Leave it to the man living in Oregon, born and raised in Washington to take you to Electric Ladyland in the title.  PNW represent *tries showing PNW with flashy gang sign…fails…breaks all fingers*.  Fine, I’ll just throw up the West Coast symbol a la 2Pac and be fine with it.  Grey originally pinged me with the idea of heading up a league for the NFBC back in February.  When I said yes, I assumed we were talking ‘Norwegian Female Bikini Challenge’ and graciously accepted.  I mean they’re right next to Sweden; what could possibly go wrong?  Well, ALOT could go wrong, let me tell you.  Thankfully, I had Rudy‘s recap of his 2013 team and the wherewithal and the guile to forge my own path for my own team.  For those interested in only RCL style of play…well, first off that’s the link to sign up for one and second of all, make an about face.  This ain’t it.  No trades and no FA pickups in season.  Nope, you play against 15 other teams in 5×5 roto set up and draft 50 players a team.  That’s 750 players.  There’s only 30 teams and they only roster 25 players at the major league level at a time.  So basically, we’re drafting the entire MLB in one fell swoop.  That’s special.  And hard.  And especially hard.  But let’s not talk about bedroom things just yet.  Instead, let’s review my NFBC team for the 2015 Fantasy Baseball season…

First thing I’d like to do is provide you all with a synopsis breakdown of my draft pick by pick.  You can read that here on my google drive.  The main thing to realize is that this is a slow draft so spring training developments can have an affect on when and where a guy will go.  For example, Dillon Gee hung out on the board for the longest time.  Then Zack Wheeler went down to TJS and boom, he was drafted two picks later.  In other words, the value of players fluctuate in draft more so than they would in your standard draft.  A spring training HR here, a blurb about added MPH on a fastball there and boom, a guy can quickly slide up or down anyone’s board.  It’s about as accurate a reflection of fantasy baseball mirroring the stock market in real time as I’ve ever been able to witness and it’s been downright fascinating to be involved with.  But these are just my rumblings about how much I enjoyed my first go, let’s get to the meat and potatoes.  Here’s my 2015 NFBC team:

Pos Player Pos Player
C Russell Martin SP Max Scherzer
C Hank Conger SP Carlos Carrasco
1B Paul Goldschmidt SP Drew Hutchison
2B Rougned Odor SP Andrew Cashner
3B Nolan Arenado SP Scott Kazmir
SS Javier Baez SP Jason Hammel
MI Luis Valbuena SP Nathan Eovaldi
CI Carlos Santana RP David Robertson
OF Jason Heyward RP Jordan Walden
OF Alex Gordon
OF Gregory Polanco
OF Dexter Fowler
OF Travis Snider
UTIL Ryan Zimmerman
Bench Hitters Bench Pitchers
C Tuffy Gosewisch RP Kenley Jansen
1B,OF Marc Krauss SP R.A. Dickey
1B,3B Danny Valencia SP Jon Niese
2B Maicer Izturis SP Wade Miley
2B Taylor Featherston SP Rubby De La Rosa
2B Logan Forsythe SP Marco Gonzales
3B Juan Uribe SP Kyle Gibson
3B Luis Jimenez SP Nick Tropeano
3B Cory Spangenberg SP David Buchanan
SS Wilmer Flores SP Rafael Montero
SS Addison Russell
OF Ryan Rua
OF Grady Sizemore
OF Justin Ruggiano
OF Kyle Parker
OF Brandon Barnes
UTIL Billy Burns

Your hitting is thinner than my Grandpappy’s hairline; does this worry you?

Did ya even have to ask?  The success of my season is gonna hinge a lot on the health of my starting hitters and yes, it’s sad I say that knowing full well Ryan Zimmerman is a part of that equation.  In my defense, I did my best to choose the backups to injury-prone guys around the league to try and pad this possible issue out.  My combo of Brandon Barnes/Kyle Parker?  I’m clearly hoping/waiting for the CarGo injury to pave the way to some at-bats.  Marc Krauss?  Josh Hamilton already hurt and Albert Pujols is still an injury risk at this stage.  Luis Jimenez?  I mean, does Aramis Ramirez still really exist?  In league settings like this, you have to take chances so I took mine on my hitting.  Pray for me.

Javier Baez could make or break you and you took Wilmer Flores as his backup?

Let’s just say I never learned the safety dance.  I did take Addison Russell later as a major Baez hedge that hopefully doesn’t come to fruition but yeah, SS is easily my scariest situation right now.  It wasn’t intentional, I can promise you, but the price for MI was too damn high in this draft and I wasn’t willing to pay it.  Now hopefully I don’t have to pay the piper for my misdeeds and Baez lives up to his potential and Wilmer stays a good MI back up.

Any hitters of note that make you wanna do jazzhands on your bench?

Though my bench is thin, I did get some guys I wanted.  I really like Ryan Rua to eventually win the LF job in Texas and hit for power while I also like Billy Burns to turn into a big part of the A’s offense this year and become huge for me in the steals category.  I know, only two guys but some of the others like Cory Spangenberg and Justin Ruggiano aren’t far off from being productive if given PAs, in my opinion.  Overall, I didn’t take much sexy on the bench for hitters and there was a reason for it.

You have pitching for days on end; I assume that was your strategy (if you even had one)

Thanks for that insult and in fact it was my intention to not have the cupboard laid bare at the SP slot.  I took a lot of arms I wouldn’t normally sniff at in a regular league like Jon Niese, Kyle Gibson, and R.A. Dickey simply because they can be innings eaters based on recent performance.  Pitching depth is huge in the NFBC setting.  A TJS injury here, a week or so of strained forearm there and anyone without good depth at pitching could fall majorly behind in the race for counting stats for the season.  It’s an ugly hole to fall into and hopefully one I’ve managed to avoid by drafting 12 actual starters and four potential breakout ones to round my staff out.  It’s here I hope my NFBC team shines, anchored by Max Scherzer and solid arms behind him.

  1. J-FOH says:

    I like your offense

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @J-FOH: Yeah, it needs to play out the right way. I need no whammies for my starters until my bench bats get some ABs

      • The Great Knoche says:

        @Sky: Like it Better than mine. You Pick 2 or 3?

  2. JMonte says:

    Nice team but like you already said, you better hope to not need ABs from those bench hitters.

    It was the biggest thing I learned last year.

    Having no other choice but to keep BJ Upton or whatever he’s going by these days, Robbie Grossman and an injured E Cabrera in my everyday lineup was torture to look at.

    Good luck this year.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @JMonte: Thanks! Yeah, you have to pick your poison. I liked some of my bench bats I got but there’s zero sexy going on there. My Pitching will be my rock.

  3. Franky G. says:

    1. Edwin Encarnación (Tor – 1B)
    2. (13) Anthony Rendón (Was – 2B,3B)
    3. (36) Justin Upton (SD – OF)
    4. (37) Nolan Arenado (Col – 3B)
    5. (60) Albert Pujols (LAA – 1B)
    6. (61) Greg Holland (KC – RP)
    7. (84) Marcell Ozuna (Mia – OF)
    8. (85) Jay Bruce (Cin – OF)
    9. (108) Carlos Carrasco (Cle – SP,RP)
    10. (109) Jorge Soler (ChC – OF)
    11. (132) Danny Santana (Min – SS,OF)
    12. (133) Leonys Martín (Tex – OF)
    13. (156) Collin McHugh (Hou – SP)
    14. (157) Mike Fiers (Mil – SP)
    15. (180) James Paxton (Sea – SP)
    16. (181) Drew Smyly (TB – SP)
    17. (204) Drew Hutchison (Tor – SP)
    18. (205) Neftali Feliz (Tex – RP)
    19. (228) Shane Greene (Det – SP)
    20. (229) Jedd Gyorko (SD – 2B)
    21. (252) Mike Zunino (Sea – C)
    22. (253) Steven Souza (TB – OF)
    23. (276) Kevin Gausman (Bal – SP)
    24. (277) Michael Saunders (Tor – OF)
    25. (300) Archie Bradley (Ari – SP)

    12 team h2h. Have 2 open spots would it be best to add another starter, reliever, shortstop
    Bauer, Graveman, House, Walden, O’Day, Ottavino, Romo, Chris owings, Jose ramirez

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Franky G.: It’s a bit hard to see the structure of your team with you just giving it in pick format. Add House, I think.

  4. omrider says:

    Hi sky. Leaguemate fightin’ shardana here. Still upset you took Burns before I could get him. You changed destiny!
    Also, half of my bench are handcuffs for my shaky closers. Noticed you have only one handcuff. That probably comes from experience, as this is my first NFBC draft. Hard to chase handcuffs, although Mujica might work if Uji would just show his age as he keeps threatening.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @omrider: Ha, well all the spring training speed guys got swiped ahead of him on me. Had to take drastic measures!

      With the size of these rosters, saves become not as big. You need innings and Ks and those middle reliever types just don’t provide enough to keep the pace. I only picked Walden because I don’t believe in Rosenthal and because he’s good one and went fairly cheap. I think/feel I met my goal of getting plenty of starters so i’m happy.

  5. dude says:

    League mate Braun in 60 Seconds here.

    Fightin’ Shandra – Hoping Tazawa is the handcuff!

    I picked at #14. Top 5 picks – Altuve, Desmond, Price, Springer, Bruce

    C: Salvador Perez
    C: Chris Iannetta
    1B: Eric Hosmer
    2B: Jose Altuve
    SS: Ian Desmond
    3B: Manny Machado
    MI: Ben Zobrist
    CI: Billy Butler
    OF: George Springer
    OF: Jay Bruce
    OF: Desmond Jennings
    OF: Carlos Beltran
    OF: Tori Hunter
    UTIL: David Ortiz

    Bench: AJ Ellis, Ryan Hanigan, Jeff Baker, Christian Walker, Andy Wilkins, Dilson Herrera, Hector Olivera, Lonnie Chisenhall, DJ Peterson, Justin Turner, Adeiny Hechavarria, Jackie Bradley Jr., Jon Jay, Brock Holt, James Jones, Denard Span

    P: David Price
    P: Hisashi Iwakuma
    P: AJ Burnett
    P: Yavani Gallardo
    P: Phil Hughes
    P: Francisco Liriano
    P: Justin Masterson
    P: Shelby Miller
    P: Glen Perkins

    Bench: Mark Appel, Archie Bredley, Jonathan Broxton, Sean Doolittle, Dillon Gee, Ken Giles, Jon Gray, Casey Janssen, Brian Matusz, Daniel Norris, Junichi Tazawa

    Power and Saves will be weak spots for this team. Counting on a handful of players to stay healthy, breakouts, or rebound – Ortiz, Springer, Bruce, etc.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @dude: I’d wish you luck but…well…you know…

  6. royce! says:

    I hope you steer clear of that ugly hole!

  7. Eddie money says:

    Howdy bud!

    Drop Javier Baez for neil Walker?
    – my other 2b is odor.

    I do have 2 open roster slots too.

    – keep or drop devin mesoraco ?

    If I do drop him here are a few im looking at; Travis d’arnaud, wilson Ramos & mike zunino.

    Keep or drop joc pederson?
    He’s on my bench but my other OF are Puig, harper, trumbo, wil myers.

    8 team h2h pts, weekly lock

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Eddie money: You have open roster spots and you’re trying to drop guys? I’m confused. You know why you didn’t draft Walker and why you did draft Baez. Not sure why that would change now.

      Not sure why you’d drop Mesoraco or Pederson

      8 team is too small, too much talent on the FA pool. Get your leaguemates to increase league size so it’s not a constant grab bag in the FA pool. Just my two cents.

      • Eddie money says:


        Thanks for the response sky, just a league between friends we may increase it next season but the past 4 seasons have been at 8 teams so are recomending neil Walker ? Just looking for depth for odor & Baez may start in the minors

        • Sky

          Sky says:

          Ah, gotcha. I have heard nothing about Odor to the minors and given Profar isn’t playing this year, I’m having a hard time believing that. What source are you hearing this from?

          Eight teams, you need to have the best of the best at each position, or aim for it. Walker is a safe play, he’s not a game changer, meaning you don’t want him at this time. Basically, there’s a reason he’s in the FA pool in an 8 teamer. That said, if you want depth, he’s just that. I think you can safely leave him where he’s at, personally.

          • Eddie money says:


            Lol I meant Baez possibly being sent to minors not odor looks like odor is locked in as rangers 2b; available 2b;

            Howie Kendrick, Jedd gyorko, Scooter gennet , brandon Philips , Brett lawrie (eligible at 2b & 3b)

            • Sky

              Sky says:

              @Eddie money: Yeah, there’s no reason to pin yourself down to 2B depth. Easily the deepest position in baseball for fantasy purposes right now. Though Baez did just get optioned. I’d personally go Lawrie there or Scooter (Scooter should be leadoff for MIL this year, at least to start) if you really want depth. Just don’t think its needed in your size of league.

  8. Clint says:

    Here’s my roto staff for my keeper league guys:

    Scherzer, Arrieta, Carraso, Liriano, Hutchison, Peavy, Ervin, Stroman

    Once I can place Stroman on the DL, whom would you pick up from the following on waivers (unless you think I’ll need another middle reliever w/Uehara/Cecil my only RP’s):
    Eovaldi, Gausman, Jimmy Nelson, Heaney, or Bauer

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Clint: Nice avi

      Nice looking SP group overall. I’d pick up Eovaldi. Would also probably lose Ervin for Bauer for the upside but that might just be me.

  9. M says:

    Like the pitching, have a similar staff in a 15 teamer (Scherzer, Kazmir, Hammel).

    Settings-15 teamer 6×6 roto OBP league, since I’m a little light on offense, who would you rather take off waivers and how would you rank them?

    Cron, Burns, Swisher, Mike Saunders, Ryan Rua, Smoak, Moreland

    • jal179 says:

      Cron, Moreland

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @M: Cron, Rua. Keep your eye on Smoak/Saunders

  10. Don says:

    You are going to suffer in saves unless Rosenthal crashes and did some one steal your third or fourth rd pick? I see Arenado but no one else justifying a pick there.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Don: Think you should probably read the league set up before providing your input, my friend.

  11. Comatose says:

    Hey Sky,

    Just completed a 12-team, NL only draft, with 12 position players and 8 pitchers. Here’s how I came out. Went with the strategy of spending on bats and one good SP/RP. Then just cheap pitchers. Any thoughts?

    C- Yadier
    1B- Freeman
    2B- Gennett
    3B- Solarte
    SS- Owings
    OF- Justin Upton
    OF- Billy Hamilton
    OF- Aoki
    OF- Revere
    OF- Josh Harrison
    IF- Belt
    Util- Simmons

    P- Bumgarner
    P- Gee
    P- Haren
    P- Collmenter
    P- Nelson
    P- Garza
    P- Rosenthal
    P- Quackenbush

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Comatose: Solid looking offense. Would want just a bit more power from my OF than you have but it’s a solid group. Overall, not bad looking at all. Should be competitive.

  12. Robert says:

    I did my first 15 team slow draft made a few mistakes. The thing I did like about it was you get to know a lot more due to the format. Unfortunately in my case I picked Marcus Stroman., and I have Alex Cobb as my number 1. Finished it over 3 weeks ago. Thankfully I do a 12 team and still have a 10 teamer. I don’t know if I would recommend people do one or not. At least it’s only 150.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Robert: Yeah, truth be told, I like leagues somewhere in between NFBC and the RCL format. I don’t like that there’s no FA moves available, that cuts against the skill of the game a bit.

  13. Robert says:

    By the way I think your pitching is pretty good, I don’t like your offense any kind of injury and your in a huge hole, plus very thin on any kind of speed.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Robert: Yeah, depends on your projections. I drafted Billy Burns. He’s Billy Hamilton if he gets at bats and with a better OBP. Plus all the ST speed stories went too early (EYJ/Jace/Micah)

  14. Pops says:

    Hi Sky,
    This is my first Nfbc experience, and I’m going against Grey and Seth, among others.
    What say you about my team?

    C–Vogt sp–Scherzer
    C–Flowers sp–Teheran
    1b–Pujols sp–Gio
    2b–Pedroia sp–Anibal Sanchez
    3b–Longo sp–Verlander
    ss–Hardy sp–Leake
    Ci–Napoli rp–Holland
    of–Bautista rp–Rondon
    of–Jd Martinez rp–Clippard
    of–Aus Jackson
    of–De Aza Reserves:
    ut–Ortiz rp–J Peralta
    Reserves: rp–W Davis
    c–Suzuki rp–Shaw
    c–J McCann rp–Putnam
    c–Corporan sp–Norris
    1b–Medica sp–Roark
    1b–T Moore sp–Feldman
    2b–Valbuena sp–M Gonzalez(balt)
    2b–Sardinas sp–Detwiler
    3b–J Turner sp–Despaigne
    ss–Mercer sp–Noesi
    ss–C Taylor sp–Harang
    ss–Cory Seager
    of–Del Young
    of–Dav Murphy

    • Pops says:

      @Pops: wow, that didn’t come out quite the way I thought it would.

      • Sky

        Sky says:

        @Pops: You have a strong offense but I see a lot of middle relievers. Their value is thin in these kinds of leagues. Need your starters to stay healthy all year to stay up in IP/K

        • Cram It says:

          @Sky: Yeah, I think that’s going to be my downfall too, the MR’s. I have like 6 or 7. Feels like at least a couple should’ve been SP’s instead. I used Rudy’s strategy piece from 2013 also. The avg team drafted 7.4 MR’s. In hindsight, I don’t understand the reason for so many.

          • Sky

            Sky says:

            @Cram It: Yeah, same here. In the long run, you have to assume injury is gonna take out parts of your staff. Have to have depth to stay competitive.

  15. Patrick Leon says:

    Hola. Fellow NFBC leaguemate Rookie Monsters here. Also popped by NFBC cherry this year. I really enjoyed the long slow draft. Being able to research players that deep in the player pool was fun. E.g. figuring out Ichiro is one of the league’s best fourth outfielders. No FA pick ups or trades though is the most challenging – making sure to draft for depth, knowing who to backup, how many SP and OF do you need? Should I have drafted a bunch of RPs instead of SPs to sit on my bench? I guess I’ll know the answer to these questions for next year. Anyway, here’s my team:

    Navarro, Dioner C TOR
    Posey, Buster C,1B SF
    Fielder, Prince 1B TEX
    Murphy, Daniel 2B NYM
    Wright, David 3B NYM
    Alexei Ramirez SS CHW
    Jung Ho Kang SS PIT
    Freeman, Freddie 1B ATL
    Gardner, Brett OF NYY
    Holliday, Matt OF STL
    Morse, Michael 1B,OF MIA
    Rios, Alex OF KC 
    Trout, Mike OF LAA
    Cuddyer, Michael OF NYM

    Alvarez, Henderson P MIA
    Porcello, Rick P BOS
    Sale, Chris P CHW
    Tanaka, Masahiro P NYY
    Tillman, Chris P BAL
    Verlander, Justin P DET
    Cecil, Brett P TOR
    Gregerson, Luke P HOU
    Rosenthal, Trevor P STL

    BENCH Bats
    O’Brien, Peter C ARI
    Pierzynski, A.J. C ATL
    Morrison, Logan 1B SEA
    Travis, Devon 2B TOR
    Uggla, Dan 2B WAS
    Franco, Maikel 3B PHI
    Johnson, Chris 3B ATL
    Johnson, Kelly 1B,3B ATL
    Cozart, Zack SS CIN
    Mercer, Jordy SS PIT
    Pennington, Cliff SS ARI
    Montero, Jesus UTL SEA
    Young, Delmon OF BAL
    Gomes, Jonny OF ATL
    Hamilton, Josh OF LAA
    Murphy, David OF CLE
    Suzuki, Ichiro OF MIA

    Bench Arms:
    Chen, Wei-Yin P BAL
    Feldman, Scott P HOU
    Hellickson, Jeremy P ARI
    Johnson, Josh P SD
    Lee, Cliff P PHI
    Milone, Tommy P MIN 
    Nolasco, Ricky P MIN
    Rodriguez, Wandy P ATL
    Vargas, Jason P KC
    Young, Chris P KC

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Patrick Leon: Looks like a healthy squad to me. Should be competitive. Hopefully Cliff Lee pans out for you.

  16. Lenard says:

    Hi Sky,

    I just did my first NFBC draft last night. Thoughts on this team?

    C: Jason Castro
    C: Michael McKenry
    1B: Anthony Rizzo
    2B: Brett Lawrie (3B)
    3B: Josh Donaldson
    SS: Jimmy Rollins
    CI: Will Middlebrooks
    MI: Chris Owings
    OF: Carlos Gonzalez
    OF: Jorge Soler
    OF: Gregory Polanco
    OF: Marcell Ozuna
    OF: AJ Pollock
    UTIL: Arismendy Alcantara (2B, OF)

    BN: James McCann (C)
    BN: Blake Swihart (C)
    BN: Kyle Blanks (1B)
    BN: Rob Refsnyder (2B)
    BN: Rickie Weeks (2B) (OF?)
    BN: Jung-Ho Kang (SS)
    BN: Miguel Sano (3B)
    BN: Eugenio Suarez (SS)
    BN: Byron Buxton (OF)
    BN: Robbie Grossman (OF)
    BN: Ender Inciarte (OF)
    BN: Michael Saunders (OF)
    BN: Scott Van Slyke (1B, OF)

    SP: Matt Harvey
    SP: Jacob deGrom
    SP: Collin McHugh
    SP: Jose Fernandez
    SP: Shane Greene
    SP: CC Sabathia
    RP: Kenley Jansen
    RP: Sean Doolittle
    RP: Wade Davis

    BN: Adam Warren
    BN: Randall Delgado
    BN: Zach Duke (RP)
    BN: Shawn Kelley (RP)
    BN: Rafael Montero
    BN: Sean Nolin
    BN: Ivan Nova
    BN: Dan Otero (RP)
    BN: Vinnie Pestano (RP)
    BN: David Phelps
    BN: Cory Rasmus
    BN: Matt Wisler
    BN: Chase Whitley

    • Lenard says:

      @Lenard: Obviously catching depth is a weak point, as well as 3B (I REALLY need to hope Donaldson stays healthy), but I really like my outfield and MI could end up being decent despite the lack of high picks used. I’m not expecting much from Buxton/Sano but figured it was worth the risk late and maybe one gets called up early if the Twins somehow surprise.

      As for pitching, I like my staff and have some reinforcements coming midseason in Fernandez and Nova. I do wish I would have grabbed another starter or two for additional depth. Relief-wise, Jansen and Doolittle will be a good 1/2 when healthy and Davis could be an awesome closer and will help other catergories a bit. Shawn Kelley might get some saves if Benoit goes down, while Duke might get some opportunities if D-Rob goes down and they do matchups. Otherwise, eh.

      • Sky

        Sky says:

        @Lenard: I think overall you took too many relievres. Worried about your starting pitching depth. You really need to max out IP in a league like this, I’m not sure you’re set up to do that with all the middle relievers. Overall, I’d be a bit worried about your SP depth and like you said, 3B

        • Lenard says:

          @Sky: Thanks for the reply. Like I said, my first time doing this and I was sure I was making some mistakes along the way. Yeah, I think I have a good staff, but not a deep staff by any means. Hopefully I only lose two or three guys for any significant length of time. It would be nice to have a guy that could possibly give me 220+ innings, given health, but I’d imagine most of my guys will end up in the 170’s-180’s.

          • Sky

            Sky says:

            No worries, sorry if I sounded harsh. It’s a tough game/draft to play. Deficiencies are just hard to avoid in a draft like this. I’m already starting Wilmer Flores with the Baez minors move and nothing if Flores gets bumped or hurt so I feel ya.

            • Lenard says:

              @Sky: No worries, it didn’t sound harsh. Yeah, it’s would be pretty much impossible to build a team in this format with no real weaknesses, especially being completely unable to make roster changes.

              • Sky

                Sky says:

                The lack of FA moves bugs me for sure.

  17. Jo says:

    With Baez sent down would you add arismendy alacantra? He’s eligible at 2b/of in eson

    • Sky

      Sky says:


  18. Chuck Norris says:

    Doing a satellite NFBC 12-team this year to get my feet wet. Any insights on the weekly roster change when waivers are involved. Try to max AB and 2-start pitchers, etc.??

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Chuck Norris: Sorry this got missed, Chuck. I’m honestly not familiar with the set up. Is it a 30 man roster? I can’t tell from the site, was the only 12 man roster I found. If so, that’s not too deep of a league and with waivers makes it much more manageable. I’d treat it closer to being a regular league meaning hang back on C/SS/2B/MI, gather OF/1B/3B early, don’t bite on early closer runs and build a solid staff (i.e. you can take an ace but it’s not necessary if you have a plan for later arms). Hopefully this helps and that it wasn’t too late!

      • Chuck Norris says:

        @Sky: No problem….thanks for replying. Yes, it is 12-team – 30-man rosters. I think I’ve got my draft plan down, just looking for any insight in playing in leagues where you can only change your roster 1 or 2 times per week. I’m kind of a rosterbater and like to pick up guys for a day and drop, so on…. so the weekly format changes my typical in-season management a lot.

        • Sky

          Sky says:

          @Chuck Norris: It’s not that much different from an RCL league. Just have to be aware of your hitter’s splits and plan around them at each interval. So if you draft a guy like Travis Snider, using him at home or in Yankees stadium makes a lot of sense against RHP but I wouldn’t start him in his first road series in Tampa Bay. Just have to look ahead a few more days than normal, you can still rosterbate!

  19. Ulysses says:

    What’s the best SP/RP ratio in NFBC? 7 SP/2 RP? 6 SP/3 RP?

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      If it’s the same settings as mine above, you only want closers or a few closers in waiting. Saves in a 15 team, no waiver league means you have to get a little lucky. You can’t spend too much time drafting RP because you’ll need hitter/SP depth. I’m obviously hoping Montero becomes a starter and that a few things go right with my staff so that my ratio is 16:3. You can’t trade once you’re winning saves so bulking up on them at the detriment of your SP isn’t wise, IMHO, and middle relievers don’t return great value when trying to keep up with Ks/IP

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