If I had a nickel for every time I streamed Matt Moore this season I would have probably six or seven nickels by now. Most of those nickels would have been thrown out of my second-floor window because the streams did not go very well. But, like any good insane person, I can’t help myself and am back for more. Or should I say back for Moore?

Matt Moore tops the Streamonator list this week for two-start starters owned in less than 75% of RCLs. At $15.50, he has the 7th highest value, behind only the six you see above him in the chart below. I would have to go back and look to be sure, but I think this is the first time all season that my top seven starters lined up exactly with what Streamonator projects. That is two opinions for the price of one, people. You can’t get that kind of bargain anywhere else!

While he sports a pretty ugly 5.38 ERA, he has tossed three straight quality starts. In those starts, he has allowed five runs in 20 1/3 innings while striking out nearly a batter per inning. His ERA of 4.09 in the second half is two runs lower than his first half ERA, which was inflated by an absolutely awful 8.88 ERA in June. June must have been when I was streaming Moore the most because that wound feels fresh.

His 4.51 FIP, while not great, is also almost a run lower than his ERA, so it seems that the Moore of late is leveling out to match up with what his peripherals are saying. While many of his numbers this season match up with what he has done throughout his career, there are a few concerns among the bunch. For starters, his swinging strike percentage is down. It’s not drastically down, as 8.9% is not a freefall from his career mark of 10.2%, but it is notable. His BABIP is slightly above league average at .329, while his 1.51 WHIP is up above his career 1.37 WHIP and the 1.29 he put up last season. His Hard% is up nearly 4%, and he is giving up a few more home runs this season, but then again who isn’t, right?

As for matchups this week, he has one great matchup against the Padres and one meh matchup against the Cardinals, who have been much better the last few weeks. The Padres have a wOBA of .291 over the last two weeks, which is good for third worst in baseball behind only the Mets and Nationals. The Cardinals, on the other hand, have the fifth best wOBA over that span with a .362 that is actually tied with the Marlins and Twins. The Cardinals start is a risk for Moore streaming, but his recent success and his matchup against the Padres make him one of the better two-start options this week. He is only owned in 28% of RCLs as of this writing.

As for other starters with a positive Streamonator $ value who are owned in less than 75% of RCLs, here is the entire list:

Yes, the entire list is Mike Fiers. Andrew Heaney almost cracked the list, but he ended up with a -$1.50 value over his two starts. If one of those starts wasn’t against the Rangers and their league-best .377 wOBA over the last two weeks, he might have made the cut. Now, to the charts!


Pitchers are listed in order by rank. Colors represent 8 toughest or 8 easiest opponents according to team wOBA for last 14 days.


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Chris Sale BOS @TOR, @NYY 2.88/2.07 12.77/1.77
Corey Kluber CLE @NYY, @DET 2.65/2.56 12.26/1.89
Stephen Strasburg WSH MIA, @MIL 3.10/3.05 10.50/2.63
Jeff Samardzija SF @SD, STL 4.67/3.52 9.13/1.40
Rich Hill LAD @ARI, @SD 3.32/3.89 10.66/3.50


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Luis Severino NYY CLE, BOS 3.10/3.04 10.51/2.41
Matt Moore SF @SD, STL 5.38/4.51 7.85/3.38
Jake Arrieta CHC PIT, ATL 3.49/3.87 8.82/2.96
Mike Fiers HOU TEX, NYM 4.17/5.37 8.79/3.46
Ervin Santana MIN CHW, KC 3.24/4.66 7.39/2.92
Drew Pomeranz BOS @TOR, @NYY 3.18/3.62 9.60/3.44


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Marcus Stroman TOR BOS, @BAL 3.17/3.87 7.38/2.79
Austin Pruitt TB @KC, @CHW 5.76/4.48 6.72/2.06
Zack Godley ARI LAD, @COL 3.15/3.27 9.54/3.08
Michael Fulmer DET @COL, CLE 3.69/3.60 6.31/2.22
Jhoulys Chacin SD SF, LAD 4.10/4.43 7.41/3.61
Trevor Bauer CLE @NYY, @DET 4.59/3.88 10.14/3.29
Adam Wainwright STL @MIL, @SF 5.12/4.26 7.12/3.26


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Ian Kennedy KC TB, @MIN 5.09/5.36 7.85/3.68
Jose Urena MIA @WSH, PHI 3.68/5.00 6.18/3.12
Trevor Williams PIT @CHC, CIN 4.40/4.09 6.68/3.01
Mark Leiter Jr. PHI ATL, @MIA 3.86/5.10 7.87/3.70
Andrew Heaney LAA OAK, @TEX 8.10/10.43 8.10/0.00
German Marquez COL DET, ARI 4.18/4.18 8.28/2.88
Asher Wojciechowski CIN NYM, @PIT 6.17/4.96 9.83/2.00
Marco Gonzales SEA @BAL, OAK 7.40/7.00 5.66/2.18
Lucas Sims ATL @PHI, @CHC 4.13/5.17 4.76/2.54
Luis Perdomo SD SF, LAD 4.84/4.37 6.66/3.44
Edwin Jackson WSH MIA, @MIL 3.38/5.44 6.00/2.81
Jaime Garcia NYY CLE, BOS 4.52/4.33 6.91/3.68


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Nick Pivetta PHI ATL, @MIA 6.73/5.26 9.57/3.88
R.A. Dickey ATL @PHI, @CHC 4.06/4.88 6.53/3.41
Kendall Graveman OAK @LAA, @SEA 4.24/3.87 6.17/2.42
Ubaldo Jimenez BAL SEA, TOR 6.57/5.64 8.36/3.86
Justin Nicolino MIA @WSH, PHI 5.45/5.70 5.18/3.82
Andrew Cashner TEX @HOU, LAA 3.44/4.58 4.51/3.51
Matt Garza MIL STL, WSH 4.67/4.94 6.20/3.23
James Shields CHW @MIN, TB 5.63/6.13 7.88/4.16
Jordan Zimmermann DET @COL, CLE 6.11/5.46 5.85/2.64
Chris Tillman BAL SEA, TOR 7.75/6.49 6.66/4.84
Christoper Flexen NYM @CIN, @HOU 5.79/6.91 6.11/6.43

All pitchers are projected for two starts as of Friday night. 

If you would prefer to see the above tables as a color-coded graphic, we’ve got that too!

(Click to enlarge.)


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  1. Ravi sherrison says:

    Is mike Montgomery not slated to go twice?

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:

      @Ravi sherrison:

      Yeah, looks like he is now. Lists were a bit slow to update after the Lester injury, I guess. His second start was still TBA on Friday when I compiled.

      • Ravi sherrison says:


        Now seeing reports that Lester may return this weekend to force a six man rotation. So who knows?

        Thanks for the good work!

        • mikeMaher

          mikeMaher says:

          @Ravi sherrison:

          Thanks. Appreciate that.

  2. Zubaz says:

    I have the same question. CBS lists him as going 2 times. Mon and Sat

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      Yup, you are correct. He wasn’t on the lists when I compiled but he is now.

  3. Fogimon says:

    Wainwright is on the DL until Sep 1 at the earliest. Not making 2 starts. Where are you getting your lists from? Always incorrect starters.

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      Haha, ouch! I use three different sites to compile the list. Razzball Streamonator, CBS, and FantasyPros. There are 40+ two-start starters every week, and they are based on projections four or five days before official starters are determined. There are bound to be a couple changes each week.

      • Michael DePinto says:

        I believe Luke Weaver is starting on Tuesday @ Milwaukee and Sunday @ SF. Where would you rank him?

        • mikeMaher

          mikeMaher says:

          @Michael DePinto:

          He looked great last time out, and I like those matchups for him. I wo uld probably put him in that second tier.

      • Steve Anus says:

        @mikeMaher: don’t use razzball’s, it often is a day or so late to some stuff. depthcharts.com or even espn (use team, schedule) are more accurate. using SON for quality of starts is good of course. i’d think FP would be as good as depthcharts though, could be wrong

        sal romano
        both get 2. SON likes the first on both, hates the 2nd.

        • mikeMaher

          mikeMaher says:

          @Steve Anus:

          Rudy actually recently overhauled the way Streamonator compiles the starters, so it should be faster and more predictive now. FP is the best visually but also one of the slower ones. DepthCharts.com is good, but I can’t export their list. Since it takes a lot of time to make the list and input the stats (though I have made it much quicker than it used to be), it is really helpful for me to be able to export a list into my template so that I can then start making my changes and inputting the stats I need. So far, Streamonator and CBS are the only two that make the list available for export.

  4. Assy says:

    Shark is better than Serverino? Hmmm

    • mikeMaher

      mikeMaher says:


      Just based on the matchups.

  5. revclyburn says:

    hey no RYU or Bundy?

  6. Re-Pete says:

    Where does Nola slot in now that he’s been announced as today’s starter?

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