, and Hampson (2B, SS, MI)
    My S Ps are Snell, Taillon, Berrios, Happ, Paddack, Skaggs, and Strahm

    What do you think?
    Thanks again!


    • Malicious Phenoms says:

      Your SP’s are solid, you don’t need Ray, you need Profar more, especially if Hampson doesn’t win the job out of camp.

    • Grey

      Grey says:


      • Jeffrey Gilden says:

        Good point. Thank you

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          No problem

  11. Fanciful Basesball says:

    Did you read about how Willie Calhoun little just took himself an hours-long laydown on the grass after he got the news he was being sent down? Like, with people coming up to him and saying “Hey, Willie, come play baseball” and him just, like, “Nah!”

    • Malicious Phenoms says:

      Dude is like a 2 year old. He is a complete bust, especially with his shit attitude..

    • The Great Knoche says:

      He didnt play for 3 days until he played for the Nashville squad yesterday against the Rangers. He went 0 for 2 with a boneheaded fielding error the 2nd batter of the game.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Haha, Willie’s taking a load off

  12. Drew says:

    Holland worth an add with the news that he’s the closer (for now) in AZ? Looking for a Knebel replacement…

    • Malicious Phenoms says:


    • Grey

      Grey says:


      • Drew says:


        Any thoughts on who closes for the crew, if they don’t sign kimbrel?

        • Grey

          Grey says:


  13. Dave D says:

    Greyt write-up. You are already right on your JoRam skepticism. That didn’t take long…

    Well, I finished my most significant draft, $-wise at least. Overall, I’m very happy. The one area where I know I am possibly weak is SV/ERA. I really wanted Bieber but he went 126 and I was planning to take him at 132, so went with the K-Ray. Guys were going way above ADP for nearly every closer, so I conceded and will do with Allen/Romo (rd. 20) for now. I know a couple of my arms scare you but I got the discounts on Folty/Heaney.

    1B-Guzman, Moreland
    SS- Story
    3B- Baez
    CI-Fletcher, Biceps
    OF- Domingo!!!
    UTIL- Ohtani, O. Herrera

    SP-Folty (Ok, but at 192)
    SP-Heaney (I know, but at 252)
    SP-Rey Lopez
    SP- Lauer
    SP-Chrinos, Barria
    CL- Allen, Romo

    • Dave D says:

      Whoops, I left out Albies. He’s my back-up 2B I reluctantly took after I got snaked on Rendon. McNeill will slide to CI when he qualifies after 10 games, and Albies will come off the bench and slot 2B, lol.

      • HotStove Heater says:

        Must be a Mets fan to start Mcneil over Albies or to have Albies as a back up.

        • Dave D says:

          Actually I’m no Mets fan. I just really like McNeil and am a little frightened by Albies possibly batting 6th. He’s oscillated between 1 and 6 in recent line-ups. If he’s 1 or 2 he could be awesome. He’s high risk, high reward so I guess is my post reflects my mixed feelings about him.

          Maybe I start him over Herrera at UTIL for now and call it a compromise?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Is this 15 team?

      • Dave D says:

        Yes. I take it that its great you’re prompted to ask me that question. Its a 15 team NFBC $$ league.