When I was writing up the 2019 fantasy baseball rankings in December/January — or simply Janember — I couldn’t imagine what February and March had in store — ya know, Farch. Players come out of nowhere in Spring Training to cause us to stop and take notice.  Of course, I just told you to ignore Spring Training stats.  This is true; Spring Training stats are a lot like my pants; they are propped up by a small sample size.  However, or howmever if you’re trying to sound smart, it is important to stay on top of guys who are fighting, and winning, everyday jobs.  Of course, with my Oracle third eye, I saw all of this back in Janember, but my third eye got into a spat with my first and second eye at the optometrist’s office.  My first and second eye were taking the eye test and my third eye was like, “ECFYE–Yo, this shizz is way too easy,” and then my 2nd and 3rd eyes were like, “You’re like the Felicity Huffman of eyes and your cheating is going to have us incorrectly placed with better lenses than we should have.”  It got ugly, and they refused to work together to type up this post for a few weeks.  Finally, they all came to their senses — the sense of sight, specifically — hashed it out at a Friendly’s over a Fribble and we’re all good.  Never the hoo!  With Farch turning into a full-fledged March, it’s time for me to let you in on some thoughts and changes to the 2019 fantasy baseball rankings and what they could mean for your drafts:

Changes to Top 20 Catchers:

Martin Maldonado – He’s the worst M&M since the red M&M’s synthetic dye was known to cause gout, and was discontinued.  Maldonado was added to the catchers when Sal Perez went down with Tommy John.  That’s not down on Tommy John, in case anyone’s reading fast.  Maldonado is pretty perfect on defense.  I once saw him throw to 2nd base to pick off a runner and ever since that day I thought, “If I ever recount a pickoff throw at 2nd, I am really grasping at straws at a player’s worth for fantasy.”  So, yeah, his bat is not great.

Changes to Top 20 1st Basemen:

Pete Alonso – You can also find him on my rankings page as Peter Alonso.  That’s the same player.  I know, very confusing.  Who would’ve figured.  Maybe next year he’ll be Pet Alonso.  Then Pe Alonso.  Then just P.  Maybe he’ll just change it to Petc.  So, I moved Alonso way up in my 1st base rankings, because he’s tearing the cover off the ball in the spring.  In a good way like The Natural, not in a bad way like when your Doberman got into your autograph baseball collection.  I still don’t know if Alonso will break camp with the team.  Also, Dominic Smith has not been bad either.  I could see a scenario where the Mets go with Smith for a month or two, then bring up Alonso.  With all of this said, projections for Alonso (and Smith) are not overly tantalizing.  They are Smoak-like.  I guess the Mets caught the vapors.

Changes to Top 20 2nd Basemen:

Garrett Hampson – I moved Hampson up in my 2B rankings, and, almost simultaneously, the Rockies decided Ryan McMahon was a better fit at 2nd base.  I will now laugh until I’m crying and homeless.  Stand by.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA— *places hat in hand, uses spittle to wipe down mustache, approaches car stopped at a red light*  Can you spare a nickel?  Seriously, dubya tee eff with the Rockies.  I’m so over their shizz.  I don’t know, guys and five girl readers.  I’m currently leaving Hampson right where he is in my rankings, but if he’s only facing lefties, he’s way over-ranked.  He should be closer to where I had him originally in the mid-300s.  To be continued, unfortch.  As for Ryan McMahon, he’s in the 1st basemen rankings, and I have no confidence he will get ABs either.

Jeff McNeil – He was also moved up in the rankings.  It was originally due to Lowrie and Frazier’s injuries, but now it is starting to feel like the Mets want to get McNeil at-bats.  Like he’s their new Wilmer Flores.  That sounded better in my head.  Somewhere, Wilmer Flores is crying.  Sorry, Wilmer!  I do like McNeil as a late MI play, but his projections don’t jump off the page — think around 17-20 HRs and 5-8 SBs with a .270-ish average.  He’s no David Fletcher!   Did someone say David Fletcher?!  Here ya go:

[brid autoplay=”true” video=”372782″ player=”10951″ title=”2019 Razzball Draft Kit 2nd Basemen”]

Changes to Top 20 Shortstops:

Tim Beckham – Officially, no change to the ranking, but I always feel like it’s my duty — hehe, doodie — to relay to you convos Rudy and I have about baseball projections.  You don’t need to know our convos about music, film and food.  I’m convinced Beckham has the near-full time job in Seattle, while Rudy’s about hundred ABs below me in projections, thinking it’s more of an open competition or Crawford is a bigger liability to Beckham’s playing time.  Honestly, I don’t know if it matters outside of very deep leagues, but, at pick 400 or so, Beckham starts to appeal to me.

Changes to Top 20 3rd Basemen:

Maikel Franco – As promised in the early preseason, around January/February — obviously, Fanuary — if Machado didn’t sign with the Phils, I was moving Maikel up the rankings, along with his projections.  And guess what ya boy did!  However (don’t undercut it, Fantasy Master Lothario!), I’m still not a fan of Maikel Franco, and he always does well in the spring, so I would be hesitant about putting any weight on that, but Franco’s lineup will be solid.

Nick Senzel – I moved Senzel up a few weeks ago when it was announced the Reds were trying to make him their Opening Day center fielder.  I didn’t, apparently, move him far enough, because in every league I’ve drafted in since then, Senzel has been going higher and higher.  In one league, the draft order was Trout, Betts, Senzel, and then everyone else quit since they were unable to get Senzel.  On the fo’ reals, there might not be a player who has a bigger discrepancy between February ADP (211) and March ADP (179).  Oh, and, of course, I have no idea if Senzel will even break camp with the Reds. Ever since they announced Senzel as their center fielder, they’ve gone with Schebler.

Kyle Seager – Moved him way down with news that he could be out until June with hand surgery. If next year Kyle and Corey’s other brother, Bob, comes down with an injury, then they’re starring in some weird remake of Final Destination.

Changes to Top 100 Outfielders:

Jesse Winker – He was moved up into the top 80 outfielders when the Reds said they wanted Winker to get 500+ ABs.  How the Reds plan on getting so many guys at-bats is a question for the Sphinx.  Is Matt Kemp really going to be a bench guy in Cincy?  That seems crazy to me if he’s healthy.  Not saying wrong on the Reds’ part, just crazy, and unlike so much that goes on in the MLB.  Again, not wrong, just different than most teams’ usual MO.  By this I mean, I won’t 100% believe Winker (or Senzel) will be everyday players until I see it.

Austin Hays – Feels like a cheap Domingo Santana, and, brucely, Domingo Santana is cheap.  What I mean is, everyone was clamoring for Austin Hays last year (as they were with Domingo), but then the wheels and playing time fell off and Hays (and Domingo) were never seen from again.  Dot dot dot.  Until this year.  Now, everyone remembers Hays (and Domingo) were supposed to be good last year, they just lost playing time.  Since they have it again, giddy up!

Roman Quinn & Nick Williams – Were both removed from my rankings after Harper signed.  Not sure who the Phils’ 4th outfielder is, but I don’t want ’em.  Or if it’s Roman I should say, who the Phils’ IVth outfielder is.

Changes to Top 100 Starters:

Domingo German & Jonathan Loaisiga – Didn’t change either in my top 500, so why no love for German/Lasagna, which is often shortened to spaetzle?  I have both down for 80-ish innings, and that still seems about right for spaetzle, only now those innings may come in the beginning of the year for one of them.  Still don’t think they’re just going to supplant Sabathia, and I have no idea if Severino (who was also lowered into the top 40 starters) is going to be out longer than a few starts.  Also, the Yankees are said to be toying with Cessa.  Yo, you Yankees or the Blue Angels?  For his part, Cessa has been flying high.

Matt Strahm – Da duh duh, da duh duh!  Let the boys be boys!  Strahm!  Okay, that might get tiresome by the 2nd week of April, but for now? Da duh duh, da duh duh!  Let the boys be boys!  Strahm!  Can’t stop singing it.  That earworm is embedded in my head, as is my newfound love for Strahm. Da duh duh–Okay, enough!

Chris Paddack – Both Padres’ starters were also added into the pitchers’ pairings tool.  Upside Padres starters?  Do you really even have to ask if I love them?

Kyle Wright – Podcast Ralph was talking up Wright recently to Rudy (supposedly, I didn’t hear it from Ralph’s mouth — sit on it, Potsie!), but Rudy passed the info along to me afterwards.  ‘Natch!  I’ve haven’t added Wright into my top 500 or top 100 starters.  The Braves’ rotation is like the Reds’ outfield.  I have no idea how it’s going to shake out, but I want everyone who gets a full-time job.  Rudy has Wright projected for 82 IP, and that seems high to me, and the Prospect-o-Nator (rookie projections) doesn’t love Wright.  Maybe it’s wrong on Wright.  Bam!  High-five me!  Now!  No?  Okay.  Maybe I will add him to my rankings if the Braves announce he’s in the rotation.  For now, I’m holding.

Trevor Richards – Like Wright, I didn’t add Richards into the top 500.  Unlike Wright, I’m more tempted to do it with Richards.  Richards will have a lot easier time staying in the Marlins’ rotation, and he has the 2nd best change in baseball, behind only Hendricks.  He also has the worst fastball anyone’s ever seen.  Okay, not worst, but *counts on fingers* 8th worst fastball.  A 90 MPH flat-footed jalopy of a fastball that bedded your mom, described to you in detail their sex life, then .  His curve, while not as bad as his fastball, also isn’t any good.  That change…*chef’s kiss*  I don’t foresee myself ranking Richards over the next week, because one pitch does not make a pitcher, but, in deep leagues, I’m interested.